PNoy’s desperate move to rule for a second term a sad bid to stay out of jail

Amending the Philippine Constitution is one thing. Amending it for the wrong reasons is another. If there had always been a compelling case to modify the provisions in the current charter that limit the term of the president to just a single six-year term, then the ‘debate’ around that will likely have resonated and endured for many years since 1987 when the current Constitution was ratified. However, the “debate” around term extensions have traditionally been around the small-minded and around specific administrations.

noynoy_aquino_dap_unconstitutionalFormer Presidents Fidel Ramos and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in their respective times had their versions of that “debate” centred around their specific agendas as their terms drew to a close. Now current Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III has succumbed in sad desperation to the same temptation.

The Constitution is a document that transcends administrations. As such, arguments around the need to amend it should be around the broader systemic implications of such and a mere component among others (such as issues surrounding foreign ownership of capital and property, form of government, etc.). President BS Aquino and his henchmen, however, have framed the argument for term extension on the moronic (but traditional) question of sustaining work specific to his administration. That, of course, is a challenge for all Presidents nervously waiting out the twilight years of their regimes. But it is not an issue at the constitutional level.

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The trouble with President BS Aquino is that he is reactive and not proactive. And that is what ultimately proved fatal to his charter change dreams. The timing of and manner with which he revealed his musings about such an initiative made them suspect — because the context surrounding it all point to desperation rather than vision. The elements of this context are pretty primal:

(1) The desperation of time running out (2 years to go and hardly any achievement)

(2) The prospect of being thrown in jail by the next president (the next one has enough to work with along those lines)

(3) Hacienda Luisita (that perenial elpehantine piece of unfinished business)

President BS Aquino made a lot of enemies as President, notable of all no less than the Philippine Supreme Court. Before his handlers could put a sock in his yapper, Aquino let loose a threat to “clip” the powers of the Philippines’ High Court if he is left to his devices and given a shot at changeing his mother’s single biggest legacy. That single act of idiocy alone is enough to doom him.

Pretty irresponsible considering he is under pressure to save Hacienda Luisita within the remaining two years of his presidency. Needless to say Uncle Peping won’t be happy. President BS Aquino had reportedly been chastised by the Cojuangco patriarch once for antagonising the Supreme Court. Back in 2011, an “exclusive” report by Charlie V. Manalo and Virgilio J Bugaoisan in The Daily Tribune article Noynoy out to reclaim Luisita through CJ’s impeach who Noynoy’s real bosses are — the “elders” of the Cojuangco feudal clan — and the true implications to them of Noynoy’s epic failure to manage Malacañang’s relationship with the Philippine High Court even back then…

The Tribune source said that the plot to oust Corona was hatched at the Bahay Matanda, the ancestral house of the Cojuangcos after elderly members of the Cojuangco clan reportedy [sic] berated President Aquino for attacking members of the High Court which they believe was the reason the SC justices revoked the stock distribution option and ordered the distribution of the [Hacienda Luisita] sugar estate to its tenants.

“From the time of (President Ramon) Magsasay, the hacienda land was never lost. When Martial Law came, we still did not lose our land. GMA (Gloria Arroyo) and Cory had a fight during GMA’s presidency, we Cojuangcos still did not lose our land. Now that that you (Noynoy) are president, we lose the hacienda!”, the Tribune source quoted an elderly Cojuangco as he berated Aquino in the vernacular.

“You are the reason for our loss of the hacienda, because even the Supreme Court you had to fight with!,” the elderly Cojuangco was further quoted as telling the President.

[Refer to my article Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan: Too wealthy to fail?! for a background on the financial position of the Cojuangcos’ Hacienda Luisita estate.]

peping_cojuangcoLike some dumb kid who doesn’t learn even after copping a good spanking from his elders, President BS Aquino did it again. This time he has no excuse for such profound stupidity. The Philippine Supreme Court is headed by someone he had personally handpicked. The trouble with friends, however, is that they make the worst enemies.

So should President BS Aquino be given a chance at ruling this sad country for a second term? Perhaps. He’s, certainly got all his pork-hungry lapdogs lined up in Congress. And with 500 billion pesos in mutant still-to-be-named pork sneakily baked into the 2015 national budget, he might even pull it off. As Vice President Jejomar Binay say: Anything is possible in Philippine politics. Filipinos, indeed, deserve their government.

