On The Perversion And Hypocrisy Of Filipinos


There, I had to say it. How did you feel? I’m sure there are those of you who probably got angry almost immediately. If that’s the case, then that at least means I have your attention.

Anyway, this article is more or less a response to ChinoF’s latest article that showcases the blatant vulgarity of our politicians and media. See, the thing is, I remember the overwhelming response to some of my previous articles and I can note how one commenter cited that the Philippines is a Catholic country and therefore somehow exempt from being called a “pervert”. This, despite the fact that the Catholic Church having a rather colorful history of immorality and despite the fact that our noontime shows (which children can watch at leisure) often feature sexy dancing girls and things like illicit affairs are the central themes of many of our soap operas and films.

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I mean really? We like to insist that we’re a wholesome people but our actions pretty much speak for themselves. Again, I have to ask, can you say you’re not a whore when you have in fact slept with just about everyone in town? Wearing a crucifix necklace and carrying a Bible around won’t make you any less sinful if your actions say otherwise, believe me.

Another commenter went on to say that I should stop just calling out local media and instead offer suggestions. In that case, I think I can oblige. Better pay attention though because I’m getting really tired of repeating myself.

Be Honest With Ourselves

This should be the first step when solving any kind of problem related to yourself. It’s not just with sexual perversion, you see. It can be anything from not doing your responsibilities, owning up to your mistakes to putting an end to a bad habit. In AA groups (alcoholics anonymous, for those not in the know), members who finally want to kick their alcoholism are asked to admit to their bad habits when introducing themselves.

So repeat after me: “I am a pervert.”

There’s nothing really wrong of being aware of your libido. Trust me, everyone in the world has a sex drive and you can’t be considered normal if you don’t have one. However, what bothers me is how far our media and our so-called “moral guardians” are willing to go to suppress our sexuality all the while approving shows filled with immoral themes and provocative visuals. At the end of the day, we only end up sweeping our sexual desires under the rug (but subconsciously driving ourselves crazy) and enticing minors with the mystery of sex.

As a Brazilian friend told me, denying our sexuality only makes it worse. As a metaphor, you can think of people stuck on a boat in the sea with no supply of fresh water. Filipinos torture themselves with sexual themes but go to great lengths to deny that they feel any kind of sexual desire for anything.

Come To Terms With Our Sexuality

Okay, let’s make this clear: I am not saying that we should make ourselves go sexually wild. What I am suggesting is that we simply accept our sexuality for what it is.

Tying in with my statement above, I think it’s time we accept that yes, we all have a sex drive and that yes, it does affect us to a certain degree. As many psychologists and psychiatrists have proven, suppressing something doesn’t make it go away. As a matter of fact, suppressing an emotion only makes it build up and set you up for a potentially dangerous or at least precarious situation when you finally lose control of yourself.

Instead of taking the high road, let’s just own up to the fact that yes, we like looking at hot people and that we also enjoy it when people look at us and think of us as “desirable”. Indeed, who doesn’t like looking at an attractive person of the opposite (or same, for others) sex after all. There are also those who enjoy, how shall we say, flaunting their assets and I have nothing against that either so long as they don’t go too far with their flaunting.

All I’m saying is that we shouldn’t shame our sexuality and accept it as another aspect of our humanity as much as eating, sleeping or watching TV is.

Controlling Our Desires

Again, this is not about suppressing our sexual desires. As I have said many times now, there is a right time and place for everything. All I am saying is that we put it in the right place and time instead of simply taking advantage of “sex sells” in order to make money.

I mean yes, “sex sells”, but I think that you should at least think about who may or may not be watching. You wouldn’t want to corrupt the minds of minors who might have the misfortune to be viewing your sexually charged program. That is why I am a very strong supporter of moving shows with explicit and immoral themes to much later time slots, preferably late at night when all the children have gone to sleep. What is unfortunate and infuriating is that majority of these immorality-themed shows or displays are usually on at noon, late afternoon or early in the evening, times when children are most likely to be home watching TV.

I really think that it’s high time for the MTRCB to really think about what they’re actually doing or if they even still exist at all.


So there, now you have my take on what ChinoF had to say in his article. The painful fact is that it’s just another case of saying “The Emperor is Naked” but nobody wants to take it as it is even though the emperor’s thingy is waggling right in front of us. We refuse to call out the immorality of some acts and themes of many of our shows even though they’re quite clearly not for young minds.

Please people, wake up and get it together. Most of all though: GET REAL!

