Why I’m Not Excited About Manny Pacquiao’s Upcoming Fight

Ladies and gentlemen, Pacquiao’s up and coming fight with Mayweather is only just a few weeks away from now. Already, I hear people everywhere clamoring for a chance to be heard on how much they support Pacquiao and how much they hate Mayweather. Already, I notice that so many Filipinos are filling Facebook with encouragements for Manny and negativity for Mayweather. Everywhere I go, people seem to be talking about it as if it’s a definite sign of the apocalypse or something. In some churches and in the presence of less-informed Christians, prayers are being offered for the eventual victory of our champion and the defeat of a heavily demonized opponent.

Manny_PacquiaoOkay, let’s get this straight. I also support Manny Pacquiao and his efforts. Look, he is our representative out there on the global stage and I believe he should be supported by his people. However, while I certainly like his skills as a boxer, his determination, his Average Joe demeanor and his philanthropy, I can’t really say I support his decision to become a politician nor do I try to pin all my hopes on him. Before I go on any further and before I get bashed by his supporters, let me get my points across first.

Pacquiao’s Victory Probably Won’t Change Anything

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Look people, the Philippines is in a spot of trouble right now. Down to the south, the MILF are trying to claim a considerable chunk of Mindanao by pushing for the approval of the BBL. To our west, the Chinese have solidified their hold on some our islands and are now driving away our fishermen who make a living catching fish in the affected areas. While it may be summer now, we can only guess what other weather anomalies will arrive along with the rainy season this June and the sudden rains are probably just a taste of what’s to come. Maltreated OFW’s will continue slaving away in other countries for the promise of giving their families a better life. Squatters will continue to be a nuisance and further degrade the condition of our already heavily-polluted cities. The media will continue to flood our TVs and the minds of our youths with propaganda designed to wear down their intellect. The list just goes on and on.

So what if Pacquiao wins? The problems mentioned above aren’t going to go anywhere. We will be stuck with the same politicians, the same media, the same poverty and the same retarded society even if Pacquiao manages to get the best of Mayweather. While I do know that Pacquiao has the best intentions for the Filipino people, I would like to quote the tagline for the first Aliens vs. Predator film: “No matter who wins, we lose.”

That’s right. Pacquiao’s victory isn’t going to magically solve our problems. They will be there before, during and after Pacquiao’s prized fight. Whether or not Pacquiao wins won’t change the fact that our politicians are corrupt and the masses are living in abject poverty and misery.

Pacquiao’s Successes Are Not Permanent

The guy is really good, that much I’ll say. He’s quick, he’s skilled and he’s determined to win. That counts for a lot in my book. However, let me note to you that Pacquiao is just one man. He might be good at what he does but I strongly doubt he’s an expert in horticulture or is a skilled surgeon. Knowing how to punch the lights out of another guy in a ring is probably quite different from facing armed, fanatical terrorists who are hell-bent on filling you with lead using high-quality assault rifles in a jungle.

Also of note is that Pacquaio is just one man. Whatever strength, power and skill he has is at best temporary. Sooner or later, his body will reach its limit and so will his career. Someday, perhaps soon, another boxer will get the better of him and put him down for good. Or, alternatively, he will be wise enough to realize that he isn’t getting any younger and decide to retire. In any event, related to the statement above, Manny Pacquiao will call it quits on his career and we, the common Filipinos, will be forced to face our problems as they are. Pacquiao can’t simply punch poverty to a pulp, uppercut terrorism or knock out corruption with a knuckle sandwich.

Pacquiao Is Probably Just A Puppet

All things considered, I am betting that someone, somewhere is benefiting from Pacquiao being a politician and I strongly doubt that it’s his family. Essentially, Pacquiao is just a puppet being controlled by other political powers. In the end, he and his boxing career are just being used to cash in on his popularity. As popularity seems to be all that really matter in Pinoy politics and not platform or planning, you can see how it’s so irresistible for some political parties to use Pacquiao as a way to boost their popularity. So it’s not so much that Pacquiao is running the show, he is essentially just a good race horse his cohorts are showing off so they can maintain their grip on power.

At the end of the day, Pacquiao is just being used so that politicians can use dumb commoners like you and me. It’s just a sad cycle of abuse and stupidity. While I do not doubt his talents and I will always support him as a fighter, I strongly doubt that Pacquiao actually calls the shots where he rules from. If anything, he is probably just another decor or trophy of the politicians he is working for.