75 Replies to “PNoy’s desperate move to rule for a second term a sad bid to stay out of jail”

  1. He must be a big fan of himself lately… considering no less than 4 impeachment complaints filed against him. The man is incredibly moronic.

    I think I just heard Frank Underwood with that “The trouble with friends, however, is that they make the worst enemies.” line of yours benign0 😀

  2. mga kaalyado mo lang abnoy gusto ko pa umulit maging presidente kc takot cila pag nawala kana sa puesto..pansarili nyu lang interest ang ayaw mong mawala pero wala kang awa sa mga pilipinong naghihirap .. wala kang pusong tao sa totoo lang..

      1. awww, did my comment upset you? Who’s really emotional anyway? People can’t give opposing opinions here anymore without you GRP fanboys having a hissy fit? You people here talk about ‘butthurt’ all the time, look at yourselves.

        1. But you are indeed bobo and your opinion is very stupid. Hell you’re not as smart as the real AI of Iron Man with that very poor common sense and logic of yours. Now who’s the real asshurt you malfunctioning dimwit?

        2. Bad news for you since your “opinion” isn’t considered as one.

          Propaganda is the right term for it although it isn’t even effective.

          Besides, it’s already clear that you’re just a retarded malacañang paid hack.

        3. this is GRP comment section

          PNoy supporter: I disagree with the article, I think PNoy has done good for the country…

          GRP fanboys: You stupid dumb liar! how much does Panot Abnoy pay you yellowturd!!!

        4. Looks like GRP has struck a chord if you keep deluding yourself that your trolling is effective. Don’t bother since your trolling isn’t that effective to begin with, “jarvis”/jigs/whatever stupid handle you come up with

        5. And noytards like you are also accusing us as paid hacks of arroyo and marcos. You jelly jigs the dakilang mangongontra?

        6. jarvis,

          All right then. As you claim the discourse is the thing wish to preserve, what exactly was the point of this?: “Yeah, let’s put Bong bong or Binay in the presidency and let Bong, Enrile and Jinggoy free.”

          On the face of it, your comment is a rather obscure way of trying to emphasize that, in your opinion, Penoy Aquino is the best the Philippines has in terms of political leadership. It is ‘stupid’ because aside from not being able to articulate a clear idea, it’s snide and sarcastic. Nor does it advance the discussion of the main issues of the article. Namely that the Aquino bid for the presidency, first and foremost, arose from the clan’s desire to maintain ownership of the lucrative Hacienda Luisita business interests, and for Penoy Aquino and company to avoid being brought up on charges ranging from corruption and treason to plunder and economic sabotage.

          Furthermore there is the issue that Gogs mentions time and again. As a ‘leader,’ Penoy Aquino has demonstrated he is one of the most incompetent, thoroughly incapable managers the Aquinos ever producee; he was elected solely on the memory of his more famous parents, not because of anything he personally accomplished. And you maintain he is the best our country has?

          Reply please.

      2. @jarvis

        It is like this:

        GRP stands for 1+1=2, therefore, 1+1 should be equal to 2. And for that matter endlessly exploring the reason why 1+1=2 as evidenced in the archives of articles.

        Then here you come,

        jarvis: no, I disagree, 1+1=3.

        What do you expect people here then to call you? Genius???

        1. Are you insinuating that all GRP articles are facts? or that we are not allowed to disagree here? which if that’s the case, Then the purpose of the comments section is just for giving each other pats on the back.

        2. Fact: Noynoy was a 50 year old slacker who pole vaulted over his mother’s corpse into Malacanang, if you don’t believe me, ask Korina Sanchez.

        3. jarvis,

          No one is barring you from presenting an opposing point of view. If that were truly the case, dissenting opinions would have been deleted. You are the only one insinuating that anyone who disagrees is prevented from doing so. You should be prepared, however, to defend your argument instead of whining about how you are being ill treated. And if you make spurious claims, be prepared to be called out for your mendacity.

        4. Translation of malfunctioning jarvis’s comment: I hate concrete facts because I can feel it in my ass.
          pinoy nga naman oo ginagamtit palagi ang puso hindi ang utak. You need to consult a psychiatrist noytard buffoon.

        5. Your posts, “jarvis”, are never considered as facts here, only faulty propaganda.

          Playing the victim card as usual will only make it worse for you.

