BBL: An agreement with just one Muslim rebel group will not bring peace to Mindanao

Philippine President Benigno Simeon (BS) Aquino would like us all to believe that the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law will bring peace to Mindanao. This is probably what some people around him like Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process Secretary Teresita Deles and Miriam Coronel-Ferrer head of Government Peace Panel (for peace talks with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, or MILF) have advised him.

President BS Aquino: Neither an academic nor a rational individual who could comprehend the situation

President BS Aquino: Neither an academic nor a rational individual who could comprehend the situation

One problem with BS Aquino is, he is neither an academic nor a rational individual who could comprehend complicated issues like the conflict in Mindanao. His obsession with taking credit for the success of a project works against him too. It seems like when an idea is pitched to him as something that could earn him brownie points or, more so, the possibility of getting nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, he is quick to jump on board the idea without bothering to think about the consequences. Negotiating with a terrorist group is one of them.

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It is easy enough for any rational individual to understand that since the MILF is not the only rebel group that is demanding a piece of Mindanao and seeking independence from the Philippines, the passing of the Bangsamoro Basic Law will not put an end to the conflicts in Mindanao. Other rebel groups like the newly-formed group Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF), Abu Sayyaf and the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) – the original Muslim rebel group who managed to win autonomy from the Philippine government in 1996 – all want their own version of the Bangsamoro Basic Law.

One doesn’t have to be a genius to realize that spending time crafting and deliberating the proposed law that caters only to one rebel group is a waste of time and resources. The MILF will even get billions of pesos from the government to assist them in creating their sub state. Aside from that, all their previous atrocities will be “pardoned” after the bill is passed. This could include the massacre of the 44 Special Action Force (SAF) troops in Mamasapono. No wonder the number of rebel groups seems to be growing. They not only enjoy killing our troops, they also get rewarded for it.

It’s a real mystery why academic experts like Deles and Ferrer can’t even see this. They are both so determined to convince the rest of the Filipino people that it is crucial to pass the law despite the deaths of 44 SAF troopers in the hands of MILF rebel soldiers during a supposedly legitimate police operation to capture international terrorists hiding in Mamasapono. Some people can be forgiven for accusing them of being traitors and working for the MILF.

Deles and Coronel-Ferrer ignoring the fact of the existence of other Muslim rebel groups.(Source: GMA News)

Deles and Coronel-Ferrer ignoring the fact of the existence of other Muslim rebel groups.
(Source: GMA News)

How can the MILF speak on behalf of all Muslims in Mindanao when they can’t even convince the other rebel groups to join their cause? Is the MILF chief negotiator Mohagher Iqbal even talking to any of his counterparts in the BIFF, MNLF and Abu Sayyaf? It doesn’t look like it. How will they iron out their differences if the BBL is passed? It seems whatever Iqbal said in front of the recent Senate hearing and to the media — that the MILF is for peace — is totally different from what the MILF foot soldiers do in reality. Iqbal saying that MILF didn’t want what happened is not going to convince most Filipinos that the shooting of the wounded 29 SAF troopers, execution-style was an act of self-defence especially when the act was caught on video.

In a news report, the rebel group BIFF even gave a chilling warning through the media that they are prepared for war and challenged politicians like BS Aquino and Senator Allan Cayetano to bring their guns and go to Maguidanao to fight them:

If they really want war, (President) Aquino and these politicians should bring guns and march to Maguindanao,” BIFF spokesperson Abu Misri Mama said in a phone interview.

Mr. Aquino in his second public statement after the Mamasapano clash warned threat groups like the BIFF he would run them over and he would make them face the full force of the law.

“If they will come here, we will give them what they want. We will show them a real war that is far different from what they see in the movies,” Mama said.

The reference on the difference between an actual combat and a war movie is a shot at Senator Alan Peter Cayetano who claimed during the hearing that he knew things about war from movies that he watched.

BIFF likewise refused to hand over weapons they stole from the fallen SAF troopers, saying that they are enemy weapons and will even use them on government forces. Their statements certainly don’t help the MILF cause.

MILF must prove that they can convince other rebel groups to lay down arms. If they can’t do that, then there is no point in insisting that the Bangsamoro Basic Law will put an end to the conflict in Mindanao.

Iqbal cannot cry foul and act as if the MILF rebel group is a victim of bullying and “gutter politics” just because they are receiving backlash after the tragic event. The outrage from the Filipino public against the atrocities is justified and it is not even close to how other societies react to cruelties committed by terrorists. The MILF need to hand over the individuals who murdered the SAF troopers to Philippine authorities if they want to appease the public.

Iqbal and the supporters of the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law should also stop misinterpreting the calls for its scrapping as a call for an “all out war against MILF”. Not everyone who is against it wants war. The MILF doesn’t represent the entire population of Mindanao. They cannot speak for everyone. In fact, the MILF is just one among the many groups in the entire country who has a grievance with the Philippine government. Others complain but don’t use violence. The MILF should take a number and fall in line like the rest.

Various Moro rebels competing for dominance in Mindanao

Various Moro rebels competing for dominance in Mindanao

It was wrong for Iqbal to say that the Philippines is treating Mindanao as a colony. Mindanao has been part of the Philippines for hundreds of years. The MILF cannot claim ownership of any parts of Mindanao. They are merely another group of people who want to secede from the Philippines.

Frankly, BS Aquino should be using this opportunity to tell the MILF that the deal is off if they do not surrender the perpetrators. Apparently, he is more concerned about pleasing the MILF than the Filipino people. This was quite evident on his first address to the nation three days after the Mamasapano clash. He looks like a desperate salesman who could not wait to sell a product even when at a funeral.

In his speeches, BS Aquino comes across as someone who already promised the MILF that the bill will be passed. If so, he made a terrible mistake since it cannot be passed without amending the Philippine Constitution. The Philippine Supreme Court would eventually junk the bill anyway even if it passes Congress because some provisions like the creation of the Bangsamoro Police are against the Constitution.

Unfortunately, BS Aquino’s arrogance got in the way of his common sense once again. He certainly has a penchant for doing things his way even when it is against the law. His Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) is proof of this. The list of his violations is getting longer, indeed.

This time, BS Aquino’s actions have resulted in the deaths of 44 SAF troopers. Even when he was informed about the clash at 5 a.m. when a lot of the wounded men were still alive, he still didn’t want the Armed Forces of the Philippines to be involved in the operation. Since he was more concerned about appeasing the MILF, he was said to have told the military to “stand down” instead of giving them the go signal to help the SAF troopers who were at that time surrounded by rebel forces.

One problem with BS Aquino is, he is neither an academic expert nor a rational individual who could comprehend the situation he has himself and the country in. His obsession with taking credit for the success of a project works against him too. It seems he will do anything to maintain an image of a man who can do no wrong including lie and deceive the Filipino people. His actions have caused too much division and hate in the Philippine society. If he knew what is good for him and the country, he would tell the whole truth about his involvement in the Mamasapano clash, admit his mistake and resign from his post. This is the only way the country can start moving forward.

109 Replies to “BBL: An agreement with just one Muslim rebel group will not bring peace to Mindanao”

    1. @Jaime

      Yes, the Muslims are still the minority in the region. A lot of peace loving Muslims can live harmoniously among Filipinos belonging to other faiths. Only the Muslim extremists refuse to get along.

      Thanks! It was time to update it. 😉

      1. Yes, Muslims are a minority here in Mindanao. The people of Mindanao are divided into Muslims, Christians and Lumads. The Lumads, by far, are the oldest of the settlers of Mindanao. Their existence predates that of the Muslims by centuries.

        1. Minority but given power in that certain Muslim groups are terrorists and are free to have firearms and use it whenever they deem necessary and the Pres himself is willing to give in to their demands. What about the Lumads? Being driven away from their ancestral land through massacres of the NPAs by the military.

          “We call to stop the militarization in Mindanao by ending the government anti-insurgency program Oplan Bayanihan, that has been linked to extra-judicial killings, enforced disappearances, trumped up charges, tortures, massacres, and displacement of thousands of individuals.”

          I guess “extra-judicial killings, enforced disappearances, trumped up charges, tortures, massacres, and displacement of thousands of individuals” is how it’s really done if it concern the NPAs(?). #Neveragain they say? And by the way, Abu Sayyafs are still very much alive and kicking in Mindanao. Unfortunately, what they prepare for them is 0-plan.

