Which comes first, the ‘nice’ or the Louis Vuitton?


A friend and I were recently looking through our Facebook timelines and having a laugh. The flood of ALS ice water bucket videos (which, frankly, I find a bit tiring), merited only a few pained chuckles. But what really got us guffawing was a photo shared by a distant acquaintance of ours. In the photo, this acquaintance of ours was posing with three other friends of hers each of them sporting a Louis Vuitton (LV) handbag.

Louis_Vuitton_bagI say ‘sporting’ because it seemed to us that the whole point of the photo revolved around those tannish handbags. The ladies were clearly exhibiting them front and center as they struck model-like poses (you know, body pointing to their left faces cocked towards the camera with right front legs slightly bent) with the LVs slung on their right fore arms. So what does one say to a photo like that? Yeah, we get it, you’ve got nice LV bags.

So do a million others.

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I just wonder though, which comes first: the “nice” or the “LV”? I mean, are the bags considered nice because they are LVs? Or are they LVs because they are nice?

Maybe it’s just me, but I would likely have preferred sporting an unbranded bag and have someone notice it even as it sat cloaked in shadows and say in a matter of fact voice, “Hey, that’s a nice bag.”

I dunno. To be fair to LV, those bags really look nice in the promo photos. You know, the ones with the product slung around the arm of a tall thin leggy model staring back at you, speaking to you with her gaze telling you “you can be me if you buy an LV”. Clearly, these ads work. The ad agencies that come up with these images don’t get paid the big bucks for nothing.

Well, hopefully those bags in the photo are the real things. It would be a double tragedy for those ladies if they weren’t.

[Photo courtesy SpottedFashion.com.]

7 Replies to “Which comes first, the ‘nice’ or the Louis Vuitton?”

  1. It is nothing but a status symbol for the feeble minded who think they are something special because of an ridiculously overpriced handbag. Same goes for the latest Apple products and other overly expensive crap. No company ever went bankrupt underestimating the bad taste and stupidity of people.

    Products like those also have nothing to do with being classy. As a matter of fact, to me it gives the exact opposite impression.

    Not being predictable, that’s being classy.

    1. It’s human nature
      It’s taken a bit too far with the LV situation but people given similar choices will think the one that cost more is better

  2. the thing about facebook or any other social media platform for that matter, is it somehow removes any semblance of embarrassment or shyness from people. you have to see selfies tagged with #cutie #cutieoverload et al. those models kuno are just a part of that annoying and dismal reality of using these kinds of online services. at least facebook has that newsfeed editing feature. small comfort.

    1. Facebook and other forms of social media’s original intent was to simply connect people and provide for them the means to communicate instantaneously no matter the distance. Naturally this could be said of the internet as a whole, but social media took it up a notch by giving people greater personalization on how they present themselves online. It was a concept that was eventually perfected by Facebook.

      An unintended side-effect unfortunately, is that it also encourages people to become narcissists. No other invention has given people greater ability to show-off. It’s a great invention for Filipinos because it perfectly fits their KSP-driven shallow personality archetype.

  3. There’s a new trend in Facebook – Creating a second account. With this account you do not befriend anybody. Just like all the Pages that serve you well that ovulates infertile mind. If you’re bored you can open your original account and see your friend sporting LV bags. :*

  4. LV bags are not that impressive anyway. Find anyone in the sidewalk carrying one and you’d automatically think it was an imitation from Greenhills. It looks cheap in the environment of the Philippines.

  5. you slapped me with the truth in your last sentence Jmac. 😉 It hurts. Nice blog GRP! Keep it real, keep slapping us(pinoys) with the truth until we wake.

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