The Choice is Clear: Mar and Leni for 2016


On Grace and Chiz

I would have voted for Grace Poe if she had run for Vice President in 2016. I probably would have voted for Grace Poe if she had proceeded to run for President in 2022. But I decided NOT to vote for Grace Poe in 2016 after she selected Chiz Escudero as her Vice Presidential running mate.

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In a nutshell, Chiz is a snake oil salesman. He even looks and sounds the part with his beady eyes and glib tongue. His entire political career is predicated on babbling sweet nothings. His father was a crony of Marcos. He was and probably still is the lapdog of Danding Cojuangco—can you die already please . . . alongside JPE, Imelda, Erap and Maceda (I’ve been wanting to say that for a long time). He accepts a generous wedding gift from Bobby Ongpin—another former crony of Marcos and a very current money launderer extraordinaire. That’s enough for me to determine that this Chiz is a seriously compromised individual—a weasel trying to pass himself off as a statesman.

Poe’s selection of Chiz, indeed her decision to run for President in 2016, reveals the plain and simple reality that Grace Poe is the quintessential individual who knows just enough to be dangerous. She has a good grasp of the political game. She panders to the “constituency” of FPJ. She mouths-off the obvious. Her platform is an amalgamation of motherhood statements that purport to solutions. Then again, what can you expect from an Assumption College colegiala who is typically oriented by the nuns to marry themselves off to the most eligible bachelor in sight?

Prior to Grace’s stint at the Philippine Senate, she was, among other things, a US government employee and probably a good one. I think she would make an excellent executive assistant, much like Carly Fiorina during the early days of her career, but as the CEO of Philippines Inc.? A whole lot more seasoning is required. She does “tug at the heart”—no question about that. But we don’t need a Cory Aquino to oust a deeply entrenched Marcos Dictatorship in 2016.

It’s just as well that Grace Poe is being bogged-down by these disqualification cases, which will either disqualify her unequivocally in the 2016 presidential race or, in the process, curtail her ability to raise the badly needed funds to fuel a winning presidential campaign. Either way, her aspirations are effectively dead in the water for now. If she persists in hobbling along, there is the benefit of taking away votes from Binay—much the same way Erap’s nuisance candidacy saved us from a Villar presidency.

My advice to Grace: drop your presidential bid in 2016, endorse Mar and Leni, stick around the political landscape and try to hang-out with less sleazy figures (drop Chiz for sure), because you may come in handy in the off-chance that Binay becomes President in 2016 and tries to overstay beyond 2022—one can never underestimate the overwhelming stupidity of the Filipino voter.

On Duterte

I would have voted Duterte for President in 2016 based on the fantasy of Duterte, which, unfortunately, turned out to be just that—a fantasy. In our desperation as a nation for a quick-fix, Duterte represented anti-crime, peace and order, anti-graft and corruption, swift justice.

Under Duterte, I was sure that the likes of JPE, Gigi Reyes, Jinggoy, Bong Revilla, GMA, Napoles, the Ampatuans, the Binays, the Marcoses, among others, would rot in prison until the death penalty was reinstated—after which they would all be hanged for plunder. I was even OK with the notion of being caught in the cross-fire—a casualty of war, if you will, in the context of Duterte’s aggressive campaign against crime.  A few innocent lives, including my own, were worth sacrificing, as long as the criminals (and I mean low-level and high-level criminals) were substantially wiped-out pronto. Then he started to reveal himself . . . and he imploded. The Legend of Duterte quickly morphed into Duterte, Your Worst Nightmare!

“Duterte bats for hero’s burial for FM, house arrest for GMA.” There goes the anti-graft and corruption campaign. Under Duterte, Filipinos will be choked on lies and denied justice for the nth time. I’m sorry but I cannot possibly support—much less sacrifice myself—to a coddler of super-crooks and plunderers.

“If the Comelec were to disqualify him from the presidential race, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said he will support Vice President Jejomar Binay.” That’s just unacceptable. It goes to show that Duterte’s anti-graft and corruption stance is an outright lie. Sinungaling siya.

Bingo Soriano’s open Christmas letter to Mar Roxas dated December 25, 2015 hit the nail on the head when he characterized Duterte as a “bully” who imposes himself on the weak but sucks-up to the powerful. In other words, Duterte is no better than a low-level ass-licking political hoodlum.

“Duterte wants Algebra, Calculus, Trigonometry replaced with Business Math.” What kind of moronic idea is that? It appears Duterte has done well for Davao City. As the saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Let’s keep Duterte in Davao.

On Bong Bong

In my generation, Bong Bong, Imee, Irene, Imelda or Marcos translates to unspeakable human rights abuses and stupendous unrecovered ill-gotten wealth. That is the plain and simple truth and no amount of revisionist history or ignorance of the millennials is going to change that. Hence, I am astounded that Bong Bong has even made it to the Philippine Senate, much less rank as highly as he does in the vice presidential race in 2016. It is a catastrophic failure in our educational, justice and socio-political system that has enabled Bong Bong and, indeed, the Marcos and Romualdez clans to continue to thrive in Philippine politics and society at large—where they would normally have been hung and quartered in other parts of the civilized world (instead of allowed to escape and return with their stolen loot).

If Bong Bong is elected Vice President, then the Philippines does not deserve to exist and we might as well be raped, pillaged and sodomized by China. Read “PCGG throws in the towel”, “Martial Law in the Philippines: But here’s the point”,“The Recovery of Marcos’ Loot—A National Imperative!

