Senator Sergio Osmena is right: PNoy is an awful manager (But we all already knew that)

As the term of Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III nears its end, and as electioneering fever starts to grip the national “debate” as the public’s anticipation of that end ramps up, the truth we have long known about the Second Aquino Administration begins to emerge — even from his staunchest supporters and biggest stalwarts within the Liberal Party:

A ban on BS Aquino as president. Back in 2010 it was an unpopular thought!

A ban on BS Aquino as president. Back in 2010 it was an unpopular thought!

BS Aquino is not only not a leader, he is an “awful manager”.

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No less than top Aquino ally Senator Sergio Osmena, who campaigned for BS Aquino back in 2010, pointed out what’s been so obvious for some time now, that the President sucks when it comes to getting things done. Fact is, the quality of one’s underlings and their output reflects one’s management abilities. Following BS Aquino’s ill-thought-out call to Filipinos to refrain from voting no-substance “ampaw” candidates, Osmena reportedly pointed out how the President may himself be guilty of being exactly that.

“I think that the Aquino administration might also be called ‘ampaw’ sapagkat marami silang hindi ginawa na magagawa nila…”

[Tagalog dialect section translated: “…because they could have done more but didn’t”]

Osmena dithered when asked whether he regreted campaigning for BS Aquino back in 2010 but expressed clear disappointment over how the President went about his business in the years following his ascent to Malacanang. He specifically pointed out the rampant cronyism and nepotism that came to characterise the Second Aquino Administration and the all but broken promise of elevating millions of Filipinos from the wretched poverty that has imprisoned them for decades…

“After that, he chose all his classmates, his shooting mates, his relatives. He selected them,” Osmena said.

He said he had no regrets for supporting Aquino, who he insisted was the best candidate in 2010.

“But I am also very disappointed. I am ashamed that he did not perform well. If he can drive 80 mph, why drive at only 30mph?”

He said the public needed to light a fire under the President’s feet.

Indeed, the Philippines has had to “downgrade” its poverty reduction targets recently after Socio-economic Planning Secretary Arsenio Balisacan reportedly admitted that President BS Aquino had failed in its mission to reduce poverty incidence to less than 17 percent by the time he steps down. Instead, poverty may persist at 18 to 20 percent levels by 2016 when BS Aquino’s term ends…

Despite remarkable economic growth under Aquino, the poverty rate has stayed around 25 percent since 2003.

Economists and business leaders have warned that growth has been largely limited to only a few sectors like exports and business outsourcing, leaving sizable segments of the population such as farmers untouched.

This “remarkable” growth at 7.2 percent recorded last year has been used ad inifinitum by BS Aquino’s propaganda machine to assure Filipinos that his government was kicking goals. Yet it’s long been known that Philippine-style “economic growth” is all smoke and mirrors and largely a myth. This did not stop even foreign media outlets from getting into the Philippine cheering fad. Back in 2011, we called out “business” magazine Businessweek for its sloppy reporting in this regard. Back then, the venerable business journal “reported” that “there are signs that the Philippines, the world’s 33rd largest economy, might be on a sustainable upward trajectory. Under the leadership of Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino III, son of late ex-president Corazon Aquino, the country is fighting corruption and tax dodging and is investing heavily in infrastructure and relief for the poor.”

But we did not buy all that BS. Back then I wrote…

The BusinessWeek report is all positive spin, but ends up inadvertently highlighting pretty much all of what makes the Philippine economy a hollow shell — a bubble even — citing as signs of good times ahead, the fact that Manila “sports the third largest mall on the planet: SM City North EDSA, with 1,100 shops, 400 of which include places to eat”, and the attractiveness of the country as a site for multinationals’ call-centre operations, a trend that simply points to the fact that there is nothing in the domestic economy and its capital base that promises much else for the exploding supply of Filipino job seekers.

Balisacan now confirms this, saying that the situation remains the same as it had been for decades: “the poorest families are being left behind.”

