Philippine Media And The Masses: A Cycle Of Stupidity And Madness

While the release of Heneral Luna was quite a welcome change from the usual (okay, let’s be honest here now) garbage that our media churns out on a regular basis. Both Fallen Angel and I have both said our pieces about it, but what’s sad is that the film has proven to be rather unappreciated at theaters what with films like Ex with Benefits proving to be all the rage. I’ve written my piece about dreams, talent and superficiality and, unfortunately, my suspicions about typical Pinoys have turned out to be true. I know that you people are going to call me out on the way that I like to bash the media, but before I continue, let me tell you that it’s not the media I’m going to bash this time.

showbiz_philippinesBefore I continue, let me admit to you that I was once a big fan of Spider-Man. I think I’ve already mentioned that in a previous article. I was always a big fan of what he stood for. Ideas such as taking responsibility for one’s actions and being a good guy in an otherwise bad world was something I really liked about the guy. Indeed, I’m willing to admit that (I’m really sorry Wade, I really am) I was once one of his many fanatics. I collected notebooks, pens and other merchandise related to the Wallcrawler because, when I look back on all that now, he was probably my favorite superhero.

But then, the movies came to the Philippines and everything changed. I have nothing against the idea of Spider-Man being portrayed by an attractive actor. I mean, I suppose that it’s the sex appeal of some superheroes that help keep them popular. After all, what would Superman be without his enormous biceps or Wonderwoman without her prominent bust? However, what saddens me about majority Pinoy Spidey fans is that they latched onto his sex appeal and only his sex appeal while not even bothering to look into the ideals which made him what he was. None cared about Spider-Man’s heroism, his dedication to doing what was right even when it was hard and his deep sense of responsibility not just for himself but everyone else around him. What they did care about was the exterior of the character such as his “sexy nerd” feel and his overall cute appearance. What saddened me most was that people only saw the hunk aspect of Spider-Man and overlooked the man. They forgot that beneath all that muscle, beyond all the superpowers, Spidey was just a guy who wanted to do what was right because someone had to.

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The thing is, as I’ve come to realize, it’s not really the media that’s the problem. It’s the people who continue to embrace the stupidity ground out by the media on a regular basis. I’ll admit, I’ve been holding back because I didn’t want to hurt people too badly as Fallen Angel has done in some of her articles. Unfortunately for you sensitive people out there, the poor treatment of Heneral Luna is the last straw for Thaddeus Grimwald.

Are you ready to be butthurt, people of the Philippines?

Pinoys Are Irresponsible

Yes, this is why (to me at least), typical Pinoys cannot appreciate Spider-Man for what he really is. You see, reality is about cause and effect. When it comes to the media and how it affects the minds of the youth, we are almost completely careless. We laud programs about immorality and dishonesty and when children say and do bad things, we are quick to blame the media even though it is we, the people, who allow them to see such programs without any kind of thought regarding the consequences.

Pinoys Are Perverts

Sorry, but I just had to say this. I know that “sex sells” in just about every industry. I’d also like to say that there’s nothing wrong with being attracted to other people and finding them “sexy”. I’m sure that a lot of you out there will probably try to deny this and say that the Philippines is a “wholesome” country. Unfortunately, typical Pinoy behavior speaks for itself when people care more about Derek Ramsey’s abs or Anne Curtis’ boobs than they do about relevant stuff like the BBL, the fate of the Lumads or a film like Heneral Luna.

Pinoys Are Sadistic

The thing is, I believe that comedy is almost always a good thing. Unfortunately, as I’ve said quite a few times before, Pinoy comedy these days mostly just revolve around humiliating people. It’s less about laughing with someone and more about laughing at them which generally degrades a person. At the end of the day, while people have fun, it will always be at the expense of someone rather than something that is to be enjoyed by everyone.

Pinoys Are Stupid

Dumb people can be forgiven for being dumb. I mean, it’s no one’s fault if one’s IQ is lower than normal. Unfortunately, choosing to be dumb even when knowledge is presented to you is nothing more than stupidity. At the end of the day, most Pinoys would rather shun knowledge rather than accept the truth for what it is because it is both painful and, to some at least, unbearable. At the end of the day, Pinoys just see what they want to see, hear what they want to hear and think what they want to think rather than accept the bitter reality that they are essentially an ignorant and delusional people.

Pinoys Are Hypocrites

Last but not least, here we are with Pinoy hypocrisy. I know that a lot of you are going to deny a lot of what I’ve said so far. I know you’ll be upset too. I want you to be upset because I’m done coddling you. The truth of the matter is that while you can say anything you want, the truth will always speak for itself. Pinoys can claim they are responsible, wholesome, kind and smart but majority of them are careless, addicted to porn, outright mean to one another and are blind and deaf to reality.


Do you disagree with me?

Then prove me wrong!



482 Replies to “Philippine Media And The Masses: A Cycle Of Stupidity And Madness”

  1. Why cant we just be happy for our kababayans who are having great time just by watching aldub. We are facing too many problems in our country and a source of entertainment and joy that could lighten up our kababayans spirit must be welcomed. Stupid is when you use your intelligence to spread hate. How dare you question someone elses source of happiness!!!!

        1. Let’s try to read the article objectively. The article has a point. The problem with us Filipinos is we are very sensitive.

      1. The author sounds like an arrogant intellectual wannabe. A classic example of people who want to appear ‘smart’ by calling other people ‘stupid and dumb’.

        If Pinoys are irresponsible, hypocrites, sadistic and perverts, then what are you?? Get real dude. I am not into mainstream media myself and I denounce shows that promote immorality but I will never have the guts to call people names just because they’re enjoying what they like. To each his own and we just have to respect it. The world revolves around commercialism and the media will always put out what will sell and that’s the reality. Even the most successful people also have their guilty pleasures. Wag kang masyadong pa-cool.

        At dahil ginamit mo ang picture ng Aldub sa artikulo mo, para mo na rin sinabing ang mga nanonood ng Aldub ay mga bobo at walang alam. At dahil sa larawan nila, maraming nag aksaya nang panahon na basahin ang sinulat mo.

        Don’t worry, hihintayin ko pirated DVD ng Heneral Luna at manonood ako. Wala akong pang sine at walang sinehan sa probinsya namin. 🙂

        1. but I will never have the guts to call people names

          The author sounds like an arrogant intellectual wannabe

          nuff said

        2. Obvious asshurt is indeed obvious. I bet you’re also one of those gilas fanboys who are attacking that team’s rivals who made them lose you utak squatter.

        3. I am not butthurt, honestly speaking. And hey, I am not a fan of Gilas. I am just responding to the author’s way of presenting his ideas – degrading and blaming the masses for the kind of media they patronize – without looking at the bigger picture.

          Perhaps, Mr Grimwald assumed that the ‘stupid masses’ have Cable TVs, a personal computer and an internet connection in their homes. Point is, the majority of the Filipinos don’t have access to the ‘brilliant’ shows, films and other forms of entertainment that the author wanted them to watch/read/listen to. They are left with no choice but to stick to what’s available to them, for example – our local TV stations. You can’t blame the masses for being ‘uneducated’ enough to choose the right entertainment. And c’mon, don’t make me believe that the author isn’t into boobs and porn. It’s human nature. 🙂

          There’s a lot of elitism and hypocrisy in this article and the author must also open his eyes to ‘reality’. Period.

        4. Hahaha! ikaw naman kasi Grimwald dapat ginamitan mo pa rin ng “we are” “we pinoys are” para nadamay ka din, at di nagmukhang pa-cool, pero ginamitan mo naman ng “typical” “majority”, pero Sana Sana Lang, Hindi mo na generalized kasi my mga pinoy na nakakapansin din, my ginagawa din gya ng ditch the program. Anyway hindi naman lahat ng Tao my access sa internet o news article Gaya Nito Kaya useless Lang, magkakasya na sila sa panonood ng TV. Syempre pipiliin Nila un trip Nilang panoorin. Nakakalungkot lang kasi no choice un Iba walang cable, so dun sila sa available na channel.

        5. Hindi niyo ba nahahalata guys? Sobrang pagtatanggol nitong si Domo kay Grimwald? Mukhang siya lang din ang nagtatanggol sa sarili niya. Funny. Nakakairita lang itong mga hirit ni Domo. Pwede ka namang magrespond without calling people, “Failipinos”, etc. Oo ikaw na matalino but kung ganyang ugali lang naman ng mga Pilipino ang dadami sa Pilipinas, huwag nalang. Mas natutuwa ako sa mga nagaagree sa article pero maayos namang naipaparating ang gusto nilang sabihin without humiliating people. Oh please, Grimwald, don’t hide under Domo’s name. Panindigan mo yang isinulat mong article. Sa lahat ng nagcomment objectively without name calling, sana dumami pa kayo. Clearly, maraming hinanakit sa buhay itong si Domo aka Grimwald kaya nagpapa superior sa kanyang comments. Mga kapuwa Pilipino, tama naman na masyado na tayong nalilihis ng landas dahil nakatutok tayo masyado za mainstream media. Isipin mo, 12 million tweets para sa AlDub but we can’t do the same mas mas mahahalagang issue ng bansa natin. AlDub Nation, ipakita niyo naman sa mahal nating bansa na kaya din nating gawin ang tweets na ito sa mga ganitong usapin ng bansa. Nabasa ko somewhere na over 270k ang unique users na nagtweet that day that garnered over 12M tweets. That’s around 44 tweets and retweets per unique user. Dito nalang ba ang focus natin maghapon? I can imagine how pissed off your followers on Twitters are by flooding the newsfeed with the same hashtag buti may mute button na. Kung kaya ng AlDub Nation na gawin ito dahil malaki ang impact nito, sana gawin natin sa mga issues na kinakaharap ng bansa. i watch this show once in a while pero not to ths point that it becomes a big part of my everyday life. It’s true nakakawala ng focus ito sa totoong nangyayari aa bansa kung masyado tayong mahohook. Ayan ang dami tuloy feedback kung saan karamihan ay totoo naman.

          Pero para kay Domo, oo magaling ka na mag-English, magaling ka din mag call ng names, pero sana bawas bawasan mo, it’s not sending good vibes to the readers. Mas ok sana kung maayos ka magcomment. Sa lahat ng nagcomment dito, sayo ang pinakanakakainis basahin. At Grimward, matapang ka lang kapag nagtatsgo sa username na Domo.

          Dear GRP, sana kapag nagpost kayo ng link sa FB pakilagay kung sino ang author para kung kay Grimwald aka Domo lang din naman, I won’t bother opening it.


        6. @kabos_uyamot,

          Nasaktan ba ikaw sa articles na binasa mo? Masakit ang katotohanan. Totoo lahat ay ito. Wala dito mali. It is tme to reflect from what the author of this article has said. Peace to you.

    1. Let’s see… our kababayans are facing too many problems. Then to escape from this problems, they watch aldub. After watching aldub, they will face the same problems again. Do they really want to think a solution for their problem? Do they really want to do some actions in their problems?

    2. Kahit garapal na pahirap, haba ng pila sa MRT, sobra traffic, lokohan at gutom ay hinde magawang mag-reklamo or mag-protesta.

      Basta MASAYA ng manood ng T.V. (EAT Bulaga) at mabusog ang Mata at mamatay sa.katatawa habang buhay at Bahala na lang ang Diyos.

      Ginagawa na tayong BOBO, resulta ay parang WALANG PAKIALAM, TAMAD, at DUWAG na ba talaga mga PILIPINO?

      Link below explains why these things are happening in our society

    3. seriously?
      good thinking for yourself, you’ll be happy for now, thanks to aldub.

      although hindi naman talga aldub at movies ang pinauusapan dito.

      hindi laging nandyan ang aldub, hindi sagot sa mga problema ang aldub,

      ano yun?, wala kang mapakain sa pamilya mo kaya manunuod ka na lang ng aldub, mabubusog ba sila?

      pano ung future?
      i mean ung anak or magiging anak mo?
      hahayaan mo na lang mabuhay sa bansang konting konti na lang ay salamin na ng impyerno?

      ilang taon ka na ba?
      para kang 10 years old mag isip.
      pa english english ka pa.

      1. I guess the author was expecting a raged aldub fan to comment on the post. That’s what I expected when I saw the pic. It immediately made me think it’s something about aldub fans although when I read the whole articles, it really was’nt.

        Most pinoy are very sensitive. They think every negative thing written is always about them and result to using caps, rage and curse words to express their anger. (think about DOTA players)

        1. okay sana ung article e. kaso naglagay ng picture para lang ipadirekta ung mensahe para sa mga taong fans ng Aldub. grabe lang. so ibig sabihin ung Pastillas Girl okay lang kahit na medyo mas hard ung way nila ng pag entertain ng tao? edi wow. 🙂

        2. Nice. 😀 Mission Accomplished! Keep doing articles like this. You just gained a new reader. I’m on your side all the way.

    4. Because failipinos like you are utak pagpag. You still embrace pure stupidity even if it makes you stupid. And then you’ll wonder why our country is not progressing like Singapore.

    5. All this aldub and pastillas shit is just a huge distraction for the true problem that lies within our country. I believe in what this author has said. Every one bit of it. We are facing too many problems, but calling our media a SOURCE of entertainment and JOY is just a whole bag of bullshit. What joy is there when we suffer from poverty, irresponsibility and ignorance? It’s all a bunch of distractive bullshit that pinoys crave for and the media feeds to us.

    6. sometimes we need to take a step back and look at ourselves, are you truly happy? media gives you a false sense of happiness by shooting movies like aldub to your veins, yes its entertaining to watch but when will we stop telling ourselves that everything’s alright with our lives. I personally like the author, but most of you are just going to bash at the author because of something called pinoy pride.

    7. The thing is, we lighten up too much. We spend too much time talking about aldub and some stupid celebrity issues rather than actual societal issues. Do you realize that some of us don’t have the luxury to chose to be ignorant about important issues and live in the comfortable bubble of ignorance like they want us to? we’re talking about the lives of actual people and it wouldn’t be considered as a valid issue unless it goes viral. wake up

    8. that’s just plain stupid john11. you are really what this article talks about. bet you didn’t even read anything, you’re like ”oh shit aldub pic must be another hater” *keyboard warrior powers activate*

      try the psychiatric ward.

    9. Do you think you can be a great problem solver by watching this stuff? Do you think you can be more intelligent ? Think about it! I dont see anything negative against the author of this article. He wrote it out of concern and perhaps love for the filipiinos. Peace to you

  2. Well, to each his own, I guess.
    Pinoys are dumb. They like trash-tier comedy and they like mindless sexuality.
    But, that’s what they want to do.
    If they want to continue on being idiots and do what they do, nothing you can do about that.
    Believe me, I agree with your post, it’s just that people tend to do the things they like. No matter how much you want them to stop, you can’t control the whole world.
    Us Pinoys are a disgrace. We’re only a few levels above a monkey. A FEW.
    But, well, what do I know? I’m just a kid.

    1. Oh, and, follow up!
      Let them be happy.
      You’ll be the one who’s gonna be known for not being stupid.
      (And, well, let people be happy in general. We are specie that should learn compromise.)

  3. Man, you got issues. Spiderman? Really? Filipinos are the most connected people in the world. I know, I’ll just bash them, hit them where it hurts, aldub and all, I’m sure to get so many violent reactions, so much traffic on my site! It’s an old tune sung by so many wannabes. Ooh, I’m so smart and so so relevant. Lame. I do however have similar peeves as you. I, however, don’t need to broadcast them just to gain attention. Again, so so lame.

    1. Another person who refuse the idea of an intellectual debate is right here. Probably planning on being stupid for the rest of his/her life.

    2. I have similar sentiments, but the way this ‘article’ was written got me doubting the real intention of the writer. This is so pretentious.

      And yeah, you talked way too much about spidey.

      1. peenoise don’t like hitting you with the truth right to your face. They always coat rotten fish with too much sauce so you don’t know it’s rotting beneath.

    3. It’s simple really. You failipinos and the other stupid masses in the whole world prefer popularity over substance kasi mga utak showbiz kayo. In other words, nonsensical entertainment has your penises.

      1. I mean, aren’t you morons have enough of the same explosive shit by michael bay over and over again? It’s like a “video gamer” which is a graphics whore who prefers graphics over gameplay.

        1. pwede namang TAGALUGIN…hohohoho!!!

          and yes, tutal ang naghaharing tema rito e fault-finding di ba? So masasaktan ka ba? Are you gonna call me names as well? Or dapat bang in-easy ko ang salita?

          Remember, while you point at your finger at someone, your other fingers point back at you. 🙂

  4. Well its not only filipinos whose stupid and perverts. cant you see? we are living in a Rat Race which is having a big impact for being a human , i guess that most of out media today shares influences to is just a how people handles. Its not just filipinos its us HUMANS who are Idiots ..

    1. Says the asshurt failipina who loves to watch the same shit over and over again because she hates thinking. Go back on watching your telebasura you drama queen.


      noun hyp·o·crite \ˈhi-pə-ˌkrit\
      : a person who claims or pretends to have certain beliefs about what is right but who behaves in a way that disagrees with those beliefs

      I would agree crazy and pervert but a hypocrite? Read between the lines over and over.

      On second thought, you don’t need to read between the lines. It’s stated out bluntly.

  5. You couldn’t have said it Better Grimwald *slow claps* i scrolled down expecting to see comments of people agreeing with what you have said. But then again, you were Right; most pinoys really are Stupid. Low IQ’d people tend to have a Hard Time Opening their Minds. Women lose their Virginity at the age of 15, students laugh when they get low Grades, then they Blame the Government and Society if they can’t find a Decent Job, and all Men think about is getting into Relationships just for Fun Sex. Some even use the name “utotmo” in hopes of hurting your feelings. How mature ????

    1. Same thoughts here. I thought majority of the people who would comment would agree to his writing. They still have closed minds though. Sad truth.

    1. Please spare us from your prayers for chaos – you either have no idea what you’re asking for or are simply too insensitive of how some people are suffering from the vestiges of such war-torn cities and provinces. Such lack of respect for human lives – you are a disappointment.

      1. Not if the human lives we are talking about is totally disposable. Maybe that’s the relevance of too many food poisonings. It’s an attempt to wipe out the filipino race.

        Though, I sincerely hope the agents of misdeed start with the gov’t officials and then work their way down. Eliminate all the bad seeds as hope for a better future.

        Wasn’t that what Hitler was trying to achieve? Eliminate what he thought was a stupid race to make way for what he thought would be a superior race?