It probably won’t be long now and the country will once again get high with the excitement of another of Pacquiao’s greatest fights. Unfortunately, like any drug caused by alcohol or narcotics, we will probably wake up next morning with another hangover, a huge bill to pay, vomit to clean up and the same problems we had before we got high.

Just for comparison, I strongly doubt that it has ever occurred to Michael Jordan, Maria Sharapova, Ronda Rousey or even Floyd Mayweather to run for a political position…

71 Replies to “Why I’m Not Excited About Manny Pacquiao’s Upcoming Fight”

  1. well i’m excited to see a boxing match and see him shut mayweather up for once (if that would actually change anything). if he wins, he deserves it for working hard (a concept lost in the average pacquiao fan’s head. emulate that principle, not the image.). but beyond that, i don’t see a victory or defeat being translated into something ethereal like a catalyst for anything. beyond the cries of that quintessential “pinoy pride” and probable calls for nomination as a national hero should the guy win, it’s nothing more than a boxing match to be enjoyed. put your feet up, have a beer. enjoy. then get the hell on with your life after it’s over. nothing more, nothing less.

    1. wag na tayong magsaya, kasi bukas may problema din naman, tanggalin na TV, Movies, internet at video games, hindi naman magbabago ang ekonomiya ng bansa at bukas may problem pa din tayong lahat. Ayos logic mo pre.

        1. Sorry pre, the reply is not for you but for the article’s author, my mistake I must have hit your reply button, we share the same sentiment.

      1. [sarcasm mode activated]

        Iwanan ang lahat ng problema maski korapsyon, gutom o kamatayan (dulot ng sakuna o krimen) basta may engrandeng laban ni Pacquiao! Kita nyo, matagal na naming natiis ang lahat ng mga yon dahil sa mga laban niya! Happy lagi kami dahil dun kaya wag kang makialam sa kaligayahan namin!!

        [sarcasm mode deactivated]

        Oh yeah, good logic.

        1. Ah ang gusto mo maglugmok lahat ng tao? May nagvivideoke sa labasan namin, kasi birthday ng anak nya, ipatigil ko ba dahil sa “korapsyon, gutom o kamatayan (dulot ng sakuna o krimen)” , you are mocking the very fabric of what makes a Filipino, resiliency is one of the Filipino’s trait, kahit anung problema pa yan nakatawa pa yan at kaya pang magsaya.

          Can you please explain to me what is wrong with being excited with a sporting event? Kahapon lang nanonood ako ng Avengers, I was excited about the sequel eversince it was announced, I was happy I was destressed from work, me problema ba ko, kasi nanonood pa ako ng sine eh ang taas ng crime rate sa Pinas?

          Walang kakunek-connection ang sinasabi mo at ramblings ng author nito. There is a sporting event manood ka kung gusto mo, maginom ka kung gusto mo, kung ayaw mo at gusto mong magiyak sa gilid habang iniisip ang next move ng mga Tsino, bahala ka, demokrasya tayo.

        2. Yeah, I agree with you itsfurysfury. The writer probably forgot that this is a sports event… Just another form of entertainment. Kaya nga ang laging sinasabi ni Pacquiao is “kailangan ma-entertain ang mga fans.” Kasi alam niya that that’s the only thing he could do to please the boxing fans. “To give them excitement in return for their support” as Pacquiao said. Kaya it’s kinda weird that the writer would relate this to poverty, war in Mindanao, etc. This is just a game for enjoyment. I wonder if the author knows the meaning of “fun” and “enjoyment.” Kung hindi tayo marunong maging masaya or ma-excite, well let’s just probably kill ourselves or commit suicides coz this would be a sad world with very stressful environment. Huwag na lang tayo magpakalalim. Coz boxing is simply a game that was created for entertainment. And so what kung maging mayaman si Pacquiao dahil sa mga laban niya. He deserves it. Hindi naman siya nagnanakaw. Pinaghirapan niya yon sa loob ng maraming taon. Imagine kung gaano kasakit ang masuntok at mabugbog. I also don’t care if he is in politics. Hindi naman nangungurakot eh at nababalitaan naman natin na talagang tumutulong siya sa ating mga kababayan unlike other politicians. At ang pinaka-magandang ginagawa pa niya kpag may laban siya ay pinag-u-unite niya ang mga Pilipino sa lahat ng sulok ng mundo. Sino ang may kayang gumawa ng ganon? Ang buong Pilipinas is almost crime-free rin kpag may fight siya. So let us all be happy for him and be proud. Besides he is the first and only eight-division world boxing champion. Let’s give him credit for that. By the way, a few hours of what they called “escapism” won’t hurt. Hindi naman ito forever. And I’m sure that there are those less privileged people that were inspired by his story and now wants to be a great fighter like him, which is good. So on May 3, let us all watch Pacquiao’s game and be entertained. 🙂

