Mar Roxas is part of the Philippines’ problem and will not be an effective president

Filipinos will be given another opportunity to change the course of their future in the 2016 Philippine Presidential Elections. The chance to remove power from the members of the oligarchy who have reigned with incompetence and mediocrity in the last 30 years is coming soon. One can only hope the voters will not waste this opportunity like they did in past elections.

Voting for Mar Roxas for example, who is a member of the oligarchy, will be a total waste of this opportunity. Since Mar promised to continue current President Benigno Simeon Aquino’s Daang Matuwid mantra, the voters should avoid Mar like the plague. Daang Matuwid is nothing but a public relations slogan concocted by people who do not have substance. It has gone way past its use-by date.

Mar Roxas: The Philippine presidency will be too big an office for this man.

Mar Roxas: The Philippine presidency will be too big an office for this man.

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Mar’s performance during his stint as Secretary of the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) and the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) is an indication that he cannot deliver the right results that would benefit the public. Like in his previous posts, his hands will be tied and will only end up catering to businessmen who are also his friends and relatives.

Mar said so himself during an interview “I did my best to solve MRT woes…” If he already gave his best but the public transport system still got worse under his leadership, then it would be catastrophic if he had to handle a bigger role like the Presidency. It would be too much for him just like it was too much for his buddy BS Aquino. Mar will most certainly be at his wits’ ends trying to do a president’s job. He cannot even control his temper during stressful situations and when provoked by his critics. This was evident when he challenged Davao Mayor and Presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte to a slapping match after Duterte questioned his degree in Wharton.

In the past, we’ve seen how Mar proved that he doesn’t know how to delegate. This is evident in how he does jobs himself that were meant to be done by people under him, like directing traffic and fixing broken chairs. How on earth would he be able to function effectively as the President if he doesn’t know how to delegate? People like Mar cannot delegate because of their arrogance and lack of confidence in other people. He probably thinks he is the only one who can do the job right. That kind of mentality in a president would certainly spell disaster for the Philippines.

Mar’s undesirable character is quite apparent in the way he talks during interviews with the press. He has shifty eyes and his voice sounds arrogant – like someone who thinks he is above the person he is speaking with. He is not a people person. Despite being in politics for two decades, he still lacks charm and has not acquired the right diplomatic skills of a seasoned politician. Those traits are important when one is aspiring for the Presidency. Politics is about selling yourself, your party and the policies you want to implement. Seasoned politicians are skilled at making the people they deal with feel important. Mar lacks that skill.

If the Philippines were a dictatorship, Mar would not have a problem. Unfortunately, in a democracy, Mar has to persuade members of Congress – those who represent the Filipino people – to agree with his ideas. He will fail to convince people if he comes across as too full of himself.

Mar will simply suffer the same fate as BS Aquino who, in the twilight of his presidential term turned into a lame duck. The only difference is, Mar could be a lame duck at the beginning of his term already if he ever wins by some miracle or electoral hocus-pocus. The truth is, BS Aquino also lacks charm and diplomatic skills. The only reason he managed to convince members of Congress to support his priority projects like the RH Law and the removal of former Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona is because he allegedly used pork barrel funds to bribe members of Congress before all that was declared “illegal”. It’s no surprise that the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law — the pièce de résistance of his administration — is dead in the water now that BS Aquino cannot give pork barrel funds to lawmakers anymore.

So with Mar lacking in charm and diplomacy and with no pork with which to bribe Congress, he will not be able to implement his “ideas” and he won’t be able to function effectively as President.

Filipino voters should realize that members of the oligarchy like Mar are the enemy. They keep the country from moving forward. They try to fool the public into thinking that they are concerned about the majority’s insterests. In reality, their priority is their own personal interests, which include the welfare of their respective inner circles. Mar will continue to hire people from the same group of friends and relatives the same way BS Aquino did. And when those people prove to be too incompetent for their jobs, Mar will not be able to fire them due to conflicts of interest. He will, for example, probably retain Jose Angel Honrado as Chief of Manila International Airport Authority. Expect the bullet planting scam at the airport to continue. He will also likely retain DOTC Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya since he is a friend and the Leader of the Liberal Party. Expect the public transport system to remain chaotic.

The only way for Filipinos to have a better future is to say no to candidates like Mar. He is part of the Philippines’ problem. He will not serve the people well as we have seen in his performance in the past.

