3 Things We Should Learn From Imee Marcos

After reading Benign0’s article about Imee Marcos and reading the comments included on the article, I cannot help but make a reactionary article. Just so you know, before I continue, I want to make it abundantly clear that I’m not playing favorites here. I’m writing this not because of political favor but because I cannot help but agree that our values here in the Philippines are clearly twisted as cited by ChinoF here. Truth be told, I’m no expert on women, but looking at the majority of popular women these days, both in showbiz and politics, Imee Marcos is definitely one of those worthy of being considered a role model alongside Miriam Defensor Santiago.

Here’s why:

She Is A Gracious Woman

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Imee MarcosI mean I’m sure that Ms. Marcos and the rest of her family, especially her brother BBM, catch a lot of flak for her parents’ alleged criminal cases. To be honest, while there really might have been unpleasantness during the Martial Law Years, one can wonder if it really was all that unpleasant compared to what is happening in our country today.

What impresses me most is how Ms. Imee Marcos seems to take all this in stride. She has never allowed her emotions get the better of her and make a fool of herself in front of the media. She has almost always carried herself as a prim and proper lady compared to many women in the media today and, while she might have misgivings about them, she has never been all that vindictive against her parents’ critics.

She Keeps Her Private Issues Private

The thing is, a good number of women in the media today, such as Kris Aquino and Dionisia Pacquiao, always seem too eager to be shoving their private lives in the faces of the common people. From their latest trysts to their various sexual preferences, there’s nothing some of these women can keep to themselves. Imee Marcos has never seen it fit to shove her private life down our throats despite having enough power to do so and, for that alone, she has more than already earned my respect.

To be honest, I kind of agree with H.P. Lovecraft that there are things that the rest of the world doesn’t really need to know and will probably be happier not knowing.

She Knows The Show Isn’t ALWAYS About Her

While she probably isn’t perfect, I can still say that Imee Marcos is admirable for her humility, at least when it comes to her relationship with the media. She might have graced the cover of the Philippine Tattler but she probably knows that the Filipino people might have more pressing concerns elsewhere.

What I’m saying here is that she has never tried to hijack a magazine or a show into focusing on her and her alone. While she might very well be the daughter of a dictator, she seems to at least know that the lives of the Filipino people don’t revolve around her. Which definitely says a lot if you compare her to the daughter of an alleged hero and an alleged saint.

26 Replies to “3 Things We Should Learn From Imee Marcos”

  1. ” To be honest, while there really might have been unpleasantness during the Martial Law Years, one can wonder if it really was all that unpleasant compared to what is happening in our country today. ”

    — tell that to the tens of thousands of missing err eliminated people. martial law is all good until it happens to you. how myopic of you grimwald.

    this site alone, if it existed during the martial law times. your ip would be traced and geolocated. dadamputin kayo ng Metrocom at mawawala na parang bula. for dare i say, critical thinking out-loud.

    1. However, at least they’ll spare me from their dirty laundry which, at least in my opinion, is a blessing in its own right. I, for one, know that I don’t belong in a good and sane society and, if I lived in one, I would’ve been put down the minute I reached manhood. Unfortunately, the society we’re in allows for monsters like me to exist and even thrive.

      So no, don’t come to me with your “thousands of eliminated people” and your threats about Metrocom. If the Marcos regime still ruled, there wouldn’t be a need for GRP. Don’t you get it?

      We’re doing this because this nation’s dysfunctions is killing its own people. If things were any different, believe me, I’d be content to just write horror stories and raunchy erotica/porn and keep quiet about the government. Savvy?

    2. And the people going missing…people getting killed..not happening now. I will never forget what Roxas said Romualdez after typhoon Haiyan. The president is an Aquino and you are a Romualdez! How vindictive! At the cost of the people!

      1. Indeed. That pissed me off so badly that I lost the frame of mind to finish my adult-themed story about ghosts. In short, it killed my boner.

        THAT’s why we’re writing these articles. I’m sure all my fellow writers have their own thing but we post stuff here because things are really just that bad. In all honesty, I’d actually be happy in a Philippines that doesn’t need blogs like GRP to remind it of its priorities and incompetencies.

