Any sympathies for a jeepney driver shot in the head by a pedestrian he almost hit?

C’mon, admit it. It’s hard to feel sorry for that jeepney driver lying dead on the pavement with a hole in his head. I had just come across the story and found myself feeling a bit guilty about how I felt — or didn’t feel. Jeepney driver shot in the head by irate pedestrian in Makati, screamed the headline. There was a graphic photo that came with it. But it was this snippet of information that reassured me that the politically-incorrect way I felt about this story could be rationalised…

Another witness, Christian Torres, said the jeepney almost hit the man as it turned left from Chino Roces into Arnaiz.


I logged back onto Facebook and into the Get Real Philippines Community post where the article link was shared. Sure enough, there were comments that further validated what I was thinking. I’ll defer to one comment that sums up the cocktail of mixed feelings:

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First, why was a pedestrian carrying a gun with him?

Second, I too am not gonna lie, jeepney drivers are, as a general rule, assholes on the road. I’d like to give the pedestrian a bouquet of flowers. That’s one f-cker down, millions more to go.

Third, seriously though, we really are devolving as savages. I think it’s fair to point out too that had the pedestrian not got a gun, all he would have gotten was an arrogant response and the generic “Pasensya na kayo, naghahanap buhay lang” bullshit. So, hooray Philippines. Here’s to hoping that this will serve as precedent to all drivers.

When you are a law-abiding motorist that has to share the road with jeepneys, it is likely that you’d also be faced with the same stark lack of the outrage that would normally be exhibited had the stiff on the pavement been that of any other sort of person.

Even the normally-hated traffic enforcement officers of the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) attract a heart-warming deluge of support and empathy when they fall victim to abuse and threats of violence from irate civilians.

Jeepney drivers?

Well, it’s complicated. I’d probably respect the honesty of somebody like Ronn who wrote the above comment on Facebook rather than someone who’d wax absolute moral indignation over the murder of a jeepney driver who attracted the ire of one of the victims of the banal lack of consideration he and his community of Kings of the Road routinely apply to their fellow road users.

Everyone can relate to the blanket injustice in the way jeepney drivers discourteously navigate Manila’s streets with impunity. They are no better than the thieving politicians Filipino activists love to hate. Both routinely get away with their indiscretions.

But unlike our politicians, jeepney drivers are seen to possess solid claim to that cherished badge of victimhood many Filipinos wear with pride and use this as license to behave the way they do. But as the quality of the lives of Metro Manilans is increasingly crushed under the weight of the wretchedness of its infernal traffic jams it becomes increasingly difficult to see jeepney drivers as the victims they style themselves.

So did that jeepney driver deserve to die?

Not according to the law. I’ll say that much and nothing more.

77 Replies to “Any sympathies for a jeepney driver shot in the head by a pedestrian he almost hit?”

  1. these people were created by the flawed traffic system, poor infrastructure and law enforcement on traffic rules. what we get is anarchy.

  2. Our country is now slowly turning into a Wild Wild West. People carrying guns; and shoot other people, on slightest aggravation.

    Soon, we will have Gunslingers, and bad guys (Bandidos)…
    The Sheriffs are busy collecting “Tongs”. They have no time to enforce the Law.

    1. it essentially already is. its every man for himself, no solid government in place to implement, uphold and regulate laws. all we have are a handful of local lawmen (at least the truly dedicated ones) outnumbered by the sheer number of bandits and outlaws. come to think of it, add a little more sand and metal, edsa would look like fury road.

    1. i concur. legal means to pin the powerful corrupt people in the government has proven ineffective. don’t you think the birth of a death squad to eliminate the thieves in government is long time coming? why don’t the CPP/NPA act toward this course of action?

  3. I get that the pedestrian was almost hit by that irresponsible driver. But is that reason enough to kill the driver?? He could’ve just shot the tires or something. But to kill? So sino makukulong ngayon? We all get hassled as both pedestrian and drivers ourselves by these public utility drivers, but guess what? We don’t take out guns and kill them (even if we want to) because that is just plain wrong.

