How Lebron James reminds me of Noynoy Aquino


By now, those following the Finals series of the National Basketball Association (NBA) will have known that the Golden State Warriors (Dubs) defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers 105-97, to win the championship in six games, 4-2. Furthermore, basketball fanatics rooting for the Cavaliers (Cavs) will tell you that their superstar, LeBron James, in the absence of superstars Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving due to injuries, essentially carried the team on his back. The series got to the point where it did because of him, and once again he came very close to winning a title. They will also tell you that although LeBron’s record in finals appearances is now 2 wins and 4 losses, he was just as deserving of Finals Most Valuable Player (MVP, which went to Andre Iguodala of the Warriors), despite being from the losing team.

CLEVELAND, OH - JUNE 16:  LeBron James #23 of the Cleveland Cavaliers reacts in the first quarter against the Golden State Warriors during Game Six of the 2015 NBA Finals at Quicken Loans Arena on June 16, 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) ORG XMIT: 556889511 ORIG FILE ID: 477366984

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

At this point you’re probably thinking that LeBron James and Philippine president Benigno Simeon (BS) Aquino do not deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence, much less compared and contrasted to each other, but hear me out. Somehow, especially after this NBA Finals series, I couldn’t help but be reminded of BS Aquino.

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In the post-game conference after Game 5, Lebron, despite the Cavs losing that game and facing elimination, expressed confidence that he and his team could still win the series:

“I feel confident because I’m the best player in the world.”
“I don’t put a ceiling on what I can do.”
“I know I’m shouldering a lot of the burden, but it is what it is.”

BS Aquino, on the other hand, was presented and “sold” to the voting public in 2009 as the man who doesn’t steal, “hindi ako magnanakaw”, as a totally honest and “incorruptible” man, and as one who will bring about “change” in Philippine government.

Lebron James reminds me of BS Aquino in this regard:

The statement by Lebron, “I’m the best player in the world”, is no small boast. He has shown that one-on-one, he is extremely difficult to defend against, and even if you put two, three, or even the whole five men on the court on him he will find a way to get through the defense and score points. He certainly knows how to make plays, and is no slouch on the defensive end either.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, this greatness, this skill of Lebron, as I observe, ends up with him having to carry his team, instead of his remaining teammates more visibly picking up the pace and taking cues from his skill. Whether this is a function of his inability to make his teammates better, or whether he needs better teammates, is a big point of “debate”.

Contrast Lebron to another legend, Michael Jordan, who is not only known as one of the greatest players ever, but also as a floor leader in his own right. Those who followed Jordan in his prime would recognize that apart from being a prolific player, he had an uncanny ability to make his teammates better. Jordan’s team could find a way to win, for the most part, even if he himself were having an off night. Take away Lebron from the Cavs, on the other hand, and you’ll usually find yourself scrambling to fill a gaping hole.

In effect, as a friend of mine pointed out, Lebron and Jordan represent, respectively, a tiny elite circle within a group who subsidize, even compensate for, the performance deficit of the majority, and a true class of elites who pull up the rest of the group.


Let’s focus on BS Aquino now. Even if Noynoy’s purported “honesty” and “incorruptible nature” eventually turned out to be a joke at this point, the point is, these qualities which he was perceived to have at the start of his term did not carry over to the rest of Philippine government. It is not enough that no case of theft or corruption has been linked to BS Aquino; a true leader inspires others to even just aspire to have the same qualities that he purportedly has. In Noynoy’s case, take him away from the presidency, and you’ll still be left with the same old corrupt, bottom-feeding, ineffectual entity we call government.

Unfortunately, BS Aquino turned out to be a weak leader who is seemingly more of a problem than a solution to the Filipino people. His purported incorruptibility and honesty have not carried over to the rest of Filipino society, and have become irrelevant and immaterial. As a member of a family that is part of the oligarchy, he is more interested in protecting his family’s interests than he is defending national ones. All you have to do is remember how limp-d*cked his handling of the situations with China and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) has been.

In the Philippines, where self-interest and a baseless sense of self-importance reign above all else, one will be hard-pressed to find a true class of elites who pull up the rest of society. We not only have here a tiny circle of “elites” who subsidize the lack of output of the majority, we have a majority who think that they are entitled to be subsidized by those who are better off. We also have a tiny circle of “elites” who perpetually keep the majority where they are! That is the situation BS Aquino faced at the start of his term, and frankly, nothing has changed, and nothing will change even after he has stepped down. So much for all that promise of change.

One article I read has pointed out that with each NBA Finals loss, LeBron James’ legacy fades. Lebron is undoubtedly the greatest player of his generation. In the end, however, what people will remember most about a player are the numbers. Those numbers, for Lebron, are showing a 2 win 4 loss record in finals appearances, and 2 championships in 12 seasons played in the NBA. While he may have about 5-6 more good years (he’s 30 years old now), time is essentially running out for Lebron to add more championship rings to his record. Every time Lebron has come up short, he has to make excuses as to why he did, never mind that for the most part, he has had the chance – on more than one occasion – to make conditions favorable and conducive to winning a championship. Whether or not you’re a fan of his, the excuses can get tiring after a while.

BS Aquino, on the other hand, had a lot of opportunities in the first five years of his presidency to actually change things and make a difference, but what did he do instead? He devoted his time to persecuting his political enemies, campaigning even if he already was elected, and canceling projects which could have otherwise been helpful, just because they were done by his predecessor. Oh, he was also busy taking credit for things that he didn’t start, and blaming everyone else but himself for the lack of any REAL results in his administration.