  1. barbaric warriors and they are so back in the days no UN no nothing just bare killings, they should be stateless and move out of mindanao. Mindanao is part of The Philippines. Move yourselves MILFies and BIFF. mom i love …..,,,ggg

    1. Yes, Mindanao is part of the Philippines. A rebel group who commit atrocities against government troops should not be rewarded at all but should be made to answer for it.

        1. they do not believe in our Republic laws because they declare themselves citizens of Malaysia. they are reporting directly to Malaysian gov’t. not to our Republic.

  2. the very name, “Bangsamoro Basic Law”, which they would to apply to that whole region, is not only unconstitutional, it is outright racist.
    they claim to want to build schools and infrastructures for all, but isn’t that what the government wants to do anyway? it’s the rebels like the MILF who sabotages the development in Mindanao by their bombings, kidnappings, and killings.
    I have no idea why the government is even negotiating with them, when they are obviously terrorists. Anyone who takes up arms against the constitution, and the government and people bound by it, are terrorists. Look up the definition of terrorist, before anyone try to tell me i’m wrong.

    1. Yes, Bienb. Your comment makes a lot of sense. They complain about the place being under develop but they prevent development from happening when they scare people away with their thuggery.

  3. The whole point of the BBL isn’t peace for the Philippines, it’s more of peace and profit for other countries and the people involved with it. It’s really quite baffling why Malaysia is the mediator when they have of conflict of interest towards with Sabah with the Philippines.

    It can be analyzed the whole farce is to ensure chaos stays within the Philippines. A Mindanao completely united with the Philippine government will give time for the country to refocus its effort in strengthening itself which foreign powers wouldn’t like.

    1. That’s true. After the conflict in Sabah last year, you’d think the Philippine government would have strained relations with Malaysia. It seems there is a backdoor agreement we are not privy too. PNoy just gave up on Sabah and now he looks ready to give up on Mindanao too.

      1. treaty of paris and commonwealth constitution dos not include mindanao. as an integral part of its territory..but 1946 constitution include mindanao as an integral part of the philippine territory.(illegal).
        British Anglo-Hindu Company}colony in Malaysia
        inter into a least contract to the sultan of Sulo (Sabah, and Sarawk North Borneo) and until now Malaysian gov’t contineouly assumed and paid to the clan of sultan the Agreed least. this facts shows Mindanao and Sabah is a separate nation prior to the spanish colony in the philippines , and Brirish Colony in Malaysia…again when Malaysia given an Independence,their constitution of 1963 included Sabah, and Sarawk as an integral part of the malaysian territory(illegal)..the concrete relationship between Malaysia and the Philippines is both constitution of 1946 Philippines and 1963 of Malaysia illegally incroached Mindanao Sabah, and Sarawk Land of the Sultan of Sulo..but time comes all of these will be elevated to the United Nations Committee on Decolonialization..(MNLF of Nur Missuari submitted bid for membership before the Committee of Decolonialization last Augost 13, 2013.). Legal basis:United Nation general Assymbly of 1960 Resolution No. 1415 gave Independence to all colonized regions…mindanao, and Sabah issue be resolved through United Nations…BBL is not a solution…

        1. @Mama Palaw..
          I would just as soon defer to a lawyer on the matter of Sabah; or, the Sultan of Sulu’s proprietary claim in North Borneo. My understanding as a curious layman, however, is that the Sultan’s property in North Borneo has never been part of Philippine sovereignty, and has never been described as such..neither in any of our five constitutions, nor in any of the relevant International Treaties or Protocols…Tejeros in 1897; Malolos in 1899; Marcos’ in 1976; and the Madrid Protocol.. included. This is not to say that the Sultan does not own the property. It’s just that the Philippines, itself, has no basis for a proprietary claim over it.

          In 1885, Spain, Great Britain and Germany entered into an agreement called the “Madrid Protocol of 1885″. In it, Spain who then had sovereignty over the Philippine Islands, withdrew her claim over the North Borneo property. The other parties to the agreement, for their part, acknowledged Spain’s sovereignty over the Sulu and Tawi Tawi Archipelagos, and the rest of the islands up to the Batan Archipelago up north. The paper further recognized the Sultan of Sulu as the proprietary owner of said property. There was nothing implied in the document. It was all in explicit language.

          The salient facts of this brouhaha are that: 1) Spain was the sovereign of the whole Philippine Archipelago in 1885..not the Americans nor any of the Philippine revolutionary governments; and, 2) the Treaty of Paris of 1898 gave the Philippine Islands its geopolitical status, and reaffirmed the articles of the Madrid Protocol of 1885. Interestingly, the original deed of cession of the ‘Sabah property by the Sultan of Brunei to the Sultan of Sulu has been on display in Brunei’s National Museum. To my mind, the late Sultan of Sulu had.. and his heirs still have.. a clear shot at claiming what is theirs, and the Philippines can assist in the effort as ‘amicus curiae” (friend of court) during the proceedings.This is the least ”any sitting Philippine Government” can do, owing to the pledge that, then President Macapagal, made to a trusting Sultan of Sulu, who was, in fact, Filipino.

  4. Great article! It would be like Israel signing a peace agreement with Lebanon back in the ’80s but neglecting to account for the insurgent and terrorist groups (PLO, ALF, PLA, Hezbollah, Abu Nidal,etc) operating inside the country. Even if this peace agreement is signed, the celebrations will be short-lived since every other group there, now feeling “marginalized”, will state their objections violently.

    1. Thanks, Jetlag807

      Yup! It’s deja vu all over again.

      It seems to me Muslims from different tribes cannot get along with each other. This is the case not just in Mindanao but also in the Middle East.

      1. You’re right. I am from Mindanao and I can tell you that the Muslims aren’t just divided by tribes. Leadership in the Muslim tribes is based along clan lines. In a territory occupied by a certain tribe, there will always be a dominant clan that calls the shots. Here’s an example: the MILF are from the Maguindanao tribe, but so are the Ampatuans and Magundadatus. The Maguindanao massacre was basically a rido (traditional power struggle) between the two clans.

        Regarding the MILF, Iqbal really has no control and is merely a mouthpiece. The real power is divided among the commanders, whose alliances are toward their clan affiliation rather than to the MILF’s central leadership.

        1. Ironically, the Ampatuans and the MILF don’t exactly see eye to eye. Peace between the two is tenuous at best. There’s no telling when a firefight could erupt. When that happens, any form of intervention by government will again be greeted by cries of “Government is declaring war on Moros. Government is oppressing Moros.” Well, you know the drill.
          BBL or no BBL, peace in the Islamicized areas of Mindanao is a pipe-dream.

        2. Yeah, I forgot about the Ampatuans. They have their own private army who commit atrocities as well. Unfortunately, they think their activities are legitimate.

          I think the BBL will just start another kind of conflict in Mindanao. The money the government is planning on giving to the MILF could be used to update their weaponry.

  5. For the negotiators, please consider the system of their governance in the form of Barangay independent from each other. To attain peace, you must gather all barangay leaders and meet them offering evenly spread economic progress to all the area they occupy, and the needs they want. They should choose among themselves their leader who has the skills to consolidate all the groups.. The first agenda is the intensive education & health program to all their constituents, support in agricultural infrastructure including productions & irrigation, and communication facilities in the form of roads,bridges, jnternrt, piers, etc.

  6. In times like the present, men should utter nothing for which they would not willingly be responsible through time and eternity.

    The people — the people — are the rightful masters of both congresses, and courts — not to overthrow the constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert it.

    1. The people should have the last say in deciding whether or not to give 70billion pesos to MILF. That is a lot of money to give one rebel group who does not have a legitimate claim in the region. They just carry high-powered guns and threaten violence if they don’t get the BBL.

      1. A 70 Billion Cash Bonanza, from our Taxpayers’ Fund, to be given by Aquino. While there are many Squatters in Metro Manila…MILF will use this money to buy more guns, explosives, war materials, etc…

        It is not only aiding and collaborating with the Enemies. It is financing them to kill us all…”giving ropes to your enemy to Hang you?” What an idiot this Aquino…

      2. That amount is just for starters. The Bangsamoro also gets an annual block grant/allocation of 4% from taxes collected by the BIR.
        Since the Bangsamoro Entity is autonomous, the National Government has no say over how and where the monies will be spent. In other words: No oversight. No accountability. No COA audits.

  7. ..Thanks, Ilda. You have a fantastic article right there above.

