Noynoy Aquino needs to be reminded: ‘Never again’

“Never again.” It is a call to remind Filipinos that the “horrors” of the Martial Law years of the 1970s should never happen again; that we should be vigilant and always say “No” to dictators, another Martial Law, and, of course, another Marcos in power.

Still fuming over the Supreme Court killing the DAP

Still fuming over the Supreme Court killing the DAP

The times, however, have all but made that slogan a sad irony. Those historical relics these Remindists keep harping about are coming back to life — in a President who, in throwing a presidential tantrum, has made it his personal mission to spend the remaining years of his term cutting the Philippine Supreme Court down to a size more to his liking, in escalating calls to amend the Constitution to do that and allow that President to rule beyond 2016 when he is scheduled to step down, and in a Congress made subservient to that President by billions of pesos in pork dangled before their salivating maws.

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The biggest irony of all, in fact, is that this incumbent President who is perpetrating a repeat of everything these “Never again” activists warn us about is no less than the son of two people who supposedly symbolised that “fight” against that bygone tyranny. In short, President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III it seems is the one who needs most to be reminded about what his parents supposedly stood for.

Indeed, the Liberal Party of which President BS Aquino is a member is fully behind the move to extend Aquino’s rule beyond 2016.

“Members of the LP in the Senate and at the House of Representatives will support moves to extend the term of President Aquino,” predicted Congressman Edgar Erice, but did not say when he will file the resolution. Aquino is LP’s titular head.

“President Aquino is determined to do better. He has a strong political will. This move will satisfy people’s clamour,” said Erice, adding, “Debates and exciting turn of events will follow after the resolution is filed. This is democracy in action. The president has spoken [about his desire for a term extension].”

Even more chilling is President BS Aquino’s emerging plans to crush the Philippine Supreme Court to further consolidate his grip on power. He continues to stew over a ruling by the High Court that rendered illegal certain accounting practices (collectively known as the Disbursement Acceleration Program or “DAP”) his administration used to channel purported budget “savings” to the pet projects of legislators seen to be loyal to his regime. And to satisfy that monumental presidential peeve, he continues to demonise the Supreme Court

“The balance between the three branches seems to be vanishing,” Aquino told local news channel TV5 yesterday, adding that the judiciary is using its powers to check congress and the executive much too often. “The problem now is, there are those who ask: ‘Has it gone too far?’”

Not winnable enough: DILG Secretary Mar Roxas in action during the Yolanda disaster

Not winnable enough: DILG Secretary Mar Roxas in action during the Yolanda disaster

Word on the street is that the Second Aquino Administration has become desperate owing to a lack of “winnable” presidentiables for the 2016 elections. The LP’s only other bet, current Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas is a proven dud who botched just about every opportunity to look good over the last four years. And with four impeachment complaints against him so far submitted to Congress, President BS Aquino may even be at risk of being thrown in jail if he fails to cling to power after 2016.

The Aquino government is also hard-pressed to finalise and enact the Bangsamoro Basic Law which it brokered with the terrorist Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) under an initiative facilitated by the Malaysian government. But that pact, like BS Aquino’s DAP, may also be illegal in nature. According to Manila Times columnist Bobi Tiglao the terms of this ingredient weaken the Philippine state along many fronts…

The Bangsamoro Government is clearly a parliamentary system for the Bangsamoro — which the Constitution does not provide for.

It is not even the Commission on Elections that will make sure that the voting will reflect the Moros’ genuine choice of their representatives, as the pact is completely silent on how elections for the Assembly will be undertaken.

Most chilling of all is the creation of the new sub-state’s police force which will likely be made up of the MILF’s current force of armed militants. But…

A “Bangsamoro Police” brazenly violates the Philippine Constitution’s Section 6, Article XVI which categorically provides that there can be only “one police force which shall be national in scope, to be administered and controlled by a national police commission.”

A future Bangsamoro Police Force outside the suprvision of the NAPOLCOM may be a problem.

A future Bangsamoro Police Force outside the suprvision of the NAPOLCOM may be a problem.

