PNoy wants to amend Cory Constitution to punish Supreme Court for ruling against DAP

After years of saying no, Philippine President Benigno Simeon (BS) Aquino has finally admitted yes, he is for the amendment of the 1987 “Cory” Constitution. That’s bad news for a lot of people particularly his supporters who insisted that “it is not the President himself who wants to extend his term; it is the people around him – those who have vested interests.

Turning in their graves? The late former President Cory Aquino and former Senator Ninoy Aquino

Turning in their graves? The late former President Cory Aquino and former Senator Ninoy Aquino

President BS Aquino’s supporters also stressed, prior to his admission, that “Noynoy will not dishonor his mother’s constitution by amending it”. They were wrong about that too. I wonder what those people are thinking now? It just goes to show that the President’s supporters themselves do not really know what their idol is up to. Considering his supporters were wrong about where he stands on his desire to stay in power, this recent revelation coming from the President himself should serve as their wake-up call.

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The advocates of the “Never again to dictatorship” did not notice that a wannabe dictator has slipped in under their radar. That’s because they were too busy reliving the “horrors” of the Marcos years. They didn’t realize that an Aquino is also quite capable of abusing his executive powers. Some people can be so blinded by their passion for the Aquinos to the point where they cannot see beyond the name. They cannot see that the man they call the “savior” of the Philippines is actually wreaking havoc in the country’s already fragile institutions.

There is also another group of people who will be disappointed if the President’s audacious announcement to amend the Constitution backfires. They are the people who have been clamoring for an amendment but were only after the changes in the economic provisions and a change in the system of government. They are the people who believe that lifting the restriction on foreign ownership will increase the country’s competitiveness resulting in better, cheaper products and services for the Filipino people and lasting economic gains for the country.

They are the people who believe that a change in the system of government from Presidential to Parliamentary system will improve the chances of electing a quality leader. They also claim that under a parliamentary system of government, it is easier to remove an ineffective leader like BS Aquino. The idea being that when a leader’s popularity rating has gone down, the political party’s members will have no choice but to vote for a change of leadership within their party.

Movements applying well-rounded and intelligent approaches to pushing constitutional reform have been set back by BS Aquino's careless talk.

Movements applying well-rounded and intelligent approaches to pushing constitutional reform have been set back by BS Aquino’s careless talk.

The positive effects of lifting the restrictions on foreign ownership and changing the system of government sound good in theory but is still debatable when applied to the Philippines with its padrino culture, indeed. However, the point here is, if the majority of Filipinos react with an outright no to any amendments in the Constitution because of their mistrust for President BS Aquino, their hard work lobbying for decades for their causes will simply go down the drain.

President BS Aquino may have agreed with the idea of tinkering with the Constitution but his main purpose is to prolong his stay in power and to punish the Supreme Court by removing their jurisdiction over the Executive and the Legislative branches of government. In other words, his reasons for amending the Constitution are selfish. Those who support him should consider the cost of extending his term. In a news report, it is estimated that the taxpayers would have to fork out 7 billion pesos if the President is serious about pushing for it. This includes creating a people’s initiative and holding a plebiscite. Considering the cost, let’s all hope the President was merely joking.

The Liberal Party to which BS Aquino belongs to cannot accept defeat. Survey shows their presidential bet, current Deparment of Interior and Local Governemt Secretary Mar Roxas will lose to Vice President Jejomar Binay in 2016. Their solution is to extend BS Aquino’s term instead because he is still the party’s best bet. That says a lot about their party’s policy — that, ultimately, all is based only on popularity.

BS Aquino seemingly justified his call for a term extension in a need to continue the “reforms” he has started. The question is, what reforms? If his government actually instituted sound policies, it should continue even without him. The fact of the matter is, BS Aquino’s economic policies are not even sustainable. Government spending, which includes dole-outs through the Conditional Cash Transfers is not even effective in alleviating poverty. His priority projects are also questionable considering the country still suffers from power shortages and a yawning deficit in infrastructure critical to attracting investors.

Singular focus on clinging to power: President BS Aquino

Singular focus on clinging to power: President BS Aquino

It was evident in BS Aquino’s responses during an interview with News5’s resident legal analyst Atty. Mel Sta. Maria that he is not really interested in genuine reforms that could last even after he is no longer the President. He didn’t even mention the changes in the economic provisions and system of government as a priority in amending the Constitution during the lengthy interview. That’s proof enough that the nature of specific constititutional reforms the advocates have been clamoring for all these years simply fly over the President’s head. What is most likely occupying his mind and keeping him awake at night is finding a way to get back at the Supreme Court for their ruling against the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) and the Priority Development Assistance Funds (PDAF).