    Indeed, the Mamasapano incident is way over the head of Mama’s Panot. His obsession at credit grabbing now exposed has exposed that that is all what he knows. But that is not only the irony of this incident if you consider the fwg:

    1. It now appears that MILF have already found out the identities of the two MILF guys who tipped the US Embassy on the whereabouts of Marwan. Guys in Los Angeles. who are following this story, now tell me that it is just a matter of finishing the paperworks before these two receive the US$6M reward. Now, we don’t know how the MILF leadership discovered who these two among their ranks are — the two might have just caved in under pressure and confessed, or MILF might have done a process of elimination to ferret them out. Whatever. The thing is MILF is now treating these two as VIPs. So, if MILF play their cards well, it could be that MILF could end up to be the actual beneficiary of the reward money. Wouldn’t that be the irony of ironies vis-a-vis the Fallen44 and MamasPanot’s incompetence?

    2. P-Noy has asked the help of MILF in locating Usman. He also said he will use all the power of the State to chase this guy. That is funny. Mangindanao’s Mangudadatu is already telling everybody that Usman is just in Mamasapano and wounded in the shoulder and immobilized by a mild stroke. And yet, nobody is moving to get him. Why? You guessed it. MILF is already negotiating with US if they are entitled to the US$2M reward if they surrender Usman. Army knows that the confrontation could be bloodier than the SAF44 if they disturb the negotiation. Doesn’t P-Noy look so ridiculous with his empty words?

    3. I have always wondered why Mar Roxas didn’t resign when he was kept out of the loop in the Mamasapano operation. At least that is what they told the public, but it is coming out now that he was with P-Noy all the time in Zamboanga. Whoever is orchestrating the cover-up does not know that devil is in the details. But, Roxas, a Wharton alumnus, can’t be more stupid than P-Noy, or is he? Point is he must know he is putting a nail in the coffin of whatever ambition he has for the presidency by going along with the cover-up.

    If it is just P-Noy’s order to the reinforcing batallion to stand down that is what they are covering up, I don’t think they will resort to lying in public. Recall Gen Catapang, Gen Guerrero, Volt Gazmin and Mar Roxas were all with P-Noy in Zamboanga, and yet they all had a collective amnesia on what P-Noy knew at what time. Isn’t this incredible? They must know they are lying on something that could easily fact-checked. Or, are they covering something bigger than just P-Noy’s incompetence like what is Malaysia’s or US’s (or China’s) interests in all these things and what are their direct participations in the bungled operation? Or, is the incompetence of P-Noy already the big thing because it is no longer just incompetence but is proving to be a treasonous act? …. Still, it is puzzling. If they in fact were kept out of the loop, their participation in a subsequent cover up still becomes a criminal act just the same. Ah, amazing, a dumb president makes others in close contact also dumb.

    1. Thanks, Add!

      It’s outrageous that after murdering 44 SAF troopers, MILF could still get monetary reward. And if Iqbal gets to charm the congressmen, they might just get their BBL too. A columnist from the Inquirer even praised his demeanour in the senate. What a bunch of losers. The congressmen don’t even listen to what their constituents want. A lot of people are now against the passing of the bill but the people’s sentiments are falling on deaf ears.

      PNoy was just trying to appease the public when he asked MILF to help find Usman. He says a lot of silly things in his speeches. He probably thinks everyone is stupid.

      You are right about Roxas. His reaction was strange. He should be angry at PNoy after finding out he wasn’t informed about a major operation. He just proved that he doesn’t have conviction and is not fit to be the next President.

      Four days of “inquiry” in the senate and we’re still wondering what really happened. Meanwhile, PNoy is okay with the everyone arguing about it. What a guy! He should just tell the truth and step down if he really cared about what’s good for the nation.

  8. BS PNoy signed the BBL to appease these rebels by giving them what they want and it only took them including BS PNoy less than a decade just to get the big slice of a pie, even though, we already knows what will happen in end once this issue raise in the Supreme Court. On the other hand, poor farmers of Hacienda Luisita which is the Conjuanco-Aquino’s crown jewel still under their control. In spite of Supreme Court’s ruling to give it to the poor farmers of HC and this issue is more older than MILF issue. So, if Deles and Ferrer really wanted to have peace in our country why not start first in the Northern Part of the Philippines, don’t go/look too far, start first in Hacienda Luisita in Tarlac, unless, they’re waiting for farmers to have guns before they will take actions. I’m not provoking the farmer but if this is the only why not….just to prove they are so serious to get their land from Conjuance-Aquino at least they are not requesting to have their own state, right? compare to MILF just saying.

    1. I doubt Noynoy wants to appease the MILF. Noynoy is in my opinion a mere figurehead, a convenient fool to further the interests of the Aquino-Cojuangco clan. And they may be interested in this: or this . Hacienda Luisita will not earn that much anymore, since the beginning of 2015 the Asean free trade area has been established, cheaper Thai sugar which is produced in a more efficient way is making life hard for the old school sugar plantations – as always it makes sense to follow the money, it could be that the Aquino-Cojuangco clan need a new source of income and this would be it, after Hacienda Luisita.

    2. So true. A lot of Filipinos have grievances with the government and the farmers of Hacienda Luisita are some of them. Perhaps if they use violence just like the MILF, PNoy will take them seriously.

      1. It seems to me that any government that operates like the Philippine government will inevitably spawn rebel groups. I can’t help wondering if such groups are deliberately pandered to because they’re basically useful: however hopeless and corrupt the government are, they’re still the thin blue line standing between (relative) peace and civil war. Supposedly. They can dangle the spectre of Muslim Rebels in front of the populace to scare them into compliance. Pretty much the same thing happens in ‘The West’.

        The people who run the Philippines think that keeping the country in chaos is the best way to extract the maximum profit from the population. They simply not smart enough to grasp what ‘democratic’governments have seen: a population that believes it is living free produces much richer pickings.

        1. Your theory is not too far-fetched. The tragic events in Mamasapano certainly took our attention away from DSWD Sec Dinky Soliman who was in the spotlight for hiding the poor from Pope Francis. Now she can relax because most people have forgotten about her stupid policy.

  9. If I were the Government Negotiator with the MILF I would scrap/garbage the Peace Process Negotiations because it is an evidence that the MILF cannot control his owned group. Besides, there are a lot of Moro faction/group. Since they are protecting the terrorists and other lawless group activities there will be no peace at all in Mindanao after the peace processed has been approved.

    In my owned opinion the billion amount of money intended to set up the Bangsamoro State will be used by the MILF to strengthen their revolutionary activities against the Government of the Philippines and then little by little they will try to conquer the whole Philippines as their owned state. “Kawawa naman ang mga non Muslim” we will be under the control and complete authority/supervision of a non God Fearing People.

    The best way is to cancel completely the Peace Process with the MILF.

    1. @Rodolfo A. Tabotabo:

      Under the Islamic SHARIA LAW. You are an Infidel. A subhuman non-believer of their God: Allah. You become their slave. if you commit a small crime. You can be :crucified,hanged, whipped a hundred times, tortured, your head cut off and displayed on stake in Public Square.

      Your wife, daughter and any female in your family will be sold in Auction as Sex Slaves…

      This is already happening in ISIS controlled territories in Iraq and Syria…in Taliban controlled Provinces in Pakistan…

    2. Yes, the amount of money that PNoy govt is planning on giving a rebel group is outrageous. The government will not even be able to audit it. It can end up in the pockets of the MILF leaders and still leave rest of the inhabitants in poverty. The taxpayers won’t be able to do anything about it.

  10. ..Below is a comment of mine that I tried to post in JoeAmerica’s site as a reaction to his latest article MAMASAPANO: WHO WAS AT FAULT, AND WHY. I don’t see it in the combox so I guess he deems it unacceptable. Well, it’s his site, so i have no right to complain. Now, i will try to post it here if you don’t mind. But, if that creates some complication I know not about, then it is also okay if you delete it out as well. Either way, thanks GRP in advance.


    Hahaha. A retired banker trying to be a spinmeister? ….oh, wait a second, I almost forgot. Bankers and traders have to be the best spinmeisters in the world. They have to spin dervatives to the nth degree until nobody understand them. And yet, when the bottom fell in 2008, nobody can be held culpable, why? …because of “context”?

    Is P-Noy also now somebody for you who is too-big-to-fail? Why the rush to absolve him of any serious culpability? Joe, do you realize the hearings/ investigations are not even halfway through? So, are you interested in truth, or have you made up your mind because you have convinced yourself of your fantastic spinmeister’s truth? …oh yeah, I forgot, IT IS THE CONTEXT.

