The Talented Mr. Aquino The Week That Was


Conning people takes talent but sometimes people are conned by those devoid of talent.

Conning people takes talent but sometimes people are conned by those devoid of talent.

Tom Ripley: I always thought it would be better, to be a fake somebody… than a real nobody.

The Talented Mr Ripley is a movie about a con man played by Matt Damon. All throughout the movie we see Damon’s character convincingly deceive almost every person in his path. Which is something that goes on in April every election year in the Philippines. Speaking of deception, Noynoy Aquino during the 16th Philippine Quality Award Conferment Ceremonies at the Palace March 21st talked about reinforcing ” the culture of quality and competence”. Although at this point maybe the only recipient of Noynoy’s deception may be Noynoy himself.

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As dull as Noynoy seems to be as a person, things are never boring under his watch. Then again a comedy of errors tends to be amusing if it was your money and my money bankrolling the farce. As I write this, there is a full day left in the work week and already have the self inflicted wounds of “end to mediocrity”  and Noynoy’s feeble attempt at exclusion from corruption. Add to that the revelation March 19th that pork was used to pay off newscasters  and Daang Matuwid is resembling a certain legendary road in Baguio.  It makes the “ampaw” revelations   seem so long ago when it reality it has only been a week.


The Stegosaurus

The Stegosaurus

Also this week Press Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. sang his familiar refrain of “Blame Gloria” while simultaneously clearing Social Work Secretary Dinky Soliman of any wrong doing. So it is Gloria’s fault three years from now, it is her fault three earlier. It is her fault during the presidency of her father and it was her fault when the Stegosaurus roamed the Earth. Everybody thought Noynoy was in the zenith of his disillusion with the ampaw remark but of course he proves it’s no fluke. Just when you thought he is all Walter Mittyed out , he then kicks it into a new gear of  delirium even I never knew he had.  Again, it boggles my mind how can someone who seems so dull be so full of surprises.


Speaking of mind boggling, Noynoy seems to always be in a state of confusion as the Kinks once said.  He is constantly bewildered by high unemployment, lack of power in Cateel or a fair question by the press. The answer is obvious. A qualified, competent leader would be aware of these issues under his or her watch and will at least try to make it appear they are aware of the concern and will give you evidence of their activities to pacify those looking for blood. At the present though clueless is as clueless does.


The guy was a 50 year old career hanger on when he was picked to be “standard bearer” . I wrote In GRP around Aug 2012  that not only did he not have accomplishments , he also did not have failures. Any leader worth anything has failures . Abraham Lincoln and George S. Patton had their setbacks. There is a reason why people always say learn from your mistakes. Because you do. This guy knew nothing. What I also find endlessly fascinating is that many of his flaws can be concealed with smoke and mirrors but my gut feel is he really has no sense of what is appropriate that he overrides any attempt to smoothen out the rough spots and just project his awkwardness in all it’s glory.


B.S. Aquino was voted in precisely because the Filipino voter ignored his lack of accomplishments and crisis handling in lieu of mourning his mother. He is the last person to discuss mediocrity and ampaw as if it out there and not within . His sister is more qualified to talk about chastity. Which actually did not stop her.


As depressing as it seems to read about Noynoy’s lack of grip on reality, it is actually worse to hear other people justifying the current state of affairs . Fourteen year old girls in the premier of a Twilight movie are less starstruck than 2014 Noytards. They have had four years of news to bring their leap of a faith in this simpleton into a crash and burn episode. If you were watching the coverage of the missing Flight MH 370, they were speculating that there were only limited areas within range of the flight’s fuel radius where they could feasibly land. I am sure there is enough space in Noynoy Aquino’s over-inflated sense of self worth to land a Boeing 777. Actually, years before he was a presidential candidate that is exactly the word  Noynoy’s dates would describe him as: Boeing.


If you are going to buy a con man, at least buy into a talented con man like Damon’s Mr. Ripley.  Noynoy B.S. Aquino, is laughed at for his claims that others are “ampaw” and others should “end mediocrity”. Yet there are many out there who buy the cons of these seemingly untalented Mr. Aquino. The National Telecommunications Commission aims to ban all porn from local ISPs.  The government should ban the drugs Noynoy defenders are frequently ingesting.

8 Replies to “The Talented Mr. Aquino The Week That Was”

    1. Those who defend the yellow balding idiot in Malacanang are clearly same as him and should not be given any credibility of holding any government office in the future. People should take note of this in the elections to come.

      “You can’t defend the indefensible – anything you say sounds self-serving and hypocritical.”

      —Diane Abbott

  1. If there are no people to be conned; there would be no con men. As Rizal had said: “There are no tyrants; where there are no slaves”. It’s is like the “Snake Oil” salesman; selling oil, and claiming that it can heal everything. People who swallowed the claim of the con man… were never healed, of anything…but their money is gone.

    Aquino’s accomplishment were clouded by the Oligarch’ Media. They know that, like her mother; they can use him, to control the economy; monopolize government contracts; and have as much profit, as they can have.

    They sold the Aquinos as being heroes, which is very far from the truth. If you just use a little of your “grey matter”…you would not buy the con…

  2. The common denominator of these Aquino apologists is that they say that the lives of the people and the economy have been better since his term.

    I say these people really need to go outside and stop smoking pot/snorting crack to see the harsh reality. Otherwise we will all end up as brainless zombies.

    1. These people obviously haven’t seen the number of poor scattered on the streets of Manila and other cities.
      Those people really need to have sense whacked on their hollow heads.

  3. For all I know and remember, It was during Marcos time that “culture of quality and competence” is present.

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