Fatal Fantasy: The Kabobohan Within

In a previous article, I cited that Filipinos seem to be caught in a “fatal fantasy” of their own design. While I pointed out that while the and the government and the media can be blamed for some of this, I can also point out that the people are also partially to be blamed for our current problems. Gogs and a lot of the other writers here have mostly agreed that it is our people’s sense of KSP kulang sa pansin or “need for attention” that continues to burden us as a nation. However, there are two other things that I’ve noticed in our society that is preventing us from reaching our fullest potential: apathy and escapism.

rich_and_famousNow, as I’ve said before, I have nothing against the fantasy genre. I myself am a huge fan of fantasy stories. I’m a really big nerd in that sense and, if you guys have read my “Alternative Media” articles so far, you can say that I might even be a little “off”. But then again, as crazy as I am about the fantasy genre, I know what to pick and I know what I want. Unfortunately, I can’t really say the same about our fellows out there.

Before you criticize me and my preferences, allow me to give you three points about what I’m actually talking about:

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Wishing for a “Royal Family”

I know ChinoF already wrote about this, but I think it should be mentioned again for the sake of our more thick-headed fellows out there. So what’s so wrong about royal families? Well, because frankly, they don’t work.

If you look at history, you’ll notice that so much bloodshed has been caused by incompetents taking the throne. Asides from religion, one of the greatest causes of war is the incompetence of rulers. Just take a good look at Caligula and his long list of atrocities against humanity. Remember, these guys made it to the top because people believed it was their divine right to be so, not because they were good leaders. In those days, being related to the current monarch guaranteed some degree of wealth or benefit for you. No matter how hard you worked in your field, how often you went to church or how many children you have, if you weren’t royalty or at least nobility, then prepare to live a sad and miserable existence.

Fortunately, with the arrival of the modern age, much of this changed. In time, in more developed nations, royalty became the figureheads of their respective countries. It became clear that such a system only benefited a few and kept everyone else in abject poverty. To combat this, people decided that it was a time for a new kind of leadership. A time when bloodlines no longer mattered and that it was a person’s competence, dedication and wisdom that made them fit to rule soon came to pass.

But then, where are Filipinos in all of this?

Sadly, majority of Filipinos are still stuck in a Medieval Fantasy. Like the peasants in some parody of the Middle Ages, most Pinoys are still probably waiting for a “rightful king” to take over and bring peace and prosperity to them. Instead of exercising their freedom as citizens of a modern nation, the continue to think and behave like the peasants of old, believing that God and their monarchs will do everything for them. None of them ever stop to think that we are all special in the eyes of God and that it is we, the people, who are responsible for putting our leaders of choice in power, not fate, destiny or silly family ties.

The Popularity of “Fairy Tale” Weddings

I know this is getting tiresome but another note I’d like to add is the fixation of some people on the various weddings of celebrities and other famous people. Yes, I agree that it’s their wedding and that they have every right to do what they want in whatever way they want, but shoving it in everyone’s faces isn’t really something I would call “rightful”.

Now some may even go on to say that their willingness to air their weddings is a sign that they want to share their blessings with their beloved fans but I, for one, disagree. To me, the flaunting of their extravagant weddings to the masses is similar to the way the Red Skull once ate an apple in front of starving concentration camp inmates.

Besides, of what real relevance does the wedding of two celebrities in a country racked by poverty, corruption and terrorism hold? But then again, why am I even wondering? The Philippines and its backwards government has made a career of covering their asses. From the way they covered the slums of manila during international summits to hiding the impoverished children of cities during the Papal visit says plenty about the way the government sweeps stuff under the rug. So now, they’re shoving all kinds of weddings in our faces so that we won’t notice that our government officials are depriving the country’s starving children of their next meal, the Chinese are now claiming more and more of our islands and that terrorists are now taking more territory away from the people of the Philippines.

In fact, in light of recent events, I’m guessing that they’re going to try and cover the story of the Fallen 44 with another big wedding between two famous people. I don’t know who they are but I’m betting there will be one pretty soon…

Anyone wanna bet?

Waiting for a Hero

This one ties in with the above statement about royal families. The thing is, a lot of people are still waiting for a hero to come into their lives and save them. Most Pinoys think this both in their personal lives and on a national scale as well. None of them even stop to think about actually “helping” the hero or becoming the hero themselves.

If you want an “ideal hero” to save the day or the country, then you should make yourself that hero. You’re your own greatest hero, that is what the media and many politicians keep trying to hide from you. They will keep telling you to leave it all to them, let them take care of it and that they will make everything better. In the end, they will probably leave you with nothing but the same miserable existence you’ve had for the past few decades.