I would like to point out now a few really big differences between the two. In this regard, Lebron reminds me of BS Aquino because of the qualities he has that Noynoy does not.

Lebron has become the player he is currently through developing himself. He has come a long way ever since he started in the NBA.

Noynoy, however, became president through invoking sympathy for dead mom and dad, and he has not developed much in the five years he‘s been president. He and his government make the same mistakes over and over again, and they still haven’t been receptive to criticism.

Whether or not you’re a fan of Lebron James, you can’t help but admit that he is a really great basketball player. He is one of the best to ever play the game; he just doesn’t have too many championship rings yet.

If you’re still in awe of BS Aquino at this point, there’s something wrong with you. BS Aquino has shown time and time again just how incompetent he is and just how unqualified he is for the job that 40 percent of voting Filipinos in 2010 elected him to.

I don’t think I need any more reminders. It’s time to start forgetting about BS Aquino, his “reforms”, and the division he’s sown in Filipino society if Filipinos want to stand a chance of even just being a competitive team, much more ending their “championship drought”.

12 Replies to “How Lebron James reminds me of Noynoy Aquino”

  1. LeBron James , if he is the “most valuable player”. Why did did his team lost?

    We know that Aquino is all “hype” by his propagandists. He cannot “bark”…nor can even “bite”…Aquino is just the perfect Dud/inutile/useless…

    1. Just because you’re on the losing team doesn’t mean you can’t be the most valuable. A championship is an organizational effort whereas MVP is an individual accomplishment. This is just like the World Cup last year. Germany defeated Argentina because they were the better football team, but Lionel Messi was the best player on the field and was given the Golden Ball. In the same case, LeBron James should have received the NBA Finals MVP for his gallant performance. The same cannot be said for Aquino in the realm of politics.

  2. Sorry but it is very wrong indeed to compare the two. Aquino is a waaaaaaaay inferior as a”human being” to LeBron. At least LeBron actually carries his team despite bragging. Aquino brags but does not carry anything but Kris Aquino’s purse.

  3. I remember Noynoy being a reluctant presidential candidate. He was not the original choice of his party to run. It was Mar. But because the Aquinos are popular again because of Cory’s death a year before the election, LP hurriedly convinced Noynoy to run.

    Him being hesitant made me doubted his intentions for running and his capacity to manage the country.

    Well to be fair I’m sure like any presidents he too have reasons to be proud of as chief executive and a few that he’d rather keep and not talk about.

    So his stay in office is enough; proved his point; shown his credibility; demonstrated his managerial skills therefore, would I be willing to extend his term?-NO. I had enough. If only I can fire him as president since I am one of his “bosses.”

  4. Man is not, by nature, deserving of all that he wants. When we think that we are automatically entitled to something, that is when we start walking all over others to get it.

  5. Oh, man. This brings back memories. I was in grade school when I first watch an NBA match with my father. I remember asking my father who’re those players fighting for the ball and he said it was Jordan and Drexler. Chicago Bulls was not only made up of Michael Jordan but together with Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Tony Kukoc, their coach Phil Jackson, they are unbeatable in the 90s. Hoosa. James on the other hand thought his team winning only depends on him.

    Anyway, since Aquino we totally lost control of Sabah, Spratly Islands and the Panatag Shoal. Taiwan would even try to make advances in our sea of Batanes. What made Malaysia, China and Taiwan suddenly decide that during Aquino’s governance would be the perfect time to claim these Philippine islands? Add to that the terrorist group MILF having confidence that they’ll have their own Moro state now that it’s Aquino they’re dealing with. What do these things have to say with the nation’s leader?

  6. To be fair with James, they went in the series handicapped. He was forced to carry the team because he had no choice. But his fault may have been not trusting more of his remaining teammates especially when he assumed Point Guard duties when he should have handed that over to their guards.

    The fundamental difference between James and Aquino relative to their respective fields is that the former is actually CAPABLE and COMPETENT to get things done if given the right amount of support. While the latter has simply NOTHING, AS IN WALA, to back up whatever hype was put around him.

    When James claimed the he was the best player in the world, he was not entirely being inaccurate, he is by far the best INDIVIDUAL PLAYER since Jordan or to some, Bryant. He lost to the BEST TEAM but that doesn’t mean he is incapable or incompetent in what he does.

    Aquino on the other hand is just INCOMPETENT, plain and simple. WALANG ALAM, WALANG KAKAYAHAN, WALANG WALA.

    It’s proven so many times to the point of embarrassment.

    Yet pinoys still don’t learn their lessons, because current surveys for 2016 still points to another virtual CLONE of Aquino in terms of “nganga” characteristics.


  7. Honestly? People just looked on those negative sides. Na cocky dw parehas, respect on the player. LeBron is striving and made a huge change in the city of cleveland and to the team itself for which most people who don’t like him didn’t know or didn’t even want to know. How about Pi-noy? what did he do? seriously one who doesn’t have the nuts to understand this article would surely say something dumb.

  8. better to have 3 prime ministers and a president in this country
    1 each for Luzon, visayas, Mindanao
    so 1 prime minister, 2 deputy prime ministers
    1 president for foreign relations

  9. I recently saw scenes from the movie Friday Night Lights. Wonder if Lebron and Noynoy are just like Boobie Miles – pride before the fall.

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