The government of President BS Aquino has proved to be nothing short of a disaster for the Philippines. It has criminalised Congress, dropped a huge wedge between Malacanang and the Supreme Court, and set in motion the creation of a rogue state within its territory. No surprise that Filipinos are finding it increasingly hard to appreciate what was really so terrible about the Marcos regime — because the current regime struggles to present itself as a convincing enough improvement over it.

Never a Marcos regime again? It has become increasingly hard to sell this quaint slogan to Filipinos now that the Second Aquino Administration has become what it had promised to fight.

15 Replies to “Noynoy Aquino needs to be reminded: ‘Never again’”

  1. Can the people demand PNoy to undergo psychiatric test?

    He thinks of one thing, will say it differently, and will do it in another way, all at the same time.

    1. Aquino is suffering from Depression; and Delusion of Grandeur…Adolph Hitler of NAZI Germany was also suffering, the same illness…before he became a Fhurrer. It was a result of his being shell shocked in World War I, and from his DNA…

      1. The Führer may have been shell shocked in WW1, but Aquino was just shocked when he was dropped on his head as a child. The silver spoon in his mouth even chipped one of his teeth.

  2. BS Aquino the turd is just like Adolph Hitler!

    1. Watch as he tries to destroy our country and our people with all the evil examples!

    2. Watch as he commands the destruction of the Supreme Court! Watch as he tries to weaken the High Court and as he tries to destroy the Constitution!

    3. Watch as he gives aid, comfort and all the advantages and benefits to the enemies of the state! Watch the MILF and its allies in the NPA, Abu Sayaff Group, Jemaah Islamiya and Al Quaeda in Asia grow in Mindanao! Watch as he creates a Pan Islamic Substate for the MILF criminal, bandit terrorist group!Watch as this national traitor gives massive funding to the aforementioned enemies of the State!

    4. Watch as BS Aquino gives our maritime waters to the MILF criminal, bandit terrorist group!

    5. Watch as he tries to divide and conquer/rule the people! Watch as he divides and balkanizes our territories in Mindanao!


    1. @ TJ, this is too funny a comment. ‘Balkanize’ the territories in Mindanao? Watch as “gives our maritime waters to the MILF criminal…”,WTF? R U KIDDING?

      The Philippines waters are not even patrolled by a Navy or Coast Guard, the country can not even begin to protect its own waters…so how can it possibly give them away? The MILF has no navy or coast guard either. LOL, a battle of fishermen in ‘Banka’s/Pump-boats? it could be a comedy at the Filipino cinema.

      Dude, ‘destroy the country’, really? The country is a complete shit house, so how can it possibly be destroyed? it is fucked/destroyed already and the good news is that while it is not going to improve, it can not really get much worse.

      1. Only country with an Admiral of a ship less fleet.

        Even if they have independence it does not make any difference. Bangsamoro will just be run by a bunch of clueless thieving Filipino Muslims. Just like the rest of the country is run by a bunch of clueless thieving Christians.
        All in it for what they can get at the expense of everyone else.
        Old habits do not hard in the Philippines.

        Mindanao will still be 4th world, no electricity, no jobs, no schools, no infrastructure. No future.

  3. I just wonder how the daily business in Malacanang runs assuming that PNoy is really mentally ill.

    This is no longer funny. Who is running the incompetent administration now?

    And PNoy wants to stay a little longer. He wasted his 4years doing crazy things. He will waste 2 years more in order to get another 6years to do more crazy things.

  4. We have experienced Dictatorship. It did not brought anything good to us and our country. Instead, it brought ABUSES in the government. Political opportunists became rich. There was an Oligarchy, that controlled everything. And the MEDIA was censored. A Propaganda Machine from the Dictator, was only the source of information. People were afraid of those in power…Thievery in the government were hidden. They used the National Treasury as their Piggy Bank.

    All Filipinos must close rank, and give a Good fight against Aquino and his YellowTards; to prevent from this happening again…who knows….we may produce another Adolph Hitler, Idia Amin or a Saddam Husein…

  5. Perhaps, the feudal filipino society; steeped as it is in patronage politics, is unable to produce anything but autocratic leaders. People seem unable to even conceive of a non-oligarchic rule. They are so enamored of wealthy celebrities; they cannot see that they are embracing their oppressors. There are plenty of academics and community activists who could serve as public servants. The idea that “people like that do not go into politics” demonstrates how brain washed the ordinary person is. Someone needs to convince the people who believe thats things will never change; that they would be better off with a different type of leadership.