        6. @johnny no I’m not jigs.

          Actually I used to be a GRP fan, I’m not whinning about being mistreated, It just makes me sad how idiotic you GRP supporter’s look here in the comments section when you lash out at PNoy supporters. Unless you don’t think throwing insults instead of logical arguments don’t look pathetic. Well, at least you still have Ilda.

          @domo I have not read any comment coming from you that has any rational thinking behind it.

        7. Suure, you say that you’re not jigs, tell that to someone who is gullible enough to believe you, mr. malacañang troll in denial

          Hell, you still can’t even answer our questions with your yellow propaganda crap even after obviously using another handle, jigs.

        8. @JohnnyDerp let’s please focus on debating the issues rather than speculate on the identities of the commentors. Best thing is to take all seen and said at face value. Second guessing someone’s word only leads to a discussion that goes around in circles.

          There is also no need to call out people as ‘trolls’. Leave that job to the Mods. Thanks.

        9. I know that, Benign0, but the thing is that this jarvis fellow is the one that’s changing the subject whenever he can’t come up with any excuses for his idol’s screw ups.

          I already know that this jarvis fellow is just another troll and it’s already clear that he is only here to muddle up the

      3. Philippines basically only has 2 political groups, administration and opposition, when an opposition candidate wins, there is a tendency to undo all the things done by the previous administration, yes, it’s stupid but it happens. Question probably is why would Binay or Bong bong help Revilla, Estrada and Enrile, well despite these people being criminals, they have followers and it would be easier to get their support than from PNoy followers.

        1. The graft and plunder cases of the 3 senators, are now pending before the Sandiganbayan. The ball is on their (justices) hands now.

          To speculate as to what the next president would do with regards to PDAF Scam is irrelevant. Besides, no one is forcing you in GRP to vote for Binay or Marcos anyway.

          The issue at hand is about the possible cases to be filed against PNoy when his term is over. Remember that the ruling of SC on DAP didnot rule out possible liability of the author or authors of DAP itself.

          Both PNoy and Abad could be charge of technical malversation of public funds for every SARO issued. So, this is what worries PNoy now.

    1. There are other choices you know.

      Comments like the one you just posted are part of the problem.
      Tinatakot nyo ang mga BOBOtante na pag nawala si BS Aquino the TURD eh babalik na naman sa taas ang mga Marcos.

      The Philippines had better choices back in 2010, kaya lang brainwashed ang masa ng Yellow propaganda add to that the death of Cory Aquino.

      So please, stop saying na makakalaya pa cla Enrile, Estrada at Revilla.
      Who knows baka after 2016 makasama na nila si Abad, Aquino et al.


      1. nod if you agree
        Sama na tuloy iyong mga hindi sinali ni abnoy sa pork barel scam na alyado niya sa kulungan ng baboy,wag kalimutan si Drilon

    2. To Jarvis
      I’d rather like to 3 get release in exchange for the entire crook senators and congressman immune to abnoy vengeance.

    3. Jarvis tatlong kawatan lang ang alam mo. Kung ako ang tatanungin mo ay ano ba iyong tatlo katumbas ng buong kawatang kongreso at isang presidente at buong kabinete sa bitayan. Iyong tatlong nakikita mo ay tip of the iceberg,yong nasa ilalim wala kang alam o ayaw mong malaman….Baka naman mawawalan ka na ng delihensya at panibagong sipsipan na naman yan. ganyan ang ugali ng mga tunay na pilipino, walang pakealam basta may balik

  3. How can we let an incompetent oaf lead this country? We all know that this underachiever didn’t do well in academics. He didn’t do that good also in his career. Not mention how he is doing with his personal life. Anybody can read how this guy is playing his cards. Very typical of that sorry excuse of a student who crams for an exam and just barely making the deadline to submit his requirements in class, sometimes even resorting to bribing his professor just to give him a passing grade?

    How can we also let a clueless wife be the pinnacle of so called “democracy” when all she had in mind was how to maintain their KKKK’s stranglehold on the Philippines at the expense of demonizing each and every person who can see through their deceptions? We are easily swayed to become fanatics with just a drop of their tears.

    How can we instantly believe what the bias media publishes and be easily convinced that what they say are 100% truths? Is it just because that they speak the language of the masa? How can we then forget about how to advance our own individual lives by learning more as the world requires of us? If the world requires us to speak more foreign languages, so be it. Let us be useful in our own rights and not be dead weights. Let respect and discipline be the words to describe a filipino.