        Wouldn’t hurt to give it a try. After all, the filipino gov’t is always into experimenting.

        1. I can totally understand where you’re coming from and honestly can be easily swayed by your point as I, too despise the fact that there exists evil people in the government who are only too happy to take advantage of their countrymen.

          However much you’re extremely frustrated with certain individuals or groups of people that you had unfortunately interacted with (who by chance happened to be Filipinos), I’m sure there are actual decent ones – people who I’m sure work their asses off and are silently hoping for something better.

          Interesting that you brought up the topic of Hitler as from what I happen to know (and I’m not a history buff but I do know some salient points) he was not only discriminating against Jews, he was also discriminating based on the colour of your skin. It’s a sad fact that what you’re wishing for is already part of our reality, as women (and men) are obsessed with “becoming white”.

          What I’m trying to say is that you do have a point, but that guy up there would most likely be eliminated first if we go about eradicating the stupid ones (ironically if you wish for stupid people to die then you better check your grammar – low blow and a bit childish but hooray for irony).

  6. it is what it is and whomsoever’s fault it is, we are where we find ourselves. why do you write? do you write to educate or do you do so to blow off steam or to alienate yourself from the filipino psyche that you so obviously hate. i don’t watch aldub not because i am loathe to but because i generally don’t watch TV. i simply do not have the time. right now i am regretting spending the few minutes i wasted reading what you wrote. i will not justify the aldub phenomenon by comparing it with obsession for the kardashians that the regular american has (even if few will admit it). i will not even compare it to how everything the royal family does is watched and anecdoted by every single tabloid in the UK because at the end of the day it will not matter. your close-minded elitism will not allow you to recognize that these three pop culture icons are co-equal much less similar. So I won’t get into that. Furthermore, I think you have eloquently demonstrated a characteristic found not in Filipinos but a lot of misguided self-exalting (so-called) intellectuals such as yourself – lack of respect… A trait which from what I’ve heard is one of the traditional filipino values that your much derided aldub try to impress upon their impressionable audience. you do not represent the majority of the filipino populace, the said audience that so filipino culture is not your culture it’s theirs. if you are not happy with it, i believe you are free to renounce your birth-right as a citizen of the Philippines. So please be my guest and go to whichever country you feel deserves your pedigreed self and make my poor country a happier place.

    1. I’ve been trying to hold my composure while i was reading his article because he did not just judge pinoys as a whole but describe us as stupid with his own definition of it. If i’m gonna make my own definition of stupidity too then it would definitely describe him. This is not because i’m just pissed of what he wrote but because he wrote it as if his understanding of things and how this universe is running is just according to the standards he raised for himself. I’m just glad, i saw your comment. Respect is the word here. He must respect every persons way to happiness. If he’s not happy about it then he is free to shut up.

      1. Your comment is exactly what he meant when he said:

        “At the end of the day, Pinoys just see what they want to see, hear what they want to hear and think what they want to think rather than accept the bitter reality that they are essentially an ignorant and delusional people.”

        Let’s face it. We ARE stupid. What’s worse is that we choose not to do anything about it. That’s his point.

    2. He wrote it to piss off people like you.

      Seriously, you seem to be a level headed person and yet you fail to to grasp the idea of what the author is trying to convey. Filipinos should wake up and take positive action and not just react with full emotional outburst, just like you did. If in the case you are not part of his generalizations, then good for you. But keep in mind the definition of generalization. A generalization is defined as a broad statement or an idea that applies to a group of people or things. Oftentimes, generalizations are not entirely true, because there may be examples of individuals or situations wherein the generalization does not apply. The moment citizens say “to each his own” is the beginning of the ruination of that country. Just look at the Philippines, after the dictator was overthrown, everybody said, to each his own. Look at this country now.

      Read the article again, using the brain this time and not the heart.

      1. They seem to confuse generalization with Absoluteness. Unable to comprehend nuances they just view things with excessive literalism, hence the misconception and misuse of certain choice words.

  7. The question here madam/sir Grimwald, are you a Filipino? if so, then you admit that you’re among the stupid, perverts, irresponsible, sadistic human beings? Such a pity then.. Because you are just hurting your own bloodline. However, if you are not a Pinoy then so be it and just don’t mind them at all. Live and let live.. That’s the way of life.

    1. Yeah he is a Filipino but he’s unlike you who always grasp mediocrity and always prefer to live in fantasy instead of facing harsh realities you small-minded pendejo.

  8. While I tend to agree about your points in your article, I disagree on how you presented them. You see, you are not really different from those people who uses other’s expense for their comedy. You stir hate in people’s mind just so you can generate more views. It would’ve been a very enlightening article if you were really able to give a beautiful call for action to people reading your article rather than just bashing them.

    1. A Murderer wants to kill your whole family,
      If you want to save your family, you need to kill that Murderer.

      Do you get what i mean?

    2. it’s not perfect, but at least he’s starting a conversation. we wouldn’t be in this thread talking/debating about this if this article doesn’t exist. people can’t be nice all the time. if stirring hate from people’s mind could start an actual conversation about these issues, then it’s good. we should probably stop tone policing and see the actual point of the article.

  9. LOL. you have a point but let me tell you something, I think you do not know all the pinoy too well. I sure do hope you absolutely know what your saying. it’s a shame that it is easy for you to conclude things up only in this aspect (media). pity then.

    1. He already knows what he’s saying because that is exactly what is really going on in this country. You better stop living in the fantasy you escapist.

    2. Wasn’t this often used throughout all the other articles?

      “filipinos in general..”
      “filipinos in general..”
      “filipinos in general..”
      “filipinos in general..”
      “filipinos in general..”

      1. Kung gusto m manuod ng general luna, e d manuod ka. Sino ka para diktahan m yung mga tao kung ano panuorin nila.. Ikaw yung timo ng tao na palamunin lng.. Magaling magsalita, walang gnagawa.

    1. It makes one a more informed filipino because I don’t believe filipinos study history anymore these days.

      It won’t be a surprise if one day DepEd comes up with a course called “ALDUB.”

  10. Siguro taga kabilang channel ka..hehe!May bitterness eh…ano to brad…advertising agent ka ba ng Heneral Luna…kasi kung maganda tong movie, di na kailangan ang panghahamak mu makakuha lang ng moviegoers…actually naka kalat na to sa pinaglalaban mu??ahh!Feeling mu dadami ang follower mo sa post mo para mapansin ang mga gawa mu…???anu toh???reverse phychology…heheh!Try mu kayang mang libre baka sakaling basahin yang pang intelligent mung mga gawa…kesa sa ika moy basurang libreng napapanuod at available lang sa tv…???swerte mo dami mu choices…kumpleto kasiguro ng gadget kia basura sayo yung kung anu avail na libangan sa karaniwang bahay…btw yun nga palang ginagastos ng stupid pinoy ay hard earned money kia karapatan nila na gastusin yun sa paraang gusto nila…kahit pa sa palagay mu istupido at basura yun…sorry ha…mas nakakabawas kasi ng sakit ng dibdib yung mga mababaw na palabas kesa sa post mu na nakaka antok at puro bitterness…eh anu kung andian pa rin yung problema…atleast after matawa sa mababaw na palabas…mas magaan na ang pakiramdam sa pagharap ng hamon ng buhay…di tulad mu…konti na lang mabuburyong na…try mu manuod brad..baka mabawasan yang bitterness mo.

    1. Subukan mo rin magbasa paminsan-minsan at nang meh laman yang utak mo. Meh opsyon pa kasi, kesa manood lng ng telebisyon. Magbasa ka kaya ng dyaryo o libro dun sa public library para di puro drama ideya mo.

  11. How does watching #AlDub on EAT Bulaga or Vice Ganda on Showtime, PBB makes one poor?

    Current, past & future Leaders are voted or put into place by people (rich/poor) who are easily influence by media – what we see, hear and read constantly everyday on TV, radio, movies, music, newspapers, magazines and social media (internet). Media can greatly influence us (unconsciously or blindly) on how we think, what to believe, how we behave, our actions, how we decide, who to vote, and on the way leaders think/rule/govern. etc.,
    Hence, media is largely responsible for the Leaders we produced, the mentality of our people (voters), the quality of life we now are experiencing and the future (good/bad) we pass on to our children and next generation.

    PNoy despite of more pressing problems that demands his full attention, still managed/decided to attend Vice Ganda Show and a Celebrity Wedding. So naturally it will provoke criticism against his action – because it clearly show his wrong priority (Showbiz/Celebrities), how insensitive he has been to our people and how is not focusing on nation problems.

    Also, it simply mislead People to wrong picture or reality our nation now face – poverty, disasters, unemployments, overpopulation, corruption etc….

    “Our Media has a social responsibility to make Philippines/World a better place by seeking TRUTH / JUSTICE, promoting/influence an intellect society and leave a positive impact on our people. And not just pursue profit from politicians or news maker at the expense of making our people dumb or brainwashed.” – Dale Gozar

    “Government don’t want a population capable of critical thinking. They want obedient workers, people smart enough to run machines and dumb enough to passively accept their situation”. – George Carlin

    panem et circenses.
    Latin, literally “bread and circuses,” supposedly coined by Juvenal and describing the cynical formula of the Roman emperors for keeping the masses content with ample food and entertainment.

    the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy.
    synonyms: fantasy, fantasizing, daydreaming, daydreams

  12. I think you all are missing the point. He said pinoys are sadistic and needs to see someone humiliated in order to get comedy and we watch shows that are more on the sex and not on the lessons and value of the movie. I don’t see any hate comment about Aldub because that segment in EB showcases comedy with moral values and not like the usual. I think he is even promoting more of those type of shows and asking us to make sure to follow and value the lessons on the show itself.

      1. Maine’s antics are really amusing and Lola Nidora’s “pangaral” are something that should be looked into by the younger generation nowadays.

        But what’s amazing is how people tend to idolize the show going as far as declaring a “pabebe wave to national bae.”

        The kalyeserye could also inject some of the forgotten lessons in History about our own national customs and traditions as well so the show could really come out as informative as well as entertaining.

    1. At ano pala ang sense para sa iyo? Maging dakilang ulol palagi? Bagay nga talaga ang pangalan mo kasi utak squatter ka e. Wala kang pinagkaiba doon sa mga bobo sa Science of Stupid na sa kakalabag nila sa mga scientific law, ayun malaking aray ang inabot nila. Puro dota at kung ano pang kalokohan lang yata ang laman ng utak mo e inutil.

    2. Dear Ulopong,

      So gusto mo lahat ng sasabihin sayo ng kapwa mo maganda lang?

      Teacher: Bagsak ho grades ng anak nyo.

      Tatay ni Ulopong: Kung wala kang sasabihing maganda sa anak ko, sayo na lang!

      Teacher: In fairness po sa kanya, mabait po si Ulopong kahit bobo sya.

  13. I think the author use aldub picture to get attention. So that alfub fans will read his post. Tsk.wrong move. E di ikaw na matalino at magaling. Aanhin mk kagalingan ming yn kung puro hate ka at sadness. Bawas bawasan ang pagkain ng ampalaya.tsk.

    1. Well, in my defense, I’m not the one who chooses the photos for my articles. You’ll have to consult with the other admins for that. You know my last spoof article about Grace Poe?

      I was hoping they would put a photoshopped Blood+ poster that replaced Saya’s head with Grace Poe’s and Haji’s with Chiz’.

      1. Can you include the age of people commenting on every threads. di ko malaman kung sino ung mga batang tanga, batang matino mag-isip, matandang tanga at matandang matino mag-isip.


    2. the author has a solid point. why don’t you look at the analysis? there is no hate message in there. your language is devoid positivity Ms.Jhin. It is how Philippine media shapes our thinking through their interest laden reporting. Look at what happened with Binay’s encounter with UPLB students and how it was reported by ABSCBN.. Subliminally we dance to the music the media plays without even thinking of dancing. Think about it.

  14. It’s a long-standing, deep and ingrained culture. As much as I want to point out myself what you have pointed out what Pinoys are here it’s just a losing battle. Unless Pinoys go out of their way or any individual in that matter we cannot see change.

  15. aldub = avant garde street theatre

    better than most teleseryes planned months in advance…to do it in a real environment, it’s like reality tv-inception.

  16. I guess it starts with changing the channel if you don’t like what you see. If you think there’s too much garbage on TV then turn it off and get out. Listening on the radio used to be my alternative to TV because there’s really stations that had specific genres but that has also died and almost every single radio here just about sounds the same. What’s the point of having different stations if they’re not exactly different from each other? This is why I’m quite happy that there’s plenty of alternatives to radio now and I can create my own pseudo-station that plays just whatever I want.

    Going online is also a good alternative, at least you can go for selective viewing at least you will be your own filter of whatever content you wish to watch. Because if we just rely on these TV stations, you can’t do that because these are already in the programme.

    Just as the same thing with watching movies in theatres, you don’t exactly have to watch everything that is now showing but you just choose which one you want. If you don’t like the movie you chose but already paid for it, you can just walk out. Problem is, they don’t do refunds here I think.

    Bashing the media here won’t change anything, but if we try to appreciate it less then maybe they’d start thinking about changing it but it’s not gonna happen. If there’s less people attending or even giving attention to all of these shows maybe they’ll at least notice what’s wrong but then again it’s not gonna happen, maybe not in this lifetime.

    If the people have made up their minds that mediocrity is excellence then so be it, I’m done complaining about it but that doesn’t mean I will accept it and make it a part of my life when I have a choice not to be a part of it. Just a reminder that there’s always garbage in any media in any country and there will always be people who appreciate that kind of thing.

    This kind of thing is going to be an individual effort in the end and all of the things I said above are just suggestions that I’ve been doing just so I won’t be as affected as what Grimwald just pulled, we simply can’t tell people what they should do because that would be hypocritical by itself.

  17. the media sociologist Neil Postman had an apt quote:
    “…amusing ourselves to death…”
    i.e. that most people (he was referring to Americans) would much rather prefer to be entertained than informed or even inspired.

    It brings to mind from Jesus Christ Superstar Herod’s plea to Christ to just “…walk across my swimming pool”

    Miracles may happen unbeknownst to most of us every day but if they’re not entertaining or amusing enough, they just won’t fly. Period.

    It’s not just a question of stupidity – anyone can be stupid at any given moment, even over the span of a lifetime, but it takes a humongous amount of invincible ignorance to deny what’s in front of one’s eyes lest it be recognized for what it really is.


  18. I think this article is very unfair. The people who support the garbage media coming out are mostly at fault, like the writers, directors, etc. There are people (the lower classes) who have to focus more on putting food on the table and so they aren’t concerned with the quality of entertainment being put out by *ahem* the media. Those who CHOOSE to stay ignorant and actually have the ability to change these views are to blame. You cannot degrade an entire race in such a way because not everyone is like this. If you want people to change, don’t be so quick to judge and brand. Insults don’t go far. I agree however that some people are stupid and racist and blah blah blah, but you’ll find these kinds of people in EVERY demographic. Please change your approach and disregard whatever hatred you’re harboring over Filipinos when writing an article like this.

    1. “but this happens everywhere” would be the typical response from a Pinoy to this post. They love to take make general statements like this to make you believe that everyone and every country is just as dysfunctional as the Philippines.

    2. You think these are insults? These are facts. Live with it.

      If it applies to all demographic, can the filipino as a nation be better by saying “hey, we are not the only ones”? And so it is just fine? Stop being a drama queen!

    3. Oh boy the “bandwagoning of other countries’ faults” excuse. Hiding your head under the land much you victim-playing asshurt failipino? And by your vocabulary, reality = hatred? What the hell is your major malfunction you drama queen?

    1. The author and the other authors in this site are always writing articles for free. Anong tingin mo sa kanila mga journalists na nagtatrabaho sa mainstream media?

    1. Sabi na ngang HINDI nga ako yung namimili ng picture! Ano ba? Ba’t angkulit-kulit niyo?

      Si Benign0 sa baba ang tanungin niyo tungkol diyan!

      Benign0 o, hindi nagbabasa ng comment!

      Grabe, kung instructions for an emergency situation yung nakasulat, malamang nadisgrasya na kayo!

      1. Talaga, you don’t choose the picture to be posted on your article? Well, malilito ung iba na pahapyaw na nagbabasa ng article. It appears na

        Negative Title + picture = patama sa nasa picture (even if the article isn’t about the picture at all) 🙂

        If there’s one thing I’ve learned, any article about ALDUB will gather much attention and comment.

      2. “Grabe, kung instructions for an emergency situation yung nakasulat, malamang nadisgrasya na kayo!”

        (napatawa talaga ako nito) Isang dahilan ay malamang kasi na-“bash” muna yung instruction sa social media.

        (Sigh) I never realized how really fun to “stir the hornet’s nest” until I saw GRP. It is also disappointing to realize, based on the comments here and in other sites like in Yahoo! comments, how shallow and dysfunctional most Filipino’s understanding of an issue.

        What’s my solution some might ask? Well, start by looking back and question your comfort zone. Perhaps it’s a dungeon after all. Look at your objects of happiness and enjoyment. It could be adding to our misery. Just look at drug addicts.

        1. Ilda’s article on the marian-dong-A wedding was more of a hornets nest than this one. Compared to that. This is pretty tame. Those were some fun times though. Its was quite a way to start the year.

      3. hahahahaha..ayan tuloy high-blood na si Sir Grimwald.

        Sabi nga sa inyo si Benigno nagde-decide kung ano photos gagamitin. Ano naman kasi masama kung aldub photo ang gamitin? Public property yan sila.

        Ginagamit nyo nga photo ng Panginoon to pass chain prayers mga ipokrito!

  19. An excerpt from the award-winning post Why I Am Not Proud To Be Filipino

    Filipinos have heard and been told too many times that they need to improve themselves and that they need to clean up their act if they want to get out of their current pathetic condition. They have one general reaction to all of these: indignation. All due to a paper thin ego that is better at dishing out than taking it.

    Unfortunately, Filipinos put more emphasis on the tone and the perceived rudeness of the message more than on the actual content. Form over substance. And they can’t even put up proper counterarguments without resorting to Ah, basta! or argumentatum ad hominem.

    Why such stubbornness or incorrigible self-righteousness persists, despite the disastrous outcome and results found in Filipino society, is something that has been baffling for many, many years.

    * * *

    Read the full article here!

