Traffic rules in the Philippines are often just non-issues

This was taken on my way to pick up clothes at the laundry shop. Note the cab parked within the no parking zone with a big NO PARKING sign in full view. Traffic rules are regarded as a non-issue and a minor hindrance to our quest for fast convenience.

no parking_460

There is also something to be said about the NO PARKING sign itself — makeshift pwede-na-yan quality like so much else in this country.

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12 Replies to “Traffic rules in the Philippines are often just non-issues”

  1. That sign seems to have been privately made and probably put _right there on the street_ (thereby obstructing traffic) by the owner in front of his property.

    Putting anything, such as No Parking signs not officially issued or permitted by the city government on public roads is itself against the law, isn’t it?

    Just sayin’

  2. Here, even if there’s no signage that you should not block the driveway regardless if it’s a dead end or not, there’s this thing called courtesy and they probably don’t have a lot of stock of those.

    It’s sad that every day I have to face this car blocking the driveway because apparently some people leave their common sense somewhere else and just park wherever they want to. I sure hope in the future that before having a car, make sure you have a freaking garage or something..

  3. but running red lights at 3am is usually something most runners can get away with, until that big semi going at 50 downhill ain’t gonna stop for you…as the Irish say, you only need to be unlucky once…

  4. Traffic laws in the Fils are just suggestions really. Westerners love going there, no DUI laws,bribing you way out of a ticket costs less than Eu10/$5 USD. Rambling jalopy’s,jeepneys, that could never pas a safety inspection/smog test get passed and turn the emmissions testers into rich guys.
    more signs that the Fils is just A FAILED STATE…

  5. We have laws on everything. However, we never follow them. If a crooked Police comes to issue the person who violated the No Parking sign. The violator will just slip some few “lagays” to the crooked cop.

    I rarely see a traffic violator, going to Court for any traffic violation.

  6. if i can snap a pic of a jeepney driver smoking in the jeep juxtaposed next to a “no smoking” sign, can I post it here too?

  7. the problem in metro manila or other parts of the country is that the law is not uphold. we just ignore it. a violator should be punished.

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