    1. SUPER UNLIKE. Pag nasagasaan kana ng mga tarantadong drivers na yan, tignan ko lang kung masabi mo pa mga yan. I feel sorry sa bumaril, sana wag siya makulong.

    2. I agree with you. You cannot just put justice in your own hands. Come on, i know we all get temperamental sometimes but having to kill someone is just wrong! Okay sure yes he almost got hit by the jeepney on a pedestrian line. “Almost”! He didn’t get hit. We don’t want to wish him to be hit but the main point is why would you and who gave you the right to kill someone? And why does this person have a gun? And why are the comments here so disgusting and inhumane. I just can’t believe it. Let the authorities handle this. I know we don’t have the best of authorities but surely something can be done.

    3. “He could’ve just shot the tires or something”; that would have been anger management and this grievous criminal offense would have been a lesser crime of discharging a weapon and endangering innocent persons. Think if there were children who saw this crime.

      Even traffic enforcers up to the supervisory level are threatened for issuing traffic violations to motorists. I spoke with one such person in his office when I went in to share some of my thoughts about traffic control. One of his fellow employees slashed his tires in the local government parking lot because he put out a memo for them to comply with parking regulations in the same parking lot.

      It has become a systemic curse on our world society to go to the gun/war to resolve conflicts. World governments are leading the way in this manner dealing with issues and concerns between nations. Is it no wonder, local citizens are following suite in all areas of civil public life?

  4. Wait, what? Are we seriously suggesting murder is the only viable solution to the Filipino’s complete lack of personal discipline?

    Filipinos shouldn’t be allowed to play with guns any more than they should be allowed to play with motor vehicles.

    1. NO. IRON HAND is the SOLUTION thru shear force of guns and arms. Tignan mo kung mapasunod mo mga pilipino pag wala kang baril.

  5. Louise Thanks for this brilliant comment of yours! I can ‘t imagine the author of this article can post such a disgusting text. What world are we living in? seriously, Almost got hit and that’s enough to take his life away!!!!!!!!! Whao! ya all make me sick. imagine we all respond the way this sick drugged pedestrian just did, will you till stay in this country?????? Apology to a senseless murder on a victim that took time to acknowledge his mistake, remember one thing, the general public may be right on the prejudice of common jeepney drivers which is a fact but it ain’t always true. This psychopath must be found and let to spend the rest of his life behind barres!

    1. Sana masagasaan ka ng jeeps, tignan ko lang kung masabi mo pa mga yan. Bakaikaw pa manguna sa pag murder ng nakasagasa sayo. Madaling magsalita kasi hindi mo pa naranasan..

      1. Tama depends kung which side ka pag ikaw ang driver sasabihin mo sobra naman. Pag ikaw ang biktima sasabihin mo kulang pa yan or bagay lang sayo. Pag ikaw ang masagasaan at na putol ang iyong paa or sa anak mo nangyari yun. Tsaka na tayo mag usap kung ano gagawin mo.Pero habang wala pang nangyayari Diyos nalang muna bahala sa driver.

      2. I hate virtue signaler/s, they are the manifestation of hypocrisy! hey Rosario! subukan mo nga minsan mag pa side swipe or mag pa run over sa jeep minsan, tapos balik dito at mag comment ulit.

  6. “So did that jeepney driver deserve to die?

    Not according to the law. I’ll say that much and nothing more.”

    Also, not if we’re still calling ourselves Christians.

    Louise asked a good question: Why was he carrying a gun? And the next good question is, why was he not immediately arrested? I’d understand this if the crime happened at night but in broad daylight, wow!

    “Any sympathies for [the] jeepney driver…?” – Let me first read the findings of the final report/investigation. But of course, I would have been one of those who immediately called for medical help if I was on at the scene when it happened.

    Is Metro Manila turning into a Wild West? Perhaps. One reason is whenever crimes such as this happen, most Filipinos are only interested on when is the culprit going to be punished. Knowing the cause for having PUV drivers behaving that way and why does some citizens find it a necessity to carry firearms and solving both usually escapes their thoughts. And when the police reports publicly that a suspect is finally caught and imprisoned, life goes on, without even asking whether the suspect is indeed guilty or not.