On Mar and Leni

By process of elimination, it becomes apparent that Mar is the only viable candidate for President in 2016 or, as Bingo Soriano so unceremoniously puts it, Mar is the “default candidate”. Rather than lament the dearth of choices for a President or whine about the defects of Mar, we really should focus on his positive attributes.

“Ama ng IT-BPO” or Father of the Philippine IT-BPO Industry is no exaggeration when referring to Mar. Today, the sector employs nearly 1.2 million Filipinos and contributes over US$21 billion annually to the national economy.

“Walang bahid ng katiwalian.” In all his years of public service, Mar has not been tainted by allegations of corruption. Similar to P-Noy, Mar happens to belong to a privileged family and has probably never wanted for any material thing throughout his life. It has all been about public service and family honor. No wonder Mar has not been connected with any corrupt schemes alarmingly typical in government service.

Leni Robredo, Mar’s vice presidential running mate, widow of former DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo and, in her own right, a genuine and unassuming public servant who will most assuredly serve as a strong partner and a solid reality check in a Mar Roxas Administration.

If the alternatives were simply mediocre in comparison to Mar, then I wouldn’t lose sleep over the 2016 presidential elections. The problem is, the alternatives to Mar are downright disastrous and catastrophic (i.e., Duterte and Binay). Read “Jejomar Binay: Unworthy to be President”,“Jejomar Binay is the Mutt to Beat”, “Jail Jejomar Binay Now!”, “The Three Kings of UNA

The choice at hand is NOT excellent versus good. It’s NOT outstanding versus satisfactory. It’s NOT exemplary versus passable. The choice at hand is much more stark and may be characterized as acceptable versus unacceptable, pass or fail . . . GOOD versus EVIL. Like it or not, in the parlance of Star Wars, Mar and Leni are the Jedi Knights that must vanquish the Dark Forces of Duterte and Binay.

87 Replies to “The Choice is Clear: Mar and Leni for 2016”

  1. Question, what does a vice president actually do? I wonder why someone would overlook Poe graduating from a notable USA university with a degree in political science, who wants to instal CCTV in every government office, and pass the most important law needed here in the Philippines the Freedom of Information Act (which lets anyone be able to see what the government is really doing)? I agree she should be voted for in 2022, if not ruled eligible this time. I disagree that she would make a good VP to any president right now, because it might influence her thoughts in the future.

  2. Voting for Mar Roxas will result in continuation of the same inutile Aquino government

    Supporters of Mar who keep saying that he was responsible for the success of the BPO industry are wrong. The former head of the country’s association of business processing leaders can attest to this. According to Oscar R. Sanez, former CEO of the IT and Business Processing Association of the Philippines, it was former President Gloria Arroyo who “laid the successful model that led to the growth of the BPO industry” in the country:

    Sanez stressed that the progressive BPO industry owes much of its growth to the former President because she laid a successful model for the industry.

    “As the CEO of the BPAP from 2007 to 2011, I know how much the business process offshoring and outsourcing sector owes to Mrs. Arroyo. We are proud to describe ourselves as a successful model of real private-public partnership or PPP,” Sañez said in a statement.

    The former BPO industry leader pointed out that industry figures, which are of official and public record, would show that the BPO grew impressively under the watch of Mrs. Arroyo because of her support.

    “From only 2,400 call center workers in 2000, the BPO sector grew to nearly half a million workers by the end of 2009, PGMA’s last full year in office. The industry grew on the average by an astounding 65 percent per annum over the decade. Total export revenues generated by the IT-BPO industry grew from only $1.3 billion in 2003 to $8.9 billion in 2010,” he said.

    According to Sanez, the growth was fuelled by the “support initiatives” of the former President.

    It seems Mar is going to be another credit-grabber much like his buddy BS Aquino. Filipinos do not deserve another President who thinks he is the only one capable of doing the right thing. Filipinos do not need a self-righteous leader. They need someone who can readily admit that he needs all the help he can get from everyone, even from the opposition.

    1. We should not forget that Roxas was the one who filed Senate Bill 103 which amended Republic Act 8424 and thereby exempting minimum wage earners from paying income tax. Moreover, as a senator, he pushed in 2008 for the suspension of E-Vat on oil or gasoline prices to give relief to Filipinos as prices of oil soars in world market during that year. Thus, no one can rightfully accuse Roxas of being anti-poor or being insensitive to the plight of the Filipino people. Not the misguided online trolls, not the Manila Times and definitely not Sen. Chiz Escudero.

      1. Nognog Binayaran, you said it right regarding online trolls. I don’t believe I’ve come across such a proliferation of misguided, ignorant, small-minded, utterly useless perspectives (more like verbal diarrhea of miserable unintelligent naval-gazers). Makes me want to spray a ton of the Ebola virus in a Binay and Duterte rally.

  3. Mar Roxas is part of the Philippines’ problem and will not be an effective president

    Voting for Mar Roxas for example, who is a member of the oligarchy, will be a total waste of this opportunity. Since Mar promised to continue current President Benigno Simeon Aquino’s Daang Matuwid mantra, the voters should avoid Mar like the plague. Daang Matuwid is nothing but a public relations slogan concocted by people who do not have substance. It has gone way past its use-by date.

    Mar’s performance during his stint as Secretary of the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) and the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) is an indication that he cannot deliver the right results that would benefit the public. Like in his previous posts, his hands will be tied and will only end up catering to businessmen who are also his friends and relatives.

