To all Lea Salonga bashers: Get Real, the Phlippines did not gain independence in 1898!

So now Lea Salonga is suddenly labelled talangka (crab-like) because of her supposedly anti-Pinoy tweet. The trouble with Filipino international superstar Lea Salonga is that she is tweeting to a bobo audience. She may have millions of followers but that number is more a case of quantity and less of quality.

But I don’t really know what it is about her tweet that so riles up Pinoy nationalist sensibilities…

Our country is not yet debt-free, poverty-free, crime-free, or corruption-free. So what are we free from exactly and why do we celebrate it?


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See, the thing I don’t understand is that GRP people here have for so long harped on the topic of the questionable nature of the supposed “independence” we celebrate on June 12, 1898. I mean, WTF, we have an extensive body of work where we deliver real thinking on the real deal about Philippine Independence! Why do we celebrate something we did not achieve at all?? But then a celeb like Lea goes off and tweets something to the same effect and out of the woodwork scurries all the cockroaches in a frenzy over the outrage of even questioning the wisdom of celebrating Philippine “independence” on June 12.

And, yeah, there’s lots to question about the belief that June 12, 1898 marks the Philippines’ “Independence Day”. Here is a Facebook note posted by John Silva which Lea also shared on Twitter following the brouhaha raised by her ealier tweet…

As for 117 years, advertisers delude themselves. A year later, June 12, 1899, war had been declared months before between the Philippines and the United States, and I don’t believe there was any mood for commemorating the event because the country was not independent in reality. The following June 12’s until July 4 1946 cannot be remembered as “independent” because we were a colony, transitioning to a 1935 commonwealth without full sovereignty, and invaded to be a Japanese colony. That totals 47 years and should be subtracted from 117. That leaves us 70 years of a status that really asserts no dependency with another country, in effect, independent.

Silva was referring to the 117 years since 1898 that we consider to be an “independent” Philippines. There’s that small detail of the American colonial government that ruled for half a century since 1898. How do Filipinos describe that period? Indepenent ka mo??

In the end, Silva kinda disappoints because he reverts back to the safe side of the discussion writing, “Despite it all, I do acknowledge and commemorate that a republic was born today by a declaration in Kawit, Cavite by a man under 30 years old with a coterie of other brilliant, wealthy, and patriotic gentlemen. Emilio Aguinaldo went against all odds but he was determined to fulfill the aspirations of a people.”

Zzzzz… Bilib na sana ako. People really have big problems with reality — which is not surprising because as we can see in Silva’s ok na sana blurb, Filipinos lack edge in their routine thinking.

What’s wrong nga ba with celebrating Philippine Independence on July 4? I mean, it is still debatable whether the Philippines was truly independent after July 4, 1946. But at least it is quite clear that we were, at least on paper, no longer a colony of another country.

I leave you with this gem. One of the anti-Lea tweets that represents quintessential Pinoy thinking:

Lea Salonga is a living proof why Filipinos are typically stereotyped as having crab mentalities! Lea Talangka Salonga! Yak!

Oh, the irony! 😉

72 Replies to “To all Lea Salonga bashers: Get Real, the Phlippines did not gain independence in 1898!”

  1. KALAYAAN ba ang tawag dito?
    By Dale Gozar, June 12, 2015

    Sa ika-117 taon pagdiriwan ng Kalayaan (kuno) ng Pilipinas ay masasabi mo ba talaga na ang Pilipino ay tunay na may KALAYAAN?

    Ang tunay na KALAYAAN ay hinde maaring mangyari o makamtam kung wala ang:

    1. FREEDOM from HUNGER

    Kung ang nakakarami sa atin mga kababayan natin ay GUTOM o walang makain, dahil sa walang matinong/magandang trabaho o kabuhayan sa sarili nilang Bansa. Dumaraming mga ang pulubi/namalilimos, payatot (malnourished), child labor/abuse, prostitution, nakawan, etc.


    Kung saan iilan lamang sa atin Lipunan ang tunay na maunlad o matiwasay ang buhay o patuloy na tumatamasa at nakakaranas ng ginhawa o sarap ng buhay.


