The 1986 EDSA people power ‘revolution’ has irreparably damaged the Philippines

Back in the heady days leading up to the 1986 EDSA “people power” “revolution”, the top slogan of supporters of then incumbent Philippine president Ferdinand E. Marcos was, what else, “Marcos pa rin!” (roughly translated: “Still Marcos!”). Fast forward to today and, guess what, the incumbent’s slogan that “trended” in recent days (presumably to counter an avalanche of calls for President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III to step down) is “Noynoy pa rin!”

What a difference (or rather lack of it) three decades makes. Just shy of the 30th anniversary of that “revolution”, apologists of the Son of Cory are now making the very same desperate appeal to the Filipino public — that their guy BS Aquino is not really such a bad guy and should continue as “president”.

Old habits die hard: Slogans to support an incumbent haven't changed much since 1986.

Old habits die hard: Slogans to support an incumbent haven’t changed much since 1986.

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What is actually disturbing is that it took Filipinos almost 30 years to figure out that they had been had by what basically is an even greedier, more power-hungry, feudal clan. The House of Aquino-Cojuangco is no different from all the others that the Yellow-branded rhetoric sought to demonise over the last three decades. We have President BS Aquino to thank for the clarity we now enjoy. BS Aquino, over the last five years has shown that another Aquino in power merely further embedded the same institutionalised thievery, encouraged the same politically-motivated “projects”, and propagated the same agenda-laden thinking — only this time the results were far more disastrous and unleashed over a far shorter timeframe. Aquino, in short, presided over an administration that was deadly-efficient at sowing dysfunction across the nation!

And yet, a small band of misguided Filipinos continue to chant: #NoyNoyPaRin!

Not surprisingly, the dude who supposedly launched that Twitter hasghtag is none other than disgraced televangelist Brother Eli Soriano of Ang Dating Daan fame. The radio and TV show is one of the longest-running religious programs in the Philippines. The program gained notoriety for its pointed “exposés” of so-called “doctrinal errors” of other Christian sects. Interestingly, Soriano was reportedly arrested in 2006 on charges of raping one of his church devotees in 2000…

Soriano allegedly “took advantage of his moral ascendancy and/or influence” to direct his subordinate to come into his room, massage him and have anal intercourse, around 1:30 p.m. of May 17, 2000.

The case information said the sexual acts were done “against the will and consent, and to the damage and prejudice” of the complainant, who was also a religious.

Soriano has so far insisted that these accusations have “not been proven in court”. According on the last known report on the case, Soriano’s bid to have the case dismissed was rejected by the Philippines’ Court of Appeals.

What then is left to “celebrate” whenever the anniversary of the 1986 “revolution” comes around?

Not much really. At a fundamental level, the Philippines remains the same country it was before that “revolution”. As such, there was nothing truly revolutionary about that whole circus in 1986. The same power structures remain entrenched in Philippine politics and business. The same tiny elite clique of families still rule the islands. The same sorts of disasters still kill tens of thousands of Filipinos. And the same armed homicidal terrorists roam the country’s mountains and jungles with impunity.

Dependence on the remittances of the country’s vast army of overseas foreign workers is growing. And the economy is propped up more by consumption and asset bubbles (both fuelled by these remittances) than by real industrial capacity.

The “democracy” supposedly “restored” by this “revolution” is there in form but not in substance. The quality of the political “debate” has failed to rise to the level a true modern democracy demands. The result of this macro retardation is a devastating paralysis in the face of the gross incompetence exhibited by President BS Aquino in managing the crisis sparked by the recent massacre of 44 Filipino police officers by Islamic terrorists in Mindanao. Despite what has become a clear catastrophic loss of confidence in his “leadership”, the president remains safe in his office thanks to the public’s equal distaste for the alternative, Vice President Jejomar Binay who, like the president, is also a popularly-elected official.

That both the President and Vice President are equally detested by the very same people who voted for them is an indictment of the effectiveness of the sort of democracy the Philippines suffers today — one where the popular will does not, in most cases, reflect the best interests of the nation.

In essence, the 1986 “revolution” has given power to a people who are hopeless at wielding power productively.