    Mar said so himself during an interview “I did my best to solve MRT woes…” If he already gave his best but the public transport system still got worse under his leadership, then it would be catastrophic if he had to handle a bigger role like the Presidency. It would be too much for him just like it was too much for his buddy BS Aquino. Mar will most certainly be at his wits’ ends trying to do a president’s job. He cannot even control his temper during stressful situations and when provoked by his critics. This was evident when he challenged Davao Mayor and Presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte to a slapping match after Duterte questioned his degree in Wharton.

    In the past, we’ve seen how Mar proved that he doesn’t know how to delegate. This is evident in how he does jobs himself that were meant to be done by people under him, like directing traffic and fixing broken chairs. How on earth would he be able to function effectively as the President if he doesn’t know how to delegate? People like Mar cannot delegate because of their arrogance and lack of confidence in other people. He probably thinks he is the only one who can do the job right. That kind of mentality in a president would certainly spell disaster for the Philippines.

    Mar’s undesirable character is quite apparent in the way he talks during interviews with the press. He has shifty eyes and his voice sounds arrogant – like someone who thinks he is above the person he is speaking with. He is not a people person. Despite being in politics for two decades, he still lacks charm and has not acquired the right diplomatic skills of a seasoned politician. Those traits are important when one is aspiring for the Presidency. Politics is about selling yourself, your party and the policies you want to implement. Seasoned politicians are skilled at making the people they deal with feel important. Mar lacks that skill.

    1. Mar was the government’s chief advocate to facilitate the growth of the BPO industry.Mar saw and harnessed the potential of the Philippines as a global e-services hub. He launched ‘Make IT Philippines’ and organized the first IT-enabled services (ITES) to the US which inevitably led to the biggest global industry names to invest in the country The BPO Industry in the Philippines today represents about 1 million direct jobs, generates billions in revenues, and places the Philippines “Number 1” in the world for English speaking outsourced work. It is the fuel behind Manila’s current economic boom and residential tower construction.

    2. Hand-in-hand with Tuwid na Daan I expect the government to achieve concrete and measurable accomplishments in: (1) livelihood, (2) education, (3) health, (4) peace and order, (5) the environment and (6) administration. These are the six pillars of Mar Roxas and the Liberal Party’s vision of the good life for our people.I consider good health, sustained education, peace and order and competent administration as pre-conditions to, and at the same time the results of, decent livelihood and protected environment.Mar Roxas said Tuwid na Daan is not only a catalyst but the primary element of our governance. It is the “how to get there” of our vision of where we want to go. Tuwid na Daan constitutes the reason for being of the constitutional offices, all of which should be beyond the clutches of the three co-equal branches. COA is the watch dog of the people’s money; the Civil Service Commission ensures we get and safeguard qualified government personnel; the Commission on Human Rights protects the citizenry from abuses of the public as well as the private sector; the COMELEC protects and enforces the sanctity of the ballot; and the OMBUDSMAN sees to it the rascals, scalawags, thieves and felons in the public service are brought to courts and the guilty, punished.

  4. Your choice of President lacks diplomatic skills:

    Sec. Mar Roxas character exposed in interview with CNN’s Andrew Stevens at Yolanda disaster site

    “At one point during the interview, Roxas was arguing over the treatment of dead bodies left rotting on the roads. Stevens pointed out that every day, he sees the same decomposing bodies when he passes by the same road on the way to the city. But Roxas vehemently denied they were the same bodies, stopping short of calling Stevens a liar. The DILG Secretary showed his arrogance in that instance. Suffice to say, it is evident that it would be another colossal mistake if he becomes the next President. Korina Sanchez as the next First Lady doesn’t sit well with a lot of people either, specially since she is beginning to show signs of irrational behavior. Another CNN journalist can attest to this.

    The way Roxas kept interrupting Stevens during the interview gave viewers the impression that he is not a people person. His attitude was like “I already know what you are getting at but let me correct you now…”. Likewise, his use of banal metaphors to describe their relief efforts can be interpreted as an attempt to distract from the real issue. At one point he said that the government only set aside pails of water not realizing they needed a swimming pool of water. As if that actually excuses the government’s lack of foresight.

    Stevens seems to share other international media correspondents’ observations and pointed out to Roxas the apparent lack of order in distributing relief goods. While he acknowledged what Roxas was trying to say — that the government could not handle the initial response — Stevens couldn’t help but remind Roxas that it has already been a week and yet the victims of the typhoon still beg for water from him and his crew.”

  5. Mar. Served for 3 Presidents by just kissing their asses. No idea how Mar will get rid of evil Binay if 1) no one has 2) no one has even tried all these years except for when elections were around the corner. Mar is just a cheerleader for whatever boss you put in front of him. Zero character.

    Leni- husband is missing and goon/ bff of her current boss breaks into her husband’s Manila apartment. Yet those are her “friends”? Standards are low we know. Why must you even declare a clear cut winner if they are as low as the rest?

    1. “Leni- husband is missing and goon/ bff of her current boss breaks into her husband’s Manila apartment. Yet those are her “friends”?”

      Same exact question I had in my malicious mind. For all you know these friends of hers actually engineered the “crash” so Mar could get the DILG post from her husband. Even in that type of twisted ‘what if’ scenario any rational person would doubt or at least politely decline the offer from those who possible made a martyr out of her husband.

      1. @ Tomas, EVER hear the age old addage:”Keep your friends close BUT keep your enemies even closer.” ? Or how about: If you cant beat them one way try another ,as in ,join ’em, get it ?

  6. It’s great that GRP allows those from the other side of the fence to air their views and opinions here in form of *snickers* “pieces” such as this. It makes them show how ignorant and misguided they are.

  7. Good one VV, putting into words the very trap that the so-called “thinking” people fall into when they ponder on the choices of the 2016 elections. Very well verbalized. Here’s how to fall into the trap of the propagandists.

