Mar Roxas vs. Jojo Binay: A Battle Of Hypocrites

In the wake of Vice President Jejomar Binay’s own “SONA”, I can’t help but speak out considering the kind of attention both Binay and his rival Mar Roxas gets from the common people. As both Ilda and Fallen Angel tries to point out to us, these two aren’t the only candidates out there and, even if Grace Poe proves to be equally corrupt, there are still a lot of viable choices out there like Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago. Unfortunately, with the media firmly focused on just Binay and Roxas, people may lose sight of good candidates in the upcoming presidential elections and simply be forced to choose between the lesser of two evils.


Before I continue though, let me tell you that I am not taking any side in the Roxas vs. Binay debacle and no, I am also every bit suspicious of Grace Poe as well considering that she was a former member of the MTRCB and helped ruin local TV with dumb teleseryes. I think that the “lesser evil” is still evil and is most certainly not a viable option when there are still some “good” options to be had. So no, neither Roxas nor Binay look like good candidates to me (and that goes for Poe as well, mind you) no matter how the media seems to paint them.

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Roxas: “The Clown In Shining Armor”

The title above is a word I use to describe people who try to make themselves look like “Knights in Shining Armor” but are anything but. He is only wearing shining armor which he could’ve bought or gotten anywhere. At the end of the day, he’s just a guy with delusions of grandeur and a deranged sense of self-entitlement.

Sure, he may turn up at devastated places and directs traffic or delivers goods on a pedicab but c’mon, we know who he really is. Why does he bother with all these publicity stunts when he should be elsewhere focusing on more crucial tasks such as properly directing the delivery of relief goods to disaster victims and working to improve the train systems of Manila to solve the traffic issues swamping the capital?

He may have President Aquino’s endorsement, but a fool’s endorsement is just that: a fool’s endorsement.

Binay: “The Ignoble Demon”

Much like Roxas above, Binay seems to be trying with all his might to place himself in a positive light. That’s why he keeps giving away freebies and why his children are trying so hard to learn new dances that they can present during their campaign.

During his own “SONA”, he did mention the SAF 44, but remember that he mentioned them simply because President Aquino failed to acknowledge them. When you stop to think about it, they were just something he could use to brighten his already very dark image (no pun intended). At the end of the day, he is just another deeply corrupt politician seeking to make himself look like a hero even when he clearly he isn’t.

Just like his rival, he may try to appear to do good things but these “good deeds” are, in the end, just his desperate attempt to gain the people’s approval.


Remember people, Binay, Roxas and Poe aren’t the only presidential candidates out there. Don’t let the media fool you like they always do. There are much more qualified candidates that we can choose in 2016.

20 Replies to “Mar Roxas vs. Jojo Binay: A Battle Of Hypocrites”

    1. Why VP Binay avoid abnoy wrongdoing topics..He only comment about Mar but not that jackass pnoy
      I am pretty sure that pnoy will get away with the crimes and relax with a remote control on his hand manipulating either two in the distance. Philippine is hopeless..The different between Marcos and Abony’s dictatorship is Abnoy control the media with the full support of the Oligarch and the entire corrupt government agencies. With the dummies in the palace the BBL will continue

  1. nice article grimwald…you really are genuine in thoughts…. The true leader are often times put to the dim-light co’z they want that the evil will prosper……so with the media today… dahil napagalitan lang sa kanilang pagka unprofessional nawala na ang magandang katangian sa mabuting leader….ganyan naman talaga karamihan sa pinoy…

  2. Many are asking who the authors of GRP articles would vote for / recommend. But they are not here to do the thinking for you and give you the correct answer on a silver platter.

    The Zaxxun creed lays out a roadmap of the evolution of PH politics. Still in its infancy for so long now, PH needs to learn the basics first: how to choose a leader.

    And the most basic qualification is on the first 2 lines. So weigh your candidate if you honestly think they can say these:

    1. I’m Incorruptible: I bribe no one; I cannot be bribed.
    2. INTEGRITY is supreme. I lead a clean, orderly, and disciplined life.

    Does the person you are voting for this 2016 match the description?

    The rest of the creed (excellence; think big; press hard; etc.) may be too advanced for many candidates to even approximate. PH will get there in maybe 30 years. But for now, I’d be happy if we can field a leader who at least can satisfy #1 & #2.