    How easy it is for us to ride fads, even if it is in the light of a more important national matters? It is very easy to jump the bandwagon and just be a mere follower just because it is “in” and they outnumber the people who believe otherwise.

    It is time we filipinos stand up for the real truth. This is the real filipino pride… to be able to see clearly where this country should be headed for in the first place. Not the hoax that is the “tuwid na daan”, but towards a genuine Philippine government. To not be swayed by emotions towards any person/family/clan but rather be fully aware of what the government is really for, forgetting all about colors and names. This government should serve the people.

    Three decades of being dumb is enough!!!

    “At an end your rule is, and not short enough it was!”
    – Yoda

  4. LMAO, would that be the same “JAIL CELL” that E-RAP and GMA were trying to ‘SAD’ly avoid? HA!!!, anyone who believes that BSA3 is trying to avoid going to jail is just as mentally bankrupt as the countries politicians are morrally bankrupt.
    The move he is making is pedictable and if he gets a second term, he’ll have made a good bet.But other than that ,NO…THERE IS NO REASON TO THINK ANY OF THESE SCUMBAGS WILL GO TO JAIL, because they never do.
    PLEASE, try to remember who the Mayor of Manila is and that GMA is still a sitting member of congress,is not in jail, is probably never in her ‘room’ and that the Amputuans have yet to stand trial.
    SO LIKE I SAID: anyone who thinks BSA3 is gonna go to jail is living in a fantasy.

  5. Isn’t PNoy just a puppet? With PDAF and DAP staining the “officials” hands, they cannot afford a new leader that would lash on their asses so the puppet show must go on. If that head of his has no room for bright ideas or useful reforms, then he could only listen to those around him. They seem to have tight alliance. Jail one, jail all so it’s but right to have an escape plan, from the whole pact.

  6. The Hacienda Luisita was acquired and owned by the Cojuangcos, thru dubious means. It is a glaring example of Feudalism in our country. Other countries have already removed Feudalism; which is a remnant of the Middle Ages, many centuries ago.

    The Aquino/Cojuangcos are swindlers. Mr. Aquino is desperate for a second term; because he is afraid to be incarcerated…

    If you have done a good job; and your conscience is clear…you can vacate your position, without any worry…

  7. Very good point, but he probably won’t go to jail. Hard to admit, but that possibility of a jail term won’t be getting much traction as there are still a ton of yellow c*ck suckers out there; sentiments are still strong for him despite the dip in approval ratings.

    ERAP and GMA’s perception are worse than BS and even they got some sort of presidential pardon. It ain’t happening bub. I just hope that there won’t be another term him though.

  8. I’m as opposed to seeing Noynoy (or pretty much anyone, really) get his hands on a term extension, and in this respect (and after seeing it come straight from the horse’s mouth) I am fully on your side, but I’ll just point this out: you can’t claim Noynoy is an imbecile running on his parents’ funeral fumes then turn around and say that Noynoy is a scheming devil hellbent on dictatorship. You can’t have your cake that way, people.

  9. The title is misleading. PNoy is neither desperate for second term nor afraid to land in jail after his term. You can tell by his own words, he was just trying to balance things out because of the clamor of Filipino people. He was even encouraging his opponents to file impeachment case against him provided that there is exact substance to warrant that filing.

    The writer, as usual, is exaggerating the issue here again.

    1. Wrong again as usual, Mr. Malacañang troll in denial.
      You’re getting predictable and desperate to protect your pathetic boss in malacañang.

      Besides, not everyone agrees that your boss deserves a 2nd term.
      It’s also too obvious that your boss is deathly afraid of being thrown in jail after he steps down.
      Suffice to say,your propaganda isn’t fooling anyone

      Troll Harder, Mr. Malacanang troll in denial

      1. Actually, he deserves to have a 2nd term if permitted because he has done much better job than his 3 predecessors (specially the one who had a decade in power) You can check by the records of every department.

        How come he is afraid to land in jail? he even had an experienced of near-to-death situation and that doesn’t even stop him to run for government position. If he does, he should have chosen to live a private life away from the limelight and chaotic life of politics.