That President BS Aquino would be an utter failure as the Chief Executive of the Philippine government was something we foresaw from the very beginning. Way back in mid-2010, GRP author Ilda wrote in her seminal piece Why Noynoy Aquino is not ‘the one’ about the prevailing agreement amongst what, at the time, was an elite minority of smart people who held the unpopular opinion that then candidate BS Aquino was absolutely unfit to be President of the Philippines.

Ever since I started blogging about Noynoy, I’ve always argued that it is not really Noynoy who will be running the show but the people behind him. I am not surprised now that he has been quoted as saying: “I am sharing 50 percent to 80 percent of the job (of the presidency) with my one and only partner Mar Roxas, and I am offering him not just one, but several portfolios in an oversight capacity.”

The arrangement is quite convenient for both Mar and Noynoy indeed. I had a strong feeling the reason why Mar gave way to Noynoy is because Mar knew fully well Noynoy’s inability to do anything significant, and that it will most likely be him who will be calling the shots anyway. I also had a strong feeling too that the reason why Noynoy agreed to run for the presidency is because he knew he could just rely on the people around him, particularly Mar who has been a close family friend all along.

The author of the article quoting Noynoy’s latest revelation, Ninez Cacho-Olivares, is right in saying that Noynoy “wants to be president of the republic, but does not want to accept responsibility and accountability because he knows he is incapable of handling government”. How dishonest of Noynoy and the Liberal Party. He announces his plan of job share after the endorsement from the Iglesia ni Christo was announced. He probably thinks that his bid is already in the bag anyway. Where is the integrity in that man? Where is the justice for the rest of the people who don’t believe in him? Noynoy Aquino is one piece of work. He is so used to people handing things to him on a silver platter and this includes the highest post in the land.

It’s getting a bit tiring being right all the time. But somebody has to fill that role of intellectual integrity and honesty — specially in a country renowned for a national “debate” where all the wrong arguments win consistently.

40 Replies to “Senator Sergio Osmena is right: PNoy is an awful manager (But we all already knew that)”

    1. @ FA….Ah yes, the rat and the sinking ship! A proper analogy and well chosen. The human-rat species is even more peculiar than the rodent, as I am sure you know. The distance this human-rat will put between himself and the present ‘failure-on-purpose’ will serve to be some sort of reason that the human-rat should be praised for his wisdom and forgiven his mistake in supporting the ‘failure-on-purpose’. and yet, don’t be fooled. For in the ‘failure-on-purpose’ lies the true nature of the human-rat’s real desire.
      He will not doubt go on to say that he can ‘deliver the destiny the filipino people deserve’. and then will go on to be just like every other slithery human-rat that has populated the political landscape in the mess of a country since 1965.
      its just too predictable to be anything but nauseating.

  1. The guy was a 50 year old career hanger on when he was picked to be “standard bearer” . I wrote In GRP around Aug 2012 that not only did he not have accomplishments , he also did not have failures. Any leader worth anything has failures . There is a reason why people always say learn from your mistakes. Because you do. This guy knew nothing. What I also find endlessly fascinating is that many of his flaws can be concealed with smoke and mirrors but my gut feel is he really has no sense of what is appropriate that he overrides any attempt to smoothen out the rough spots and just project his awkwardness in all it’s glory.

    Any yellow tard who gave the reason that Noynoy won’t stain the legacy of his parents , well we are seeing it.

  2. hi…
    as an expat living here for several years from the u.s., with plenty of it’s own problems, it’s very interesting to read this well written perspective on noynoy.

    i often wonder what it will take for filipinos to wake up and finally take control of their own destiny, before it’s too late. nothing really positive ever seems to change here and i do understand the underlying causes, but meanwhile the philppines is drowning in it’s own out of control population and driving fast towards a dead end.

    there’s far too many important issues that are constantly being ignored here due to much of what you write about.
    i do think that a first world education system should be priority 1, in time this would certainly fix many of the existing problems here. an educated society can accomplish so much more and operates completely differently.

    in addition, the environmental and infrastructure issues here are vital for this country to even survive, let alone succeed in today’s unpredictable and crazy world.