    Kung saan ang Gobyerno ntin ay umaasa na lang sa malaking remittances ng OFW (mahigit$26billion) o ibenta ang kanya sariling mamayan para itaguyod ang ekonomiya ng Bansa. Ang OFW ay napipilitan isakripiyo o isugal ang sarili para mangibang Bansa gumanda lamang ang buhay kahit mawalay o iwan ng lubusan ang pamilya.

    Ang mga sawing palad na OFW ay madalas na naging alipin, nabuso, nagahasa, nakulong, napatay o nakapatay sa pagtanggol sa sarili.

    Totoo may mga pinagpala nman OFW pero ibang Bansa naman ang nakikinabang at umaasenso dulot ng sa sipag, galing at talento taglay at buong puso binibigay ng ating mahuhusay na kababayan. Baket hinde gamitin ang mga natutunan nila sa labas para mga problema ng Bansa at ikauunlad natin lahat?


    May Kalayaan ba tayo PUMILI, IBOTO o IHALAL na mga Pinuno? Palagi na lang ba limitado ang pinagpipilian o ang gusto isubo sa lahat dahil sa binayaran survey, media, reliyon, o Comelec hocus PCOS.

    Paano kung wala talagang mapili? Paano kung marami na ang boycott? Dahil karaniwang pinagpipilian ay ang mga:

    a. SIKAT (movie actor, singer, comedienne, tagabasa ng Balita sa TV o radio at mga Sports Celebrity.

    b. SYMPATHY vote (Necropolitics) o PAAWA gimmick ng mga Politiko kung may namatay na sikat na Asawa, Nanay, Tatay, etc..
    Pakakakulong at ang pagkukunyari may sakit

    c. Mayamang Trapo and Political Dynasty at Name Recall.

    Kaya ang mga namumuno at naghari-harian Politiko ay mga Tamad at Bulok na pagiisip na walang inaatupad kundi mang-uto, mangbola, mangloko, magpa-awa, at gawing Mangmang/Tanga ang tao.

    Kaya madalas silang mag-away, pumatay, mang-abuso, magnakaw, at magmudmud ng pera/salapi mapanatili lang sarili nila habang buhay sa kapangyarihan.


    I. Our EYES
    completely shut & imprisoned in Darkness? Unable to see truth, blinded, even if facts are presented in broad daylight and in your face. And despite of the rampant, blatant corruption & obvious incompetence (dumb/stupid) in current politicians.

    Maybe because Failipinos:
    choose to be IGNORANT?
    choose to be BLIND?
    pretend not to KNOW?
    no longer CARE?
    forever BRAINWASHED?

    II. Our BODY
    trapped eternally in cell of poverty and slavery. Unable to find a employment or forced to seek opportunity oversea (OFW-Modern Day Slavery). While those in Power (for 29yrs.) continously pocket (corruption) or waste money (incompetence) in-order to make life hard/miserable for them leave country=more $ remittance to fuel the economy forever.

    III. Our MOUTH
    are kept closed in silence and left us all without choice. Lack of clear/solid (majority) replacement/successor for PNoy. Because none in the current list of politicians are clean (TRAPO-dirty/corrupt) or cannot be trusted and none seems to be competent (sharp), young or in good health.

    Past/current leaders created (incl. Future) were close allies or controlled of Aquino’s/Cojuangco (Oligarchy) from the Executive, Legislative, Judiciary up to Local Government.

    IV. Our FEET
    are bound to ground by chains of Lies/Deception where Government/Leaders (PNoy) never felt accountable/responsible for failures or anything that goes haywire in the Philippines. They usually play the blame game or scapegoat.

    V. Our HANDS
    are shackled tightly to prevent escape from shameless politicians with unlimited thirst, greed & lust for power:
    a. Political Dynasties – Aquino,
    Binay, Estrada, Marcos, etc.
    b. Media/Sports Celebrity-
    Estrada, Revilla, Lapid, Poe,
    Legarda, Pacquiao, etc.
    c. Sympathy Vote-Aquino,
    Poe, Robredo, etc.

    VI. Our HEART
    forever held in captivity from sorrow and pain brought about by untimely or unnecessary death of loveone:
    44 Fallen SAF
    7,000-10,000 Yolanda Victims
    No. of Disasters per year
    Manila Bus Tragedy

    are either dead or idle, incapable to think clearly, solve our problems, and make logical reasoning or decision in choosing our leaders.