A new narrative is needed to replace the idiotic “hero”-infested fairy tale told by Yellow propagandists over the last several decades. The new story should appeal to intelligence rather than emotion. Filipinos need to embrace the cold reality of the truth and wean itself off the warm fuzzy feeling they get from being told that they are a “blessed” lot. There is nothing blessed about chronic poverty and institutionalised injustice. Sadly, this is pretty much the only two things Filipinos have to show after three decades of post-“revolution” “freedom”.

The Yellow ribbon President BS Aquino continues to insist on wearing on his left shirt breast belongs where it should have been when he first took his seat in Malacanang — in the crapper.

44 Replies to “The 1986 EDSA people power ‘revolution’ has irreparably damaged the Philippines”

  1. In the last year BS Aquino has done the impossible . Made people yearn for Erap, like Noynoy not known for intellect but at least Erap was not known as a national sellout. He had his his version of the KKK but you couldn’t accuse him of selling out the nation. Oh one more thing. There was a chance of Erap pa rin towards the end.

  2. 70 years since the Philippines became independent and it’s still a craphole. Whatever its advantages; cultural, natural and economic, has been squandered and wasted because of its people’s abject stupidity in making the best of its God-given blessings. Colonial oppression? Heck, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea have experienced colonial oppression and have become independent more or less or at the same time as the Philippines with less advantages, and yet these countries, these societies have done far better jobs as nation-states than the Philippines.

    Something about Filipinos, most, not all, that make them utter losers. Many of them still defend the current administration and credit him for its economic growth forgetting the fact that it is due to the millions of OFWs abroad and the growingvremittances they send that keep the economy afloat, without which, this basketcase would have collapsed long ago. Imbeciles.

    It’s a hopeless case.

  3. “Meet your new boss, same as your old boss.”

    And that explains the transition of the Philippine governments from 1987 to now.

    Needless to say that the Philippines remains stagnant in how its run. So much that besides the new technology, how things are run haven’t changed at all.

    To quote an expat,

    “Fuck me, I’ve landed in a dystopian sci-fi Novel.” ~ Marius O.

    1. Thanks for the quote Ricardo 🙂

      It’s a great pity the Philippines has racism and xenophobia written into its constitution and legal code. The nations that Jmac mentioned borrowed heavily – the less charitable might say ‘stole’ – from other cultures in order to develop. They didn’t attempt the bizarre North Korean self-sufficiency thing that’s implied by Philippine laws and culture.

      If they could just extract their heads out of their own ass for five minutes – or at least stop watching the disastrous bullshit that spews out of the TV – they’d see that there’s a big world out there with a lot of big ideas. The average Filipino just doesn’t have the brains to dig the country out of the mess they’re in.

      1. It’s a great pity the Philippines has racism and xenophobia written into its constitution and legal code.
        Honestly, I’m not aware of such thing. I hope you can share with us where to find ‘racism and xenophobia’ in the Constitution and legal code.

        1. Highly Protectionist policies that forces foreign companies to give 60% of their earnings to the government, foreigners unable to own land without a voucher etc. The Philippines make it so much harder for outsiders to start and run a business than any other country in the region.

        2. Have you even READ the Constitution, jameboy? It’s very interesting. If you wanted to keep a country mired in poverty and isolationism forever, that’s the document you’d write. The 1986 constitution excludes all foreigners (and foreign countries) from any meaningful participation in the Philippine economy.

          The Foreign Negative List affirms this by preventing foreigners from practicing any trade or business whatsoever without at least 60% ownership by Filipinos – which is of course impossible, because that sort of capital is simply not available. The Anti-Dummy Law, which is possibly the most badly-worded piece of trash I’ve ever had the misfortune to read, is designed to ensure that foreigners cannot fund that 60% themselves by giving money to non-executive directors (a practice which is perfectly legal in functioning democracies, mainly because it’s impossible to define what a ‘dummy’is). Some industries are completely off-limits to non-nationals: for example, foreigners are not allowed to provide education, power, or transport infrastructure, which are possibly the three things the Philippines needs most desperately.

          Read these documents. Educate yourself. I’m not going to quote at length here.

        3. Filipinos born to foreign parents (yes those are still Filipinos believe it or not) will never become Filipino citizens of this country by birth, unless they pay the court to have them naturalized- living whole your life in this country; learning Tagalog curses and practically living and acting like a Filipino won’t make the cut because your parents are foreigners.