    1. Benign0 o, yung mga tao sa taas ang-kulit-kulit! Sabi ngang hindi ako yung “in-charge” sa pagpili ng picture! Grabe, masmalala pa sa mga bata sa pag-intindi ng instructions!

      1. Hahahaha! Nakakatawa itong post mo Sir Grimwald. Para ka ng bata dito na nagtatantrums.

        Nakakawala ng composure talaga pag kausap mo utak talangka. Sarap misan sabunutan.

      2. I for one am happy to know that this article was written by a Filipino. At least you’re doing something about the intellectual drought that has been plaguing our country. Stir them up, rile them up, ruffle their feathers until they wake up. We are capable of so much more as a people, as a nation. The ones who agree, the ones who truly see, are grateful for your efforts to wake up the Filipinos’ minds.

    2. Benigno, obviously many people have been mislead when they saw the AlDub picture.
      I have read and agreed to some facts that were pointed in Why I Am Not Proud To Be A Filipino post. I even shared that post on my wall before. I would like to know the type of writing that you have used for the post above wherein you have used the AlDub picture… is there a specific term for that kind of strategy/writing…

    3. The AldUb photo is just a representation of pop entertainment in the Philippines. That’s all it is. If readers interpret any more beyond that, that’s up to them.

      1. Get real benign0. The fact that you’re using the Aldub photo in this article means that you are also benefiting from mainstream media. How ironic. Had you not used the same picture, this article wouldn’t get the traffic it’s getting right now. I am a follower of this page and I even liked some of the articles, but this one, I have to disagree.

        1. Well, its better that this page gets some traction on social media. Given the importance of the message. Besides, if one actually took the time to read, they’d understand that this isn’t even “collateral damage”

        2. Obviously the picture grabbed attention, it served its just purpose buddy.
          It led readers to this article and try to spend time to read and hopefully understand.
          The problem now is, did they even grasp the point or did they get butthurt as the author warned.
          I for one am guilty of being malibog, but hey, this article made damn sense and just admit it.

    4. Wow Sir Benigno! I like this article! Way to sum up filipinos. Kudos to FallenAngel!

      It’s already got a lot of comments and I’ve yet to add mine. This should be butthurt fun!


  20. I like Spiderman 2002 because, in my opinion, Tobey Maguire did a good portrayal of Peter Parker: confused, introvert,trying to suck up day-to-day challenges. I, however, enjoys watching AlDub because it is light-hearted and overtly “cheesy”.

    It seems to me that this post is being too black and white. I know a lot of smart people (if not intelligent) who are fans of local entertainment.

    Some people just want to be entertained, it doesn’t mean they infuse their lives with all the bullshit being served to them. Yes, there are crappy parts of the local entertainment. Unfortunately, some people, like my grand mother, doesn’t have much choice for entertainment, thus she watches noontime shows. She then chooses the better entertainment. She doesn’t watch shows with too much sexuality or ‘sex sells’ segments.

  21. Haha!

    Great article! It also exposed how shallow some Filipino readers (or really not) are. I am amazed by a few comments here defending Aldub when it is not even mentioned in the article, questioning the author’s citizenship as if it matters, etc. And such Filipinos with skills in debate is ready to defend the Philippine stand on the West Philippine Sea in any forum. Really? And what will be their main argument – “Ah basta! Amin yan!”?

    Even if Grimwald is an American, Afghan, or a Martian, so what? Does that makes what he wrote less than true?

    Sige mga Kapuso, Kapamilya, Madlang People, at mga Dabarkads, Pinoy Pride pa!! To which a typical Filipino funny movie line applies: Mga buset!!!

  22. walter p komarnicki, you hit it on the nail head with ” it takes a humongous amount of invincible ignorance to deny what’s in front of one’s eyes lest it be recognized for what it really is.” Perhaps also a lot of it is just general apathy.

  23. Absolutely true! We must all take this as constructive criticism. To change for the better we must first admit that there is something wrong with us as a nation.

  24. Pinoy ba sumulat nito? Mukhang galit na galit ha. May pinanghuhugutan. Para namang ibang lahi o kaya napaka hipokrito kasi pa-english english pa e pinoy din naman pala. Lahat naman ng lahi may mga kapintasan…mas maganda nyan mga tsong, e intindihin na lang natin ang ating mga sarili…sabi nga sa biblia, kung ala kang magandang sasabihin sa kapwa mo e, wag ka na magsalita. Kung ito ay ikagagalak ng bawat isa, mabuting sabihin mo at kung ikatutuwid ng pag iisip ng kapwa e, ipamahagi mo. Kung gusto nyo pasakop na lang tayo sa mga kano para mawala na ang problema sa pulitiko, masolustionan ang problema sa trapiko at wala nang pipila sa embassy 🙂

      1. No, my friend. Don’t translate it for him. Let him attempt to comprehend, we will not be held liable in case his brain explodes from trying to understand what you have said.

    1. We also need to respect dissenting opinions of fellow Filipinos. We should not be slaves to the pinoy collective mindset. The Philippines is not the only nation on earth.

    2. Nag quote ka pang bobotante ka.
      Sige “kung walang masabinv maganda, wag na lang magsalita”, eh kanya kanyanh translation yan boy.
      Kung yung iba sa amin eh agree kami sa article eh di ibig sabihin nun meron syang magandang nasabi, meaning he has all the right.
      Punyeta kang trapo ka, bumalik ka na sa serye mo at magpakamanhid, wag ka aangal pagtanda mo pag walang nangyari sayo ba.
      Enjoy boyyyy

  25. it’s true though, every person does something to escape reality temporarily and that does not exclude me. it comes in different forms like drugs, alcohol, sex, and etc. My personal preference would be video games. there is no escaping the reality of illusions. in my personal opinion, this article tells me that we can change for the better. but how would we change when we jump in with the bandwagon which deter us from opening our minds? we tend to get too focused on ourselves that we don’t see the bigger picture. just my two cents though.

    take a good look around and decide for yourselves.

  26. Bilis talaga magreact pagka napagsasabihan, masakit oo, pero kailangan tanggapin kasi totoo naman,
    sabi nga ng author

    I know that a lot of you are going to deny a lot of what I’ve said so far. I know you’ll be upset too.

  27. I find it sad, that we blame the ignorant for their ignorance, when reality is, most of them don’t have a choice–some of them don’t even have access to good education to be able to comprehend something better. Instead looking down on what the masses want and what the media provides, maybe we “educated” people should focus on ourselves. We should help bring up the value and quality of life of Pinoys. You’re right, media is not to blame for this because media only provides what the masses want. But the masses shouldn’t be blamed either. They only want what’s available to them. WE are to blame for this – The educated “Ilustrados” that have access to the internet and good education that have allowed ourselves to be bystanders and critics rather than proactively changing our culture. Instead of looking at what wrong with the environment and asking why, maybe we should look at ourselves and ask how. How can we change this? Ika nga ni Heneral luna, Mas malaki nating kalaban ang ating mga sarili.

    1. Definitely! There are just too many factors to consider in this concern. The media being a capitalist would just serve anything that the majority will consume. The majority, with their limited choices and lack of interest with other entertainment context, will just be pacified with whatever the media presents. I don’t know in which way can we break this cycle but there is a solution to any problem.
      I get what this article is trying to say but I don’t agree with the off-putting words here. I am also frustrated with the choices in local tv but don’t blame the “masa”. This article is just full of intellectual snobbery. It would have been better if it was made in a tone that doesn’t sound whiney and lazy. To the author, I hope you would have at least reflected on the condition of the majority instead of resorting to your trashy vocab.

    2. If you want to educate yourself; it is your Choice…if you want to read good books; instead of watching: teleserias, prize winner shows, trash/garbage shows. It is your Choice.

      The Media is to Blame…which are mostly owned by oligarchs. These Oligarchs support the Politicians, who become our leaders.

      The Media also becomes the Propaganda Machine of Politicians; as in the case of the symbiotic relationship, between the Lopezes and the Aquinos. The Lopezes own ABS-CBN; and have some companies with contracts with the Philippine government.

      It is a vicious cycle…but, it is the Reality in our country. Do not blame the mental retardation of Filipinos, on us…we are Blogging, inspite of our jobs, to earn a living…

    3. have you met people who shamelessly choose to be ignorant? we have an incredibly large social media platform and we don’t use it properly. we choose to talk about celebrities instead of educating ourselves on important issues. idk man i think starting conversations like this makes some of us think why are we offended by this.

    1. Haha. You should read his “Kris Aquino the national empath” article too. What a load of suck uppery. I liked his blog better when he hadn’t been mentioned by the President in his SONA.

  28. I would have to admit, the cover photo and the title caught my attention. :p I’m not an Aldub fan and it’s interesting to know that I’m not the only one. So I was hoping to read a very well written article about how aldub sucks 10,000 donkey balls.
    I am very disappointed Mr. Author.
    However, this is still a good read. One comment though, I’m not a “pinoy pride” enthusiast but you shouldn’t have generalized.
    By the way, I love Spiderman. And not his abs.

    1. Beware of pinoys resorting to false claims about being “unfairly generalized.” It’s a projection of their victimhood which they conveniently use as a weapon or shield against criticism.

  29. Wrong choice of picture. I was actually one of those who eagerly anticipated the Heneral Luna film. I was one of those who watched it on its first week and up to this day continues to promote the film in my FB feed. However, I was also one of those who was hooked in the current Aldub craze. In my defense, I was there when it started, and it really gives out good vibes in its early episodes. So what does that make me?

  30. Sana Tagalog na lang ‘to para mas maraming maabot, makaintindi, at maging aware (lalo ng masa). Or sana, Tagalog na lang ‘yung buong site n’yo. Baka sakaling mabawasan ang tanga.

    1. Aba problema nyo na iyan. Gusto nyong maintindihan ang artikulo? Bumalik kayo sa elementarya’t mag-aral ng Ingles mga juan tamad!

  31. aldub or not. filipinos are just missing the point. just because they have been given a temporary high thru media of all kinds they seem to miss the bigger and way more important picture. there are a lot of problems in the world and the and we actually have to find a permanent solution to it, rather than settling down to the mere hype of the media as a temporary high to forget whats in front of us…

    ps. we actually already have a big problem with real wars… lets not be stupid adding fandom wars and network wars anymore please…

  32. Funny nag aaway kayo..imbis na isipin nyo yan why noy do something beneficial sa pinas..enjoy the same time do something good for yourself and for your community..

  33. It is not only in the phils that people are inclined to judge at ace value. In Korea,plastic surgery has been a common practice because companies want their artists to be admired and looked up to. You see, appreciating beauty is human nature.
    Well, watching heneral luna might have awaken the revolutionary in you but, you can neve blame your countrymen for not knowing everything. I believe you are aware that we have been colonized by both Spain and America so that every history book written are sensored so that America will look good in the eyes of Filipinos and all of their Filipino cohorts gained recognition that they never deserve.
    I think the same think goes for the Media. They only show us what they want us to see not what we are supposed to see. Was it ever reported that Malaysia already paid Pnoy for tha passage of BBL? No. Was there ever a report on what is really happening in Scarborough? No.
    They report to get ratings not to get the truth across because they are afraid. They care so much about their own well being. Okay na sila, maayos ang pamilya nila. Ano bang pakialam nila sa bansa? I think this is the culture that we should all work together to change. We love ourselves, our family, our God, but not our country. I think that rather than relying on your own reasons you should look at the bigger picture. It is not that a lot of us are to perverted. It is because we never look over our shoulders. We only blame but never admit that all of us are the reason why this country is not advancing.

  34. Too long to be understood by the majority of the poor Filipinos how you feel about certain events. Surely you got struck due to their inattentiveness to your personal belief and ideas. Wrong choice to create this argument with. The Filipino people, though poor and hungry, can let a day go by with empty stomachs yet they still smile. Sorry if you feel this way but that’s the way it goes.

  35. So what’s this General Luna about? A brief summary of it would be nice. Curious to know about it since it sounds like a gem in a pile of coal that is Philippine cinema.

  36. As a Filipino I accept everything that the author said it was, is and i hope will not be anymore weakness of some of the Filipinos we were and are always divided by our favorite TV shows, Channels or anything that is irrelevant instead of making a change about issues Philippines is facing.
    Some of us just wait for the politicians/artists/famous persons to make mistakes so that they can say to themselves that they are saying something. HOWEVER Mr.Author Don’t generalize Filipinos in your article cause there still are people here in the Philippines that understands your point and have the same thinking as yours Filipinos are great thinkers they are just not being triggered by the truth yet. I just want to say “ever thought of a thought then wonder who else has this thought?
    probably everyone that has a brain, you may be unique but we are not different from each other, we just don’t have the same attributes.”
    Instead of complaining ACT,i also just want to say this revised uncle ben’s qoute “with great thinking comes great responsibility to ACT ”
    writing is not enough applying to yourself what you wrote is.

    1. Generalizing does not imply a statement that describes all individuals. Rather, the act of generalizing makes a description of the collective character of a set.

      But as always pinoys still persist in misusing the term generalization, “as if it was an attack on all or everyone” which is clearly a false notion.

      1. enough of rhetorics…

        YOU SAID, “There is no problem with generalizing if the generalization can be observed in the majority…it doesn’t have to be all.” —>> so sinasabi mo, acceptable ang generalization niya because MAJORITY ay meron ng ganitong masamang ugali?

        “Generalizing does not imply a statement that describes all individuals.” –>> TRUE.

        Rather, the act of generalizing makes a description of the collective character of a set. —>> e diba pag collective ibig sabihin, pangkalahatan? anu ba talaga??

        AS I’VE SAID, enough of rhetorics.

        just answer these two questions:

        1. Is the TS admonishing and ranting about the negativities of the Filipinos?

        2. In a way, is he not sounding a bit “self-righteous”?

        Ke Absoluteness man yan, ke generalization man, there is always a better way to send across one’s message or sentiment — however i read this, MAY KATOTOHANAN man o WALA, may PUNTO MAN O WALA the tone he set sounded of self-superiority…

  37. enough negativity welcome the goodvibes that aldub has given

    totoo lng nakakatanda ang stress kung ayaw nyo maging happy eh di stay with your morbid thoughts wag ka lang humugot ng iba just keep it to yourself

    1. And positive pushing escapist failipinos who can’t face any negatives and solve them because they’re chickens such as yourself are part of this country’s problem. Panay ka sa kaka-enjoy ng mga masasayang palabas pero may pakealam ka ba talaga sa mga pagdurusa ng mga lumad, halimbawa, at all? O pakitang tao lang iyang ginagawa mo ulol?

      1. A sad, bitter individual who just can’t see the brighter side of things. Panay ka sa karereklamo, wala nang magawa kundi punahin ang mga kamali-an ng Pinoy. Pa-cool ka lang eh, akala mo may totoo kang pakealam sa mga pagdurusa ng ma lumad, halimbawa. Eh isa ka rin namang inutil na adik sa porn! Lamunin mo lahat ng negativity! Ulol!

        1. And a happy-go-lucky imbecile like you who are always very ignorant about our country’s situation are always smothering our country. Nasa planet Earth ka ba talaga o nasa isang fairy tale ka? At sus nauto ka pa sa sinasabi ni kabos_uyamot. Hindi papogi itong mga sinasabi ko. I’m just saying the obvious but you can’t accept it because you always love to live in your fantasies. I bet you always enjoy the insane traffic of Edsa because you think it’s fun. Puro ka tiis pero parang nagpapakamatay ka naman. Sino na ang ulol ngayon inutil?

        2. The word here is ‘Balance’ fair. Kailanman hindi ko sinabing hindi tanga ang mga Pilipino but to put all the blame on the stupidity of our race is just unfair. Anong masasabi mo sa mga taong hindi ginamit ang katalinuhan sa maayos na paraan?

          Huwag puro reklamo, huwag puro sisi. Tanungin mo sarili, anong nagawa mo? Baka puro satsat at pagmumura lang naman ginawa mo.

          Let us identify the root of the problem before rushing to judgment. Sa tingin mo wala akong alam sa mga nangyayari sa ating bansa? Akala mo ikaw lang ang may alam? LOL Nakakatawa. That’s the problem with people like you. Tingin nyo kayo lang ang magaling at tatawaging bobo ang sinumang sasalungat ng inyong argumento.

          It’s hard to even have a decent argument with people like you domo. So I’ll just leave it here. Sasabihin mo nanaman ‘talunan’ ako sa argumentong ito. LOL. Go ahead.

  38. We all know for a fact that entertainment programs is part of our lives. People watched it to be entertained of course. But when too much attention is given to it, to the extent that issues that matters the most are being set aside, then sad to say, this country will continue to struggle. I guest the mindset of typical Filipino’s even in today’s modern society is, ‘what can I do to help the country, I’m just an ordinary person’, so instead of doing something, most of us would rather tune in or follow shows/celebrities that delights us. In fact, a colleague of mine who just became a fanatic of the aldub fever said that it had reached a record breaking 12 million tweets. Again I have nothing against that but I just can help but wonder what if issues concerning the public like traffic issues and the MRT problems to name a few would garner such tweet, I believe that would definitely put tremendous pressure on the government. I’m not saying that all of us doesn’t care, but my point is only a few percent age of web users are practicing this. If majority of the netizens would do this, instead of spending most of their time in following celebrities posting non sense stuff in FB then this country would be a better place to live in. That’s just my 2 cents.

