Character Suggestions for Teleseryes

I’m doing this as a kind of expansion article for Hector Gamboa’s last post. As I’ve mentioned in some of my previous articles, one of the biggest proponents for reducing the common Pinoy’s intellect is its brainless shows. Like I keep saying, people have a right to do and enjoy what they want but doing it to the point of causing themselves to deteriorate and becoming a nuisance or bother to others is a different story. Like cheap junkfood, many of our typical shows contain elements, themes and characters that are at best unhealthy and at worst toxic to the mind. We should limit our exposure to this kind of media if at all possible but it seems unlikely that any of the heads of production are going to stop anytime soon.

mannequinMy suggestion here is, why not introduce new elements, characters and themes to people in order to encourage them to think critically. I myself am working on a new project which I will be unveiling soon for those who are interested but what I’m trying to show here is that, why not give something new for people’s minds to chew on. Instead of the usual jealousy-themed story our crowd loves to cater to, why not introduce an ideology-themed issue? Here are my examples:

The Crusading Religiot

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Why not introduce the idea of the crusading religiot. I think they’ve been featured before in some local works but they have been given very little focus. You see, due to the strong religious stance of our culture, I think it’s high time we showed people that not everyone who say that they are for “God” mean what they say. With a character like this, people might finally start realizing that religious people aren’t always good and it is not a person’s faith that make them good people but their sense of morals.

However, since the MTRCB still has deep connections with the Church, I think this is unlikely.

The Mad Scientist

I once remembered a mad scientist character in a TV series on ABS-CBN. Unfortunately, it once again had the same theme of obsessive love wherein a scientist was so desperate to have his lover back that he performed surgery on various women just so they would look like his lost girlfriend.

I mean seriously, they should do a proper mad scientist character next time that pursues knowledge at any cost to present to people the idea that while science and technology may have good effects, abusing their boons can prove to be unhealthy and dangerous in the long run. Also, a mad scientist character also postulates the question of how far are you willing to go for improvements? Are you willing to risk your sense of morals just to find a way to better your fellow man?

The Sociopathic Socialite

I’ve seen a lot of socialite characters in many teleseryes and they are often said to have been from prestigious schools. Unfortunately, their “intellect” is all too often an informed attribute, meaning they do little to actually show off their intellectual natures. Instead, they are just made to look pompous while talking in English which fails to communicate the idea of what an intellectual actually is.

Now, if one were to introduce a character like Hannibal Lecter, things would be much, much different. Lecter’s credentials are mentioned in the background but it is in what he does that show him to be an intellectual, not what is said about him. Take for instance his preference for classical music and his constant referencing of various literary sources, things that I will probably never see in a local show.

8 Replies to “Character Suggestions for Teleseryes”

  1. Yes. So many more interesting themes to explore. I hear the indie scene is more daring when it comes to exploring creative productions. I don’t watch though. And it seems these aren’t accessible to the DHs, tsupers, sikyo, laborers and others that make up our botantes.

    In the animation industry, we have lots of talented professionals. But I doubt they’ll ever be given creative reins for a network prime time slot. I somehow hope they’ll be able to make some sort of an underground breakthrough to the masa. I just had an interesting plot – Current key decision makers of TV networks, along with their accountants, all mysteriously just died off. Indie producers and our animators suddenly were in charge.

    May we know the title of the series involving a mad scientist?

    1. “Impostor” yata. I don’t remember. If I was more interested I’d probably remember but I lost interest when it became another “love triangle” story.

  2. why not this, why not that?

    why not understand the current situation is a vicious circle?

    poor economy, mismanagement , leads to brain drain, less talented people to run the nation , leading to more trouble and more rounds of brain drain.

  3. This is why I appreciate more US, Korean and Japanese shows than the majority shits in PH.

    I can’t understand why my bro who is serving in the US Army is still watching PH shows that majority are garbage.

  4. The “teleseryas” shows in the Philippines are intelectually bankrupt. They are written by intelectually bankrupt writers…stupid themes; stupid plots; stupid endings….

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