71 Replies to “Mar Roxas is part of the Philippines’ problem and will not be an effective president”

  1. I’d include Jim Paredes, Leah Navarro, Cynthia Patag, John Nery, Winnie Monsod et. al. to that list of problems. Whether these characters actually believe the crap they spew out or they’re paid to do it, a lot of people still fall for the reverse Jedi mind trick of this group and still look at the abysmal state of this country through doped-up eyes.

    1. Those clowns have lost their credibility to a lot of people already. They are desperatedly clinging on to LP now and want them to continue being in power because if they lose, it will be the end for them to.

  2. Since Poe is finally Out, Rodrigo Duterte is the only hope of this country.

    Disqualifying Duterte will cause a Civil War in the South. Moros will seceede thru the UN. The CPP-NPA will continue to grow.

    Duterte has a good plan for the country, From what I heard, not only he is turning Philippines to turn Federal, he also plans to emulate some kind of One Country, Two Systems in the Philippines just like china.

    He also plans to Industrialize the Country. He could solve the country’s insurgency problems. The Left will likely support Duterte and MILF and MNLF expressed support for him too

    1. And don’t forget, Duterte is also pursuing the federalism of our country and abolishing the congress or BP to end the continuing corruption from those politicians.

  3. Mar Roxas is even worse than an autistic. He’s desperate to win, yet everything he do only makes him more of an idiot.

    1. What has autism got to do with Mar? What exactly do you mean by “worse than autistic?” Are you equating having autism to being an idiot? If yes, shame on you!

      Fyi, I don’t like Mar either. You have your opinion, I’m giving you mine.

  4. Mar Roxas is a loser. He is a liar and a thief. He overstated his academic credentials at Wharton College. He is accountable for the missing Typhoon Yolanda Relief Funds.

    He supports the BBL Law, that will give territory , and that will finance the MILF/ISIS/Al Queda in Mindanao.

    He did not even honor the sacrifices of the 44 SAF Police Officers. By calling their murders: “a Misencounter”…

    All his management in the government offices, were all incompetent. He did not do anything to improve the offices, he handled. He just sit there, and got his pay.

    Mar Roxas is a lazy person; and is a clone of Aquino. Both of them are lazy and incompetent.

  5. Mar Roxas is the new father of Black Propaganda in the Philippines Politics. I was a fan of Mar and Meriam before, but as I studied the achievements, track record and personality of Rodrigo Duterte, a lawyer, a technocrat and a political expert, I realized, we find the likes of Strongman Lee Kwan Yew of Singapore.

    With Davao City Project as his Evidence/Proof:

    The Emergency Call 911 Facilities (like USA & CANADA),
    Undergournd Cable, on-going (like Australia & Qatar),
    Hydro & Geothermal Plant (like Denmark & Japan),
    300 MW Clean Coal Power Plant (like Germany)
    CCTV command center, corrupt-free city, (like Singapore),
    Starting negotiation for LRT project (with South Korea)…
    One of the safest city in the world (like Scandinavian countries)…
    Excellent, effective and transparent local government awarded by Mar Roxas himself…

    His Vision for the Philippines:

    Birth of Steel-Making Industry or Industrialization
    Non-Taxation below 25K Salary,
    No to Contractualization
    Crime & Drug Free Country,
    Infrastructure, AFP and Education Modernizations,
    Corrupt-free government
    End the 45 years NPA Insurgency, and

    With our support, Duterte can do it!!! Mabuhay Pilipinas!

    1. nag bitaw na ng salita ang lider ng npa na once manalo si mayor duterte bilang presidente eh mag bababa na ng armas ang buong sandatahan ng npa kasi susuportahan nila si mayor duterte..

    2. unfortunately andres, only few are same like u. there are lots of pilipino people out der dnt how to use fb or even read and write. f u go n country side lots of binay or mar supporters because few knew about duterte. d way duterte thinks & his logic and his heart to the constituent s exceptional from other politicians.

    3. Andres Bonifacio, you are absolutely right!! God Speed Duterte wins the presidential election 2016!! we are hungry of good governance n a true leadership!! Filipino..

