Lewd Vice Ganda billboards full of naked men offends Cebu morality police!

What was the management of ABS-CBN thinking posting this supposedly “lewd” billboard promoting Filipino gay celebrity Vice Ganda’s concert in Cebu? Well, if we go by the current politically-correct thinking, it was thinking normal thoughts. Encouraging homosexuals to “express their sexuality” is kinda the in thing nowadays, I heard. So I suppose we really cannot hold our friends in media accountable for deliberately offending us.


Unfortunately, some people disagree. Said Lucelle Mercado, chairperson of Cebu City’s “Anti-Indecency Board”;

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It’s sexually suggestive. The board hasn’t met yet about it but as chairman of CCAIB, I already took action. We don’t want to just wait since there are already a lot of people who’ve seen that…

Ouch! You can’t really blame people for getting pissed off about having sex suggested to them wherever they look! I mean, how would you feel, right? At the office, for example, they’ve pretty much killed the former culture of cracking green jokes openly even in meetings (which, I didn’t mind really as long as the results were achieved at the end of the day). That’s thanks to people who complained about the sexual suggestiveness of these jokes.

But one could also argue, however, that the tech industry is sort of a male-dominated club (peppered with the odd female outlier) so perhaps, like Vice Ganda would have otherwise asserted in less politically-correct times, everyone is “equally” within their rights to express their sexuality.

Ayan, express niyo mukha niyo. Ha ha! 😀

Why nga ba does anything associated with male homosexuality have to be portrayed in such a malaswa way? It seems so ironic but Vice Ganda is actually doing a big disservice to the gay community. How do they expect to earn the respect and tolerance of more conservative church-going Filipino Catholics (and mosque-going Muslims too!) if they behave this way all the time?

For their part, the people behind this spectacle were so quick to back down under the judgement of Cebu’s “anti-decency” attack dog Lucelle Mercado. Kayo naman, after cheering the courage of American gay people so recently, you’d think Filipino gay artists would be a bit more palaban. Have a bit of conviction naman. I mean, I’m pretty sure it cost an arm and a leg to produce this glossy ad campaign. Now you’re just gonna junk it? Hey ABS-CBN, why don’t you at least sink a few million-odd of the gazillions you make yearly into some good attack lawyers and put up even a token fight man lang?

Tsk tsk, wala naman pala kayong ibinatbat sa mga “morality crusaders” pala.

Gay pride? There is no pride in running away from the Taliban with your tail between your legs, guys and gays.

Goes to show, whatever side you take on issues like these, olats either way sa Pinas. It’s all for show.

4 Replies to “Lewd Vice Ganda billboards full of naked men offends Cebu morality police!”

  1. it looks like the production staff of this ad took the strategy of “kung sakaling makakalusot”. Most of the time, shit like this can be posted in Imperial Manila without being criticized. i guess the ad just doesnt sit well with our cebuano kababayans. In my honest opinion, i’d have the same problem even if a woman was depicted in the same manner. abs, like all tactical media outlets, is trying to cater (very blatantly) to one of its audiences’ most basic desire, which is sex. this is not a celebration of gays being gays, but instead a sales pitch on gay sexuality. face it, hetero or homo, sex sells.

  2. It’s sad because this is the reason why there are a lot of homophobes. Just because people are homosexual or trans doesn’t mean they’re perverts. But this is how the media (not just this, in movies and shows as well) portrays them which can be misleading.

  3. This is the new thing, wrong is the new right, right is wrong. All this is being considered an ” in thing “. Express your sexuality? I wonder what’s next? Disgusting, What good would this do ? It is immorality. All those who goes against it will be called bigots, narrow minded idiots etc. but it will never change the fact that it is wrong! Terribly wrong!

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