Why I Think Noynoy Aquino Should Resign: A Rant

Look guys, it’s in the title, this is actually more of a rant than an actual article but I think you guys need to hear this out anyway…

GRP has time and time again been called out on being Anti-Aquino and, indeed, many rabid loyalists of the “yellow” administration has called us and many others who stand with us in opposing the Aquino family and their shenanigans countless insults. There are those who accuse us of having “crab mentality” without really understanding the meaning of what “crab mentality” is in the first place as stated here by Fallen Angel. Then, there are those who call us “paid hacks” of the Binays or any other political parties that are equally corrupt as the Aquinos. Last but not least, there will always be those who will resort to below-the-belt attacks and, when they know our identities, go on to bash our very appearances or personal issues.


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However, for those who are willing to listen, you should know that we’re not opposing the president just because it’s cool. Sure, there are a lot of youths out there who try to look and be rebellious so they can impress friends and, most importantly, members of the opposite sex (or same sex for that matter). It is because, essentially, some of us here have come to the conclusion that President Noynoy Aquino is unfit to rule the country and his continued presidency, unless somehow cut short, will only lead further complications for the Filipino people.

Over the many incidents that have followed over his term, here are some of the things that stand out most during Noynoy Aquino’s presidency:

  • His flimsy approach to helping the Yolanda survivors have led to little progress with majority of the refugees remaining homeless and at the mercy of oligarchs who all too often withhold relief goods from them.
  • His inability to apologize for his mistakes has broken the hearts of many Filipinos as well as aggravated the Chinese who are more than a little angry about the bus hostage crisis which he adamantly refuses to apologize for.
  • His tendency to prioritize his allies over the safety and welfare of the Filipino people has only lead to further squalor for the poor and the enrichment of existing oligarchs including the Aquinos themselves.

Now people, with the three facts stated above, does it seem like Noynoy Aquino has even any idea of how to run a country? Is he even mentally fit for the office of presidency? Does he even understand the meaning of leadership?

Before I continue, I would first like to ask if any of you here know what it feels like to be a passenger in a vehicle driven by a drunk driver. You see, leadership is all too similar to that of driving. Several times, I’ve had the misfortune to ride a jeep with a drunk driver (no joke) and feared for my life with the way the rickety old vehicle zigzagged on the road like some sort of metallic snake. Once, I got so frightened I simply got off and walked the remaining two kilometers to get home because the jeep almost crashed into a ravine.

People, it’s clear that Noynoy Aquino isn’t in the right frame of mind considering all the decisions he’s made so far. Are we going to allow him to make more wrong decisions and doom the country further?

I really think it’s time the Philippines pull over and let someone else drive for now before he sends our rickety old jeep off a cliff and into the South China Sea…

21 Replies to “Why I Think Noynoy Aquino Should Resign: A Rant”

  1. The first requisite of a good citizen in this republic is that he shall be able and willing to pull his own weight.

    But for the Failippines and Failipinos, that isn’t the case.

  2. Chill out! Noynoy to resign and be replaced by another and better crook? You (GRP) guys are unbelievable, calling our people stupid, dumb, failipinos and all kinds of name yet you GRPs, are still ridiculously trusting and hoping that a saviour in the form of Bongbong Marcos, Binay or someone could and would save the country. When are you going to understand that NO ONE can save the Philippines from sinking under the same type of government? Right now, I’m not sure if GRP is just enjoying the attention by being indifferent/offensive or here to support a particular politician.

    1. Just my thought… are you already assuming that just because the page is against Noynoy that the page is already immediately for Binay or Marcos? If you hold that kind of logic, you are screwed up. I hope you don’t hold that kind of logic.

      1. I won’t blame you if you haven’t been reading the other blogs on here and it’s not my character to charge people for their stupidity.

