Hey GI, ten dollah, love ya long time…


I read with interest benign0’s recent piece Is the sex trade all Filipinos have to offer to visiting US troops?. It was quite an eye-opener for me. I realize now why this country is screwed. We not only have an inept government, we also have idiots leading the “activist” movements that are supposed to be keeping the government honest. This lady Proleta Gomez… WTF?! She’s basically saying that Filipinas coming in droves to love GI long time are all covered by the age-old cop out: They made me do it.

Ironic nga talaga, specially coming from a “progressive” activist like Gomez. That sort of excuse for the proliferation of “sin” is the same sort of excuse used by the Taliban to explain male sin: the Woman made me do it — which is why Islamic women are made to cover themselves from head to toe, so that Islamic men are “protected” from temptation. Makes sense, right? Not. That sort of logic makes sense only to misguided “activists” like Gomez. Her solution to keeping Filipinas virtuous is to “protect” them from temptation by keeping all these lovable GIs out of Philippine shores.

These activists nowadays have lost the plot. When they are not busy making media whores of themselves on Twitter and Facebook, they are busy making issues about non-issues.

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Who’s the real enemy ba?

You’d think with the way things are going in the South China Sea nowadays, that question would be a no-brainer. Despite all the help the Americans gave us during the visit of super-typhoon Haiyan last year, it amazes me that they still come across to these Filipino makabayans as the bad guy. Sure, the US don’t do anything that is not in line with their own national interests. But then what government doesn’t adhere to that policy to begin with?

Why are there Filipino hookers? Is it because of the Americans? Why not get Filipino men to answer that question for a change?

Despite prostitution being illegal in the Philippines, we certainly have quite a reputation overseas — a lot more than people who come from countries where prostitution is legal. And, don’t look now, but this is really just one of many of those Pinoy ironies that make you scratch your head and think WTF??

It is starting to seem to me that our confused relationship with our religions is what is causing a lot of this misplaced angst and inability to focus on what is important. I read today the results of a recent Pew Research Center study that showed countries where people believe morality is dependent on a belief in god tend to be poorer as this diagram shows…


If only we as a people can learn to regard things with clearer minds and start to shed all the cognitive baggage that fouls up our sensibilities. It is easy to see now that we arrived at where we are as a result of all these bad decisions made using sloppy and lazy thinking. Standing out among all these is the decision to kick the Americans out of our bases in 1991.

37 Replies to “Hey GI, ten dollah, love ya long time…”

  1. MS. Kate , a lesson to be learned is that the ‘oldest profession in the world’ is only derided by those who are to ugly to take part in its spoils, the ultra-conservative (who would not know his to relax ad have a rollicking good time if it fell on them) and the people who can not TAX it correctly(because it is done behind closed doors and no one is going to say how much they were paid, u kno?). THAT IS ALL!!! Most progressively minded countries on the planet earth de-criminalized it decades ago, some places never outlawed it to begin with, and the earth’s people are slowly waking up to the fact that it is a viable profession, with a demand for its services and the outlawing of it only puts a burden on the tax-payer who must foot the bill for policing/incarceration etc etc etc…WAKING UP IN THE 21st century is not as scary a proposition as it may seem. These girls, if they have any brains would demand a higher wage!

    1. Actually, if you consider the Philippine official minimum wage, then the Philippine hookers are among the most expensive in the world.

    2. Sure its the 21st century, but would you marry a hooker? I don’t think I have the moral fortitude to do that.

      I have nothing against hookers, by the way, or those who patronize them.

  2. Sorry Kate, but 10 bucks wont get you anything but Jollibee.

    You are talking more like 100 bucks.

    Ladies drink: 250.-
    Barfine: 1600.- to 2900.-
    Girl: 1000.- to 3000.-
    All valuables gone in the morning…


    1. Let me give you a few tips on how to score got $10 usd.

      Log onto “dates in asia” its fully free.
      Search any city in philippines.
      Look for all the ladies profiles that are seeking men aged 18 – 80
      Meet them and offer them 1k peso ($10) for taxi in the morning if they stay and be a good little girl.
      Take photo of id and email it to email you can retrieve if complications arise. Keep all valuables in a safe.

      Only ignorant fools and rich foreigners pick up from bars. If you speak the language i have mates that can nail down a night for 500p.

  3. Some Filipinos are just damn hypocrites. Trying to play saints when in fact they need it too sometimes. Why the need to kick out all the lovable GIs from
    Philippines shores? Are they only the ones who got big appetite for sex? Why not kick out all the men instead including FILIPINO men? I would like to tell this Gomez lady that the most gentle and loving
    Man i met is not a Filipino. In fact, he could be one of what she called a GI. And why does he hate lovable GIs? Doesnt she want one for herself ?

