Get Lewd, Philippines

Filipino social media was all abuzz when pictures of a Liberal Party birthday celebration were spread all over the place. At this celebration of Congressman Benjie Agarao, sexy dancing girls called the Playgirls suddenly came up on the stage and did things that should have been done only in shady strip clubs. It was claimed to be a gift from MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino, which he later on denied.



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Tolentino’s reactions seem to betray an inability to realize that sexy performances are considered immoral by other Filipinos.


Sadly, though, this is only the latest among the government gaffes where lewd shows have become part of activities. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources is guilty of holding a similar show one time.


There was this town celebration where there was a bodybuilding contest. But something was wrong with the picture:


Sadly, this contradicts what one of our most controversial politicians have claimed about the country.


Yes, it seems Filipinos, when they have a special event, don’t know anymore how to celebrate with decency. It’s like a stripper show is part of “normal celebrations.” If we have sexy dancing girls on TV, who, knows, we might have it at children’s parties, too.

But onto theories. The talk is that politicians as well as police are paid to protect sex dens from closure. The presentation of Playgirls at Agarao’s birthday is probably payback for something like this. But even if it was not like this, it is certainly embarrassing that “dignified” politicians would turn to kalaswaan as their preferred form of entertainment.

Of course, sex dens have been all over the place. There was Alibangbang that existed for a long time in Cubao (it became Bangbangali and moved). And all over Cubao, as in Ermita, Marikina, Makati, indeed wherever there are Filipinos there are likely to be sex dens. When the American bases were around, Filipinos in the area were only happy to sell their bodies for the Joes’ dollars. Yet even when the Americans left, those joints are still around (as in the case of Jeffrey Laude). Anyone remember Adam Carolla highlighting that the Philippines is known for Sex Tourism?

But think about that. We not only have a nation whose women are commercially sexualized, but that sexualization exists alongside the fact that many Filipinas abroad are sex workers. Remember when there was trouble in Libya and trouble started in Syria, many Filipinas who were at risk of being caught in the crossfire were not only helpers but even sex workers. Many of them are even undocumented.

This episode with a Liberal Party “party” has served to remind me of the dire straits many Filipino sex workers are in, and that this is common among Filipinos abroad. Consider the headlines below I gathered to demonstrate the point.

The horror of being a child sex worker in the Philippines exposed as boxer Manny Pacquiao joins fight against vile trade that destroys lives of 100,000 Filipino’s youth

The Fatherless Children of Filipino Sex Workers

The Innocent Victims Abandoned in Sin City

500K Filipinos engage in Prostitution (2013 article)

What I learned by being a Migrant Sex Worker

With all the above, I doubt the priests can rightly call the Philippines a “god-fearing nation.”

This only lends support to my theory that the Filipino identity is actually centered on anything dysfunctional. If you are non-dysfunctional, have healthy control over your sex life and aren’t clamoring for “malaswang” shows like the above, then you might be branded as unpatriotic.

That many people are outraged by this gives hope that we can still turn things around. But with politicians taking lewd shows and treating them like normal things, we can be sure that the people in place right as “leaders” are not leading at all. They’re just pandering to constituents with connections (KKK) and not doing anything to solve the problem. If you have an official like Tolentino who says “motorists are free to video MMDA enforcers” one day and “Motorists who video enforcers can be charged” on another, and then comes up with a show like the above, you know we shouldn’t take this moronism quietly.

60 Replies to “Get Lewd, Philippines”

  1. Tolentino is a Sex Pervert. He wants his Sex Perversion to be on the news. So, he sent Sexy Dancers, to Agarao, as his birthday gifts. Like his fellow sex pervert, Agarao was pleased to exhibit his Birthday gifts to his guests, who were also sex perverts. Agarao was very much happy to let his guests, be entertained by the sexy grinding/dancing girls. Roxas and Aquino , may have been pleased also, by the entertainment.

    Our media is not the only one perverted, already. The Minds of our political leaders; most politicians and most public officials of the Aquino administration; their minds are now perverted.

    Our taxes, may have been used, to hire these Sexy Dancers. Our public officials, and our politicians have descended to the Sewer Level already. Their Minds are corrupted by the Aquino’s Media. They are full of garbage.