    1. Make a long story short, the powers that be want the majority dumb. Look at the last four years, the last 13 years and any increment you want. Noynoy Aquino represents the hopes and dreams of Pinoys proving they are nightmares.

  3. And now our much awaited “blame it on GMA” has just happened.

    “Press Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. dismissed the plunder complaint filed against President Aquino Budget Secretary Florencio Abad and Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala along with alleged pork barrel scam brains Janet Lim Napoles and other charges involving the unliquidated funds in Nabcor and the calamity funds of Social Work Secretary Dinky Soliman, saying that the anomalies were not the fault of the current administration but the one that preceded it.”

    He is not only an awful manager, he is also a liar (contrary to what Osmena is saying that the BS Aquino is an honest man), an utter hypocrite, and also a selfish bastard.

  4. Senator Osmena is not that well-thought of how PNoy administration is doing. No less than the efficient and effective leaders in the land Senator Miriam Santiago and Mayor Rodrigo Duterte support PNoy’s advocacy. Both understand the obstacles hurdled by this administration just to shed a bit of light in this country, within the limited six (6) years of presidency, from its gutter hole.

    The ‘ampaw’ and ‘awful manager’ words are not absolute. As if this administration has not achieved any significant leap in the past. So far, PNoy has done somehow something good, let alone the unpleasant ones. Here, take a look;

    1. Were it someone else on the helm & given the chance, the PI would have thrived way way even better. But of course this administration has lowered the bar & expectations in order to look good.

      Considering the power and popularity his propaganda advocates have been giving him, and the sufferings many of our countrymen had & continues to undergo because of abNoy support, real accomplishments are yet to be desired.

      1. Who’s your president you think can uplift the status of Phl within 6years? As for Gordon and Teodoro, they really are ideal, competent and intelligent in their resumes but they chose to ally with traditional politicians who continually suck the Phl dry, out of their self-serving and mediocre services. Although I don’t exempt that PNoy government don’t have those people.

        You think PNoy should be the primary element to blame with all the present mess? think again. PNoy is trying to fix this country but those bad guys are trying to pull everything out for their gains. PNoy has a well-planned for our country to succeed that’s why his government continually exert an exhaustive effort to implement useful programs while preventing those guys from interrupting. These wretched guys can be found in Congress, LGUs and Civil society. I still appreciate given all these factors surrounding him, he still managed to produce good results as I shared above. Although still far from ideal, but its a good start.

        Why though the economist both local and international as well as the global leaders from different countries optimistic about the current administration? it’s because they see based on their vast experiences looking at those factors affecting the array of improvement of newly industrialized countries like China and South Korea when they started as third world countries, that the Phl has the same and similar pattern when those countries just started out decades ago. Seems to me you failed to contemplate the whole paradigm and just close your eyes and minds because there are still on-going problems not addressed by this administration. I think you have to educate yourself on the process of growing.

        1. “Who’s your president you think can uplift the status of Phl within 6years?”

          —Definitely not your hero.

          “Although I don’t exempt that PNoy government don’t have those people.”

          —Uhm…. he is in fact one of them, he’s the “man” actually. You are just to blind to see that he bribed his way to oust Corona using public money.

          “PNoy is trying to fix this country but those bad guys are trying to pull everything out for their gains.”

          —No, within 4 years of his term he succeeded in increasing the poverty and unemployment/underemployment in the country. Also a success in increasing the prices of fuel, electricity and all other necessities in favor of his KKKK.

          “PNoy has a well-planned for….. guys from interrupting.”