  8. Hey GRP! JoeAm is laughing his ass off when reading this.

    He must feel vindicated by seeing this posted in GRP.

    Talk about eating their own words, beliefs and principle (if GRP had actually any).

    1. What’s so “vindicating” about this article? All the author says here is that Mar and Leni become appealing because they are backdropped by a bunch of morons as the author articulates here:

      If the alternatives were simply mediocre in comparison to Mar, then I wouldn’t lose sleep over the 2016 presidential elections. The problem is, the alternatives to Mar are downright disastrous and catastrophic (i.e., Duterte and Binay).

      That just means your idea of Mar and Leni winning is the Loser type of mentality — winning because the competition sucks. Indeed, that is where Pinoys are really comfy with — competing on a rigged field where victory is assured.

      Now the really sad thing about Mar and Leni is that all this sad competition notwithstanding, they still are at the bottom of the polls. That just goes to show Filipino voters would still choose vigilantes, thieves, and OJT presidents over “Ivy League” Mar and SOB-story Leni.

      Given that pathetic situation, it’s not just certain camps that are “laughing their asses off” but the whole world laughing their asses of over what a big JOKE Philippine elections are and what big morons Filipino voters are.

      And that is the real deal.

      1. Any opinion about Sen. Miriam Santiago?
        She is the only one that fits to lead this sick and dying country, well that is just my opinion.

        1. Nanonano, talk about the “sick and dying” leading “this sick and dying country.” That said, your reaction is the only one that suggests another presidential candidate that will be included in the ballot. I respect that. The reality is, a vote for Miriam Santiago is a wasted vote.

          I quote from “The Lonely Voice”:

          “Miriam Santiago is a staunch defender of Erap Estrada during his 2001 impeachment trial. Defender is an understatement, attack dog is more apt. She fiercely defended Erap during the trial which culminated with her refusal, along with other Erap allied Senators, to open the second envelope which led to EDSA 2 that ousted Erap in 2001. Take a note though that while she consistently lambasts Enrile, you never hear Miriam lambasting Jinggoy Estrada or Bong Revilla. That’s a red flag as far as consistency against corruption is concerned.”

          “During the Presidency of Gloria Arroyo, Santiago again defended GMA from the Hello Garci controversy (a move I personally support by the way; that is, GMA cheating the presidential elections to prevent an FPJ presidency) and other corruption issues against the Arroyo (which GMA and her husband should be punished for). Santiago was never heard condemning Arroyo despite all these corruption issues. She chose to defend her like a loyal lieutenant.”

          “Then during the 2012 Renato Corona impeachment trial, Santiago took up the cudgels of Corona and defend him vigorously, to the point of ridiculing the prosecution team, belittling their capabilities in doing their jobs. Santiago defended a midnight appointee who admitted he never reported his SALN property, something ironic because the man was no less than the Chief Justice of the land.”

          Incidentally, her husband is a corrupt 3rd-tier bureaucrat.

          Any other suggestions?

      2. Wrong, Beni. You should check the conclusion:

        The choice at hand is NOT excellent versus good. It’s NOT outstanding versus satisfactory. It’s NOT exemplary versus passable. The choice at hand is much more stark and may be characterized as acceptable versus unacceptable, pass or fail . . . GOOD versus EVIL. Like it or not, in the parlance of Star Wars, Mar and Leni are the Jedi Knights that must vanquish the Dark Forces of Duterte and Binay.

        Claiming that Mar and Leni are the good guys is just downright laughable, even outright reprehensible.

        1. Toby, let me guess . . . how about Grace Poe? All I can say is, Chiz and “conflict of interest” oozing all over his orifices and pores–read “How can a 2nd ‘poorest’ senator afford a Balesin wedding?” by Rappler. He can’t help but rub-off all that sleaze and gunk to Poe. With the likes of super-crooks like Bobby Ongpin as their “sponsor”, it’s going to be a never-ending hell of payback at the expense of the Filipino if Payback Poe becomes President.

    2. Joe Am with his words “services” Mar and Noynoy. Look it up yourself. Why should we care what he thinks? You know what he thinks and you really believe GRP as a whole caters to Joe Am? There is a special space in Hades roped off for Noytards why should we cater material to them or you? GRP has a roster of writers including myself who come up with our views individually. Maybe you should look up the definition of the word. Nobody here imposes their view on what I will eventually write and VV is welcome to his point of view as far as I am concerned. How you interpret that is also up to you. Mar is a moron and rewarding him with your vote is sheer stupidity. I have no idea how VV’s view changes that? Oh I forgot you like Joe Am , Mar Roxas, Noynoy, Bimby and beauty pageants.

  9. On Bong Bong

    For almost three (3) decades the PCGG failed to prove human rights abuses and ill-gotten wealth, thus I cannot blame other people if they are starting to doubt its veracity.

    On Mar

    IMHO incompetence negates his “Walang bahid ng katiwalian” persona.

    On Leni

    IMHO she’s becoming more of a trapo each passing day.

  10. Very good VV. Nice alias. Not necessarily your article. Vote for Mar and Leni to continue the straight path (reality eschewed). Traditional politicians continues.

  11. Bad metaphor. It should have been Evil vs Evil. The question is, the one is doing evil to protect the good ones. The other evil (Mar) is doing evil to protect fellow evil and he wants to appear to be angel(Maybe angel of death).

  12. 6 more years of “daang matuwid” = translation: 6 more years of do-nothing ineptitude coupled with an oligarch’s overtly-entitled indifference and a tendency to mistake photo-ops for real action.