    Well, I will tell you the context from where I sit watching the Senate Hearings. Let us discount whatever Miriam Santiago said. She is a loose canon, and we would go crazy if we ever take her seriously.

    Let us also discount whatever line of questioning Nancy Binay was pursuing. Maybe, she is pursuing truth. But, if she is sincere about seeking truths, why not start with her father? I guess you know what I mean.

    But, when Grace Poe picked up the topic from where Binay left, I think we had to pay attention. (Gosh, Grace Poe. ..this neophyte senator impresses me.) Her questions were simple: “You were all with the President, what and when did you tell him about what was happening in Mamasapano?” I think you watched that thing too. Don”t you agree that it was agonizing to watch Mar Roxas, Volt Gazmin, Gen Catapang, and Gen Guerrero grope for answers? Have they forgotten that P-Noy already admitted in an earlier speech in front of the SAF troops in their HQ that he knew what was going on by 5-am and that he was constantly receiving reports of what was happening from then? So why the sudden collective amnesia from Roxas, Gazmin, Catapang, and Guerrero?

    And now comes the report that Cotabato City Hall was waiting for the arrival of P-Noy that afternoon the day the 44 SAF operatives where killed. And, the four with amnesia would dare to say that P-Noy was only busy talking to them about a Zamboanga bombing that killed two?

    So, please don’t use an imagined context to cover-up the real context. These are not financial derivatives of Wall Street. We can sense when one, two, three, four…or all is/are lying. A lie can’t correct a lie, and I am confident the truth will come out somehow.

  11. The question must be asked: Does the Republic of the Philippines want to have a part of the country given away to another governing body?If so, get it over with already, just tell the people “Look you run this country and don’t ask us for anything,any longer.Your on your own.”, and then,step back and watch them kill each other.
    BUT IF NOT and The Republic of the Philippines doesn’t want see any part of the coutry seceede away from its control, go in there and wipe out the enemy of the state…straight away, no screwin around.To put up with this is to appear stupid and ineffectual in the eyes of the International community (not that most of that community gives a shit anyway)as well as WEAK.

    “SHIT OR GET OFF THE POT.”, it is referred to in some places.

  12. How idiotic is all of this, and the entire country in general? W/ Catholic Caridals named ‘SIN’ and rebel leaders named ‘MAMA’, who could ever make this shit up?

    “BUT ‘MAMA’ ITS A ‘SIN’….”,?

  13. I hope truth will emerge in a peaceful way… And Justice be served whatever it takes for it is from GOOD. All against the truth and justice are for EVIL… The clashes of these sides has a determining effect.. I would hope and assume that we concern Christians and Muslims ride on the side of GOOD against EVIL driven by some Christians and muslims as well… Question for all… Where do you think you belong? Reflection tip: God provides a wide-range of road for the GOOD and a narrow road on EVIL that at the very moment you stepped on it,you cannot deny you’re on the evil side.

  14. Aquino has a Large Ego, and is suffering from Paranoia and “Delusion of Grandeur. He cannot understand the consequences of Appeasing the
    Islamic Radicals. The MILF is just one of those terrorist groups operating in Mindanao.
    Aquino should look in the conflict in Lebanon, many years ago. Muslims fought against Muslims; Muslims fought against Christian; other groups fighting another group. The U.S. went to act as a Referee. It got its 300 U.S. Marines blown by a Suicide Bomber.

    Or look at Iraq. The Iraqui Shiites, fights against the Iraqui Sunnis. But these groups are all Muslims. It is called Sectarian Violence. The Iraqui Christians are already driven out of Iraq. The Iraqui Yazidis are treated as slaves, forced to convert or die. The Yazidi women are AUCTIONED as Sex Slaves.

    In Taliban controlled Pakistan; women are forbidden to have an education. They Blow schools that educate women. Women are treated as personal properties of their husbands…

    This will happen in Mindanao, if they cannot understand the consequences of their actions…

  15. To make the story short the President can not even differentiate the numbers 123 and abc. Philippine government are wasting time in arguing. NO TO BBL this land doesn’t belong to anyone but to the Republic of the phlippines…..

  16. Thanks, Ilda, and all concerned humans for justice and peace in Mindanao as well as LuzVis! This is history in the making and things may not last our own lifetimes. But all must co-operate to find solutions when all have definite knowledge of the problem.

  17. ISIS just BEHEADED 21 Egyptian Christians in Lybia…the Christians Crime were just being Christians…

    So, you can see the Evilness of these Islamic Radicals and fundamentalists…

    This is what we Filipinos are fighting for: for true Victory and Peace in Mindanao…

  18. Here was a statement from the Bangsa Moro prior to the BBL’s approval by the Philippine congress: Bangsa Moro (Moro Nation) is the collective name of the people of the sultanate of Sulu. In solving the communication gap between Muslims and christian Filipinos you must understand the “hermeneutic philosophy” why the Bangsa Moro asserts its historic rights as a national ethnic community, it is not being a separatist or secessionist but rather asserting a historical truth that must be acknowledged otherwise there will be no solution to the conflict in Mindanao.

    The Bangsa Moro and their culture, religion, history and civilization are distinct from the Filipinos who were colonized and Christianized by Spain and later by America.
    The Bangsa Moro further said that in the UK, the Scots, the Welsh or the Irish of North Ireland are not called British or English but they remain a strong state as a United Kingdom.

    Who cares about Bangsa Moro’s interpretation of history, they made it clear that they are not Filipinos therefore have no legal right to its claim on Mindanao.

    1. The Bangsa Moro and their culture, religion, history and civilization are distinct from the Filipinos who were colonized and Christianized by Spain and later by America.

      Well, you can say the same for all the rest of the inhabitants of the islands prior to them being “colonised” and “Christianised”.

  19. ..Hey, guys organizing the rally on EDSA DAY, here are my two cents:

    1. Agree you now have the crtical mass. The Manila Times survey showing 48% blaming Aquino directly for the SAF 44 is clear majority since the 52% breaks down to small percentages blaming the army, milf, napeñas, the situation, etc. Strike now while iron is hot.

    2. Agree with your argument that even if P-Noy’s term has one-week to go, he still has to resign if only for symbolism so that never again should anybody run for that office if he/she is a nincompoop or has no solid qualification to show. Palace repeated call that people have to consider that P-Noy has only a year left anyway is sending a totally immoral or unethical message.

    3. Please ask the following not to participate:
    3.1 Norberto Gonzales (and all the other Cabinet members of Gloria.) They represent a cure worse than the disease.
    3.2 Peping and Tingting Cojuangco (and all other personalities that are well-known Trapos) That is not moving forward. They represent retrogression, and worse for these two, they are washing the dirty laundry within their family, and that just makes us vomit.
    3.3 the Lefties or the permanent fixture of street rallies. ..ah maybe, not possible. Ah well, maybe we just have to accept we will always have leeches in the society.

    These are okay:
    3,4 Fidel Ramos is okay for he is the last one that did not bastardize the dignity of the office. He just retired and didn’t run anymore for any lower public office. Important that office gets back the dignity it used to have before Erap, Gloria, and P-Noy.
    3. 5 Boy Saycon is okay too for he is very good in mobilizing the upper echelon, military and civilian. I like that he goes back to his private life once he has done his job.
    3.6 Cdl Vidal is okay to show Church is supporting it and to neutralize the current president of CBCP who is becoming the spokesman of PNoy.
    3.7 Get more young faces. If you get Grace Poe, then that rally will indeed end P-Noy because then you have the masa support.

    4. Call it semi-coup, transformation, or whatever. Anything that will invalidate Binay’s right to succession.


    1. Thanks for the suggestions, Add.

      Yeah, seems like Filipinos doubt the sincerity of some players especially those who were not vocal against PNoy before the Presidential election in 2010 to begin with. One wonders why they had to wait for several disasters before they finally spoke. Had they criticised his lack of experience before, maybe, just maybe, the voters would have had second thoughts about putting him power and we wouldn’t be in this mess today. But no, most people were too polite and avoided tainting the Aquino name.

      Nice hashtag. I’ve been using it since yesterday.

  20. “One problem with BS Aquino is, he is neither an academic expert nor a rational individual who could comprehend the situation he has himself and the country in. His obsession with taking credit for the success of a project works against him too. It seems he will do anything to maintain an image of a man who can do no wrong including lie and deceive the Filipino people. His actions have caused too much division and hate in the Philippine society. If he knew what is good for him and the country, he would tell the whole truth about his involvement in the Mamasapano clash, admit his mistake and resign from his post. This is the only way the country can start moving forward.” this is the best paragraph I have ever read for the past days…

    1. As much as I would like BS Aquino to resign, it’s better he stay and finish his term. I fear more of the outcome the next in line VP Binay will bring if he replace BS Aquino. Its a matter of choosing the lesser evil now since we don’t really have much choice at this time. It’s between someone who has no balls and someone who has big balls (balls to do corruption in the citizen’s face).