  4. I think that Anngie missed the point in Ms Kate Natividad ‘s article. She was not adhering to getting the American GI’s out of the Philippines.She was actually questioning the fact that its the so called religious hypocrites saying that these americans are the big reason why there is prostitution in the Phil. Plz read the article again.

  5. oooppps so sorry 🙁 It seems Im the one who jumped at the wrong person 🙁 Im sorry Ms Anngie. Its the Gomez woman that I was actually referring to.

  6. Even without Americans, prostitution is still around. Just go to Quezon Avenue around 12 midnight. Lots of them waiting on the sidewalks. I mean, prostitution is still around because the pimps want to keep it that way. It’s their business.

  7. Talking about prostitution….The foreigners pay a fortune compared to what locals pay.
    The venues offering such services to foreigners are way much less than the ones catering the locals. and let’s see it.
    Who goes to all the sauna and spa’s? Locals, filipino men, they serve anything else in there than actual massage.
    Beer houses, 3-4-5-6 in every barangay not to mention the cities, they all ask for GRO (Guest relation officer) with pleasant personality…a nice way to say prostitue. For 250-300p a local gets a bj at the “private room” all these establishments have.
    Shall i go to the escort services advertized through any kind of publication?
    Who is the customer in all these establishments? FILIPINO MEN!!!!
    So please let aside the foreigners and look at our own culture.
    What is the entertainment a filipino man will give to his woman,taking her out. Anything more than a dinner in a mall or a movie? There is nothing else he can offer her either!!! Which bar can he take her to have a drink together? In a city of 14million people perhaps 10-20 legitimate bars might exist…and surprisingly they mostly cater foreigners who do not look for prostitues, NOT FILIPINO MEN, not because of discrimination but simply FILIPINO MEN will not go there with their wife or girlfriend (hardly and few only) but they will prefer a bar where they will be pampered with local food, beer, filthy alcohol of 1$/liter, a bj on the end for a good night bye bye and then go as a macho king back to the wife at home.
    But as on everything in this nation we never want to look the problem straight in the eyes, we never look in they eyes anyway, we take whatever excuse will make us feel good and we make our self to believe is true!!!
    Hypocriticism has become part of our nature!!! TIME TO THINK!!!!

  8. Americans and other people come in the Philippines; because of its sex tourist trade. Phedophiles come, because of its Child prostitution trade. They come, because: they are there!!! No other reason. We have laws, but they are never inplimented. Some of those implementing the laws, are also part of the sex trade.
    It is one of the industries in the Philippines. Inspite of being its being a Christian country. No sweat, most of it pleasure, plus money…Filipinas are tempted in it.

    I have seen a Filipina clinging to her American husband, who is old as her grandfather, here in the U.S., recently. I asked the American: “Where did you meet your wife…” He then answered: ” In a Bar, in Angeles City, Pampanga”…If you are a poor girl. Who can beat that? Matanda…May pera…madaling mamatay…

    1. As a foreigner, I once mentioned to a tricycle driver that the first time I came to the country a taxi driver pushed me to go to a girly bar in Manila.

      The tricycle driver gave me a dirty look, as if it was my fault or something. Hello??? It’s YOUR country, not mine. This is what filipinos are selling.

      I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been approached in the street by people asking me if I wanted a girl. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had tricycle drivers try to sell me a prostitute, because they wanted commission. I can’t tell you how many times that I’ve had girls (who I never thought would do this) proposition me.

      That’s Philippines for you. That’s why foreigners get the ideal that most or all filipinas are prostitutes.

  9. Hi Kate,

    I find this quite an interesting piece and as a foreigner myself, I do agree with you that there is a reputation for prostitution in not just the Philippines, but also south east Asia in general.

    I don’t pass any judgement on the girls that do it because as others have pointed out, they can earn much more money from this line of work compared to working in a call center or any other regular office job. These girls may also have children or families that depend on their support for medical reasons or simply day-to-day living expenses, so I can completely understand why someone might want to do it.

    I also feel that there is a mindset in the Philippines to serve the west, not just in prostitution but also in terms of BPO and tourism. The country’s whole economy and main sources of finance are geared towards supporting foreigners, and in many ways (as previously mentioned) the prostitutes are actually helping the overall economy as it attracts more overseas visitors to the area.

