President Noynoy Aquino’s mouth is his own worst enemy

noynoy_aquinoDespite how president Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino keeps telling the public about how he is going to ignore his critics, or how “he prays for their enlightenment”, how he wishes to suppress dissenting views, or even just basically wishes for them to vanish, it looks like he is actually giving them more reason to exist.

Whenever he opens his mouth in public, he simply gives his critics the very ammunition with which they will shoot him.

His speech to high school students about not voting for “ampaw” candidates looked to be the one that started the recent ball-rolling. In fact, it sparked a Twitter greeting from ex-congressman Teddy Casiño, “good morning citizens of the Ampaw Republic”, and the crew here at GetRealPhilippines got to be all over him and easily pointed out the irony of his “ampaw” statement.

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Yet once again, at the 16th Philippine Quality Award Conferment Ceremonies at the Palace, it seems that he has outdone himself:

“Let us reinforce the culture of quality and competence that has taken root in the Philippines. If we continue working together—whichever sector we may be in—we can ingrain a culture that shuns mediocrity, and consistently pursues excellence,” Aquino said during the 16th Philippine Quality Award Conferment Ceremonies at the Palace.

Prior to Aquino’s rare apology, which was done in front of students during a forum, his administration had been under fire for its handling of Yolanda relief and rehabilitation efforts, among other things. An ally, Senator Sergio Osmeña III, even described Aquino as a “hardheaded” and an “awful manager” who may lose his endorsement value in 2016 if he does not fix the country’s pressing problems.

But Aquino said that with new scientific discoveries in almost every field, there are a “few excuses” left for substandard work.

“This brings to mind the saying, ‘Hindi pwede ang pwede na.’ Or, in English: Merely good enough is not enough,” he said.

Mr. President, there’s just one problem, if you haven’t noticed yet:

People do what they see.

And what can be seen in you is merely complacence, mediocrity, lack of substance, and an inability to learn from past mistakes – the very things you tell people to look out for whenever you run your mouth. The days of management and leadership by “do as I say, and not as I do!” are quite simply, gone, outmoded, and outdated – especially for public officials.

That simple statement, “People do what they see”, is in fact, one of the irrefutable laws of leadership espoused by American leadership guru John Maxwell – The Law of the Picture. You simply cannot say one thing, and yet show through your actions a completely different thing, especially opposed to what your words are. Such inconsistency between what you say and what you do will simply make one look like a hypocrite.

Speaking of management/leadership and relating it to BS Aquino, recall that in recent news, one of his staunchest allies, Senator Sergio Osmeña III, had recently gone on record to voice out his opinion on just how an awful manager he thought BS Aquino is and was. To BS Aquino’s critics, of course this is nothing new; it has been known to them even ever since he started campaigning for the 2010 elections.

Tell us again, BS Aquino, of just how good a leader/manager you are, when after four years into your term, you still manage to keep blaming your predecessor Gloria Arroyo for things you should already have control over. Tell us again, of how you and people in your cabinet keep making promises – such as the FOI bill and the restoration of electricity in typhoon-hit areas – and yet have either partially or fully failed to fulfill them. Tell us again, Mr. President, of how you claimed to have solutions for the problems in Filipino society, and then backtracked on them while claiming that you weren’t a superman? By the way, your “solutions” were usually half-baked, simply copied from your predecessor, or quite simply, don’t work.

BS Aquino was a very “promising” president at that time. Now he is simply a “trying” one.

As BS Aquino’s term now draws to a close, Filipinos now once again have to rely on the benefit of hindsight and perhaps regret – to tell them just how awful they are at choosing their government officials. It’s ridiculous, and not at all surprising, that the ironic words of one who embodies the very hollowness that he is now telling people to avoid are only now beginning to resonate.

But of course, irony is lost on a people who don’t really know irony that well.

BS Aquino, as a friend says, looks to be overestimating his own wit. And as fellow GRP writer Gogs has pointed out, a con man like BS Aquino can fool only those who are even more mediocre and dumber than he is.

Indeed, Filipinos deserve their politicians.

26 Replies to “President Noynoy Aquino’s mouth is his own worst enemy”

  1. One of the criteria in the quality award models ( both Baldrige and EFQM – European foundation for quality management) is the legal and ethical behaviour of the leader, not to mention the ability to formulate, communicate and successfully implement a vision and strategy with measurable results!
    No award for pnoy aquino and his cronies.

  2. He also lied when he said that he’ll ignore all his critics yet he sends his personal army of incompetent yellow monkeys to spread their propaganda on sites like this one.
    Like Gogs and others have said before, Mr. Aquino wouldn’t need trolls to spread his propaganda if he was indeed doing his job.

    1. I once posted on GRP’s FB page and others pages that he will be doing his ranting again in just one month. I was not disappointed in my expectations. Truth he cannot take all that criticism that reflects badly on him.

    1. That should make the headlines. President Penoy is always urging reporters to emphasise lists with ‘positive’ news about the Philippines. And he is just as certain to be dumbfounded to hear that crony capitalism is flourishing under ‘daang matuwid!’