          —No plans for the welfare of the country. You fail to realize that “Daang matuwid” is just an empty slogan and not a plan. Same goes with “Kung walang corrupt….”

          “Why though the economist both local and international as well as the global leaders from different countries optimistic about the current administration?”

          You are either blind or just paid to glorify the idiot.

        2. Joel, so who’s your ideal president?

          Bribery? you are jumping into conclusions. Well, I’m not surprised because you are no expert. Even the constitutional mavens like Sen. Santiago was giving the benefit of the doubt if whether PNoy bribed those lawmakers to oust Corona. There’s still an on-going investigation so don’t haste.

          Yes, those factors gone up. But the admin. is not yet done. 2014 budget would ensure that those parameters would be addressed.

          How can you say no plans? I already shared with you the link to the reforms and programs made by the government and yet you are coming with that conclusions? As I said, we are in the process of development. PNoy already produced results if you look at the records compared that with his predecessors and you can see this admin. is way up high in the development aspects.

          You shared to me that link but it’s more of a suggestion of how this government should take more actions with the problems not yet solved. And oh, here’s what the World bank said and I quote from your link “The government has started improving the investment climate with transparency and fight against corruption,” he said. See? we are in the right path but still far from the ideal. That’s why we need to help the government and not just backbite. We can criticize and also learn to appreciate. That’s more of a logic. 😉

        3. Jeeze, abNoy is the least.

          In spite of all the hoopla, resources at his disposal, connections to and support from both media & business moguls as well as trapos, and years holding an advantaged position, plus all the benefit of constant propaganda from advocates like yourself, he still only did so little.

          If he had real accomplishments, it would have been so apparent he would not need die-hard apologists like yourself, trying to rationalize its absence and his failure of a president.

          abNoy could only be made to appear good in the absence of the opportunity for the more qualified candidates to have demonstrated it could have far been better (had abNoy & other nuance candidates been truly honest about their shortcomings.)

          I would not call a platform-starved abNoy “well-planned.” He ran on mama and papa’s “legacy,” nebulous a notion as it is.

        4. Felipe, his accomplishments are apparent but it’s either you ignore or doesn’t want to recognize them. He did many, take note that only 4years in office and he did great more than his predecessors since the restoration of democracy in our country. Check the records and you will see how this administration has achieved so far.

          I’m for the country. I want unity and stability and as far as the local and global leaders have to say, we are on the right tract because of this administration. So given that scenario, I would rather believe them than your own opinion. You are merely brainwashed by your hatred and anger against PNoy, and that goes to show you prefer to differ always.

          My views are impartial as I know it, I recognized the weaknesses and failures of this administration but I also do appreciate PNoy’s contribution for this country.

        5. If Mr Aquino was REALLY doing his job, he wouldn’t need paid trolls like you,jigs,to spread his propaganda but apparently, you seem to miss that one fact.

        6. Paid troll? you don’t even know me and yet you accused me of getting paid? Just because I don’t agree with your propaganda doesn’t mean I am getting paid. What if I say that GRP is getting paid by the oppositions to vilify PNoy’s administration without any sources at my hand? would it not hurt their butts?

          I’m for justice and unity. It’s good that GRP exposed some weaknesses of this government but I’m here also to expose accomplishments of this incumbents.

        7. You should realise by now that you are still considered as a troll here. If I were you, I wouldn’t act so hostile against GRP, Troll.

          You can deny it all you want but your true nature has already been unmasked here as a pathetic paid TROLL.

        8. If I get it right, you want everyone to conform with your agendas? That I have to bow down before whatever GRP is spouting here? You also mean that you don’t need other dissenting opinions? And those who differ with your thoughts should be purged? If that is so, then you are acting like a dictator here.

          I’m an OFW for you info. I’m far away from the influence of Philipine government and Media. I don’t need any money just to spread my propaganda in favor of government. You are barking up the wrong tree. I just chose not to be deluded with your negative sentiments. I consider myself as an enlightenment just like what GRP is merely trying to promote. Bottom line is I’m trying to create ideas and decent discussions here just like what I did with other sites. Seems like you don’t get to understand.