        1. I won’t blame you if you’re that dumb or you’re just trolling. I thought it’s the latter.

    2. Look, my point here is, as stated above, “Let someone else drive for now.”

      Yes, the names you mentioned are every bit as bad but I think they’re more psychologically fit than the current one. They can at least run the country like a rickety old jeep and NOT like a roller coaster.

      1. Who do you have in mind? As per the Constitution, it’s Binay who’s next in line. And I know a lot guys here hate him (including me, probably).

        Are you proposing an “unconstitutional” solution?

        1. Perhaps…

          And no, I will neither go for Binay, Mar or even BBM. Someone else maybe. Someone not involved in the cesspool of corruption.

    3. Fact of the matter is, Binay is next in line. Hard as that may be to accept (who the f&@k voted him into office anyway?). The way i see it, someone’s got to file a strong criminal ase against Binay to disqualify him. But given the way Pnoy is running things, I’m already willin to risk a SHORT Binay presidency.

      believe me, the depths of the current admin’s incompetence is enough to justify even that “evil”, in the typical “lesser evil” sort of way Filipinos like to choose their leaders.

  3. Well, the sad thing is he’s still not going to resign. I don’t think he ever reads this site anyway nor cares or gives a shit about it. But you know the good thing is, he’ll go away soon. 2016 elections are coming up and his time is up.

    Ang problema….as usual puro hudas na naman ang nasa choices. Greater evil, lesser evil, used-to-be evil..it’s still evil.

    The bad thing about it, if we don’t vote which most of us might do, other people will still do and eventually we don’t have control over them and somebody will still be our President whether we like it or not.

    And we’ll probably read about Think-insert 2016 president here- please resign rant or whatever 2016 and beyond. Unless this new President would be at least be half the animal that Kardong Kalabaw is then maybe it can be up for consideration.

    1. And another problem is, the good guys hasn’t shown up yet. Hindi pa nagpaparamdam sila Gordon, etc. And whatever happened to Bayani Fernando? Is he retired for good? If so, that’s bad for us; one less competent leader.

      1. Either those good guys became bad guys themselves or they’ve decided to just raise the white flag and mind their own business because maybe they started to think that this country isn’t worth saving after all.

        You can actually help people even if you’re not running for any government position, but of course being in that position gives you a lot of power to cover a lot of ground but then again it doesn’t always happen that way doesn’t it?

        It’s easy to know the right thing to do after something has happened already that’s why plenty of people here are deciding not to vote, since there’s an abundance of incompetent leaders that can easily manipulate the masses.

    1. Nah, that’s ok. You’re just another butthurt Pinoy who would just attack the messenger and not the message itself.

      And you accuse me on the ‘special children’ stuff. That term fits more on the people in this discussion rather than the people they are talking against. 😀

  4. All of us if we are to be the president will always be too damn short of something to solve all the problems. We’re not all perfect. However, one can always make up for his mistakes. In the case of Aquino, I noticed that once he makes a mistake, he mums himself about it letting the issue pass and be forgotten.

    1) Have you heard anything from him about after the relief woes of the Yolanda victims? By the way, I think that is a two-way problem. You got an administration that is showed poor in the distribution of goods and some victims who seem to refuse to get out of their misery on their own and content with what the government will hand them.

    2) Allegedly, Aquino had a hand on Corona’s impeachment and the issues regarding it. I’m not saying Corona is either guilty or not, what I’m saying is if he can spend time meddling with certain cases (he has a comment on this when the SC issued a TRO against the senate impeachment court) why can’t he meddle with cases (i.e., Mamasapano and Maguindanao massacre) where his influence would really matter?

    3) Noynoy seem to be very busy seeking help abroad or explaining the Philippine stance against China’s aggressive wherever there is an avenue to do so. Ok. That is good. However, China is still there constructing in the disputed area. What new news has he reported so far about the progress of our claim?

    And if indeed this situation with China leads to war either against us or the United States or both, what preparations has he initiated to mitigate its impact on the country?