    Being interested only in putting the criminal in jail isn’t really a long-term solution. If nobody is going to think about solving the cause for all of these, then I guess let’s think about putting jail bars all over Metro Manila. Why? We’re just interested in putting citizens behaving badly in jail and since all of us have a share of misdeeds regardless of how small or big, then we all deserve to be in jail. Also, this will help prevent “the disease” from spreading to other places in the Philippines that still has very low crime rates.

    Anticipated reply: “Leave the thinking to the government” – Oh for heaven’s sake! There are two possible extreme answers to this – Either they are too busy doing their job or they are too busy procrastinating thus not doing their job. In both, they don’t have time to solve this anymore on their own.

    1. Well put, Vincent.

      This incident appears to me to be the intersection of two of the Philippines’ problems: the propensity of a certain sort of Pinoy to react with extreme violence to any slight upon his person, real or imagined; and the fact that the country has no functioning legal system.

      I am absolutely appalled that so many people here think that a summary execution is Justice; and not because of what the driver did, but because of what JEEPNEY DRIVERS IN GENERAL do. In other words, one man was shot because of general frustration at the group he is identified with.

      There could not be a clearer example of what the country needs: some simple laws that everyone can understand and follow, and a functioning police force that people respect and listen to. No country had achieved this ideal, but the better ones manage to get close to it.

      Sadly I suspect it won’t happen because of another Filipino failure: they don’t really understand what The Law is. Have you noticed how most lawyers basically act as High Priests or witch doctors, sprinking fairy-dust and their magic imprint on contracts and the like? Their job in other countries is to be experts on the law and advice on its use. I have never yet managed to get this service from a lawyer. Some of them seem genuinely surprised that I would ask for such a thing.

      The Law has been accurately described as ‘software’. The Philippines, right now, is running Donkey Kong.

    2. These are all just symptoms of a more systemic rot. It’s like corruption. The notion of “eliminating” corruption, on close examination, really does not make any sense. Eliminating it by, say, a singular focus on punishing those caught red-handed without changing the systems that present lots of opportunity for corruption will be a fruitless effort at best. When your laws still allow secret dollar accounts and unauditable appropriations to be made in the national budget, and for legislators to maintain inappropriate relationships with NGOs and contractors, there will always be 20 new buwayas initiated into the trade for every one jailed.

      Likewise, it is fruitless to whip jeepney drivers into a disciplined lot as much as it is pointless to dictate how an ordinary Filipino on the street should be feeling about a the sight of a jeepney driver sprawled on the road with a bullet in his head unless a systemic solution to both is mounted. All of those — boorish drivers and schadenfreudian kibitzers — are just products of a society that is dysfunctional at its core.

    3. Calling ourselves Christians? WTF? You as a country are far far far removed from Christianity. Filipinos are best described as Hyper Materialist, Anamists, entertained by Medieval Rituals.

  7. I’ll have sympathy, for the plain fact that asshole jeepney drivers are assholes because they don’t receive much education about the rules of the road, and are so hampered by the boundary system that they have to race like mad to get passengers. And simply…. why does the pedestrian have a gun? Could it actually be a revenge hit?

    1. When our laws and its enforcers are too inept and ineffective in protecting its citizens, they have no choice but to arm themselves for security and survival.


  8. Very clever article, benign0. It evokes mixed feelings.

    I symphatize with the pedestrian. He found himself in an unlucky situation. In a jungle such as Manila, one has to have a gun for self-defense. I also almost shot a bus driver with whom I had an altercation in the Greenhills area several years back. I was only lucky because I had a companion who tried hard to stop me. It was only after I calmed down, I realize I would have shot the poor driver just because of rage, not self-defense. After that, I no longer took my gun outside of the house. Poor pedestrian, he had no time to realize this. Now, he has to hire a lawyer, go to court every so often, and go to jail, which would be more than a living hell in all aspects, mentally and physically, especially with the Philippine jails — just because of 5 seconds of rage.

