President Noynoy Aquino is an ampaw President, a President without substance

Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino is not only good at making people angry; he is also good at making people laugh. In fact, he doesn’t seem to mind being the butt of his own jokes. In a forum held recently at Hope Christian High School in Manila, he warned his captive audience – impressionable students — against voting for a successor who doesn’t have substance.

Over-promising keeps the smile on his face.

Over-promising keeps the smile on his face.

Most people would agree that the President was talking about himself when he referred to “ampaw” candidates, or as he described “people who look and sound good when they deliver speeches, but have no substance.” For those who don’t know, Ampaw “is a Filipino bread that is not filling or satisfying.”

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Reading about BS Aquino’s advice on what to look for in the next Philippine President is like reading something out of a joke book. He truly is not aware of his own incompetence and has totally forgotten the campaign promises he made but never delivered. Instead of eradicating corruption, he encouraged it. Instead of prioritising the Freedom of Information bill, he said it wasn’t a priority. He obviously over-promised and under-delivered. Here are some excerpts of his advice:

“Syempre, number one, you have to–well, not in the precise order, ano–pero ‘yung competence has to be demonstrated. ‘Yun bang, alam niyo ba kung ano ‘yung ampaw na pagkain? ‘Yung pagkain ha, hindi ‘yung kulay pulang envelope. So, ‘di ba, ‘yung ampaw malasa pero sa loob hangin. Baka, ‘di ba, ‘yung… Paano ko ba ide-describe na hindi nakakainsulto?”

“Pag napapakinggan mo…May punto ba ‘yung sinasabi niya? Mukha bang totoo ‘yung lumalabas sa kanyang bibig or maganda lang pakinggan? ‘Pag ‘yung nanood ka ng talumpati nito o ng isang kampanya niya, meron ba siyang pinag-usapan na may saysay, o sumayaw na lang, o kumanta na lang, or ‘di ba nagpa-cute na lang? ‘Yung sa sinasabi ba niya at saka mga nagawa na niya tugma?

A 2010 meme used by Hong Kong protestors to denounce PNoy's response to the hostage massacre in Manila.

A 2010 meme used by Hong Kong protestors to denounce PNoy’s response to the hostage massacre in Manila.

There was never an occasion when BS Aquino talked with substance in the first place. He is not even easy on the eyes and doesn’t sound good when he delivers his speeches. When he appears in front of the camera, he has this permanent smirk on his face as if mocking or insulting his subjects. On one occasion, his facial expression actually made Hong Kong Chinese residents angry after they saw him smiling during his press conference in the aftermath of the Mendoza hostage crises in 2010. They even gave him a nickname “smiling dog”. Apart from that, he uses a lot of lame metaphors to explain himself, which indicates his lack of breeding. He is living proof to the saying “money cannot buy good taste”.

There were even times when the President was interrupted by fits of uncontrollable smoker’s coughing in the middle of his speeches, which was quite annoying for his audience, indeed.

Even when he was still campaigning, all BS Aquino was ever good at was badmouthing his perceived political enemies. His speeches were mostly littered with the previous administration’s “faults”. Unfortunately, he has carried on the tactic of blaming other people even for his own shortfalls to deflect from his own until today and quite possibly will continue to do so until his last days in office.

The current President must be delusional if he thinks that he is a hard act to follow. Sadly, his staunch supporters who treat him like some kind of god are partly to blame for his arrogance. In the past, rabid Aquino supporters quite often pat him on the back even when he does an awful job. This has not helped him stay grounded in reality.

Unfortunately for BS Aquino, his slow response to the devastation in central Philippines particularly in Tacloban brought about by Typhoon Yolanda will be his real legacy. The government’s lack of genuine concern and respect for the victims was quite evident in the first few days and months after the tragedy. It is still evident now with reports that a lot of the donated goods had to be thrown out because they were left rotting in the Department of Social Welfare warehouse instead of being distributed to the victims.

A lot of people will not forget how BS Aquino dismissed a businessman’s grievance after his store was looted and ransacked. He also walked out of a press conference after addressing the businessman with an insulting remark that was totally un-statesmanlike: “But you are still alive, right?

