A Personal Note To President Noynoy Aquino: An Afternoon Rant

Okay, it’s another Sunday and I know that I’m supposed to be taking it easy right now and spending some quality time with my family and friends. Unfortunately, after having the misfortune to have read yesterday’s paper and after having read Ms. Ilda’s latest article here, I have no choice but to speak out. To be honest, I was planning to post something frivolous and comical to give our readers at least a little hope and maybe something to laugh about as they go about the troubles of preparing for the up and coming week. However, as you can probably tell by the way I’m typing this article, that sadly won’t be the case.


So yes, this article is addressed directly to our president himself. No, I don’t think he’ll even stop to read it considering the kind of mind he has. More likely than not, he will spend the day in the company of his die-hard supporters who will be busy kissing his butt so that he won’t notice commentaries like this one. Like the spoiled rich kid that he is, he’s not going to notice his less fortunate classmates who are worried about how they will be able to pay for their tuition fees with their already overworked and underpaid parents nor will he pay a second glance to the homeless children forced to eat from the garbage just outside his own school. While he continues to whine about his dead parents, countless fathers and mothers are forced to work in other countries as low-class workers in sometimes even hostile environments thanks to the constitution the Aquinos themselves established in 1986. Yesterday, he had a chance to at least acknowledge the SAF 44 but again, as I expected, he won’t even bother to mention them as he seems to think that his parents are more important than anyone else’s even if his own are nothing more than a pair of charlatans glorified by a biased media.

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So okay, here’s my message, if you’re man enough to read it Mr. President.

Much like you, I lost my mother to disease as well. I watched her die. I watched her take her last breath before she left my life forever. And for a while, I acted like you. A lot like you, in fact. Again, much like you, I am very different. You can see it in the way I move to the way I talk. I’m not normal. People say the same things about me as they do about you. Abnormal. Autistic. Insane. Dumb. I have been called all these things and is why, if you bother to notice at all, I don’t call you similar names because I know how unfair it is.

I have also been abandoned by someone who I thought would be my lifetime companion. I thought she was the one, but as is often the case with hopeless romantics like you and me, she wasn’t. Let’s face it, we’re just too different from the norm to be really appreciated by anyone. Your sister can set you up with any pretty beauty queen but you’ll always know in your heart that they’re just there because of your money and your influence as president. Were you anyone else and had little money to spare, even the average woman wouldn’t spare you a second glance.

I too have problems with depression and have been struggling with thoughts of taking my own life for a long time now. Like you, I don’t see much of a point to anything anymore. However, unlike you, I haven’t given up yet. I still think that there is hope for the Filipino people. A hope that you, your family and your friends continue to attempt to crush but can never seem to outright kill. That, my friend, is the will of the people to endure and, most importantly, to progress.

Don’t you see? It’s not poverty or even stupidity that’s stopping the Filipino people to reach their full potential. It’s you. It’s your family. It’s your friends.

Know what, I’m not going to ask you to step down. We’ve said that many more times than you can shake a stick at. Besides it’s 2015, just a few more months away from you having to step down from your high horse.

However, I think you can still save face. I know you don’t want to be forever remembered as the worst president in Philippine history. So please, just listen to the things I have to say.

Take Responsibility

I know it’s hard. It always is. Maybe all that happened wasn’t your fault. But someone has to take responsibility.

Being president of the Philippines, you are looked up to by many as the father of the country. As a leader, the world doesn’t revolve around you anymore. Instead, it sits on your shoulders. You’re not a child anymore who needs to be taken care of. You’re now seen as the big brother who needs to look after his rowdy younger siblings.

Take note that we all screw up and, from everything that’s happened, that’s exactly what you did. From the debacle regarding the dead Chinese hostages, the Yolanda survivors to the SAF 44, it’s obvious now that these happened under your watch and you have to take responsibility. Maybe you just got careless and irresponsible (I’m guilty of that too actually) but, as our leader, people will look to you for answers and, if not that, an apology.