  6. I believe in Mayor Duterte. He shows true leadership by thinking of the citizens welfare whether which class you are rich or poor. He knows how to balance decision in times of stress and crisis. For the next generation to come and for the future of my children’s children, your decision for federalism can help our country unite for better improvement and development. My prayers are with you Mayor Duterte. Godbless you and your family always po. #SolidDuterte

  7. This is the time to change Philippines 2016 Onwards
    Let’s vote Duterte!!!!
    He will make a big difference
    Philippines needs him now

  8. I think the biggest problem is you, if most filipino has the same thoughts is you Philippines will not able to move in its level why because you dont know how to choose right president as well as you are making big lie in your blog dont worry I already report your blog and keep a copy of this as evidence and someone will sue you for libel because this is a big lie.

    1. “I believe that being a president is both an honor and a responsibility” and your Mar Roxas is a total lie already and I do not see any problem with this article at all. LOL

    2. First and foremost, Libel, seriously? If GRP can be sued for libel, then Paredes, Patag, etc. should also be sued for libel. After reading the article, it is merely a criticism of Mar Roxas on his acts which are related to the discharge of his official duties. (Borjal vs CA): “If the comment is an expression of opinion, based on established facts, then it is immaterial that the opinion happens to be mistaken, as long as it might reasonably be inferred from the facts.” Based on what I read, I really don’t see any attacks on his private life. Furthermore, one element of libel is malice, and I don’t see any malice on the part of the author.

      Criticism =/= Defamation. @denden read the RPC or consult a lawyer first before making any threats.

      1. Forgot to add: (Borjal vs CA): “when the discreditable imputation is directed against a public person in his public capacity, it is not necessarily actionable.”

        1. Let me guess, it’s another one of Mar’s brainless goons trying to scare the bloggers by making threats like suing them for libel.

          Is the truth considered as libel considering how true it is that Mar Roxas is too incompetent in handling situations like the Yolanda crisis?

          Isip isip muna kayong mga mar-tard ng mabuti bago kayo mag post ng walang kwentang propaganda.

  9. The author is delusional.

    “Mar’s performance during his stint as Secretary of the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) and the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) is an indication that he cannot deliver the right results that would benefit the public. Like in his previous posts, his hands will be tied and will only end up catering to businessmen who are also his friends and relatives.”

    I don’t know if you are even aware of these:

    “Mar said so himself during an interview “I did my best to solve MRT woes…” If he already gave his best but the public transport system still got worse under his leadership, then it would be catastrophic if he had to handle a bigger role like the Presidency.”

    “The contract itself was anomalous and the contract binds the government to continue this program. Nonetheless, the government got a way so that we could buy new trains,” he explained.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @inquirerdotnet on Twitter | inquirerdotnet on Facebook

    “He cannot even control his temper during stressful situations and when provoked by his critics.”

    Have you seen his composure when speaking to a foreigner?

  10. There are some people don’t want for a big change. You know why because they are same feather to Mar roxas and bs aquino. .. study and research all the necessary information to personally convince your self. ..Thanks miss ilda to your post. It’s really true. Base on the series of research I conducted i really convinced my self that your post are based on the performance they implement to the people of the philippines. …god bless you miss ilda. .don’t afraid to say about the truth. ..go go go DUTERTE 2016 FOR PRESIDENT. ..

  11. This is what i’ll do if i own a company. I’ll hire mar as my general manager. i’ll vote for duterte to be the mayor of our city. mar will be a good asset in business management. But he is a political innocent. He is no leader. government is not business mar. The Liberal Party is a joke.

  12. I like Roxas because he will provide continuity and stability. The Aquino administration has its share of faults but I prefer them to ambiguous claims of change. Now, I am not anti-Duterte and parts of his platform is very interesting but I am not sure he has the temperament to be President and whether he can translate his success in D.C. to the nation. I am also both hopeful and afraid of federalism. IF Pinoys will vote for state governors in the mold of Robredo, Salceda rather than Ampatuan, Ecleo then federalism will work for us but I am afraid there will more of the latter. Anyway a Du30 administration is also acceptable to me as I think his heart is in the right place and is not personally corrupt.

    1. I like Roxas because he will provide continuity and stability.

      LOL…continuity and stability of mediocrity and incompence of the current administration.

    2. continuity and stability your shit!! i don’t see anything that need to be continue in BSA admin and i do not see any stability in our country LOL wake up you all fool!! stop dreaming and wiping the a$$es of these 2 hypocrites!