    Giling…giling…igiling mo…Baby!

    1. 99Hayden007Toro9999.99,

      This is what I always say. ‘The Philippines is the Mexico of the Far East. Similar in self-serving and arrogant attitude and way of life—influenced by the Spanish aristocracy.’


      1. @Aeta:

        I have some Mexican friends. And, we compare the behaviors of our public officials and people. They are almost similar. Corruption in Mexico is prevalent. The Drug Lords buy these Mexican public officials.

        Sexy dancing girls are not as widespread in Mexico, as in our country. The Roman Catholic Church influence on the Mexican people is still strong. They are devoted to the: “Our Lady of Guadalupe”. The mother of Jesus Christ, allegedly appeared to a certain: Juan Diego, and left her portrait on Juan Diego’s “tilma”. This happened in the 18th century. The “tilma” and the Virgin Mary’s portrait are exhibited in the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, in Mexico City.

        Mexico has oil. However, its people are poor, climbing over the U.S. border fence , just to earn money in the U.S… Mexican oil money goes to the pockets of high public officials , and end up in their foreign bank accounts.

        1. @68Toro007hayden9999.99,

          Yup, it’s very very similar. Corrupt country, corrupt people, corrupt culture, and corrupt value system. Both country’s people only means of escape is to ‘cross the border’ to the U.S—legally or illegally (Mexico); or, working as OFWs or migrating (legally or illegally, as well) to other countries (Philippines).


  2. You clearly do not know anything about Mexico. There are similarities, but the PH is in a worst position in almost anything. And the arrogance they display is a result of the native social status imbalance. Spanish aristocracy do not make stupid displays, usually.

    1. This no longer has anything to do with the Spanish and American colonizers. This has something to do with the colonized minds who think they are now bosses and could do anything with impunity. And being sex perverts, they do not care what the public thinks. It is bastusan of the public without any equivalent in the world.

  3. In this nasty-ass strip club called “Liberal Party” bathroom full of pissing dudes and possible rogue ejaculators, BS Aquino and his horde of stupid minions are no longer “guys” they love fucking. They’re all “guys” they fucking love. And it makes me (want to) puke, like entering the gates of hell.

    Maybe these was/were the statement/thought of those “Liberal Party” shit ass politicians who were present, and “playing” with the so-called “Playgirls”. “This might be the last time you get to drive the beef bus to tuna town. You’d better make it good, so I don’t have any excuses to forget your hot ass.”

    Frankly and bluntly speaking, I want one place I can go that is not going to be lewd, and I’m not sure there is anything left.

  4. Ginawang pegasus ang political meeting. Kaya pala walang mapresent na magagandang plano para sa bansa puro kamanyakan ang nasa utak. Wag ka na tumakbo tolentino, dagdag basura ka lang sa senado tulad ni tito sotto at trillanes.

  5. It is a very sick society.

    I recall going to a wedding reception where I found myself sitting in a table of 12. Four apparently knew each other, and as gathered from the conversation, they were suppliers to AFP, PNP and DPWH. Eight of us in the table ended listening to the conversation of the four. The conversation came to them comparing notes about a certain captain who was assigned to a critical position in the Purchasing unit of AFP. The captain was top of the class in PMA and quite idealistic. He was a problem to them because he was meticulous and scrutinized every detail of the documents they submitted. One said that he was disqualified in one bidding because of this captain.

    Another one, whom I will call Roger here, was surprised. Roger said he has the captain in his pocket and offered to help the other three; afterall, he has to recover the “investment” he has put on the captain. When asked how he did it, Roger said he just persisted in inviting the captain to a dinner. When the captain finally agreed, he also invited a high class call girl to that dinner. We were all laughing in the table because Roger started describing animatedly how the jaw of the captain just dropped in seeing the beauty, who eventually started flirting with the captain. I was surprised she was a call girl because I catch a glimpse of her from time to time on TV as she seems to be a mainstay in one of the networks. To cut the story short, Roger ended up booking a room in a Five-Star Hotel, where the captain and the beauty queen stayed for the night.

