Noynoy Aquino: stop issuing stupid answers to the question of your term extension

The most annoying sort of human beings of all are those who can’t make up their minds. I’m a firm believer in the saying: Either dump your load or get off the can.

NoynoyaquinoewanPhilippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III has been playing games with Filipinos for months now. He’s certainly earned the ‘BS’ in BS Aquino. And so, over the same period, both ordinary Filipinos on the street and the country’s top opinion shapers alike have been asking:

Does BS Aquino want another term or not?

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What follows is the President’s dumbest (albeit astoundingly unsurprising) answer to that question so far:

“So if the vast majority [of the people] think this is the route that has to be taken, then there should be a way based on the Constitution to afford that opportunity.”

Again he defers to “the people”, his “bosses” supposedly.

There really couldn’t be a more spineless position to take. Democracy may be premised on the notion that the “majority will” knows what’s best for the nation. The trouble with President BS Aquino and the morons who follow him is that they’ve taken that notion a bit too far. Left to their devices, that “majority will” is no more than a dumb crowd — stampeding to wherever the cattle herders and their dogs prod them towards.

The more mature regard for “democratic” governance is where the will of the people ends (in elections, say), the minds of the elected leaders and representatives who are the products that institutionally-channeled will takes over.

In short, Filipinos elected President BS Aquino in 2010 to lead. If he wants to go for a second term, he shouldn’t be issuing bullshit about him deferring to his “bosses”. He should instead be issuing a clear vision and a coherent roadmap to assure his constituents that it is clear in his mind what he plans to do with a second term if he gets it.

For now, all he is telling Filipinos is (1) that he needs assurance that he is wanted for a second term, (2) that there may be a way to get that second term if it’s been shown that he is wanted for it, and (3) that he will go to where the people want him to go.

That sort of girlie posturing is absolutely unbecoming of a president leading a nation of 100 million wretched souls. These sorts of personalities usually end up with a boot high up their ass.

If President BS Aquino wants a second term he should grow a couple and tell Filipinos why he believes they deserve a Third Aquino Presidency like a man — better yet, like a true statesman would. He should provide Filipinos with a clear plan on how he plans to spend those extra six years. He needs to assure Filipinos that he will not be the same spineless sniveling excuse of a president that he was over the last four years.

That’s not too hard a challenge to step up to, is it? Then again, this is President BS Aquino we are talking about. Before he answers those questions, he may need to go on another one of those idiotic prayer retreats to consult his dead parents.

18 Replies to “Noynoy Aquino: stop issuing stupid answers to the question of your term extension”

  1. The poor Filipinos voted for P. Aquino, hoping for a change in their lives under his government. However the sad reality is that his administration has not shown much difference from GMA in terms of economic policies, foreign policies, human rights and governance. He does not deserve a term extension.

    1. you are partially right. first thing wrong with your statement is that when it comes to human rights, the First Amendment was observed in GMA’s term. In BS Aquino’s governance, the rule of law was thrown out the window.
      2nd thing wrong, BS AQuino knows about foreign policy about as much as he knows how to speak, let’s say Arabic (practically nothing).

  2. He wants another term, I am 1000% sure of that. He knows a one way trip to jail awaits him, soon as he is not covered by presidential immunity, and his beloved idiots in congress and senate.
    No one is biting his “hints” (if you can call them that). The only ones calling for his 2nd term are his paid trolls with iPads bought with the public’s money.

  3. When the whistle blew and the game started , game time was set at six years. Since when was game time determined by the participant in the game while the game was in the 4th quarter??

  4. Whenever the president speaks, that is viewed as a policy statement. The president has a twisted idea or plan of what he really wants to do in his term, more so to entertain the thought of another term. Noynoy Aquino is not even a mediocre, surrounded by fellow idiots shaping the destiny of our country. I really couldn‘t find logic in Aquino‘s manner of answering a question regarding his term extension. He makes it a trivial matter.

    The president is good in making sure that he is consistent of being inconsistent. Reporters should asked him again the same question about term extension every presscon to note how vague, moronic and troubling PNoy‘s response would be. He is indeed, BS.

  5. Well, it is just a mind games for him. Let’s put it this way he is just testing the waters if the stronger part of the ripples will be towards him definitely he will but unfortunately the ripples of the waters are not anymore the same or similar as he expected way back 2010. Because as we observed it clearly some of his supporters are now feeling frustrations and disgusts due to some distasteful decisions Pres. BS Aquino made for more than four years in office now. Let’s put in a chemical body fluids perspective, Pres. BS Aquino has more estrogen than testosterone. He is not man enough to be the father of his own what’s more to be expected as a father of the nation. No to term extension that the absolute answer we should have and that’s non-negotiable.

  6. I’m not too opposed to a second term for PNoy. Maybe it’ll finally make the government collapse and wipe the slate clean. This twisted game needs to be reset.

  7. A Dumb Ass can never become a Stallion. Aquino has failed in his first term. Do you believe, he can perform on his second term?

    Aquino is not yet satisfied with what he had stolen in the DAP, PDAF, etc…His minions are not yet satisfied with what they have stolen from their Pork Barrels.

    Second term issue is just a diversionary tactic of his political team…it is because, he cannot solve the problems of the country. The Philippines is mirred lower and lower in poverty and widespread corruption, everday.

    I am tired seeing the face of this mentally retarded idiot.

    1. He posed looking on a “Girlie” Magazine.
      However, in secret, he is looking on “Women” Magazines, looking for the “real stud”…who are really “big and large”….

    1. Coming in a wheelchair, to an international airport near you Filipino’s…the next ex-president of the country !!!! BWAH HA HA !!!

  8. fucking christ, the filipinos are paying tax, where the fuck are you ? Fuck philippines and fuck your politicians…..get your shit fixed fuckers!!

  9. During this time when heavy rains dumped by the typhoon, causing massive floods in the metro, the Belgians must be laughing their asses of with how stupid Pnoy is in saying “Even a Grade 5 student will easily see that this project is illogical” on the Laguna Lake Rehab project.

    Pnoy government’s self serving incompetence has been proven to be right for all to see and admire. Get this people out of the government, now!!!

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