Mabuhay ang Daang Matuwid! Ombudsman charges Tanda, Sexy, and Pogi for plunder

prison-01At long last, the Office of the Ombudsman has found probable cause to file plunder charges against Senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada and Bong Revilla in connection with the pork barrel scam–click the links below this paragraph to read the plunder complaints against Tanda, Sexy and Pogi. Most of us already know that most politicians are plundering our coffers right under our noses. The phenomenon is so pervasive, the entire citizenry appears to have been coerced into some type of hopeless, helpless and hapless tolerance of this fundamental evil–which should, in fact, be fought and eradicated with all the vigor and might of all sectors of society.

Plunder Complaint Against Tanda

Plunder Complaint Against Sexy

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Plunder Complaint Against Pogi

The process from Ombudsman's Recommendation to Trial Proper of plundering politicians [Source: ANC].

The process from Ombudsman’s Recommendation to Trial Proper of plundering politicians [Source: ANC].

In the essay entitled, “Screw the Lapdogs and Out with the Big Fish”, President Manuel L. Quezon gets away with it. His close friend and a political heavyweight of his time, Felipe Buencamino Jr., took the rap for the failed Philippine Railway Company bond redemption scam, which had the blessing (albeit behind-the-scenes) of Quezon himself. Buencamino served his time at a US Federal Penitentiary and returned home a political pariah, while Quezon is ennobled in history as the “Father of the Philippine Republic”–an absolute travesty of justice.

On February 28, 2014, the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) turned 28. In the span of 28 years, it has recovered P167.5 billion (~US$4 billion) worth of ill-gotten wealth attributed to the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos. At the outset of the PCGG (that’s 28 years ago in 1986), the first chair of the PCGG, ex-senator Jovito Salonga, estimated the amount of wealth stolen by the Marcos family members, relatives and cronies to be in the realm of US$5 to US$10 billion. Assuming for conservatism that the PCGG recovered all US$4 billion on Day 1 (28 years ago), then the remaining US$1 to US$6 billion (per Salonga’s estimate then), compounded annually at a similarly conservative rate of 5 percent, would be US$3.9 to US$23.5 billion today (2014), which are still in the hands of Marcos family members and cronies–read “The Recovery of Marcos Loot – A National Imperative!”. In spite of the foregoing, neither Imelda nor any of her children, who (a) are guilty of plunder, (b) continue to vigorously defend their plunder and (c) continue to benefit tremendously from such plunder, has been executed for plunder. After all, their plundering occurred when plunder was a capital offense punishable by the death penalty–another travesty of justice with some consuelo de bobo to the tune of US$4 billion ill-gotten wealth recovered to date.

On September 12, 2007, the Sandiganbayan sentenced Erap, guilty beyond reasonable doubt of the crime of plunder defined in and penalized by Republic Act 7080 as amended (“The Plunder Law”). For the first time in Philippine history, a Big Fish (no less than the President himself) is convicted but not without severe convolutions and grave compromises. Originally, the Plunder Law provided a penalty of life imprisonment with perpetual absolute disqualification from holding any public office. Subsequently, Republic Act 7659 (“The Death Penalty Law”) increased the imposable penalty of plunder to death. Why then is Erap alive and kicking, and, no less, the Mayor of the City of Manila? Furthermore, he is devoid of any remorse for his crimes (Flaminiano–may he rot in eternal damnation–had the temerity to compare the conviction of Erap to the conviction of Jesus Christ) and insults the intelligence of the Filipino by vehemently maintaining his innocence to this day, in spite of his own admission that a pardon (which he conveniently pounced-on at the first opportunity) is an admission of guilt. Finally, it’s bad enough that Erap’s co-accused, Jinggoy Estrada and Edward Serapio, got away scot free (as if the Sandiganbayan felt the need to lighten the blow of Erap’s conviction), why was JV Ejercito not punished when the court clearly established that JV participated with his father’s commission of plunder (i.e., seven checks containing the sum of P182.76 million were traced to an Urban Bank account of then San Juan Mayor JV Ejercito–now Senator JV Ejercito–and deemeed solid pieces of evidence of Erap’s ownership of the Jose Velarde account) and such participation is punishable under the Plunder Law? Yes, we got a conviction. At least we got one thing right. It’s on record for all the generations of Filipinos. However, we lost the Death Penalty. We witnessed a mockery of such conviction with a pardon that should never have been granted, least of all by the person who granted it–read “The Three Kings of the United Nationalist Alliance”. The convict, the co-accused, among others who should have been punished, got away with it. Frankly, it’s difficult to imagine a more perverted conspiracy of events surrounding Erap’s conviction that leaves an empty plate of justice at the table of every Filipino family.