  39. I read it all and sad to admit the truth! (tatagalugin ko, di kasi ako matalino gaya ng ibang ayaw magpalo) nakakahiya mang tanggapin pero totoo. I agree with the author. Lahat ng nabasa at nakita natin like spiderman, picture of aldub etc… are all just a concept. Problem? tayo talaga e, wala ng iba. Simple, sa thread lang dami na di magkasundo pakitaan kung sino ba ang may ibubuga o wala. Its not the movie title or the persons photo. uulitin ko sa pagkaintindi ko (di po ako smart) concept lang po ito ng mas malawak na kahulugan. Paliitin natin ilang porsyento sa mga nagiinuman ang pinaguusapan ang ang mabuting kapakanan ng sarili o bayan, at ilang porsyento naman ang nagyayabangan lang. Again Truth hurts. Problema ng Pilipinas? tingin ko tayo. After this post of mine sigurado may aangal. Ayaw patalo or ayaw tumanggap? you decide 🙂

  40. Entertainment is entertainment. You want to be entertained, you sing a song, watch someone dance or read the funnies or entertainment gossip. You want to be educated, read the current events or read a book. Why force your ideals on people who live their own lives and whose lives are not your business? If there’s anything I consider garbage in media it’s the sensationalism in the news, the obviously biased editorials and the propagandas being spread by paid publicists. Your attitude is one thing I really hate, aside from the obvious superiority complex you have. I know more than a couple of people who keep lambasting the pinoys as a whole, when in fact they were born here, they grew up here. It’s like being born into a family. Even if you hate your family and see its flaws, you stand by your family. You defend them, you don’t let anyone badmouth them, or just focus on doing something positive to uplift them, if you can. Just like what the other commentor here said, if you’re so ashamed of your country and your countrymen, denounce your citizenship. And don’t start wisecracking about the crime and corruption, most countries have that, just some have it more than the others. Truthful exposure and investigation of crime and corruption, yes that would be more productive instead of doing a hateful piece like this article. Tutal andyan ka na rin lang sa media. If you want to change something for the better, do something start with the people around you. And yes, obviously you’re targeting the masa audience so you should have put this article out in tagalog. And you’re saying matatagalan ka? Bakit, kasi mahihirapan ka? you’re saying you’re a Filipino, bakit ka mahihirapan? It’s either probinsyano ka and tagalog is not your dialect. or you just want to leave the impression na sosyal ka. You should not generalize, for everything has a reason. You grew up here you know life is hard, education is a privilege for a lot of people. If you have household help for instance, would you expect her to spend at least P200 to watch something she’s not sure would entertain her? Would she read or buy a book when the tabloids just lie around the house or cost much less than the legit newspapers? Same goes for the average pinoy bluecollar workers who sadly make a great bulk of our population. But back to entertainment, what floats your boat? Look at the Japanese, mababaw lang humor nila and yet they’re not ashamed of it because it so happens their economy is doing great.

      1. didn’t you read my reply entirely domo? (or should i say grimwald because i notice you’ve been defending him fiercely, in troll-like fashion) in the effort to promote general luna, it’s like through this article, it is voiced that the pinoy media is like this and that and people should change their ways of entertaining themselves etc..and insults and more insults… kaya nga i cited the japanese kasi they’re known for their mababaw and sometimes quirky humor (did you see that Japanese contestant peeling off a banana using his butt in that asian talent show? that was a hoot right?! that’s literally butthurt for you) but it’s alright for them. and nobody insults them for that. do you dare to do so, like you are insulting filipinos (including yourself, i hope)? i know you wouldn’t do that because they have a good economy, they do not even fare well in world sports, but it’s also alright, they’re still not a third world nation like us, afterall. you have to look closer into the filipino psyche, why we’re not moving forward, why we’re like this, why we’re like that. pag nasa abroad disiplinado pero pag nasa pilipinas utakan. kasi matitigas ang ulo. it doesn’t necessarily boil down to choice of form of entertainment, you see. its good governance we need, and fast. eradicating poverty would give juan more time and resources to focus on education and refinement unlike now that he’s constantly worrying about his next meal or where to get money for his daily expenses. but still, actually, i know a lot of professionals here that seem to have mababaw choices, may it be in song or tv show. why? because it’s prevalent, it’s what they get to hear on their transpo’s radio or tv on their way to or from work, or what their children or household help tell them about when they get home. whether it be aldub or miley cyrus and other people twerking or kpop or kathniel or anne curtis singing chandelier…whatever is catchy at the moment. and they catch on. in particular, i myself was able to watch an aldub episode once and it was funny, i wasn’t able to watch again though. i only see it shared so often by my facebook friends, and most of them are professionals. These are people living quiet, productive lives. just so happens such things become their guilty pleasures, walang basagan ng trip…

        1. by the way, i was able to watch that bonifacio movie last year and i liked it! made me look at emilio aguinaldo in a different way since then…ah ganun pala…i wondered if that truth has already been incorporated in our children’s textbooks. now with this gen luna movie, i have to wait for my husband so we could watch it together though. i heard there’s more important truths(?) in the storyline and that’s history, man. gotta watch. i think that’s how this movie should be promoted, not by turning off people with negativity. ayan dami tuloy nagsesermon sayo. reach out to the masa and intrigue them with the story…they have the bigger number that would translate to more ticket sales…ciao…

        2. Nah. Domo-kun’s a cooler guy than I am. He has a collection of figures. Me, I’m still looking for at least ONE Morrigan Aensland figure. 🙁

          Sucks to be me, eh?

  41. I agree. Let me confirm that by telling you a short story. The movie was Phenomenon, with Travolta. I was enjoying every bit of the spectacle, when from the seat behind me (yep, I see movies on my own) and remarked, quite loudly, and not in a joking tone ” Ano ba yan? Ang dumu-dumi ng kuko ni John (Travolta). Di man lang nilinis ng make up artist!” And with that I gave up theaters and cinemas. Now, between dumb and stupid, I also go with your train of thought. I always cringe when a foreign movie is being shown on tv, dubbed (badly) in Tagalog. I grew up with Sesame Street. I think it helped. Pinoy audiences today swallow what media spoonfeeds us. We are doomed.

  42. Being irresponsible, pervert, sadistic, stupid, and hypocrite. These qualities are all your traits.

    Irresponsible – you didn’t even bother putting in qualifiers, or numbers in your post. You just generalized. talk about responsible posting.

    Pervert – speak for yourself when you’re looking at Anne Curtis’ boobs.

    Sadistic – erm, this post trying to gain popularity by bashing?

    Hypocrite – see “irresponsible” above.

    See, you yourself is the VERY DEFINITION of FILIPINO.

    This makes you an unreliable author/ narrator which makes your whole post … invalid.

    Go watch spiderman again. It appears you also missed the point.

    1. But as always pinoys still persist in misusing the term generalization, “as if it was an attack on all or everyone” which is clearly a false notion.

      They twist the meaning of words and distort their usage just so the insecure pinoys can score cheap emotional points.

    2. And that makes you another emotard failipino who is just like those dongyan zombies attacking this site only because those couple were criticized by their massive traffic-causing fiesta wedding.
      And he don’t need to watch spiderman again because utak showbiz like you are only after the artists fame not the movie’s substance.
      pinoy nga naman oo ginagamit palagi ang puso hindi ang utak. Bawas-bawasan mo kasi ang kapapanood mo ng mga telebasura drama queen na puta!

  43. I think this is not about “opening your mind” or so.. This is about, HALF OF THE ARTICLE IS ABOUT SPIDEY! Haha and you believed him too much.. Lol . He has issues on being heard.

    1. Well, maybe you can give your old literature teacher a call and ask about the topic “reading between the lines”. Baka nag ddota ka nung tinuro yun sa class mo.

    2. Umuwi ka na bata. Masyado mo nang sinasayang mga piso mo sa kaka-internet kung puro kabobohan lang ang kaya mong sabihin. Mag-aral ka nga inutil.

  44. Nicely written, Grimwald. That’s raw nerve you hit right there.

    If only more filipinos would open their minds to these realities and make the right change then the country would have a chance to progress.

  45. I would agree to some level. I STILL believe that most Filipinos are good people. As you have highlighted, most of us are stupid enough to be affected by nakedness, raw appeal or down right fictional beings or stories but I think it is our weird way to cope through life. Oh, well.

  46. SPIDER MAN is a fictional story. HENERAL LUNA Is a living person in his prime and true to life story. Why mention spider and mention his heroism that can only be Done by human mind. It is not filipinos fault for not knowing other important matters. It is about how media and politics manipulate the mind of people. Media only focuses for who is now trending and by the way I love ALDUB and, how politicians manipulate people minds. Dont blame filipinos, because they choose what make their stressful life to be interesting and beneficial. That is not stupidity. Filipinos are intelligent in their own way but it was taken away from them because of people ambitions to disgrace, to corrupt and to let filipinos stay at the bottom. So you should start to blame the root of evil before its people. It just lack of information. That was the only reason why iNdie and historical events where taken granted.

  47. I don’t see the link between the good old spiderman and Aldub. Besides, the way you criticized Filipinos for being happy people I might say is not fair in it’s entirety. I know this is your own blog and you’re entitled to write whatever your thoughts might be. But you putting Maine pics is also making sure people read your piece. Honestly, had you put spidey there I will not give a damn. So there my own two-cents.

    1. You’re wrong on a lot of things and, while I’m tired of having to repeat myself again, let me say the following:




      DO YOU?

      1. Let us get hold of , BenignO and Thaddeus Grimwald. And Burn them, On STAKE… for writing and publishing this Web GRP Article. “The World is Flat”…anybody contradicting this belief, will Rot in Hell…together with the Worse Sinners and the Devils… this includes: Aquino, Roxas, Binay, Grace Poe, and Escudero…they all fit the personification of common Pinoy, as described in the Web GRP Article.

  48. I’ll try not to say what is implicitly implied… I’ll try haha.. Everyone, every race can understand to some extent..

    You might have spoken some unspeakable claims against our race, however what you have said clearly speaks more about you. One clear example is your claim that pinoys are sadistic but you yourself is guilty of such argument… And im not saying your race is sadistic..

    My point is, you racist arguments clearly is a direct attack against your character.

    If you are as deep as what you want to imply in your statements then your article would not have been as oppressive.

    I admit Im not good at arguments. But your negative statements are not racial attribute but attributes of humanity by which you are also a part of. Give yourself a favor, dont insult yourself…

    Why dont you just be more understanding, more compassionate. Instead of criticizing and insulting other, why dont you spend your energy at helping others at resonating positivity and improve what they can?

    Im a pinoy and i want to be better human. Please do the same.

    1. Pinoys love playing the race card whenever they’re confronted by criticism.

      What exactly is this “pinoy race?” Did they came from another planet?

    2. Do me a favor you failipino: go back to elementary and learn the difference between racism and criticism. Or are you implying that you failipinos always embrace your dysfunctional culture at all? Btw there is only one race in this planet and that is the human race proven by the Human Genome Project. Kaya manigas ka ultranationaist!

  49. Just to add, again I have nothing against entertainment., but the overwhelming no. of tweets that Aldub has achieved goes to show about the increasing number of web users here in our country. Which means that they also have the luxury of reading stuffs that concerns the nations. If only Filipinos would apply the same interest that concerns its country, such as the same number of tweets that the Aldub fever got about Abolishing the Pork Barrel , freedom of information bill, Duterte for President and etc. then our country will definitely achieve progress.

  50. Did anyone notice all actor and actresses in the Philippines media industry are all beautiful people? Not sure if we need to mention pinoys and pervs. because it’s not a typical pinoy trait only. Maybe we’re just all into good looking actors and actresses. Unlike foreign films where your acting skills will really get you far.

    Most Filipino movies made the difference between the rich and the poor pretty obvious. Poor or ugly people are pushed around.

    Why always blame the media, when the media is just giving us what we want to see? And most majority of Pinoys grew up with sht media thrown at them.

  51. This article is wrong. You know why? All these negative traits is common to all human beings! Can you honestly say na tayo lang yung ganyan? I guess you havent really looked at the world. This is reality dude! If we human beings are perfect and all those traits doesnt exist then we will all be in heaven by now. The best you can do as a human being is help other people that needs your help rather than spending your time posting things that doesnt help coz honestly its a waste of brain cells to create articles like this and just generalize it to filipinos. And all you smarty pants dis agrreing or agreeing with this guy are no different from the people commenting on abscbn and gma comment wars. World doesnt revolve around us filipinos! Accept the reality and move on. Ranting and complaining doesnt help anybody but your egos! (This includes me,i am not an exeption) 🙂

    1. But of course. Pinoys always need to point out that something or someone else is as bad or worse than them at something every time they’re targets of criticism. It’s their instinctive excuse for not needing to do anything about their faults.

      As always pinoys still persist in misusing the term generalization, “as if it was an attack on all or everyone” which is clearly a false notion.

      Articles like this awakens us from Delusions of Grandeur so that we could clearly see our flaws instead of going denial crazy.

  52. Do I think you’re wrong? Yes! In many levels you are wrong, but I’m not saying in all of the things you’ve said. It’s just that you’re being elitist by humiliating people who are entertained. We watch these kinds of shows but it doesn’t mean that our world revolves around it. We have different fandoms, it’s just that we’re hyped to AlDub. You haven’t mentioned it, yes? But the point is, you made it as Cover Photo of your topic which indirectly telling us that AlDub fans are stupid. I’m telling you, you’re just being elitist and you only wanna look cool just because you don’t watch these shows(especially AlDub) You can say I’m a butthurt fan, you can always say that. Coz it’s true. I’m butthurted because you just labelled people’s intelligence based on the shows they watch. Is that the only thing you can use to measure someone’s intelligence? Don’t we have the right to be entertained without the likes of you who just wanted to look mighty and cool by looking down to us entertained fans because you think we’re in a stupid fandom? You are hypocrite yourself. You’re not going to look intelligent just by shaming people because of their fandom. You’re just one of the idiots who think shaming people could make you in any higher ranks.

    1. Read the article again, teh. This time use the brain and not the heart. Only when you step back and say”hmmmm”, will this article be fully understood.

  53. Bakit pag mga articles na katulad nito (articles tungkol sa ating mga Pinoy’s negative behaviors), parang laging the author’s POV is 3rd person? Parang ang punto-de-bista eh hindi kapwa Pinoy ang nagsusulat. Parang ang dating eh “hindi ako kasama diyan.” Kahit sa mga comments ganun din. Na sa tingin ko, mas issue siya kesa (kung titingnan sa ibang liwanag) sa sinulat nung nagsulat. Parang dapat imbes na “Pinoys are stupid or Pinoys are irresponsible” dapat ay “We Pinoys are stupid or We Pinoys are irresponsible.” Ibig sabihin lang nito ay watak-watak pa rin tayo bilang isang bansa at ang ideya ng colonial mentality ay buhay pa rin.

  54. Hindi naman sikreto na medyo apathetic o kaya naman ay ignorante ang marami sa atin ‘pag dating sa mga important issues. Pero I find placing the blame on people as a fruitless endeavour. Sure, I agree na maraming superficial na pinoys. Pero inherent ba talaga sa atin yun? Kung hindi, edi outside variable (media, education, etc) ang nagpapabobo sa atin. Kung oo naman, we should push for those outside variables to change us for the better. Sure, it may sound like I’m laying the blame for our inadequacies at the media or any other institution. But how else are going to tackle the problem? Isa-isahin natin ang bawat tao? Aksaya ng oras yun. Let’s scrutinize the media. Let’s scrutinize the education system. There’s no point in scrutinizing the people.

  55. you have point that you want to be heard by masses but what is the point of putting the picture of maine of aldub in the article? obviously, you “ride on” with their popularity thinking that people will be interested in the article because of that “out of place” picture. maybe you are right at some point but you obviously you also have those “qualities” you are talking about. if you are not hypocrite, then why not use your real name instead of a pseudonym? and why not put your picture like the other writers/bloggers do? if you are so confident with your “ideals” then stand for it with bravery and be on the frontline even though it means you wil be bashed too. anyway, that’s what you did right? Philippines is a free country. we all have right to voice out our opinions but you can’t force us to agree with your beliefs. if you are so tired with being a Filipino, then apply right now for a green card. while we will try harder to reform our “filipino characters” without being so “stupid” and “hypocrite”. go to US! there, you can watch spiderman with all your hearts content. and oh, that is a perfect example of colonial mentality! a perfect Filipino trait that we need to reform. dear, dont generalize Filipino. there is a thing called individual differences. if you are so furious because Heneral Luna didn’t do well in the market, then dont blame us all. the promoters didn’t do the advertisement well. many are not aware that that movie existed. dont get me wrong. I love the movie! I watched it and it stirred th patriotism in me. and that’s the more reason why we should not give up on our race.

    p.s. im putting my real name here

    1. What photos come up along with the article when published is an editorial decision in most cases and not the author’s. As for the anonymity, that is a personal choice of each author and should be respected. Focus on the message instead of the messenger.

      1. any writer knows that he/she should be responsible for anything that he/she writes, that includes the picture that comes with it.

        as for the pseudonym, how can someone convince us with his/her ideas when he/she is hiding behind some name. that is pure cowardice! (talking about bad “Filipino characteristics”).

        I got the point and I agree at some part but not totally. generalizing Filipinos is not a good thing. I am not butthurt about those things because I think some of those are true. but not entirely! how about those Filipinos who are reforming those “traits” trying to prove to the world that they are changing to become better citizens? a very biased article!

        p.s. my comments are for the writer of this article

  56. Ano ba kinagagalit ng mga commenters dito? Yung tungkol sa article o yung pag insert ng Aldub photo. Ang daming articles na naipost na maraming puna sa pangit na trait ng Pilipino pero nung madikit itong Aldub. Parang metro ng taxi ang comments, landslide and counting.

    Truth hurts. Pero may magagawa pa.

    1. And failipinos like you always love to escape harsh realities because you are proud to be a coward. You must be a happy-go-lucky buffoon.

  57. i really like the point of this article.. sadly its the reality here… totoo naman. katulad nung one time na nanood ako ng isang movie. after ko matapos yung movie may naririnig ako nag-uusap about kung gano kagwapo yung actor instead of praising the movie itself. hindi lang sa movie nangyayari ito. everytime na may nagtatanong saken about sa tv series laging follow up question nila, gwapo ba yung bida or maganda? hindi man lang tinanong kung maganda ba yung kwento.. pero pinaka nagustuhan ko sa article yung fact na yung comedy dito is about insulting other people na lang. hindi tulad sa ibang lugar na yung comedy nila is pure comedy na walang naiinsult na tao…

  58. Ahh..reading this article is a complete waste of time. Come on, people. Do you not realize the author is simply fishing for traffic? Author surely knows what to do to gain traffic..attach a pic of aldub and bash the pinoys. That is a tactic that will surely get people to visit his posts again and again in hopes of defending themselves through the comment box. Dirty, lame tactic. Desperate author. ????

      1. Why focus on the message when the message itself is very shallow, inconsistent (from aldub to spidey to perversion), reeking with bias, and desperate elitism?

        Actually I am not attempting to be I am simply stating your obvious ulterior motive behind this post. Unless you can explain the connection between your inconsistent context and the clearly unnecessary picture, baka maniwala ako. But until then..your post is like any other desperate author’s attempt to avoid dwindling traffic. Clickbait.

        1. What is so biased when there are only less professional Filipinos exist today? Just admit that you’re a sensitive prick who always uses your heart instead of your head. Andami mong drama drama queen!

        2. Actually I am not attempting to be dismissive

          But until then..your post is like any other desperate author’s attempt to avoid dwindling traffic. Clickbait.