    One has to realise also that this public transportation guys are on the road 10 to 12 hours a day, and yet go home on a pay that only miserable families could survive on. After the fuel price increase, I think bus drivers go home only with Php 600 to 1,000 per day; jeepney drivers, 500 to 700; taxi drivers, 300 to 600 — worse with tryke drivers, 200 to 500.
    Yet, long hours, an almost constant duel with other drivers for passengers, and my gosh, the traffic. So, it is still a surprise that many of them still have a semblance of sanity. Anybody could totally go crazy in the world, the conditions, they are in. No wonder, they go for Red Horse whenever they can — I think PHL is #2 or #3 in the world in terms of alcohol drink, next only to Russia and/or South Korea.

    We have a f*cked-up system, made terribly worse by a law enforcement that is at its shabbiest from top to bottom. It is a culture gone haywire, and it is a jungle out there, which persist because we have decided to close our eyes, or have grown totally immune to it. It only matters when it it hits us directly or personally. Being impervious to anything is the name of game, a game we have learned to play quite well.

    1. hey Add, i used to have a concealed carry permit and for three years i had my baby eagle in a fanny bag every time i went out of the house..never had a chance to take it out of the bag during those 3 years… though i was tempted a few times and those times were always due to traffic incidents…they ask why would someone carry a gun?…because it is not safe out there in the streets of manila…cops are nowhere to be found if you need got riding in tandems who kill with impunity…15 year olds who commit any crime and gets away with it…and so on and so forth…nobody trusts nobody no more..and i would rather die defending myself

    2. our drivers both public and private including those who own a car are not well educated in traffic rules. you can just pay someone in LTO to get your license. it’s like paying the university to obtain your certificate without passing the test.

      1. enforcement of traffic rules/ordinances – just like in davao city they have cctvs all over the place (sh!t!). big brother is always watching potential traffic violators, smokers, jaywalkers, etc.

      2. traffic rules and urban ordinances should be taught in schools, driving should be taught in schools (for students 18 years/above who owns a car) if possible.

      3. eliminate corruption and strictly test the students both written and actual driving test. fail them if necessary.

      4. enforce! enforce! enforce the law!

      case study (driving lessons):
      i learned driving in California (at the time The Terminator is governor). you get your student permit from the DMV once you passed the written exam (read the manual). then you can be taught by your cousin or anyone available to teach you how to drive. anyone who has a driving license is free to teach. actual exam will be on the road. as in real time driving. the examiner will instruct you to change lanes, where to turn left, etc. he’ll observe you all the time if you look over your shoulder before signalling then finally in changing your lane, to stopping if there’s a pedestrian around whether a pedxing is available or not. you need to constantly look at your side mirrors and rear mirror all the time. i failed the 1st test but i passed the 2nd. once you drive, everything is by the book. you learn defensive driving.

      this is only a dream solution for metro manila. it will not happen. it will never be. lol

    3. @Add: Yeah, they are both instances of a sort of society-wide insanity induced by the maddening banal injustice that characterises Philippine society from top to bottom.

      Vigilantism is evident in both parties here: (1) the way an ordinary pedestrian would take it upon himself to both judge and execute the jeepney driver and (2) the way jeepney drivers ply their trade using traffic rules that exist only within their individual heads.

      Both are indicative of a massive failure of governance across Philippine society.

    1. It was probably a CCW sized handgun which is actually small. It was a probably a small sized penis BUT A BIG SET OF BALLS.

    2. @Biffa Bacon…easy for you to your house was never broken in to…never been a victim of dugo-dugo gang or your life threatened by a drug lord with ex-cops as bodyguards..or drive around always looking to make sure no riding in tandem was beside your car…however big your pecker is, i bet you’d wet your pants if you had gone through what i did..

  9. @Biffa Bacon – touché
    @benign0 – aren’t you a bit worried how people can just shoot people just coz they got pissed off? What if someone who just read your article didn’t like what you had to say, looks for you, then shoots you? Then one of those who disagree with your opinion writes an article saying “It’s hard to feel sorry for the guy bec he’s a douche”? Siguro, magiging proud family mo sa’yo for dying bec of your moldy perspective.