  21. It was wrong for Iqbal to say that the Philippines is treating Mindanao as a colony. “Mindanao has been part of the Philippines for hundreds of years. The MILF cannot claim ownership of any parts of Mindanao. They are merely another group of people who want to secede from the Philippines.”

    —> I’m looking more into this. But can you please elaborate your basis on this? Can their claim even be remotely legitimate?

    Learned more info on people here who live in Mindanao and sharing their thoughts.

    Since this a comment section, let me comment. I for one, am not for total obliteration of MILF, MNLF, BIFF and this is purely based on my opinion that it simply can’t be done. The violence in Mindanao is I think a cycle. Once you start it, it will never finish. I also absolutely agree that the BBL MUST NOT be rushed. But I think it should be watered down and only pass it when the MILF completely disarm. I think it is realistic to believe that the gov’t can get rid of small groups like the ASG, BIFF and private armies. But the MILF i think poses a credible threat to the afp. Their numbers are their strength. AFP, i believe can weaken them, but some of them will surely survive and most definitely carry on the war for decades and decades more. You can’t just kill the men, the father. You have to kill the wife, the son, the daughter if you really want to eradicate them since this cycle of violence will lead them to carry on with the armed struggle. And I simply just don’t agree with that. While they may be barbarians, it does not mean that we, the rational ones lose our humanity too. This is the reason why I believe eliminating the MILF though a peace deal and not through war is the best way to go. It is not the absolute solution. Far from it. But I believe it will be a start. A chance to hold on to something that is based on an agreement of peace.

    1. @CJSS

      Well, did the MILF provide any paperwork to support their claim to rightful ownership of Bangsamoro? What makes them different from the other rebel groups? It seems the only difference is they have the backing of Malaysia. The endorsement of Malaysia was enough to impress PNoy govt, unfortunately.

      Yes, I agree that an “all out war” is not sustainable. The quickest way to achieve peace is for all rebel groups to lay down their arms and stop committing atrocities. They should just air their grievances with the government using their representatives in congress or their local government.

      There are a lot of able bodied men in that region who would rather carry guns around and engage in terrorism than find meaningful and legitimate livelihood to support themselves and the community. No wonder progress seems to elude them.

      1. Haven’t we learned from history? It was already proven that all out war is not the solution to Mindanao conflict. In 1970 for example, during the MNLF rebellion, the initial reaction of Marcos is to crush the rebellion but he never succeed despite the fact that 80% of AFP manpower is in Mindanao. The only good thing happened is when Gadaffy brokered the Tripoli agreement, this is the time that the conflict in Mindanao subside..

        But this mistake is repeated again by Estrada. In 2000’s he declared an offensive against MILF. We lost billions of peso, soldiers, civilians killed in crossfire, etc. And at the end, we don’t achieve anything. But ironically, this all out war by Estrada, benefited the MILF, a lot of supporters joined them. In fact, after the offensive, they have now a new camp in Sulu.

        For the past 40 years we are using guns and it was proven that it was not effective so why don’t we try to use PEACE today?

        1. JUST A THOUGHT, Has Anyone In The Philippines Government Sat And Seriously Thought On What Is Happening Now ?. The Extremest Of The World Are Looking For A Home! They Tried In Iraq ans Syria Under The Name ISIS/ISIL. It Is Proven That They Are Fighting Against Each other For Control Of What Ever They Can Get. A Known, Wanted International Terrorist Was Just Killed Down In Mindanao. If The Extremist Supported By Who Knows Who Join Forces–Could A Peace Agreement Stop Them ?, Can The PNP And/Or AFP Stop Them ? Perhaps It Is Time Tp Stop Thinking That It Is A Local Problem With A couple Of “Mountain Fighters” And Open The Minds To, The Philippines Now Has A GLOBAL Problem That Has Already Taken Hold In The Country!

          Like I Said JUST A THOUGHT

      2. Hi Ilda,

        It confuses me when people say they don’t want or believe “all out war” is the solution but then says that instead, the rebels should simply lay down their arms, voice out their grievances and find honest work like the rest of us. I mean, you and I know that’s a pipe dream. What else is there to do really? Either find a common ground to stop or the very least, minimize all these senseless killings, or, just raise the flags of war and just kill them all. We can start a war any time, just pick up a gun and just shoot today, tomorrow. However, I would rather have this BBL a go first before that happens. The MILF is the largest of the rebel groups, it makes sense to deal with them. Then for the smaller, more barbaric groups who have no regard for life, it is realistic to think that they can be eliminated by force. What I would want to find out from the MILF is how they will help in eradicating these smaller groups, especially the BIFF. I mean, those people came from their ranks! I also would like people to learn or have an objective point of view as to why the ARMM didn’t work and why this BBL will. I am not saying it will. I think its a great risk. But at this point, I would rather have peace a go than to continue the war. Iqbal is the most reasonable among the MILF, it would also be fair if the MILF can make all of us believe that the rest of them CAN BE as reasonable too.

        1. Have you read the BBL? Do you know how many IPs in Mindanao will be affected if this law is passed? Have you seen or atleast have a glimpse of the places these group of rebels occupy? will these places progress if the BBL is passed? Think logically on all angles before implying that “the BBL” can help solve Mindanao’s problem.. I’m for peace but look how ARMM has done to itself, they just let a armed group of rebels run the region. If ARMM could have just deal with their grievances by making their own region the most progressive in terms of commerce, politics, etc… by moving forward. then I believe other regions throughout the country and the government would help them achieve their dream, but if ARMM would just sit IDLE and let the rebels take arms,pillage and burn other villages, kill, etc. then I don’t think giving them more leverage in terms of power, money, lot, etc. can improve their region.. I was in Iligan City at the time when the MOA was rejected and a group of the MILF went berserk, killing, torturing, and burning barangays on ILIGAN CITY soil. MILF are not people you can reason with a chocolate bar.. These group won’t hesitate to shoot you in the head at close range..

        2. I understand. But when you say you are for peace and not for war, and that “the BBL” will not solve or will not help solve the problem in Mindanao, then what will? Is it right to assume that what you want is what Ilda said? That these rebels should just simply lay down their arms, find employment and mind their own business? Do you really believe that is realistic, practically possible? Do you know why I believe that is it isn’t? Its because of the same reason that you believe that these people can’t be reasoned with. Its true, you can’t reason with them, most especially the ones on the ground. They will burn houses, kill indiscriminately, torture and extort money. You can’t reason with them, they have no sense of reason. But can we be reasoned with? The people on the other side. Are we reasonable? Should we do what they do and just kill them all? Will the BBL solve the problem in Mindanao? No. Will it help solve the problem in Mindanao? A debatable NO. There is no guarantee of peace whichever road we take. But I am sure that a road towards violence will only continue the cycle of violence. And to wish that rebels should just simply lay down their arms is also an impossible dream. If that was even remotely possible, then I am sure sometime during these past decades of war, it could have happened already. The real question for me is what the Bangsamoro people OR the Muslim communities living in or near the MILF “territory” has to say. The claim of the MILF is, at the very least, debatable in its legitimacy. Some people say the claim is illegal, some say its a historical right. Nevertheless, it is debatable enough that people actually discuss it and it is through these “dicussions”, the peace talks etc., that it is given some form of legitimacy, however miniscule some people against the BBL might think it is. Territory is not the absolute cause of their armed struggle and it is just simply does not legitimize their claim. What gives legitimacy to their claim is the people who support them — the Bangsamoro, the civilians whose interest they claim to protect. Those are the people I want to hear from. IF they do not agree with the MILF, with all their gun-wielding activities, then let THEM come out and have their say. The Bangsamoro people, the muslim people in general living in Mindanao. If they have been shouting for peace and development in their communities all along and not encouraging to continue with the armed struggle, they aren’t being heard. IF the BBL REALLY IS NOT the way to go, this is how I see the government should proceed. War, if it really can not be avoided, MUST be the very last option. And that decision must be made when the AFP itself can look themselves in the eye and say that they REALLY CAN win a war with ALL the muslim rebels. Unless the government CAN FINISH a war it will continue, there is no point in going to war at all.