    Fuck yeah, after Mar sucks this country dry, we are one tiny step away from being the dumping ground for China’s nuclear waste. By that time, Mar and Korina would be safely ensconced in their Swiss chalet and counting their money

  13. All are terrible. Go ahead and vote for Mar. He’s spineless and does whatever his masters tell him to so at the very least, he’s unlikely to be a dictator.

    1. He will quote Noynoy every chance he gets. The guy served under Erap, GMA and Noynoy and never once asserted himself. Just a lifetime of being under. I know now what Korina does with the slippers.For some people being as rock solid as play dough makes him presidential.

  14. BenignO, of course you get it. All the whining, whining, whining on Mar . . . fully expected it. In the “big picture” scheme of things, all relatively insignificant in the face of a Duterte or Binay administration . . . I shudder at the thought. Then you have clueless millennial idiots like Tokwa who should be shot on sight.

    Notwithstanding my belief that GMA is guilty of plunder and should rot in jail together with her husband for the rest of their lives or be executed to death for it, I remain steadfast in supporting GMA for cheating in the presidential elections (just as she did) to prevent at all cost an FPJ administration. Because no matter how GMA fucked-up her presidency, it would have been stellar compared to anything FPJ aspired to accomplish. In the same vein, so what if Mar’s administration is going to be more of the same mediocre stuff as the P-Noy administration, it’s sure as hell better than the plebeian “kiss-up, kick-down” communist-leaning orientation of Duterte and the pretend Robin Hood “steal the coffers dry” modus of Binay.

    1. There is merit in the idea that a relatively “stellar” candidate should be voted, presumably applying the “lesser” evil doctrine of choosing Philippine leaders in cases where all the rest suck. I emphasise “relatively” because this is a key word to qualify such a position.

      I’d disagree with this approach if there were an alternative — e.g., a viable “none-of-the-above” vote that, if that option attracts the majority vote, invalidates the presidential election and, as a result, forces the state to declare the election ‘failed’ and invoke some kind of succession procedure to install an interim government (perhaps to be headed by the next elected official in line — the Senate President, say). Sadly there is none such provision in the current system and, as such, we are forced to select that lesser evil.

      In your case, it is Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo you’d vote for. Fair enough. I respect that. If we don’t choose someone, then the other monster wins. Such an astoundingly appalling position Filipinos have created for themselves — a system that holds them hostage to the the products of their own dysfunction and mediocrity. Perhaps that is justice in the sense that we sow what we reap as a people!

    2. @ Virtual Vigilante : After at least 8 years of peacefully trying to push for a change for the better in the Phiippines, WHAT HAS ACTUALLY CHANGED for the better? Do you need some time to formulate an answer? I do not, the answer is: After peacefully pushing for change in the Philippines GRP has accomplished NOTHING to effect any sort of change for the better in the country.
      It should be obvious by now that the only way to change anything in the hell-hole that is the laughing stock of S.E. ASIA is to violently overthrow the seated power and eradicate them as anyone would a virus laden bacteria.IF NOT, the same shit will be happening for the next 8 years ,and the 8 years after that, and the 8 years after that !!! On and on until the country either sinks or is nuked into oblivion.

      1. Oh Doug, Gerry, or whoever you are using another alias trying to drill in your lamebrained ideas to us, you’re another point misser.

        As benign0 and ChinoF has pointed out a long time ago, the real problem lies not in the politicians, but in the Pinoy people themselves.

        You surely know what happened after Marcos and Erap don’t you (victims of uprisings)? Different dogs under the same collar replaced them, because Pinoys don’t know any better.

        It is the Pinoy culture of indolence and ignorance (that severe lack of critical thinking) that has to be changed, because the cycle of electing incompetent leaders start with them.

        You should just sell your tired ideas to pinoyexchange, or Joe America’s site. Better yet, as I said not very long ago, start your own site.
        At least JoeAm, for all his Pnoy bootlicking, had the balls to leave GRP and start his own site.

        I bet you won’t reply to this, as before…

    3. @Virtual Vigilante

      “Then you have clueless millennial idiots like Tokwa who should be shot on sight.”

      And now you resort to Ad Hominem, that is just priceless…

        1. It’s so funny how Mar’s supporters think doing his job is already considered “commendable”. Whatever accomplishments he did in the past was part of his duty.

          The problem with some Filipinos is they don’t really expect their public servants to work so when they see little accomplishments, they are quick to put that public servant on a pedestal even when he could have done more during his stint in the job.

  15. Mar Roxas, a good public servant? My Ass. The writer may had been delusional or is a paid hack of Aquino and Mar Roxas.

    Mar Roxas and Aquino are thieves and liars.

    Mar Roxas performance as a public servant stinks to high heavens.

    The Typhoon Yolanda Relief funds, that was entrusted to him, disappeared.

    Mar Roxas supports the MILF/ISIS/AL Queda.

    This article is a Joke, and the writer is a JOKER. Only a mentally retarded person will believe this article. Maybe, they are now conditioning our minds for them to cheat on the HOCUS PCOS.

  16. The Dilemma we have in the current election is that people have to choose between corrupt or incompetent.

    The question – which is worse?

    Here’s an analogy. Relief goods come pouring in for typhoon victims.

    The corrupt official takes for himself 30% and only releases the remaining to the rightful recipients.

    The incompetent official sleeps on the job until all the food packs gets spoiled – eventually no one benefitted.

    So who is the most incompetent – I think that narrows us down to Poe and Mar as the worst choices, based on past performance / achievements.