There was no need to read between the lines of BS Aquino’s statement. His justification for amending the Constitution reeks of vindictiveness:

“And in fact in the 1987 Charter’s martial law provision, any citizen may petition the SC as to the factual basis for the imposition of martial law,” Aquino noted. “Ang problema lang ngayon, may nagtatanong, sobra ba?” (The problem now is, there are those who ask: Has it gone too far?)

He said under the current setup, the court can say, “Yung kongreso, executive, kumilos kayo, pero anytime, puede namin kayong kastiguhin…(Congress and Executive may do their work, but we can check them anytime).” Consequently, instead of being judicious with “judicial restraint,” added Aquino, “parang masyadong madalas ginagamit (it seems the Court is using its powers to check other branches much too often).”

You also don’t need an expert to say that the President of the Philippines could be losing his grip on reality. BS Aquino seems to have missed the point of checks and balances. For decades, members of the Executive and the Legislative branches of government have been abusing their power over the people’s money and it is only now that the Supreme Court has put an end to it. This is thanks to the people who bothered to file complaints against the disbursement of funds through PDAF and the DAP as a result of the pork barrel fund scam. The Supreme Court only acted on those complaints. The President shouldn’t blame the members of the Judiciary for doing their jobs and upholding the rule of law.

The truth is, the Supreme Court has become the Filipino people’s only ally in the fight against the abuses of the members of the Executive and the Legislative branches of government. Unfortunately, President BS Aquino and his minions are undermining the power of the Judiciary because their routine mismanagement of public funds has finally been exposed. It is therefore up to the Filipino people to protect the members of the Supreme Court from BS Aquino.

68 Replies to “PNoy wants to amend Cory Constitution to punish Supreme Court for ruling against DAP”

  1. With all the idiotic supporters of the “president” and the idiotic minds of majority of the Filipino people, they are most likely willing to let BS Aquino amend the Constitution to allow him to extend his term up until who knows when.

  2. i want pinoy to continue the reforms that he has made specially in eliminating corruption in the government, to abolish the party list system and also to abolish the political dynasty. to modify the check and balances in the 3 branches of gov’t.

    1. What reforms? Are you saying there is now zero corruption because of Pnoy? Political dynasties… he is part of it just in case you didn’t know. Check and balances, he is actually destroying what is left of the 3 supposedly co-equal branches, he wants a dictatorship.

      You, Felipe Rosales, should use more of that thing inside your skull. The Philippines will be better of without him and his clan for that matter.

      1. Reforms? how about the start of abolition of PDAF, non-zero corruption doesn’t mean no reforms. Christ, the way you people comment here makes the PNoy supporters look like geniuses. Throwing derogatory words instead of sensible arguments.

        1. how about the start of abolition of PDAF, non-zero corruption doesn’t mean no reforms.

          Really? First of all, it was the Supreme Court who put an end to the PDAF not PNoy. Second, the reason why PNoy wants to clip the power of the SC is because of their ruling on PDAF & DAP. Third, despite the SC declaring PDAF unconstitutional, it seems PNoy gov’t is still secretly using it:

          PNoy admin ‘secretly’ used PDAF in 2014 budget: Tinio

          MANILA – No less than the officials in government admitted to using the already declared unconstitutional Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) in the 2014 budget, ACT Teachers Rep. Antonio Tinio said.

          In an interview with ANC, Tinio believes that the fourth impeachment complaint that will be filed against President Benigno Aquino III today will pass muster since “there is an administration policy of perpetuating the PDAF secretly while claiming publicly that they have abolished it.”

          He said the original P20 billion yearly PDAF was “broken up and inserted in the budgets of six agencies,” including the departments of Labor and Health, and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

          “There is nothing wrong yet at that point, but there is an understanding between Malacanang, the heads of agencies, and Congress that they will have individual allocations from these lumpsums,” he explained.

          He alleged P4.1 billion was given to CHED, but the lawmakers have the discretion on how this will be spent.

          In one of the hearings at the lower House, CHED Chairperson Patricia Licuanan herself acknowledged that using the lump sums was illegal but that the agency had to use it.