    3. I like Roxas because he will provide continuity and stability.

      If the continuous breakdowns of the MRT, traffic jams on a daily basis, high crime rate and the mishandling of relief goods for victims of typhoons(like yolanda for example) are your ideas of “continuity and stability”, you should have yourself examined by a psychologist because that is already considered as insanity

      Of course, since you are a paid hack, you won’t be able to post anything other than flawed yellow propaganda since you and your fellow trolls still can’t answer amy of our arguments properly till now.

      1. A lot of responses from here are ad hominem attacks and name calling. This is sad.
        The MRT breakdown is a problem and needs to be fixed. They may need to settle with all parties to be able to move forward and to remove all legal obstacles to rehabilitating the MRT. But in the end, the MRT is a small facet of the entire economy. Traffic is bad but this is a normal consequence of too many cars and too little infrastructure. The present administration is responsible for the infrastructure but the other candidates have not really said how they will fix this. The infrastructure and right of way costs a lot and yet all the candidates are for reducing taxes. Taxes must be changed but the result must be revenue neutral. The response to calamities is also lacking but they have learned from this and most other candidates have not really experienced a Haiyan type calamity. They have not really been put to the test. We Filipinos, love to change things here and there and really thrive on chaos but investors love political and policy stability and I believe more foreign investment is what we need.
        As for me, I am just an OFW supporter of Mar and Leni (based in singapore). I am not a paid hack. I do not know any of the candidates personally and I do not know any of their staff. In our family, my mom and my wife support Duterte, and my dad and bro support Mar like me. I think this is normal for many families in such that the members do not think alike. I believe Mar may not win as he does not really have the charisma and is prone to put his foot in his mouth. There is also a lot of visible problems not solved by this administration like traffic, insurgency, peace and order but I still believe that over time they can fix it if there is continuity of this administrations’s policies. I like the way this administration has presided over our economic growth. Many people I have conversed with do not like Mar but they admit that most of their lives have improved during the term of Aquino.

        1. What policies of this administration are you talking about?
          Cite specifics please and no, credit grabbing from the past admin is not considered here.

        2. Before I forget, your president didn’t even fullfill his promise of enacting the FOI bill and it looks like Roxas will also be against that bill as well. Looks like they’re hiding something incriminating like how they got funds from Napoles, how they made the DAP scam possible.

          Face it bud, your propaganda has been sunk.

        3. Also your mentally retarded pwesident can’t even fulfill his promise on killing himself by a running train if mrt’s serious issues still continue which it did. It shows how much of a pinocchio your so-called “great leader” is yellowtard roxass! Aatake ka sa page na ito ang cheap naman.

        4. You are in Singapore as an OFW right? Please, if our country has been stable and living here has improved no one needs to work oversees. Last time I check, people are still aiming to go out of our country to find “greener fields”

    4. “I like Roxas because he will provide continuity and stability.”

      With that comment of yours, you are obviously the equivalent of this kid.

    5. Oh yeah Mar will provide continuity and stability.

      He will provide continuity of the so- called economic progress because of GMA’s economic reforms (I am neither a GMA fan nor apologist btw) and stability by saying that the progress is due to “Tuwid na Daan”.

      1. ILda,
        Your page is badly needed by majority of the voters who are not online and can relate better on the local language. How do you intend to adress this? Otherwise this topic will just go on circles and we all cannot move on the same topic in this country.

  13. surely there is a candidate in the field somewhere who has the ability to inspire Filipinos to their very best; it would seem a dreadful parody of democracy if most of the field were declared invalid, illegitimate, or nuisance candidates – except for the chosen few.

  14. If i were to follow Mr. Zobel Ayala’s advise on choosing the right president, Mr. Roxas is last on my list. He doesn’t inspire me at all. And that’s true for majority of people I know. I don’t know with you guys..

  15. Did Mar deliberately kill CAP and destroy the hope of 180,000+ cap holders because of his AGILE lobby?

    He has to pay all his election donors normally coming from the ranks of 140+ families controlling the country’s wealth.

    As long as a candidate is splashing his money left and right during campaign, beware!

  16. -the government should think deeper not wider,we have our own resources in AGRICULTURE,AQUATIC even FARMING most of our produce product we consume is from outside,we need to know and learn SUSTAINABILITY,SUPPORT LOCAL FARMERS and their PRODUCT so they have their own source of work & income,source of food & better living specially more malnutrition,no more hungry and poor is our everyday needs,food can gave us money.USE IT!!DON’T WASTE IT!!
    I’m just a cook not a politician either everyday watching news,problems all the same time to time every year.
    just like adding potassium to a gypsum to solve a problem in a soft cast.problem combined with solution just think!