  3. Most of the Media Outlets in our country, are used as Propaganda Machines of Politicians. TV networks, Radio Networks, Newspapers and Magazines, are all there for business/political favors. Journalists, Writers, TV personnel, Radio personnel,Bloggers /Trolls, etc…are people. They can be bought with money, favors and political promises. Or they can work directly to advance the political agendas of politicians.

    Look at Ricky Carandang. He had a TV show (“Big Picture”/ABS-CBN), before the election of Aquino, featuring an “Unbiased” political talk show. After Aquino won; he went to work for Aquino, in his propaganda machine staff.

    Noli de Castro,a TV personality who is as ,clueless as he is, was elected as Vice President.

    Nazi’s Adolph Hitler, an Austrian, a failed artist,uneducated, a drifter, with mental issues; was propelled by the Nazi Media Propaganda Machine, to become a Fuhrer (absolute ruler) of Nazi Germany.

    The Media can do harm or do good to the people. It depends , if the Media is an agent for change, or be corrupted by Prostituting itself as Propaganda Machine of politicians.

    We have many Choices. There are good, capable/able Filipinos, who are still there to serve as Catalyst for Change in our country…let them come forward now…

  4. In the Web Blog arena; we had that closed “Filipino Voices Web Blog”. Blogging was still in its infancy. The Web Blog was bought by Aquino. Then, it endorsed Aquino for President.

    So, use your common sense; what you are reading. Where your mind goes, your body will follow.

    I request for those capable and able Filipinos to come forward and be recognized. It is your Patriotic Duty to serve your country…we don’t want the lesser evil. We want the greater good…

    1. We all want the best for this country. But we have to recognize that the government is controlled by an oppressive oligarchy, who has access to almost everything.

      They can kill w/o being suspected. They can destroy reputations, by fabricating evidences. All those that stand against them won’t last long.

      The first step to change is to weaken their hold on power. And then, it’s up for the true patriots to finally stike.

  5. There is no such thing as an honest Filipino Politician, they are all thieves. Take as much of their money at election time as you can, shit, vote 500 times if you can and get paid for every vote.They will be taking a lot more than that when the get elected.

    1. It is easy to Fall into Cynicism…because the Media is conditioning our minds, for the “Lesser Evil”…it is better to light a candle; the flicker of it, could grow into a “millions” of candle. Than to Curse the Darkness, we are in…

      The Aquino Era has been an Era of Darkness in the Philippines…

  6. We know politics is a mean world in which people flatter you and tell you things so that you’ll believe them and let them use you for their purposes. Politics is a world of power. It is about getting power and keeping power. If it is evil power then maybe people power or voters power is not enough to counter that power. Maybe, what is needed is exorcism.

    Here is an scary article that just appeared in npr: Help Wanted: The Philippines Needs More Exorcists

    1. Okay…the Devil did it…Exorcise all Politicians…start with Aquino…go to Roxas…proceed to Binay…Escudero….all Senators…Congresspeople…up to the Barangay Captains…Policemen…De Lima ,maybe she has five (5) devils/lovers…all of them…

    1. The Philistines, who were mortal enemies of the Israelites; had advanced civilization. They were left out in History; because the Israelites triumphed over them…the victors write the History…Maybe, Philistine became Palestine. The Palestinians are the mortal enemies of the present day Israelites.

  7. I just noticed that several headlines today include Mar and Binay still having no running mate. Vilma and Robredo both said the VP post is not right for them. Mar even have to propose to Poe nationwide to be his running mate. And Poe until now won’t give her excited “Yes”. Wonder why these guys are having a hard time finding a running mate and have to beg?

    1. If I were Grace, I wouldn’t go on solo as independent (imagine the horrendous effort, energy, and resources it takes to run a national campaign –> that even killed her father).

      Mar is offering her virtually a free-ticket sure-win ride for the 2nd highest post in the land. 6-years of added wisdom as “president-to-be”-trainee won’t harm her, coz she is indeed being too overconfident about running a country with such little experience (look at what happened to Cory – perpetual brownouts, coups).

      i.e. Hilaw ka pa; magpahinog ka muna. You’ll have your turn at the right time – just be patient (learn from Mar roxas – He was patient).

      For now, leave it to the experts… those who are proven to “get the job done”.

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