Listen to me, there’s nothing wrong with simply admitting that you’re a human being and that you make mistakes too…

Stop Playing The Blame Game

Seriously, aren’t you tired? Can’t you think of anything else to say? C’mon man, you can probably do better than that?

I’m not saying that Ferdinand Marcos and Gloria Arroyo are saints, okay. I’m just saying that you should stop using them as shields to cover your own failings.

We all have enemies and some of them can be really nasty as you should know. But they don’t shape our lives and they most certainly don’t shape our decisions. At the end of the day, it’s not our enemies that make us what we are, but what we choose to do about them.

Stop Playing The Victim Card

As I’ve mentioned in the above statements, you should stop hiding behind the death of your parents to justify your incompetence. You’re the leader of this nation and are therefore responsible for everything that’s happened for the past five years. And no you can’t pin it all on the death of your parents; this is all you.

I’ve already said that I too have lost those who’re important to me and, for a while at least, I was a lot like you. But I learned later that I can’t blame others for everything that had happened to me. By choosing to be a victim, I chose to be powerless in the face of adversity and could not make decisions for myself. At the end of the day, I just left my decisions to others which, at the end of the day, only led me to loss and sorrow. When I look back on it now, it’s probably the biggest reason why the woman I loved decided to ditch me for someone else.


So I’m asking you now Mr. President, please bring this madness to an end. Come clean with us and own up. It hurts, I know it does. I’ve done it too. But believe me, it’s the better choice. And the people will see you as a better man.

A confession and an apology may not mean that much anymore in this age of mad science but believe me, for the little people, the poor, the outcast and the victims, it means more than you could ever imagine.

But I know you’re not gonna read any of this or even spare it a glance. You’re going to ignore it just as you ignored the SAF 44 in your speech for the PNP yesterday. No honors for them and not even a word of acknowledgment for their sacrifice. A sacrifice that they made for you and your blasted administration. You keep telling us to “move on” about these men who gave their lives to capture and kill a terrorist mastermind.

Well then, guess what, I’m going to tell you the same thing!

You and your siblings need to “move on” from the death of your parents. You need to stop using their deaths as a scapegoat for abusing your own people. We don’t owe your parents anything. Your parents owe us for supporting them and voting them into power.

I’m not going to make death threats. You probably get that everyday. So here’s what I‘m going to do:

I’m going to “move on” from what you keep insisting as your parent’s blasted legacy. There will be no mention of the EDSA Revolution in my own home and it will be forever remembered as the country’s biggest mistake. I will reserve no special commemoration for September 23 and June 30. In fact, I will make them days of celebration in my household. June 30 will by my new Easter and I will call it the “She’s Dead Day” and September 23 will be my new Christmas which I will call the “He’s Dead Day”. There will be gifts, liquors, sexy women, macho men and games for children on June 30 and September 23 for all my family and friends.

“Worst President Ever”? I think Ms. Ilda’s just being generous.

How can you be a leader when you’re not even a man?


25 Replies to “A Personal Note To President Noynoy Aquino: An Afternoon Rant”

  1. I’m afraid even if he did read this he just wouldn’t get it, and even if he did he would never be man enough to apologize for anything. He simply thinks he’s Mr. Perfect in his own mind but in the mind of others, yes, he is the worst President in history without a shadow of doubt.

  2. I think everyone here conveniently forgets the fact that sir Pnoy did not choose to become president, God and our people chose him.

    He destiny is also annointed by his birthright.
    It appears to me Grimwald resents his lesser blood and has notions of grandiosity by comparing himself with our good master.

    Grimwald you regurgitate thousands of these posts and do it until you die, but that will not change anything about our land, our people, or government.
    Stop courting the devil and do something real with your life instead fapping with your fellow online traitors here who pretend to be a lion when if approached by their local authorities will cower like a rat.

    My words to help you will probably fall upon deaf ears, may the lord have mercy on your soul.