  17. Oh dear! Mar

    I did not get your xmas list, but i think i can guess what you would have liked!

    Well, Gretchen Ho Ho Ho was busy helping Santa have fun unwrapping his package!, but I still have a special gift for you – my opinion.

    I notice how you are trying to reduce political campaigning to the realms of the playground, and to a level of discourse more appropriate for 10 year olds.
    As a 14 year old you should know better than that, and also not to threaten other little boys with your handbag.
    No ‘Hello Kitty’ nightdress for you!

    Outside of the golden ghetto of Forbes Park and the gilded cage of Wack Wack, The School for Scoundrels has real problems, thanks largely to your BFF, and fellow playground bully, Pnoy Aquino, – he is also getting no xmas presents, except for his marching orders, and a blow up doll to give him some much needed exercise. Repression leads to depression, and the psychiatrists couch.

    The press and social media are now playing ‘wack a mole’ with you. (Duterte put on his xmas list the game ‘slap-a-jerk’, but he is getting a powder puff vanity case instead, and a dictionary to expand his vocabulary. He only takes on little people, but even my elves dwarf him, and would quickly deflate the bag of wind. He must be a frustrated comedian, or watched too many TV cops shows when young – did they even have TV then? – and with his little gun he only shoots blanks)

    My elves have invented ‘Wack Wack a Mar’ – trying to hit your head with a golf club as it pops out of the hole/cup on the green. It will be a favorite with the caddies.
    (You also must learn some golf etiquette, and show more respect for Old Tom Morris. The R&A would paint your balls black)
    Your biggest handicap in golf, as in life, is yourself. Change your attitude, or your balls will keep ending up in the rough.
    Bad sportsmen make bad leaders.
    Good sportsmen compete fairly.
    Even in a one horse race you would not win – you would be disqualified.

    The silver spoon was clearly not placed in your input channel, but in your output canal. That may explain the forced grin/smile/pained look which you and Pboy both constantly exhibit, and the lack of real class and authenticity, just like all those chinese counterfeit toys which swamp the xmas market.

    I also read that you referred to the electorate as “the common man”. No presents for condescending language either.
    My elves, for example, may be small in size, but they are big in stature, work very hard, and make a lot of people happy.
    Remind me again what you have contributed this year, and why you deserve stuffing at xmas.

    I think that you are a number two!, and may not make the grade as one of Santa’s little helpers. And abandoning your unborn son, and his mother, sits high on Santa’s No, No, No’s. You have not yet learnt that dignity and decency is the real test of a man.

    Know your limits, and remember ‘The Peter Principle’ – ‘people rise to their level of incompetence’. You have already proved that one.
    Or, ‘The Elves Ethic’ – ‘if someone looks down on little people, they will end up being the smaller person’.
    And, some advice from John Wayne – “time to get down from your (high) horse, and drink your milk”
    ‘My Little Pony’ may actually be more your style.

    My elves have a couple of suggestions for you.

    If you do not have a genuine respect for, or empathy with other people, and only see them as inferior, or cash cows to be trafficked/milked, then you can still do something good for the country, – become an OFW, and do some work, or try getting an MBA rather than just pretending.

    Genuine leaders need to be driven by passion, not propped up by cheap propaganda.
    Good leaders are not about status or ego, but about results and contribution.
    Great leaders have a vision, and inspire others – they act as a unifier and a motivator, and are not divisive or detached. They also have their own ideas, and do not need to steal credit from others.

    The Presidency is not an opportunity for brand marketing, playing Peter Pan, or favoritism. It demands gravitas – look it up.

    About time you boys and girls learnt to play nicely, and play fair.

    You should also get out more and mingle, particularly with those whom you regard as your inferior. You might be surprised and learn a lot. The best businessmen come from the school of hard knocks.
    You are more of the ‘Linkedin liar’ class of wannabes.

    A poor leader can never develop potential in others because they never see beyond the superficial, or look beneath the surface, and are too busy being self-absorbed.
    And no, you cannot have a mirror for xmas. You are already enough of a narcissist.