          Oh you can’t own practically anything in this country if you’re a foreigner- land, house, even bank account, no no you can’t unless you pay a Filipino to be your dummy to put their name on those properties.

          And you can’t apply for all the jobs available in this county- unless you want to become a maid, and I think even being a domestic helper in this country is not allowed for foreigners too. 😉

          All this I know because I came from a Filipino-Chinese family, and it sucks that every reunion you speak in Tagalog but your cousins still refer themselves as Chinese because the shitty reality is even if all of them are all-born and bred in this country (they cuss more Tagalog than the average Filipino mind you), this country will never accept them as their own, they will always be those EVIL foreigners leeching on poor hapless Filipinos ever since colonial times. -_-

        4. I think “exclude” is not the proper term to use but ‘restrict’. I agree, there is a provision in the Constitution that provides certain restrictions against foreign direct investment in the economy.

          Art.XII, National Economy and Patrimony, provides for certain protectionist clauses that imposes restrictions on foreign ownership based on the idea that the country’s sovereignty from foreign encroachments is best protected by limiting foreign ownership. By imposing barriers on foreign trade and investments and prohibiting controlling property rights of foreign nationals, the framers of the Constitution thought at the time that domestic economic strength and independence would be achieved.

          As we all know by now, the idea has backfired and has been a constant major issue on how to improve the economy and enable the country to compete globally. I agree, we have to consider making major constitutional amendments to counter the negative effect and empower, in the process, the country’s economic growth to maximize its full potential and create greater employment opportunities.

          It is not ‘racism and xenophobia’ really but a major mistake that impacted the country’s economic activity for so long now that correction is necessary to reverse the situation.

  4. miserable pilipinos, didn’t even know your country is planned to become a islamic state. i just hope America will help you guys. what is your president’s connection with the sultanate Johor, sultan ibrahim ismail, whose father is also a friend of ninoy. recall the sabah giveaway. camp abubakar was named after the grandfather of the sultanate of Johor, tunku abu bakar.

    god bless your country, the pearl of the orient.

    1. Historically, Muslims used to rule even Luzon. The many rajahs in Luzon were actually Muslims. The Spanish probably converted them because of the Christian-Muslim opposition happening back in the mainland. But for me, this is no reason to force the Philippines into Islamic domination just because of this. The now has Christianity, but hopefully it becomes pluralism.

      1. Funnily enough, ChinoF, considering the Philippines boasts of being the “only Christian country in Asia”, I have yet to meet a Christian there.

        Lots of people with spooky pictures on the walls and idols in the living room, but no actual Christians – as in, people who have read the Bible, taken it to heart, and practice its teachings in everyday life.

  5. The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive.

    If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. … What country before ever existed a century and half without a rebellion? And what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?

    Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.

  6. #Noynoyparin slogan goes to show how cowardly the president is, wanting to be saved by his constituents instead of him doing the right thing. He could’ve given Filipinos a good start to develop their duck-abortioned mind if he would own up to his mistakes and step down but I guess he thought of continuing with the incompetency as finishing the race he started. Who would want the Filipino electorate to improve and evolve? Definitely not the ones tying a yellow ribbon round an old laughable system of democracy.

  7. Will this nation even reach its 100th year of independence?
    I think things are about to get shockingly spontaneous and radical in the following days, weeks, and months. The Philippines is nearing in the edge of abyss.

  8. The 1986 EDSA Revolution was sponsored by the U.S. It is an uprising for so called: “Democracy”. However, it is the installation and continuation of Feudal Oligarchy. The Aquinos and the Conjuangcos stopped the Land Reform Program, to protect their Hacienda Luisita. The NPA grew in strength, and have power in the government.

    Mindanao terrorists become more embolden to murder soldiers. While, the Aquinos used the Media, to portray themselves as Saints and Heroes.

  9. ..Since Oplan Marwan, this President has been acting strangely. First, he goes to Zamboanga without advising the Malacañang Press Corp 24 hours prior to the trip as they are wont to do. Cotabato City Hall, a six-hour drive from Zamboanga, because of prior notice, waits for him whole afternoon. He does not show up in Cotabato City in the meantime that news start filtering out of 44 SAF operatives are killed in the operation. News, or rumors, are leaked that he either froze, or worse, commanded the reinforcing troops to stand down to save a questionable peace treaty called BBL instead of saving the 44.