    Roger said he would be happy brokering a deal thru the captain, because after that first dinner, it was the captain who started calling him. There were four more occasions when the captain had dates with beauties whom Roger provided. After that, Roger had been avoiding the captain as these things are not cheap — the rate of these girls are anywhere from P500k to one million Pesos a night. But, if there was more business that the three could provide, then there was no need to hide from the captain who went from one who was idealistic to one who was corrupt.

    To me, what was shocking was how they carried the conversation as if this was something matter of factly in government, an open secret. They had no qualms about corrupting somebody who initially had no intention in being dirty. The names of beauty queens, stars, commercial models that they rattled were also a revelation; some of them I would never have suspected as call girls. I got the impression that 30%, maybe more, of those on TV and movies are prostitutes. No wonder there is no more distinguishing line between the corrupt politics and showbiz. It is for this reason that when there are news that PNoy has met with this or that beauty, what immediately comes to my mind is that some supplier must be trying to get some very big business from government. One with a cabinet rank is actually a pimp for this “high class” prostitutes.

    So, what the public is seeing is just the tip. What goes on in “high society” is far much worse. But, the totality, Philippines is really a very sick society on the whole — just think about it, a self-confessed philanderer was voted to become president.

    Amb Harry Thomas was right about the Philippines — it is a society of sex perverts.

    1. 30% are whores? Its more like 10% are not whores.

      500K to 1 Million? That is utter nonsense.
      They cost more like 50K.

      In any case, this is one of 100 thousand stories….

      1. @Dr. Hefmore Weiner

        “Its more like 10% are not whores.”
        I will not argue, you may actually be closer to the truth.

        “They cost more like 50K.”
        If you are talking of “real value”, I will have to agree with you 100%. But, because I was shocked at the amounts, since then I have already been able to check with two guys who are on the know about these things. The peso amounts are correct: 500k to 1m.

        1. I am shocked if those amounts are true.

          That would mean that EVERYTHING is 100% out of control.

    2. @Add:

      That’s they call the : “soft/tender touch”. It is not done only here in the Philippines. It is done worldwide. The U.S./C.I.A. use it to “blackmail” leaders. The Russian former KGB(now NKVD), called these: “baits or swallows”. Pretty girls, who are indeed spies. You can view it, on the movie of James Bond: “From Russia with Love”…how these “high priced beauties” operate, for their clients.

      After all, if you are a hot blooded male. It is very hard to resist the : “tender/soft trap”…sex sells, and can be used as a bait; it is always used in getting government contracts, by contractors. Toleration and Agarao , are just showing Hints to the public, what they are getting, regularly, from government contractors…

      1. Yes…Tolentino and Agarao are just showing and giving hints to the Public, what they are getting regularly from government contractors. And how they are spending your tax money…it is very disgusting on these evil people. However, it is the way they are doing at present…The Aquino administration is full of corrupt and sex perverts…

    3. Always an interesting commentary from you, Add. Lots of juicy info that gets my attention just enough to really focus on your point. Though I have to admit, I am very curious of the names of those Celebritutes.


    SORRY, PERO MGA GAGO KAYO. Pwede ba tumalon nalang kayo sa Manila Bay. Masyado nyo nang pinapahirapan ang bayan. MGA PUNYETA.

      1. Thanks for the link, Isopropyl

        I like what one commenter there said: “as what the late Sergio Osmena says..filipinos like entertainment not enlightenment.”

        Exactly, what GRP has been saying.

  7. lagi na lang ipinagduduldulan ng mga kababayan natin na conservative tayo, which is hindi naman talaga. unplanned pregnancies, promiscuity, pagkahumaling sa porn, mga spakul, etc. madali din tayong maimpluwensyahan ng western culture. sa mga palabas nila, e ok lang ang casual sex. ok lang makipag-sex sa unang pagkikita. ok lang magkaroon ng multiple partners. ‘yung mga matatanda, kaliit-liit pa ng bata e tinatanong na kung may boyfriend na. tapos kapag maagang lumandi ‘yung bata e nagagalit ang mga matatanda. ‘yung mga batang babae kung anu-anong mahahalay na damit ang ipinasusuot, pinagsasayaw pa ng twerk, etc. i feel bad for ella cruz ‘pag nagsasayaw ng twerk. i don’t think it’s appropriate, parang nakakabastos.