  10. I too, am frustrated with flaws, but how can anyone write on Get Real without getting real themselves? Seriously, deadly irrational reactions are not the answer. That’s a corrupt backwards mentality itself. It’s similar to a politician reading something slanderous, and hiring gunman to down the journalist.

    1. Your comparison is flawed. Let’s get real.

      A. Jeepney driver with no regard for law and road courtesy attempts to kill a pedestrian with his jeepney, the pedestrian who by law had the right of way.

      B. Politician reading slanderous writings from a journalist does not pose an immediate threat to his life. Hiring a gunman to take care of the journalist is just another way of breaking the law similar to what the jeepney driver was doing.

      Good riddance, one less as*hole on the road.

  11. Ito ang problema ng article na ito — there is the possibility that the jeepney driver shot dead was actually not the typical jeepney driver and might have probably saved Mr. Dirty Harry pedestrian’s life by skillfully maneuvering his malfunctioning jeepney which was poorly maintained by the operator. Of course, we will never know because shooting assholes first before asking questions is irreversible. I cannot feel sympathy because I do not know the details and the persons but I do have sympathy that the proper process was not followed to render a judgement.

    1. Why was his jeepney malfunctioning if ever? Would a public utility operator in a normal country put his vehicle on the road if he knew it was malfunctioning? Our Civil Code imposes upon public utility operators the duty of EXTRAORDINARY DILIGENCE in the vigilance over the goods and for the safety of the passengers transported by them. The law goes so far that if a passenger gets hurt or dies while being transported, the operator, is PRESUMED TO BE AT FAULT. Because of this, a public utility operator with a malfunctioning vehicle has no business on the road.

      SURVEY: Do I feel any sympathy for the driver? – No. He can take his family with him.

      But the gunman has to be caught and punished to the full extent of the law.

    2. Nasa tamang tawiran ba tumatawid ung pedestrian? Marami kasing anggulo n kailangan pag-aralan bago natin malaman kung sino may kasalanan. May sasakyan kami at nasasaksihan ko minsan ang kawalang disiplina din ng mga tumatawid, minsan bigla n lng susulpot sa d naman tamang tawiran, may mga batang biglang manggugulat sa kalsada na tatawid at sisigaw pa sa driver, parang hindi tatablan ng sakit at hindi mababali ang buto pag nasagasaan. At commuter din naman ako na madalas mabwisit sa jeepney driver dahil sa kabastusan nila at kaskasero sa daan. Pero hindi lahat ay ganun. Wala tayong simpatya sa driver kasi di natin siya kilala, pero imagine if kamag-anak natin ang napatay, matutuwa pa ba kayo kahit walanghiya n driver ang kamaganak nio kaya napatay. Isa pa, hindi basta basta ang pagkitil sa buhay, ang langgam nga pag napatay n, kahit powerful na tao di n kayang buhayin un. Ganun kahalaga ang buhay, wala na kasing balikan pag nawala na siya. And hindi din naman natin gustong mangyari satin un diba…golden rule. Kung walang masasabing maganda, lalo n at hindi naman makakatulong sa kaso ng victim. Wag na magsalita.

  12. But,none of us commenting or just reading here, really knew what went on. Maybe the pedestrian was just almost hit, but what happened after that? What was the next scenario that triggered the incident? Baka naman kasi yung driver na muntik ng makabangga eh siya pa angmeh gana magalit. Andami na kayang mga pedestrian na tumatawid na nga sa pedestrian lane eh sinasagasaan pa rin.

    We don’t just stop at the idea na, “muntik lang mabangga” to coax sympathy for the dead jeepney driver. Mag-isip nnga kayo, wag yung basta-bastang kakampi sa “underdog” at ng matuto tayong lahat.

    I understand why some people would just want to take the law into their hands. Kasi, karamihan sa atin ay hindi na naniniwala sa hustisya. The righteous have all died with the Filipino Heroes a long time ago. Ang mga bayani natin ngayon ay hindi kilala because they choose to do one good deed per day to make this country a livable one even for just one day. All others are just a front for the camera.

    The pedestrian may have been wrong and he will pay for it but let this be a lesson for everyone at nang hindi na po ito maulit.