    VIII. Our NOSE
    are clogged up constricting the passage of clean air and cause difficulty in breathing. Worsening pollution problems caused by rise in no. of vehicles. Road projects will just benefits the Arabs & oil producers due to our dependency on fossil fuel. More train will reduce vehicles, pollution, accidents & promote safer & better (convenient/cleaner) future for all.

    IX. Our LEGS
    burden by heavy chains (perinial problems) people bare everyday:
    traffic congestion
    transportation (MRT)
    energy shortage
    peace & security
    poor of education
    rising population

    X. Our HOPE & FAITH
    tortured in anguish causes the hope & faith of our people to sink as a result of deprivation, lack of opportunities, hardship, problems, difficulties, deaths or destructions and fear of disasters.

    I wish all Filipino to be enlightened and crave to live free from another tyrant who pretends to be good (FACADE).

    May God heed our plea and hear our prayers. Let us pray for a TRUE LEADER (angel) to finally come and save us from a tyranny.

    And finally break these chains and set us all free.

  2. I agree with Lea Salonga, we Filipinos never gain our independence until now, we are physically independent but slave by most foreign businessmen and corrupt govt officials.

    1. No Country in the world in today is truly independent! Each one is inter-dependent with the others. North Korea is trying to be but in reality it is still not! If that’s the case and if that’s the standard then the Philippines’ case is Not that isolated but shared by everyone else bigtime!

    2. foreign businessmen? That means the Chinese. Most Filipinos already working for Chinese own businesses in the Philippines.

  3. That anti-Lea tweet is a proof that this country is filled with failipinos who always use their heart instead of their brain because they are stuck from watching too much stupid shows especially telebasuras and those dongyan fantards attacking Ilda’s article are no exception as well.

    1. Kasali ba sa mga “failipinos” ang mga pseudo-intelligent who are stuck from watching too much foreign “kenkoys”?!

      1. Oh look may sumawsaw na bobo. What makes you think that I’m watching “kenkoy” shows? Specifics or you’re just another asshurt trolling this site.

        1. Did you use your brain when you decided to answer my straightforward question? I noticed that a lot of GRP rah-rah boys are fans of foreign anime programs. So i just simply ask a question? If others can have their cartoons fix why go against others if they prefer as you said their “stupid shows”?!

        2. ” Specifics or you’re just another asshurt trolling this site.”

          One more thing, it seems na hindi mo pa pala naintidihan ang tanong jumping to conclusion ka agad! Intelligent?!

        3. First of all, I’m sorry if I misunderstand you. Are you implying that I’m doing your misguided crab mentality? To answer your question, unlike those stupid local shows I’ve mentioned, many foreign shows make us think. I mean, palagi na lang bang paulit-ulit na drama’t kwento ang dapat ipalabas ng mga local drama shows? Dapat na lang bang puro tungkol sa kahirapan na lang? And are you implying that anime is kenkoy and childish only because it’s animated? Bobong logic iyan FYI. Please read this series of alternate media articles by Grimwald starting with this one:
          And also read this one as well also made by him so that you’ll understand why I think that those who are watching too much stupid local shows including telenovelas are failipinos:

      1. It’s sad really. They are too blind to see the harsh reality because they are stuck with their fantasies that everything will be always okay.

  4. I always thought Lea Salonga a clever girl from the first time i saw her in London years ago, her tweet proves she is beyond clever! Keep your thinking cap on Leah, there should always be one!!!!!!

  5. i couldn’t agree more Miss Lea,, kaya di sumusulong ang bansa sa pag unlad dahil nagbubulag bulagan o nabubulagan ang iba dyan sa totoong estado ng Pilipinas. Dahil na rin sa pina-OA na demokrasya kunu,, kaya pati ka-imoralan akala nila ay parte pa din ng demokrasya. Gumagawa na ng sariling batas ang mga tao,, dahil akala nila ay demokrasya pa din haist…

    1. Correct , thats the reason chinese prospers ,they try took as humble as they could but beneath poor looking people as they are, are wealth that can buy the world.We are all entitled to our own opinion, that’s freedom can’t they notice that. Leah can say what she wants ,we can comment what we want. We can express want we want . I think we are already free.