        3. It’s official: itsfurysfury is a certified pacquiao fanfag. I bet if pacquiao loses against mayweather, you’ll then attack his Facebook page and calling his win as “niluto” only because you don’t accept you idol’s defeat. And no I neither support mayweather nor pacquiao because they are both idiots.

  2. Maybe a Pacquiao win will have no long lasting effects on the Philippines,but perhaps his humble,unassuming,and real manner will leave a mark on sports,sportsmanship and the way people conduct their affairs in general…he and his story is something to be admired…what if 10% of his work ethic rubbed off on the filipino people? It might be a different place….personally I hope he kicks the shit out of Mayweather……

  3. Grimwald,

    you’ve been thinking a lot of shit! why don’t you just go there in Mindanao or to China and confront our enemies during the MAy-PAc fight?

  4. “Nero Fiddled while Rome Burns.” though to be fair, many societies other than the Philippines are guilty of this.

    If anything, the fight will be at least entertaining.

  5. You are killing the Pinoy Spirit! Why can’t you just be happy for him? Be inspired by him! Be proud! You are Filipino, you should support your own! Pacquiao is a hero! Ang Dami mong alam! Analyze analyze ka pa jan! Killjoy! Hater!! Traitor!!! Racist ka dun ka na sa negro! Bakla! Tanga! Malamang panget ka kasi ganyan ka magisip!

    In most circles that’s what you’re going to get for speaking against Manny Pacquiao: The Pinoy Macho.

        1. Kailangan ilabas ang kahinaan natin hindi puro lang pagbubunyi sa sarili natin na di makabuluhan at di nakapagbibigay ng kabutihan sa bansa natin. Maraming pinoy ngayon na gunggung kaya pinaglalaruan lang ng mga kurap na pulitiko. Puro na lang sisihan sa gobyerno pero sa isang napaka-simpleng bagay sa pagpili ng isang magagaling na kandidato ay nga nga dahil ay nakatanggap ng pera. Huwag magagalit kung may nagbigay ng pahayag na negatibo dahil ito ay nakapagbigay ng kabutihan sa pagsasa-ayos sa mga kamalian natin bagkus magsusumikap na i-angat ang sarili at wag i-asa sa iba ang kinabukasan ng iyong sarili.

          “Ask not what the country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”-JFK

  6. Not everyone supports pacquiao just because of Filipino pride. People appreciate him as an athlete. No one’s saying that at the end of the day.. His winning will solve problems. It’s a huge boxing event. A sports fans dream if you will

    1. anticipation for this fight ,currently, is nowhere near what it would have been 3 years ago, b4 PAC-MAN lost a few fights.

  7. wag na tayong magsaya, kasi bukas may problema din naman, tanggalin na TV, Movies, internet at video games, hindi naman magbabago ang ekonomiya ng bansa at bukas may problem pa din tayong lahat. Ayos logic mo pre.

    1. It’s like you also said that forget studying I’d rather watch anime everyday instead of learning Science. The author’s point is simple really you trolling dimwit: know your priorities.

    2. Explain mo sakin ang point ng author dali, bakit maging big a deal ang panonood ng isang boxing event? It’s a Sunday, walang trabaho, walang pang dalawang oras un, pasok ba ko sa trabaho para mapatunayan ko ang priority ko? Different folks different strokes, some likes watching sports while others would rather read.

      Do not, I repeat, Do not confuse priority with managing your time dumbass, I slaved 5 days a week working, if I have some stuff to do over the weekend I’ll make sure to deal with it first, then have a two hours of free time to enjoy boxing, or whatever I choose to do. All work no play makes domo a dull boy

      1. Aba lalaban pa ang gunggong na ito ah. And there you are still missing the article’s point you stupid dimwit. The article is not about enjoying pacquiao’s fight. It’s about using that match as a means of our country’s progress kuno and showing it off na tayong mga pinoy ay ang pinakamagaling na nilalang sa buong mundo when in fact you achieved NOTHING dahil nagpapakapalamunin ka sa tagumpay ng iba. Jeez asa ka nang asa kay pacquiao at naka-ilang panalo na siya pero nasaan na yung sinasabi mong progreso’t bagong pag-asa? None. Nein. Zero. Zilch.
        And I see that you got work as well. I bet you always waste your greens for anything useless like boozing everyday instead of saving it for your future.