  13. The pedestrian was described as : “The shooter, described by witnesses as a bald man in his 50s, 5’7” in height and of heavy build, fled after the incident. Clad in a yellow shirt, he walked with a limp, they added.”

    Hmmm, sounds like the our Chief Executive.

  14. Just toggle between Death Penalty and Reclusion Perpetua for anyone who commits crime in order to get a more disciplined society.

  15. “The shooter, described by witnesses as a bald man in his 50s, 5’7” in height and of heavy build, fled after the incident. Clad in a yellow shirt, he walked with a limp, they added.”

    Clad in a yellow shirt. Does that remind anyone of something?

  16. If you’re asking if two wrongs make a right, they don’t. If you’re asking which of the two wrongs should society be more apathetic to, you’re asking the wrong question. It should be ‘how can we prevent both wrongs from happening over and over again’. If you ask that question and you appear to be more apathetic to the less heinous one and that kind of thinking is promoted, you’re merely adding a third wrong.

  17. tsk tsk NO sympathy at all! i am also a victim of those fucking arrogant jeepney drivers here in marikina, especially those plying the montalban-cubao route. FUCK THEM ALL!

  18. One less asshole jeepney driver on the streets. I wouldn’t be surprised if the pedestrian was acting in self defense. If some asshole jeepney driver was trying to run me down while I legally crossed the street in the proper and designated area, I would want a fire arm to defend myself too. Good riddance. He can drive his jeepney in hell now.

  19. Malamang walang traffic enforcer d’yan. Somehow nagbe-behave ang mga PUV drivers kapag may natatanaw o nabigyan ng tip na may traffic enforcer sa ‘di kalayuan. Una na, ayaw mahuli at matiketan. Pangalawa, ayaw mag-ipit ng kinita sa kukumpiskahing lisensya.

    At gusto ko rin sigurong malaman kung bakit may ready to use na baril ‘yong lalaking nakapatay.

  20. para sa akin, tama lang yan, para naman magkaroon ng takot ang mga PUV drivers. ayan nakatapat siya, ng pumatol sa kanya.

    jeepney. bus, UV transport and tricycle drivers halos lahat walang displina. kapag nakaperwisyo, kamot lang ng ulo.

    hindi pa kayo nabiktima ng mga yan, kaya sasabihin ninyo, naging sobra ginawa ng bumaril.

  21. Good riddance. One less motherfucking jeepney on the road. Every time these turds stop on the side and cause traffic is enough reason for anyone to put a gun in their head and pull the trigger. Same goes for bus drivers on Edsa.

    Protip: Once you get an opportunity to leave this shithole of a country, do so and never go back again. Leave it to implode.

  22. What is the purpose of the Traffic Enforces Or Police???? Kay rami-rami ninyo, binabayaran na nga kayo ng maayos, magbantay din kayo ng maaayos. tsk.tsk.tsk

  23. One question I’ll put up is this: if you do this to all jeepney drivers, and they’re gone, how will you who depends on public transport go to work? WALK? It’s easy to speak violently when you don’t understand someone else’s plight.

    1. That james that approves so much of killing the jeepney driver, probably has his own private car. But as for a daily commuter like me, i know how will the lost of jeepneys in the roads will paralyzed most filipino workers daily lives. The laws are there, the problem is that there is no respect for it, and this applies to all of filipino, drivers, commuters and pedestrian.

  24. What do think will happen if instead of the jeepney driver and his jeep, it was you and your car that almost ran him over? Will the pedestrian forgive you or will he do the same thing to you? Should we also applaud him for sticking a bullet in your head?

    Maybe the jeepney driver deserved it. But why should we condone the actions of the gunman?

    If the jeepney driver is a piece of shit. Then the gunman is a far worse kind of shit.

  25. The only thing i can say is No he did not deserve to die for his actions but what were the reasons behind sutch drastic action i.e was this the first time, had he been struck before, has any family member been struck or killed before all questions to be asked. Personaly being a foreigner here and drive i have had myself and my wifes life put at risk by those drivers so if anybody threatens me in anyway with the possibility of killing me i would do the same ?