  8. I don’t hear much agitated uproar from the church, other “religious” institutions and the so-called “moral guardian” groups, though. What gives?

    1. I heard they turned a blind eye to it. Their heads are far deep up their asses that they can’t see what’s ahead of them. They are probably busy stuffing chicken nuggets up their ass too. It’s too funny that the outrage is mild.

      We need to put them up like in those old milk cartons that say, “Have you seen these institutions lately?”

  9. Libog Party for the win. Dutdut pa more.

    Sige, iboto nyo pa yan ha. Don’t get me started that it doesn’t represent all of them but the fact that this party is all-for-one and one-for-all we can seriously generalize on this.

    I’m no saint, nor anyone over there is but that is just fucking wrong on so many levels. Imagine if there were children watching it, if your children were in it, would you be happy if they said they want to be like those dancers when they grow up catering to the old fart pervs in the future?

    They even did it in broad daylight…those activities have a place at night.

    It’s funny that while they deny it, the video says it all that it was all thanks to that guy.

    What’s even funny is that plenty of people will eventually forget about this and I bet all my money that Tolentino will become a Senator next year. Mark my words, there’s plenty of stupid voters who will still vote for him. Why? They get free bitches. Just like in that video. I wish no disrespect to the women who were hired to do their job, but there’s a right time and place for those kinds of things. Whatever happened to self-worth and self-respect?

    I seriously want to be proven wrong next year that Tolentino will not become Senator and just go back to private life.

    I realize we are more fucked up than I thought. I feel like when the world ends, this country will be the very first to go.

  10. Que Horror.

    Whether or not it is a gift or not does not really matter. It should not have been done in the first place.

    I don’t quite approve calls for Tolentino to resign for some reason at before. But his frequent absence at work and now this, I think he should have not been given the MMDA chair at all. So I’ll say it, Mr Francis Tolentino, as a tax payer and your “boss”, I want you to tender your resignation immediately. I also request that you reconsider your plan to run as senator.

    Same goes for Mr. Benjie Agarao.

    I wonder what if the dancers were one of Agarao or Tolentino’s daughter or niece and dancing that way in LP rally? Twerking with Mar Roxas. How would they feel?

    1. In their minds, I think they’d be saying “it can be anybody as long as it’s not my own family”. But who knows, they may even push for that kind of thing…

  11. The clear message of the Liberal Party to the public:

    “We want to continue to sh*t, to f$ck, to pi$$ in your faces. So, pls vote for us in 2016. Vote Daan Tuwad literally.”

  12. Conservative. Moral. Pweh! Kunyari pa ang mga hipokritong ‘to…… -_-

    Tapos pag binastos naman tayo, mag-fi-feeling-virgin naman tayo. At kapag nagdale naman ng ‘di inaasahan, ‘di naman kayang palakihin ng maayos ang bata.

    Hay, we are so f***ed up (pun intended)? Sige, sex pa more nang walang contraceptives; mag-moral-moralan pa kayo more…… :v

  13. We all have a perverted side but this is just beyond perversion and stupidity. The message is clear: “People this is what we do with the tax you’re paying us” (*cue this music
    and the ignoramus “Pinoys” dances in tunes with these idiotic politicians.

    I don’t get why some people are surprised that I only voted 1 person in the last national election and only two in last local elections. It’s simple. they don’t deserve my vote. Some “Pinoys” would even say stupid sh*t like “bakit hindi mo man lang pinuno kahit papaano?”. What the f*cK is with that thinking?

    “Wala kayong pake buhay ko ito”, “Bahala na si Batman”, “Butthurt ka lang”, and my most hated “Maki ride-on kana lang masyado kang KJ eh” are just some of those pathetic “pinoy” mentality that degrade their weak and poor mind.

    Just as what Luna said in the movie. “We have a greater enemy than the Americans, it’s ourselves”.

  14. Was that even a surprise? Those kinds of display are already infesting at TV. At noontime, on boot! People here are already numb about it.