Likewise, In an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour just a few days after the typhoon, the President was more concerned about looking good by downplaying the number of deaths and saying stuff that would make it appear like his government is in total control of the situation even when it was not. The policeman who gave an estimate of 10,000 dead was also reportedly sacked obviously because he highlighted the unpreparedness of the government before the typhoon arrived.

mar_roxas_vs_romualdezAnother disturbing incident followed when Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Mar Roxas berated Tacloban mayor Alfred Romualdez at a meeting during the height of the crises. Roxas reminded Romualdez that help from the national government had to be formalized with an ordinance because “You are a Romualdez and the President is an Aquino.” A rationalization that will only make sense to people obsessed with partisanship even in times of crisis.

Those two incidents should remind the voters of the fact that it seems like BS Aquino and his allies in the Liberal Party are just after their own vested interests. Meaning, it was really hypocritical of BS Aquino to warn the students at the forum about candidates who are only after their own interests rather than the people’s interests, when he himself doesn’t know his own priorities.

With less than two years to go before he steps down from office, BS Aquino is trying to play catch-up now by mobilizing the completion of infrastructure projects like roads and highways in Luzon. Too bad it will not make a dent on people’s perception when they look at the results of the job of his administration overall. Clearly Filipinos from other regions will feel left out once again since only Luzon is reaping the benefits from the current government. Currently, some parts of Mindanao are still suffering from a debilitating power crisis with reports saying that Mindanao residents will continue to experience scheduled power interruptions until 2015.

Speaking of the energy crisis, an Aquino ally could not help but speak out against the President for his arrogance in solving the crisis. Reports quoted Senator Sergio Osmeña III as saying BS Aquino continues to be “hardheaded” and an “awful manager”. He said this about the President for “his refusal to fire Energy Jericho Petilla despite various problems in the power sector”:

Osmeña added that Petilla is clearly focused on politics and not on solving the country’s energy woes.

“I’ve been observing him. I don’t like what I see, not because he’s not intelligent, but his mind is elsewhere,” the senator said.

Osmeña, who chairs the Commission on Appointments (CA) energy panel, likewise said he has been deferring hearings on Petilla’s confirmation because he does not want to embarrass the Cabinet official with “difficult questions.”

While Osmena should be lauded for the audacity to say that BS Aquino is “hardheaded” and an “awful manager”, he should be shamed for not having the balls to “embarrass” Petilla by asking him “difficult questions”. Osmena also contradicted himself when he said BS Aquino is an “honest man” and “a good man” for sticking with the people he appointed. How can BS Aquino be honest and good for wasting people’s time and money by hiring someone incompetent to solve the energy crisis in the country? It just doesn’t make any sense. Perhaps Osmena is just looking after saving his own skin as well. Or perhaps he is just being ampaw just like the President.

Well, it looks like President BS Aquino is reluctant to endorse Mar Roxas as the Liberal Party Presidential candidate for 2016. Probably because he knows Roxas is going to lose. One thing is for sure though, the President’s mode is now shifting to campaign mode. The Filipino people can say goodbye to the hope of achieving real reform under BS Aquino government. The least they can do is to follow BS Aquino’s advice not to vote for an ampaw again. After all, who would want another six-years with a mediocre commander-in-chief just like him?

36 Replies to “President Noynoy Aquino is an ampaw President, a President without substance”

  1. Kung talagang pagtutuunan ng pansin, ang pinangakong Daang Matuwid ay napako sa pagiging pangako lamang. Walang sustansya, walang laman. Sa madaling sabi, ito ay isang malaking AMPAW. Ergo, ang mga kakandidato sa ilalim ng Partido ng Daang Matuwid ay siya ang talagang mga ampaw at hinde na dapat iboto ng sambayanan.

  2. With roxas having no chance in 2016 maybe the indecent haste to amend the constitution is a trojan horse for some machiavellian yellow plot.

    FoI certainly will not happen.

    And pnoy aquino et al have the nerve to say the administration is already transparent ( ? Refusal to produce list of DAP projects etc), and that it never seeks to influence congress ( corona trial etc)

    Pnoy aquino – hypocricy, duplicity, deceit, and incompetence.

