The Idiocy of U.S. Militia and Pro-Gun Movements

I’ve recently done some reading on the militia and pro-gun movements in the U.S. I saw that it’s been heavily politicized, and a lot of shills are spreading myths about it. I also realize there’s a movement which also stretches out to other issues, such as bullying and racial issues. It’s also been heavily connected to right-wing political elements, and it also usually churns out messages declaring the existence of government to be an evil, and thus it should be eliminated. It thus seems like a target full of myths ready to be hit right in the bullseye.


For a primer, both the militia and pro-gun movements believe the U.S. government is out to impose a dictatorship and is ready to trample on people’s rights. Thus, they seek to arm themselves to protect against this. The solution, the formation of militia. They are also against gun control law, since it is an obstacle in their organizing a militia. They also believe it is actually just meant to thus violate their basic rights (based on the second amendment). They however are acting on unproven assumptions; hence, I call it idiocy.

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The Big Three

Three major events could be linked to the militia and gun movement: the Ruby Ridge incident in 1992, the Waco Siege in Texas in 1993, and the Oklahoma City Bombing. In the Ruby Ridge incident, this involved federal government agency attempts to raid the Weavers, a family who moved to a secluded place in northern Idaho. It led to the death of mother Vicki Weaver and her son Sam in separate incidents. Then in 1993 was the Waco siege, where an armed cult called the Branch Davidians were holed up. It ended on April 19, 1993 when the compound went on fire, killing 76 of the people inside, including cult leader David Koresh. As revenge for these two events, Timothy McVeigh perpetrated the Oklahoma bombing on April 19, 1995, where detonated a truck bomb in front of the Alfred Murrah building, killing over 160 people, including children.

A common thread between these three incidents was connection to white power groups, at least for the Weavers and McVeigh. White power groups oppose affirmative action and other steps taken to remove disadvantages for colored people in the U.S. Such groups are also suspected of being inclined to terrorism and likely want to restore the backward inequalities of old, with whites being lords and other people being slaves. Obviously, these are things you’d want to shut down.

A simplified view of the issue

A simplified view of the issue

Some believe that the above incidents are false flags and that the government deliberately committed these to create rationales for declaring martial law and creating a police state. I would say the FBI elements in the botched raids simply did that: botched them. Some personnel were probably eager for promotions or rewards, and they thought the way to get these was to have a “body count” or “handcuff count.” Unfortunately, this revealed incompetence in their department (an incompetence that extends all the way to 9/11 and beyond), and thus their mistakes cost unnecessary lives. There is no reason to suspect a government plot to deprive people of basic freedoms, although there certainly were cover-ups to avoid accountability.

On the other hand, the Weavers demonstrate what some militia supporters advocate: moving to the mountains, battening down moving away from civilization, and holding guns to defend against anyone they perceive threatens their “freedom” and “way of life” (This seclusion from society seems similar to what another guy, Christopher McCandless, portrayed in the Into the Wild movie, did at around the same time, but I consider it abject foolishness). The Waco Siege features a cult led by obvious lunatics (who sexually or otherwise abuse cult members) who also had access to firearms. The Oklahoma bombing is revenge against the government by a misguided mind. McVeigh had been involved in gun shows. Gun shows need to be a case for monitoring, since it is reported that a significant amount of illegal firearms come from these.

Conspiracy Baloney

The main reason why I consider the militia movement ridiculous is that its motivations are mainly based on unproven conspiracy theories. These are the same ones I hit in an earlier article, things like a certain secret cabal (Illuminati, New World Order, Skull and crossbones, Bilderberg Group, Freemasons, etc.) controlling world affairs and history, that this cabal will have microchips implanted in people, that the pharmaceutical companies are hiding a cancer cure, that 9/11 was perpetrated by the American government and not terrorists, that the HAARP apparatus is causing global warming, that AIDS is man-made, etc. Theories in our own country include the story of the current Bongbong Marcos actually being a clone, a half-human half-snake creature terrorizing mall goers in Robinson’s malls and stories of aswangs. It just gets stupider as you go.

