FHM Model Alyzza Agustin caught in ‘Please assist’ scandal!

Lol! Lesson for the day, don’t trust a ditz with your personally-autographed “privilege” cards. In the Philippines, it is common for motorists with connections with top military and police officials to have an autographed business card of one of these contacts tucked beside their drivers’ licenses in their wallet so that in the event that they are cited for a traffic violation, the attending police officer would be prompted to exercise “extra courtesy” to the bearer.

Explosive evidence in Plez-assist-gate!

Explosive evidence in Plez-assist-gate!

In the case of FHM Magazine “100% hottie” girl Alyzza Agustin, it was the business card of Philippine National Police Director for Plans Alexander Ignacio. The signed instruction on the back read, “Please assist my EA, Alyzza Agustin.”

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Presumably the “EA” stands for “executive assistant”. Then again, it could mean anything. Either way, bad news for Police Director Ignacio. Following what was probably just one of her many genius brainwaves, Ms Agustin uploaded an image of one such business card — both sides of it, no less — onto her Facebook Page. Not only that, she waxed literature about her happiness over its recent usefulness…

Nahuli na naman ako dahil coding but because of you Boss Alex wala ng huli huli. Thank you so much sa napaka useful mong card with matching dedication pa #happykid

Executive assistant 'privilege'

Executive assistant ‘privilege’


I was caught yet again beating the vehicle reduction coding ordinance [of Metro Manila], but because of Boss Alex, I didn’t need to worry about being caught. Thank you so much for your very useful card with matching dedication!

While most Metro Manila motorists suffer under various “vehicle reduction scheme” ordinances that require that they forego use of their vehicle within certain times on certain days, Agustin seems to enjoy routine immunity from this law, thanks to her “boss”, Police Director Alexander Ignacio.

FHM '100% hottie' Alyzza Agustin

FHM ‘100% hottie’ Alyzza Agustin

Huli ka!

In this case it’s policeman Alex Ignacio who was caught by the madla this time. Har har!

[Image sources: Top Gear Philippines Facebook Page and Alyzza Agustin’s Facebook Page.]

39 Replies to “FHM Model Alyzza Agustin caught in ‘Please assist’ scandal!”

  1. Ganyan tlga sa goverment ng pinas kapag my itsura sexy maganda VIP lalo nkpag mapera! Shunga c alyzza agustin kc pinagyabang pa nyan n porket maganda at sexy sya excuse na sya! Ligtas ka pwes pinahuli mo nman ang lumigtas syo! Nkakahiya! LoL

  2. One of the hottest things about a woman is a smart brain.

    So this prime example of inferior intellect can’t be a “hottie”.

    EA? More like MB > Mouthbreather

  3. It’s funny really seeing this

    I just saw a version of a lady who paste her photos online regarding how she enjoyed herself with a few different men at the recent f1 event in Singapore

    EA for that as well I supposed

  4. A retard went fully retard, sorry guys she’s aint beautiful anymore as she got no brains but hey her tits are there for something eh?

  5. Next time wag puro boobs ginagamit, gamitin utak.. masaya ung above the law diba iwas coding EA! Panindgan mo kayabangan mo hija!. Sumikat kna oh doble doble reward ng card na ginamit mo. 1st iwas coding as EA daw 2nd bec. Of ur stupidity sumikat ka..

  6. Shame on you police director.You must stick to the law of our land, batas ay ginawa para sa lahat ke Presidente o sexy o mayaman,pairalin sa lahat!!Kaya lalong nagdurusa sa hirap ang walang kapit at lalong nagtatamasa sa sarap ang kampon ng mga kapit kapit sa corruption.. Kelan kaya magiging parehas ang trato sa mga mamamayang Pilipino?

  7. Pinsan ko si Police Director Ignacio. wag niyo siya bastusin. wala siyang ginagawang masama. mahal niya ang asawa niya at hindi niya kayang gawin yan

  8. So anyone here who now wants to point out what could be done here besides shaming this lady? What about abuse of privileges by this certain ‘Boss Alex’ who apparently has an ‘almighty business card’ and the unjust enforcer who turns a blind eye on the violation (probably to avoid the risk of possibly losing his job)? Besides commenting on the person’s intelligence (or the lack thereof), why don’t we dig deeper and eradicate this rampant palakasan system? Just recently, seemingly ‘unattractive girls’ with anti-rape advocacy shamed, now, attractive girl, shamed. I didn’t know there are so many ‘perfect’ men in this world. *sigh*

  9. Pro’s over reaction.. normal na yan..tito nyong police o kakilala bigyan kayo card tanggapin nyo din dba.. kung ikaw c drector..humingi ktropa mo card..bbgyan mo dba? Gnun lng un..mali lng un semplang gnawa nun babae..lesson nlng..wgmciadong idiin sa khhiyan at hndi ibig sbhin nyan e msasamang nilalang nmga tao na yan.. kayoy mangahoy nalang ng mpakinbangan!

    1. Hindi ba yun nga yung mali? We are treating this as just a NORMAL thing which certainly, should NOT be. Laws are laws. They are created for reasons and are supposed to be followed by everyone even if you’re someone else’s son, wife, EA even authorities themselves.

    1. +1 and also her post isn’t something that i would describe as “waxing poetic” much more “waxing literature”….wrong idiom lang

      1. I get that this writer was being sarcastic about Alyzza’s post, so it’s ironic that she gets the idiom wrong. As for her phrase, “genius brainwaves,” wala akong makitang katapat niyan. Mali lang talaga. Baka ang ibig niyang sabihin ay “brainchild.”

    2. What?! “wax literature” should be “wax poetic” and “genius brainwaves” should be “genius brainchild”? Wow. I just spewed my soup all over the table. Amongst its various meanings the word “wax” as verb can mean “to grow or increase as specified” and it can be used outside that idiom. It would be wrong to use “wax poetic” to describe the status update as it was clearly not verbose. Naman, if you want to play grammar police try to be adequate in your chosen cause.

  10. ano ibig sabihin daw ng EA ?

    e di – Engot na Aanakan in other words…parausan ni General pag na stress sya hehehe

  11. I can’t help but think that this is just another conspiracy to destroy the image of Philippine Law Enforcement. The timing comes at the heels of the Purisima Land Cruiser fiasco. Anyway, if it were a conspiracy, kudos to you! Maybe, the more the people get mad at the corruption of our police, maybe a riot will ensue and we can raze some corrupt police stations. The police would be too inept and fat to do anything about it…hopefully

  12. couldnt believe this girl….to even post it in Facebook and brag about it is incredibly dumb..the great thing about having ‘online’ life now is we get to find out the shallow ones..the airheads..yung sobrang kabababaw…even when you don’t want to find out haha, and that means you either get annoyed or bothered or just use it to choose what kind of people you want around you and your life–which to me is a massive factor of being successful and happy in life–choosing to be with the right people harsh as it sounds.. (like ayaw ko ng tsismosa or that i couldn’t bear being with people who only likes to watch soap operas and eat bulaga eeks!)..its even more mind-blowing that our culture is that we are too polite and too nice to tell them or call them out for their stupidity (and yet like to talk about people behind their backs–yeah thats the culture unfortunately for like 70-80 percent of the population..). If this girl was my friend and Facebook only has ‘LIKE’ to press would i have pressed LIKE..no way jose. Really bothers me those who say….’ok lang naman yan at ginagawa naman yan ng lahat–hello! that makes it ok? DUHHH.” Pleasssee stop that damned thinking. (sorry yeah I’m too lazy to use proper periods and stops …)

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