On October 3, 2013, former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and some of her cabinet officials were charged with plunder by the Department of Justice over the alleged misuse of the Malampaya Fund. Also included as respondents were alleged pork barrel scam mastermind, Janet Lim-Napoles, and political liason, Ruby Tuason. Aside from this recent plunder case, Arroyo is facing 3 other cases in court; namely, (a) an electoral sabotage case filed by the Commission on Elections (Comelec) in 2011 (for which she was detained at the Veterans Memorial Medical Center or VMCC from November 2011 to July 2012); she was accused, together with former Maguindanao governor Andal Ampatuan Sr. and former election supervisor Lintang Bedol, (b) a graft case filed by the Ombudsman in 2011, in relation to her alleged involvement in the botched National Broadband Network (NBN)-ZTE deal; her husband, First Gentleman Mike Arroyo, former Comelec chairman Benjamin Abalos, and former transportation and communications secretary, Leandro Mendoza, were also named as respondents, and (c) a plunder case filed by the Ombudsman in 2012, in connection with the alleged misuse of Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) funds (for which she has been placed under hospital arrest at the VMCC since October 2012); former PCSO and Commission on Audit (COA) officials were likewise charged. So far, so good. The question is, when will she finally be convicted of plunder and assuredly locked-up for the rest of her life? Abangan ang susunod na kabanata (i.e., wait for the next chapter).

The plunder charges against Tanda, Sexy and Pogi are at a much earlier stage compared to the plunder charges against Arroyo. It’s also a waiting game, which the accused are poised to delay in the guise of due process. Let’s hope our Ombudsman and Sandiganbayan stay the course and expedite the imprisonment and the conviction of these scoundrels. I am likewise depending on Jinggoy to squeal on his colleagues as he comes crashing down his arrogant pulpit, while the bastard rival savors each excruciating phase of his half-brother’s destruction (i.e., while pretending to feel sorry for the same, at least while their father is still alive). Finally, let us be vigilant that the next president does not make a mockery of the justice we deserve–the way the former president Gloria Macapacal Arroyo orchestrated the elimination of the death penalty and the pardon of Erap for her own political survival and the way Binay will surely pardon Tanda, Sexy, Pogi and even Arroyo for national reconciliation, humanitarian reasons, etc., etc., etc. as soon as he is elected President of the Republic of the Philippines. This raises the question, are we ever going get any justice in this Country?

23 Replies to “Mabuhay ang Daang Matuwid! Ombudsman charges Tanda, Sexy, and Pogi for plunder”

  1. I have never seen a plunderer: electricuted to death; hanged; burned on stake; etc…this is all Aquino’s showtime. It is to cover Aquino’s failures. He himself, must be charged with plunder; together with his political cahoots and cronies.

    We are in again , for another political circus. It is circus, without bread (rice).
    The other shows bored people. Maybe, this one will work for him…for those who believe that , this is for real…”abangan ang susunod na kabanata…ang matuwid na daan ay papunta na sa showtime…”

  2. I really do hope VP Binay will not win as president in the next elections or else these crooked people charged with plunder will be freed and would surely gain another momentum of high power again in public office under the support of Binay clan and its party.

    Filipinos should learn from their past lessons in electing bozos into office. If they view PNoy as not corrupt and honest, the next president should be like the auras of Senator Santiago or Mayor Duterte. They would ensure that those criminals would pay for the crimes they committed and justice may be swift while reforming the loopholes in our system of government and continuously improving our economy. Until then, let’s be responsible on voicing out our concerns on the political and economic issues perennially wreak havoc to our society with the objectivity of sound judgement and good reason.

    1. Question: Why didn’t Sen. Santiago go to Brussels?

      Could it have been because they realized that she is a raving pyscho? OR that she is not good looking enough? or BOTH?

      Anyway, you really want those two running the show,huh?WHEW!

      1. Santiago is a highly educated woman, but she is in fact a raving lunatic. She also swings like bamboo in the wind without clear standards. One week it’s this, next week it’s that. I remember when she was Commissioner of Immigration and how she behaved when she had that position. That woman has a few screws lose.

        1. that is all I keep hearing, that Senator Santiago is a ‘highly educated woman’, so what? IT IS How a person uses that education that actually determines whether or not the person is ‘intelligent’. The woman is a dain-bramaged, psycho….and she never graduated from Harvard either.

    2. Funny how we have amnesia from all the questions less than a year ago about Brilliantes and PCOS. Don’t talk to me about learning from the past. Current president voted in with no intellect . Pinoys don’t value intellect and results. Not going to change anytime soon. Morons are valued in Pinoy society.

      1. “Pinoys don’t value intellect and results. Not going to change anytime soon. Morons are valued in Pinoy society.”

        Sadly, I agree with you. It’s the most popular who wins elections.