        1. Dalawang beses mo nang ginamit ang dimwit, ubos na ang vocabulary mo.

          Kung sa pagkapanalo ka ni Pacquiao umaasa sa progreso ng Pilipina at sa bagong pag-asa, your dumber than what I have initially assumed.
          Ang hindi maintindihan ng kitid ng pagiisip mo eh, boxing event lang to, parang basketball, soccer, mma, etc. hindi to magdidikta ng kinabukasan ng Pilipinas, walang nagsasabi ng ganun kayo lang mga bopols ang nagaasume.

          Hahahah, bahala kang magisp kung ano ko at ang trabaho ko. Mga taong insecure lang ang ganyan nagiisip na your much better than other people na siguro wala akong savings at pera, hehehe kung alam mo lang, but you’ll never know, hindi kasi mararating ng kukote mo kung nasan man ako ngaun.

  8. I didnt even finish the damn message. Too off from what the fight is all about. Why do you expect the fight to change the issue outside boxing????


  9. Popular Actors/Media/Sports Celebrities – whose nature of work is movies/TV (fantasy or not real world), often Lack of political acumen due to poor observation & awareness (spoiled) of the real problems of our country. An actor/boxer/newscaster turned politicians can easily be manipulated (puppet) by people around him. 

    Just because someone is popular (name recognition & charisma to capture votes and manipulate our mass with looks, smooth talk, act, sing or dance and box around important issues) doesn’t make him a good President.

  10. I wish Pacquiao to win but I will not pray for winning as he is asking the Filipino and many are doing so. He even said that Jesus Christ will make him win. Suppose he lose, that will make Jesus Christ as not dependable . Remember that God is not favoring any competitor in sport competition. As Pope Francis counselled do not pray for the impossible.

  11. why we should judge the other? if we focus the problem of Filipino such of problem. you need to refresh your mind for another things or activities to get more solution. Pacquiao is only man but he give some inspiration minute that you make laugh and strong determinations. our country can’t be change anyone except one man stand for the God side.

  12. And this is the reason why our country’s crime rates plummeted when there’s a Pacquiao or Azkals or even Gilas Pilipinas match and few days after that, business as usual for the criminals in our country. Nothing change alright except if Duterte will become our next president in PH.

  13. even one wise person who leads our country there is no doubt have a problem. let’s try one man who have a dedication person, heart, companion you will see the small changes unto big changes. I’m not asking for Pacquiao, the only truth is you can’t defend one person who give the changes of corruption mind of our politicians. But is only the sports we discuss not the changes of whole country. yes the problem is always there but you don’t ask me if the fight is finish all things has finish. all of the position you need to do your job like Pacquiao he is a boxer fighter but he do what is he career. what are your position are you working? just work! are you a ambassador just protect our co-country! are you a military just fight for the truth.

  14. I think it’s okay to look forward to the “The Fight of the Century” as the teaser goes. Ang siste kasi sa Pinoy humihinto ang mundo nila kapag laban ni Pacquiao. Tipong porke laban ni Pacquiao wala ng ibang laman ang bibig o newsfeed kundi laban ni Pacquiao, walang ibang inaabangang balita kundi laban ni Pacquiao. ‘Yon marahil ang pinupunto sa article. Kahit ako nae-excite sa laban ni Pacquiao pero kahit gano’n nakatutok pa rin ako sa mahahalagang pangyayari sa bansa o hindi iyon ang pinaka-highlight ng araw ko. Kaya minsan nakakagalit kasi makikita mo ‘yong unfairness ng mga Pilipino. BBL, massacre ng journalist o PNP-SAF, corruption sa gobyerno, katangahan ng mga politiko kakarampot na Pinoy ang gustong makiisa sa issue. Laban ni Pacquiao andaming nag-iingay at nagmamarunong. Kaya makikita mo kababawan ng Pinoy e. Lumalabas tuloy na ang Pinoy pride mine-measure ng kababawan. Alam n’yo bang sa ibang bansa sadyang sa Sports News at section lang pumapailanlang ang laban ni Pacquiao hindi sa nagbabagang balita gaya rito?