    1. Zaxx, narrowing your choice to Mar and Poe is respectable. In response to your question on past performance / achievements, (think about it carefully) Poe does not have much to show for any substantial achievement other than parading herself in the senate. In contrast, Mar has a real track record of both failures (which makes him an easy target of simple-minded reklamadors) and genuine accomplishments (many of which are macro-economic in nature not readily seen or understood by the average Juan).

      One of the most important decision of a presidential candidate is his/her choice of vice president. If Poe’s choice of Chiz is any indication of her future performance or decision-making, then she has no business even peering through the gates of Malacanang. Mas mabuti pa sa Pilipinas ay bumalik na lang siya sa Amerika at magtrabaho siya ulit kay Uncle Sam.

  17. Our choice is a person who has track record of high competence and bold in decision and CAN REALLY IMPLEMENT REAL CHANGE and not those wishy-washy guyS out there pretending to be the lesser evils.

    1. “The ones making the case that they are strong and decisive leaders are Binay and Duterte. What have been they decisive at? Binay has only been decisive in unhesitatingly stealing from the public purse. And Duterte? He has only been decisive in putting away petty criminals, but has yet to put a big one in jail, much less put him/her away. And how can Duterte stop corruption when, this early, he is already saying that he will pardon Marcos, GMA, Revilla and other plunderers in a shameless bid to woo the latter’s equally deranged followers. What would we rather have, a decisive Duterte and Binay in the sense that I have described them, or a thinking Mar Roxas? It should be a no-contest.”

  18. Good and evil? Then go to church.

    We are discussing the government here. Material progress of the nation is the deliverable. With Mar’s incompetence, IT IS CLEAR he is not the ideal choice for 2016.

  19. The Choice is Clear: Mar and Leni for 2016? Give me a break! You are certainly a MAR ASS-KISSER! I would rather vote for Miriam than vote for the arrogant moron. That SOB is the one responsible for the endless suffering of MRT commuters everyday. You may want to remind BS Aquino about his PROMISE of “PAPASAGA SILANG DALAWA NI ABAYA (ISA PANG UGOK)SA MRT TREN PAG DI NA MODERNIZED IN 2015.” And Corina Sanchez? Ask Anderson Cooper, hahaha….

  20. Hey readers, get real! Let the FACTS and not conjectures/guesses speak for themselves: this is the BEST that the Philippine economy has EVER been in: investment grade, debt/GDP ratio lower than 40%, international reserves at an all time high, year after year of consisten positive growth. And yeah, traffic is bad because more and more people can actually afford cars (car sales now average 20,000 per month! ) because of higher incomes and affordable financing. Because the Pnoy govt built 20,000 Kim’s of roads in 5.5 years, more than all other previous admins COMBINED.

    1. We can all see the grease fire that is the MRT. You choose to speak of roads people can’t see since very few of us go to 1 % of the 7100 islands. Since you talk about affording , why are poverty stats not improved?? Mar loves Noynoy beyond description. Not even his mother loved him that much. Noynoy a guy who could not pass ONE LAW is the author of the miracles you suggest. You are proof drugs are bad.

    1. Simoun, finally another one who gets it. Thanks for highlighting really important big picture items like the economy, infrastructure and the country’s debt situation … in contrast to the thoroughly irrelevant digs of Tomas, who appears to have underestimated his drop in IQ. I’d say you’ve lost it completely.

  21. DOTC Sec Abaya and by extension Mar are getting flak for the missteps at the DOTC: 1. MRT3 breakdowns 2. Traffic mess 3. No plates 4. Tanim bala – All valid but are “operational and short term concerns”. On the other hand, here are the BIG TICKET, SYSTEMIC REFORMS that the DOTC has achieved: 1. Regained category 1 status for air travel 2. Awarded Mactan Cebu airport PPP 3. Awarded LRT1 extension to Cavite 3. Awarded single ticketing system for MRT/LRT 4. Awarded SCTEX operation to private sector 5. Completed Daang Hari PPP 6. Awarded CALAX PPP 7. Awarded bus terminal – south PPP 8. Awarded bus terminal – southwest PPP 9. NAIA – MOA expressway PPP ongoing. 10. Slex – Nlex skyway (SMC ongoing) 11. Opened NAIA 3 to full operation. 12. Rehabilitated NAIA 1 13. LRT2 extension to Masinag ongoing 14. TPLEX Phase 1 completed. 15. TPLEX to La Union phase 2 commenced 16. MRT 7 to San Jose, Bulacan to commence 17. Boracay airport rehab completed. 18. Bohol Panglao airport commenced 19. MRT3 new coaches purchased. 20. EDSA Rehab ongoing

  22. More accomplishments by Daang Matuwid/DOTC/DPWH: 21. Nlex Mindanao Ave to McArthur ongoing 22. Nlex McArthur to C3 commencing 23. Passed cabotage law which will lower transport and logistics costs for business and lower consumer prices for finished goods

    1. Simoun, thanks for juxtaposing the usual gripes against Roxas, Abaya and the DOTC in general with these big ticket accomplishments that Juan De La Cruz either refuses to see or is simply too caught-up in the daily grind to see beyond the trees in front of them (i.e., the forest and the big picture). The quintessential Juan, who is limited to consuming sachets of soap, shampoo and toothpaste, and whose dreams have been similarly reduced to minuscule plastic packets, appears to have likwise become oblivious to the really important things to complain about and, conversely, the really important things to expect from its leaders/government. Bread (Binay) and Circus (Chiz) anyone?

      1. Mar is a cheerleader in love with Noynoy. That is all he ever did the last 6 years. Noy in all his unconstitutional glory. Nice to know you have made peace with that.