    1. Birthright? Since when was a presidency a birthright?

      Also, here you go again with “God chose this person” but then, somewhere near the end, you go and say I’m courting the devil. Your comment here is a picture-perfect example of idolatry and is one of the reasons why the Philippines will never reach its fullest potential. Until beliefs like this are fully eradicated, we will always be slaves and worse.

      And another thing, you call him your “master”. Truth be told, you’re nothing more than a slave then.

      Let me give you advice as well that I doubt you’ll even listen to: Be your own master.


      1. I am a willing slave to my family, my clan, my government, and our almighty.

        You try to incite discontent, discord, and call others slaves when you bring nothing positive to the table except vitriolic internet hero rants.

        I do feel some pity for those such as you that feel left out from the grand scheme of things, but this endless whining and ranting has achieved you anything? Apart from the succour of your fellow traitors?

        Get out a bit more and spend time in the community, and see all the good things our god and government have blessed us with.

        I’ll take my leave of you and this site now, the negativity and poison spouted here is pathetic, it only projects jealousy and resentment of weak minds who have been swayed by the devil into believing they are enlightened. Lord have mercy on the traitors that hide on this site

        Mabuhay Ang Pilipinas

        1. Yep, that’s blind loyalty and sheep thinking right there.

          I do feel such pity for those such as you continues to live in a sea of delusion and ignorance, but I wanna ask: does that nonsense of YOURS has achieved you anything? Apart from the succour of your fellow REAL ignorant traitors who have nothing to offer but sheer ignorance and blatant idiocy?

          My advice is stop LYING to everyone. The author himself always got out from his house and spend time in the community. I tell you the truth: REALITY hits harder in your face. And please stop using the name of God because as a Christian myself, what you did is embarrassing to Him. No joke.

          And if you leave, please watch your step, real-life hypocrite. Because the fact is that inciting to dwell in hypocrisy, ignorance and blatant idiocy is more pathetic because these things are actually… poison. In other words, your already weak mind is already been swayed by the Devil, believing that you’re ‘enlightened’ but in reality, you are not. And it ends up being the notion that the Philippines LOVES idiots like you who are easily manipulated by whom to hate and whom to love by just a simple whim

          May the Lord God Almighty have mercy on the real traitors and hypocrites who lurk on this site and spout nonsensical garbage like this.

          And please stop saying “Mabuhay Ang Pilipinas”, you lying hypocrite. Because people like you…. are killing the Philippines.

        2. Holy shit, a real live troll!
          Let’s play spot the fallacies, everyone! It’s a good mental exercise instead of trying to counter

          “I think everyone here conveniently forgets the fact that sir Pnoy did not choose to become president, God and our people chose him.” – Post hoc, with non-sequitur.
          “He destiny is also annointed by his birthright.” – special pleading
          “It appears to me Grimwald resents his lesser blood and has notions of grandiosity by comparing himself with our good master.” – goddamit, ad homenim kaagad?
          “Grimwald you regurgitate thousands of these posts and do it until you die, but that will not change anything about our land, our people, or government.” – slippery slope
          “Stop courting the devil and do something real with your life instead fapping with your fellow online traitors here who pretend to be a lion when if approached by their local authorities will cower like a rat.” – more ad hominem
          “My words to help you will probably fall upon deaf ears, may the lord have mercy on your soul.” – aaaand more special pleading.

          WELL FUCK YOU.

          i’ll leave you kids to sort out his second post.

    2. Oh look, another noytard who thinks we’re traitors. Whatever shall we do?

      Seriously, you noytards fail to see who the real traitor is.

      Handing over mindanao to a bunch of malaysian terrorists isn’t considered an act of treason for you?
      Abandoning SAF troopers for a deal with the devil?

      That’s already treason, in case you’re too blind and too dense to realize it.

    3. I think everyone here knows the fact that you’re just a TROLL and a Yellow Zombie who loves to spread Yellow Propaganda.