        9. FYI, anyone can claim to be an ofw when they’re not really one.

          Seems you clearly have overestimated your trolling abilities but your days are numbered.

          Don’t assume that I want you to conform to our “propaganda” because that is not my point, troll.
          There are rules on this site and it looks like you are on the brink of breaking them.

        10. If you don’t want to believe that I’m an OFW then it’s up to you. You really are judging the person beyond rationality. Now you are intimidating me as if you want to stifle dissent? The way you talk seems like I really feel that my opinions here really got into your head. That you are threatened with my arguments and you would rather choose to shut me up in order not to burst your bubble against PNoy administration.

          What rules? is it against those who counter your reasons? if your ideas here you believe are strong and crafted carefully, then you don’t have to be irritated by other contradictory statements. Instead, you have to come up with coherent arguments as a rebuttal to attack the issue and not to the one who posted the comment. Just like a debate minus ad hominem attacks, name calling and derogatory language. This is what educated people mostly prefer to do so. I hope you are one 😉

        11. Well, you are wrong.

          I am an educated person but it seems that you are just pretending to be one, TROLL

          You think your “dissent opinion” can change our minds about your precious president? Think again, TROLL.

        12. @ JoelD, The Corona trial was a masquerade that accomplished what it was supposed to accomplish, and that WAS NOT the impeachment/removal from the SC of the shitbag/thief Corona, but rather it was a masquerade in that it took the attention of the entire country away from what was going on at the time inside of the country.
          You will recall the energy crisis in Mindanao and the extortionate electricity rates started their ascent at about the same time as the trial. GMA was supposedly trying to flee the country with her pockets stuffed as she tried to avoid the noose/jail-cell. The PAL employees and their sacking set a precedent for any company to rid itself of unionized labor (the PAL case was the one real issue that could have caused the immediate impeachment/removal from office of Corona and should have landed him in jail for a good decade and yet,and co-incidentally proving my point, it was removed from the case against Corona.
          There was also the back-door negotiations with Japan/Malaysia and the NPA/MILF in Mindanao going on at the time of the trial/masquerade as well.
          I could continue but you, hopefully, get the picture being painted and that the masquerade was engineered not be a mere one Man but by a whole cadre of entrenched oligarchs that have a strangle-hold on the purse-strings of the entire country and they use the political circus to deflect as much attention away from themselves as possible while they take turns getting charges thrown at them but none of these ‘charges’ ever amounts to a conviction and no money is ever returned and the people sink lower and lower and lower into the poverty the oligarchs just love to say they will alleviate, if only the people will ‘vote’ for them.
          A preposterous proposal in a preposterous situation in a preposterous gov’t. in a preposterous country.

    2. Ever since Ampaw Gate, the MCG trolls have been conspicuous by their absence. Why have you resurfaced Jigs? Armed with a Facebook link. WOW!!!! You really make me see the light. GIVE IT UP. Your Yellow Leader only leads people as dumb as you.

      1. I already post previous comment when GRP wrote an article about ‘ampaw’ but GRP had it deleted. It was in the article of Ilda. I think that woman hates my dissent opinions. I won’t give-up as long as I have reasons not to give-up and my arguments are not damn. You just say it because you hate PNoy. All opinions favor in PNoy is a disease in your ears. What a logic!

    3. 1. Hermes – MMDA project – launched January this year. I wonder if it is really that effective though.

      2.Project Noah – come to think of it, not Pnoy admin’s brainchild but DOST. Nakikisakay lang po si Paknot. It is necessary and therefore needs to be done, regardless of who is seating in Malacanang.

      3. Dream – Extension of Project Noah.

      4. Super computer – DOST project contract with IBM, still in connection with weather forecasting. Again, nakikisakay lang po ulit.