  23. Political impotence is finished. This year is the beginning of the orgasm. All the Failipino people, I promise you, will feel the orgasm of 2016 presidential election.

  24. Let’s stick to the FACTS, Sir, and the evidence. It appears that we have become so bitter and cynical about the series of bad governments we have been plagued with that we cannot now recognize good performance when we see it. Let’s get over ourselves people! This is what happens when corruption is lessened to a noticeable degree! This is a MUST WATCH.

    1. And what’s an elected officer supposed to do? Even an orangutan could have made a better job. PPP my ass, those road services should have been my benefit for giving 33% of my salary to you. The only way you and your boss can help us is to leave the government en masse.

      1. Karlz, speaking of orangutans (and I feel sorry for the endangered orangutans for the analogy), I suppose you would feel more comfortable with Binay at the helm of our country’s PPP / infrastructure projects with his track record of doubling the total cost of each project and skimming-off half the amount for himself–read “Jail Jejomar Binay Now!”

  25. This expression of choice was a revelation (perhaps more of a validation) of the Filipino psyche. Ang hilig natin magreklamo. Tayo ay isang bayan ng reklamador.

    Reminds me of the so-called union leaders I busted many years ago in a previous life. They kept bitching and moaning, bitching and moaning. They couldn’t go beyond the bitching and moaning … (notwithstanding the fact that they were getting one of the best compensation packages in their industry in the country) until my patience ran out and I just got rid of them.

    Bitch and moan, bitch and moan … we excel at it! Not necessarily a bad thing. Even I have to admit my articles here at GRP … well, bitch and moan for the most part. Not surprisingly, most reactions like the one’s here bitch and moan in return, but not without some earnest (if not meaningful) perspectives from Nanonano, our host (BenignO) and, hard-nosed reality-checker , Simoun.

    Like the reklamador union leaders, no one else goes beyond bitching and moaning. No one else ventures to select and defend an alternative candidate (who is actually printed on the May 2016 ballot … yes, the system is flawed but that’s all we’ve got for now) for everyone else to vet and criticize … and let the chips fall where they may.

    One miniscule example. Mar has disclosed the owner of the plane he is renting. Binay and Poe have yet to disclose the names of the owners of the aircrafts they are either renting or BORROWING. Walang bayad daw … ya right … I wasn’t born yesterday!

    So, for all of you who think Mar and Leni are the next worst thing to Satan, select and defend your candidates in the open; otherwise, you are no better than those ass-wipe reklamador union leaders I terminated.

  26. So, for all of you who think Mar and Leni are the next worst thing to Satan, select and defend your candidates in the open; otherwise, you are no better than those ass-wipe reklamador union leaders I terminated.

    Nice try, Noytard!

    Last I checked this site is non-partisan. I don’t think you know what this site is about. You don’t belong here. Go to Joe America’s site and publish your garbage there.


      A must read/view/visit website for those of you who still have an iota of gray matter left in your head. Bong Bong Marcos and his whole family/clan should be eradicated from the face of the earth–much less occupy and/or run for public office.

  27. Virtual Vigilante, I enjoyed reading your article. You raised very valid points plus you made me laugh while I was reading it. ????

    1. Rose, thank you for your kind words. While we attempt to elicit a meaningful discussion on a serious topic of paramount importance, we try not to lose track of the humor and entertainment value of the subject matter. Do share with your family, friends and associates to increase the people’s awareness. All the best, VV

  28. Sigh… All the so-called pluses cited for Mar and Leni are sadly passe. If at all VV really wanted to do the two a mercy f*ck, he or she could have tried to pull off a better argument or dug up more interesting stuff.

    The way it is, it seems like a weak and half hearted post on behalf of Mar.

  29. More than words, action. More than action, good results for the people and country. Who has these good results in their resume with validation from the people he or she served should be President and Vice-President.

  30. dafuq! The title is a click bait. reading through the whole article… I therefore conclude that Mar and Leni are the two best national scumbags running for a higher office this elections.

  31. Maybe, the author of this article ingested a lot of “Shabu”, and wrote this article, while he is “on high”, with the “Shabu” drug.

    Mar Roxas handled the Typhoon Yolanda Relief efforts. The Relief goods are now rotting in warehouse. Mar Roxas was entrusted the Typhoon Yolanda fund. Now, the fund is missing.

    Mar Roxas cannot differentiate, between a “misencounter” and a “massacre”. He called the Mamapasano massacre, as a “misencounter”.

    Mar Roxas its an ardent supporter to pass the BBL Law. A law that will finance the MILF/Al Queda/ISIS in Mindanao. It will give them a territory in Mindanao.

    Mar Roxas just is an ass licker and running dog of Aquino. He is not even qualified to run, as a Barangay Captain.

    1. you are right with that. When Roxas wins the presidency, Mindanao will soon turn into a safe haven for ISIS who will bring chaos, bloodshed and fear across the whole Mindanao.

  32. Except for a few who have the cojones to venture an alternative candidate (who is actually listed on the ballot), the rest are a bunch of pathetic pussies wallowing in small-minded issues (so what if Mar is an asshole), devoid of any spine, intellect, reason and/or initiative to declare and defend their candidate. Your children and your children’s children will be licking the ass and eating the shit of the Marcoses, Binays and their muchachos like Escudero, Duterte.

    And speaking of children, each Filipino kid should be required to memorize and recite the following as an integral component of Philippine history lessons:

    (From the Ateneo de Manila University Community)

    We are not blind to the darkness and oppression of the Marcos years!