One suspicion of some militia supporters is that gun control is a part of a government plot to declare a totalitarian government. The plan is to drain all ordinary people of firearms and make them more helpless to government secret police, similar to the Thought Police in the George Orwell novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. Still, as in my earlier article, I continue to declare such conspiracy theories as hogwash in the absence of proof.

Nice thought, Keanu

Nice thought, Keanu

It seems to me that militia supporters seek something similar to ISIS, the terrorist group. They want to create their own society wherein all they could see is their “way of life.” And they do it with firearms and violence. While ISIS is more actively violent, who know if militias will be doing the same thing. Especially when you notice that many militia groups are related to white power groups.

One thing about the conspiracy theories being spread around the Internet is that they portray a secret cabal so powerful, they can take over the whole world at will. It implies that there is nothing you can do about it. So what some of the fooled guys will believe is that there is no choice but to hole up in the mountains and just shoot up the “authorities” who go near them – just like the Weavers in Rudy Ridge. They want to pay no taxes, want no participation in any legal system, and they seem to want to go back to the state of the ancient world where everyone is holed up in their villages, considering everyone else their enemy. I consider this going backward.

The Gun Lobby

The main reason for such an active gun lobby is merely to help the gun and ammunition companies sell their products. For example, if guns are made very easy to own or are unregulated, people like the Weavers will buy more guns. Let’s look at the bullying issue; kids might soon pack guns against bullies, and bullies will do it too, until it will be gun chaos in America. But the companies don’t care about this, since all they care about is that they get to sell their products. They will just say it’s the kids’ fault for choosing to use guns.

With the help of a political lobby, the gun and ammunition companies would not be operating on “free market” principles, but rather are rent-seeking. Since some pro-gun lobbyists also claim to be free-market advocates, they are contradicting themselves. Add to that the issue of illegal guns in the U.S. being connected to gun shows stated above.


Another problem is when some complain about guns being given to people with questionable integrity (including mental integrity, i.e. lunatics), the pro-gun lobby says “well, if someone makes a wrong move, a sane guy will shoot him.” This shows the callousness of the gun lobbyists, which may also mean that they do not respect other’s lives. This also makes a lot of assumptions, such as the “sane” people with guns are not shot first, so they can shoot later. This also reflects some lapse in common sense and respect for public space. They should also be reminded of how American Sniper author Chris Kyle allowed someone with mental problems to hold a gun, which led to his death.

Obviously, the militia movement is still living in the 1700s, and are forgetting that they already got independence from Britain. They probably want to form their own nation where they can shoot anybody who they believe threatens their “way of life.” Interestingly, wanting to “defend one’s way of life” is the reasoning for American military intervention abroad, such as in Iraq; but instead, it creates more reasons for the creation of such threats to their “way of life” (like ISIS). I have also heard opinions that the Second Amendment, which is the basis of the militia and gun supporters, is obsolete, since it was made under 1700s conditions.

The militia movement exhibits the paranoiac mistrust of society and anything they can’t wrap their minds around. They also tend to reject an overarching government and prefer violent anarchy, letting people “settle things” by hurting and kill each other if they have a problem (probably why some of these are against anti-bullying measures). Thus, the extreme militia groups want to return to a world of barbarism. It is a world like in ancient times was marked by brutality and ultimate parochialism.

Perhaps conspiracy theories serve this purpose: to keep people in fear. Remember the saying, “if you want to control people, keep them in fear.” Taking advantage of the natural gullibility of people, conspiracy theories make people act like kids who believe there’s a monster in the closet or under the bed. Make people believe they are under attack, even by an imaginary foe, and they will be distracted from important issues that require the most attention. They would then embrace questionable means to deal with such imagined threats, such as forming militias. Of course, there are a few conspiracies that have been confirmed, such as U.S. intervention in Iran and South America, and the recently made-into-a-movie Gary Webb report of the CIA selling illegal drugs in the U.S. to finance support for the Nicaraguan Contras in the 1980s. But remember, they have to be confirmed.