  6. Simula ng pagbagsak Kay Marcos nag kadeletse letse na ang ating gobyerno, Kanya kanyang pangungurakot hanggang ngayon. Kung tutuusin mas mainam pa panahon ni Marcos kasi walang naghihirap, bilihin controlado, namamahagi ng pagkain at pangkabuhayan, noon nasa ikatlo ang pinas na mayaman n bansa sa asya. Kung kurakot si Marcos eh bakit madami sya nagawa? Sinasabi nila na madami ang utang ng pinas, oo totoo kasi inutang ang pera sa paggawa ng nuclear plant na malaki ang maitutulong s ating bansa sa pag unload, kung tutuusin kasalan ng mga pilipino din noon kung bakit tayo lubog sa lupa’t hirap pa sa daga,, ang nagpasama Kay Marcos noon hindi siya kundi ang mga alipores niya na mga heneral na masahol pa sa hayop ang pangungugali at mga negosyanteng sakim at ayaw sa pamamalakad ni Marcos.!!! Kaya kahit anong gawin ninyo wala na ang pinas,,, napag iwanan na ng panahon,, mga banyaga negosyante at mga pilipinong negosyante na ang namumuno atin!!magsaliksik kayo at ng makita ang katotohan, tingnan ninyo kung ano talaga sila,,,

  7. In relation to what the article implicitly implies, to reference the Marcos regime as the “Never Again”, “Dark Ages”, or death of democracy over dictatorship is very exaggerated.

    I don’t pretend to know all the facts, but I don’t know how a person that built schools, roads, bridges, hospitals in almost every region; regime of strong military and self-sufficiency can be still called a dictator.

    Not to mention that the 1986 EDSA Revolution did not become “1986 EDSA Massacre” just because he refused call the shot and all the proclamations were in fact constitutional.

    Unlike Pnoy, in the recent ruling on the unconsututionality of DAP, and the speculation on Bangsamoro Framework and EDCA.

    PNoy clearly contradicts himself. He said that he continues the will of his mother, where in fact he wants to revise the same Constitution that was used by Cory to hamper term extensions.

    Anyways, our definition now of dictator seems to be unclear, where the difference now only means whether the deed was
    “done on good faith” or not.

    Nevertheless, one thing to be sure is that “the poor got poorer and the rich got richer”
    and the only thing changed is that we have a new dictator.

  8. Prsident Pinoy,
    Tanggap namin ang iyong pagiging presidente, pero ang
    hindi naming matatanggap ang ipapalit na si Juvinar Binay na isang pusakal na magnanakaw ng Makati tulad din ni Erap
    mukha na ng demonyo bundat na bundat sa mga ninakaw ng pera sa
    kaban ng bayan. Kaya walang asenso ang Pinas sa mga ganitong politiko mga MAGNANAKAW.

    Architets & Engneers Society
    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  9. President Pinoy,
    Sana dagdagan niyo pa gumawa ng “legacy” na linisin ang Pinas ng mga MAGNANAKAW tulad ni Juvinar Binay, Erap at marami pa.
    Kawawa ang taong bayan sa ganitong mga politiko. Dapat kumilos na ang OMBUDSMAN para mabawi ang mga ninakaw na pera
    ng bayan. Kung ang senado di nirespito ni J. Binay lalo pa siguro magpresidente and demonyong ito. Lalo siya magnanakaw!
    Ayaw gumalang ng batas.

    Architecs & Engineers Society
    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  10. Sa mga OFW, manalangin po tayo, ” oh Panginoon,huwag niyo
    po ipahintulot ipalit kay Pinoy ang isang taong maitim ang kaluluwa,sa daming ng ninakaw sa Makati lalo po nangingitim ang hitsura ayaw po namin mag karoon ng lider na isang baluga.
    Tulungan Niyo po kami linisin ang Pinas ng mga magnanakaw gaya
    ni Juvinar Binay at Erap , mga pusakal na magnanakaw ng pera ng bayan.Naway, tamaan sila ng kidlat, mga pahirap sa bayan. Manalangin po tayo…
    Architecs & Engineers Society / OFW’S
    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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