  3. Another great article as usual Ms. Ilda.

    It’s ironic that Mr. Aquino doesn’t realize that he is now the butt of jokes.
    Ampaw is definitely what you can call Mr. Aquino since he is 1% substance 99% hot air.
    4 years and he still has no worthwhile achievements although I’m very sure one of those mooks from the malacanang miscommunications morons would say “Four years palang si Tito Noy, give him time” although that excuse is no longer effective since the anger towards his “government” is already reaching its critical point.
    Things won’t end well for him and his yellow morons if he still can’t take responsibility for his f*ck ups and still insist on blaming someone else for them.

  4. “Shifting to campaign mode…”

    Really, Ilda? As far as I see it, he was never out of his campaign mode since day 1.

    He is living in his own world, very different to where the rest of us are. Well ,at least together with his loyal followers.

    Speaking of ampaw, the pinoys started turning to ampaws way back 1986 all thanks to his mother. (may her soul burn in hell).

  5. We no longer have a say in the elections. With PCOS rigged, we’re bound to have yet another 6 years of vile incompetence. What this country needs is a bloody civil war (my apologies for going out of topic). It’s high time to weed out the unwanted, exterminate the vermin from the home. No more of this “People Power” bullcrap with the flowers and the nuns and the prayer rallies. A REAL revolution is long overdue. There are obviously two differing ideologies in this country: the Yellow plague, and those for the Philippines. We need to start choosing what we believe in. No, we need to choose.

    1. @Pablo

      There is a huge social volcano slowly building as it boils and smokes beneath us. Let us hope and pray that necessary reforms are made by sane and sober people in government. I for one am against a bloody civil war. Unity is what we need. When it happens we should rally to the flag. The red, white and blue! Discard the yellows and the reds! Let the rule of law prevail again as we unite to uphold and defend the Constitution!

  6. If memory serves me right, Mr. BS Aquino was tagged in a world poll as the world’s worst leader. He was also “baptized” by many netizens as Abnoy(def. bulok na itlog ng itik).

    Mr. Aquino failed to deliver in terms of his campaign promises and slogans. His promises and slogans was seen as nothing more than black/grey propaganda. Matuwid na Daan? It was always Ang Baliw na Daan!

    Puro hangin lamang and laman ng dilaw na ampaw! What has BS Aquino done to reduce poverty, unemployment, criminality, brain drain, capital flight, graft and corruption… etc. etc.

  7. I’ll admit that I have nothing meaningful to contribute here. I just wanted to say that your president’s facial expressions are so meme ready that it’s unreal. I’m surprised we haven’t seen more memes with him.

    1. But you say the truth . It is useful for those of us who make the memes. Even with just the non verbal cues this “person” does not seem like a world leader or a leader. He is so socially awkward that his PR dept has to choreograph dates for the press to throw some people off the scent. At the end of the day he is what he is. And one day in the not too distant future we may be wondering how such a boorish oaf occupied the the highest elected office in the land.

    2. Can its be time for some unoriginal content?

      Nag-antabay si Benigno “Noynoy” S. Aquino III. At nag-antabay. At nag-antabay. Ang sinag mula sa mga ilaw sa kanyang ibabaw ay kumurap at naglaho sa kanyang bumbunan. May mga ampaw sa palasyo. Nagkunyari syang hindi sila nakikita, pero alam niya ang kanilang presensiya as loob ng maraming taon. Ang kanyang mga babala kay Sekertarya Roxas ay hindi pinakinggan, at ngayon at huli na ang lahat. Huli na nag lahat sa ngayon, ganun pa man.
      Si Noynoy ay isang haciendero sa loob ng limampung-apat na taon. Noong siya ay bata pa, nakita niya ang kural ng baboy at sinabi niya sa kanyang ama “Gusto ko pong magdamusak sa kural, ama.”
      Ang sabi ng ama niya “HUWAG! IKAW AY PAG-IINITAN NG MGA AMPAW” bago siya umeskapo mula sa bansa.
      May mga panahong pinaniwalaan niya iyon. Tapos nung tumanda siya ay huminto siya. Pero ngayon sa liblib na palasyo ng Malakanyang ay may mga ampaw.
      “Si Roxas ito,” ang buwelta ng walkie-talkie. “Labanan mo ang mga ampaw!”
      Kaya kinuha ni Noynoy ang kanyang buangngang malaki at giniba ang pader.
      “PAG-IINITAN NA NAMAN NIYA TAYO” sabi ng mga ampaw
      “Akong bahala” sabi ng maliit at itim na lalaki at itinira niya ang mga putik na burak. Binungangaan ni Noynoy ang kalaban at sinubukan niya itong paputiin. Pero nahulog ang kristeta at sila ay nabitag at hindi maka-insulto.
      “Hindi! dapat kong pag-initan ang mga ampaw” ang wika niya.
      Sumagot ang walkie-talkie “Hindi, Noynoy. Ikaw ang ampaw”
      At si Noynoy ay naging Bungangera Queen.