  3. A good leader should take note of these key areas:

    Communication – Good communication skills are required at every level of business, but leaders must possess outstanding communication skills. Luckily, this is a skill that can be learned.

    Motivating teams – Inspiring others is the mark of an effective leader. Motivation is best done by example and guidance, not by issuing commands.

    Team building – Putting together strong teams that work well is another trait of great leaders. The opposite is also true: if a team is weak and dysfunctional, it is generally a failure in leadership.

    Risk taking – You can learn how to assess risk and run scenarios that will help you make better decisions. Great leaders take the right risks at the right time.

    Vision and goal setting – A team depends on its leader to tell them where they are going, why they are going, and how they’re going to get there. People are more motivated when a leader articulates his or her vision for a project or for the organization, along with the steps – or goals – needed to achieve it.

    Pnoy fails miserably at those areas.

    Communication – opting to listen only to the more “positive” side of things instead of focusing more on criticisms.

    Motivating teams – sacking officials just because, is just so unmotivating. Speeches which seem to project him as the perfect leader, while everybody knows, he is in fact the absolute opposite.

    Team building – he fostered the idea, “if you are not with me then you are anti filipino”. He effectively polarized the whole country with that stupid yellow ribbon-dove.

    Risk taking and vision and goal taking – his admin is devoid of any ground breaking milestones. Opting to play it safe, hence, the lack of infra projects during his first few months in power, which eventually exploded on his face, finally awakening him, and hurriedly pushed projects now in his last few months just to make him look good and leave behind some sort of “legacy”. How pathetic.

    Somehow it’s very satisfying to imagine putting a brown paper bag on his head and bludgeoning him to death with the blunt end of an axe.

  4. The composition of his Cabinet and his appointees is a glaring fact of what she este he is.
    Cheap Justice-SiraUlo Sereno
    Justice Sexetary-Liela Halimaw
    DILG-Pajak MarTillo
    DSWD-Dunky Tulisan
    Rahab CZAR-Boy Takas
    paki dagdagan na lang kung sino sino pang mga palpak na alipores ni Boy Suhol aka Boya Ampaw

    1. DA Sec -Pro PDAF & Rice Smuggler Alcala.
      DoE Sec – Jerk-co Petiks-lla
      MMDA Chairman – Praktis (experiment) tolentino

  5. To stay in power or remain in position, our AMPAW Leaders in our

    “Government don’t want a population capable of critical thinking.
    They want obedient workers, people smart enough to run machines and dumb enough to passively accept their situation”. – George Carlin

    Philippines main Export commodity are OFW (modern day form of slavery). It is the reason why RH Bill will never be implemented to maintain a continuous supply of cheap/quality labor and organ donor to the world.

  6. 4 na taon nang lumipas tsong hindi ka pa rin nakamove-on kay Gloria…FOUR YEARS. Tinalo mo pang mga taong naging biktima ng mga totoong krimen na naka-move on na pero ikaw hindi pa rin. And lahat na lang ng sinasabi mo, hindi mo ba napapansin na lagi na lang nagba-back fire pabalik sa iyo? Ay hindi mo nga pala alam, ampaw ka nga pala mag-isip. -_- Dalawang taon pang pagdurusa pagdadanasin natin sa ilalim ng administrasyong ampaw na ito. Dalawang taon pa…kung tutuusin kung pwede nga lang, ngayon na tayo kumilos para sa pagbabago, pero nakakainis lang kung yung mismong mga tao ayaw magsikilos. Masaya na sila na nakakapag-Facebook, Instagram,Starbucks at mangolekta ng gadgets, pakialam nga naman nila sa bansa diba?
    Bagay na bagay talaga sa kanila gobyernong ampaw nila. :/

  7. “Reinforce the culture of quality and compentence?” What is he talking about? Did Aquino forgot to take his anti-delusion/depressant/anxiety medications?

    I’m not a Psychiatrist, or Psychologist. However, this President should have been treated from his depression and delusion, a long time ago. He still need some theraphy and treatments.

    People voted a President who have no accomplishments; and have some mental issues. So, this is what we get…

  8. EVERYONE HERE seems to miss one point…..The point that NO PROGRESS of the lower classes has been the plan of those running/ruining the country for the last 50 years!

    U C, the ‘massa’ hangs on the words of the media all day log due to lack of any type of decent employment. Thru this media brainwashing the massa somehow get, and more incredulously believe, the notion that the ‘next leader’ elected will somehow drag them collectively out of the wretched lives. There could be nothing further from the truth and is one reason no one should be surprised by the lack of progress made by those who are anything but the top 1% of the population.
    IF anyone disagrees with this assertion then why is it that an Ex-pat with a meager pension of say P110,000/month can, and does, live better than 90-95% of the people who live in the country? That very same Ex-pat earning P112,000/month(E1,600/$2,500USD) would put him in the lower classes in the country he is from(Europa/USA).
    For Filipino’s to continually put their hopes and dreams into a single ‘leader’ is akin to using a candle to get out of a labyrinth inside an underground cave. Its ludicrous. What is really called for is so complicated that a better idea is smashing the current system into bits/dust and starting anew. A do-over, as they say in B’klyn, yes?