    “Ipaubaya natin ang kasaysayan sa mga propesor, sa mga nag-aaral tungkol sa kasaysayan ng Pilipinas. Kami hindi namin trabaho yun. Ang trabaho namin ay tingnan kung ano ba ang pangangailangan ng taong bayan ngayon.” – Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos, Jr.

    In response to Ferdinand “Bongbong” Romualdez Marcos, Jr.’s call that teachers and students of history should make a judgment about the Marcos administration, we, the undersigned members of the Ateneo de Manila community, vehemently oppose and condemn the ongoing willful distortion of our history.

    We deplore the shameless refusal to acknowledge the crimes of the Martial Law regime. We reject the revision of history, disturbing vision of the future, and shallow call for “unity” being presented by Marcos Jr. and like-minded candidates in the 2016 elections.

    We believe that the Marcos regime’s economics of debt-driven growth was disastrous for the Philippines. The regime was not interested in inclusive development, long-term state-building
    or genuine social transformation of the country, despite its “New Society” rhetoric. Instead, Marcos was mainly concerned with perpetuating his personal hold on power by favoring family members, friends, and other cronies. Thus, Marcos simply created new elites or “oligarchs” rather than abolish them — supposedly one of his main justifications for declaring martial law. Those who dared challenge the regime’s monopoly on power, whether politicians, business people, political activists, organized labor, peasants or urban poor, Church workers, students — young or old, rich or poor — were intimidated, imprisoned, kidnapped, tortured or summarily executed.

    We refuse to forget the atrocities committed by the Marcos regime, and we renew our demand that the perpetrators of these crimes be brought to justice. We also reiterate our position that the government should relentlessly pursue and reclaim all the ill-gotten wealth accumulated by the Marcos family and its cronies. Moreover, victims and their families should be given justice and
    compensation in full. Any call for unity, most especially from the heirs of the Marcos regime which bitterly divided the country, will be empty and meaningless unless truth and justice are upheld.

    We affirm our commitment as faculty members and formators always to teach the truth. The Marcos dictatorship should be remembered as one of the darkest periods of Philippine history.

    We reaffirm our responsibility as teachers and professionals to keep the spirit of EDSA 1986 alive by imparting to the young that the structures, actions and ideas — including the many lies — that allowed the Marcos dictatorship to impose and perpetuate itself, should be eliminated and never again be allowed to flourish. At the same time, we will work to bring to fruition the dream of EDSA for a more just and democratic society.

    We reject the argument that democracy does not “work” in the Philippines and that only a dictatorship, benevolent or otherwise, is capable of bringing our country to prosperity. We must instead encourage and harness the full democratic capacity of our people and institutions in order to progress as a nation. Although inequality and injustice continue to persist, we believe the solution to these problems lies in deepening our democratic institutions and practices, empowering the marginalized, and exacting accountability from our leaders and ourselves.

    We condemn, in the strongest possible terms, attempts by some individuals and particularly public figures, to whitewash the Marcos regime’s wanton violation of human rights and to distort its political-economic record. We call on all our politicians, especially those who are running for office in the 2016 national and local elections, to take a definite stand on the abuses of the Marcos dictatorship. We challenge them to join our call never again to allow the conditions of tyranny to take root in our society. We demand that candidates who directly or indirectly participated in and benefited from the regime, apologize and, if necessary, make restitution for their role in the regime or their support for it.

    Finally, we reject any attempt to give Ferdinand E. Marcos a hero’s burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

    We vow as teachers and formators to continue to tell the stories of the brutality and corruption of the Marcos family, regime and closest allies. We aspire to keep alive the ideals and heroism of the many brave Filipinos who fought the regime. For as long as we remember and share these stories, we believe that future generations of Filipinos will learn the lessons of the years of struggle leading to the overthrow of the dictatorship during those historic days of the People Power Revolution in 1986.

    It has become a glib talking point of the Marcos revisionists and loyalists to say that the People Power Revolution has “failed.” We vehemently disagree. It was truly a genuine popular uprising and triumph against dictatorship. The revolution, however, is unfinished. The fullness of democratization, especially the creation of a social order which respects the dignity of all Filipinos,has yet to be achieved. It is our responsibility now as a people to continue and complete this Unfinished struggle.

    We must start with the truth.

    Ginoong Marcos, mga pinunong tapat sa katotohanan ng kasaysayan ang siyang kailangan ng taong bayan ngayon!

  33. Ginoong Marcos, sinungaling ka at pambihirang magnanakaw ang buong pamilya mo na dapat ay lahatang kinatay ng taong bayan kung hindi lamang kayo nag duwag-duwagang tumakbo sa poder ng Amerika. Wala kang karapatan na mangarap sa anumang katungkulan sa gobyerno o politika. Mas mabuti pa kaya ay manahimik ka na lang at patuloy kang magpakasasa sa inyong nakaw na kayamanan (puwera lang kung ibalik ninyo sa amin) at baka pasabugin ka at ang inyong buong angkan (na dapat noon pa ay ginawa na) sa sobrang kakapalan ng inyong mukha.

      1. You better understand the meaning of troll, mate.

        If you can’t respect someone’s belief differing from yours, then that’s your problem.

        Now, I have better things to attend to.

        1. Of course, I do. The guy who wrote this blog post is a pro-Aquino troll and so you’re now a troll yourself.

          Please, stop talking about respect if you don’t know its context, son. It’s not like it was handed to you on a silver platter; you have to earn it.

          Oh right, the ‘better things’ you’re referring is to TROLL on every site with your Yellow Propaganda just to support incompetent nincompoops like Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo.

          Set your priorities for once.

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