        3. i don’t get it why the government is dealing with MILF when in fact it came out from MNLF under Mr. Misuari. the government should have coordinated with Nur and have him talk to MILF/BIFF. now ARMM under Misuari is asking for the same like BBL. to me, mindanao should federalize at least just them.

    2. CJSS,
      I don’t agree that our government can not wipe this terror groups in the mindanao. War is the only solution that is fit for this barbarians the goverment and our arm forces should have the will and determination to wipe them and then talk peace. I ask you to read about the tigers in sri lanka this could be the solution in mindanao.

  22. The title of the article implies that to bring peace in Mindanao an agreement with all or majority of the groups in Mindanao should be invited to the negotiation table.

    The idea of the title reminds me of the mistake we did in the past in entering into an agreement with the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) and not include the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) which back then was considered a splinter group or lost command, etc. Since the MILF was less influential or less known back then, the government decided to pursue peace with the MNLF only to end up engaging the MILF at present for another round of peace agreement. It’s like a musical chair.

    And now we are about to repeat history by having the MILF as the sole representative of the Muslims in the South to reach a pact with us. In fairness, this administration was just continuing what has been started by the previous administrations before it. Having said that, however, this administration is not exempt from the possible fallout in what was seen by many as another agreement bound to be broken.

      1. You cannot negotiate at them all since they have different agendas. Abu Sayyaf is KFR group. BIFF want a separate state.
        And this two groups are considered as terrorist organization.

        But MNLF under the Sema faction and the top 90 senior and pioneering leader of MNLF is pushing for BBL. They even declared Nur Misuari as persona non grata.

        If we follow your way of thinking, then we cannot find peace in Mindanao. Terrorist groups like JI, Rajah Sulayman are operating in Mindanao. Are you saying that we must also negotiate to them?

        Our government is negotiating only with the resistance group that is not considered as terrorist..

      2. Ilda,
        I got the point but I focused on a different angle of the story. Instead of what the body of the article was saying I opted to follow the idea of the title and added a short historical background. I did that because what the title correctly implied was how we dealt with one group (MNLF) in the past thinking the problem will be solved only to deal twenty or so years later with another group (MILF) having the same agenda, talking the same problem and a government for an audience that is willing to lend an ear and cash to what the grievances of the Moro people were and how to address it.

        It’s the same story with different actors. Of course the usual fixture of ambushes, raids and killings are still the staple of the on-going drama.

  23. LET US THINK OF A LARGER AND BETTER PERSPECTIVE. There are some manipulators of mind who have benefited and will benefit for the retention of existing ARMM Law. After more than four decades of senseless killings, economic failures causing large scale poverty, unemployment, homelessness, and psychological disturbances of Filipino Muslims in ARMM and some parts of Mindanao, these politicians are urging our statesmen, clergies, workers, police and AFP soldiers to oppose the passage of BBL. Maybe, BBL has constitutional infirmities (until SC ruled), but it is an improvement of existing ARMM Law (where graft and corruption is a breath of life).
    One of the defects of ARMM is the control and accounting of funds. ALAM ni Executive Secretary Pacquito Ochoa ang lahat ng ito.

    1. ARMM is offered by the government to Moro people thinking that this will be the solution to mindanao.. that’s why its failed..

      Unlike BBL which is done through consultation and years of dialogue to all those affected.

      Only Misuari group and the BIFF opposed this since meron silang sariling agenda and they are fighting hindi para sa ikabubuti ng Mindanao but for power..

      BBL is like a package deal to Mindanao. The first step is peace, next is massive investment that will uplift the life of the ordinary people there. If this plan succeed, believe me, there will be a better Mindanao.

  24. I am a Filipino.

    I have been reading the reading the reactions and suggestions but there isn’t a peep about the root of all this problem.

    The root is the 1987 Philippine Constitution. Article 10 section 1 of the Philippine constitution refers to Mindanao as “Muslim Mindanao”. In Article 10 section 15 it repeats its reference to Mindanao as “Muslim Mindanao”.

    We are a country of inconsistencies: Article III, section 29.(2) of the 1987 constitution specifically states: “No public money or property shall be appropriated, applied, paid, or employed, directly or indirectly, for the use, benefit, or support of any sect, church, denomination, sectarian institution, or system of religion”.

    Yet we have the ARMM with a budget of over 14 billion per year, and the NCMF with a budget of over 500 million per year.

    We are a country that treats Muslims as an indigenous race. OMG Are we so blind that we can’t see that Muslims can be a people of different races and nationalities?

    Unless the 1987 constitution is changed this song and dance with the Bangsamoro, MILF, MNLF, ARMM will be just that; A song and dance.

    And as we all know, we Filipinos love to sing and dance.

    1. Good point, Frank Maletsky. The authors of the current constitution were probably trying to be politically correct.

      Thanks for pointing out that giving funds to MILF is against the constitution so therefore, PNoy’s BBL is illegal.

    2. We are a country of inconsistencies: Article III, section 29.(2) of the 1987 constitution specifically states: “No public money or property shall be appropriated, applied, paid, or employed, directly or indirectly, for the use, benefit, or support of any sect, church, denomination, sectarian institution, or system of religion”.

      Yet we have the ARMM with a budget of over 14 billion per year…..
      But the budget for the ARMM is not because of Article III, section 29.(2) (No public money for church, religion, etc.) but because of Art. 10 (Local Government) on the territorial and political subdivisions of the country.

    3. You are right ,Mr.Maletsky—by putting “Muslim” in the word “Mindanao”==Muslim Mindanao—the Muslims now believe Mindanao is theirs…….Mindanao Peace problem is so much complicated—–only with the “help” from “up above” WILL PEACE REIGN in Mindanao.I was born,raised and grew up in Mindanao–lived there for 54 years… present (now) my relatives from there are coming to the Visayas,looking for small LOTS–saying “situation is worsening–with BBL or no BBL, they expect atrocities to erupt–why? with BBL–dehado masyado ,the Christians….with NO BBL–as sure as—they will start all kinds of atrocities,harassment etc…..the kidnapping of an old Lady Mayor was purely harassment–a warning….see? the abduction of a Barangay Capt. and 2 coast guards from Dapitan,which is just 4 hours by sea from the nearest Visayan region…..these are all warnings, threats…..NO HUMAN MINDS CAN SOLVE THESE EXCEPT DIVINE INTERVENTION===PRAYERS

  25. Bbl means Bangsa Moro , it truly means BANSA NG MGA MORO, if so ,how about the Christian living in MINDANAO? Bbl Is the first move to separate MINDANAO from the PHILIPPINES. After sometime again they will revolt and the government to fully liberate Mindanao as a independent state and they accept MALAYSIA to govern them on where this terrorist really belongs.
    From there history this people are very lazy but they want a good life by means of force ,by the barrel of their guns…but where are this Terrorist in time of MARCOS and ERAP ? They went to their hometown ..MALAysia. They are all for money…nothing but money..they are doing their best to make this lame government a MILKING COW. ….WHAT THEY WILL GET WHEN BBL APPROVE..INSTANT 75 billion pesos, and this will belongs to the peoples money not from any muslim country, 10 billion for SOCIal DEVELOPEMENT FUND ..and 27 billion in the beginning of 2016 no expiration…they dont deserve this BILLIONS …USED THIS MONEY WASH THEM OUT IN MINDANAO ….

  26. Filipino’s fail to see that the currect state of war exists because it is good for business, plain and simple !!! The Warmongering in the Westained at militant islam, while not really pointing at anyone in particular, is a prefect way to maintain: Arms sales,large and small to keep the corporations making munitions rolling in $$$$,that the people will be so scared they not mind the never ending encroachments of their civil-liberties (or what us left of them)and will remain servile to their leaders…the perfect scam You see,These wars are all planned out and are guaranteed to fail.
    Not until the current system is eradicated can the RP even hope for such a lofty ideal as ‘peace in Mindanao’. HA, GOOD LUCK WITH THAT !!!