33 Replies to “On The Perversion And Hypocrisy Of Filipinos”

  1. Pervert – a person whose sexual behavior is regarded as abnormal and unacceptable

    Anything outside the marriage bed is perversion. Lets get our definitions straight first.

    Phil society is infested with the demons behind this. The enemy is spiritual in nature. Their goal is to steal kill and destroy.

    Many perverted Pinoys will populate hell. DONT BE ONE OF THEM.

    1. you sir didnt add anything useful.

      I have nothing against abstinence before marriage, but if you push that ideals to others. then something’s wrong here.

      You have to consider that not everyone shares the same beliefs as yours. what the author basically said is universal. Humanity.

      You are basically what the author is talking about.

      1. Yeah because I came here to subtract –> you kid may be 1 less soul from hell’s future population if you take my definition/advice.

        So you think sleeping with your unmarried girlfriend is normal and not a perversion? Where do you get your standard of morality?

        If you’re a Catholic who doesn’t read his Bible, you’re a hypocrite. And even if you don’t read or believe your Bible, simple common sense will tell you no father will be happy to hear his young daughter has been sleeping with you.

        The fact that you are so defensive only shows Biblical truth will forever sting the very core of man. Rev.21:8 (2nd to the last page of your User’s Manual)

        1. Please spare us with your bible thumping shit!

          Religious fanatics are a serious problem in this country. It’s because of people like you that this country is backwards.

        2. hellboy,

          The only thing religion does for the Filipinos is make them feel good about who they are, and what they’re doing, and FOCK UP the Philippines at the same time.

          What the Philippines need is not a religion crusade but a Philosophical revolution; its cultural values and principles are too FOCKED UP, and it shows in the people’s way of life.

        3. What do you care if I sleep with my love one? Does it hurt you the fact that we love unconditionally?

          Where do I get my morals? From Humanity. We have something called Empathy. Moral is not specific to any form of holy text. Its universal heck even animals have it. Dont dare claim your text own our morals. it merely adopted it.

          Last thing we need as the other dude said is a Religious crusade. Want we do need is a Philosophical one. Feel Free to abstain if thats what you think is right. but dont ever antagonize someone else just because they dont belief the same tales as you do.

          Religions only cause divide when its followers act like you. I have seen Good people of religion and you are definitely not one of them.

        4. I know I know Biblical truth just hurts so much!!!
          Exactly the reaction we need.

          religion per se is not the problem

          This county has been destroyed by its unique BRAND of religion. The vast majority of Catholics go to mass to hear some Bible verses – then go back to their lives to do the exact opposite. stupid perverts

        5. Biblical “Truth” doesnt hurt when you do not belong to its religion. I’m not a catholic so it just doesnt make sense to me.

          We are talking about Real World Problems here, Real World Perversion is a problem. not the definition of Perversion from the Bible. Dont even get me started with Lot’s story

          If we try and propose the “solutions” from a certain holy text, this wont work with everyone. Scaring people the threat of Hell has proven to be so ineffective, it actually makes things worst. Suppression is always equals to problems like Perversion.

        6. theKid, The threat of hellfire in the afterlife is the single most effective way to bring about repentance. The problem is – priests don’t preach it. They teach kumpisal – which means you can do anything bad as long as you confess it (license to sin all you can).

          I think you have an issue on fundamental beliefs. Do you even believe there is a God? Please settle that one first. I have disproven evolution already

          Sex is like dynamite. There are rules on how to handle it. Phil society is in such a big mess because stupid people don’t play by the rules on sex. The world’s all-time best seller is loaded with examples of how not to incorrectly handle/use/pervert sex – Lot’s story included.

          America is on its downfall because of sexual perversion – don’t follow this rabbit trail. I’ll shove Rev. 21:8 down people’s throats if I have to. The more annoying it gets the better – so get butthurt and react more violently to feed my happiness!

        7. zaxx, again, My beliefs doesnt matter. what matters is what we could do about Perversion. as far as I see your solutions are not as effective as you think they are.

          Basically. you are willing to admit that being scared for your entire life is way more better than to be a good person overall? Being a good person is admitting our flaws.

          I dont care if you disproved evolution. and neither you should care if I believe in a god or not. I honestly cannot claim one exist or does not exist. It doesnt matter. this is pointless debate. This is Subjective. I am trying to push out Objective thoughts here.

        8. @zaxx:

          You keep on telling us that religion, whatever its imperfections, at least instills morality. On every side, there is conclusive evidence that the contrary is the case and that faith causes people to be more mean, more selfish, and perhaps above all, more stupid, which seams to be evident in your case. You think reading, believing in and quoting from a fairytale book makes you a better person?