    Instead of directly answering the news, he makes his pubic appearances as sparse as possible. Instead of directly confronting the damning allegations, he allows as many investigating bodies as possible. Now that all these investigating bodies are all being perceived as attempts at whitewash or cover-up, we are being fed with the hashtag #PNoyPaRin? You all must be baliw, a thousand more baliw than P-Noy na talagang baliw na. PNoy must be guilty, a broken man, or tuluyan ng pang-mental hospital. Nag-ambisyun ng hindi nya kaya. Na-baliw.

    Now that I doubt a resignation from a baliw is possible — coup, semi-coup, people power, etc are also doubtful — why don’t we bite the bullet and really consider now Binay taking over? Considering China, Malaysia, MILF, ISIS, etc., isn’t it that what we need now is somebody who is MAGINOO PERO MAY PAGKA-BASTOS — hindi yun diwag, sira-ulo, o illusyonado? Si Binay ay street-smart, butangero at palaban — yun nga lang mukhang magnanakaw at plunderer pa.

    We can’t allow a treasonous act to persist. We can’t allow a mad man in office a minute. That is where future generation will judge our generation. Dito nyo makikita na maaring mas corrupt pa si P-Noy dahil mas magaling sya magtago ng pagka-corrupt kaysa kay Binay. Ang pagka-corrupt ay hindi lang yun nag-bubulsa ng pera sa kanyang bulsa kung hindi yun din gumagamit ng pera ng bayan na parang personal money nya, kagaya ng PDAF at DAP. Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap — mas marami mahirap ngayon, eh de mas marami corrupt ngayon. Mukhang maganda ekonomiya ngayon — hindi po dahil kay PNoy yan. Dahil sa OFW, BPO, international market. Kahit sinong presidente ngayon, ganyan ang Economy dahil sa dynamics ng international factors. Si P-Noy walang ginawa sa manufacturing and agriculture na nagbibigay ng trabaho.

    Ang masahul sa kaso ni P-Noy ay hindi natin sya makukulong. He can always plead insanity. HE CAN ALWAYS PLEAD INSANITY — tandaan nyo yan. Wala pong batas laban sa sira-ulo o sa bobo, meron po laban sa pagnanakaw. Mas madali natin maikukulong si Binay kaysa kay PNoy. Pero si Binay hindi papayag na bastusin tayo ng MILF, ISIS, Malaysia, o China.

    Yes, the Philippines has deteriorated dramatically compared to 1986. Just look at our choices.

  10. #PNoyPaRin ang katangi tangi leader sa mundo na pinabayaan ang maintenance ng MRT. Yan pumila kayo ng milyahe.

    Kung talagang para ekonomiya sya, bakit nya pinabayaan yan? Eh yan naghahakot ng mga taong nagpapa-ikot ng eknonmiya. Dahil ba sa pakiki-alam ng kapatid nya at mga kaibigan nya sa MRT na nabuko, kaya nya pinabayaan?

    Tapos aankinin nya paglago daw ng ekonomiya. Pareho ba yan sa pag ankin nya sa proyekto ng bagong airport sa Cagayan de Oro na sa totoo ay proyekto ni Gloria?

  11. #PNoyPaRin ang panay tago sa publiko ng pumalpak sa Mamasapano, Luneta, at DAP. Payo ba yan ng babaerong at lasinggerong ES nya?

    #PNoyPaRin ang nagbago ibig sabihin ng KKK. Ganyan ba ang makabayan, o makapang-sarili?

  12. Chinese military steals Philippine territory.

    Philippines government declares a pubic holiday to celebrate Chinese New Year.

    More idiotic in the Philippines.

  13. .Hahaha. Just heard on radio a feng shui expert kuno that PHL will never progress daw. Because (a) the location of Malacañang daw is very, very bad feng shui. It is in some corner which is not prominent unlike say the White House in DC. Worst, at its back is the poluted Pasig River which denotes it is not resting on anything solid as say the Blue House of South Korea which has a mountain at its back. Any progress it may have is immediately washed away by the river.