    1. Anung problema kung huminto ang mundo ng ilang oras para kay Juan? Pagkatapos din naman ng laban iikot din naman ulit yun diba? Anung masama na pagbigyan ang sariling lumigaya kahit ilang sandali?

      Kahapon nanood ako ng Avengers, yun ang highlight ng araw ko, I was a fan of the comics when I was kid, and I was waiting for the movie sequel for the longest time, may mali ba sakin?

      You are overanalyzing a simple boxing event.

      1. Malamang proud ka sa altnick mo. You’re being controlled by your unreasonable fury ‘di ka nag-iisip ng may katwiran. Ang purpose mo rito ipaalam ang kababawan mo para i-justify pagiging fantard mo. Wala naman sanang masama na pagbigyan ang sarili mo para lumigaya pero anong kinalaman n’yan sa issue na tinatalakay rito? Unless you put an effort to change the way you think I can’t see how you’ll understand what we’re pointing. Pero bago ‘yon kailangan mo munang gawin ang kinatatamarang gawin ng maraming Pilipino – mag-isip.

        1. Kayo talaga wala na kayong maisip i-label sa tao, that’ s what most you are good at labeling people, I am fantard, right, then please point me where I professes my undying love for Pacquiao? What I’m trying to explain, para mainitndihan mo , anu ang point ng issue ng bansa sa isang boxing event? Walang kuneksyon, bakit hindi ka magiging excited sa isang bagay na inaabangan mo? Dahil kinabukasan wala namang problemang masosolve? Anung sense nun? Following this stupid logic , lahat na ang tao depressed. You guys are the one who’s mixing politics in all this. And this the internet, everyone’ synonymous here, you don’t even know Kung nagiisip ako o hindi, that’ just baseless accusations, it tells more about you than it tells about me.

  15. Well that escalated quickly…

    Lol, calm down it’s only a sporting event.

    And I just want to echo the commenters’ observation about your article: You have a very good logic! (slow clap)

  16. I stopped reading at the very first politician word.

    This is sports we’re talking about.

    Sometimes you have to let go of the things you can’t change like politics. It’s been dirty even before all of us were born. If you are tired of Philippines media, paquiao’s name flashing everywhere, then stop watching TV, reading newspapers etc. it won’t change the fact that He is an icon. Even you can’t stop that so just let go, stop being bitter and be happy of what is there for you and for pacquiao.

    1. He already had countless wins and yet the morale of Filipinos boosted nothing because they still stuck in their everyday mediocrity.

  17. Boosted Nothing? Maybe for you and the author idiot! Do not generalize the morale of ALL Filipinos, these fights of Paquiao has inspired many people (win or lose) around the world to work harder and be humble, something that you do not understand because you are clouded with such bitterness. If you are wise as you claim to be, then stop writing criticisms and do something good with your life… Like shutting up 😉

  18. We are proud of the high rate of literacy in the Philppines, but that is just that – literacy. Beyond that is comprehension and understanding, so with due respect to everyone who just wants to enjoy the fight on May 2, unfortunately that is not the point.

    Neither is this a bashing of Manny the boxer, manny the shining example of a rags to riches story, or the hope of and pride of the Filipino people. It is about getting carried away, of being uncritical about the things that matter, which are attached to the persona of Manny Pacquiao.

    – that you can mix politics and showbiz and sports just because of your popularity
    – that you can make your wife get Into politics for the family to cash in on your popularity
    – that you can be proud to be a congressman even if your performance as a lawmaker is less than ordinary

    For how can we put the shining example of our pride in one man that will probably continue to perpetuate what has been there for the longest time, as you say – corruption, inequality between rich and poor, escapism…Do we not want change?

    And before you think that we should just focus on the boxing match, there are already thousands of blogs, posts, reviews videos about that everyday, this is getrealphilippines.com, right?

    Context, my friends, then we can truly have a worthy discussion.

  19. Pacquiao is a 135 lb fighter, the best 135 lb. fighter of his era. Fighting at 147lbs. against a bigger opponent that is more highly skilled than ‘PAC-MAN’ will be the result of this match.
    FLOYD MAYWEATHER by decision and maybe even KO. The only chance Pacquiao has is if he can KO Floyd in the early rounds OR if Mayweather runs out of gas in the 10th ,11th or 12th rounds.