          Human decency is not derived from religion and most certainly not from the bible or any religious manifest. It precedes it.

      2. @hellboy

        Isn’t it tiring whenever we keep on telling Morality supersedes Holytext.

        The meanness of some religious people are prominent from zaxx attempt on ad hominem towards me by calling me perverted(towards my unwed gf) and calling me narrow minded when infact I just presented what I think might be better to battle against perversion of sex in context that not everyone is the same

    2. TheKid, you clearly are so narrow minded man.
      Can’t you see the big picture?

      Ok let me explain how your actions are destroying Phil society. By sleeping with your GF unwed, you are setting an example for our youth to follow. Then we’ll be drowning with issues like teenage pregnancies, abortion, unbridled poor population growth, streets children and more squatters.

      All because of YOU and your perversion. It’s affecting my life too. Research “butterfly effect”.

      If you can’t stand Biblical truth – fine. Just use your common sense if you have any left.

      My genuine concern : the common good.

      1. zaxx,

        Since we all have different religion and often disagree on their principles, we can at all share on the principles of “common good”; and I agree with that.


        1. zaxx,

          Since we all have different religions and often disagree on their principles, we can at least share on the principle of “common good”; and I agree with that.


      2. I disagree with what everything you just said except for one thing, Common Good.

        But please stop accusing me. You dont know me. How can you be so sure I have a GF?

        You call me Perverted and close minded(regardless of the solutions I am trying to push are open and takes into account any type of person)? how dare you! I commented to your original post to encourage a good narrative instead you Attack me?! thats just ad hominem.

        1. TheKid
          You told me in your first comment:
          “You are basically what the author is talking about.” – which is a pervert.

          Please don’t attack people if you yourself can’t handle a counter-argument. In the end your crying foul “ad hominem”!

          You also said
          “I disagree with what everything you just said except for one thing, Common Good.”

          That means you disagree with what I said “just use your common sense”. What then does that make you?

          You are attacking yourself by admitting you don’t believe in common sense.

          Sorry if you are unable to handle debates like this. Of course I don’t know you. I only used you as a hypothetical illustration for your belief that premarital sex is not an issue here. A great plethora of our social issues stem from this perversion.

          Sorry if you can’t accept my definition of perversion. If you do find out that there is a hell in the afterlife, don’t say nobody warned you.

          I have researched tons of near death experiences. Google Howard Storm for example.

          Anyway sorry if I was mean to you. I was in debating mode last Weekend.

          You sound like your an agnostic/atheist. I actually like talking with atheists – they make us question our beliefs, which is good exercise


    3. Can we at least just agree that we should encourage Education? When a person is well equipt with knowledge one can act more properly on situations and know how to handle emotional thoughts with reason.

      Like being able to differentiate Lust and making Love. This two are different things. But one should accept the fact that we are embedded with a lustful capable mind. but when one is educated. one can handle, understand and control these desires more easily.

      1. TheKid,

        “Like being able to differentiate Lust and making Love. This two are different things. But one should accept the fact that we are embedded with a lustful capable mind. but when one is educated. one can handle, understand and control these desires more easily.”

        I don’t know if I’m willing to buy that: “but when one is educated. one can handle, understand and control these desires more easily.” I’ve know a lot of educated people who are just as lustful as an educated people. And as far as “Love” goes, we love ourselves primarily, and everyone and everything that make us happy.


        1. Aeta,

          First, thanks for giving input. You have a very good reason for not being able to willingly buy the premise that Lust and Making love is not the same thing. Its a fault on my part as well as I never really did clarify why I mean that.

          Making love is something you do willingly with one another, being vulnerable, displaying trust and compassionate towards each other.

          Lust is on the other hand is a desire for something. Almost always correlated as a basic instinct to procreate.

          And then again, I cannot prove you wrong because you are right. There are a lot of perverted Educated people (The LP Party incident for example). But my premise is this, knowing how your body and mind works is ton way more better than allowing your libido take over your reason and commit sexual activities without knowing the consequences of such acts. A lot of people who are sexually suppressed and alienated with the concept of “Sex” has the tendency to go to lengths of knowing what actually is and hence, we have issues like teen pregnancy and even death due to unwanted birth. All because they were “Curious” at first.