  8. It’s funny to know that the “ampao” (Chinese red envelope) I received last Chinese New Year has more worth than the “ampaw” of a President we currently have.

  9. AMPAW clearly point to himself so why call him His Excellence if he is not?
    PNoy have shown indications of his incompetence @start of his term (Manila Bus Tragedy). Every year PNoy administration is always struggling to cope with problems of Natural Disasters (Sendong, Pablo, Yolanda). Incompetence will continue & spread (viral) up to his successor because PNoy now has majority control of our Congress (Senators/Congressman), Supreme Court, Comelec, Media, etc.) and survey firm.
    We only vote/chose leaders based on popularity or those who portray being good (facade only) than those with real intellect who really excel. To be President, you need to be an opposition & always accuse your predecessor as being corrupt/bad to gain people support and stay in position/power.
    Religion also has a tendency to spoil Leaders or Role models in many ways – relying purely on God”s blessing. Hence, an easy life results to false public service due to no effort/work = Lazy & Idle Mind (incompetence : lack if vision/poor logic/no-sense of observation/lack of imagination & creativity). Anti-intellectual Attitude is a road block to the progress of our Nation.
    In a Goon (Mafia) Society like the Philippines – people will simply group together to gain majority, to rule over minority and abuse that power. Thus, people (including Leaders) simply join a Group for protection, to be stronger and to be spoiled in many ways = lazy & idle mind or anti-intellectual attitude (incompetence). If you are unique in such a way (intellectually-superior for example) people will ostracize and criticize you because you are not “one of them” no matter how truthful/nice and how much contribution one can do for our nation.
    The Goon concept applies to Religions, Politics/Government, Media, Showbiz, Sports, public or private sectors. And conflicts will happen if the common interest of a certain group clashes with another group.
    Majority of our President/Leaders (in Government or Congress) are ff.: a. Lawyers-whose nature of work are disputes of legal matters (negative).
    b. Popular Actors/celebrity – whose nature of work is movies/TV/media.
    We need Leaders from other professions like the ff.:
    a. Architects/Engineers – whose nature of is to Create/Build (positive)
    b. Doctors – (Dr. Mahathir) who cured & made Malaysia a very healthy (wealthy) nation.
    Corruption in my definition is the product of an IDLE or LAZY Mind, selfishness/greed and materialism because corrupt people/Leaders do not realize the consequence of pocketing public funds or receiving bribes. Money should be circulated around to create more business opportunities, employment, expenditures and to fuel the economy. Jessie J “PRICE TAG”
    “It’s not about the money, money, money. We just wanna make the world dance.”

  10. Osmena double talked himself…shows that he can criticize and praise his Boss, at the same time. It is not the hardheadedness of Aquino, that is the issue here. It is his questionable behaviors ; when confronted with difficult situations…mostly, he retreats into his hole. Until the situation clears up. Then if it turned up good: he grab the credit.

    Aquino is like a thief, counselling people about Honesty. His words are never worth a nickel, or a dime…

    Well the whole article just made it BS. I’ve been around for a long time and this is the only administration that somehow openly and doing it’s best against CORRUPTION. Who among in the past had done this? I AM NOT A SUPPORTER OF AQUINO SINCE I DON’T AGREE TO SOME OF HIS PLATFORMS but at the same time he has directed the country to what everyone thinks in the right direction. Philippines is currently no. 2 in Asia’s fastest economic growth due to investors flocking the country. PNOY can not please everyone.

    Since I arrived in the US in 1986 (when Marcos dictatorship ended) I only gone back 3 times. Every visit back to my home country gave me awesome surprises and I get lost a lot of times because of changes and improvement everywhere that extends through the outskirts of the city.