        1. A much better job you say?
          So you’re saying that 4 years of credit grabbing while doing nothing is considered as doing a much better job?
          Don’t be delusional -_-

          Answer this then:
          Where are the results of his supposed better “governance”?
          How come the cost of living has reached an all time high?

          Until now, you haven’t answered these questions regarding your boss in malacañang.

          Besides, your president is already a lame duck.

        2. Credit grabbing is a myth. If you compare the performance of PNoy’s administration to GMA, you will see how poor graded was GMA’s stagnant economy. Majority of the people and investors have spoken how bad the management of GMA was regardless of the media (abs-cbn, gma 7, inquirer, rappler, interaksyon, philstar, etc. including some international news) which assumed by the anti-aquino as exclusively conniving with abs-cbn to tarnish GMA’s name until now. Haha!

          “Where are the results of his better governance”?

          – You have read but you denied all this. In our previous posts, I gave you plenty of results but you did not believe, simply because you hate PNoy and that’s the most important thing you consider.

          “How come the cost of living has reached an all time high”?

          – did it not occur to you that since the first president of the Philippines until today, the prices of basic commodities continue to surge? Add to that the population explosion is uncontrollable. Thanks to the previous presidents specially GMA, who, in a decade, did not make policy to minimize population growth.

        3. Your boss is already doomed to get thrown in jail after he steps down.

          If he is confident that he can get a second term, he should hold snap elections without using the PCOS cheating machine with that 60-30-10 cheating algorithm that was exposed last year.

          Of course, being the coward that he is, he’ll do everything he can to get another term via obvious cheating which until now, your president’s lackeys haven’t come up with a credible explanation on why the obvious cheating happened.

        4. This cheating is obviously one of your theories. You are obviously making a false assumptions only because you are a sour loser in 2010 presidential election and until now, still can’t get over with the fact.

          Remember that during 2010 election, GMA still holds that broad power in executive branch and if there’s the one capable of manipulating results, it is only her since she had proven that with her “hello garci tape” before.

        5. Remember that during 2010 election, GMA still holds that broad power in executive branch and if there’s the one capable of manipulating results, it is only her since she had proven that with her “hello garci tape” before.

          Your comment does not make any sense at all. She wasn’t running for the Presidency in 2010. There was no need for her to “manipulate” the results of the election.

        6. Ilda, you are not following. Johnny Derp speculates that PNoy cheated on 2010 election which I think is far-fetched. I just compared it to the capability of GMA to do that who was once caught on tape while talking to the head of COMELEC.

          So, what I assumed is that there is no cheating happened in 2010 presidential election while Johnny Derp thinks otherwise. If there was cheating, then PNoy couldn’t do that since he had no broad powers that time.

        7. Your explanation still doesn’t make any sense especially when you brought up GMA in the discussion. You can’t seem to defend PNoy without mentioning GMA. You try to make his predecessors look bad so PNoy can look good in comparison. That’s so shallow.

          If PNoy really had tangible accomplishments, you wouldn’t feel the need to put his predecessors down. His accomplishments will speak for him. But that is a concept you will probably never get.

        8. I posted plenty of accomplishments of PNoy in your past articles and you seem did not even give an inch to believe them. You and your followers even hating them, never acknowledging. That’s the point also you don’t like to accept. All you have is PNoy not a good president. period.

          I used GMA to compare and contrast and to make believe of the additional contribution of PNoy as a president. If there’s no comparison, then other people would never think of who is better. And would not appreciate the present reforms.

        9. What accomplishments?

          There’s no need to put GMA down just to lift PNoy up. What you are doing is something that a sociopath would do to climb up the ladder.

        10. Blaming the past administration again?
          That’s already getting old
          The fact is that your president hasn’t done jack sh!t.
          You obviously don’t know the meaning of the term:”all time high”.
          Prices during the past administrations never reached the current prices right now.

          Face it, your pathetic propganda will never beat the truth.

        11. You better check the history of inflation rate in the Philippines. PNoy’s regime is not the “all-time high”. But since you are lazy, then go on with your baloney.

        12. The only term your boss deserves is a term in jail.
          Your past posts here have been nothing but pathetic and flawed propaganda.

          You still can’t figure out why nobody here believes you?
          4 years and all your president has done is hire paid hacks like YOU to spread his propaganda while credit grabbing achievements of the past administrations which you desperately try to deny.