  15. Unfortunately the Philippines is a sexualized society, meaning that the only thing that matters is lust. Ika nga “sex sells” and it’s very sad that Filipino society is indeed sexualized. From noontime shows to simple conversations, sex is the number one topic. I’m not saying sex is bad. It’s actually a basic human need. But it has not to be perverted or making it an obsession. Sexualization reduces a person into a sex object meaning he or she is only worthy if she’s oozing with sex appeal. Her intelligence and inner character become useless. The American Psychological Association defines sexualization as follows:”individuals are regarded as sex objects and evaluated in terms of their physical characteristics and sexiness” and unfortunately, this is what defines modern Philippine society thanks to Hollywood and moreover to prudish Christianity especially the Catholic Church.

    You can say Christians are prudes and repress sexuality, but actually the more sexually repressed a society is, the more sexually perverted people become. Why? Because when we deprive ourselves from any basic human need (food, water, air, shelter, sex), we struggle more to have it because we cannot live without them. Try to hold your breath until you struggle to breathe. When you can’t hold your breath, you quickly grasp for air. The same goes with food. When you do dieting, you make yourself more ‘sabik’ to eat again. The same goes for sex. If you always repress your sexual urges, it will retract back and you’ll become a pervert instead, obsessively thinking about sex all day.

    To further illustrate this, let’s compare two opposite societies: Scandinavia and the Middle East. People say Scandinavia is too liberated, even for Americans. Sex education is widespread, porn is legal (i think, but i do not really know if it is as well as porstitution), birth control is accessible, and its okay for them to go to nude beaches, yet they are not too malicious or don’t bother too much when it comes to sex itself, plus sex-related crimes are easily put into justice. Unlike in the Middle East where sex is a dirty word. As much as possible women are covered from head to toe to avoid sexual attraction, sex-segragation is prevalent, porn is illegal and immoral, as well as birth control and sex education, yet rape is very rampant, making it legal to marital rape, yet when a single woman is raped, she is killed instead of the rapist because it’s the woman’s fault because she exposed herself. And also Middle Easterners who flee to the West are usually more sexually active and have more STDs than the Westerners. Why is this so? Because Middle East is sexually repressive and people there become totally sabik to express their sexuality making them prone to sexual perversion. Scandinavians on the other hand, give importance to sexuality, hence they have healthy outlook to sexuality without malice.

    But you may think that Scandinavia as well as the rest of Europe is sexualized. Yes that’s because they used to be sexually repressive thanks to Christianity and Hollywood, but still they’re miles away from the sexual behaviour in the Middle East.

    Now in PH, thanks to repressive Catholic Church and the Spaniards’ and Americans’ macho image, plus Hollywood and sexual revolution, poof, a perfect precipitation for sexualization in the Philippines. You cannot blame our culture and religion for our sexualization. The sad part is that we will become more and more sexualized as people here are saturated with sexual mesages that the motto now here is ‘sex sells.’ The measure of beauty here is sexiness and not inner beauty. The bad thing here is that it influences innocent little girls that being sexy is more important than their character, and for boys, being virile or having a lot of sexual partners is the most important, therefore damaging the innocence of youth and damaging the very good intention of human sexuality which means both procreation and expression of love/oneself, which is already a dilemma in the Western World and is becoming apparent here in PH. That’s why sex scandals and videos are popular and guesting sexy dancers in daytime events in front of children, destroying youth innocence and human sexuality itself, thereby perverting it.

    There is another reason for sexuality. It’s the men themselves. Oftentimes, too macho men who’s obsessed with their manhood are too sexually perverted that they really want hundreds of sexual partners. But these are also the men who only want virgins as wives ‘ika nga para di maunahan’ so that they prove themselves to be ‘man enough.’ Unfortunately, most men are like that especially in macho, violent societies like the Middle East, Mediterranean, Latin America, USA, and the Philippines, that’s why most Filipino men especially politicians love to marry virgins and flirt with mistresses. This is a perfect recipe for broken families and broken families mean broken society.

    Again, there is nothing wrong with sex and sexuality, but by perverting it, it becomes lewd and bad. And I think a sexualized culture is a decayed culture because it dehumanizes people into just sex objects whose function only is to provide sex and nothing else.