    (b) Next, the way the highways, streets, road, etc are designed that they will be clogged by traffic, especially in Metro Manila, the capital city of the nation. So if the nation is a living organism like a human, its veins are clogged. The nourishing blood is not flowing very well, thus you get a sickly nation.

    (c) The cementeries are right in the middle of the city, even prime locations. This is allowing the living with the dead, thus you have living dead or dead living. And the way they are designed shows lack of respect for ancestors which shows no sense of history, ignorance, the lack of taking advantage from the wisdom of sages of old, or shows a relatively depraved civilization in general.

    Didn’t know feng shui could make sense just by looking at these things. I am still not convinced though. I know PHL is a basketcase because we have/ had leaders who are baliw and corrupt, and worse, because we have a population who are more baliw than these leaders because they vote these leaders.

  14. Philippines was worse economiclly and politically after that 1986 Farce Revolution with the Saintly Mother of Corruption at the helm. Now the country is much more worst when the Mentally dysfunctional Son of that Biatch became President trough the courtesy of Hocus PCOS. We cannot entirely blame them if they took advantage of also dysfunctional minds and character of the Filipinos.

  15. guys guys guys, you are crying the wrong slogans. it’s the hacienda luisita.


    that’s the mission of the aquinos from the start. to steal it from the farmers nothing else.

  16. In one analysis, what happened was a dictator replaced by another dictator disguised as a freedom fighter. In fact, one could say oligarchs were always there, even during the Marcos era, and just manipulated part of the situation as much as they can. It often ended up going in their favor. Filipinos must know that Edsa 1 started out as a coup d’etat by Ramos, Enrile and Honasan. And it, like many coups, was doomed to fail. But the church and middle class came to Edsa, and so the coup plotters salvaged some legitimacy by joining it. Thus, Edsa 1 could be described as a missed opportunity. Or just another show that covered up more machinations, as the conspiracy theorists would say.

  17. The one thing the 1986 revolution has damaged is a belief in institutions and the democratic process. Now everyone in social media and among the well-heeled seems to want to get rid of the president through all extra-legal means, and one only has to cite the events of 29 years ago (or the events of 14 years back) to satisfy and sanctify his urges.

  18. In the eyes of the ‘INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY” the 986 Philippines ‘PEOPLE POWER’ Revolution still stand as one case where the people stood up against a despotic ruler and through the powers of mas peaceful protest ,removed the despot from power.
    Now, just because what has happened in the intervening years and how the country has stagnated due to political corruption committed by every single LPU and Pres. admin. since 1986, it does not diminish what happened that hot summer of ’86,it just doesn’t. It speaks more to the Filipino people not taking better control of the elective and governing processes that have produced the lying thieving weasels that have since taken over the country.Filipino’s would do themselves a favor by getting rid of them NOW< by any means necessary as they have shown themselves to be an incorrigle bunch beholden to no one but their own fortune.

    1. So how many times do we throw people from power and into the Pasig River till you declare your satisfied? Till the Philippines dissolves in a bloody mist of civil war?

    2. ideally people power should have been a one time revolution after which the country should have learned its lesson and brought about a more egalitarian political and economic system. People power failed because the leaders used it to restore the oligarchy. the people themselves are blameless. I too have heard stories of poor people donating whatever pocket change they had to support the Cory Aquino campaign. the people wanted change at the time.

      it’s demeaning to the spirit of the original people power for the elite to keep using it as justification for regime change. but sadly that is the way things are in these islands, we always find a way to pervert democratic processes because we have no true idea of what being a democracy entails.

      Maybe the only true way to learn about the cost of freedom is through war? but if that happens I feAr the philippines will become like many of the failed tribalistic states in Africa.

  19. Just get on with the future. We have the laws in place. The 1987 Constitution actually consists of pretty good laws, protecting our rights of freedom of expression, protection from abuses, a nationalist economic policy, etc. It just needs implementation. How to solve crime? Improve PNP. How to solve housing for the poor? That’s rather complicated, but it can be done. Just vote for the right people. Don’t vote the same people. The same people that has been lounging on Senate, Barangays, Congress and many other offices for the last decade haven’t done much, (Marcos, Cayetano, Trillanes and many more) so it’s time to change them. Try to vote for new leaders. Who knows – they might be honest and be public servants). That’s the purpose of democracy, practicing the “mass” intent of meritocracy. The majority (people) is given the power to choose their leaders.