  6. @ Ms.Kate, Lea Solonga had ‘Ms. Vietnam’ fame in the USA for whatever that play was called .I saw it in L.A. w/the helicopter landing on the stage,and all, but by then,Ms.Solonga was not even in the touring version of the show.( I know a young lady today, that was actually on that last helicopter out of the USA Embassy in Saigon during May 1975 as a hideously Napalm Burned 5 yr. old,today she lives in NYC….her nickname is ‘Miss Vietnam’,seriously.)

    IDK what Ms.Salonga has done since but she had a better and more profitable 15 minutes of fame than any of the people that are scurrying to burn her at the stake…..for telling it like it really is. So who are the oneswith the ‘CRAB-MENTALITY’?

    TBH, I think the Fail-ippines is actually a ‘FAILED STATE’ in many ways and certainly not Independent in matters of International import.EXAMPLE: The USA has to intervene every time their is a natural disaster in the country because the ‘Feudal Oligarchs’ ,that rule domestic policy, would rather let the common ‘MASSA’ just die in the streets.In matters concerning the South China sea dispute,the Philippines is not even mentioned in the International media. Some country u got there.HOPELESS, and it is sad.A do or die destruction of the governing bodies,massive societal up-heavel (Not just walking out into the street and doin an ’86 again,NO!) could yield results in 30 yrs.,MAYBE, but till then…….same-same,lame-lame !You can bank on that.

    1. Role ni miss LEA sa Miss Saigon ay POKPOK. Yan ang Pinagmamalaki nyang Role sa buhay nya… na portrait nya yun ng maayus… Lea your the best!

  7. I have never seen a country on the face of this Planet Earth, that is: poverty free and crime free. Debt free , maybe…

    Lea Salonga will be better off, by just stay in her singing career. An not open her mouth, that talks nonsense…

    1. @0077Toro00777Hayden..i’ve read most of your posts and have agreed most on what you said..this one though i have to disagree with you. we need more lea salonga’s to bring forth what we have been talking about here in GRP for a long time…send a wake up call to all Filipinos..something is wrong with our country and changes have to be made if we ever want to see a better Philippines..kaso lang mas marami pa rin ang nasa denial stage..just like those who bashed lea..deny pa rin ng deny..ok lang ang Pilipinas?

      1. “to bring forth what we have been talking about here in GRP for a long time…send a wake up call to all Filipinos..something is wrong with our country and changes have to be made if we ever want to see a better Philippines”

        Really now…this I want to see! Where is it?! After the bashing, the band-wagoning…then what?! Educate us…seriously!

      2. You have the right to disagree…it is your prerogative…

        Thanks for reading my posts…I appreciate it…

      3. @nagtanon_lang:

        You have the right to disagree with me. It is thru the differences of opinions, that we can grow intellectually.

        If you will agree with all the GRP bloggers: that is where , I would be concerned…

    2. Gurl, we can never have a poverty/crime/debt- free country. Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive to have one. And we can’t do that if bulag2x-an tayo.

  8. The United States of America, despite of being the most powerful country in the world, is not debt-free, poverty-free, crime-free, nor corruption-free!

      1. Ride on brother! The point is NO country in the World can claim of a true and valid independence from the family of nations!

        So Lea is NOT CORRECT when she use the premise with her assertions!

        I challenge anyone in GRP to name a country who doesn’t in anyway depend on another country for whatever!

        1. Sino kaya sa mga matatalinong kasapi ng komunidad ng GRP ang mau-unang makasagot sa katanungang ito?

        2. I will not dispute that statement that no country can claim true independence as you are asserting. However, when I said in my other comment to read her message beyond the text what I mean is think about what she means. I’ll grant that she seem rude or mean or harsh the way she said it (although I don’t really. Just look at how the Chinese are bashing Filipinos in Yahoo! comments) but to me that is not the issue. Focus on what she said:

          1)”Our country is not yet debt-free, poverty-free, crime-free, or corruption-free.” – she presented a problem so the next and ultimate question is What are we going to do about it?

          2)”So what are we free from exactly and why do we celebrate it?” – Do you think Rizal, Mabini, Lapu Lapu, and the rest of them will be willing to celebrate June 12 knowing we are “not yet debt-free, poverty-free, crime-free, or corruption-free?” With respect, I think some of them will boycott it knowing Rizal’s grasp of situations.

