Do we have the right to judge Ai Ai delas Alas?


ai_ai_delas_alasShe’s 50 years old. He’s 20 and a college student at the De La Salle University (DLSU). According to reports they’re in love and their respective families enjoy good relationships with one another.

Ai Ai seems to have a good relationship with her boyfriend’s family, as she sometimes posts her photos together with Gerald’s family and friends. Her children also seem to approve of their relationship, based on their photos together on Instagram.

While netizens have mixed reactions over their relationship, Ai-Ai posted her daughter Sophia’s message of support, saying that her mom deserves to be happy.

So what’s so bad about all that? In fact, me being a daughter, I could relate with Ai Ai’s daughter’s best wishes…

“Whatever life gives you even if it already hurts too much, just be strong and trust Him. Always remember that a woman should be pursued and every woman should be loved. You deserve to be happy ma. You should just focus on yourself right now and don’t let anyone bring you down. They don’t know you like how we — your family & friends — know you. They don’t know the things you’ve been through, they just know the things they see on camera. People will always judge, but the important thing is we know the truth, HE knows the truth and that’s the only thing that matters.”

Who wouldn’t want their mom to be happy? I dunno. Personally, what I see on my Facebook timeline gives me some insight on the hypocrisy of some people. There’d be some folks who, one moment, would noisily champion gay rights. And then the next moment, they’d be bashing Ai Ai delas Alas for taking a boy less than half her age in her arms.

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Last I heard, being gay and being in a romantic relationship with a boy half your age are both forms of deviant behavior. Gay relationships, like relationships where there is a huge age difference also tend to be less stable than normal ones. And, specially in the case of male-to-male relationships, there is also a higher likelihood that need and money are big motivational contributors. Those relationship circumstances are pretty much the same things that people speculate surround Ai Ai’s relationship with her new boyfriend.

My point is, the odds of sustained happines are stacked up against gay people and people who are in love with people who are far outside their age bracket as it is. So it doesn’t help that society tends to harshly judge both sorts.

Let’s give Ai Ai and her new guy Gerald Sibayan a break. 🙂

18 Replies to “Do we have the right to judge Ai Ai delas Alas?”

  1. Ageism is one of the last frontiers of discrimination. According to traditional values, one is not supposed to associate with someone outside of their own country, race, social class, religion, educational levels and of course we should only marry someone of the opposite sex. We are all supposed to stay in our boxes. Their is a lot of self-policing that goes on and people are attacked if they do not conform. However, life is too short to worry about living up to other people’s expectations of you. If you are in a legal, loving relationship with someone who age greatly differs from your own; to hell with what anyone else thinks.

  2. Even then, Gerald has to take care of their relationship and has to maintain a good image if he doesn’t want these freaking netizens scratching him.

  3. I really don’t care who that annoying woman has relations with and I do not judge her for that. But, PLEASE, don’t hang your shit on me. Keep it private and don’t drag this in the limelight for all to see, as if this would be the most important thing in the world. I don’t care about who porks you and I DO NOT want to hear about it.

  4. Miss, I believe that you have no right to compare gay rights to the special case of Miss Aiai. Kaya lang naman nagkakaroon ng maraming negative feedbacks kay Aiai kasi iiyakiyak sya sa TV after her failed relationship with a younger man before na piniperahan lang sya. It is understandable na susuportaan sya ng kanyang mga anak because she happened to be their mother providing them with food, shelter, love and etc..
    Nagtataka lang ako, dalawang writers na yata ng GetReal ang napaka insensitive at npaka homophobic. You made generalizations about homosexuality as if parang expert ka. You made your claim as a daughter and as a woman but you’ve never been or will ever be a homosexual so please don’t pretend to be an expert of this matter. The case of Aiai compared to gay rights is outright stupidity, immature, and irritating. Please get a life and leave us homosexuals alone kung wlala ka rin lang tamang masabi. By the way, kung meron mang negative feedbacks kay Aiai, normal lang yun coz she’s a celebrity, and people do care about her that is why they are reminding them. Dapat alam mo yun, first rule of fame, celebrities open their lives to the public and they get both positive and negative feedback of whatever is happening with them or else di na lang sila nag artista.

    1. Hmmm… you seem to make a lot of claims about how wrong I am about gay people but I can’t seem to find anything in what you write above that helps me understand why you think so.

      And, sure, I’ve never been a homosexual or engaged in a homosexual act. But, hey, I haven’t tried it so I won’t knock it. I’ve got an open mind, so don’t be too sure about what you say there, he he… 😉

  5. Only if they started dating three or four years ago. Not only would it be creepy and cringe-worthy, it would also be illegal.

  6. There is nothing wrong really. What is wrong is the way social and mass media sensationalize it like it were a jerk. Why does it have to be news at all.From where I sit, it’s all about mental voyeurism and mysterbation for all to enjoy.

    1. Then it’s probably a bad idea to encourage publicity-hungry attention whores to masturbate in public simply because there’s a segment of the population which enjoys that sort of thing.

  7. She’s a public figure and opened her personal life publicly. I guess it is not judging but it is people’s opinion…. all about what social media is for, not to mention the freedom of speech. It is not our business, yes but she opened her personal life, then prepare herrself for what is to come. She has the choice to keep it private but she chose otherwise. Besides, public figures has the obligation to the public for their good moral character. Unfortunately, most of them in the movie world and politics live their lives unacceptable to the society hence, the bombshell! I guess the social media is grest so an errant gets to realize or have the conscience of his or her own doings.

  8. Daughter should support the like of her mommy Ai-Ai 20 and below or else her mom will not give financial support to her. Is she working?

  9. While I agree we shouldn’t judge this situation, this thing is, a wide age gap really raises questions. Would it be a mature relationship? Is this really something for others to emulate? No, I’m not saying they should split, but… there will always be questions.

  10. No. We have no right to judge. But knowing that she is setting herself up for more grief, it’d be a welcome change for her to shut up and quit whining when the inevitable does happen, again.

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