  20. The fact na nandito tayo at kaya mong sabihin yan means na may nag bago 🙂 I was not yet born duing the dark days of martial law pero I know that today is better than before EDSA revolution. Ignorance really is a bliss 🙂

  21. Ang problema ng Pilipinas ay hindi lang sa mga politiko. We keep on blaming our politicians but we do not look at ourselves. We are also part of why the Philippines is what it is today after Edsa I. We have all the laws that you can think of, very good laws. The problem is, not just implementation, but our willingness to follow the law. Karamihan sa atin walang disiplina. Sabi nga nila sa Pilipinas “bawal lang pag may nanghuli”. We experience this every day. Just look at how Filipinos are on the road. Whether driver or pedestrian. Walang kadisi-disiplina. And take note hindi lang PUVs ang walang disiplina karamihan pa nga private vehicles. Traffic na nga mag counter flow pa di mas lalo nag traffic. May over pass di gagamitin. No parking, magpapark. Also, sa Pilipinas ang umiiral na systema ay ang systema ay ang konsepto ng “who you know and how much you have”. Napakadami magaling mag bigay ng opinion sa nangyari sa Pilipinas at kung bakit hanggang ngayon ganito pa din tyo. Pero bakit di natin tanungin muna mga sarili natin. Have we done our part to help improve our country? You’ll be a hypocrite if you say yes because i doubt that not once in your life hindi ka gumamit ng systema na “who you know”. As to our piliticians, we have the power to change them pag dating ng elections. Unfortunately, we waste that power. Also, nandun pa din mga pansariling interest natin dahil nga sa systema na “who you know”. Bottom line here, we are part of why the Philippines has not progressed after EDSA. Kasi after edsa hindi tyo nagbago at naging worst pa because our wrong concept of democracy. Democracy without discipline is anarchy.

    1. Baguhin lahat ng mga nakaupo. Pag usapin ang mga bagong lawyers ng pilipinas. Pag usapin ang mga representatibo ng bawat rehiyon live telecast. Communication. People power sabi nga ay ilang porxento lang ng populasyon noon. Hindi pa lahat sang ayon sa mga gumawa noon. Sila kase ang naipakita sa media. Pero nangyari na xa. Gayun man, wala namng nangyari sa pagbabago na inasam dahil inilagay ang ASAWA ng taong gusto sanang iboto ng mamayan. Ang asawa ng mga bayani sa history naten tulad nila aguinaldo hindi namn nahalal na presidente. Maxado dumepende ang mga tao sa dahil kakilala yan, cguro pareho sila ng utak. Kaya nya rin ang ginagawa ng sinusundan ko.
      Tama ka Roland. Pinalaki tau na gamitin sakaling ma trouble tau ung mga katagang “kakilala ko si ganito”. Kaya ibig sabihin may kapangyarihan ako kesa sau .. Totoo yan. Lahay ng kakilala ko ginawa yan.
      Money, kung sino may pera sikat at diyos.

      May pag asa pa Pilippinas. Kung lahat magkakaisa sa pagbabago. Kailangan na magsama dama mula Luzon visayas at mindanao. Kailanganin pag tibayin ang lengguwaheng Tagalog at ipakalat and ibang dialect ng magkintindihan ang mga tao. At isalin sa wikang tagalog ang Batas. Anong klaseng bansa ang gagamiy ng lengguwahe ng iba sa batas para sa knilang Bansa? Sabi sa aken minsan ng lawyer na kakilala ko mahirap. Sabi ko baket mahirap isa TAGALOG ANG BATAS NG FILIPINO? para kanino ba ang batas? Di bay ito ay para sa tao. Ang ibis mo bang sabihin ito ay ginawa para di maintindhan ng tao? Im not a fickle minded person. Its just my logic always goes to basic. Ang pinoproblema ng tao they did to themselvez. So why cant they solve it then? Natural disasters are always hard to handle. But we humans manage to survive. So sa LAW , what is stopping us from changing it to better fit the present, implement it finally to get justice, and follow to have a peaceful country?

      1. “The Philippines’ problem is that they have too much democracy.” – Lee Kuan Yew

        It would benefit everyone but not on selfish, victim-card playing, anti-Marcos crybabies.

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