  2. You should be the one covering the story about Imee Marcos, Grim. PhilTatler’s all about glamour and fashion. At least yours focuses on strong qualities and substance. I honestly find the cover inappropriate – “Beautiful, Strong and Enigmatic” and her form exudes sexuality instead of dignity. She’s 60 years old and a public servant, not a celebrity, fashion model or a beauty queen. What she has to offer is beyond physical beauty.

    By the way, I hope we’re not putting a certain personality in pedestal. Look what that turn Imelda into. It might give Imee the idea to have a collection of gowns and shoes in face of millions in poverty.

  3. If you can learn something from this Woman it is that life is all about the luck of the draw. If this woman’s name was IMEE Palooka she would be just another 60 year old broad trying to look 40, and failing at it.
    That anyone besides her own children would even thinks she is any sort of a role-model is just complete stupidity.

    1. Dude, you’re missing my point. I am merely saying that why can’t other big media (or for that matter political) women be more like her. Look, take for instance the difference between Kim Kardashian and Angelina Jolie. Sure, Jolie had problems when she was younger but she went on to be a woman with considerable substance.

      Look, I understand she isn’t perfect. But c’mon. And be honest, do you like the way Mrs. Dionisia Pacquiao likes to broadcast her sex life?

      1. I know nothing about it, but this Imee Marcos chick is just the daughter of a rich guy, nothing more to her than that. and yes, in her younger days she was a hottie, but now she looks ridiculous and vanity driven.
        I stand by my assertion:If Imee Marcos was Imee Palooka no one would give her a second glance and she would get no media attention what-so-ever. She looks ridiculous trying to look 40 years old as well.Classic BIMBO !

  4. i have to admire your honesty, Grimwald, compared to the yellow sycophants that painted the detested Aquino family as infallible, you have explained the qualities of what a presidential daughter should be. or to put it simply what Kris Aquino is not.

  5. Hi,

    I am 46 year old, have lived during martial law. There is no problem for us, ordinary people during those times and it was very pleasant days leaving, by security and economy. Things dwindled down after President Marcos started loosing the tightness of Martial law by 1980, after he releases some political detainees. The released people went up to mountain to join NPA and some started making noise of alleged hardships in jail. This led to us, teens during that time to believe that the Marcoses are bad. I joined the people power. Now I realized that I am so teen at that time and been easily fooled by the corrupt leftist politicians. That only turned out to be corrupt after they gained power. The Aquino’s have not proven that Marcos killed Ninoy. They have shut their mouth after they realized that Ninoy was killed by Ninoy’s own comrads in the CPP. Aquino’s stopped pursuing Marcos after they learned this to avoid embarrassment. They failed to convict any Marcos member of any corruption, not a single case. And turned out that Aquino and their allies are more corrupt than Marcos cronies. Now we have been suffering economically since Marcos are gone.

    1. Marcos did not kill Noy-Noy, it was made to look like he did. Who has that kind of power? Not the CPP, that is for sure. and this is why Aquino was never able to mount a real investigation of his Father’s murder. Guess who has that kind of power?

  6. Imee R. Marcos is a woman of substance. A down- to -earth modern woman of today. Comparing her to the daughter of a fake hero is a “sacrilege.” So please don’t. After all in fairness, she has never been a whore and a kleptomaniac of jewelries.

    1. @ Nelson, WTF? Imelda is a jewelry whore, and she will leave all of her jewelry to Imme Marcos because she is Imelda’s daughter.

      GET A CLUE YOU IDIOT, they are all whores and thieves and liars.

  7. Imee R. Marcos is a woman of substance. Comparing her to a certain Kris Aquino is a mismatched. So please don’t. After all the former is a woman of dignity and never been an “itchy” one.

  8. I wonder to this day, why BBM run for the VP position when her sister Imee is more intelligent and more charismatic than his stupid brother…

  9. Imee Marcos, whom I have had the pleasure of meeting and talking to in multiple occasions, is indeed a woman that should be revered (to some extent). Yes, she was born into the wealth (ill-gotten or not) but unlike the stereotypical anak mayaman, she didn’t live in anomie. She knew how to empathize with the less fortunate and could engage in scholarly discourse with a more discerning crowd – a politician, yes, but not the type that would leave a bad taste in your mouth. Visit Ilocos, talk to the locals, get their sentiments. Imee Marcos definitely deserves to be held in high regard.

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