    I admit that before I wanted to look sexualized, a sex symbol, so that I’ll be more attractive, but I felt more disrespected, that’s why I now shun sexualization and now referring the K-pop or elegant look, making me more respectable to men.

    Sexuality is human, dignified, and good. Sexualization is animalistic, perverted, and bad, and makes one person dumb.

  16. “Ang matuwid na daan ay patungo na sa mga nakabukaka na Puta”….new Tuwid na Daan ni Aquino, Roxas and the Liberal Party…

  17. What’s next ? Liberal party will make Phil national dance = ocho ocho? Kawawang mga kabataan.

    -common sense for Pinoys party

  18. Kung may natitira pang paggalang sa sarili at sa partido nila, dapat pinapaalis na ni PNoy ang mga pasimuno at sangkot dito. Paumanhin ngunit ang mga ganitong gawain, lalo’t sa isang samahan nang mga nais mamumuno, ay di dapat hina-hayaang tumagal pa at baka pamarisan pa.

    Baka sakaling makabawi sila kahit kaunti sa paningin ng tao kung magbabawas sila ng mga kasapi.

    LP might say “We still need to make an investigation” -Well, I don’t think it is still necessary but if they will do, I expect it to be short because the evidence is right there already staring them in their faces.

    Oops I might receive a “you’re a hypocrite” reply. – Well, I’m not the one running for senator, congress, a member of the cabinet or a member of a political party that presented women as “gifts” and has gone wild IN FRONT OF SO MANY PEOPLE on stage.

    Sorry, I might sound rude but I think that man on the picture doesn’t even have the looks to act that way. He should have at least thought about how would he appear on pictures and videos before taking part on that. Am I being too judgmental now? Maybe. I’m too upset. Sorry, its too horrible for me and I can’t help it.

  19. Conservative? Tayo? Damn….

    Sa totoo lang wala namang masama para sa akin kung may kaunting sayawang ganyan. Ganyan ang ilan sa atin e. Hangga’t wala namang krimen o pang-aabuso ok lang sa akin. Pero ang nakayamot e yung paholy yang mga pulitikong yan. Kung yan ang trip nilang entertainment, akuin nila. Ok lang sa akin na medyo pilyo at Diyos na ang bahalang humatol. Pero kung may bayag sila para mag-enjoy nang ganyan, dapat may bayag din silang amining ganyan sila.

  20. And the Playgirls are confirmed to have campaigned for Tolentino’s brother, Bambol, in Cavite in 2013. Old, paying customer, despite Tolentino’s denial.

    1. @ Chino, so are you gay? what is the problem you guys have with dancing girls? so what if they’re doing what they are doing? it is just as natural as washing your hair.
      you guys sound really inhibited and stuck on make it worse you even call it perverted. looking at the pics it seems that what is happening there is no where near ‘perversion’.
      GET over it.

      1. Isn’t that video Alistair provided not yet perverted enough for you? Hell, haven’t you even noticed how perverted that dancing girls in those shitty noontime shows perverted for children watching it? What the hell is your major malfunction you woman?! Are you just playing the victim card? I bet you love to be a whore of a perverted foreigner and proud of it.

        1. @ Dumbo, No, sorry you athetic idiot. I am not a Filipina. You see, the Philippines needs to get with the rest of the world and understand that even if the dancers ‘gyrations’ were not in the best taste, their right to do it is unquestionable and where they did it has no bearing on their right to do so. You argument about,”You want kids to watch it?”, well to me this dim-twi: What would you rather have a youngster watch “A young lady going through the motions of which will create a life or watch a TV show that has so much voolence that it is no longer shocking and will teach the child about how to end a human life.INSTEAD of staring a human life? WELL?
          Get off you self-righteous horse, it doesn’t suit you well…..and if insults are all you ever seem to have it just proves you Intellectual stature is below the curb.

      2. This is the Philippines. What is ho-hum to you is lewd to them. Cultural differences ahoy. Me, I’d rather get out of discussions like this.