        13. You can put him in jail if you can provide sufficient evidence against him after his term. 😉

          But all you have is ad hominem. 🙂

        14. No, my posts are regular posts, what you have is pathetic ad homimens and pathetic propaganda.
          Face it, your trolling is ineffective.

        15. There is sufficient evidence to put your lame duck boss behind bars.
          Why do you think your boss is desperate to have another term,hmm?
          You don’t seem to understand that your boss wants to break the constitution just so that he can escape jail after he steps down.

          Looks like I struck a chord if you can’t even think of a better comeback than
          “lame ad hominem”

          Face it, you are indeed ASSIGNED here by your boss in malacañang.
          It makes sense because you still won’t stop your pathetic trolling.

          Enjoy your monumental blunder, real life FRAUD

        16. Are you linking Noynoy and courage in same sentence ? He can’t even run in an election on his track record . All he did was talk about him mom,. Don’t give me this crap about near death for the protected princess. If he did have courage he would have declared in black and white his Dap / PDAF maneuvers, but no subversive snd no black and white declaration where money went. Just like the Robert Palmer song Simply Irresistable.

        17. You have indeed spammed your boss’s supposed “achievements” in the past every single time you paint yourself into a corner but we have rebutted them everytime too without fail.

          Don’t bother trying to say that your boss has done anything but credit grab because your attempts to defend him is already making you look foolish.

        18. Only a MORON would think that there is no cheating in the 2010 elections.

          Sure there wasn’t no wiretapping but you still had from the reports of the volunteers typical fraudulent actions and behaviors despite the media sugarcoating it as a ‘clean’ election.

          The typical voting fraud and bullying practice still existed especially outside of Manila and in remote areas despite using new age technology.

          All you did is bringing down GMA just to uplift PNoy. And that’s what we call being EMO over an ex-president. And only morons, ill-minded, and sociopaths do that.

          And yes, credit-grabbing is fact, not a myth. You jut love to circlejerk yourself.

        19. Jigs..ya your right,in fact sa sinasabi mong nagawa niyang mga project ay nagkaroon pa si abnoy ng saving at pang pribe sa mga official na ayaw ng daang matuwid. Siguro nga na wala siyang kickback dahil wala naman siyang ginawang project na galing sa kanya.Siya ang presidente na pinababahala ang administrasyon niya sa LP. Isa pang hidden agenda ay nasa kanila ang Hacienda at lahat ng bumatikos dito ay vengeance ang aabutin kahit ikaw pa na die hard panatiko ng ABS CBN

    2. @Jigs

      Where is the “clamour” for him to go for another term coming from? Was there a plebiscite held recently that we are not aware of? I hope you are not talking about the “likes” he got from Facebook. You should know that some of those Facebook accounts are fake. And surveys using social media is not acceptable.

      1. Well, I based this on social media and I think some of those are genuine. Malacanang would not give attention to this if there’s no proof behind all this.

        Besides, you are also taking into consideration the surveys of private firms like SWS in some of your articles even if this survey had only random sample of, say, 1,500 participants out of 100 million Filipinos.

        1. Your pathetic “one more term” facebook page isn’t fooling anyone. Paid malacañang idiots obviously are manning that facebook page to generate fake clamour of giving your undeserving lame duck another term.

        2. @Jigs

          It’s very hypocritical of Malacanang to only listen to comments in social media that are favourable to them. There are also countless of people who clamour for him to step down in various social networking sites but their calls get dismissed.

          Surveys conducted by survey firms are not the same as the jibe you get from social media. Survey firms use scientific methodology when conducting their surveys. It’s not based on gut feel. Besides, it’s so convenient for you to ignore the surveys now that the results are NOT favourable to PNoy.

        3. I don’t know the sources of Malacanang but definitely, the private media are the ones who were asking them (and where their sources based I also don’t know) on what they think about this clamor for possible extension term for PNoy. And with that, Malacanang gave their opinions but I think PNoy is not so keen on changing anything in the constitution more than his other calls as “urgent” in congress. He just stated that it will be possible and he is open to it but that doesn’t mean as really urgent. Anyway, the possible leading contender is Binay who you also don’t like. Haha!