    4) The traffic congestion on the roads of Metro Manila – what new solutions has the administration offered? True, it’s a big problem! Even if I were the president, it would be a headache for me. Nonetheless, it is an issue that should be faced by the administration. I would accept any word from the president regarding this. Hell, I would even appreciate it if Noynoy would be frank enough to the people and address them: “My dear fellow Filipino people. Metro Manila is too crowded and over-saturated. I will be honest with you: We need to reduce our population in the metropolis. Therefore I call on everyone to move, employers and markets included, on your own. I know I seem to be violating your right to choose your abode but let’s get things straight: What are our priorities: Decongest the metropolis and improve the flow of, primarily, of goods and services or keep you all here despite the fact that we have little or no area left to accommodate new residents?” That is just me and my example. But why can’t seem Noynoy be honest and direct to his people about the situation? Why do I want him to be honest? I know some will taunt him as stupid or ignorant with this but I’m sure there will be one or two who will offer help especially if he properly explained the situation to those who have better understanding of the problem.

    5) NAIA 1 has been consistently called the one of the worse airport in the world and it undergoing repairs and renovations doesn’t seem to help. NAIA 3 is neither in the good nor bad list but it is sharing runway with 1, and 2 thus making it to me a bad airport too when it comes to runway traffic. What about DMIA? I heard DMIA is a big airport. Why isn’t he mentioning anything about DMIA? Is it because the M in DMIA is Macapagal – the maiden surname of his “damned” predecessor? I’m not a supporter of GMA and my point is he has an alternative.

    I can go on and on.

    I am also not a fan of Binay nor of Roxas. Do you think Mar is even half of a statesman as his father Gerry was? I personally don’t think so. Besides, Gerry is enough. As for Binay, he hasn’t cleared his name regarding the allegations thrown at him so, sorry I’m not for Binay either. His daughter Nancy using the family of doctors as an analogy to their family of politicians as an argument is enough sample for me what is running in their minds.

    I don’t think I am going for Poe too.

    So who would be my bet? I am hoping somebody from the unknown without any ties with the current oligarchs and political families would emerge, can shun offers of support from businessmen with selfish intentions and politicians who wants to cling to his victory, talented and skilled enough with managing a country. – Someone who is fresh. And I hope his successor would be the same.

    1. By the way, will I support a call for Noynoy to resign? Hmm… Only if Binay, Drilon and Belmonte resigns first. I can’t trust the country to the next three in line especially the immediate successor.

        1. Yeah. That would be the last resort.

          2016 is coming. It pains me to realize that there is a big chance that I will still be seeing their faces (and hearing them talk) after the elections.

  5. PNoy is a prez where he has keep up with the affairs of every gov agency in the country, such as agriculture, economy, foreign affairs, transportation. Since he’s in a centralised gov, he has a hand in every LGU in the country, from Batanes to Tawi-Tawi. All that work translates when he makes an appearance, he looks like a walking dead. Contrast that to Obama, who’s only job is keep tabs with the gov agencies, including CIA, NSA. In a fed gov, he can forget about the 51 states. When he makes an appearance, it was as if a shining light is brought upon him by the Almighty Lord of Christian America. He smiles, knowing that he gets to have family vacations and play golf. God bless USA! Here in PH, the trillions of pesos earned for budget, however big, isn’t enough to pay for the upkeep of our nation. Every cent is paid for Pag-Ibig, Philhealth, police, and other services. More than P50 billion of debt, some dating back from the 70s, also has to be paid. Then corruption. What’s left is only a small amount to acquire for anything else needed. What shall PNoy acquire? Should he acquire guns or butter? Should he buy guns to defend Spratlys? Should he buy butter to feed the poor? Remember, guns make us powerful! Butter merely makes us fat.

  6. He should be ‘burned” on Stake, along with his cahoots. He should be tried for High Treason, for financing the MILF/Al Queda/ISIS.

    His Hacienda Luisita should be given to his tenants/serf. He should be also tried for plunder…

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