  26. Happened to me once. My daughter almost got hit by a jeepney because the driver wasn’t looking at the road but was rather looking at the sidewalk and calling out to people to get on hisbjeepney. I shouted at him that he almost hit my daughter, all I got was a smirk… No apologies. I was ready to punch him then and there and if not for my wife, I really would have.

    So yeah, sadly, I don’t feel sorry for this guy.

  27. Isn’t it time to get rid of traffic enforcers and the police, what good are either one of them?

    Until the Philippines is set up like Canada or Hong Kong (transportation LRT) it will always be a nightmare getting around, the roads… there’s never any compromise for the entire good or future traffic problems they just go around obstacles and of course the buses stops in the middle of the road all lanes, nutz… nutz God can anyone fix this, answer is no, we are looking into it..Lol, My God get some foreigner’s in here to fix the problems.

  28. Quoting the article:

    “The witness said the man pulled out a .22-cal. firearm and went over to Accad who had stopped nearby to wait for passengers. When confronted, the victim repeatedly apologized to the man who hit him on the head with his gun, causing a cut on the victim’s left eyebrow.

    Seconds later, the man shot Accad in the head and then fled. The victim was taken by Barangay Pio del Pilar rescuers to the hospital.”

    The driver apologizes and the murderer still shoots him dead!?! Good God!!!

    The Good Lord forgives, yet are WE too good or better than Him to forgive?

  29. if you are not a jeepney commuting Filipino and not a common tao using the pedestrians , you will not understand the arrogance and the King of the Road attitudes of many jeepney drivers.
    I do not condone killing but one minus mfa arrogant, scythe welding like a reaper driver taken out in the streets of Manila is not bad compare to the many hit and run victims of those arseholes.

  30. You all forgot to mention why this place has jeepney drivers…
    Not any will from state to have decent public transportation system left all in the hands of jeepney…
    No law in forcément or by highly corrupt officers…
    Absolutely total dismissal of GOP in driving education…
    So why not to blame 1st your GOP and ask Super DUT30 to work on that?
    What about LTO huge and endless issues?
    You all deserve to join this driver to he’ll if you agree on that killing…

  31. Granted, the jeepney driver didn’t exactly deserve to be killed…but I don’t have any feeling of sympathy. My sympathy to puv drivers died when they routinely bump, scratch, and dent my car.

  32. Well, the man is dead. If you fuckwits want to still keep on spitting and beating a dead man like what yellows do, then you do you.

    There is something that is fundamentally wrong with our public transportation system as well as our road system. From what I know, the boundary system, vehicle maintenance & consumables all constrict the ability of the driver to be able to save and pay for everyday expenses. The road layouts are a mess and the provision for sidewalks, and overpasses are close to none. Idagdag niyo pa yung mga gago at adik na mga barker, mga gagong pasahero(na hindi marunong na umupo na akala ang buong dyip ay binili niya), pati yung mga kotongero sa mix. (Naks, powder keg na kailangan na lang sindihan ang mitsa ang kinalabasan.)

    Shouldn’t the local governments (as well as the respective gubmint agencies that are tasked with roads and transpo) have a hand and be more active in making sure that public transpo is available, responsible and safe? Should the drivers/operators be the only ones that are supposed to shoulder the burden and a lot of unearned blame? (knowing the fact that they are already doing a public service to begin with) Why are the government agencies responsible for the roadways and transportation blaming the “dyipni drayber” knowing full well the fact that they have fucked up monumentally au contraire to the “dyipni drayber” that is just following a fucked up system that is neglected by the ones tasked to maintain and regulate it?

    It may sound that I am “patronizing” “dyipni draybers” but, aren’t a lot of you barking at the wrong tree here? Because I for one am not gonna absolve the legitimate gubmint agencies, that are responsible for the maintenance of roads and transportaion, of their duties as well as the consequence of their monumental cock-up with this issue that has pervaded the country decades past.

    Sure, lots of “dyipni draybers” do not follow the rules of the road. They are part and parcel responsible for the consequences of their actions, but people should not lose focus and maintain awareness about the fucked up system that our country has.

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