      So…. these words of mine to help will actually fall upon you and your fellow zombies’ deaf ears, may the ONE TRUE GOD have mercy on your soul.

      P.S. God Himself doesn’t deal with POLITICIANS.


    4. The lord should have mercy on your soul if you continue to be a slave to this dictator’s whims of spreading yellow propaganda.

      But it’s already clear to us that you wish to continue being a real traitor by supporting someone who has already committed treason.

    5. Let me remind you that bsaquino ran and campaigned hard from aparri to jolo just to be elected by stupid voters like you.

    1. So says the guy who is an avid lover of the events known as… the Mendiola and Hacienda Luisita massacres.

      Right back at ya…. MURDERER. 😀

  3. The worst president is closer by nature to the best then either is to anyone who has not gone through what it requires to become president.

  4. The writer has a few good points, but in a some parts he sounded like a mentally retarded man who intentionally wants to celebrate on the dates when the one (P-noy) he’s (writer’s) blaming gives much importance for personal reasons… Take note, the WRITER is BLAMING our PRESIDENT for BLAMING the past administrations… He (the writer) also blames the people in close contact with him (P-noy)… Seriously?!!! Why don’t you (writer) just blame your self, as well as those filipinos who keep BLAMING others, for not achieving personal desires?!!! As they say, “Bago mo pansinin ang kalat ng iba, linisin mo muna ang saiyo…” And don’t you seriously celebrate on those dates, makes you stupid, it wont give you real happiness…

  5. bakit ba laging ginagamit ang “GOD”? talaga naman,oo! mahirap po talaga makipagtalo sa mga utak bisugo >^.^< maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw ung nilalaman ng artikulo na ito ni ginoong Grimwald, pero kung saan saang planeta na dinala nung mga "maiinam". mamumuti lang mata natin sa ngitngit sa kapapaintindi pero di nila maiintindihan dahil sarado mga utak nyan. :p paumanhin,kulang po ako sa inggles, baka lalo lang mahilo mga utak bisugo pag nagsikap itong ka brgy. nyo mag inggles hehehe 🙂 And Mr. Grimwald, sir, you are BRILLIANT!!

    1. Christian ako, pero I tell you this:

      Walang katungkulan ang Diyos sa PULITIKO. Kungsabagay, matagal nang nakatingin ang Diyos sa atin at PALPAK pa rin ang gobyerno.

  6. Finally, an article that addresses the one of this nation’s biggest threats: the the oppressive powers-that-be.

    They are the chain that continues to bind our masses into mindless servitude, idiocy, false notions of humility (the main cause of our people’s love for mediocrity), and political immaturity. Their oppressive methods continue to prevent a lot of Filipinos to reach their own potential, and to have a right to decide for themselves, not just to follow the crowd.

    If we want true change, we need to tear down this rotten system, not work within it. Because it’ll only eat us up. A lot of potentially good politicians, statesmen and leaders had become victims of this obsolete system. And it will continue to victimize the new breeds.

  7. A failed leader, who blames people, of his failures. And, put his parents as heroes and saints. Aquino encouraged people, to worship his parents…If this is not insanity; what is this?

    Ninoy Aquino, Jr. is a political scammer. He scammed the government millions of pesos, to own and keep the Hacienda Luisita. He is also a NPA supporter.

    His wife, Cory Aquino is a supporter of Feudalism. She held the scammed property of Hacienda Luisita; perpetuating Feudalism. She shelved the Land Reform Program , in our country, to protect her Hacienda Luisita. See how selfish, these people are?

    They are rich; and they want to own everything…

    Aquino is the worst President, we ever had; just look at his Dismal Records in his Presidency…Aquino is also the most incompetent President…

  8. I will declare a moment of silence every year for January 22 or every last Thursday of January for Black Thursday remembrance.

    There were silent massacres on Hacienda before but Nov 16 will be the date for Hacienda remembrance and will pass this to every family member.

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