          Sure just live the dream.

      2. worries Mr. Author. I’m quite sure it is not merely a dream seeing as you ignored my statement and tried to point something else instead..diversion, diversion. That’s a promising entertainment. *sips coffee*

    1. Then why bother comment the article if you think it’s a waste of time you obvious troll? Did the author shattered your shitty pride that you resort for being so hostile against him you failipino?

      1. lol domo. Why are you so affected? Sorry but my pride isn’t hurt. Ano namang ikaka hurt ng pride ko? Baka ikaw ang hurt..grabe ka pa makareact sa author e. At ako pa ang naging troll ngayon just because I stated a different angle? Paka close minded mo and your pisonet haha. Really, what’s hurting you?

      2. Natawa ako sa sensitive prick mo domo. Ako nga ba ang sensitive o ikaw? Tell me, what made me sensitive when I only pointed out an angle that is clearly missed? I didnt even react violently. Why dont you reread your post ng maliwanagan ka sino sensitive prick sating dalawa?

        1. Dahil si Domo at Grimwauld ay iisa. Haha. Siya yung pinakaaffected sa lahat. Lol. Mas gusto ko pa yung ibang nagcocomment dito na maayos naipaparating ang mensahe nila na hindi kailangan maging bitter. Surely Domo is so butthurt dahil he is Grimwald. Hahahaha. Of course ang response niya sa message ko will be Failipino, troll, pisonet etc… Yeah right Grimwald. The comments of people who are able to construct their sentence without demeaning other people mas ok pa kesa sa article mo. It just shows na hindi mo kayang tumanggap ng comments AGAINST your article at kailangan mo pang magtago under the name of DOMO. Haaaay. Lol.

        2. prick ikaw ba iyan? Sus nasaan ang ebidensya mo na iisa kami? Tingnan mo nga ang pag-post namin masyadong iba. Masyado ka nang nagsasayang ng mga piso mo sa kaka-internet kaya please lang tumigil ka na’t mag-aral ka na lang inutil.

          And mochi, SPEAK FOR YOURSELF! Ikaw nga ang affected dito e kasi halatang natamaan ka sa mga binanggit ng author. I bet you love to do those mediocrities because you’re a proud moron. Simple lang inutil: you don’t like the article, get lost.

  59. Bakit di natin maamin n karamihan s cnabi ng author ay tama… Although he didnt mention “aldub” isa nman tlaga yan s pinapanood ngayun… Alam nman natin lahat na scripted ang program and yet kinikilig p rin tayo. Totoong sensitive maciado ang pinoy.. The thing is sensitive n nga pero bat ndi maramdaman n me mali nman n tlaga. Marami n nga problema ang bansa natin and yet maciado pa kayo nagpapaapekto s mga pinanonood nio at nagaaway away p kayo. Kapag pinansin nman ang mga idols nio nagagalit kayo.. Papatulan nio nman.. Kaya tuwang tuwa nman ang mga gumawa ng programs khit alam nila nagaaway away n dhil nagpapaapekto kayo.. Iappreciate n lang natin ang mga bagay s paligid not to the extent n sobrang affected n kayo at dahilan ng away kc mas lailngan nio pagtuunan ng pansin ang pamilya nio..

  60. Yes, i disagree with you, Mr. Thaddeus Grimwald…I am a Pinoy, and I have only an iota of characteristics, of what you described a Pinoy is, naturally.

    In general, most of us, especially the common folks (“bakya crowd), are just Naive. Some are outright stupid. Characteristics like: “ningas cogon”, “sip sip”, “opportunista”, “ginisa sa sariling mantika”, etc… are Pinoy’s trademarks.

    Pinoys do not aim for the Best. They do not love knowledge. And , are not innovative; most of them are: “gaya gaya”…

    They love: telenovelas, prize winning shows, trash/garbage entertainments. This is the reason, their minds are stale and stunted.

    They cannot differentiate, between fiction in the movies; and Reality. So, they elect Show Biz people. Hoping these uneducated entertainment people, can solve their problems, or the country’s problems; as depicted in their movies.

    Most of the Pinoys, never grow up…

  61. that’s exactly what the trapos and the oligarchs (behind the media) want the pinoys to be… and they are winning by a landslide!

    how much more snooze time do we need before we finally wake up?

  62. Pinoys Are Irresponsible
    Pinoys Are Perverts
    Pinoys Are Sadistic
    Pinoys Are Stupid
    Pinoys Are Hypocrites
    I’m not saying these are all wrong, but let me explain. Tatagalugin ko ha.
    Hindi lang tayong mga Pinoy ang ganyan, kung sino man ang nagsulat nito.
    Therefore I’m proving you wrong.
    Although hindi naman ako butthurt kasi ang sabi ko nga, hindi lang pinoy ang may ganyan ang ugali. Hindi lang sa Pilipinas makikita yung mga ganyang traits. Okay? Okay.
    Kaya nga lang, hindi ba ikaw yung nabutthurt? Kasi ang nakikita mo lang na “people” na sinasabi mo sa article mo eh yung mga taong nakikiuso. Maraming ganyan na teenager(kaedad ko). Gusto nila GoT, Walking Dead, Divergent, Mockingjay, 50SOG at kung ano ano pang mga librong ginagawang movie. Pag tinanong mo sila kung bakit nila papanuorin, kasi pogi yung bida, kasi si ganito nanjan, kasi may sex, tangina, etc. Yes, nabasa nila yung mga book pero they don’t get the real story. Sasabihin pag wala yung scene sa libro, pangit yung movie kasi iniba yung kwento, or wala yung sex scene na nasa banyo sila, etc.
    What I mean is, malamang yung mga nakikiuso lang yung gusto mong patamaan sa article mo kasi yung katawan lang ni Spiderman yung gusto nila(Toby is my fave).
    The traits that mentioned above, has nothing to do with your entire article, in my opinion lang naman. Minsan nga gusto ko na lang silang bigyan ng link sa mga porn sites kung yun lang din hanap nila eh.
    Goodeve. Nakicomment lang po ^^

    1. “but this happens everywhere” would be the typical response from a Pinoy to this post. They love to make general statements like this to make you believe that everyone and every country is just as dysfunctional as the Philippines

      Another is;

      “Don’t generalize us”
      “Huwag nyo kaming nilalahat!”
      “Your words do not represent all…”
      “Not all filipinos are like that sir!”

      All of them are overused expressions used by pinoys as convenient excuses for not dealing with their faults.

      1. Sabi nga sa nabasa ko sa tumblr na ‘HOW TO WRITE GOOD’, “Writers should not generalize” atsaka, “Be more or less specific”.
        Anyway, yung “This happens everywhere” eh iba sa “Don’t generalize us”. Yung “This happens everywhere” kasi lahat ng tao sinama ko, so nag generalize ako. lol
        Anyway ulit, totoo naman na “don’t generalize us”, pero sa part lang na nakikiuso yung ibang tao. Kasi yung iba (like me) eh hindi naman nakikiuso. Halimbawa, yung mga kaklase ko GoT ng GoT, ako ayoko non, manonood na lang ako ng porn, mas nakakatawa pa yon. Tapos yung ate ko ang ingay ingay pag AlDub na, hindi naman sa against ako, pero kasi may rason ako kung bakit ayaw ko ng aldub XD
        Kasi I like Alden Richards before he was too mainstream XD hahahaha(don’t hate meeee)
        ANYWAY ULIT, example lang yong mga nabnggit ko. Kung may galit ka sa mga taong ang gusto lang eh katawan ni Spiderman, edi sa kanila ka magalit. Pag ba nagsulat ako ng article na,”mga pinoy abs lang ang habol kay Spiderman.” edi si writer grimwald kasama don, although hindi naman talaga?

        1. No worries. If you can distinguish yourself from the majority that would be great. My beef is with people who misuse the term “Generalization” to make themselves look as if they are or act like they are oppressed, this drama of “feeling inaapi” just because they are criticized or told about their flaws.

          It shows that a majority(not all) of pinoys are still not familiar with this concept of self-criticism or of humbly accepting criticism.

        2. WR, I would say those people are the real butthurts. Yung mema lang kasi may nabasa lang silang negative, nagrereact na. Pero wala talaga silang alam about dun sa topic. Nagmamagaling, ganyan. Marami rin akong nabasang mga comments na puro mema lang( not included yung mga troll at kumakain ng popcorn tska nakikibasa ng comments lol).

    2. “Hindi lang tayong mga Pinoy ang ganyan…

      Therefore I’m proving you wrong.”

      Unfortunately, you didn’t prove the author wrong. On the contrary, you seemed to prove him right by admitting “Hindi lang tayong mga Pinoy ang ganyan.”

      In fact, you said “I’m not saying these are all wrong…”

      1. shitlessass, WR, and Vincent,

        ‘The Philippines is corrupt because the people are corrupt; the people are corrupt because the culture is corrupt; the culture is corrupt because the value system is corrupt.’

        I can’t think of any other way to explain our country, culture, people more succintly.


        1. I first heard about Americans doubting Filipinos is at law school regarding why they never extended the jury system in our courts. Our professor in Criminal Law 1 said something like the Americans thought that the Filipinos are not capable enough to render justice with their fellow countrymen because of their attitude. I can’t remember if he said it was a rumor or a fact.

          When I visited Rizal’s cell in Fort Santiago, I saw an excerpt from one his letters to his sibling there saying something like “here in Europe, farmers discuss here about barometers and other scientific instruments. At home, Filipino lawyers knows more about saints and their miracles.”

          It shows that the problem has always been there. The other problem is, we don’t seem to want to be released from the chains and everyone who tried is either ostracized or killed.

      2. I’m not having any doubts about our countrymen, actually. But if that’s what you think my comment means, so be it.
        Not hating. 🙂

  63. Ayos tong article dude, nakilala naten ang mga tanga, ganyan naman ang karamihan sa mga Pinoy, kung ano ang uso, pogi, malake ang boobs, may abs, dun sila, noong uso ang hip hop lahat hip hop, nauso ang rock en roll, lahat nag may banda na, ask mo kung sino si Eddie Veder, Led Zep,Hendrix di nila alam, alam lang nila “nasayo na ang lahat”, nauso ang photography lahat photographer, nasa Mall may SLR ang mga gago, tapos fofocus nila sa mga baso, the writer here is trying to point out na huwag sanang umikot yung mundo naten sa mga uso/trending at sa mga walang kwentang bagay bagay na masayado nating binibigyan ng pansin,sad to say most filippinos will stay in the comfort zone of mediocrity & what is uso/trending, I hope in the near future we make a brighter yesturday I hope more filipinos will read books (article like this), draw art, spread ideas worth sharing, & watch Ted talks instead of stupid game shows.

    1. again, another arrogant intellectual wannabe. Aminin mo, nanuod ka rin ng “Fifty Shades of Grey”. 🙂

      “You look down on jejemons but you’ve read New Moon? That’s like the pot calling the kettle Jojo Binay.” ~Lourd de Veyra

      1. And again another failipino attacking someone who is obviously has a concrete point. Just admit that you’re too asshurt to admit how stupid and malicious you are inutil de trapo.

        1. HAHAHA nakakatawa ka na domo. Isa ka ba sa mga admins dito? At nawawala ang isa kong comment tungkol sa iyo. Binura mo ba? LOL Huwag na tayong magpaka ipokrito. Nakakalula. 🙂

        2. Hell no. I’m just a follower of this site slamming stupid people like you who are always missing every articles’ point. Besides, with this style of writing of mine, do you even think that I’m qualified to be an admin? Your comment was deleted you say? Tanungin mo sina benign0 o Ilda. Baka naman kasi labag sa patakaran ng site na ito iyang pinost mo. If it is, sino ngayon ang nakakalula?

    2. “…nauso ang photography lahat photographer, nasa Mall may SLR ang mga gago, tapos fofocus nila sa mga baso…”
      hahahaha tama. may kabatch ako sa school(public univ) sabi ba naman, “SINO MAY DALA NG SLR? PICTURE TAYO.” ano to everyday necessity ng mga tanga?

  64. “Mas madali pang pagkasunduin ang langit at lupa kaysa dalawang Pilipino tungkol sa kahit anong bagay.” – from the movie Heneral Luna

    May macomment lng 🙂

  65. Isn’t it obvious that local channels are using these gimmicks that would turn out to be a great profit for them?’s ok to be happy but these kind of shows are somewhat fooling others. I’d rather watch Nathaniel than watching these trending senseless shows.

  66. With all noise from the different comments both for and against your article and you as its writer, let me say this to you fellow writer Grimwald:

    Thank you.

    I learned a lot about Filipinos more based on their reactions to what you wrote. I saw it here and in the GRP Facebook page. Really disappointing. A lot of educating (because purging is so unchristian) needs to be done.

  67. Pinoy nga naman…
    Nakita na nga nakalagay “wet paint” hihipuin parin sabay sasabihing “ay basa nga”
    Nakita na nga sa harap ng bus “cubao”, may taga sigaw pa ng cubao cubao, matindi neto, lalapit pa yung pasahero at magtatanong..cubao?
    Tatawag sa telepono at kapag sumagot ang tinawagan tatanongin pa kung gising ka?
    Mahirap kasi sa karamihan….. Palaging nasa idiot mode….tamad na tamad gumamit ng utak. Kaya kung ano nalang ang isalang ng media kuntento na.
    Hamon ng manunulat, kung hindi kayo ganito, patunayan niyo.

      1. Malamang aabot sa lampas 300 ang comments dito pero mukhang wala pa ring sasagot sa hamon na “prove me wrong!” Karamihan ng di sang-ayon ay ad hominem ang tema at wala nang ibang maisagot. Walang pa akong nakikitang nakapag-patunay na mali ang may-akda.

        Sorry, “butt-hurts”. So far, I think the author is leading the scores. Play harder, “drama queens.”

  68. I’ve read the whole thing or “article” as you call it. I somehow agree., but what I’m not getting is calling PINOYS as Pervert just because they prefer to watch Ex With Benefits or any other sexy movies than Heneral Luna. Because me as well will prefer to watch other movies than Heneral Luna but not because I’m pervert but I just hate History. Plus the fact that you used “aldub” photo, where in fact this article has nothing to do with Aldub. Unless you have something personal agaist aldub that you used their photo for the title of your article.

  69. I do not know who the author is but I feel sorry for him/her. To generalize a population of over 100M people is frankly the only legitimate stupidity in the article. I do not know how he/she grew up or who raised him/her or who the author is intermingling with but yes, true, every culture have their stupids, but he/she should speak only for herself and her family and circle of friends. Unless of course the author is a social anthropologist and have exhaustive research done on the subject but I seriously doubt that.

    1. It’s the same pattern;

      “every culture have their stupids” would be the typical response from a Pinoy to this post. They love to make general statements like this to make you believe that everyone and every country is just as dysfunctional as the Philippines.

      But as always pinoys still persist in misusing the term generalization, “as if it was an attack on all or everyone” which is clearly a false notion.

      They seem to confuse generalization with Absoluteness. Unable to comprehend nuances they just view things with excessive literalism, hence the misconception and misuse of certain choice words.

      Pinoys misuse the term “Generalization” to make themselves look as if they are or act like they are oppressed, this drama of “feeling inaapi” just because they are criticized or told about their flaws.

    2. Which part of his article did the author generalized EVERY SINGLE Filipino? Specifics or you’re just another drama queen who uses too much of your heart instead of your head. Otherwise, go back on watching your stupid telebasuras you failipino.

      1. Pag umangal sa artikulo, sasabihing “butthurt”, “drama queen”, “feeling inaapi”, “bobo”, “ayaw tumanggap ng kritisismo”..haha..ano ba yan. Harapin nyo rin ang criticism sa artikulo na to dahil sinulat nyo to para sa publiko. Mas mabuti nga eh kung tinagalog nyo para maintindihan ng mga sinasabi nyong ‘tanga’. The author also forgot to use his heart while writing this. Puro utak ang ginamit!

      2. What’s the matter failipino? Can’t admit that I’m stating the obvious? And your “criticism” is nothing but pure emo and hostilities. At problema na ng mga “tanga” iyan kung hindi sila marunong mag-Ingles. I mean ano bang ginawa nila nung sila’y nasa elementary at tinuturan sila ng subject na iyan? Nag-skipping classes na lang kaya walang pinag-aralan? Palibahsa kasi ang mga bobong pinoy na katulad mo masyadong madrama kaya iyan palaging talunan sa argument. Go back on watching your telebasuras pendejo. Bawal ang mga utak squatter dito.

        1. Haha people like you trash-talking domo don’t deserve an argument. Panay pagmumura lang naman ang pinagsasabi mo. I’ve stated my stand. Sisihin nyo na lahat ng mga tanga, nasa inyo na yan, dyan kayo magaling. Palibhasa kasi ang mga intellectual wannabe na katulad nyo ay masyadong nagmamarunong. Matuto kang yumoko dude. Aminin mo, naging TANGA ka rin.

        2. We are all committing stupidity yes but not insane unlike you who is already a loser in this article who should also not deserve an argument. Andami na ngang disagree sa iyo dito pinipilit mo pa na mukha kang tama. What are you still accusing Grimwald that he deliberately uses that aldub pic in his article just like your accusation to me that I’m one of this site’s mods? And there goes your “nagmamarunong” spiel again. I’m not being an intellect here jackass. I’m just saying what is really going on that you don’t accept it because you’re being a happy-go-lucky escapist. Hindi ka ba nagtataka kung bakit kokonti lang ang mga matatalino sa buong Pilipinas at hindi civilized ang bansa kaya third world pa rin ang status hanggang ngayon unlike Singapore? Wag mong sabihin na makisama pa rin sa ibang third world na bansa dahil nasa kultura natin iyon. Eh pinili mo pala na maging bobo e. We’re not the ones smothering this country. You are and the rest of your kind.

    1. Nah aminin mo na lang na tinamaan ka sa mga sinasabi ng author dakilang bobo. He already got inspiration from this country’s horrible situation thanks to failipinos like you for his articles.

  70. I saw this on my feed and expected it to dissect Aldub and criticizing the Filipino masses. It would have been a hilarious read except it’s all about Spiderman & intellectualism. Grimwald said it was benignO’s choice to put the picture in the article. I can’t believe he appreciates if not respects the ability of the two to carve a market which would translate to site hits. As Grimwald wrote, “Last but not least, here we are with Pinoy hypocrisy.”