The reality is that YOU have powers too. You have the power to choose who our next leader will be. God may be in the background but it ultimately falls to you -us- who will rule our country next. And, like Spider-Man likes to say: “With great power comes great responsibility!”


13 Replies to “Fatal Fantasy: The Kabobohan Within”

  1. The root of this issue is definitely upbringing. People here have been raised to follow their elders, superiors and love their country unconditionally without question.

    When society seems to have everything planned for you, where do you go? 1 out of 10, some are smart enough to realize that society doesn’t have all the answers and follow their own road – a road considered by most to be a death sentence since they’re shunned by their peers (ironically, these ones find success). 9 out of the 10, Simply blindly follow, putting their fate in the hands of those that tell them where to go. (often finding themselves in mediocrity and failure… way off from their ideal fairytale existence)

    The best way to deal with this is definitely education and the correct media.

  2. EelYerbie is right. In Pinas, mostly heroes get shot…… I can begin to count them with my fingers…..if not shot, they die or killed under mysterious circumstances……… and the änti heroes proliferate and become more prolific….. they also become self-proclaimed standards of virtues and nobility……

  3. I am reminded of a line from Gerry Alanguilian’s Wasted:

    “Lots of scum in this world son, and its OUR job to put them away.”

    if only a majority of the population though of it that way, heroes would be everywhere.

  4. I think most Filipinos don’t like to be called out. I mentioned “mediocrity” in one article and everyone’s out to get me. LOL. Yes, even speaking the truth is heroic and can get you shot. This site is gold. I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees the bullshit-colored glasses most Filipinos wear. For a while there I thought I was going crazy.

    1. It is good to forget reality from time to time. But overall, the saying still applies: “You can run, but you can’t hide.” There will always be a time that we Filipinos need to face the grim reality, confront out problems, and punch it in the face (i.e. solve it).

  5. Awwwwhhh did the little filipino get his feelings hurt???? Are you feeling tampo???Are you stamping your feet and then running off and giving us all the silent treatment?? Is your bottom lip protruding out in that little pout that shows displeasure at not getting your way you spoiled little fuck?Are you talking in that little girl voice because you are looking for pity??? Oh Im sorry did you say pakiksama??? Is that an excuse to not go out on a limb?or just a fucking cop out?Oh wait I better not say anything that might upset the herd, I wouldn’t want to offend anyone, because I can’t stand to be corrected or criticized, especially in front of others…oh dear me..I might get tampo again and stick my lip out and pout…It is my serious hope that this post pisses off all you lazy ass, throwing basura in your own front yard, overcharging the foreigner, polluting your evironment, celebrity worshipping, politically impotent, filipino pride, selfish,corrupt, walking aimlessly down the street,10 kid producing cuz its macho, ignoramus, dumbass pakikisama believing motherfuckers so that you will make the decision to change the course of this country now before the next hundred million arrive….isnt it bad enough now??? WTF ??

  6. Weddings? who care about them…they are for those people who are marrying ; their relatives, friends;etc…I would not even think, if they would last or not.
    It is a distraction used by the Aquinos, to Cover their Asses of their incompetence.
    We must all grow up to live in a Real World; with Real people; Real problems, etc…

    Unless we face our Realities , and grow up. We will remain stagnant and still be the Basket case of Asia.

    You are your Own Hero. Do not look elsewhere.
    Because the other person next to you, has different problems in life. Take life by the Horn, and Tame it…be a man, not a boy…GROW UP, PHILIPPINES!!!

  7. You can’t get attention of one who focused on himself. There are so many attention whores out there, prostituting for people’s acknowledgment.

  8. I have taught about putting Filipinos in every imaginable places in the world to populate, when that happens, i think the end of the world can really be predicted

  9. i have enjoyed immensely your site and your blogs. i am in agreement with most of your columns and writings (i would be a hypocrite and liar if i said all!) but reading your blogs i feel that you are taking the words out of my mouth. itoo have been criticized for commenting against celebrities and politicians, i have been called mayabang and elitist for voicing out my opinions, which are often in concurrence with what i read in grp. but my only aim is to educate others so that hopefully our society’s mindset will change from the dumbness and idiocy we are suffering now. and like you i blame our media and showbiz culture in contributing to this. i have banned my children from watching these teleseryes and noontime crap but my own wife watches them as well. so what can i do? i hope you take time to read my comment because i would like to take action from now on. i would like to contribute to your site by being one of your writers. if i may, i would like to know how i can be one. if i don’t qualify it doesn’t matter. i would just like to give it a shot and i hope you give me a chance. thank you, i even have an alias already DELUSIONAL LOCO. because despite the seemless impossibility that is improving our culture i still try.

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