  27. Kapag natuloy ang MILF BBL, entra naman ang BIFF, gusto rin namin ng kapirasong lupa na matatawag naming amin, e eentra din si Nur MNLF, hindi kami papayag kami ang unang nag alsa, kami ang dapat makinabang sa 75 billion na share ng MILF, syemnpre, hindi naman titigil ang Abu Sayyaf, bahala kayo sa buhay ninyo, basta kahit sinong manalo sa inyo, tuloy pa rin ang business namin hehehe, kidnap for ransom,,,so nasaan yung BBL, nasa talampakan ng mga inutil na gustong hatiin ang Pinas, kakapiraso na nga ng Pinas, gusto pang gutay gutayin ng mga simbergwensang mga hudyong BBL na ito,,,,,
    Hindi lunas ang BBL, ang LUNAS, isurrender ng lahat ng armadong grupo ang kanilang armas sa pamahalaan at maghanapbuhay sila sa halip na humawak ng armas,

  28. I say, implement a scorched earth policy. Any military age male carrying guns (I say that military age term loosely), kill ’em. Load the TA-50 Golden Eagles with Napalm pods and bomb the shit out of their Bases and Bailiwicks. Since those jets are basically useless against the PLAAF anyways.

    1. Ask the Americans if carpet-bombing Vietnam worked in their favor in the long run, both militarily and in PR.

      Let’s not go where we haven’t any moral leverage.

  29. I definitely agree with everything in this article. We aren’t enemies of peace just because we’re against the BBL.

    I think this video gives more reasons why the BBL shouldn’t be passed. What the West(and practically everyone) Needs to Know About Islam: I suggest people to watch before giving violent reactions just because of the title.

    1. This is a primary example of what we ALL need to steer clear AWAY from– Stereotyping the overwhelming majority of Muslims, stereotyping the ENTIRETY of a religion. If there would be a war of Muslims against every other religion or people, it would be because there are people who are so self-righteous so as to condemn the ENTIRETY of Islam. I am not a muslim, I am Catholic and my faith tells me not to judge. Especially the ENTIRE muslim faith. This just so wrong. Do you think stomping on Islam will give peace in Mindanao??? If you think so , then you couldn’t be more wrong.

      This is a debate between a Muslim scholar and an Atheist ‘scholar'(if there is such a thing). Don’t take it from a religious Christian to try and demolish the Islamic faith since Christians will have a bias for their own faith, take it from someone who actually does not believe in a higher power and uses logic and obvious-in-your-face realistic bases to bury the Muslim faith as a violent, disorganized and divided faith.

      If you still think that condemning the entire Islamic faith after this. Then I leave you be.

      1. The video isn’t about being discriminatory to Islam. It was explaining what it is, giving information on who we are dealing with, who the world is dealing with. But if you have watched it already and still think it was supposed to hate on Muslims or something, I have no other answer to give.

        1. Yes, I’ve seen it. It says the same things all the way to the end. For those who don’t want to spend more than an hour, here is the description of the video on its own description box: “Islam: What the West Needs to Know is a 2006 documentary film produced by Quixotic Media. According to the producers, the film is an examination of Islam and its violence towards non-Muslims.” IF this video is absolute truth and that we all need to know about all these things about Islam, then I say we should all buy guns and defend ourselves, the muslims are coming to either kill us or convert us. Anyway, thank you for the video. It does add some insight.

  30. No mystery there. And no, the president is not that naive. He knows what he is doing. It’s just that he doesn’t really care for this country.

    One word: Malaysia.

    That explains everything.

  31. Philippines is a country and these MNLF Muslim extremist is costing the Billions of Philippines tax payers money. They have put a finacial strain to our government resources and a burden to society. They build illegal arms and doing illegal activities such as arming children under the age of 10yrs old…These young children will be the next generation of jihad who will put a set back on Philippine safety and security. We need to nuke these bastards to let them know if they can’t contour there lifestyle of organized government then it will bomb the whole area…. for decades, Philippines have been dealing with Mindanao. They are terrorist groups , kidnappers,… Use nuclear bomb on Mindanao with extreme prejudice….Kill them all and start all over again, “Let there Allah sort out the good ones.”

    1. I think that our country is heading to a civil war. You know, sad to say, former president Ferdinand Marcos dealt with these type of activities and was able to handle it very well.. He killed all people who apposed the government. I think Our country also made a mistake of not renewing the lease in 1991 to the Americans; as a result communist China is bullying our country because they know America lost its biggest powerful Naval Base in the world.. You know Japan has American military base and so as the rest of allies of United States like Korea. Why did we sever ties with a country who is the strongest super power of the world?
      We have extremist who hated Americans and don’t want them in our country. Some Filipinos blame Americans. The Philippine government is to blame..When Americans were here in the Philippines they have created jobs and recruited Filipinos to have a chance to live in America by having a chance to join the United states Navy…Now its gone. There the once who help and maintain our 47 F5 freedom fighter jets and the rest of our c-130 fleet… Our country is naked with no protection from lurking bullies and we need the Americans Back ….Its costing us more to protect our country compared to 3 decades ago because we made a mistake of not having Americans here in Philippines.

  32. no BBL = no peace in Mindanao
    have BBL = there’s still no peace in Mindanao because the MNLF, BIFF and Abu Sayaff will terrorize the whole Mindanao and we will never have our rightful claim in Sabah.

    But what this:

    instead of BBL, a federalization of our country + Duterte = a total peace in Mindanao & the entire Philippines & we will finally have our rightful claim to Sabah through peaceful means & a strong political will.

  33. someone told me its political, theres a hidden agenda in it. Imagine this, if they passed the BBL now, Noynoy will be a knight n shining armour in the eyes of Mindanaoan and he can ask anything, as in anything to help him in the 2016 elections…. like what?, like helping whoever is his chosen candidate, like who? Mar? we dont know. remember,the mindanao vote is the key to victory, Remember how GMA won over FPJ? its a Mindanao vote.

  34. Hey for all of you guys there in the upper part of the Philippines, i really need to share this information to you about the rushing black propaganda of the muslims here in Mindanao they call it….


    In a form of a Bio data that do serves an application form in serving there so called Royal Army, they poison the minds of the people here to join their forces in exchange for a salary of 40, 000 pesos……… and it is also included there to fill-up the forms of claiming a camouflage and a combat boots…. this propaganda secretly runs in background and of course in the purpose of anonymously gathering strength in the future attacks…. these are the information BS Aquino aren’t noticing about or much, he doesn’t really care about Mindanao…as soon the BBL would be approved Mindanao will start to rot and would just be turned into a chaotic island. Drug abuse will become rampant in both corners of the island, killings and a cycle of it…. he, BS Aquino, is really a stupid Psychotic president…..

  35. when all these problems turned out to be about political and socio-economic issues,you can be sure that insatiable greed,rampant corruption, extreme incompetence, and discrimination in the distribution of developments by the government are at the roots of these ills. any sensible, well-meaning government must addressed these problems first before it enters into a negotiation with another dubious entity like the MILF, especially when it is expected that a large amount of funds is to be allocated for an autonomous political body. corruption and incompetence are the most dreaded, visible deceases of any administration since we had our independence
    restored in 1946. remember that the MILF is made up of not only terrorists, but they also have in their rosters bandits and thieves!

  36. giving money to those terrorists is like the most ccowardly act a government can do.. it’s like the mafias.. the Philippine government will pay them so that those guys won’t do any harm.. this is not a peace process this is a protection racket that is happening in front of us if u ask me..

  37. How could this bring peace when the MILF keep on threatening war if the law in its current version could not be approved, or threatening that there is already another new rebel Muslim group forming?

    How could Filipinos accept this law as it is that the autonomy “need not to pay their taxes to the national government but the national government will support them with billions of pesos” from people’s taxes?

    Will the rest of the Filipinos who live outside the autonomous region accept to meekly pay to sustain them from their taxed money?

    How could we trust the government who serves as spokesperson for the MILF?

    Are all Filipinos that dumb and timid as being freely connoted by Malacanang, the so called peace negotiators and the MILF leadership?

  38. I don’t really understand the leadership of Pnoy. Either it is a style if laissez faire or democratic. He’s somewhat unarguably a loser. He didn’t know to use his critical thinking skills. Is that a leader of substance? I don’t think so. Giving up a territory to those gruesome Islamic extremists. It is not a solution to stop the long range conflict. There are still majority of Christians in the so called Bangsamoro area. It is unfair that the BBL will be promulgated. Non muslims will suffer from the bigotry and prejudice from those blood thirsty extremists. They must have a fair and settled negotiation. Wars and BBL are not the resolution to satisfy the freedom. It is how to be diplomat in people’s mindset. Peace is easily thought but hard to fulfill. It takes time to maintain the unity of different diverse heritages in the whole Philippine nation.

  39. what i mean is,…BBL is a bloody damn unconstitutional. what a shame to those extremists…struggling for freedom but forgot where they really belong. National identity and patriotism are gone gone., they manifest a betrayal from what we promise for our ancestors’expectations

  40. pnoy’s presidency is just to save hacienda luisita. and he see it in the bbl under the sharia law re: ancestral domain. it’s not the pilipinos who is worth dying for, it’s the hacienda luisita.