          So your “I challenge anyone in GRP to name a country who doesn’t in anyway depend on another country for whatever!” is not the real issue here. True, no country can ever claim that but that is their problem. Let’s deal with ours. And even if no country can claim such independence, it is also a fact that there are countries who can deal with their problems better than us. Copying and even surpassing those countries achievements is what we should think about next.

        3. Lastly, I said in my other that if you don’t agree with Lea’s comment and everyone who sides with her then show proof that she/we are wrong. Face the comment squarely instead of resorting to name-calling which does not prove any point at all and no wisdom is ever realized. Otherwise, maybe the ChinoF’s comment that (some)”Filipinos have yet to be free from their overinflated egos” is correct. Why? They retaliate impulsively.

  9. Lea Salonga knows her country’s history. Whoever is bashing her is the ignorant one, the one with crab mentality … Sila ang takangka if they cannot see the reality of what Philippibes is like today.

  10. Emilio Aguinaldo proclaimed independence Day on June 12 but only in Cavite. The Spaniards was defeated by the US which controlled most of the Philippine territories. Aquinaldo was also a murderer coz he was the brains of killing Andres Bonifacio, a true revolutionary hero. I remember we celebrated Indeendence Day on July 4th when I was young snd saw the parade at the Luneta. It was GMA’s dad Dado Macapagal who changed it to June 12 which is not really true. Kaya mga pinoy are out of touch sa true history.

    1. twisted ang kasaysayan natin. we are conditioned to be ignorant from the truth to keep us under control.

      and I don’t see Jose Rizal as a Hero. I only see him as an intelligent man who I can look up to and agree with. lol.

      1. “I don’t see Jose Rizal as a Hero. I only see him as an intelligent man who I can look up to and agree with. lol.”

        Huh???!!! Napaka-LOL nga talaga!!!!

  11. Link

    Ladies and gentlemen, the typical “pinoy”. Believes in “freedom”… UNLESS you have different opinions about the Philippines, after which you’re labeled as an “anti pinoy”.

  12. I agree! Independence from colonization should have been the starting point of attaining full freedom. As Leah Salonga said, “Our country is not yet debt-free, poverty-free, crime-free, or corruption-free. So what are we free from exactly and why do we celebrate it?” We can not be free if all of those are still existing. It illustrates dependency.

  13. “Our country is not yet debt-free, poverty-free, crime-free, or corruption-free. So what are we free from exactly and why do we celebrate it?”

    ARE YOU MISSING THE POINT COMPLETELY? Is the Philippines waving an a American flag over Malacanang? For that matter is America or any other country debt, poverty, crime, or corruption free? Those are problems of any society because they are human problems. The reason we must continue to celebrate Independence day is because…and again, please don’t miss the entire point here, is to commemorate those who have actually DIED for our ability to chart our OWN DESTINY….do you know what it means to die, what the cost of each life given up for us not to be ruled by Spain, America, Japan or even China? Who cares if from the frying pan into the fire? Who cares how many technical years? You celebrate because you don’t have ruling Caucasians or Asians treating or making you feel inferior or tossing you in jail but now you have them as part of your culture, living alongside, and equal in rights as you.

    Also to be strictly or truly independent of the rest of the world would mean an iron curtain, and only a fool would strive for that in this age. Look around, look at yourself, true and honest alliances and relationships are what build security, not concrete walls and policies.

    Would you or Lea tell her child,” We are supposed to celebrate your amazing birth, but you are naughty, dirty, stubborn and childish, so i don’t think you deserve to be celebrated….”

    To have those freedoms Lea described equate to true independence might be acceptable and that is why some think she talks some sense, but to deny celebration and honoring what efforts and lives have been paid out is self-ish and self serving. What I hear is “I haven’t gained everything I was supposed to gain from what you’ve done, so what the f*ck are we celebrating!? I wont!”
    Her entire idea is so full of negativity, ignorance, and shortsightedness.

    1. And your mindset is full of escapism because you only want to hear anything positive in order to make yourself feel better while being a total ignoramus and a coward for not giving a damn about our country’s horrible situation. You’re just another fake patriot pretending to be patriotic.