    Either way they both walk out of the ring very wealthy Men.
    and Pacquiao has tax problems in the Philippines and that is why he has been forced to allow FLOYD to dictate the terms of the fights proceeds. There will be no ‘catch-weight’ this time, no fixed score cards, hopefully.(Tim Bradley are you listening?)and FLOYD is going to give Manny Pacquiao a boxing lesson.


  20. In the ancient Rome; when the Romans get rtestless; the Roman Emperor will give them: “Bread and Circus…” Our mentally retarded President give us Circus,in the form of Pacquiao, but no Rice…

  21. Eh, I’m more into the “snobby and uptight” sports like fencing, equestrian and archery. All these things already make me a weirdo to most Pinoy eyes.

  22. Ok then, let’s talk points…

    You said:

    1. Pacquiao’s Victory Probably Won’t Change Anything

    – you said “probably” meaning you are not even sure. “Changes” signify a lot of things. Now I know you are meaning to target “political and economic changes”… but why would you even bother? The boxing ring is not a venue for for this type of discussion. Paquiao has changed other peoples lives around him, his family, his relatives and friends who were once very poor. Don’t quote “No matter who wins, we lose.”… No way, we are not losers, we pave way to make our lives better, like Paquiao did. We do not put our hopes on an individual icon. We put hope within ourselves, inspired by that icon. get it?

    2. Pacquiao’s Successes Are Not Permanent

    – are yours? his record will certainly stay in the record books and will be history. His body and strength will deteriorate, he will die like ALL of us. At least his money and legacy will be passed down to his kids and be remembered by the Filipino people. You said “Pacquiao can’t simply punch poverty to a pulp, uppercut terrorism or knock out corruption with a knuckle sandwich.” – simply overstating the obvious. To stop Poverty, Terrorism and Corruption is a job required by ALL in order to succeed, that includes you and me Grimwald. What have you done to make this country a better place? At least Paquiao has done his part and I’m doing my part to take out the negativity out of your thinking.

    3. Pacquiao Is Probably Just A Puppet

    – Again using the word “probably”, makes you a less credible source person. Politicians, Businessmen, Influential people etc., may have used Paquiao to further their careers, business and livelihood in one way or the other, that includes yourself, yes you Grimwald, by writing an article with Paquiao as an excuse for whatever rants you have with the world. You are no better than these politicians you hate. You said “Unfortunately, like any drug caused by alcohol or narcotics, we will probably wake up next morning with another hangover, a huge bill to pay, vomit to clean up and the same problems we had before we got high.” -Sorry to disappoint you but I’m gonna have a time of my life enjoying the boxing match together with my family, and NOT wake up without a hangover, huge bill to pay and/or vomit the same problems. But I know you will, even without watching the match. Because negative people like you don’t have much to do than complain about the bad things happening in our country. CHANGE STARTS WITHIN YOU, and if you don’t start changing the way you think then… you can’t help the Philippines. Stay positive there is hope for us. God is always watching.

    1. Sorry dude.

      I am impressed by the points you showed and I appreciate your more respectful criticism. However, let me clarify some things for you:

      Asking me what I’ve done for the country is unfair because it will undoubtedly be tiny compared to what Pacquiao has done for us as a people. Of course, this isn’t about Pacquiao, this is about how people aren’t helping in the least even if they have Pacquiao as an inspiration. Maybe Pacquiao is indeed an inspiration to people; unfortunately, I don’t see much change in attitude in people.

      I will also tell you that my “negativity” stems from my experience with ignorant people over the years. Imagine we Filipinos are hiking in the woods, see? I’m just the guy who’s saying, “Hey keep it down, I think there’s a bear just up ahead.” If you think I am being “negative” for warning the people, then I think you should read my other article here:

  23. This article is nothing but a waste of my time. Such negativity talk. So what. Philippines is still a lot better than dozens of countries around the world despite all that is happening to us. In order to make our country better do something to make YOUR life better at least. That will make one less burden to our country. And lastly Paquiao has nothing to do in solving the country’s problem.

  24. I agree with the author. I think the point of : “what’s next?”

    If Pacquaio wins, good but what’s next?
    If Pacquaio loses, too bad and sorry but then again, what’s next?

    As a Filipino I also want Pacquaio to win but I am already set to move on at least an hour after the fight regardless of the outcome of the fight (win, lose, draw, no contest or whatever). I have better things do to after. It will be on a Sunday and house chores are plenty and waiting.

  25. Correction:

    I agree with the author. I think the point of article can be summed up to the question: “what’s next?”