  41. Half my genes is from Mindanao. Lets use two years worth of the PDAF and Dap budget to raise the military members wages, provide modern armaments, upgrade military equipment and drive these insurgent group/terrorist out of Mindanao permanently. The vast majority of the island’s citizens including Muslim’s are peace-loving and friendly and has coexisted for decades !!!! The Republic already gave Muslim’s from Mindanao what they wanted ( A.R.M.M. ) decades ago but they blew that opportunity. For the president to push hard for the passing of the BBL only tells me there is an evil agenda behind it, one that we all will definitively and categorically regret in the future.

  42. Every Article/news etc sa lahat ng sources, you will notice lahat may kanya kanyang point of view, or principles and beliefs.

    Alam nyo kung ano sagot sa lahat ng problema na yan?
    WAR! Kill and be Killed at kapag ubos na ang tao, then there will be peace on earth but soul will never be in PEACE!

    Ang malaking malaking malaking problema ng bawat isa ay puro satsat, daldal ng daldal at mahilig makisawsaw sa mga arguments na ganito, ang pagbabago ay sinisimulan sa puso mo, pag iisip mo, sa kilos mo at gawa mo. Maging halintulad sa mga anak mo, kapatid mo, magulang mo at mga kaanak mo, at maging gawa din nila ang mga pananalita, pag iisip, kilos at gawa mo. We dont need education para malaman kung ano ang TAMA AT MALI. Hanggang sa maging isang malaking porsiyente ng populasyon ng bansa para makamit ang pagbabago. Hindi kailangan ang leader para mausnod o ipatupad ang constition ng Repluka ng Pilipinas. Hikayatin o magbigay oras na maipaliwanag ang bawat batas upang maging aware ang mga tao sa karapatan pang tao at tamang pagsasatupad ng batas. Walang matalino sa laban na to, lahat ay bulok at bobo dahil ang namumutawi sa bibig nyo ay pagkamakasarili. reklamo ng reklamo sa mga nangyayari pero kayo mismo ang kumukunsiti sa mga bayawak ng bansa naten. Kahit anong posisyon pa yan, kahit tawagin man nilalng terorista or kung ano man, ang nagpapatakbo at bumubo sa mga hinayupak na yan ay ang mga nasa katungkulan na ganid sa kapangyarihan. Ipinagpipilitan ang kanilang gusto maipatupad ang naisin nila, kunyari ang concern nila ay ang mga bulag at binging sambayanang Pilipino, Kung ang hangad nila ay paghihimagsik hayaan sila sa gusto nila maghimagsik. Tandaan nyo, ang gawain nila lahat sila ay kay Satanas, dahil hindi sila naniniwala sa maykapal tawagin man naten sa kahit anong pangalan ang Diyos. Silang mga namumuno na nagpapanggap sa ilalim ng isang relihiyon ay walang budhi at ndi naniniwala sa Makapangyarihan maykapal. Ginagamit ang relihiyon at pagkakaiba ng paniniwala at prinsipyo ng tao para makuha ang kapangyarihan nais nila. Hindi na pwede irelate dito ang history, dahil iba ang paninidigan nga mga bayani noon sa ngayon. Pang bansang kapayapaan ang hangad nila noon, Pang ANGKANG Demonyong kapangyarihan ang hangad nila ngayon. They will use the money to buy this and that, to pay this and that, lapit na election, they need money to gain more power. Cant you imagine why there will be no peace in Philippines because we Filipinos dont want to be in PEACE! Sagad tayo sa kalayaan at sarap ng buhay sa kasabihan ” Namnamin ang sarap ng buhay ngayon : bahala na bukas”. Nakuntento na tayo sa sumakay sa jeep everyday samantalang nakaprivate jet ang nakikinabang sa pera na kontribusyon nyo kada sweldo, buwis ng lupa. Walang benipisyo napapakinabangan ang mamamayan kasi kuntento na sa wala. Election na naman! kayong mamamayan ang dapat nakamata sa kilos at gawa ng mga Halimaw na mga yan. Tsk! I am a FILIPINO but I am not a PUPPET. and ask your self. maybe one day who knows, you will realize it in your death. Not “Bangon Pilipinas kasi nakatayo naman na ang PILIPINAS, Kilos mga Pilipino para may pagbabago naman ang Pilipinas.”

  43. Right now, as we speak, muslims have taken over all the farms in and around Don Carlos and have posted guards forbidding workers to work. This is happening right now. Who loses? The poor who can’t work. There is a meeting this Tuesday between the town councils, the muslims and the civilians. Anybody want to guess what the outcome will be?? The christians will be forced to convert, leave, or be killed. By the time the Philippine military gets there all they will find is a population of converted christians and mass graves.

  44. To Ilda:
    President Aquino and his ‘peace ladies’ are entitled to their opinions on the BBL, as are some ninety-five million other Christian Filipino stakeholders. From the perspective of an overwhelming majority of Ilocanos, Pampanggos, Tagalogs, Bicolanos, Visayans, and others, the area from Itbayat in the Batan Archipelago in the north, to Sitangkay and Simunul in the Tawt Tawi Archipelago in the south, is one sovereign and indivisible homeland called ‘The Philippines’. Some Filipinos seem predisposed to piss away an area, the size of Belgium, to a population-component who have, heretofore, insisted to be identified as Maranao, Maguindanao, or Tausog; and who, now prefer to be collectively known as Bangsamoro rather than Filipino. They, further, allude to the government’s neglect as being the cause of the underdevelopment of predominantly Muslim areas..without looking into why or how this has actually come to be.
    The Philippine Muslim, (Filipino Muslim, if they consider assimilation both ways), have never been discriminated against, nor disenfranchised. They have always had political representation and budgetary allocations no different from the others. Names like Alonto, Rasul, Pendatun, Matalam and Tamano, (and more), have always been a part of any ‘Philippine narrative’. It really seems that the underdevelopment referred to is traceable to something else.
    Having been recognized as a distinct people; and, having been assigned an autonomous area.. the ARMM.. the Philippine Muslim should now, together and unselfishly, strive to develop that area with the usual assistance of the government. They should also endeavor to assimilate some, if not most, of Filipino culture, and to be prepared to accept assimilation and governance themselves; assimilation being a two-way street. In all these, religion should be left to the individual’s preference, and should not even be part of any discussion.
    If we were all Filipinos.. not just Christians and Muslims.. we would have the beginnings of a commonality which could very well lead to harmony. There would be no reason, therefore, for a BBL.

  45. We will never achieve peace so many peace talks, so many deals were already made but time and again plot of terrorism still spawns in every nook and cranny killing innocents and betraying what this country stands for.

    The only thing that this country would change is the form of the government “we gracefully abused our freedom” and too much freedom yields to this…

    Most importantly Corruption ergo the list could go on.

    Maybe we are opted to change our Form of Government and start a new “And that is when the Real Independence comes forth”

    We need a Great New Revolution!

  46. To a keen observer, the steady growth of the ‘Muslim Mindanao’ insurrections is encouraged by the past (and the present) governments’, weak-kneed appeasement programs. The frequency and barbarity of these flare-ups grow in direct proportion to the size and content of these peace offerings. Sane people might have guessed where this course of action would take them, and would have known when to put a stop to it.
    Seeing, as we do now, that the latest peace initiative.. the BBL.. is the ARMM in steroids, we can only expect yet larger and more savage insurrections, from even more splinter groups. It is hard to comprehend how blind and how clueless our government leaders can be.. when the signs have been clear enough for everyone else to see. Is any body actually taking care of the Philippines and the Filipino? Please tell us that someone.. preferably a mature and thoughtful individual.. is ‘minding the store’.

  47. Question, what is the answer? Does the military have the equipment and manpower to stop this? Would it be better for the Philippines to treat the MILF like the USA did when the Philippines did not want to be part of the USA anymore? Remember, the USA choose the easiest answer at that time. The people of this area most decide what is right or wrong for them. Ask any USA soldier that has been in Iraq and Afghanistan and they will tell you that the people must lead not the government. A religious war can never be won. A war about people can be won. What is the answer for the MILF area ask the people who live in that area.

  48. I agree with this one. Though I would not include the Abu Sayyaf as they are essentially a criminal group posing as rebels. BTW they have the ARMM already.

    Education is still the key in solving the problems in Muslim Mindanao.

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