    There are actually many bright, and committed, people in The Philippines but they are ignored/sidelined in favor of your incompetent KKK (Kiddies Kristmas Klub), political patronage, and indolent relatives, who could not muster a Masters between them – except for a Master of Bugger All.
    I hear you even tried to give the erroneous impression of having an MBA – More BS Arrogance.
    I will give you a bar of soap – so you can wash your mouth out.
    You may think you are a ‘clever dick’, but the ‘common man’ thinks you are only half right.

    An MBA adage is to hire somebody better than you are – that should give you plenty of scope – but if Abaya and Honrados reflect your bar of excellence, then no wonder you only recruit ‘limbo dancers’, and not ‘pole vaulters’.

    No more staged photo-ops, please.
    (And Donner even blitzen think about acting as Santa! Enough pretence. Time to get real)
    People instinctively know when something is right, or when it is as transparent as a see through bra, and as fake as a bad boob job.
    And they prefer someone to lead from the front, not be in some-one’s rear.

    Be your own man.
    The country clearly does not want an Aquino clone, or an apologist who drones on, and on, and on.
    Learn from Santa – it’s all about being genuine, delivering something tangible, and real compassion.

    I had a letter from a little girl in the philippines who only wanted her mommy to come home for Xmas, because she said the bad men who are on tv all the time laughing and talking made her go away. Those same people, who will be laughing at xmas, do so on the back of millions of tears on Xmas day. Some people have no shame, or empathy.

    You are also currently making the chinese laugh into their egg foo yung, so please, no more infantile challenges, or snowball fights.

    Happy holidays, and i hope someone came down Korina’s chimney.

    Peace on earth, and in Philippine politics.

    You are a gift from the comedy God, and together with Pnoy Aquino put the fun into, ‘funny peculiar’, and ‘funny ha ha’, and the ‘ho’ into phony.

    You need some elastic support to put the ‘ho’ into hope. Only the anti-intellectual brigade, a few pensioner bloggers, and the self-interested will be at your xmas party.

    There is no disgrace in being an assistant, i employ many. But there is in being a liar, and the only thing worse than a liar, is a liar who is also a hypocrite.
    Honesty is the best policy. The truth and you would be better out.

    Oh what a gay, day!

    Po, po, po
    Santa Claus

    Life is always better when you pull a cracker. Unless you pick a dud.
    And if Ilda has been a naughty girl, then Santa can make exceptions!

  18. There are only 2 main problems of our country and these are 1-corruption and 2-jobs. Both are related and intertwined. Corruption benefits those who are in position of power while robbing the rest of opportunities for employment. The govt with all its power and resources can create millions of high paying “secure” jobs. The jobs created will add value to people’s lives. There will be a domino effect to this. The private sector will raise pay to compete with govt opening whole new opportunities for our people. Families will benefit. More attractive jobs here than abroad. Those who find it hard to find decent jobs here will suddenly be confronted with having to choose which jobs to accept. Domino effect of this- Crimes will go down, education will go up as more families will afford to send their children to school, business will flourish creating more jobs because of consumers increased capacity to buy. Therefore in choosing the next president of our country, lets choose the one who puts emphasis on these two main problems. There is one candidate I know who will focus on these, he is relatively unknown but with extensive credentials. Let’s watch the comelec sponsored presidential debates coming very soon. This person will emerge. keep an open mind just like voters from other developed countries. We, Filipinos are capable of making the right choice- the better choice.

  19. What kind of leader would say that he didn’t knew the mamasapano operation that ended 44 murdered. Hindi nya alam samantalang andoon sila ni Pinoy sa Zamboanga. Anong ginawa nila doon? Paki-explain nga.

  20. Think of Mar Roxas, think of the almost 200,000 parents who had almost or failed to send thier children through college since some senator who only had personal gain in mind, deliberately caused the bankruptcy of the company which was the hope of these parents. Think of the hundreds of thousands of yulanda and other typhoon victims who is still suffering because of the incompetence and greed of this man, think of the 44 police officers who had died not in vain but could have been averted. Think of the thousands of commuters of MRT, they will never experience better public transportation. And finally think of the millions of normal regular Filipinos… We will still be the same, living in fear, poverty and working our ass to death with little or no hope ahead

  21. Mar’s supporters presents facts to substantiate every allegation. If this were filed as an incident report, it won’t hold. It’s all opinion, nothing to support it.

    1. Mar’s supporters presents facts to substantiate every allegation.

      Care to present an example of a so-called “fact” you just mentioned?

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