So in the end, the extreme sides of the gun control issue would be wrong. Guns should be allowed, but there must be regulation. My side of the issue is, not more or less gun control, but accurate or sensible gun control. Keep it out of the hands of people who are definitely identified to have risk factors. Already there are so many events that seem to call for this. Recently, a reporter and cameraman were killed on live TV by a former colleague who had been revealed to have a troubled history, with possible signs of mental problems. American Sniper author Chris Kyle’s death is another. Also, perhaps people have seen videos of fathers who allowed their children to play with guns, only to get shot in the end. Meanwhile, locally, a jeepney driver had been shot dead by a hot-headed pedestrian (why did he have a gun?), and this reminds me of the Rolito Go and Loyola Memorial Park incidents of long ago.

I also read about one reason for U.S. militias: to overthrow the government in case it becomes corrupt. The thing is, how do you determine when it becomes corrupt? So far, the militia supporters that the U.S. government is going to impose Martial Law or totalitarian rule soon. I don’t buy it, though. Let’s say the militias suddenly start revolting so even when the government doesn’t do anything related to totalitarianism, or just as a reaction to a strict rule. That would be presumptious and stupid. Also, what if the militias succeed, and what they impose are things like, Muslims and blacks should be evicted, slavery is returned, prostitution is rampant, people with disabilities should be killed, and more. I suspect they want these more than the government. All the more reason to keep them from succeeding.

When it comes to the Philippines, we already have militias. They are the private armies of politicians and some richer families in the country. I wonder if some Americans are taking a hint from this example and want to gain power through the barrel of a gun.

45 Replies to “The Idiocy of U.S. Militia and Pro-Gun Movements”

  1. Your rant is hot air similar to utut. Clearly you are a libtard without understanding of the founding of this country, the 2nd Ammendment, and the tyranny we are devolving into here. You are the idiot.

      1. Why are guns and milita in the US a problem anyway? That’s how the US came to be, and as much as the mass media tells people that these pro-2nd amendment people are “dangerous” with their guns, the irony is that the places with the most gun control and the most restrictive gun ownership are the places with the highest gun-related crime and fatalities. Because criminals won’t follow the gun control law, but the law-abiding citizens they’re victimizing has no choice in regards to following these draconian gun control laws.

        As far as lobbying, it’s naive to think that there is even a side of any major political spectrum that does not engage on some lobbying or investments based from political decisions so that’s a moot point to make.

        Another thing to take into consideration is that the US is unique that the nation was literally built by frontiersmen armed to the teeth right from the get-go. Guns play a large part in building up the US, and it’s what lead it to its superpower status it enjoys today. For them to forsake guns just because some other nation can somehow live without it is a affront to their cultural identity. And these nations that are anti-guns were once ruled by monarchies that do not allow the civilian populace to be armed in order to preserve said monarchy (and prevent major revolts).

        I’m not even a gun-owner, but in a world where guns are unavoidable, it doesn’t take much to convince me that a gun is better in the hands law-abiding citizen than a criminal.

        1. My beef with how gun control is going in the U.S. is that it does not seem to be working properly. That man who killed reporters in Virginia got past background checks despite clues that he was having violent tendencies and possible mental illness. The mechanism that is supposed to keep the wrong people from having a gun is not working. It’s not only the criminals, mind you. There are times a “law-abiding citizen” can turn on his fellow. In that case, he is no longer law-abiding, but criminal already. Wrap your heads around that: a law-abiding citizen can turn into a criminal with one shot.

        2. Then we’re talking about a criminal, not a law-abiding citizen. A criminal will break the law regardless on when they “turn” from their act of being a lawful citizen; A law-abiding citizen would not break the law they are aware of- it’s an elementary thought. The problem with not allowing the wrong people to have a gun is to know what are the “wrong people”? This isn’t just an issue on gun control, but a bigger, far-reaching issue regarding the lack of government funding on mental health care and psychiactric drugs (with privatized mental institutions discharging mentally deranged people with no money, while keeping patients with minor problems drugged to keep them institutionalized). Heck depending on the state, a law-abiding citizen would become a “criminal” with one shot on simple self-defense charges – but if the shot was not fired, they will be one of many victims of criminal violence.