    2. When something negative is written about the Filipinos and the Philippines, the rah-rah boys of GRP rejoice and celebrate! The feeling of “naka-puntos” is paradoxical! The “we-belong-atittude’ and the “we-identify-posturings” and the “band-wagoning” is just mind-boggling!

      Having this weird mindset critical of a group that you’re a part of, and still consider yourself different and not a party to that group is not only SELF-DENIAL but outright HYPOCRITICAL!

      Would a member of a family do that to a father, mother, sister, brother? Huh, Brother?!

      1. Seems you’re more HYPOCRITICAL because you’re blinded by your own ego.

        Please read the article and stop being an emo prick. Son, you’re missing the point and you just went FULL RETARD with what you wrote.

      2. Dummkopf! We’re not celebrating those negatives like drunk men. We are so disgusted about it because we are so concerned about this country’s situation. And what’s wrong about saying about bandwagoning when in fact your fellow failipinos always do that as an excuse for their mediocrity?
        And no, YOU’RE the one who is being self-denial and a hypocrite because you are too emo and onion-skinned on what we say.

        1. “We’re not celebrating like drunk men every time some negatives pop up. We are so disgusted about them because we are so concerned about this country’s situation unlike you.”

          * Fixed

      3. @DIO

        Wala na ba talaga kayong iba na pwedeng idahilan kung bakit lagi kayo ang tama sa tingin nyo?!

        Pag hindi nag-agree sa inyo EMO na lagi at missing the point?! As if you have the monopoly of Intellect and Comprehension.

        So if we put away the negatives and ask you brainiacs what positive things or likeable facets of filipino culture can you think of, do you have any that find positive for a change?!

        Your answer of course would say a lot about your being a filipino!

        1. Kelangan ng ‘negative’ para to open minds, analyze the problem and then make a solution.

          BTW, the solutions are already here in this site. And it’s OBVIOUS. And speaking of obvious, you still cling on your emotions instead.

          Stop being an EMO and set your priorities for once.

        2. The solutions in this site are already here. But I doubt you won’t listen to them because you’re a proud escapist coward. So who’s playing the words now failipino?

    3. I really think Lea is implying a rhetorical question; one that needn’t require an answer, but to make a “point” and challenge the existing “idea, theory, history, or whatever.” But I agree with what you said, you’re just not on the same page as Ms Lea.

    4. I agree with what you said but I think Ms. Lea is referring to a different kind of “independence.” I think she meant it in a higher form; a more of a philosophical form of independence because as far as we’re concerned, each nation, despite its status, is interdependent with each other. She’s not being anti-Filipino at all. It’s merely a challenge, a wake-up call. Just like someone in the comments somewhere here “…Lea’s message should be taken us a reminder; like someone is telling us “oops, we’re on the right track but is still drifting” or “we’re moving forward well but aren’t we forgetting something?”

      In a sense, we have independence, but can’t we strive for a higher form of independence?

  14. What are we to celebrate every June 12?

    If we are considering independence from Spain, perhaps that is the right reason. However, we should remember that after Spain we had two colonizers. Even after World War II, we are still, for the most part, clinging on to the US for aid. So to me, June 12 should be reviewed if we are to consider seriously “freedom.”

    I can see different perspectives here: (1) Lea may have a problem keeping her mouth shut or she seem to be a brat and (2) some Filipinos are not used to hearing straightforward messages. I cannot go with (1) because it is not for me to judge her. I go with (2) because I can only react based on what expressed. And messages such as that should be accepted maturely. I even want to thank her for not sugar-coating it.

    Please read Lea’s message beyond it’s text. It is not anti-Filipino at all. I can see a wake up call, a challenge.

    True we should remember and thank the ideas and the lives of those who fought for our rights but somewhere along the line we should move on. The best that we can do is remember them while working at our best, telling them in our minds that this is how we repay you; these are all for you. I’m sure if they will be resurrected from their graves and sees the present Philippines, they would say “Guess one martyrdom is not enough to get the message across.” And may add “What the hell are you celebrating for?!”

    It is also true that most of us are continually working and struggling to better ourselves and our beloved country. And Lea’s message should be taken us a reminder; like someone is telling us “oops, we’re on the right track but is still drifting” or “we’re moving forward well but aren’t we forgetting something?”