          Not based on gut feel? then what do you think it is? have you read their questionnaires while interviewing ordinary Filipino citizens? I bet the answer of those involved are only their own opinions, merely majority of these ideas came from mainstream media. And you insist to have this kind of plebiscite to verify if there’s a genuine clamor to extend president’s term while believing the negative impressions lately conducted by survey firms which surveyed only a speck of population? tsk, tsk, tsk.

        4. I don’t know the sources of Malacanang but definitely, the private media are the ones who were asking them (and where their sources based I also don’t know) on what they think about this clamor for possible extension term for PNoy.

          There’s a lot of “I don’t know” in your statement. It seems you don’t know anything. You should come back when you can back up your claims because you’re just wasting everyone’s time with your baseless accusations and speculations.

          Not based on gut feel? then what do you think it is? have you read their questionnaires while interviewing ordinary Filipino citizens? I bet the answer of those involved are only their own opinions, merely majority of these ideas came from mainstream media.

          What about when PNoy’s popularity rating was high? Are you saying that the survey questionnaires then were also unreliable? Make up your mind about the survey firms.

          And you insist to have this kind of plebiscite to verify if there’s a genuine clamor to extend president’s term while believing the negative impressions lately conducted by survey firms which surveyed only a speck of population? tsk, tsk, tsk.

          Another statement that doesn’t make any sense. Go back to your masters and ask them how to answer the questions here, pronto!

        5. I cannot know everything since I’m not working under their umbrella. You are blaming Malacanang when it was the members of mainstream media who brought up this issue to them. So ask the media where their sources coming from?

          “What about when PNoy’s popularity rating was high? Are you saying that the surveys questionnaires then were also unreliable?”

          – Well, as far as I remember, I only give attention to surveys if it’s being discussed in the article or when someone is using that against my comments like yours. I’m not saying it’s unreliable in spite of its lack of attendants but they are just some of the tools to know the voices of populace, same as the voices of social media users who still support PNoy including his possible next term.

          LOL! you were the one who brought this up. I just followed your logic. You have to blame no one than yourself.

        6. @Jigs

          Tsk tsk…goes to show that if the survey result is favourable to PNoy, you wouldn’t have a problem with the questionnaires.

          Most of your comments above are useless. They do not deserve a response. Since you don’t know anything, then you can’t go around trying to defend PNoy.

          Here, just read excerpts from my recent article:

          “After years of saying no, Philippine President Benigno Simeon (BS) Aquino has finally admitted yes, he is for the amendment of the 1987 “Cory” Constitution. That’s bad news for a lot of people particularly his supporters who insisted that “it is not the President himself who wants to extend his term; it is the people around him – those who have vested interests.”

          President BS Aquino’s supporters also stressed, prior to his admission, that “Noynoy will not dishonor his mother’s constitution by amending it”. They were wrong about that too. I wonder what those people are thinking now? It just goes to show that the President’s supporters themselves do not really know what their idol is up to. Considering his supporters were wrong about where he stands on his desire to stay in power, this recent revelation coming from the President himself should serve as their wake-up call.

          The advocates of the “Never again to dictatorship” did not notice that a wannabe dictator has slipped in under their radar. That’s because they were too busy reliving the “horrors” of the Marcos years. They didn’t realize that an Aquino is also quite capable of abusing his executive powers. Some people can be so blinded by their passion for the Aquinos to the point where they cannot see beyond the name. They cannot see that the man they call the “savior” of the Philippines is actually wreaking havoc in the country’s already fragile institutions.

        7. “LOL! you were the one who brought this up. I just followed your logic. You have to blame no one than yourself.”

          Nice red herring, real-life FRAUD. 😛

        8. Jigs kung ang pilipinas ay parliament at ang hari ay Pnoy,payag ka. Pag nangyari iyan,kulayan na ninyo ng dilaw ang buong pilipinas

  10. Contributor:

    BenignO I am so Admire your Article it was so far so Good, but a I am firmly give my stand that why we are criticizing our President it only emphasizing that they are looking towards the bad images of our president.why don’t try to look behind those good things that he done for his countrymen.

  11. Contributor:
    I am so Admire your Article it was so far so Good, but a I am firmly give my stand that why we are criticizing our President it only emphasizing that they are looking towards the bad images of our president.why don’t try to look behind those good things that he done for his countrymen.

  12. Looks like Jigs has eaten his words again as there are cases filed against Aquino for his incompetence in the Mamasapano Massacre.

    Oh yes, jigs, you are never gonna live this down.

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