        3. Look at what Marius said in Fallenangel’s recent article about “guns pointed to the head”,” that Africans who were once law-abiding citizens turned into murderers when colonial rule ended. Sometimes, you can’t keep a black-and-white distinction between “law-abiding” and “criminal,” since one can turn into another in the turn of a key.

  2. “Power comes from the barrel of a gun…”, from the late Communist China’s Chairman Mao Tse Tung.

    The U.S. Constitution allows people , the right to own guns. In the crime ridden and drug ridden streets of America; it is easy to buy guns: automatic, semi-automatic, etc…you can even buy a machine gun…

    The problem here is some people, who are mentally insane or have mental issues are allowed to take hold of guns. Some of the young people, take the guns of their parent, and shoot people.

    If you use guns for Sports, Hunting, Self Defense,etc…there would not have been problems…

  3. This really about a very emotional issue with Americans, beyond politics and conspiracy theories. US has the highest number of guns per person, something like 9 to 10, higher than Switzerland where security is really based on well-organized militias in their Cantons, also higher the Sweden, I think, which is more or less like Switzerland in organization. Also, nothing similar with private armies of PHL, which are basically just goons of feudal lords.

    Problem is that there are an estimated 10 million with mental instability in the US. So, maybe the solution is to first solve this because tinkering with gun control in the US is a thousand times harder. Pierce Morgan of CNN was kicked out of his job just for being vocal about this issue. Obama says it is the most frustrating part of his job; he could not even get Congress to talk about it. It is a very, very complicated issue.

    1. You do have a point about militia in the U.S. being not so similar with the Philippines. I just worry that given some time, U.S. might have the same tendencies as our own private armies and declare “turfs” where their law applies, and not the national law. It to me is a problem of old-fashioned culture still remaining in the U.S. when it should have already gone away.

      On the Swiss militia, I believe it is regulated by the government, so it is very different from militia in the U.S. and Philippines.

      1. You really don’t know the meaning of a militia in the context of our second ammendment. Stick to opinion about the Philippines. How are your gun laws working out for your country pinoy?

        1. Seconded. The Philippine mind entrenched within its own sea borders can never, ever comprehend the US mindframe (and vice versa). With all that gun control within the Philippines, it’s funny to see how easy it is to get one there illegaly.

      2. We do have similar tendencies unfortunately in the rampant corruption in or executive, legislative and judicial branches. USA is more and more a banana republic with our very own Kenyan bastard muslim.

        1. >USA is more and more a banana republic with our very own Kenyan bastard muslim.

          Even Republican John McCain had to correct you republicunts for this factually erroneous insult.

        2. Racist comment, I see. And the banana republic is more like those bananas with assault rifles saying colored people are the problem.

  4. I love guns. I use them for sport and maybe, and I hope this does not happen, to defend myself from criminal elements who invade my home.

    On occasion, I may possibly dream of shooting corrupt and ‘Evil’ Pinoy politicians. But I guess that’s an indulgence that even Pinoys that don’t have guns also engage in.

  5. Hmm. I don’t think it’s fair to compare citizen militias in the U.S. with the ones we have here.

    The former are private, self-armed citizens antagonistic toward government. By the latter, I assume you are referring to the CAFGU units, the armed citizen irregulars frequently employed by your friendly neighborhood warlord.

    Our militias are worse since their existence is tolerated, if not backed entirely by the government. They commit their abuses with a thin veneer of legitimacy.

  6. Chinof. Your there in the Failippines. Leave the 2nd Amendment alone. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people that is if you understand that Analogy.

  7. The one with the Mental Instability is you idiots there in the Failippines. Mga damuhog at Torpe. Tagal na kayo ng nagpapauto sa mga kurap nyong mga politician. Umaksyon kayo dyan. It’s just a matter of time, the Chinese will invade.

  8. In every country where independence has taken the place of liberty, the first desire of a manly heart is to possess a weapon which at once renders him capable of defence or attack, and, by rendering its owner fearsome, makes him feared.