  26. Have a beer?
    Very enlightening comment.
    Makes you even want to be uber pinoy.
    ‘Hey look at us World, we have a whole bunch of crisis going on but hey fuck it, let it happen, ima sit in front of my tv and hope to hell our man wins. Cos hes superman and he’ll make everything right for the common ppl. If not, fuck it. We won a very importany boxing match anyway. Yes We. Cos he said the fight is for Us the common ppl’.

  27. Grimwald,bro,I’d like to be honest with you this time: I think you’re smart and cool but you seem to nag and bitch a lot with all your posts. I agree with some,yes. But most of the time,I see you as a crying little girl. One more thing,you seemed to have a ton of time writing your opinions here in GRP. Don’t you have any other things to do? I hope you wouldn’t consider this as a personal attack or me being a butthurt Pinoy. Some of your works are good. But,you know,man up some time.

    1. Got an online job so I’m almost always online anyway.

      And about the emo vibe…

      Well, that’s just me I guess. Look man, let’s put it this way, it’s just how I see things. Maybe someday, things will change. Maybe someday I can take off this stupid mask and show the real guy underneath. However, I really doubt that anyone will ever really understand what I’m about and who I really am.

      Yes, I am very different. If you meet me in real life, I can only wonder how you’ll react. But really…

      No one cares and no one will ever care. That’s a fact. There are a few things that could make my existence at least a little bit bearable, but even that too is denied.

      So really, what else should I do? How else should I feel?

      1. Somehow, I can relate to most all of the posts here in GRP. It’s not that hard to see the reality that this country have everyday. I’m sick of those and I’m trying my best to do good everyday to be the change that I want to see in this poor country and people who don’t give a shit about it. It’s true that Pacquiao’s fight won’t change the ills of our reality. I totally agree on that. But,you could ease up a bit,bro. It’s just Boxing. Sports. Don’t make any relevance with it in this already rotting situation that we have. Your countrymen need some relief too even just for a day,hell,give them a week if Pacquiao wins. The Philippines is fine compared to those countries in Africa and the Middle East. Yes,we do have an intellectually bankrupt society but at least most of us are not dealing with the threat of death each day like what they have in Iraq and Syria or wherever there’s war,genocide,and famine. It’s only entertainment. Take.it easy. I hope you’ll post better materials in the future. You guys here in GRP are eye-openers.

    1. I’m sorry pacquiao fanboy but I’d rather spend my money from buying PC or PS3 games or betting the lottery than betting in that fight of the century brouhaha.

  28. This is getting old but sadly, Pinoys will jump on the bandwagon without thinking it through. They don’t care, they just want Manny to win because it makes THEM feel good about themselves.

    1. Sure PinoyPride has to die sometime because that will only make us fall farther than we are and sure i appreciate what the author is trying to express in his point of view after all we are sort of in a democratic country. Excersing his right, no harm no foul. However i just want to agree the commentors here that this is just a sporting event. Even if you manage to share this to every Filipino in the world and maybe they will try to change their attitude, you can’t solve thru the chaos of this world. There will always be wars, poverty, chaos, social differences even now your dealing with this kinds of problem in your own life. Heck even one of the great countries in the world are dealing with these problems and sure having little chance to minimize the damage. Yes it may be like an inevitability because of course man is running the course and we know that man (you and me) is flawed. There’s only one person who can solve all these and (if your Christian or Catholic) you know its until He returns your wishes for the Filipino people may finally be fulfilled.

      AS For my opinion i really do think there is change happening when Pacman fights (win or lose) and it makes rippling effects. Some maybe positive People get inspired or negative like your article showing the bad sides but both sifes are really correct when you come to think of iT.

      For me personally i really love how Filipinos get excited for Manny Pacquio Fights. Everyone in the resto bar, gyms, or just in a regular kadinderya becomes your friend. Wars pause for a while, crimes stop, fathers come home with the wife and kids to watch the match,get in the spirit. My point is that because of the PacMan fights we become this one Big Family. We support pacman and He also supports us because he dedicated the Match to us just like parents watching their kids do something that we’ll make us proud. Win or lose we will still love Manny and we will continue to support because that’s what we Filipinos are, FAMILY-ORIENTED. We wont be successful as a country but just like the saying “Family comes First”

      My personal message to the author i just want to Say just watch a fight and be part not the Filipino Pride fever, but the Filipino Family.

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