          Health Undersecretary Janette Garin was also quoted as saying: “It was made clear to us that these funds are not DOH funds but are actually funds of congressmen who are there to assist their constituents.”

          Garin, who was at a hearing that time, was referring to the P3.1 billion allocation to the DOH, Tinio said.

          “The problem here is that basic services become politicized,” he noted.

          He said it was already clear in the Supreme Court decision that the PDAF is illegal.

          While their evidence consist mostly of statements from the government officials, Tinio noted that “if you go back to the SC decision, they said this is what exactly could happen. These are informal practices that perpetuate congressional pork.”

        2. Reforms? Ludicrous!

          Contrary to jarvis’ disingenuous indignation, President Penoy and Secretary Abad are still developing ever more creative ways to bribe politicians at the local level through another unaccounted disbursement scheme — Grassroots Participatory Budgeting (GBP). Under the GPB, LGUs are asked to come up with a ‘wish list’ of PhP15 million worth of projects that they want to be funded by the national government, through consultations with local basic sector organizations (BSOs) and civil society organizations (CSOs). Like the PDAF and DAP, grassroots budgeting is shot through with loopholes. The only difference is that Malacañang has cut out the legislator-middlemen and deals directly with the local officials through NGOs. Sound familiar?

        3. jarvis,

          “…how about the start of abolition of PDAF, non-zero corruption doesn’t mean no reforms.”

          Lying about the Aquino government’s activities regarding PDAF/DAP/GPB to obfuscate the issue is your idea of a ‘sensible argument?’ It does not require a ‘genius’ to see through your falsifications and half-truths.

        4. Awww, come on, jarvis.

          You know felipe doesn’t have an argument, all his points are invalid from the start, in this instance, he cannot even substantiate his claims:

          a. reforms – what reforms?

          b. abolish party list – how good/bad this one can be argued by anybody

          c. abolish political dynasty – he is actually a part and parcel of a dynasty. To abolish it means, he should just leave his job, which is counter to what felipe wants (another term).

          d. check and balances – the moment Pnoy stepped in and claimed to know better than the SC with regards to the law(he is not infallible) is literally throwing the system of the 3 co-equal branches out the window. How can that be good for the country? It seems felipe is clueless.

          e. derogatory remarks – if the shoe fits. If I call someone “bobo” because of his idiotic comments, then it is not expressing a low opinion of someone, it is, in fact the truth, unless your idiotic comment is not yours but is only paid to post such BS here, then you deserve to be called “bobo”, moron, idiot, imbecile, etc.

          You and I both know that your boss is one massive liar. It is such a sad thing that you, an obviously intelligent person, can reduce the country’s predicament to a mere job of kissing Pnoy’s ass no matter what you actually think, forgetting about how it is to be a real human having the ultimate goal of leaving this world a better place than how you found it.

    2. “eliminating corruption in the government”
      -We? ndi nga? 50 million peso bribe to the Senators who agree to impeach CJ Corona.

      “to abolish the party list system and also to abolish the political dynasty”
      -Yellow Zombie

      “modify the check and balances in the 3 branches of gov’t”
      -more like The TURD wants to control all the 3 branches of government.

      Kaibigang Felipe, kung tuog ka pa? gising na! Walang natupad na pangako ang presidente natin, 4 na taon na mula ng maupo sa malacanang ang lolo mong bakla, may na improve ba?
      Dami ng nakasuhan, may na convict ba?
      Basa basa muna ng mag lumang post dito sa GRP baka may matutuhan ka.
      Unless isa ka sa mga bayarang troll ng Yellow Movement.

    3. what reforms? abolish political dynasty? what the hell are you talking about. Open your eyes please! corruption flourished in his damn administration and he himself is the leader of it all. Cmon!


        1. “Economic comments” of world bank does not reflect the real status of a country. It’s not always about the money, it’s about how people work and straighten their disciplines and principles in running a country. I can go to Somalia and tell everybody back home that they’re doing good.

        2. Where are the links of these “comments” and site how these “comments” fill up the hungry stomach of filipinos in poverty.

        3. Oh thank you but I disagree like everyone else cockteasing Felipe and just so you know he hasn’t done anything and it’s already 4 years okay? What time is needed? NONE and 4 years is quite long enough for him to take time when he should have started little by little.