  3. The autor asks a question at the end of this essay and the only answer a sane person can think of is….NO, not a fuckin chance. It is worth noting that all of these cases mentioned in the essay are worthy of severe punishment. The worst one, for the sheer nerve involved by the larcenist, being the case where the little girl had to hand carry the money back to Beijing personally after the deal fell through.Seeing the rat watching as the luggage was rolled behind her onto the aircraft did not even cause most filipino’s to wonder what was in them? UNBELIEVABLE, The li’l one could not trust anyone else to deliver such a hefty sum for her, nor let it out of her sight,LOL! RAT ALERT. The failed delivery of that large an amount of ‘funds’ would certainly been a ‘death warrant’ issuance by the offended party.The guy selling the used helicopters back to the people was not even mentioned above, that was pretty flipping blatant as well.

    THE PROBLEM IS:With no prospect of a speedy trial, the cases will drag on forever, no one will be convicted and no money will be returned. (Marcos plundered $25Billion from ONE SCAM, the Westinghouse nuclear plant, and the total he stole is more like 10X’s the amount ‘officially’ announced.)
    The country is infested with these thieving rats, masquerading as ‘public servants’. Whenever a decent one comes along they end up dead in an sunken aircraft cabin or on an airport tarmac. It also leaves little to the imagination as to who is orchestrating the whole nasty-ass travesty.
    A shout out to the Virtual one for having the balls to say what needs to be said. BRAVO!

    btw, whatever happened with the ‘Maguindanao massacre’, uh….preparing for trial? 5 years later..LMAO!

    1. JT, in response to your question on the Ampatuans, no one has been convicted since the hearings began in January 5, 2010. Witnesses and their relatives have been hunted down one after another. Ampatuan sells eight (8) big properties. Kin of massacre victims agree to settle with Ampatuans.

      It reads like a storybook from hell. There is no other way to characterize the situation other than a failure of government. Was there any doubt that the Ampatuans were responsible for the massacre? This was and remains an open-and-shut case. Yet, the Ampatuans continue to lord over their entire criminal enterprise. They continue to dictate who lives and who dies. And worse, they prostitute the kin of the massacred. These monsters are still around doing their darnedest to save their despicable asses, while raping and defecating on Lady Justice each excruciating step of the way.

      When government has failed, what do we, the citizens, do with a perversion like the Ampatuans? We exterminate them ourselves (e.g., detonating a couple of hundred kilos of dynamite or TNT wherever they are kept in between court appearances should do the trick) or we seek the help of another perversion, the National People’s Army or NPA for short. We implore the NPA. Make yourselves useful and boost your public relations ratings. Exterminate the Ampatuans once and for all—the more, the better.

      1. it has been suggested that they are not even in their jail cells.

        the philippines needs a miracle.

        a really big, loud miracle.

  4. With all the power and machination the Aquinos have against Marcos and GMA, I don’t know anymore if they don’t really have a strong case, it is just a smoke screen, they are really stupid or all of the above.

  5. Is it normal anywhere else outside of Philippines for a charge of drunk driving and reckless endangerment resulting in the death of people to be dropped by prosecutors because the victims family will accept a sum of money? Where is deterrence? Where is the good for the public? Blood money justice?

    1. It’s actually more common among Asian and Muslim societies that accept the practice of blood money payments from the family of the accused to defray the ‘cost’ of the victim to his/her family.

  6. Get rid of those 3 thieves
    and replace them with 3 more thieves.
    They will never stop stealing primarily due to the fact that they are encouraged to steal, no one does anything about it. One hundred million Filipino’s know they are being ripped off but they refuse to do anything about it.

    Throughout your society from top to bottom corruption is rampant, legal system is dysfunctional and wide open for abuse.

    Politicians operate with impunity and arrogance. They have no plans, policies and they will never try to create jobs or change anything.
    The political class is happy very happy they make millions upon millions of dollars a year at your expense, and you lot have to look overseas for work and a decent future. Something that should be on offer to you in your own country.

  7. So what if they are charged? I don’t recall any significant political power who was actually punished. I’m talking about real punishment. Not bullshit house arrests.

    1. Exactly.
      Does not matter or make any difference what so ever.
      3 old thieves out of the Senate.
      3 new thieves take their place in the Senate

      Rob rob rob 3 times a day
      Rob rob rob its the Pinoy way

      The stealing continues unabated.

  8. Here is one for your daang matuwid:

    135 million pesos spent on spy equipments by the yellow idiot in the palace by the river to acquire intelligence against his critics and oppositions… taxpayers’ expense!!!

    See how selective this balding idiot is? And they highlight only the 3…..

    1. I am sure 100% of that expense does not go towards spying for political/ ideological compliance. I am sure a fair portion goes to spying to satisfy the appetite somebody prominent there has for hunks.

    2. So much for “ignoring” his critics if he’s only gonna use our taxes to fund his army of malacañang morons/trolls in denial to attack sites critical of his administration.

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