    2. What the hell is going on with the MMDA chief? First, his stupid comment on the anti-wire tapping law, and now, his perverted birthday present to a public official! He surely is going down the drain.

  21. From, Agarao said:

    “Depende yan sa appreciation. Katulad ko, lalaking lalaki ako, hindi ako masasagwaan. Diyan nga sa Maynila, mayroon pa ngang sumasayaw sa hawla. Sa probinsya, luluwa pa nga ang mata, walang malisya. Dito sa Metro Manila, marami pa ngang congressman inaabot ng umaga diyan.”

    “Wala naman kasing malisiya. Unang una, sa harapan ng maraming tao, nagsayaw sila. Kami dito, iba ang kultura.”

    I don’t know ako man ay lalaking lalaki at happily married pero sagwang sagwa ako sa nangyari.

    Ang masama pa dito, mukhang dinamay pa nya mga ka-probinsya nya. Di ako tiyak kung sangayon nga ang mga nasasakupan nya sa sinabi nya.

    I can’t believe this is coming from a member of the House who is suppose to be “honorable.”

    A man with a twisted reasoning like this, why would I even vote for him as senator if I can’t even trust him to at least babysit for my female relatives?

    Pres. Aquino, if you still don’t want to quit, then at least clean your party. Purge it.

    “Tapos na po ang LP event at humihingi ako ng paumanhin kong naging offending.” – How about committing seppuku instead?

  22. I posted this in Grim’s article. Might as well post it here.

    Here is my two cents to add to the topic.

    There are three basic instincts in humans: 1) to eat, 2) to have sex, and 3) to fight. They are basic because we are at the base also animals; such are also the instincts of animals.

    But, to be human is also not to be an animal. There is nothing more degrading than to see a human act like an animal. Humans have the ability of self introspection. Animals have instincts, but not intelligence and will. Thus, humans could demonstrate their humanity when they decide not to eat, not to have sex, not to fight. In fact, we see heroism on say, political prisoners who decide to fast for a cause, on persons who have a well-ordered sex lives, on persons who know when to fight. At the same time, we avoid the company of a person who eats like a pig, a person who only talks about sex, and a war freak.

    It is also only the humans that could impute beauty on these instincts. We have etiquette in eating, and we love fine dining. We have ceremonies for sex, and we want the correct ambiance for it. We admire the different arts of fighting. Notice that when we do these things, we choose the people or persons with whom we engage such activities in order that beauty would not be wasted. In other words, it is the reason why there are societies and civilizations.

    In modern man, the urge to fight seems to have been lowered, because society as a whole has shun violence and has taken the burden to manage such. It doesn’t mean it is no longer there for evolutionary process takes time. But, the process, as could be observed, has already put the urge to have sex at the highest level. This is the new challenge for humans, they could raise humanity with it, or they could deteriorate to animalism with it, as violence could make animals of humans. Note how ISIS are destroying all those ancient historical sites. Because they are thinking like animals, they are opposed to civilization.

    Humans have intellect and will. Thus, the highest human love has something to do with the will. There is something, for example, admirable about grandparents being able to stay together till death do them part — it is more of the will than of emotion. But, there is no denying that as humans we are also dictated by emotion — this is especially true by the love expressed by the young ones. But, if we are to be true humans, the sign of maturity and responsibility comes from the will being able to dominate emotion — the process is of course a gradual process, since human maturation is the most gradual among animals. Thus, there is something disgusting about DOMs, or mature people acting like hyper-active teenagers for they seem to have wasted all the time of growing, when time is gold.

    If sex is an expression of love, then sex is very much a part of being human. That means also that being human is not only about sex for a part cannot be greater than the whole. It follows that love can’t just be about sex since love is even greater than being human. But, since love is something very beautiful, sex as an expression of it can also be very beautiful. It follows that sex outside of love is ugly. That is why we call it perversion.

    Thus, commodification, commercialization, mcdonaldization, lowering the standards, etc of sex is always wrong even in an age of fast-food and utilitarianism for human sex will always be an ocean different from animal sex. If we deny this, then we suffer the backlash of nature in terms of a warped psychology, illogical philosophy, and a deteriorated society, and all the consequences of that. Why is it that humans don’t natural flock to red light districts? Why is it that we say that a society is sick when all it could offer is sex for tourism? So, what do we say about an age that seems to be obsessed with sex?