  9. @ C.F., Get a clue. You are sooo off base it is sad. The Waco, TX. incident was was sooo much more than what you state.Those people were murdered. Your view of Korrsch is obviously one that could not have come from any un-biased account of what actually took place there. I don’t have enough time to explain it but you are way way off. The Oklahoma bombing was blamed on one guy and it was sooo much more than that as well.What did you read that gave you this opinion ? (False Flag !)
    it seems that the Filipino’s living in the Filippines have not got a clue as to what is happening in the USA and useless un-informed writings such as this proves that point.
    WOW, reading this was difficult to comprehend that someone could have such an off-target view of these three events. Then realizing that the writer has probably never been outside the Philippines, it becomes understandable but not-more-accurate, no .
    One reason for the 2nd amendment was for militia’s to utilize it in case of a tyrannical government coming to power. It is a timeless statement, not ‘obsolete’ as the author suggests. It was viewed by Jefferson & Co. that it was the duty of ‘we the people’ to overthrow that tyrannical government, no matter what century those ‘people’ were living in.
    This article, with its citing of imaginary statements having some sort of political weight, got more ridiculous as it meandered along. FFS GRP, stick to the things you know about:THE PHILIPPINES.

    1. All I see in the comment above is (1) an unsupported opinion that the author is wrong and (2) and an appeal to a lack of “enough time to explain” as an excuse for the failure to support that opinion.

      Touch luck! 😀

      1. @ Binigno, OK,what the author states above as ‘idiocy’ is what Jefferson himself warned about, a tyranical government taking away people’s freedoms granted to them by the constitution of THE USA. Jefferson himself warned of this, so is he an idiot as well? WELL?
        The author then goes on to state what these ‘MILITIA’s” are doing:”Holed up in the mountains ,seeing ‘authorities as enemies, paying no taxes……..”, when the fact is the author doesn’t know a single member of one of these militia’s nor does he cite any interviews where anyone representing a militia says anything of the sort. He states what he thinks happened at Ruby Ridge and Waco,TX and has not got a clue what he is talking about and then to top off he erroneously states that the Oklahoma city bombing was a revenge act. WTF ?????????
        BUT IT GETS WORSE, the author then idiotically states what ‘the kids will be doing’ as far as being bullied and what the bullies reactions will be….blah blah blah. Again he knows none of the bullies nor the picked on kids and can only cite what he hears in the MSM in the USA as the basis for his ‘predictions’, what is his name ? “NOSTRA-DUMB-ASS’ ? sure a broken clock is right twice a day, but…….maybe he should become a professional card player since he knows what is going to happen.
        I will direct you to a few web-sites that can give differing opinions on the events that took place and what may or may have not happened during those events but before I do… is obvious to almost any Westerner and certainly any American that the person that wrote this and the way he tied it into the events of the past week and then broadened it to include the things he included are tedious at best and at worst, fucking ludicrous. It is also what is going to make this web-sight lose credibility with anyone who can read and write english and has the least bit of understanding of those events (and there significance) outside of your country….read zerohedge/the guardian/ or anything that is outside of the MSM in the USA and you may have a clue as to what I refer to. I have already wasted enough time on this and your reaction to me about ‘TOUGH’ or some shit like that , NO…it is tough shit on you because not only do you do yourself a diservice publishing this ludicrous article but you diminish yourself at the same time. It would take a lot longer to to paint the more accurate picture of those three events as they are understood by some people outside the MSM in the USA but you can either educate yourself, continue to publish misinformed opinions like this (to your ultimate discredit) or you can remain in the dark a little while longer.Either way it is not my job,and I would quit it if it were, to educate you. Personally I find Filipino’s fairly unteachable due to their 3rd world ‘you think your better than me ‘ attitude., but nothing could be further from the truth. This article is both ludicrous and ill-informed and your publishing of it is quite puzzling, unless you did not read it and that could be your only out here, it is that far off.

        1. I’ll tell you this. Despite Jefferson’s purpose certainly being against tyrannical government, I still believe his intention is obsolete. Why? Simply because taking up arms is a backaward and barbaric way of handling despotic governments. It’s so old-school, it’s already uncivilized in nature. Perhaps the tyranny is simply something the people agree with by consuming products that the kingmakers make, and these kingmakers influence policy in the U.S. I am talking about ALEC. There is a better way of dealing with it, without arms.