        4. TROLL

          Desperate na nga ang mga boss mo sa malacañang kung ganyan parin ang ginagawa ninyong pagpopost ng walang kwentang propaganda dito.

          Takot ka lang sigurong mawalan ng trabaho kaya gusto mong tumagal sa pwesto ang timang mong pangulong walang kwenta tulad mo.

        5. Your president was only good for two things:
          No Good and Good for nothing, like YOU.

          Face it, you guys are scared of losing your pay checks, that’s why you want another term for the wannabe dictator

        6. Thus the question that you noytards cannot answer regarding that improving economy propaganda: Where are the results?

    2. Good governance?? The only thing that pansy was ever good at before he was president was living off the family name. Don’t expect him to be a competent leader of a third world country. He is a wimpy, vulnerable, high maintenance mama’s boy.

    3. And RIP English. Bagsak ka palagi sa English class noong Elementary at High School years mo ano inutil de indio? What are you doing during those years? Skipping classes and play PC games instead? Sayang naman ng pinag-aralan mo inutil.

  3. The Mad President enjoys his power so much, now he wants to stay a little longer.

    If PNoy gets another term, and with Mar on his side, controlling the government, it will be called conju-gay dictatorship.

    Bad for our country.

    PNoy is not only crazy but also greed.

    1. I am praying that if his lunacy gets out of control, our Justice system as well as constitution-abiding military men will discipline his distorted self-arrogance.

      1. Don’t expect the military to come to the aid of the democratic process. Take a look at Thailand. Talk about a dysfunctional government.

        Military coup threats are an even greater threat to democracy than megalomaniacal politicians!

  4. Wala na talaga si Ngoyngoy, malakas na talaga ang tama sa ulo. Ayaw lang niyang aminin pero lasing na siya sa kapangyarihan. May self-inflicted illusion na siya na savior ang apelyido niya. Pareho sila ng nanay niya na walang ginawa pero mas matindi ang sapak niya sa utak. Wag mong intaying magalit ang taong bayan Ngoyngoy. Bawasan mo ang kapal ng mukha mo dahil hindi lahat ng Pilipino ay maloloko mo. Magagawa ng pamilya mo na magpapatay ng mga magsasaka sa Hacienda Luisita pero di mo magagago ang buong Pilipinas.

  5. Might as well phone up the boys from Beijing and ask them to nuke you. Get it over and done with. No point in staying on earth, got nothing to look forward to unless you call poverty and perpetual shit a bonus. LEAVE GO ANYWHERE.
    Every day more of the same old drama.
    MRT conked out again..surprise.
    MRT management 100’s of excuses and not one solution.
    Nothing ever changes in the trailer park.

    1. @ Yawn, A trailer park is a step up in the Fail-ippines.How sad is that?

      and you are once again correct to advise Filipino’s to get out of the hell-hole as fast as possible. The look onthe faces of the people on line waiting at NAIA for OFW’s to arrive speaks volume’s about how screwed the entire countries population is.

  6. Tsk tsk… Puro kayo satsat, puro magagaling, husay magpatutsadahan… kayo na nga maging PRESIDENTE nang makita ng mga Pilipino ang husay ninyo, aber!

    1. Parang ikaw puro satsat? Typical na reaction ng isang magaling na Pinoy. Paano nga ba uunlad ang Pilipinas kung ganitong klaseng kultura at pag-iisip ang meron dito.

      Anong masama sa pagkukuwestiyon ng mga gawain ng mga opisyales natin, kung mismong mga prinsipyo ng magulang nila ay isinasatabi para sa makasariling ambisyon (na pinapalabas nila na para sa kapakanan ng bayan)?



      1. There are no patriots or nationalists in yellowturd world. Just scoundrels and opportunists who receive bribes from the yellow tyrant despot! You do not love your country and people as you continue to spread lies and deception. Die a thousand deaths yellow collaborators of the yellow dictator! DI PALULUPIG! DI PASISIIL!

        1. Kasi dapat naman talaga sa mga YellowTards na yan i Gas Chamber para mapurga na ang Pilipinas sa mga walang silbi na yan at isama ang mga Baboy na Politiko.

    2. @PuroNagmamarunong Typical pinoytard logic defending his idiot president with no logic. We feel sorry for losing your humanity.