  71. Everything you have observed about us I would agree with, but I wouldn’t blame the Filipinos for being such: If we would look at tumblr, twitter, pinterest blah, pop culture shows that people in general are perverts. Tignan mo na lang mga post doon. Mga babae pa mahilig dun madalas. Youtube, vine, and both local and foreign tv shows instill in us that sadistic comedy is the way to go. May mga america’s funniest home videos and the like pa nga where we find laughs at other people’s expenses. Filipinos see what they see and blah and yes I agree pero you can’t deny na it’s in the back of everyone’s minds and at the end of the day bago matulog, andoon yun at gagambalain ka nun. Wala kang takas dun. Pero sino bang may solusyon? Men, kung lahat ng solusyon— Tinamad na ko ituloy hahahaha. Ang gusto ko lang sabihin, we are easily swept by the western influence. Mas trip pa nga ni OP si Spider-man kaysa kay gagamboy eh. Matagal nang sakit ng Pilipino yan. Panahon pa ni Magellan. Ngayon ka pa nagreklamo. At kung may solusyon ka, ipakita mo at maging ehemplo ka. Di lang kay OP pero sa lahat na rin. Hirap sa tin, masyado tayo maka-Rizal, puro sulat puro hikayat, pero tupi walang maipakita. People who do is what the PH lacks.

  72. “choosing to be dumb even when knowledge is presented to you is nothing more than stupidity.”

    I love that part. While there is nothing wrong with watching comedy shows to relieve the everyday stress of our lives. We should continue improving ourselves, with the internet being very available we can research to our hearts content. I do hope the gf who commented about Apolinario Mabini in the Heneral Luna movie will change now that her question has gone viral.

  73. well its better this way than how Serians and other middle east treat their people or North Koreans…the way how our culture affects our perception of media– vice versa, it doesn’t changed the spirit of being a filipino. In this fast growing and advancing world, changes is inevitable but nonetheless predictable…your article reminds me of my lolo and what other elders used to say “hindi kami ganyan nuon” “iba na mga kabataan ngayon” etc. Self awareness– maybe we are getting older and starting to be like our elders….but, ohh well– someone has to be….lol


    1. If entertainment is to retard your mind…it is not entertainment .It is regression… If it stimulates your mind to become more intelligent: it is true entertainment. Educating your mind is entertainment and education , combined.

      The issue here are shows that makes the Minds of Filipinos, to become mentally retarded, like Aquino, himself…

    2. If you think entertainment is to make you stupid then congratulations for being a moron. Syempre hindi mo matanggap iyan kasi dakilang bobo ka. Do me a favor at mag-aral ka kaysa sa manood ka ng mga nakakabobong palabas at dadabog ka dyan na parang bata. Kaya kokonti lang ang mga propesyonal na Pilipino dahil sa mga inutil na katulad mo e. And yummy! Your tears are very tasty!

      1. If you think your name-calling will help you become smarter then congratulations for being an asshole. Do me a favor at bumalik ka ng elementary at pag aralan muli ang Values Education. Paano mo nalamang kokonti lang ang propesyonal na Pilipno? tindi mo pre.

        1. Anong tawag mo doon sa mga walang ginawa sa buhay nila kundi puro na lang mga nakakabobong palabas ang inaatupag? Mas-magaling pa nga yung batang nag-review sa may McDo kaysa sa kanila e. Pa-values education ka pa dyan pero parang ang gusto mo sa mga bobong pinoy binebeybi pa rin e. Alam mo ba ang salitang “disiplina”? Kung hindi, yun talaga ang kulang sa inyo kaya masyado kayong happy-go-lucky na ang tingin mo sa bansa natin ay napakasaya all the time. Nauto ka masyado sa “it’s more fun in the philippines” ano? Happiness is getting too overrated and you failipinos need to reduce it because this country will have no future if you just do that. I mean, masaya ka pa rin kahit na namatay na ang nanay mo’t hindi man sya nabigyan ng hustisya? Don’t be insane. And in case you went full retard again, no I’m not attacking your mother deliberately. I’m just making an example.

  75. You just use ALDUB to make everyone read your article. I understand what you’re trying to convey in your article but please don’t use ALDUB.

  76. dang…i can walk through the hail of bullets that some commenters shot at Grimwald and i would not even be grazed because they are so off target…don’t you get it? when Grim uses the term Filipinos, of course that includes him, he’s a Filipino is he not? he’s not saying, you Filipinos are like this or that…do you get that? bato-bato sa langit ang tamaan huwag magagalit…if you are not one of those Filipinos that Grim describes..then, well and good..kayo pag-asa nang bayan..if you are, then maybe, just maybe, you will stop and think, ganoon ba ako? and maybe, again maybe, it will give you an idea to make changes in your life para hindi ka na matawag na pervert, stupid, hypocrite, atbp…

  77. Spider man on the first few paragraphs… So cute. Thank you for showing us pinoys how to gloat. Blame it on being filipinos. I hope you achieve what you’ve been aiming for with this article. Your sincere patriotism is going somewhere. Uhhh… Heaven perhaps… I now wanted to be as much Because of your article. Perverts, wow! And that’s a uniquely pinoy trait? Checklist. Sadist, yey! Because only pinoys laugh at other people’s expense. Epic fail. The biggest comedy here is you– judging pinoys with their showbiz fantasies and not watching gen. Luna or maybe it’s because of spider man??? And i’m lost. Hypocrites! I know i am coz i’m making this comment. You know what grimwauld, if pinoys have such bad values for you then go be a chinese- american-swiss or simoan, whatever race you think supports your patriotism. More effevtively, stop being human. Go back to palnet nemic or wherever planet you’ve come from because everything you’re blaming of filipino culture, are brought about by us being human.

    1. Condescending dismissiveness aside, another spot on predictable pinoy response. Massive tampo, pikon, sulks, gives silent treatment when admonished for their behavior, no matter how gentle you pointed out their errors. Then spreads lies and mistruth about you, playing the underdog, distorting the real issue, bandwagoning the faults of other countries, pointing the problem right back at you.

      Then acccuse you of being a traitor to the “pinoy race” and demand that you get leave “planet Philippines” because they are unable to tolerate critcism.

    1. and you’re a stupid dimwit. YOU should learn more because obviously you’re an asshurt who can’t handle criticisms especially if it’s from outside our country. What you stupidly think that we Filipinos are the best race in the whole world? No wonder why foreigners always call us peenoise because you failipinos always show-off with your credit grabbing while you actually achieved absolutely nothing. And you know what’s worse than bitterness? Your dysfunctional pride and pride is one of the 7 mortal sins you know.

  78. in my own point of view, the author just expresses his own opinion theres nothing wrong with that.. everyone is free to do that. But as an ordinary person who struggle everyday to go thru everyday traffic and other hardships, being able to be inspired to love and to be “kilig”, and smile and make friends and be as one by watching AlDub it makes us more Filipino… To be inspired, to be one for the sake of love… (just saying=))

  79. Pag na butthurt mga pinoy nagwawala na sa mga comment, halatang apektado.

    Kasi nainis ang mga butthurt sa sinabi mo. sasabihan ka ng kung ano ano. like “tanga ka ba?”, “bobo ka?”, “bitter much?”, “utak talangka?” Pag successful naman ang kababayan natin sasabihin nila “pinoy pride!”, “proud to be pinoy!”, pag may foreigner na pinaguusapan si pacquiao, yun pinoy bigla mag sasabi “Im Pinoy!”. Foreigners be like “Really? Owkaay?” bakit close ba kayo ni Pacquiao? Kung enjoy kayo sa ganun wala nmn kming magagawa kasi nakikinuod, nakikitingin, nakikibasa lang kami, kung gusto namin gumawa din kmi ng video namin.

    Tama na bash ng bash enjoy nalang kayo kahit ano pa yan. Baduy na movie, superhero, Horror na pangit ang graphics. Bash kayo ng bash, baket yayaman ka ba sa kakabash mo? Ay nakalimutan ko nakikinuod lang pala kami kaya wala kming magagawa, kung gusto namin gumawa kmi ng video namin.

    Enjoy what you enjoy, and traba-trabaho din pag may time. Hindi puro social media, FIBA page talo PILIPINAS puro pinoy butthurt nakakahiya peenoise.

    Sana makatulong ang showbiz sa economiya ng Pilipinas mapaALDUB, Pastillas, Sexy Movies, relevant movies, at kahit ano pa pang genre. Parang sa US na patay na patay tayo sa mga blockbuster films nila eh lahat naman din walang kwenta pero enjoy na enjoy tayo. batman, superman, spider-man, ironman, and kahit anong manman.

    Wag na kayo mabutthurt parepareha lang naman tayo.

  80. Parepareho lang tayo, wag niyo na laitin mga hilig ng kababayan natin. Different entertainment for everyone.

    lahat naman tayo may kinakainisan. Pero mga keyboard warrior lang naman tayo eh. Pag harapan na tahimik lang pero pag mga gantong post hindi totoong pangalan ginagamit.

    1. Playing the victim card much failipino? Obviously you don’t know the meaning of life because you just stupidly think “ganyan naman palagi e.”

  81. while a whole race(syria) is being subjected to genocide the pinoys are going gaga over a witch looking grandma, a big nostrilled nanny and her clean-cut boyfriend who lives in a tv studio. pinoys are out of touch with reality. kudos to the writer. no to garbage mainstream TV/Radio programs.

    1. Then blame the media and the oligarchs behind them who prey on the ‘ignorant, stupid masses’. Blame our local stations for putting out garbage shows. The problem with intellectuals/elitists is they think they know everything, rushing to judgment without looking at the bigger picture. They have this particular stigma toward the low-class. Para ring yung mga taong sinisisi ang mga ‘bobotante’ dahil sa pagpili ng kandidato. Bat di nyo sisihin ang kandidatong hindi marunong tumupad ng pangako??

      But then again, intellectuals will dismiss this because they are superior.. they think they know everything.

      1. And failipinos like you are just like those anti-elites in telebasuras. Do you even think the problem lies with those medias and oligarch mafias alone? Irresponsible turd. Your last line is the equivalent of “eh di wow”. Again stop being too dramatic. Daig mo pa yung mga bobo sa Science of Stupid e.

        1. Aminin mo domo, you think you know everything, but you don’t. You think I’m being dramatic kasi panay pa-astig at pa-cool ang nasa isip mo. Sinali pa ang Science of Stupid. Kaano-ano mo si Ramon Bautista? Cya ang tunay na cool. Hindi ikaw. 🙂

        2. Jeez I’m not being mr. smartass or being astig unlike you drama queen. All you just did here is being too emo towards an article and I’m hitting at your retardedness. Hindi ko kaano-ano si Ramon Bautista. I’m just comparing you to those stupid people kasi basta ka lang umaatake sa site na ito pero palaging talunan naman. Sige umatake ka pa pisonet boy.

  82. lahat nagiging kritiko, sana binabayaran tayo sa mga pinagsusulat nating kung ano ano. para magenjoy naman tayo sa buhay natin woohooo pinoy pride!!

  83. SPIDER MAN is a fictional story. HENERAL LUNA Is a living person in his prime and true to life story. Why mention spider and mention his heroism that can only be Done by human mind. It is not filipinos fault for not knowing other important matters. It is about how media and politics manipulate the mind of people. Media only focuses for who is now trending and (by the way I love ALDUB) and, how politicians manipulate people minds. Dont blame filipinos, because they choose what make their stressful life to be interesting and beneficial. That is not stupidity. Filipinos are intelligent in their own way but it was taken away from them because of people ambitions to disgrace, to corrupt and to let filipinos stay at the bottom. So you should start to blame the root of evil before its people. It just lack of information. That was the only reason why iNdie and historical events where taken granted.

  84. bakit ung ibang article ung comments nasa 50 below lang. tapos itong article na ito may picture nung aldub 270 comments? magdagdag pa ako. lol!

    most Filipinos react and don’t respond. this is one of our society’s problem.

    para sa mga “Perverts”, panoorin niyo n lang ung True Detective ung nag hubad si Alexand Ddrio. sarap eh! hahaha! atleast may nudity at may sense ung show. pero ung lang tinignan ko. 😀

    If you watch aldub fine, ako sa opis pag lunchtime sa pantry namin yan ung palabas natatawa naman ako sa tatlong ungas dun. pero pag uwi ko i read books like: Lee Kuan Yew:3rd world to First, Screenwrting, etc.

  85. Ow how I miss the SineSkwela, Mathinik, Epol Apol, Bayani, Hiraya Manawari and my favorite Battle of the Brains of RPN9. Could they please bring that back for the sake of this lost youth and their future? Ow I also miss Game Ka na Ba, but totally not Kris A.

    1. Gotta love Battle of the Brains. Unlike stupid game shows today, the host in that show has class and the questions are very interesting and not too simple. To all the stupid failipinos, this is what a game show must be not what you always watch in your retarded noontime shows. The questions are too difficult for you? Then you only prove how much of an ass you are unlike those who joined that show who wants their brains to be challenged:

        1. Although sadly that’s the reason why battle of the brains got obsolete and more stupid game shows in stupid noontime shows spread like a virus.

  86. Pinoys Are Irresponsible! Pinoys Are Perverts! Pinoys Are Sadistic! Pinoys Are Stupid! Pinoys Are Hypocrites!

    Do you disagree with me? Then prove me wrong!

    What prevents the author from honestly admitting that he and his rah-rah boy Domo are also part of the irresponsible, perverts, sadistic, stupid and hypocrites at large?!

    What prevents them from declaring categorically that, “when I say stupid pinoy I mean Domo and Grimwald are also stupid!” (It’s like just simply saying “Hey people, don’t be too touchy! I am also attacking myself here. You’re a Fan, I’m also a Fan! I am also you!”)

    Why the author’s preference in writing the usual “typical Pinoys” instead of the more appropriate “We Pinoys” when, he and perhaps the rest (but not all maybe) of the larger GRP Community Perverts, are they themselves lovers of Porn?! (Why stay hypocritical inspite of the author’s admission of being a pervert himself in his other posts?! The Pervert!)

    What makes GRP writers and Domo-like commenters think that “typical Pinoys” are only about “tele-seryes” when just the same so are with the rest of the world (Hispanic tele-novelas, Western soap-operas, Bollywood, Korea-novelas, J-dramas).

    Why put the blame on the “typical Pinoys” when Big Brother Media is the Almighty One serving them the so-called trash and making a huge profit from it. Ask them (Big Brother Media) to give us what you want!

    And what makes you think and be so sure that after having a few minutes of entertainment will make a “typical Pinoy” dumb and stupid? Life goes on after that brother, everyone is back at work, back to one’s study, back to their books, back to one’s hobby, to his/her art, to their science projects, back to his/her loved-ones and family!

    Intelligent people should renew their thinking for once! If even a few minutes of crazy entertainment can unite our people from here and abroad and can ease traffic situation in EDSA on Saturdays (if you think about it, the presence of the Highway Patrol Group is no match with the absence of Yaya Dub and Alden in EDSA), there must be something that Grimwald and his boy Domo failed to see! Something Positive! Groovy and Crazy!

    Former ABS-CBN TV Host Dapneh Oseña-Paez, in her blog, says that she’s an AlDub fan and is not ashamed! “I told my husband, and declared in that now-deleted FB post, that this was revolutionary.”

    (Dapneh in her blog’s comment section: “This weekend I watched Heneral Luna and #ALDUBMostAwaitedDate. I loved the message of Heneral Luna. It rocked me to my core. I am so passionate about it. Is that what a shallow person is? Aldub is pure entertainment. I wish people would stop judging. Right?”)

    Even GRP’s very own Snobby and Naughty Kate Natividad is now saying that “Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza rock!” She writes “…to most people, me included, there is no mystery. It’s just plain kilig over something magical that could happen to anyone.”

    As Mr. BenignO would always say, “It’s simple really”!

    Intelligent people (both true and those just pretending to be) sometimes just to impress everyone else, forget how it is to be human again!

    1. You see Yaya, it is a CYCLE, as mentioned in the title. Yes, the media producers are to blame, yes the politicians are to blame but don’t you think that we, the common people, should ALSO hold ourselves accountable. By blaming other parties, we pass on the buck even though we are the same people who allow for our own stupidity.

      Please read this article again because it’s quite clear you didn’t understand it all.

      I am very sorry because I would like to praise you for your courage and your willingness to argue reasonably like all the other commenters here. Unfortunately, I am very disappointed that you MISSED the whole point.

      First of all, although I already promised I wouldn’t say it again, I didn’t choose the picture and I have nothing against AlDub personally. Second, I did not insinuate or imply that I am excluded from being the five things mentioned above. I’m sorry but while your effort was worthy, you still went FULL RETARD on me like all the rest.

      Please reply once you’ve put all this together…

      1. I believe we have the same crusade here, it’s just you go one way while I go the other way (This maybe that’s why, my comment got your attention!):

        “See, one thing I noticed about the lot of you, when people try to be nice, you just up and ignore them. It’s only when people hurt your feelings that you even start to pay attention.”

        “Only by accepting our weaknesses and learning to work with them can we develop them into our strengths. It is through confronting the truth, no matter how difficult it is to come to terms with, can we hope to change ourselves for the better.”

        I have great admiration for most GRP writers here including yourself Mr. Grimwald. Quite humbly on your part (and laudable after writng the above article) for saying, “I did not insinuate or imply that I am excluded from being the five things mentioned above.” I always think there’s more to the writers’ inner sanctum than to the written materials they are writing about!

        My problem here is, if you can call or view it as a problem really. It’s when the article sometimes seemingly encourages “false self-identification” and develops “Us and Them” attitude, that it failed to convey its intended intention and then sends a wrong signal to the ethnocentic attitude of the likes of Mr. Domo and others. You can just view the senseless rants and posturings to the perceived Enemies of Intellectuality, but really, without meaning or purpose. Though I presume the article did not intend it to be, it still inevitably breeds and encourages pseudo-intellectuals along the way. And GRP will also have its own Pseudo-Intellectual stupid breed in its community. I hope you welcome the few agents that attend to equalize. The fulcrum that balances has to be there somewhere!

        BTW, the Dapneh and Kate examples and their reference to AlDub (like the AldUb photo) is just a representation and should be viewed as such.

        1. Well, you are certainly right there. However, I just wanted to make the article as objective as possible. Unfortunately, doing so made it too impersonal to a lot of readers, including you, I suppose. Please don’t take it the wrong way, I wasn’t saying I was “superior” in any way. I just wanted to say it in a way that was free of any subjective posturing.