        2. to add: Its the lack of understanding that other people like the media takes advantage of and thus, we have lewdness all over the place because we pretend that we are Wholesome when in fact, we are more perverted than what we claim to be. People who often deny or even see sex as an abomination are more likely to be addicted to Pornography and things related. Hence the hypocrisy

  2. It is not the suppression of sexuality, that is the issue here. It is government officials, who are Sex Perverts. Giving Birthday Gifts to another government official; who is also another Sex Pervert. And exhibiting their Sexual Perversions, to their Guests, who are a bunch Sex Perverts.

    I have the suspicion, that they used Public Funds, to hire those “giling giling” girls.

    Is this the proper way, our Public officials behave? Are they “role models” for the young? Is this, what they are teaching to the next generation of Filipinos? That, Sex Perversion is normal?

    “Ang Matuwid na Daan ni Aquino , Roxas, at ang Liberal Party ay papunta na sa mga nakabukaka na Puta”…

    The “L” sign of the Liberal Party means now: “Libog ako”!

    Anyway, where are the religious institutions or Churches now. Did they condemn this Sex Perversion? They are silent…deafening silence…

    1. For all G-D-SOBs Failipino politicians, they consider their perversion as just another form of their stupid art. They always say it’s like painting or drawing or sculpting. Except instead of paint, these G-D-SOBs Failipino politicians cum perverts use sex as their medium in their political attitudes and rallies.

  3. It’s pretty hard though to make a pervert accept that he’s a pervert, much like you can’t make a deceived person know they are actualy being deceived. To these guys, what they’re doing is normal.

    1. ChinoF,

      “It’s pretty hard though to make a pervert accept that he’s a pervert, much like you can’t make a deceived person know they are actualy being deceived. To these guys, what they’re doing is normal.”

      Hmmm…that sounds like most Filipinos I’ve encountered in life.


  4. We all have a perverted side it just depends on how you control it.

    “Having an interest in something because it is pretty or beautiful or is pleasant to the five senses does not automatically make it sexual. It is only sexual if it causes sexual thoughts and physical arousal.”

  5. d_forsaken,

    Yes, and we’re all perverts and just try to be saintly to appear normal. Anyone who denies that truth is a hypocrite.


  6. Here is my two cents to add to the topic.

    There are three basic instincts in humans: 1) to eat, 2) to have sex, and 3) to fight. They are basic because we are at the base also animals; such are also the instincts of animals.

    But, to be human is also not to be an animal. There is nothing more degrading than to see a human act like an animal. Humans have the ability of self introspection. Animals have instincts, but not intelligence and will. Thus, humans could demonstrate their humanity when they decide not to eat, not to have sex, not to fight. In fact, we see heroism on say, political prisoners who decide to fast for a cause, on persons who have a well-ordered sex lives, on persons who know when to fight. At the same time, we avoid the company of a person who eats like a pig, a person who only talks about sex, and a war freak.

    It is also only the humans that could impute beauty on these instincts. We have etiquette in eating, and we love fine dining. We have ceremonies for sex, and we want the correct ambiance for it. We admire the different arts of fighting. Notice that when we do these things, we choose the people or persons with whom we engage such activities in order that beauty would not be wasted. In other words, it is the reason why there are societies and civilizations.

    In modern man, the urge to fight seems to have been lowered, because society as a whole has shun violence and has taken the burden to manage such. It doesn’t mean it is no longer there for evolutionary process takes time. But, the process, as could be observed, has already put the urge to have sex at the highest level. This is the new challenge for humans, they could raise humanity with it, or they could deteriorate to animalism with it, as violence could make animals of humans. Note how ISIS are destroying all those ancient historical sites. Because they are thinking like animals, they are opposed to civilization.

    Humans have intellect and will. Thus, the highest human love has something to do with the will. There is something, for example, admirable about grandparents being able to stay together till death do them part — it is more of the will than of emotion. But, there is no denying that as humans we are also dictated by emotion — this is especially true by the love expressed by the young ones. But, if we are to be true humans, the sign of maturity and responsibility comes from the will being able to dominate emotion — the process is of course a gradual process, since human maturation is the most gradual among animals. Thus, there is something disgusting about DOMs, or mature people acting like hyper-active teenagers for they seem to have wasted all the time of growing, when time is gold.

    If sex is an expression of love, then sex is very much a part of being human. That means also that being human is not only about sex for a part cannot be greater than the whole. It follows that love can’t just be about sex since love is even greater than being human. But, since love is something very beautiful, sex as an expression of it can also be very beautiful. It follows that sex outside of love is ugly. That is why we call it perversion.

