Jejomar Binay is the Mutt to Beat

As much as I hate to admit it, Jejomar Binay is the mutt to beat in the 2016 presidential elections just because of the demography of stupidity in the Philippines to which Binay is the consummate pimp. He has been building-up his financial and political war chest since he was installed Mayor of Makati by former President Cory Aquino. For a sampling of Binay’s plunder, read the transcript of the petition of the Republic of the Philippines represented by the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) against VP Binay et al by clicking the following link: AMLC vs VP Binay et al, May 2015. It’s a veritable “smoking gun” that ought to lead to an expeditious conviction but, alas, the Philippine judiciary functions at a snail’s pace. At the very least, the Office of the Ombudsman should find probable cause to file plunder charges against Binay et al and throw these scumbags in jail (in the good company of Johnny and Jinggoy) well before the presidential elections next year—and render the United Nakawan Alliance (UNA) political party inutile once and for all (read “The Three Kings of UNA”, “Mabuhay ang Daang Matuwid” and “The Anatomy of Guilt”).


Since Binay and his family took over the City of Makati in 1986, he has been looting its coffers for his personal gain, financially and politically. This includes the free birthday cakes and free movies to senior citizens at the behest of the all-powerful and benevolent Binay. It doesn’t matter that his daughter is de facto the exclusive supplier of the inferior and over-priced birthday cakes and that the movie theaters (and ultimately the consumers) are taking the financial hit on the free movies for senior citizens. This also includes over 600 sister-city pacts with other local government units all over the Philippines, squandering the valuable resources of Makati City outside Makati City, to gain political recognition throughout the country. Let’s not forget the obscenely fulsome kickbacks of Binay and his family from each and every government construction project in Makati since 1986, thereby making 2016 the 30th anniversary of Binay’s Grand Plunder of Makati City Coffers and the same year Binay would commence his Superlative Plunder of the National Coffers; that is, if he is elected the next President of the Philippines.

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The consummate pimp, Binay has wasted no time to manuever his presidential victory by promising (a) better salaries and benefits to public school teachers (the “protectors” of our votes and ballot boxes) and (b) no-term limits for elected officials (thereby consolidating his trapo political base and perpetuating the Binay Dynasty). Notice how skilful he is in giving away something that does not belong to him. Surely, there will be more trapo manuevers to come from Binay unless the current administration captures Baloloy and Limlingan (cronies of Binay), make them sing like a canary and finally put the entire Binay family behind bars for the rest of their lives.

Binay’s latest political stunt was his so-called “True State of the Nation Address” in which he slams the P-Noy Administration for inexcusable stuff like the MRT, BBL, DAP and Mamasapano. Fair enough. Yet, judging from his initial choices of UNA senatorial candidates (e.g., Alma Moreno, Tito Sotto, Lani Mercado-Revilla, Isko Moreno and possibly two (2) more surprise candidates from the entertainment industry (Possible Senatorial Candidates of UNA)—that’s 6 out of 12 UNA senatorial candidates from the esteemed sector of the Philippine entertainment industry), I seriously doubt Binay’s notional cabinet would have done any better than the cabinet of P-Noy. Yes, P-Noy screwed-up on a number of things. On the other hand, Binay at the helm under the same circumstances . . . with all these celebrities in the Philippine entertainment industry . . . talk about a sure-fire cluster-f$#@! every step of the way.

On hindsight, P-Noy is to blame for the high popularity ratings of Binay by appointing him chief of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council and acceding to Binay’s request to address the concerns of overseas Filipino workers—no-brainer, effortless yet high profile assignments that garner the maximum populist votes. P-Noy gave Binay all the opportunities to keep his popularity ratings. Indeed, Binay was a glamorized errand boy of Cory until she gave him his first break in politics. Yet, he rapaciously devours the hand that fed and nurtured him all these years. Treachery of the highest order, which is far too highfalutin for a trait unworthy of a scavenging mutt. In the words of Mark Twain, “If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man.”

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13 Replies to “Jejomar Binay is the Mutt to Beat”

  1. So, Binay is the Mutt (“Dog”) to beat? It is not true; that , if you take a “starving dog”, and make it prosperous. It will not “bite” you.
    Binay was taken by the Aquinos , as a nobody. Now, he is “biting and howling” at the Aquinos.

    The tactic of politicians in our country is the:FreeBees. Where do these FreeBees come from? From our taxes, of course. They STEAL our tax money; RECYCLE it to us, as FreeBees. And, we, the gullible people, thinks; FreeBees came from these political candidates.

    It has to do with the Culture of Mendicancy of Filipinos; or the “Indolence of the Filipinos”. See how these OFWs as as sources of FreeBees of their Relatives, back home?

    Translate that into a Political tactic…and it will be a winning tactic…

    Erap Estrada did it; with “tuyo”, rice, noodles,”lahat libre”, “para sa mahihirap” etc…

  2. “because of the demography of stupidity in the Philippines” says it all.