    To all the bashers, please take it that way. Otherwise, and if you still insist, perhaps the best you can do is prove (prove, not bash) Lea wrong.

    1. “Please read Lea’s message beyond it’s text. It is not anti-Filipino at all. I can see a wake up call, a challenge.”

      I did! And I agree, it’s not anti-Filipino! But it doesn’t sound like it’s a wake up call nor a challenge either!

      I see it more of a “YABANG” declaration of a Pretentious Pseudo-Intellectual unmindful of her country’s heritage and history!

      Los Indios Bravos et al., nice try…thanks but no thanks!

      1. ok granted Lea is what you said she is (Pretentious Pseudo-Intellectual unmindful of her country’s heritage and history!) what else can you add to counter her comment -“Our country is not yet debt-free, poverty-free, crime-free, or corruption-free. So what are we free from exactly and why do we celebrate it?” Counters that I hope will start with “I beg to disagree…” or “You’re wrong because…” or “That is not true because…”

        By the way, I just want to tell everyone I am not a fan of Lea nor do I watch The Voice (the hell I care who’s winning there). I grew up during and belongs to the grunge era, away from Lea’s type of music.

  15. the tweet was in a form of a question that may or may not need an answer depending on who was reading it…i think it was meant to get the reader to think if it is really worth it to celebrate independence day considering all the things that are happening around us..or simply to get the reader to think, are we really free in the real sense of the word? freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want and freedom from fear..are we enjoying these freedoms to call ourselves independent?

  16. To equate debt-free, crime-free, poverty-free, corruption free to the june 12 declaration of independence is clearly a product of an intelligent mind.

    The declaration of independence is a collective sentiment of the Filipino people at that time to express their independence from foreign bondage. Does it matter that we were still occupied by the Americans and Japanese after? No. Because independence is something the people express and declare. It is not given by the foreign occupant. Of course, the intelligent people would argue that declaration is useless if there is no actual independence. Again that argument misses the point of the declaration of independence.

    Besides, when a people declare their independence, it is not a magic formula that would create a utopian society. There is no perfect society or country.

    Lea herself acknowledged that Singapore comes close to her definition of independence – crime free, debt free, etc. Yet, Singapore is no perfect society. Go to singpore and criticize their government and the ruling leader like you bash people in this country. And we will see how perfect singapore is. And notice how she used comes close. Clearly, she cannot name one country in the world that fits her definition of independence. If that is so, no country in the world, at least in the intelligent world of Lea, has the right to celebrate their declaration of independence day.

    There is reason to celebrate june 12. The filipinos of old have openly declared and defied a colonizer after years of struggle. Their collective sentiment of expressing a natural right, then unrecognized, is a reflection of the spirit of the Filipino.

    Yes the the Philippines is no perfect. But to ask why are we celebrating independence day be defining independence in terms of poverty-free, crime-free, etc, is forgetting history, forgetting the struggles of the filipinos in the past and insulting the memories of those who fought for that declaration.

    Lea is right. But she is wrong as well.

    1. Well said. It seems that the likes of Lea won’t honor any independence day unless the country is debt-free, crime-free, poverty-free, corruption free or in short, when pigs can fly.

  17. I’m shocked at how everyone is agreeing with Lea Salonga.

    We’re not talking about the historical accuracy of these dates, nor are supposed to be elucidating upon the concept that Philippine independence is a fallacy. What we are supposed to be believing is the ability of the Filipino Spirit to rise above over 3 centuries of oppression to be a country in itself.

    Yes, the Philippines is not perfect. Yes, the Philippines is not free of any of these maladies of society. BUT, are we really willing to abandon our Motherland like this? Are we so un-patriotic, so apathetic to our nationalistic pride that we can readily say that we not ‘free’?

    What is freedom? Just think- Are we able to freely sing our National Anthem? Are we free to have a language that we call ‘our national language? Are free to celebrate what made our country what it is today?

    I am open-minded to all of your answers, but I just can’t come to understand that we cannot celebrate our history, our heritage! How? Why? Do we hate the Philippines that much that we’re willing to disregard all its traditions?!

    I love my country and everything with it. That’s what love is. And no, this is not my overinflated ego and my ‘peenoise’ side talking.