    Thus, commodification, commercialization, mcdonaldization, lowering the standards, etc of sex is always wrong even in an age of fast-food and utilitarianism for human sex will always be an ocean different from animal sex. If we deny this, then we suffer the backlash of nature in terms of a warped psychology, illogical philosophy, and a deteriorated society, and all the consequences of that. Why is it that humans don’t natural flock to red light districts? Why is it that we say that a society is sick when all it could offer is sex for tourism? So, what do we say about an age that seems to be obsessed with sex?

    If sex has to be beautiful, it cannot be trite, banal, or hackneyed. The original Monalisa can only be found in Louvre, but imitations of it can found in kitchens and toilets. Individually, of course, we can choose the original or the imitation. But, the greatness of humans and the dignity of man is that he could always opt for the original. Thus, it is that humans have been divided into two classes: those who have learned discipline and those who have not. One of them eventually meets despair, or just go on with life, which is just busy in covering up an unacknowledged despair. Despair, because he/she can’t, or refuses to, answer what is suddenly a nagging question: “What is the use of being a human?” Thus, we have people in Armani suits and designer barongs, and yet when you talk to them, you get a sense that their mentality is barbaric, or uncivilized.

    There is no going around what is nature and what is natural, or we deny our being very human. We accept being humans, or we accept being animals.

    1. Add,

      I agree with most of what you said, and perhaps you can summarize them into just one sentence: ‘We humans are selfish beings, and everything we do in this world, we ultimately do for ourselves.’

      Take Care,


  7. Besides, do you think you would be living in this world if your parents did not have sex? So, what’s with the butthurt and feeling-pure-holy-and-virgin response when the topic of sex comes up…? -_-

    If you weren’t born through your parents having sex, then how? Did a carabao poop you out? :p

    I would admit I would rather be an honest pervert than a lying “holy and pure” man. And that’s why people who say they are “pure, holy, sacred” whose actions say otherwise (ex. the Yellow President’s attnetion whore sister) pisses me off a lot…… >.<

    With that said, as the great Hentai Kamen said, "In the 21st century, being is pervert is justice." Still can't accept it? Then you deserve the SPINNING FIRE OF HELL!!!!!

  8. Much already have been said about the video of the recent anniversay party of Cong. Argao. Somehow a video from a supposedly private party found its way into the social media sparking a media frenzy and resulting to the swift political crash of Chairman Tolentino.

    Both gentlemen, with personalities as flawed as the rest of us, had to endure the scrutiny

    and judgement from the “virtuous” who gaze the world from their own moral ivory towers.

    What I would like to point out, however, is a deeper sin that has been with us since the biblical times.

    Nope not adultery because even Jesus Christ didn’t condemn Mary Magdalene for what she was then.

    I watched the segment of the video of the activity in question…boys and girls on stage being playful and naughty in

    front of the guests. From the performing “Playgirls” group, the participants of the show, to the audience caught on cam

    seemed to be having fun. I couldn’t see any hint that anyone involved was forced to do anything against his or her will.

    Everyone on cam seemed to be having a good time. IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A PRIVATE PARTY.

    A viewer of the video can easily see what I saw because the images were clear enough. Because the lighting was good (but doesnt look like done professionally with spotlights) and recording was done at close range…parang front row center pa.

    It is as if the videographer had a security clearance to get close to VIPs, maybe a friend, and was therefore a guest of the party.

    I can only guess that everyone went home tired but happy…the guest for the interesting show and tummys full…the

    caterer, waiters, and bartenders with fat tips, and the performers and the Playgirls with nice checks and/or bulging evnvelopes. Business as usual. Till next time.

    But someone went home much happier than the rest…he/she had a video that was worth more than the entire occasion and will certainly cost political careers and futures. Nope not business as usual…more.

    Someone took advantage of the host’s hospitality, had partaken his food and drinks, and enjoyed his entertainment…but saw an opportunity to make something out of it…to benefit himself/herself.

    This can only be done by persons who have no values, no code, and who’s loyal only to the highest bidder…who would sell his/her own mother at the right price. Our history has been plagued by treachery perpetuated by leaders voted in by the

    Stupid Pinoy (read Mr.Grimwald story)…and we will continue to be victims for as long as the Stupid Pinoy is the majority in this so-called democracy.

    Treachery, at any level, whether it is a betrayal of trust, of a friend, a benefactor, or the selling out of the Filipino

    peoples hopes and dreams is the gravest sin of our time.

    To Cong. Argao and Chairman Tolentino, tough luck. Next time please check the invite list yourselves. Be careful of whom you invite into your courts and banquets.

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