    If sex has to be beautiful, it cannot be trite, banal, or hackneyed. The original Monalisa can only be found in Louvre, but imitations of it can found in kitchens and toilets. Individually, of course, we can choose the original or the imitation. But, the greatness of humans and the dignity of man is that he could always opt for the original. Thus, it is that humans have been divided into two classes: those who have learned discipline and those who have not. One of them eventually meets despair, or just go on with life, which is just busy in covering up an unacknowledged despair. Despair, because he/she can’t, or refuses to, answer what is suddenly a nagging question: “What is the use of being a human?”

    There is no going around what is nature and what is natural, or we deny our being very human. We accept being humans, or we accept being animals.

  23. sanc·ti·mo·ni·ous saNG(k)təˈmōnēəs
    adjective: derogatory
    meaning: making a show of being morally superior to other people.
    sentence: “Filipinos are sanctimonious. They go to church on Sunday and to the dirty massage parlor immediately after church.”
    synonyms:self-righteous, holier-than-thou, pietistic, churchy, moralizing, preachy, smug, superior, priggish, hypocritical, insincere

  24. the DENR picture is a meme unto itself….amazing no added text needed…talagang ibabalik nila sigla ng kagabutan….so dumb and yet so funny

    1. “Gabriela” are the “manequins” of Aquino. They are now silent; because their “benefactor” is the President. And his political party is involved. Can you see those people who were demonstrating in previous years, for any cause; suddenly melted away…where have all their vigorous shouting of condemnation?

  25. Just change the “America” to “Filipino”.

    “Everybody complains about politicians. Everybody says they suck. Well, where do people think these politicians come from? They don’t fall out of the sky. They don’t pass through a membrane from another reality. They come from American parents and American families, American homes, American schools, American churches, American businesses and American universities, and they are elected by American citizens. This is the best we can do folks. This is what we have to offer. It’s what our system produces: Garbage in, garbage out. If you have selfish, ignorant citizens, you’re going to get selfish, ignorant leaders. Term limits ain’t going to do any good; you’re just going to end up with a brand new bunch of selfish, ignorant Americans. So, maybe, maybe, maybe, it’s not the politicians who suck. Maybe something else sucks around here… like, the public. Yeah, the public sucks. There’s a nice campaign slogan for somebody: ‘The Public Sucks. F*ck Hope.”
    ― George Carlin

  26. “Today, MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino spoke on the recent incident connected to him. He has accepted responsibility for it. With this, he has likewise decided to withdraw as a senatorial candidate of the Administration.‎”

    – An excerpt from BS Aquino’s statement on “On the withdrawal of MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino from the administration’s Senate slate” published in the Official Gazette, 07 Oct 2015.

    Good enough for Tolentino. I think that is also because he’s pretty sure he’ll not win anyway.

    What about Agarao? It’s his turn to do something about this.

  27. Normal or good sexuality is not to see deliberately your father, mother, brother, sister or anybody else naked except your spouse. (Some exceptions are: when you attend to call of nature for your old aged and bed-ridden parent, during operation or check-up by a medical practitioner on or near private parts of a person, physical examination by a doctor during pre-employment medical examination of a patient/applicant, child bearing of a woman and other reasonable exceptions). Normal sexuality is something beautiful that is enjoyed by husband and wife in their own private rooms as a physical expression of their love. Thanks to teaching of Christianity which differentiate a civilised human from animals where in man is included as a beast unless tamed, taught and disciplined or moulded to be otherwise. Abnormal sexuality is the displaying of private parts in public, showing of lewdness or wearing inappropriate coverings of the body especially in public (save your innocent children), practicing dirty dancing and sex-like act in the face of everybody in an open arena or stage just for the sake of entertainment or self satisfaction of lust (again, save your children) and other pervert practices. Clearly, perversion is demoralising! In this world we have to discern what is truth from a lie, good from evil, right from wrong. We are now becoming more convinced about the the fact we heard that morality is decaying more and more.

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