    So, Lea’s telling us that we can celebrate the collective sacrifices of our national heroes? And you’re blindly agreeing with it.

    1. I am agreeing with Lea in finding the Philippines as “not yet debt-free, poverty-free, crime-free, or corruption-free.” It is also true that like any other country, “superpowers” included, we are not perfect. We have our own flaws (big time flaws) as a nation.

      I for myself never mentioned anything about abandoning the Philippines nor implies to do so. I too love the Philippines and in one of my comments, I said to take what Lea said as a challenge to improve the country. I cannot ask her to prove it because, well, the basis of her comment is already staring me in the face. And it hurts me so bad that I want to assassinate everyone that caused her to have that conclusion.

      Neither did I mention that we cannot celebrate June 12 not until we solved the problems Lea raised. In fact, I said in my comments:

      “True we should remember and thank the ideas and the lives of those who fought for our rights but somewhere along the line we should move on. The best that we can do is remember them while working at our best, telling them in our minds that this is how we repay you; these are all for you.”

      In what I wrote, I think you can find that I mean commemorate them daily.

      Besides, imagine this: if Rizal, Bonifacio, Mabini, Lapu-Lapu, Diego Silang, GOMBURZA, and all of the heroes were all resurrected simultaneously to celebrate June 12 with all our present set of leaders smiling, tries to shake their hands and say, “we’re celebrating today your sacrifices for us” and then our heroes gets a tour of the streets of Metro Manila and grabs a copy of newspaper do you think they’ll be happy with what they’re going to see? I bet most of our leaders will get more than a slap from Silang espouses. I can imagine Rizal and Carlos P. Romulo giving Aquino a lecture. And Binay, whoa, I want him to be left in a room with Juan Luna and Bonifacio. What is my point? I may refuse to celebrate June 12 not because I am not patriotic but because maybe I don’t deserve to have a share in the blessings of the sacrifices of our forefathers, not until I help better the country.

      Me forgetting to waste segregate, failing to comply to laws regarding jaywalking, catching a ride or alighting in areas not designated as loading and unloading zone, one of those that pushes others in the MRT or LRT just to go home as soon as possible, and even staying in the metropolis and not being able to contribute to reducing the overcrowding in Metro Manila are but some of the reasons I cannot share in the festivities of June 12 as penance. I am too ashamed that if Rizal is around, baka batukan lang nya ako pagnakita nya ako doon.

      If I am an elected national official accused of so many allegations of corruption that I cannot prove my innocence, I don’t think I am worthy to raise the flag last June 12. I’ll just leave it to one of the families who’s father or brother is one of the murdered SAF 44, one of the rank & file employees of PAG-ASA or Phivolcs, the soldiers posted in the Spratly Islands or the simple street sweeper of MMDA. They are doing far more honorable and patriotic job than a politician addressed as honorable but stained by corruption.

      So me agreeing with Lea counts me as a hater of the Philippines and of June 12 – No. I love my country and the people who sacrificed their lives so I can enjoy the rights that I have now. I just don’t think I deserve it.

  18. Agree with ms. Lea
    Of course june 12 was just a declaration by a murderer as history tells us.
    July 4 was the time USA declared us independent from US commonwealth Diosdado Macapagal, another kapangpangan like cory and noynoy, wanted additional reparation goods from US but denied. Thus he commissioned historian kuno to justify june 12 as celbration of indepedence from Spain. Lest we forget the nation was bought by USA from Spain. Get real folks. Viva Lea

  19. DIO says:
    June 18, 2015 at 7:43 pm
    Kelangan ng ‘negative’ para to open minds, analyze the problem and then make a solution.
    BTW, the solutions are already here in this site. And it’s OBVIOUS. And speaking of obvious, you still cling on your emotions instead.
    Stop being an EMO and set your priorities for once.
    PWE GO says:
    June 18, 2015 at 7:59 pm
    If you already have the solution, where is the result? Don’t play with words!

    @pwego, wala pang results kasi may mga kagaya mo pang emo… think beyond what lea salonga wrote. Baka di mo pa tapos basahin yung tweet ni lea e naghuhuramentado ka na. Intindihin mo muna kasi.

  20. Leah Salonga is an ethereal example of Failipino aristocracy that’s been failing the Failippines and its people for generations.

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