          Also, the point of my article is that some pro-gun advocates believe in ludicrous and ridiculous things. It appears that you, my dear Jenny Gillette, believe in tham, and your mention of Inforwars is a clue. Alex Jones? Heck, even Above Top Secret members list the conspiracy theories, but consider them unproven. I have a Sourcewatch source up there, too. And on Waco, I did not say the FBI was not accountable for the deaths, I said they were avoiding accountability. Do me a favor and present real, unrefutable proof of the conspiracy theories you believe in, then I might post a correction to myself. Thank you.

        2. @ CF, you will retract ? AND post it? Answer YES, and I will do exactly that.I would have done it already but stated it is not my job to educate you or anyone else.Frankly ,I am astounded by what you posted.The misunderstanding of these events is beyond astounding.The websites I cited were off the top of my head BUT I WILL RESEARCH, and in a more credible source if INFOWARS is not to your standards.Will the former Secretary of the Treasury of the USA be a good enough source ?
          as for the ‘obsolete’& ‘barbaric’ methods employed by Jefferson et al during the American Revolution: these guys were smart and had months to craft a plan to support their document that supported ‘a more perfect union’. Even Jefferson and his friends could not think of a better way than ‘bloodshed and war’ and ,may I be so bold as to say, your thinking there is a better way is the ‘obsolete’ thinking and you should think again.There is no other way.If there were it would have been done already.Tyrants understand one thing,and one thing only.Much like the bullies I have dealt with in my life: A good beating is all that ever gets through their thick as a brick skull. If YOU think you live in a democracy and some sort of vote (or anything else) is going to change anything, WELL….the joke is on you and YOUR ‘obsolete’ thinking. What has the last 50 years of elections got your country?
          Again, need to understand what I stated?post a correction? and I’ll provide links.IDC if you believe me or anyone else, but You are way off….as stated by at least one other comment I took my time to read.
          BUT Before I waste my time:
          I have a few questions: Have you ever been outside the Filippines? Have you ever been to the E.U. ? or the U.S.A. ?

        3. Lol! @JennyGillette your brand of anarchy sounds familiar and will likely prove to be one that in the course of the ensuing exchange of commentary I foresee here, will lead us down familiar roads.

          So now you talk about ‘wasting” your time here, yet here you are engaging in what you yourself keep emphasizing is a pointless debate. You even promised the author to mount a “research” effort to continue said “ppintless” debate with our brilliant lot here at GRP.

          And to top it off, you will even bring into the discussion a demand for the authors to reveal personal details about themselves. Why is that even relevant to you? The currency here is Ideas. Stick to that and your so-called “research” (which remains to be seen), and quit acting and yammering like a pinhead for a change.

          You’re the one wasting our time with your quaint demands for the authors’ irrelevant personal circumstances, dude. Nobody here is under any obligation to reveal such UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

          Small minds talk about people. Truly brilliant minds discuss ideas. Prove you are the latter. Let’s see your “research” rather than your hollow-headed blather FOR A CHANGE.

        4. U KNOW WHAT, here is a link:

          …. you will find what you obviously need to find in the editorials posted there.