      2. Why not move to another country? If you cannot stand the STUPIDITY (which is a verh strong word) of Filipinos and Philippine media, then just leave. If you can’t beat them, join them…when in Rome, you know the rest. I am currently watching 60 minutes after watching CNN. Oh yes, I also stayed up until 2 am on Saturday here in Toronto to watch Tamang Panahon. I watch the news to be informed and Eat Bulaga to be entertained.

    2. I’m actually excited about domo’s response to this. Is he going to call you “failipino”, “idiot” and “drama queen” too?, that I’m waiting.. I salute you YaYa for pointing out exactly what’s wrong with this article.

      1. Well I don’t need to since Grimwald himself already rebutted her indiot. Dumada ka pa dyan halatang talunan naman. You just comment in this article to troll, do you pendejo? Who’s feeling cool now blockhead?

        1. HAHA kung pagbabatayan ang comments natin, sino sa ating dalawa ang mukhang troll? LOL At bakit naging pipi ka sa komento ni Yaya? She’s right, yes? What’s your counter argument? – “Failipino”, “idiot”, “bobo”, “retard”…sooo good at name-calling, yeah? 🙂

  87. The Aquino YellowTard Hordes, are stampeding, breathing their anger on Thaddeus Grimwald ; and to any Blogger who disagree with them. Follow the Herd…YellowTards…

    EDSA on BlogSite…

    1. Another pseudo-intellectual spotted! Are you ‘domo’ hiding behind another name? LOL Aquino isn’t even mentioned here. Nonconformist wannabe, what is your opinion on this article? Or are you just here for the comments? 🙂

      1. Sus nagbibintang ka pa. Hanggang dyan lang ba ang kaya mong iatake sa amin sa site na ito inutil? Mukha bang ganyan ang pag-type ko sa iyo tanga? O ayaw mo lang kasing amin na dakilang talunan ka na dito because you just went full retard?

  88. All i can say is….

    A good read and not a waste of time… clever thinking of putting a pic that is really irrelevant in the article… stirred the stupidity out a
    Of people and thus proving the writer’s point. Just my 2cents… pinoys shud wake up and accept that a lot shud be done to change and it shud start from each and every single “proud to be pinoys” acceptance is the first step

  89. did anybody take on Grimwald’s challenge to prove him wrong? most of what i read is attacking him for posting Aldub in the article..where are the rebuttals that we are not perverts or stupid or irresponsible…look inside yourself and tell me…once in your life you have been stupid, a pervert, irresponsible, etc…ayaw mo lang umamin..hypocrites we all

  90. if a person sees you as a hypocrite then you are one, but it is only confined within his judgement and no one can change it 🙂 i think the purpose of this article is pure criticism and not enlightenment. All he said is hatred and disgust in such way that he would not consider any argument anyone would give.

  91. it takes one to know one…

    you don’t have to apologize to us, we are the same, you are one of us…, you only think different because of your current location and situation maybe? colonial mentality grimwald? your name says so…, grim!!!

    you are the first hypocrite yourself here man

  92. i agree because he is so bitter in a very low level of speaking…, bitter? something is wrong with him.

    he is not happy with his life and he catches attention this way?! eeeeeeeeeeew

  93. This article wouldn’t get so many backlash if he added the word most. Like most pinoys are perverts, most pinoys are stupid….. Now if only he added that one little word, I would have agreed to what the author said completely. I’ll give you guys one example, my neighbors. Every single damn week that guy named Kevin hacks our wifi. Their kids always wander and hang on our front yard without permission, they hire videoke on special occasions (sadly almost every month) and sing until 3 am on a school night without giving much thought to the people they bother around them. They get drunk every Friday night and leave their beer bottles on the street and one time when they thought I was not at home they used my clothes line to hang their laundered clothes. I’m pretty sure a lot of you have those kind of neighbors. The uneducated ones. The majority of people with this kind of culture. The masses. I’m not making a sweeping generalization of filipinos. All I’m saying is a lot of Filipinos are like this and I think the author could have worded this article better.

  94. Sad that people are only mostly here because of the Adlub or whatever pic and not Heneral Luna which looks like something of value that finally got shat out in that POS island chains.

  95. Just an opinion…I think what have been mentioned in the article are true. It is good that someone point those out. To all the Filipinos who have read this article this is an eye opener, this is what others think of us. I don’t expect anyone to care.Truly we are good at ignoring; laughing over matters, problems and on situation we feel helpless about,but let us unlearn to always ignore. Let us try to see and analyze problems.
    Let us also be cautious of todays media, remember that not all that is presented is good for us. Let us be intelligent and good consumer so that the media would have no other choice but to provide intelligent and meaningful feeds. THE PRODUCERS SUPPLY ONLY WHAT IS DEMANDED. If we demand a good quality we are supplied good ones.

    With regards to the the statement of the author about us being hypocrites, I want to remind you that a person have his/ her own choice on how he/ she wants to present himself/ herself.Wether he/ she believes she is wholesome, kind, smart or whatever it is; and does otherwise THAT IS A PERSONAL CHOICE. Just an example even if a person hates to have guests he/ she still entertains him/her, becuse it was a choice he/ she made. Even if he/ she is a hypocrite he / she still chose to show his / her kindness.Even if they find out that deep inside that person, they are not truly welcome and they feel bad about it they felt the warmth of their hospitality at that moment. It would still yield the same negative reaction if he/ she had not entertained the visitor.

    A person may choose to be a hypocrite, but he/ she probably has a reason. As a raise, I think we Filipinos have a concept of a group rather than individuality and as a group we have our own culture we believe in, and ao like any other raise we apply what we learn we practice traditions, and our the norms that our society presents us. Not all act as based on tradition and norms we also question them, but NOT ALL FILIPINOS QUESTION THIS NORMS TOO.

    ( No offense capslocked letters are for highlighthing my opinion, I appreciate how honest this article is…yup Filipino are kind of delusional, but we rather call it as being HOPEFUL…WE FIND HOPE IN EVERY DOWNFALL)

  96. I agree with you but please don’t generalize. Not all Filipinos are stupid. There are still pinoys who’ll choose knowledge over stupidity. There are still others who are striving to gain more knowledge. Knowledge is power.

    1. There is no problem with generalizing if the generalization can be observed in the majority…it doesn’t have to be all.

      Generalizing does not imply a statement that describes all individuals. Rather, the act of generalizing makes a description of the collective character of a set.

    2. Not all Filipino’s but most, around more than 90%, are dumb, filthy, arrogantly undisciplined, indoctrinated by religion and can’t think for themselves. It’s either they blame the government or rely too much on their imaginary friend that lives in the sky. LOL.

    3. Perseus,

      Given the general consensus of our people’s self-serving, aristocratic, and country-destructive way of life, how can you tell the difference between the ‘good’ Pinoys versus the ‘bad’ ones?

      So it’s better to generalize so we don’t miss anybody.


  97. The media just keeps on making stuff people want. It’s still business. They will not produce movies or tv shows that no one will watch. What we see in theaters is a manifestation of what filipinos tolerate. Don’t be butthurt. Maybe it’s not true for ALL but it os true for many.

    1. That is what Big Media like ABS-CBN always employ as an excuse to bombard their cinemas and their cable channels with low value media content but with huge profits in return.

  98. OM! Just finished reading the comments from the top all the way down here. Andaming natamaan sir. At yung mga sarado ang utak makikita talaga mga komento. The author just hit them all bigtime! Typical pinoise. The point is in the writings, we pinoys just need to open our minds. At dito mo makikita at mapapatunayan na sa katapusan ng araw, butthurts will always be butthurts. Tsk tsk sadly. Kababayans wake up!

  99. Filipinos degrading other Filipinos. Well that’s the truth about this article. Discipline is one trait that we will never collectively possess.There’s some truth in this article, but I wish that the author didn’t have to generalize Filipinos as one entity. We are of different origin and breed. Also, I hope the author could offer more recommendations rather than keep on pointing out the obvious.

    1. LALA,

      Filipinos need to degrade each other, especially themselves, for a change. We have been living in false pride (Pinoy Pride) for way too long, and this attitude has done nothing but put us in direct path of competition with each other and made us arrogant about our ‘individual’ accomplishments.


      1. Hahaha AETA that’s true. Actually, what you said can also be applied to most politicians here in the Philippines. They focus too much on campaigning instead of making legit actions to fellow law-breakers party-list co-members. I may sound something like complaining, but its just my personal opinion. Kahit nakakasira na sila sa kapwa nila, they would do it relentlessly as long as manalo sila sa kalaban. Well that’s competition in our country.

  100. Now, that I read this article I’m enlightened, only a few can truly understand and accept brutal truths, I mean this is to only way to wake up, I know to me this hurts, I’ve gotta accept it and be better, Kudos to you Grimwald.. you’re a few good men.

  101. I think that you are too cynical about the filipinos. Yes, i may agree with you that we have those kinds of Pinoys in our midst. But then again, we also have level-headed Filipinos, those with enough education and comprehension, those who are civic-oriented, those who exude class and GMRC to know when someone just likes to point a blaming finger on others, forgetting about his own inequities.

    You’ve always used “Pinoys are like this-like that” — dude, has it not crossed your mind that there are also foreigners who exhibit the same negative traits?

    And you even have the gall to say you’ve had enough, coddling the Filipinos… Uhmm… excuse me, am i writing to God??

    Well, at least you got what you want — reactions and more hitpoints viewing your artic.. errr, rant…

    1. You seem so well-versed in “understanding” the Filipino psyche. You dabbled on everything negative, how people should react, how pinoys are guilty of WHAT YOU SAY about us. It is like you know soooo much about psychology…

      Has it ever crossed your mind that people are naturally defensive and any “misconstrued” attack will beget attack and people will never hear you out anymore?

      MAYBE, had you been less irritating to read, less rant, less condescending, less obnoxious on calling Filipinos names and USED your verrrrry “intellectual” dissertations in a kinder tone, more people might actually listen to you more.

    2. Try reading the next article and read this:

      First off, I’m assuming that majority of you thought that when I spoke of the irresponsibility, perversion, sadism, stupidity and hypocrisy in my last article, I was excluding or exempting myself from them. Well, let it be known that no, I was not. I did not claim to be perfect in that article nor did I even imply it. You merely assumed that. I am a Filipino just like most of you with the very same flaws I mentioned.

      has it not crossed your mind that there are also foreigners who exhibit the same negative traits?” would be the typical response from a Pinoy to this post. They love to make general statements like
      this to make you believe that everyone and every country is just as dysfunctional as the Philippines.

    3. Con,

      Stop being so defensive. It the truth applies to you and it hurts, do something to change the situation. If not, let it go. It’s that simple and don’t take it personally.


  102. I don’t just want to be your friend – I NEED to be your friend. Everything you’ve said here is true. I also don’t agree with whoever said that we are already facing so many problems so we need distractions sometimes (sorry i didn’t read all the comments or who said what) pero yun. I think we already have so many distractions that what we need is to focus on our problems. What the media puts out there affects everyone, even if they’re just watching for entertainment. They keep making movies about mistresses (come on, there’s that one about the etiquette of mistresses or some bullshit) and it just hilights the fact that there are somany people have 2nd and even 3rd families in this country. Idk man the media should just shut down completely for a while and allow Filipinos to progress on a more intelligent level. We’ve got a lot of potential but we are constantly being held back allowing ourselves to be fed with stupidity.

    Also no offense but I still don’t get the Aldub crazy. I’m pretty sure those two have met and probably banged each other’s brains out behind the scenes. They’ve also met in the boardroom when it’s time to discuss what stunt they should pull next. And who the eff is pastillas girl?! More importantly, who cares? The media here is SO frustrating. We need better shit.

  103. Who the fuck is this domo doing shit on every comment??
    Parang sinisilaban ang pwet kala mo nakawalang baboy sa kural.
    Naghahanap ka lang ng away gago ka lumayas ka dito kung puro failipino lang yang pinagsasasabi mo. Bumalik ka sa nanay mo tapos ipagyabang mo yung mga comment mo. Achievement yan.

    Anyway, about dun sa article, in my opinion, yung topic about kay spiderman is a bit irrelevant sa mga common traits ng mga pinoy. So bakit mo pinagsama?
    And I’m not butthurt, for fuck’s sake. Malamang may magrereply na naman dito ng, “BUTTHURT KA LANG EH”, or anything related. Defending yourself doesn’t mean you’re butthurt. The word butthurt is created by assholes who wants to win an argument because they’ll really going to answer nonsense phrases to piss you off.
    Fuck you domo drink all my bloody tears. They have poison to kill you eventually. Or at least to make you shut your fucking mouth for a while. Yeah, you pissed me reaallll hard douchebag. I want to see you in hell.

  104. I hate what the media is feeding the filipinos, and many filipino has gotten realy dumb, but The way magcomment yung domo parang highschool na nakikipagaway sa laro ng dota. Asal kalye at walang pinagaralan, Nerd na nerd ang dating. Same insults over and over, i hope you realise that The kind of you is also whats wrong in this society

  105. i totally agree with this article. supply and demand lang yan,if puro kalokohan ang tinatangkilik at dinedemand ng mga tao, eh di puro kalokohan lang talaga ang issupply ng media. the only thing they care about are themselves,ratings(parang politicians,they only care for the public during elections). hindi ako bias,actually ayoko ng mga pinapalabas sa tv at ang only reason para manood ako is laban ng azkals or gilas. everything sa tv nowadays ay puro stupidity enhanced,masakit mabasa tong article kasi totoo. matalino tayo,wag nating gawin na ang talino natin ay sa tsismis lang kasi dyan nalang magaling ang pilipino ngayon. pure na pinoy ako at ansakit isipin na ganto nalang tayo

  106. Interesting comments. People can act as if they understand the article, ginamit ang utak sa pagbasa, pero sa totoong buhay hindi din naman evident. Same goes to those whose comments make them look like butthurt Pinoys, but live a more sensible, “intelligent” life than most. The true test of this article is whether you practice what you preach.
    It’s time to step away from our virtual personas and start filtering what the media feeds us, including non-mainstream media. Let’s be critical, and in criticizing, let us educate each other. Sa panahon natin ngayon, maraming paraan para maging maalam at responsableng mamamayang Pilipino. Huwag tayong makuntento sa kung ano ang isinusubo sa atin. At, higit sa lahat, “Walk your talk”. Marami sa atin, matapang online (name-calling, cursing, and such), pero walang matibay na paninindigan sa totoong buhay. Madaling madala sa kung ano ang uso…at madali ding magmayabang dahil lang hindi sila nakikiuso.
    Umaasa pa rin ako na magiging mas kritikal tayong mga Pinoy, na maibabalanse natin ang puso’t isipan natin sa lahat ng bagay…at patuloy tayo na maging mapag-pasensya sa pagbubukas ng isipan ng ating kapwa.


  107. Pinoys Are Irresponsible
    Pinoys Are Perverts
    Pinoys Are Sadistic
    Pinoys Are Stupid
    Pinoys Are Hypocrites

    Di lang naman pinoy, pede ring Amerikano, Hapon, Kristyano, Muslim, InC, maganda, panget, normal ang katawan at hindi. Listahan lang yan ng mga masasamang ugali na aacquire o likas na sa tao. Lahat tayo may kasamaan at kanya kanyang kabutihan. May sarado ang paniniwala at may bukas na kaisipan. Masaya ako na naging tao ako. Sana kayo din.

    1. Bill bill,

      Here are qualities consistent with Pinoys that is not common among people from other countries, and the reasons why the Failippines is a Failure. They are,

      1) Self-serving (makasarili)
      2) Aristocratic/arrogant (hambog)
      3) Crafty (Matalino sa Katarantaduhan)
      4) Overly-sensitive (Manipis pero Makapal)
      5) Unable to work together (Walang tiwala sa isa’t isa)
      6) Disbanded (Walang pagkakaisa)


      1. Salamat sa impormasyon Aeta. Marami pa kaysa jan. Naiintindihan ko din na ang paksa dito ay Pinoy lamang at wala ng iba pa. Sa sumulat nito, hanga ako sayo. Napukaw mo ang atensyon ng masa. Mabuhay ka at ang matatapang mong mga ideya. Kung Pinoy ka man, ako ay naniniwala sa malayang pamamahayag. Wag kang tumigil sa pagbasag ng mga pader ng kamangmangan.????

  108. the writer who wrote.,, this article have a point.,, but you can’t blame Filipinos and call them,,like that,,
    masisi mo ba sila kung bakit,, ayun ang pinapanood nila , dahil yun lng ang libre at di kailangan paglaanan ng salapi na ibabawas pa sa pangkain nila..,,there’s so many issues they fight before mostly against corruption of gov. pero wala nabago dahil sa mga nka pwesto,, they just only relieved there stressed for a while,dont look always in a negative mine.,,

  109. My point ang article. Kaya nga nasa pwesto pa din si erap, gloria and presidente natin si noynoy. Because of the poverty issue, many has become uneducated and really dumb. But your blog focuses on hate which is not helping. Just sounds like a nerd behind a computer bashing and bashing.

    Domo, you sound like a miserable nerd whos desperate to feel good about himself. You sad sad intellectual wannabe

  110. Is it necessary to post negative blogs like this? Look I get your point with the stupid people and all of that shit, but you’re going nowhere. Honestly if you want change, THIS won’t do it, you’ll only get them angry. It’s like telling a blonde girl that she’s fat.

    1. Oh and to add to the “butthurt” (because we Filipinos are so sensitive. I know ironic right) comments here: HASTY GENERALIZATIONS. (P.S. To the author: If you’re Filipino, everything that you ranted here points back to you)(P.S.S. To the arrogant intellectual wannabes here, It’s sarcasm in case you don’t get it)

    2. nofreakingusername,

      Question: “Is it necessary to post negative blogs like this?”

      Answer: Yes, to dispel the stupid notions of “Pinoy Pride,” that is destroying the country and relationships of Filipinos with one another.


  111. Yes. Pinoy pride is getting people in trouble these days. I agree with the author. The media is feeding us false/temporary entertainment to shake off all the issues we have in our country. Para di na naten pansinin o paglaanan ng oras i bet many Pinoys just skip the real news on the feeds and just read only about what makes them happy. The point here is we are all capable of acquiring great knowledge, but we choose not to because it casts out negative vibes. I really don’t mind the negative vibes, I care about the knowledge and social awareness. These things will last a lifetime while the others won’t. So lets try to look at the bigger picture here.