    3. Ang baduy mo -_-

      Ilang beses na namin narinig yan sa mga kapwa mong tangang noytard.
      Akala mo ba na titigil kami dahil lang dyan sa sobrang gasgas mong spiel?

      Kung kami ang naging presidente, wala kayong mga malcañang troll dito dahil hindi kami katulad ng pangulo mong walang kwenta

    4. Kasi ang utak ng mga inutil na katulad mo ay lubog palagi sa ebak. pinoy nga naman oo ginagamit palagi ang puso hindi ang utak.
      Oh at lumang palusot na iyan gunggong. Hanggang dyan lang ba ang kaya mo walang pinag-aralang noytard?

    5. @ PuroNagmamarunong

      Ilang eleksiyon na ang nakaraan na may pagkakataon bumoto ng marurunong at mahuhusay ang mga pilipino, nanalo ba?

      Panay kasi kabobohan ang nasa isip, kagaya mo.

      Mungkahi lang, iho, sa 2016, ang iboto mo yung may alam kung papaano magpalakad ng isang bansa. Gamitin ang utak, o kung ano man ang tawag mo diyan sa matatagpuan pa diyan sa loob ng bungo mo.

  7. This president an his equally crazy and greedy rah rah boys,wants nothing but doleouts and self-enrichment. For an unqualified incompetent president who knows nothing but to point fingers, is now in a dillusional state that people is still clamoring for his leadership. How can a leader lead without a perspective,wake up you yellow ribbons. These country had lots of talents and potential. The integrity of this country is at stake here, and this idiot want to clip the final arbiter of law just to serve his personal vendetta.

  8. Aquino wants to become another Dictator. The Filipinos must wake up…the YellowTards want to grab power.

    Aquino did nothing in his term; except being vindictive to his political enemies. Now, he cannot control the Supreme Court; who ruled against his DAP, PDAF, Pork Barrel thievery.

    Aquino is a thief and a criminal. Now he wants power by being a Dictator…

    1. Politicians, similar to Aquino, and Aquino himself; should be changed often; because they are like Dirty Baby Diapers…they stink…

  9. So many people are still blinded on the fact that PNoy is just fooling around in Malacanang at the expense of our country lacking of real and tangible development.

    ASEAN Integration is just around the corner, and we do not even put our house in order, more so to be even competetive.

    The blunder of electing Noynoy as president makes the country suffer more than ever.

    We are a democratic country at first glance. But, not really enjoying the ideals of a democatic state. Free but still a slave of ignorace, political patronage and poverty. Is this the essence of democracy?

    PNoy is a fool. A fool who thinks that he is wise. And still enjoys a bunch of fools admiring him.

  10. Not only that he wants power of the government but also make all government utilities to be private, to be part of his family business.

    Privatization of Orthopedic and other National Hospital? Because there are no more budget from the government to operate them? But there is a Budget for DAP?

    MRT fiasco? C’mon, It is just an excuse, a scripted scenario, for the dumb people to realize that we cannot operate the MRT well so we can be force to sell it to private companies.

    This is what Cory did, She sold almost all public utilities that supposed to be for the masses, to for her family’s business gain. PLDT, MERALCO, PETRON? And all she has to do is blame Marcos, because we are buried in debt.

    Wake up People, stop dreaming, If this continues The Philippines will most likely be the Next North Korea.

    1. Next to North Korea or Somalia. Well there are similarities in Characters between Kim Jung-Un and our very own BS Aquino

  11. Ilda,

    coconut is not losing his grip on reality, he never lived in the real world to start with. You know, he is a very special person living in his own world where he is king and all bend over to kiss his ring.

  12. Having BS PNoy is the biggest cruel joke we ever had in the entire History of Philippines’ Politics. We allowed him to lead us despite of questionable psychological problem he has and even his father Ninoy told him as “walang kalatoy-latoy” but still we let him to be our President. Clipping the power of the SC as co-equal interdependent branches of our government is like leading the soldiers to a war with ‘Bolo” in their hand while their enemy has war drones.

    1. At least, you notice something worth your time, or do you prefer those pro – p? (the likes of you****, ****hub, or you***z?) 😛

        1. Let me guess, its pro-paganda isn’t it?
          Your trolling is so ineffective and inefficient no wonder your boss keeps sending idiots like YOU here.