    If you think you didn’t see any improvements since 86, then you must be blind or refuse to listen and see. If nothing happened in your life that means tamad ka at hindi ka nagsumikap. MAGBANAT KA NG BUTO PARA MAY MANGYARI SA BUHAY MO.

    I don’t like Aquino in some ways because I think he’s too soft on those who try to destroy the country’s advancement but I can only agree that he’s doing his best to lead the people to vote wisely in 2016.


    1. TROLL. 😀

      What the writer is talking about is Noynoy is notorious for his BLUNDERS, BLAME GAMES, and STUPIDITY. All of your rants are purely BS and nonsensical, though.

      And she’s not supporting any Revilla, Binay, Erap, etc. Just look back on to yourself and STOP BEING SO STUPID.

    2. @ arnold

      The author’s credibility is truth. She sited facts. Deal with it.

      Sorry to burst your bubble. BS Aquino does not fight corruption. He does in fact support it. He has slush funds taking up half of the national budget, which coincidentally risen to high trillions since he took to office. He did use this fund to bribe senators and congressmen to oust Corona and God knows where else. Another clear view of his being in favor of corruption is the FOI bill which is really taking time to be made into a law.

      You have been back 3 times and what you have seen there my friend, are the few percent rich oligarchs’ booming businesses… malls, condos, etc., which really isn’t indicative of the actual country’s progress.

      FYI, authors here write because of their love of country and countrymen, trying to enlighten people like you to see things the way they really are an not through rose colored glasses. You cannot even assume that they are “tamad” and need to “magbanat ng buto” because you do not really know where they are coming from.

    3. @Arnold Acebes

      Here’s an article for you: Four lies about President Noynoy Aquino his supporters keep passing around as truths

      Some excerpts:

      For the benefit of those who still believe in his “Daang Matuwid”, here are a few un-truths about the President:

      (1) BS Aquino is not corrupt.

      Of course he is corrupt. There may not be evidence yet of him pocketing public funds but he used public funds to fast track the impeachment trial of former Chief Justice Renato Corona by bribing and strong-arming members of Congress. The revelation that he gave extra PDAF in the amount of Php 50 million to senators who voted to convict Corona is enough evidence to support this.

      He may also have used public funds to travel to campaign sorties around the country to support the Liberal Party’s candidates in the last mid-term elections held in 2013. Aside from bribing members of Congress, BS Aquino bullies his way around by bad-mouthing his enemies and turning people against each other.

      (2) BS Aquino finally exposed corrupt activities in government.

      This notion is absolute garbage. In 1996, there was already an exposé on pork barrel scamming. The news also landed on the front page of the Inquirer. What happened next is a mystery. Obviously, pork barrel scams still continued even after the expose in 1996. The point is, BS Aquino’s government cannot take credit for something that was already newsworthy two decades ago. In fact, what has been exposed is that the pork barrel scam was worse during BS Aquino’s term. His 2014 budget even allotted 200 million pesos for every senator and 70 million for every congressman. That was quite generous considering they were already aware of bogus NGOs linked to some of these men. The PDAF allocation was diverted from being given directly to the members of Congress when his government was forced to abolish the PDAF after the public outcry.

      (3) BS Aquino is the greatest President the Philippines ever had.

      On the contrary, he is the worst President the Philippines ever had. Not only does he lack diplomatic skills, he is also arrogant and vindictive. He doesn’t even have the humility to apologize to the Hong Kong government for bungling the Mendoza hostage crisis in 2010. He has divided the sentiments of the Filipino people and caused the public to argue about his executive decisions. The so-called “peace deal” in Mindanao involving rebel group MILF has put the nation at odds because of its unconstitutionality. Some want peace but not at the cost of giving away parts of Mindanao to a rebel group. The deal is not even acceptable to other existing rebel groups in Mindanao.

      Aside from the much-lauded “economic growth” in the last two years, not much has changed since he took office. The number of poor people is still going up and corruption is still rampant in government. To quote a news report:

      A Social Weather Stations survey has found that more than half of executives from some 1,000 enterprises in Metro Manila and six urban areas nationwide indicated “a lot” of corruption in the government last year. Fifty-six per cent of the businessmen claimed seeing “a lot” of corruption in the public sector, a 30-per-cent increase from 43 per cent in 2012.