  112. Honestly, this article has a valid point! I’m a Filipino but this is true! Read it with an open mind and with right perspective rather than being a hypocrites and nonsense defense of our fogly behaviours…

    1. Honestly, this article has a valid point! I’m a Filipino but this is true! Read it with an open mind and with a right perspective rather than being hypocrites and nonsense defense of our fogly behaviours… *corrected

        1. That’s not true. I’m actually quite ugly in real life. Mismatched eyes, mismatched teeth and mismatched shoulders. I look like an abortion of Pueblo Picasso.

  113. It is hard to read this with an open mind if the writer is calling the people stupid just because their interests do not jive with his! It’s all about interest, isn’t it? A lot of people are just not “rak” enough for you? If you care so much about Heneral Luna and other “makabuluhang” bagay, we do too. I’m telling you we know a lot of other things too! Those happy programs are actually helping people in ways that they know and capable of. What have you done for the country lately? I think it’s you who should keep an open mind so as to not make a sweeping generalization about people who watch TV and label them as stupid or irresponsible. Maybe you should check first what you are criticizing cuz if you haven’t gotten up your chair to look around you,then you are not even qualified to write about this subject!

  114. Wow. Preach! As if you actually did something there. If you want the masses to understand, ISULAT MO SA WIKANG TAGALOG. We are stupid after all.

  115. Generalizing everyone is such a very inappropriate thing to do especially if it’s about behavior or attitude towards the world we live in. I strongly believe that we are induvidually different thus we unite in many ways.That is why I’m just wondering, so what if we become stupid over a tv program if it is a tool to be bonded with the people you love or other people in the neighborhood. So what if others care less of things that others do find significantly important because maybe they do have other things to focus on in life. For me as long as you don’t step on other else’s foot, fine do what you need to do. If you know that you are in the right side, then go on fight for it just don’t force others to fully agree to all your “opinion”. Well the fact is, humans are very opinionated but we do have the right to say what ever we want to say. However don’t impose it to others, moreso don’t let an opinion ruin anyone’s life. Lastly, just live your own damn life let others be happy. Fine if you are that intelligent, then be one. Stop scrutinizing other people’s lives. Well if you got the chance to read this, well I just want to say that this is “my opinion”. Just saying.

    1. As always pinoys still persist in misusing the term generalization, “as if it was an attack on all or everyone” which is clearly a false notion.

      Generalization is the act of making concise statements about a sizable majority, not necessarily of the whole, without becoming too vague or too detailed.(Think 80 percent compared to 20 percent)

      Never confuse “generalizing” as if it was an attack on all 100 percent.

      The (mis)use of the word “Generalization” is mostly a misnomer.

      1. Well for me the term “generalization” is still the best word to describe what the author just wrote. The word “generalization” apparently means a general statement : a statement about a group of people or things that is based on only a few people or things in that group, precisely what the author did. And the act or process of forming opinions that are based on small amount of information. And also the author and you always use the term pinoys which clearly means talking about ALL PINOYS!

        1. (Think 80 percent compared to 20 percent)

          80 percent is still not 100 percent. It’s just simple math. Therefore not all.

          a statement about a group of people or things that is based on only a few people or things in that group

          If you could show me a dictionary meaning that specifically
          states that general statements means the 100 percent blaming of an entire nation then I would agree with your premise.

          If someone said “absolutely all…,” then truly that would be an attack on ALL.

          But as always pinoys still persist in misusing the term generalization, “as if it was an attack on all or everyone” which is clearly a false notion.

          My beef is with people who misuse the term “Generalization” to make themselves look as if they are or act like they are oppressed, this drama of “feeling inaapi” just because they are criticized or told about their flaws.

          It shows that a majority(not all) of pinoys are still not familiar with this concept of self-criticism or of humbly accepting criticism.

  116. I love the butthurt this post is generating. Almost 90% of them are Al Dumb fans who probably didn’t understand the post.

    If we want real change in this country, we should think of a solution instead of watching Aldumbshit/Putaktetilias Gurl on TV.

    I know people need to escape from their problems, but when will they solve the problems? Probably when China takes over the Philippines.

    1. PS: I’ve watched the noontime shows and it’s not my taste. I only watch Filipino movies on Cinema One or PBO during noontime (the classics are the best, btw).

  117. has it ever occured to the author that the statements that he spewed out are just technically general things that you see in a HUMAN person i mean come on… FYI no matter what the topics are NEWS/media needs some form of highlight or god forbid a scandal to sell. Its just that and for you to say pinoy are perverts really or some othe things that you say have u taken into consideration other forms of media outside the PH? or cultures?

  118. Wow, probably the writer of this article has a superb taste on movies and tv shows. Let’s not forget that each person is unique and creates balance. If there aren’t any (stupid) Pinoys in this world, it will be a world full of intellectual people like you (author). That would have been a solution to our world problems, and a nice place to stay in , wouldn’t it? Imagine a world full these intellectuals. 😉

  119. 200% Agree with the author

    Buti sana kung di parating ganyan ang mga pinoy.
    Kaso talamak at sobra na eh to the point nagiging cultural na or parte ng behavior natin.
    Puro utak pastillas at jeje-Love Teams na lang ang inaatupag.
    Why NOT focus our energy and intellect on issues?

    Media will ALWAYS be media no matter what it spurts out… there will always be sex, shallowness and violence.
    However, a true intellect can take these all in and throw away the unimportant ones.
    This is NOT the case for what is now the Philippine culture. We are now easily hurt and affected by shallow loveteams and programs without APPLYING the lessons they portray.

    Just think… 6.5 Million tweets claimed by Showtime’s Pastillas and Love Teams when diverted to issues like Mamasapano and BOC corruption would have already pressured the government and make waves in the international community to take action.

    What if… instead of defending, bashing and hating on constructive criticisms of those loveteams, we listen and push actors to improve their craft. Make a long lasting image and meaning to their characters just like what Heneral Luna (or our heroes) or spiderman (or any comic heroes) are portraying.

    Things would have been different and our culture could have been more improved.

  120. Sometimes, we have to be slap to have a realization. The author was indeed harsh in saying things but everything boils down to the reality. We are so engross in being so happy that we forgot the cruel reality our nation is facing. It’s okay to have an outlet at times, but it’s already wrong to have it all the time. And of the problem that I could pin point is the mindset of the majority. Like seriously, are we really thinking? Or we just thought that we are thinking at all?

  121. I’ve read the comments and I saw what I was expecting. The butt-hurt egoistic pinoys playing the victim card instead of standing up to make a change within themselves… Oh wait, pinoys are resilient to change… That’s why the country is still in deepshit until today

      1. The question is, what would they do next? Will people start changing, or will they continue to be the idiots that they are?

        1. MeMyselfAndI,

          “Dude, Filipinos don’t usually budge unless you kick their ass. Why do you think the country is still in deep shit until now?”

          That’s a fact and the most profound statement I’ve read on this blog so far. Jim Corona should chew on each of those words and make it a part of his mental framework, before he comes back with lame and ‘I’m in denial’ replies.


      2. True, same with the rest of the commenters who are all in denial. The truth hurts and i understand that it had probably hit them big time, but instead of changing, they’re defending their right to be stupid. All of us have this right, but just like democracy, some people are just abusing it

  122. A lot of people in this thread are intellectual wannabes with elitista attitude. Remember guys, what you watch in TV/movie/apps does not necessarily reflect your success or the entirety of your personality, some watch these things because it’s for pastime. Yung mga Fad shows today, let it be – If it makes someone smile or laugh, or makes a terminally ill person forget about his ailments, then that could be something good, right? Besides, laughter is the best medicine if your talking about Aldub 🙂 The problem with this country is not it’s tastelessness, it’s the crab mentality and the discrimination between middle class, poor, and the capitalists (and don’t forget the wannabe elites) 😛

    1. That’s another problem with the society today. Don’t we Filipinos have the right to be intellectual? If someone tries to stepup and think beyond the ordinary, people would cry “wanna be” or “elitista” and whatever else people could think of. That’s crab mentality. Just because the majority of Filipinos are stupid, doesn’t mean we all have to be stupid. As Lea Salonga said, kailangan ba puro kababawan nalang? We don’t mind if other people choose to be that shallow, because that’s a choice they have to make for themselves, but people also have to respect others who try to step up and use their brains for a change.

      1. There you go again. Stop calling people stupid. This is the elitista attitude I am referring to. Relax, intellect is not directly related to having a bit of fun and happiness. Read proverbs 18:2 bro. Will give you wisdom , which is better than intellect 😉

        1. It’s not an elitista attitude, the last time I checked, the word stupid is not owned by “elitistas”. And i’m not being an elitista. I’m just describing the majority. Am i not allowed to give descriptions anymore?

        2. This is a free country you don’t have to ask for my permission. 😉 You are entitled to your own opinion as we all are.

          “Stupid is as stupid does.”

          If you probably haven’t done stupid things in your life. Then I’d say you are not a learned man.
          And I think pertaining to Majority as stupid because of silly shows talks a lot about your personality.

        3. I’m not asking for your permission. I’m just clarifying something because our thoughts doesn’t seem to meet. And don’t get me wrong. I was born and raised from the “masa” majority as well. I’ve done tons of stupid things in my life, the only difference is I’ve learned from it and stopped repeating the same shit, that’s why i got out of this rat race. I stopped doing what the “masa” does, that kept them in their mud holes, and started thinking out of the box… Looked for other possibilities, and focused on things that made sense and good use of my time. I am not being an elitista, i’m just wishing that someday, just maybe someday, people would realize that they have to put more effort than just being this shallow to improve their lives

        4. … and probably the “Majority” ones whom you call stupid will be the first ones who will help you when you get a flat tire out of nowhere, or the ones who will push your car when it gets broken in the middle of the road. 😉

          Don’t judge, you don’t know who will aid you in the near future without asking for anything in return.

        5. Good for you. People have their own capacity and capability, and you have to respect that.

          If you found the key to success, better to “teach” and not just “lecture”, like the way you present your statements and call everyone else stupid because of their situation. 😉

        6. Dude, Filipinos don’t usually budge unless you kick their ass. Why do you think the country is still in deep shit until now? Do u think the usual kindness shit would still work? If it does, the author of this article wouldn’t have to write this, and we wouldn’t be on this debate right now. You’re responses are becoming irrelevant to the topic.

  123. @ Jim Corona,

    “The problem with this country is not it’s tastelessness, it’s the crab mentality and the discrimination between middle class, poor, and the capitalists (and don’t forget the wannabe elites).”

    Well, Jim, those Crab and (discrimination, a.k.a “Colonial”) mentalities are heavily reflected in those Filipino television programs and movies you enjoy watching. Therefore, you’re feeding on the same poison that our society and people are dying from. It’s a “Catch-22” no matter how you look at it.


    1. I agree, but if you look at your statement, it not just the Filipino TV , it’s the entirety of the things we watch on Any medium – local or foreign. And, It does not mean you eat dessert, you eat dessert and no real meal all day long. Everything should be balanced. 🙂

      1. Jim Corona,

        You’re making excuse by deflecting the attention of our country’s problems and comparing them to other countries’ problems. Don’t do that. Too many of our people are doing that already and our country is still on square one towards progress.


        1. Don’t do what? 🙂 Aren’t the highly educated or influential the ones who are laying out the plans for this country to progress, and the people execute it on a normal day-to-day, as “average Joe” citizens. Probably most of these highly-seated don’t watch tasteless Filipino shows, as this article suggests.

          Like I said awhile ago “…intellect is not directly related to having a bit of fun and happiness…”

          I am just making a hint for you guys to relax, just do your best as a Filipino. For example pay your taxes correctly, work efficiently in your workplace, don’t act as wannabe elitistas as if you have contributed something extraordinary to this country (else let me know if you have, then I will rest my case).

          It does not necessarily mean that if you have bad taste in entertainment reflect your performance as an individual in this country. Filipinos have its own identity and this is the pop culture that people have established naturally, just like South Korea.

          I don’t watch noontime shows or teleseryes because of work, it’s just not me. However, I watch with them without judging them of their taste. It’s not tasteless and corny to spend time with your loved ones and seeing them smile.

          Get real, one way or the other your tastes are not the same as others, so try to respect theirs. Same way your taste may be boring to some, if not to many. 😉

  124. I really like this article/blog. Degrading but it’s definitely true for the typical Filipinos (which is a sad reality). We should get out from our comfort zone and face the real challenge or something like that 🙂

  125. I believe you’re correct in saying that Filipinos are stupid and a bunch of shallow people; however, media should still be responsible enough to churn out quality films and articles that’ll help educate the people. Instead of producing the same trash and storyline again and again, they should be producing films that have meanings and good values. If you watch tv shows here in Singapore, they do have telenovelas and what nots, but they also provide educational and documentary shows that give values to the viewers.

  126. “Why not move to another country? If you cannot stand the STUPIDITY (which is a ver[y] strong word) of Filipinos and Philippine media, then just leave.” – The most convenient reply to such an article without exploring the wisdom of what was written, instead of saying “ok, how can we change the system (or stupidity) then?”, or at least a nice rebuttal started with “I think you’re wrong (especially if added with ‘with all due respect’) because…”

    How sad.

    One of my professors once shared to us in his class how he was disappointed with some of his classmates in law school because then they showed the potential of being strong and not going to be easily swayed by money nor influence. Time came when most of them jumped over the other side. So the line – “If you can’t beat them, join them…when in Rome, you know the rest.” – kinda reminds me of my professors classmates and a few people I personally know. What happened to the line “‘wag papayag kainin ng sistema”?

  127. First time reading this publication and there is much to respond way beyond a “comment box”. The question is (Grinwald)- what are we (You) doing to make a difference in this world which serves the rich and further degrades the poor to the maximum, and then blames and persecutes them. What am I (You) doing besides throwing stones? Search “dengue fever camote tea” and this “senior voice” will tell you what Doctor’s Hospital and the others I can not spell the name of, there is no reason, rich or poor to suffer days and weeks from dengue fever. But looking at the traffic in and out of those prestigious hospitals, being dumb is not limited or eliminated by social class or the ‘social class number’ you are dubbed with as a citizen of the Philippines. Don’t worry! My educated friends are too smart to listen to me. But in this global world riddled with injustices heaped out by the controlling less than 1% I, and I hope we (Grinwald) included will share what they are doing in their circles of influence to address the myriad of discontent expressed in this article. and that’s putting it mildly of course…

    1. Indeed. It’s going to take a LOT of work if this country can change for the better. The actions of one man can’t be enough to change much of anything.

      However, I think if enough people do their part, we can finally get somewhere…

      Oh and its “Grimwald”, “GRIM” with an “M”… 😀

      1. Grimwald w/’M’ – appreciate your reply. Besides writing about the dark side of social and political life in the Philippines, I was wondering what you are doing, hands on and at work, that constructively contributes to change, or at the least, the effort and idea for change.

        The blogs I write address concerns to do with dengue fever, cancer, ebola, and internet services for what we pay a premium for, promised in advertisements, and don’t get. I was curious what you do besides write?

        During the ‘Yolanda’ crisis I made a public appeal to the Inquirer Newspaper Charity Fund for 2 ea axes, a 16″ bar chain saw, and portal gas electric generator to help organize a community volunteer group to help fellow neighbors – no response. In fact, I’ve volunteered labor to other local and religious agencies, no response. Once I pushed myself on an organization, but it went no where.

        Interesting, isn’t it. I have a background of years of experience in all of this that I am sharing. I’ve run into the ‘dark side’ of the concerns by just wanting to volunteer what I’ve learned and have utilized before retiring to the Philippine. Not to ‘EXPLOIT’ mind you, but to contribute in my senior years- 77 and still counting, thank God…

  128. thank you Nicasio for that practical bit of advice, I’ll keep it in mind, sounds a lot better, cheaper and healthier than some pills or waiting for a transfusion from the Red Cross and all the hassles, especially when every peso counts.

    1. 🙂 Do more than keep it in mind search the name Sanath Hettige, MD who wrote a letter to the British Medical Journal about the papaya leaf extract remedy/cure for dengue fever. Filipinos are severely self condemning when we take only the short street view of their social plight. There is a great deal of self-reliance in the Philippines that needs to be credited and recognized often in the most destitute of families living in Shanty Communities. Yes! There is an obstinate attitude to learn new and even simple things which I’ve encountered many times being a retired cabinetmaker, finish and rough carpenter by life-skills trades in the USA. Those of us that have skills and means to create learning and employment opportunities for others must and should do so. Governments can do this on a large scale, but even for our neighbors we can do much to educate. People are fortunate for weeks when getting dengue fever, some die. Both suffering and death is not necessary, if we wake up and know for generations we have/are being lied to when it comes to dengue fever, not to mention cancer. ‘psi4a’ is another search I encourage all to make – it’s about doing something about poor internet service at high rates.

  129. I agree with you unfortunately (or fortunately). The thing is we Filipinos are too stubborn and onion-skinned when it comes to being corrected. It’s the deadly combination of being street smart and stupid.

  130. Haha! I love this article! I had to have a dose of such criticism after having seen that Anne Curtis movie “The Gifted” (2014) recommended by Filipinos. That fucking movie had 8 million more views than “A Roman Holiday” (1953) with Audrey Hepburn in YouTube which garnered 2 million. Truly depressing.

    I have tried being open minded about our mainstream cinema to see if it’s improved. Turns out that we’re still in the same shit in terms of how we entertain ourselves. Mind you, that Anne Curtis movie had interesting concept but ruined so much by fucking cheap dialogue, bad cinematography, costume, miscast as well.

    What is it with these local actresses looking and acting as if they’ve been out clubbing or doing strip tease??? And the good looking guy comes off like some expensive gigolo lol. So pathetic really. I think this really began when Seiko Films kept streaming images like what I saw and haven’t let the garbage go since !

    In contrast, I just saw a movie “Insiang” a 70s classic by Lino Brocka. A far cry from the bullshit we churn out as entertainment today! That film has so much depth and meaning and its quality is even much on par with contemporary art cinema by the likes of Pasolini or French art cinema. The fact that it only garnered less than a million views is much telling of how we perceive such things in this generation.

    We have regressed this far that some crap like “AlDub” (I’d call it Aids Dub) gets more national attention over more important matters concerning this country. But I still have hope knowing that after Duterte got elected, there have been many started getting awake to mainstream media garbage. Hopefully, the likes of ABS-CBN will die and never again to dominate how we the people should think about ourselves and our problems.

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