In Mother Philippines, the Joke Is On You

This article is dedicated to this latest article by Mike Portes and is an expansion on this article that few people ever really understood…

Look guys, whether we like it or not, the Philippines is now in dire straits because of the choices of the generations that preceded us. We don’t want to blame them too much because one can surmise that they probably had reasons for doing what they did at the time. Unfortunately, this does little to address the fact that many Filipinos today are only continuing the trend of taking the easy way out and picking only the things they want to see, hear and understand as opposed to really taking in what’s going on and what they can do about it.

give_peace_a_chanceOkay, just so you know, I wrote the article about Mother Russia through the insights of a Russian friend of mine. A statuesque woman with bulging muscles and could probably snap my neck with a twitch of her arms, she often invites me and some of my gym buddies to a night of vodka every now and again. One night, while we were drinking ourselves silly, news about the Mamasapano incident and the proceeds were televised on a TV above the bar. Noynoy Aquino once again made some cringe-worthy statements some of which I translated to her and I also included the President’s statement about “signing a peace treaty to prevent the counting of more body bags” to which my friend nearly sprayed me with a mouthful of vodka.

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“See, that is your problem,” my friend said as she wiped spilled vodka from her face. “Your leader, he have no balls. Putin is a dick, all we Russians agree but at least he make things happen. How can you call this man your leader when he is zaderzhka? He acts like spoiled little grade-school boy, blaming others always and making stupid excuses and lies!”

She went on to ask me if I had ever been in a fight before and when I replied that I had been beaten up more than once in my life, she only scoffed at me. She went on to tell me that, as a young girl, she was often the target of bullies in her school and it was only when she started fighting back did people start respecting her in her hometown. Here are some of her points on the Philippines’ geopolitical issues:

People are Still Animals Deep Inside

My friend likes to point this out to me a lot. She says that while yes, we all like to strut around saying we our “superior animals”, that doesn’t change the fact that we are still animals. There are indeed a lot of people who can rein in their more animalistic attributes but then again society at large still functions on rather beastly impulses and the Philippines, as my friend likes to say, is a wonderful example.

Note how we squabble over resources even when there’s plenty of it to go around. Note how some people are willing to kill even for the silliest of reasons. Note how “sex sells” so well in the Philippines with lewd dancers during our noon-time shows and the rather racy natures of our teleseryes. At the end of the day though, many of us constantly deny this, pretending to be noble and pure but are all the while beasts in many aspects.

That’s why she says that our government can say anything they want to say about “peace talks” and such but, at the end of the day, it is those with the will and the power to do what they want who will get the most of it. She says that it’s nice to think of ourselves as superior to wild animals but it is only by acknowledging the beasts within ourselves can we truly rein them in and use them to our advantage.

Negotiations Don’t Always Work

The problem with taking a pacifist stance, according to my friend, is that you cannot guarantee that everyone will be nice. Being just a little above animals, there will always be those whose inner beasts will get the better of them. It doesn’t matter how “civil” they claim to be, the Nazis claimed to be civil, the Japanese claimed to be civil, the Soviets claimed to be civil and the Roman Empire claimed to be civil but at the end of the day they were all responsible for atrocities that continue to haunt people today.

The current administration can flaunt their peace treaty to the masses of today and claim that they have achieved “peace” of some kind but it will be up to the rebels whether or not they will honor the treaty. These terrorists have proven time and again that they probably care about the peace treaty in a way that it will make good toilet paper in an emergency situation. In the end, by refusing to acknowledge the illegal nature of the MILF (the terrorists, not the moms), we have badly disrespected the brave 44 cops who died to protect the country and are once again just preparing ourselves for another atrocity to take place.

Address Issues Early On to Prevent their Growth

I can forgive my friend for her boisterous nature but she was raised that way after all. Anyway, according to her, because of our tendency to prefer the easy way out, we’re just screwing ourselves over. Like a cancerous infection, by tolerating the cancer of society that is terrorism, we are only allowing it to grow and fester until it will be too late.

According to my friend, she doesn’t think that the Philippines is hopeless but the current year will probably decide what will become of us in the future. Unless we’re willing to address our issues here and now, the cancer of terrorism and other problems with national security, the disease will only worsen to the point that our country will indeed end up like some impoverished state in Africa.

7 Replies to “In Mother Philippines, the Joke Is On You”

  1. The standard of a true leader is that he sets also his own rules rather than merely and blindly obeying the set of standard rules, even if it means being treated as an idiot or a crazy by the fools.

  2. Aquino is an incompetent leader. He swallowed the MILF/ISIS/Al Queda terms and conditions for “peace”. Which is the territorial surrender of a part of Mindanao; and capitulation to the Islamic Radical terrorists.

    The Guy is a Dud President. He cannot fight. Instead, he collaborates with the enemies of the Republic. and he calls that : “PEACE”…

  3. While its safe to say that the current generation is doomed, the young can still be saved. The solution is simple: let them experience alternate media. Something that will no doubt be drowned out by the run of the mill Teleserye and Noontime shows but its a good starting point to develop different tastes and thus a different viewpoint.

  4. It’s true, plenty of other countries also have/had leaders who are massive dicks (Putin, Berlusconi), but at least they’re charismatic and ripe for mocking, which helps the message get out.

    This Philippine president is just pathetic, I’d have no idea who he was if I didn’t live here and read this site. Maybe that’s the best defence against international exposure – be so dull that satirists just won’t bother with you.

  5. Ha, I am not Rusian and could have told you all this.FACT IS: IF YOU HAVE TO BE TOLD SOMETHING, your not very smart to begin with.

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