        2. Aw, looks like someone’s butthurt
          What’s the matter? Does the truth hurt too much?
          FYI, you’re not on anybody’s level since you’re too blind to realize the truth about your yellow idol

          Word of advice, posting in ALL CAPSLOCK will only brand you as someone who can’t handle criticism.

  13. I do not want yo hear us Filipinos arguing and leave us separated due to what both sides are defending. I just want to equate fro my view well correct me if i am wrong. For PNOYs supporters I just want to thank our President for giving the money back to us. I currently work at a firm which supplies industrial equipments to industries such as ppwer plants, mining, manufacturing, millings, and others. Our company just increased sales started year 2012 and consistently been increasing presently. I can say that this is just the evidence of what our president says increase in investments and growing economy. Medjo nga hindi pa mafefeelng mga kababayan natin because industries talaga takes years to finish and i believ by the end of this year many industries mostly our customers will operate then that comes the jobs for many pinoys. Also thank PNoy for the modernization of our military and navy. Record breaking modernization (ongoing) since marcos. This is based on facts and truth as what i have seen right now. As what we always say, “nobody is perfect”, or shall we say may negative side talaga ang term ni Pinoy. Here we go, Though naibulgar na ang mga korakot with PDAF, does not mean that DAP should be exempted with this as our Supreme Court proves it as unconstitutional. If DAP is something we Filipinos are concerned about kasi nga mahihirapan ang ating COA mag account nito o sa ngalan lang ng unconctitutional tempers Juan de la Cruz sana ay tanggalin nya na lang. Total, makakagawa pa naman proyekto through right and trusted processes na malalaman talaga ni Juan de la Cruz kung saan talaga mapupunta ang pera through the implementation of FOI. And also let the Filipinos decide whether anyone should stay in their places for another term. Talking about chacha is a painful slap to Juan de la Cruz dignity, only the Filipinos as one can mention this through let say movements (with integrity ‘di yung binabayaran lang din). CHACHA is to critical and risky to talk about thats why JUAN DELA CRUZ chose not to touch it. The constitution is like our countries soul. Kung wala namang mali wag na sanang baguhin o kaya kontrahin.

    1. Good for your company if you are indeed doing well. But, we have to look at the larger picture of PNoy‘s fiscal and economic policies.

      The ILO recently anounced that the Philippines has the highest unemployment in the Asean.

      The DA‘s inaction against cocolisap will displace millions of coconut farmers and allied industries.

      Prices of goods are unstable.

      Possible power and water shortages next year was announced by no less than by government itself.

      In short, the divides is coming from the lack of planning of the Aquino administration in addressing our country‘s many problems.

      How I wish I can join you in praising PNoy. But, no I cannot. PNoy still represents the old politics of rhetorics without valuable reforms.

      Instead, PNoy uses and abuses his power to persecute his enemies. While at the same time protects his allies like Abad and Alcala.

    2. @NIL

      You cannot directly and plainly credit your company’s success to Pnoy, unless your industry is directly related to one of his policies (which, as far as I can tell, borders on the mundane and idiotic, if not completely self-serving).

      Modernization of AFP which he is beating his chest with is really not modernization but just cost of upkeep. In other words, talagang kailangan, Pnoy or no Pnoy. Modernization is improving the technology in use, here he just bought “new” (using new as a relative term) goodies. (Except the case of the navy where he retrofitted old decommissioned US ships and called it modern). As far as I see, just harping on these to justify use of funds.

      Lastly, this is not about taking sides. This is highlighting to the rest of the filipinos the areas where we need to put some serious thoughts and improve on it, if we ever want the Philippines to get out of the ruts.

  14. I am concerned of JUAN DELA CRUZ regardless of sides. I know justice will be served ipagdasal na lang natin. Change can start in each of us such as respecting and obeying our local regulations. Doing our daily work with utmost integrity even with small things like utilizing office papers for personal use. And guys pray always for PHILIPPINES. How big is your love for PHILIPPINES? Are we ready to die whenever PH needs us to defend it? Me? I Will realy lay my life for this country God knows why.

  15. And now here he is, because of his incompetence, now on to damage control, hiring a PR man to recover his suffering popularity. What a pathetic boy. It wouldn’t even surprise me if they will be using taxpayers’ money for this.

    Filipino people, let us remain vigilant on what the mainstream media will be feeding us. I am seeing in a couple of days, some press releases in an effort to “unstupidize” the turd. A turd is still a turd, no matter how you polish it.

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