Alternative Media (Part 8): Questioning Outdated Traditions

Okay, here’s another Alternative Media article for all those out there who are interested!

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

Well, I’m sure that a lot of you are probably wondering why there’s another Warhammer 40,000 article here since I’ve already written at least two, if I remember correctly. Well, you see, Space Marine is one of many spin-off video-games that takes place in the setting. However, I’m setting it apart because it contains certain themes that one should carefully consider as I will soon reveal through my writing.

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Space Marine, as already stated above, is just one of many video games that takes place in the Warhammer 40,000 setting by Games Workshop. In the game itself, you play the role of Captain Titus, a commander to a company (~100 marines) who is taking part in a battle on the planet Graia. With him are two other marines, Sidonus, a grim and cynical veteran with a mechanical arm and Leandros, a fairly young and naive newcomer to being a member of the Adeptus Astartes or Space Marine. Anyway, the three of them belong to the chapter (division of marines with at least ~1000 members) called Ultramarines who are noted to be the oldest, most popular and most prolific of the space marines both in the video game and the tabletop game.


Anyway, just for reference, the Ultramarines whom Captain Titus is a member of, is well known for having written the Codex Astartes. It is a rulebook of sorts for Space Marine chapters and is similar to Art of War by Zun Tzu which Space Marines usually follow to the letter. A strict and disciplined unit, many Ultramarines unfortunately treat the Codex Astartes like a Bible, making it the go-to book for any kind of action they take and treating any deviation from it almost as a kind of heresy.

Captain Titus, the hero of the game does not think like most Ultramarine commanders however and more or less only follows the Codex Astartes in spirit. He is often questioned by Leandros about his actions and decisions and to which Titus once answered: “There are also benefits to thinking for one’s self.” Surprisingly, the Primarch (founder) of the Ultramarines and author of the Codex Astartes Roboute Gulliman would have probably agreed with Titus as he himself believed that you can’t prepare for everything.

All in all, the idea of changing tactics instead of obeying old and outdated traditions is certainly a theme that is lacking in many Pinoy mainstream media. Honestly, I tend to think that while traditions might indeed be significant and deserves to be respected, we should still be open to new ideas and adapt to changing times as necessary. Just because something has always been done before doesn’t mean that it’s right and just because something has never been done before means it’s wrong.

Brave New World

Brave New World is a dystopian sci-fi story written by Alduous Huxley. It is written in a similar vein to George Orwell’s 1984 and Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. However, society in this story is not oppressed through fear, it is instead controlled through happiness. Yes, you heard that right. Human society in Brave New World is oppressed through happiness.

To delve deeper, the world in Brave New World is a world populated by humans who border on almost being superhuman through genetic engineering. From there, people are divided into five castes from Alpha to Epsilon. Mainstream programs are almost (or are) pornographic and the government provides people with free drugs to lull their senses. The government of Brave New World, like a self-help book about happiness, convinces its people to be happy all the time and ignore the problems of life.

Look people, there’s nothing wrong with being happy and pursuing happiness. However, I need to remind people that you can never really be happy all the time. The reason I think we Filipinos suffer so much when things go bad is because we’re always playing in the extremes of emotion. We need to start taking things into perspective and realize for ourselves that constant euphoria is less healthy than one may think. Remember that true happiness isn’t about smiling all the time, that’s just insanity. True happiness is knowing that there is a place for everything and everything is in its place.

3 Replies to “Alternative Media (Part 8): Questioning Outdated Traditions”

  1. Happiness is in your mind. What your values are…what you goals and accomplishments…

    There are Filipinos who have 12 children; and are living in poverty…Yet, they call themselves happy, because of the many children.

    There are rich people with Depression; and are not happy with their lives. So, they commit suicide.

    Happiness varies from person to person. Situations to situations…values to values. and your concept of what life is, to yourself.

    1. But are the children happy? Living a shitty life and all, I’m not saying they aren’t but if only their overproducing parents would have paused and thinker about their future and their children’s well being poverty as it is now would be much rare.

      Creating life for your own happiness is irresponsible if you can’t even provide for it or give it a decent life. Should be jailed for child abuse IMO.

  2. Definitely two valid points. One is about willing to deviate from traditions followed holy writ depending on the situation, and the other one is basically how “Happiness” is more or less an excuse to why the common Filipino fails to achieve. (Which I think has been covered here before.)

    Another game Filipinos should play when they get the chance and its Paranoia: its a game where a group of players play as troubleshooters. Whose job is to literally shoot trouble or do any other job the “Friend Computer” tells them do. A Computer that has long since lost its mind and blames every trouble and every problem gripping the place its watching, Alpha Complex, on Communists. Its a comedic game as lives are expendable. The game rewards backstabbing, ingenuity and crazy antics.

    “Happiness is mandatory citizen! Insufficient Happiness is treason! Treason is punished by death!” ~Friend Computer

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