          U C, IDC if you believe me.I am not posting this for me, it is for you. I C how blind you are (this is not an insult as most filipino’s would take it). Again,IDC if you believe me or anyone else. The lack of understanding of what actually happened at these three events is incredible.The part about McVeigh and revenge is particularly devoid of thought and understanding.You think the way that building collapsed that it was caused by something ‘OUTSIDE’ of it? WHEW !
          You may also want to check out ‘The Intercept’, some of the Glen Greenwald’s articles in ‘The Guardian’ as well. And even a few ‘infowars’ episodes (Alex Jones is not my first choice for credible info).IDK, but I suspect that you may believe what you read in the MSM, and IDC if you call people ‘conspiracy theorists’.I decided to just post Dr. Roberts web-site address and let you go there and look for the articles that will educate you regarding the three events you mentioned in your essay (as well as many other issues as well). I know they are in there as I have read them, as well as many others.Finding them and reading them so you can educate yourself is your job, not mine.Keep in mind,IDC if you remain in the dark,I do not. As a mater of fact, you can stay there forever,it concerns me not in the least.That is why I am not going waste my time scouring for the exact article.IT IS IN THERE,AND I HAVE READ IT/THEM and in many other places as well,but that is as good a place to start as any.(Dr.Roberts reputation is impeccable.)
          ONE MORE QUESTION: You will see a Man at the website behind the picture of DR.Roberts.,I believe it is a painting of Alexander Hamilton with his hand inside his shirt, much like many pictures of Napoleon Bonaparte (and many other significant people throughout history),MY QUESTION IS: Do you know why the Man’s hand is inside of his shirt ? I REPEAT: DO YOU KNOW WHY THE MAN HAS HIS HAND INSIDE HIS SHIRT? HINT: it is not because his stomach is itchy.
          I suspect you do not know, and that is why you need to educate yourself….and if you do know, well good for you… may not be as blind as I originally surmised(your essay above is why it seems obvious).
          You may not like the way I have presented this to you, BUT fuck all that, see the forrest……it is right behind the tree you are in front of. Consider this a gift, and I AM NOT KIDDING.You may even thank me one day but I am not the person to Thank, its Dr.Roberts and many others like him. Tireless individuals that see what is happening and are outraged by it.

        5. @ benigo, yes, that is what I said. Let the author defend himself.He doesn’t need you ,or does he? he wrote the grossly misinformed article, not you.

        6. @ Benigno, ‘quaint’? a familiar road? and anarchy?

          ‘Anarchist’ is what George Washington was to the British,or did you somehow miss that ?History and who writes it, decides who was the ‘anarchist’ and who was the ‘valiant crusader’.The truth is they are often the same thing. The only ‘quaint’ one is you ,you nasty little Man. Let the author stand on his own…….what? you have to jump in to save him coz he cant swim on his own?
          In my own way(and IDC IF YOU LIKE IT )I am trying to show the Man something.
          Prove to me you are a typical Filipino,PLEASE !

        7. @JennyGillette:What makes you think responding to you was an act of “jumping in” to “save” the author? Anyone here is free to comment and respond to ANYONE’s comment. If you want a private discussion with Chino, this is not the place for it

          As I said, stick to the topic and do less speculating on irrelevant information and less listening to those voices in your head.

        8. @ Benigno, U should let the Man speak. I already know he has never been to THE E.U. OR U.S.A, if he had, there is a good chance he would not write as he does.Calling the militia’s and what they do idiocy?When he has no clue ?: A)as to who they are(as I correctly pointed out orignally). B) as to what he wrote about those events?
          Remain in the dark, as that is where you are little Man. BUT C.F. doesn’t have to stay there with you.

        9. On Paul Craig Roberts’ site, at least I see the claim that laissez-faire economics is a failure, which I agree with. Another is that “psychologist” teaching cops to shoot first and ask questions later to have business later on, that’s confirmed even in “MSM.” But most of the content also comes from questionable sites. So if you want to prove that incidents like Sandy Hook, the recent Virginia shooting and the Virginia Tech shooting are “false flags” or fake, you’ll have to do better.

  10. So you are against guns, pretty much a Liberal party stance, and how’s it worked so far… the Liberal party, let’s see nobody seems to ever get charged with a crime, they make bail and it’s green lights.

    God I’m sick of lack-luster weak minded people like this author, it’s time for some real change world-wide.

    1. Liberal Party in the Philippines is different from liberal in American. And if you want some real change worldwide, the first person to start is with yourself.

  11. The very least of things that kills people in the US are guns. The thing people have the biggest hard on about is the thing that is the least likely thing to die from in the US. They have made guns out to be some boogie man. More people die from sex than do from guns, should we put background checks on horney men with marginally bad hearts? Hundreds of thousands of dead servicemen from suicides since 2000, and a government who cares nothing for its vets, supposedly has a genuine concern for people? Naw, it’s all PR BS and propaganda.

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