      5. Digital TV – can we really say this is that important amidst all the poverty and unemployment? Link does not work at my end.

      6.Accurate weather forecast – result of 2 and 3.

      7.Use TV whitespace for internet – report by rappler, no details. Still under DOST.

      I am tired of looking at all the links, it just seems all those projects that Jigs is telling us is that this projects are attributed to Pnoy. First few ones I checked out, malinaw nakikisakay lang siya sa mga projects ng DOST.

        1. Not surprised to see a ampaw supporter using that stupid logic of attributing everything to someone that didn’t do jackshit.

      1. Oh, it’s not even enough because it’s not updated. There are many good news by PNoy admin. written by the top caliber writers around the country. Inquirer, Philstar, GMA news, ABS, rappler, Interaksyon etc. are not discounting the reforms done by the current administration.

        So you are saying that DOST is not part of PNoy’s realm? and if some cabinet secretary of PNoy are flops then you will blame PNoy? hypocrites!

        1. I lost my crap when you put Rappler, ABS-CBN, and Inquirer on your list.

          I see a bigger hypocrite in YOU, kid…

        2. Haha! what kind of hypocricy do you mean dude? they are writing on the merit of facts and figures and not just on opinions like what you espoused here. Okay, you want more? okay, I’ll cite other sources; bloomberg, cnbc, IMF and World Bank, reuters. They are all saying that Philippine economy is improving. If you don’t believe then counter those with your credible sources. 😉

  5. “Effective leadership is not about making
    speeches or being liked; leadership is
    defined by results.”
    Peter Drucker

    And pnoy aquino’s failure to deliver results is made worse by having a high approval rating, house support and a strengthening economy from the outset of his presidency. No barriers to success, and therefore no excuses for his subsequent failure.

    Noynoying, personal vendettas, and the appointment of incompetent friends/shooting buddies etc ensured that the opportunity for change was lost, promises broken, and corruption continued as usual, if not worse than before.
    Net effect – the philippines has fallen further behind its ASEAN neighbours, and failed to improve in the key areas of unemployment, poverty, corruption, and crime.

    Whether it is the deceit of DAP, the hypocricy of FoI, the joke of PPP, or the abysmal performance of FDI, the only response from pnoy aquino has been to resort to the subterfuge of propaganda and manipulated surveys.

    Weak and indecisive, without vision or strategy, and neither a team builder nor a team player, pnoy aquino as president is like putting the post boy in charge of microsoft.

    And If you can keep grinning, while all around you is chaos, then you probably haven’t completely understood the seriousness of the situation.

  6. Government of the people, for the people, and by the people

    A little boy goes to his Dad and asks, “What is politics?”
    Dad says, “Well, son, let me try to explain it this way:
    I’m the breadwinner of the family, so let’s call me Capitalism. Your Mom, she’s the administrator of the money, so we’ll call her the Government. We’re here to take care of your needs, so we’ll call you the People.
    The nanny, we’ll consider her the Working Class. And your baby brother, we’ll call him the Future. Now, think about that and see if that makes sense.

    So the little boy goes off to bed thinking about what Dad has said.
    Later that night, he hears his baby brother crying, so he gets up to check on him. He finds that the baby has soiled his diaper, so the little boy goes to his parents’ room and finds his mother sound asleep.
    Not wanting to wake her, he goes to the nanny’s room.
    Finding the door locked, he peeks in the keyhole and sees his father in bed with the nanny. He gives up and goes back to bed.

    The next morning, the little boy says to his father,
    “Dad, I think I understand the concept of politics now.”
    The father says, “Good, son, tell me in your own words what you think politics is all about.”
    The little boy replies, “Well, while Capitalism is screwing the Working Class, the Government is sound asleep, the People are being ignored, and the Future is in Deep Shit.”