      (4) BS Aquino is the lesser evil.

      In the eyes of some people, he is plain evil. He seems hell-bent on persecuting his former college professor and former President Gloria Arroyo for allegations, which are proving to be false and malicious. So far, the charges against her keep getting dropped for lack of evidence.

      He has no compassion for an ailing elderly woman considering his own father Ninoy received compassion from former President Ferdinand Marcos when he was allowed to seek medical treatment overseas.

    4. @Arnold Acebes:

      Hry, YellowTard:.

      Did you visit in the squatters’ area? Did you see those child prostitutes, with their parent “bugaws”. How about the standard of living? Are we not in a runaway inflation? A 500 peso bill , with Aquiino picture, can buy only a sandwich meal…equivalent to a $5 meal in the U.S. Did Aquino and Roxas did good in the Typhoon Yolanda tragedy? Read the book of Dan Brown, ”
      The Gates of Hell”..
      You still have the nerve to say to people: follow this President, who is a”Bobo”, “Duwag”, and “Tamad”….I have to vomit…

  12. This is the truth, deal with it.

    All of those who show support for this nincompoop president should join the poop party and eat poop.

  13. wow..sino kaya nag ffund ng site na much hate..hahahaha

    Anyway, President Aquino may not be the best president but better than the previous one proven by the growth in economy, coincidence or not. Maybe not everyone can appreciate these things for now but i believe one day we can and we will. Actually, I’m excited about the NLEX-SLEX connection which i believe is under his term and cannot be done without the help of the national government. Maybe this is such a small improvement compared to our problem in our society. Blame me for appreciating the small things.

    I cannot say you are not saying the truth but insulting or disrespecting somebody is not supplementing your point. You can write your thoughts or feelings in a nicer tone, then maybe you will not look like the antagonists in your own article. 🙂

    1. People that write here are mostly anti stupidity as opposed to funded by whatever agenda you have schemed in that brain of yours. We are different writers writing our own point of view on whatever subject fits the scope. Many of which have nothing to do with your little funding hypothesis. On the other hand we have a president whose dates with the opposite gender may possibly choreographed to give a certain impression. If true that is funded by the taxpayer. Chew on that. Since you love using the “F” word, do your own research and look at who funds Rappler, Pulse Asia, PDI, ABS CBN. Look at their tone and if you find that more objective than what we do here, that is a you problem.

    2. “You can write your thoughts or feelings in a nicer tone…”

      HAHAHAHA! Why not suggest a few quotable quotes from Barney the purple diosaur as well?

      With that said why not stick to the yellow propaganda machines (Gogs enumerated them) you like so much for your daily dose of feelgood BS about your “much-oppressed” president.=)

  14. No one Among the past presidents were stain free. Believe it or not , each one of us is equally guilty of corruption. No one as in no one can self righteously say that he/ she is not corrupt. Anyway, all comments said with prejudices or biases alike, let us not dwell on all these negative comments, impressions or facts as may be but ask yourself if you have done something or contributed something fobthe betterment of our country. Beyond all these stressful observations n opinions, let us unite together to see opportunities for change , good governance n remain vigilant. Lets think of positive ways to contribute, educating the informal settlers to seggregate waste n preserve their surroundings is one, uniting our businessmen thru association to address the red tapes n lagayan in the local government is worth considering, folleing our traffic rules ourselves is a start of contributing something positive. Let us not harp on the negative but always think of positive things we can contribute. Our government will not be corrupt if we do not alow them. God bless the Philippines.

  15. Personne ne peut comprendre le Francais ici.
    Ecrivez en Anglais.

    English translation:

    Nobody can understand French here. Write in English.

    Tagalog Translation:

    Walang nakakaintindi ng Frances dito . Magsulat ka ng English.

  16. the very first time he made a speech about how GMA was a bad president (by the way i am not a fan of GMA) i already knew he would not be good enough to be a president, finding and pointing out mistakes to blame others and always looking at the past to blame more people is not a quality of a good leader

  17. Bullshit!!! Despite being thrown mud and called a lot of unpalatable names, PNoy just yet stands tall and praiseworthy in front of international community. Get real…

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