    1. Pnoy Aquino promised people, that he can solve the problems. His claims were reinforced by the Oligarch Media…they said: “HOPE” for the better. Now, it is worse…Do not promise and delude people, to get elected…people will Bite you back now, in the ass…this is the lesson…

  9. If only PNoy would listen to his critics instead of whining like a bitch every time, then he might have made a difference.

    Then again, we’re talking about a 50+ year old stubborn baby here.

    1. He said that he’s ignoring his critics yet he sends his army of trolls/”self proclaimed ofws” to silence them although they’re doing a really shitty job since until now, they haven’t silenced any of their master’s critics with their flawed propaganda.

      1. They can’t even seem to answer why the economy and its people are still f’ked up with the “GDP growth” crap that the average Juan can’t even understand. Man, those people lack common sense. They can just look around the streets and they can see increasingly-numbered squatters and street children begging for money.

        Where’s the DAANG MATUWID that PNoy and his supporters are talking about? They’re probably still dreaming about it.

  10. The mouth of BS Aquino does the talking… but his brain is the one that operates before he talks. Remember typhoon Yolanda and its victims! Up to this time he talks and yet there is no comprehensive development and rehabilitation plan. We all read the news. The ship of state has a laid back captain at the helm! Where are we going? No charted plans! No serious projects and programs! No damage control! No rescue and relief plans! The ship of state is leaking and taking in water. There is massive corruption, incompetence, stupidity and even laziness in government where non-performing assets are seen as ineffective and doing nothing. Unemployment is rising so is criminality… the cost of living and what about the economy? The insurgency is still operating and killing/injuring our people! BS Aquino gave all the advantages and benefits to the MILF criminal, bandit, terrorist group! Watch as a Pan Islamic State rises in Mindanao! Watch as our territories in Mindanao are taken, dismembered and balkanized! Wake up Filipinos before it is too late!

    1. Credit grabbing and blame throwing are at the very heart of PNoy’s Legacy, and it determine whether his Presidency has learn/matured/grow in the first 4 years of his term or derail? whether PNoy, his cabinet & political allies take an open minded approach to the challenges they face or succumb to the temptation to scapegoat and blame throwing, and whether his entire Presidency have cultures of trust and problem solving or instead waste time and effort on dysfunctional finger pointing.

      We only vote/chose leaders based on popularity or those who portray being good (facade only) than those with real intellect who really excel. To be President, you need to be an opposition & always accuse your predecessor as being corrupt/bad to gain people support and stay in position/power.

      Religion also has a tendency to spoil Leaders or Role models in many ways – relying purely on God”s blessing. Hence, an easy life results to false public service due to no effort/work = Lazy & Idle Mind (incompetence : lack if vision/poor logic/no-sense of observation/lack of imagination & creativity). Anti-intellectual Attitude is a road block to the progress of our Nation.

      In a Goon (Mafia) Society like the Philippines – people will simply group together to gain majority, to rule over minority and abuse that power. Thus, people (including Leaders) simply join a Group for protection, to be stronger and to be spoiled in many ways = lazy & idle mind or anti-intellectual attitude (incompetence). If you are unique in such a way (intellectually-superior for example) people will ostracize and criticize you because you are not “one of them” no matter how truthful/nice and how much contribution one can do for our nation.

      The Goon concept applies to Religions, Politics/Government, Media, Showbiz, Sports, public or private sectors. And conflicts will happen if the common interest of a certain group clashes with another group.

      Majority of our President/Leaders (in Government or Congress) are ff.:

      a. Lawyers-whose nature of work are disputes of legal matters (negative).

      b. Popular Actors/celebrity – whose nature of work is movies/TV/media.

      We need Leaders from other professions like the ff.:

      a. Architects/Engineers – whose nature of is to Create/Build (positive)

      b. Doctors – (Dr. Mahathir) who cured & made Malaysia a very healthy (wealthy) nation.

      Corruption in my definition is the product of an IDLE or LAZY Mind (AMPAW) selfishness/greed and materialism because corrupt people/Leaders do not realize the consequence of pocketing public funds or receiving bribes. Money should be circulated around to create more business opportunities, employment, expenditures and to fuel the economy.

      Jessie J “PRICE TAG”
      “It’s not about the money, money, money. We just wanna make the world dance.”

  11. Water always seeks it’s own level! People including this no performing prez penoy always rises to their level of Incompetence!

    Probably the leader that the Phil truly needs is not born yet!

  12. The culprit is not Noynoy alone. It involves the whole yellow zombies organization, specially the yellow media. The yellow media is responsible for the propaganda of the Aquinos, and black propaganda for the adversaries. I’m not sure if we should blame the voters for voting the wrong or incompetent politicians? They were brainwashed.

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