  7. Here is one concrete example of poor management, ineptness and twisted priorities for the BS Aquino admin.

    The DOTC will now replace all motor vehicle license plates from those old “Pilipinas”, “Philippines 2000” to the newer ones to “Daang matuwid”. All in all the Philippines have 10 million motor vehicles. A pair of the new license plates with “security features” will cost the motor vehicle owner P450. P450 for plate numbers you didn’t need in the first place (if like me, your rig is a dinosaur). “Security features” my foot. They said this security features which hopes to address the rampant illegal use of registration plates by car theft syndicates and in the commission of other crimes. Did they even look back and say…. “yes that would prevent car theft….I have done a good job today….”? Stupid idiots! They could not even release registration stickers on time. And I am still wondering why every year I am paying motor vehicle registration for my cars, I do not see what I am getting out of it, except just to get the LTO and the traffic police out of my back.

    And they will screw the people of billions of pesos again.

    Stupid bastards!

  8. And now the yellow idiot is saying that the plunder raps against him, Abad and Alcala is absurd because he is now saying he/they did not gain anything from it.

    Now, I don’t know about the idiot pinoys, but can you even believe what this guy is saying? It is just like the exhaust system of your car talking, “I got nothing out of that deal between the engine the gas tank and the gas pump.”

    This is a pure insult to the filipino people.

    1. The jokes on him since he did gain something from it.
      Bribing 188 crocs/”speed readers” and 20 idiots just to remove a sitting chief justice just because his precious Hacienda Luisita has been given away.

  9. and so it goes…..nothing has been done, because nothing was supposed to get done.

    At least there are a few people that know what the problems are, for that is half the battle. However, it is forever (or so it seems) that the same dizzying ineptitude dazzles the eyes of the people yet fails to feed even their most basic of needs. This will continue ad nauseum because there needs to be a collectivist strategy. In a society that is so self-centered that may very well prove to be impossible. So ingrained is the revulsive corruption of every institution in the country that removing it at this point will have to involve the total removal of the entire political body, not merely changing the head.Oh, good luck with that.
    No future, no future, no future! So sad, but so true.

  10. If a person is a dud, he will always be a dud. They say that, “only Rats and Ghouls will be jumping off a sinking ship”. You will see that the Political Rats, who climbed aboard ; during the begining of the Aquino administration, will be the first Political Rats, who will be jumping off from the listing and sinking Aquino administration ship.

    Osmena is now talking about the Aquino administration. Why did he supported Aquino?
    Did he not have information on his candidate? If you look from the begining of life of Aquino. He did not accomplish anything significant, during his youth. Everything was handed to him. He was born from an extremely wealthy family. His college education is mediocre. When he was elected a Congressman; he did nothing. As a Senator…nothing again. Do you expect a person like that will accomplish something, as a President?
    Osmena has a Hidden Political Agenda. He is Distancing, himself, from Aquino; and his political party. We will know what he wants; as Osmena plans unfold…Sleaky politician…

  11. The thing is, the yellow blithering idiot is at it again. Trying to fill-up the SC with more “ampaws”. Lamierda said that the palace has only good things to say about Grace Pulido Tan being nominated to take the place of a soon-to-retire SC associate.

    Knowing the JBC…. hah! They accepted someone with a grade of 4 be SC. 4 being the lowest. Sereno should have been disqualified as an applicant for the high seat, having flunked her psychiatric and psychological testing and was unfit for the post, as the rules of the JBC state that anyone getting a Grade of 4, the second to the lowest grade in these tests, is not qualified for the post.

    He is hell-bent on turning the Philippines into a country of imbeciles.

  12. … if Senator Sergio Osmena still insists that the latter was the best candidate in 2010, then he, too, is a poor manager for failing to identify and weigh the strengths and weaknesses of the person he was going to hire as President… and if he has no regrets for campaigning for BS Aquino in 2010, then with his own words “… the public need to light a fire” under his own feet, not only that of BS Aquino…

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