    Africa has Ebola. ME has Mers and ISIS. US, Europe, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, and Japan have demographic winter. China has terrible air and water pollution. Such problems seem to have solutions because they know there is a problem and acknowledge it.

    But, stupidity? How do you solve such a problem when they could not even know there is a problem? How can you even begin to so!ve even the smallest problem? Then, you add mediocrity, greediness, patronage politics, narcissism, ….

    Yup, a rescued dog will not bite, but help a Pinoy? He/she will bite and won’t know he/she has bitten you in the worst possible way?

    1. How do you solve a problem called the Philippines? This question is equivalent to asking “is there a cure to stupidity”. You already know my answer guys. So who’s with me?

      1. Only thru awakening the Filipinos, from their Centuries of “Slumber”; and then, bring them to their “Realities of Stupidities”…
        no other panacea…no cure…”madali silang matanso/maloko”…

  3. All Failipino politicians are similar to pimps.

    Pimps are consummate predators that feed on others’ life blood. It makes no difference as to who or what they are pimping: from women, to each other, to the business deal they are negotiating with loopholes and caveats that create advantage for them and undermine their associates.

  4. Hopefully, this aging Askal (common Philippine street dog) with the rest of the PACT of current politicians (dirty/corrupt Trapo and stupid/Incompetent popular celebrities) will be devour alive by Lone Wolf – a Nobody (common Tao) with lone wolf compatriots standing-up apart and defies all the bad things in Governance, politics & society.

    But Filipinos must 1st learn to stop focusing only on current politicians that our Political parties/Media/Religion (normally PAID) presents or endorse as leader or candidate for vital positions in government.

  5. These two (binay and roads) are pieces of trash cut from the same cloth. What Will we get with either of these clowns? More of the same. the saving grace here is that if the elite think that these two will be the only payasos to run then it is possible that a last minute third candidate may be able to beat them. Roxas or binay is like choosing between aids or Ebola.

  6. Binay has established a vast MMM (money making machine) designed to siphon the people’s wealth while simultaneously ensuring his family’s rise to power on a national level. The common Pinoy has a term for such people: “maabilidad”.

    Why is it that in the PH, words of commendation and admiration that should only be reserved for the truly competent are applied to corruptors?

    1. In the U.S., there are also scammers; especially at Wall Street, in New York City.

      Bernie Madoff, the Architect of the “Ponzi Scheme”, siphoned billions of invested U.S. dollars into his own pocket. The Enron Corporation, also was the biggest scammer.

      All of these Scumbugs are in jail. Some are dead, due to stress.

      The former Mayor of Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.,Mayor Kilpatrick, is in Jail due to corruption.

      In our country, they are not jailed… they run for higher public offices, and are elected as Presidents…

  7. Hayden Toro, to be fair, GMA, Tanta, Pogo and Sexy are technically “in jail” but we can all sleep at night with the assurance that they will all be set free with nary a slap on the hand when Binay becomes president. It will be his foremost act of consolidating the Binay Dynasty in the guise of political reconciliation. I thought the Philippines could not sink lower than the Marcos Dictatorship, only to be proven wrong by ERAP and now. . . Nognog. Glad I won’t be around much longer to witness the third round of destruction of the Philippines.

  8. With all those good…bad…comments on both side…the problems is that… we must write it also into tagalog words…yon di nag aral at gupo sa hirap…they really dont understand at all your sentiments…sana isalin sa tagalog para maintindihan ng nakakarami ang mga tunay at umiinog na usapin tungkol kay Binay…Talagang mga grupo na lang na nagmamahal sa tunay na pagbabago sa ngayon ang syang makakatulong para maihanda ang tunay at tamang impormasyon sa the so called urban poor or vice versa… at higit sa lahat ang humingi ng tulong at dasal kay Mama Mary para makating sa ating Panginoon ang ating minimithi na pagbabago at pagsulong ng Pilipinas…#NoToBinay…always…

    1. First of all, you don’t need Mama Mary to connect directly with God and please always remember that “faith without works is dead” (James 2:26). And if one can use and appreciate the internet and gadgets made for world entertainment, learning and socialization, it means that person can understand the universal language or is willing to otherwise he’ll never get around to using it. And well, you know the majority of the Filipino voters are living outside modernity that’s why those who can personally reach them are the ones they will likely vote. This is the kind of machinery pigs like Binay and Roxas is capitalizing on. They are actually campaigning to the mediocre crowd because they know that typical Pinoys don’t have time for scrutinizing their leaders and demanding visions, solutions and platforms. The fact that Pinoys always require that articles like this be written in Filipino (and still miss the point) means they don’t like extra work of harnessing their skills and using their brain.

    2. Alice, susubukan kong isalin sa wikang Pilipino ang ilan sa mga sinulat kong sanaysay upang maibahagi natin sa mas malawak na sambayanan ang masahol na pagkatao ni Binay, ang kanyang pamilya at ang kanyang mga kasamahan sa UNA. Ubod na masaklap muli ang magiging kasaysayan ng ating Inang Bayan kung makapuslit bilang pangulo si Binay.

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