Traitor vs Hero

Supreme Court Justice Lucas Bersamin, who penned the decision granting bail to Senator Juan Ponce Enrile, files a complaint against one of the 4 dissenters, Justice Marvic Leonen.

August 24, 2015,

Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile files a P31-M damage suit against top advertising executive Yoly Ong for a supposedly libelous column in the Philippine Star.

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December 21, 2012,

Offense is the best defense. That’s clearly the stance of Enrile and his associate justice lackeys in the Supreme Court in the above cited news articles, which are distinct, separate and nearly three (3) years apart — even though neither Enrile in his suit against Yoly Ong nor Bersamin in his complaint against Marvic Leonen has a leg to stand on. Just goes to show that the puppet master is in rare form even in his pre-departure to hell.


In his suit against Ong, Enrile claimed that Ong’s column “besmirched” his reputation, which caused him “mental anguish, serious anxiety, wounded feelings, moral shock, and social humiliation.” In his complaint against Leonen, Bersamin alleged “gross distortion” in Leonen’s dissenting opinion, which “not only put me (Bersamin) in a bad light” but also “impugned the integrity of the seven members of the Court” who voted with the majority ruling. There’s an awfully similar pattern transpiring here.

To paraphrase Shakespeare, Enrile and Bersamin doth protest too much, methinks. The adversary is already overwhelmed by either absolute power or a majority ruling, respectively, yet our ladies wish to crush the opposition like a new sharp hard rubber heel squishing and slicing an extinguished cigarette butt. Anyone with an iota of discernment ought to know the real score.

The fact is, Ong’s column was a resounding confirmation of the draconian infamy of Enrile, who would want nothing more than to rewrite history in his favor. But alas, there’s nothing like the unadulterated truth to shatter a megalomaniac narcissist ego and an imagined legacy. Similarly, Leonen’s dissent was spot-on and merely highlighted Bersamin and his seven cohorts for the barefaced whores and traitors that they are.

Our society should spread the word, broadcast, embrace and celebrate heroes like Yoly Ong and Marvic Leonen for exposing and standing-up to corrupt, powerful and highly-destructive elements like Enrile and Bersamin et al. Eventually, our collective consciousness may yet evolve to reach the only rationale conclusion on the disposition of these so-called public servants, which is to execute (and I mean execute swiftly and publicly for the illumination of the greater population) the likes of Enrile and Bersamin et al for high treason.

Until the above actually happens, our national tragedy takes a turn for the worse. Shortly after Enrile was released on bail, he reiterated that he is still a part of UNA, the political party of Jejomar Binay in his 2016 presidential bid. This means Enrile will help Binay become president, on condition that Binay help Enrile’s brat, Jackie, become a senator in the 2016 elections. For Binay, Enrile has become an even more critical reinforcement, now that Joseph “Erap” Estrada has deserted UNA. (Even a cro-magnon like Erap knows it’s a hard sell to win the presidency with a pending plunder case above Binay’s head, having been ousted himself as an incumbent president for the same. Besides, having been unconditionally pardoned by GMA as confirmed by the Supreme Court no less, Erap might run for president again, in case Binay is disqualified to run.) And now that Enrile has regained his freedom, he can be a formidable ally to Binay in the 2016 elections.

Given that P-Noy’s successor will be responsible for appointing eleven (11) out of a total of fifteen (15) Supreme Court justices (Aquino successor to appoint 11 SC justices), a Binay Presidency reminds us yet again of how much deeper into the abyss our country could sink. This means Binay and the old man Enrile (at least while he is still alive) will have the greatest influence in selecting 11 out of 15 justices of the Supreme Court, which, we all know, is already in the intensive care unit today—barely able to distinguish between right from wrong. After a Binay Presidency and the corresponding worsening of the prostitution of the Supreme Court justices, the SC would henceforth be known as the Supreme Corruptor of the law of the land for at least one entire generation. These eight small-minded short-sighted whores (Bersamin et al) who released Enrile on bail have brought this scenario that much closer to reality and they most definitely should hang for it!

11 Replies to “Traitor vs Hero”

  1. The Supreme Court of the Philippines was never a neutral, tie breaker or what you call interpreter of laws…..they are corrupt justices that was installed by a corrupt president, who’s decision is not based for the benefit of the country but for the benefit of their own pocket and for the people who put them in power….those are the few that this justices serve…NOT YOU ! THE PEOPLE…they are the first one to be corrupted…that is why there is no justice serve in the entire country… Wake up filipinosssssss….you should figure it out by now……

    1. RB, it’s not that difficult really in the case of Philippine Supreme Court justices. Read and understand the SC’s decision on a fundamentally simple case such as Enrile’s petition for bail despite being charged for plunder, a very serious non-bailable offense. Any rationale individual with an ounce of righteousness and some historical context of Enrile would arrive at an obvious and proper decision. The eight hacks who granted bail to Enrile clearly did not. And that is how you know they’ve sold their souls.

  2. Enrile is the worse Political Opportunist, that I have seen in Philippine politics. Enrile is a Thief on a Tremendous Scale. A Plunderer, since the time of Marcos.

    The Supreme Court prostituted itself to the whims of these Politicians. They did not serve the People of the Philippines. They served their Political Masters.

    Bersamin is nothing but a Tool of Enrile. Why he granted a bail to this Pluderer; just showed that the Supreme Court is already politicalized .

  3. So, according to Enrile, the value his reputation is only P 31 Million? That’s too cheap.

    If he got P 50 Million in DAP for the Corona vote and P 200 Million a year from PDAF, what could he accomplish with only P 31 Million?

    I smell a trap.

    1. @GNOME DE GUERE, I have a plan. De Lima wants to be a Senator and Senator Santiago would be GREAT at DOJ.

      Sen Santiago could impeach the Justices for accepting bribes and prosecute everyone else for paying bribes, PLUS PLUS she could personally prosecute ENRILE!!!

      WOW, that would be a great show!!!

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