    I don’t however agree with the statement that this is ‘all filipinos have to offer visiting troops’ – this country has some of the most beautiful, pristine beaches and islands in the world as well as excellent food, accommodation, hospitality and a very rich cultural heritage.

    Personally, I would always choose to hang out socially with Filipinos over foreigners, especially the old foreigners you normally find in the Philippines!

    1. @ Phil Ex-Pat, Yes the filippines has some pristine beaches, but also some of the worst polluted beaches I have ever seen. and it is not due to Industrial run-off but rather by piggish behavior of local beach-goers who think someone is going to clean-up after they leave and the garbage just blows all over the beach, into the water etc,etc.
      Lapu-Lapu and his legacy are the true culture of the country and that is hard to find. Colonialism is everywhere though, in a rancid kind of way.
      As a guy who has spent many years in the country, I also avoid the old-fart ex-pats as they always seem to be conniving(hitting on my wife, trying to get me to invest in some BS scam) or else why would they approach a guy like me? and , on the other hand, I seem to be the walking talking ATM to the local population that NEVER thinks twice about imposing the ‘KANO’ tax upon me.
      I find my wife and vicious-as-shit-when-necessary dogs to be the best company I can find in the country.

      1. I couldn’t agree more Jerzy – a wife and a dog is all anyone could need for company! My girlfriend, although not a dog, is also vicious-as-shit-when-necessary, which helps reduce the foreigner tax sometimes!

    2. People think Amsterdam is the prostitution capital of Europe but Germany has more prostitutes per capita than any other country in the continent, more even than Thailand: 400,000 at the last count, serving 1.2 million men every day. Those figures were released a decade ago, soon after Germany made buying sex, selling sex, pimping and brothel-keeping legal in 2002. Two years later, prostitution in Germany was thought to be worth 6 billion euros – roughly the same as Porsche or Adidas that year. It’s now estimated to be 15 billion euros.

      1. I don’t deny that Europe and the rest of the world also has their fair share of prostitutes – those numbers are staggering. Perhaps the examples of regulation used in Germany and Amsterdam might help boost the Philippine economy if they were to implement a similar legal prostitution system here?

        1. I’d rather the country move out of depravity through legitimate ventures like science and technology than through another depravity, but that’s just me speaking my mind.

    3. “I would always choose to hang out socially with Filipinos over foreigners, especially the old foreigners you normally find in the Philippines.”
      That is a very pudding headed approach. Foreigners who live here can teach you things about daily life in the Philippines that no Filipino can and will teach you. Also, what is that statement about old foreigners? Most of my friend are way older then me, because I want to have an intelligent conversation and not just shits and giggles. Looks like you got a lot to learn.

      1. I’ve lived in the Philippines for about 2 years so I don’t need to learn about ‘daily life’ here. Let me be clear – I am friends with a lot of foreigners here, all of which are older than me.I just don’t like to hang out socially with the super old guys but it’s nothing personal, I’m sure I can learn a lot from them but I can’t relate to them as easily. ‘Intelligent conversation’ is not a guarantee when in their company either when half of them are reliving their youth.

  10. Very interesting Pew Research diagram. The reason why in France only a meager percentage of the population considers that “it is necessary to believe in God to be moral and have good values” is that something came to pass in the country in the 17th century: the Age of ENLIGHTENMENT. I caught up with it (buti na lang!) when I came to live in France 20 years ago. It was quite a paradigm shift for me who, like any self-respecting Filipino, used to presume it true that good manners & right conduct could only be had through a fervent belief in the Lord God Almighty! Now my wish is that the Age of Reason will also come to pass in the Philippines even if 500 years after France, better late than never!

      1. The Reign of Terror preceded the Age of Reason.
        Thomas Paine himself, author of “The Age of Reason” was a prisoner if the terror, and had finished writing Part First only about 20 minutes prior to being arrested and imprisoned as a foreigner during the terrors.

  11. Its so funny and also sad to see the dumbf@cks from the uncouth states of assholes come to the philippines and find some younger girl to try and impress – and then not even realise their girl/wife is banging anyone who pays.
    There is no fool like an american fool.
    No wonder they can’t get a girl in their own country and have to buy it in the 3rd world.
    Big bucks but small balls.
    They are good for fun and ripping off, but at least contribute to the economy.

    1. @Libertas, always talking as if you know what Americans think and why they do what they do, and you don’t have the slightest clue.
      American MEN, and I know this to be a fact, are sick to death of American women.
      Not that you would know, because you obviously don’t, American women do not know how to treat their Men. And so, contrary to what you mistakenly think, AGAIN, the smart American
      MEN go east to find a Woman who knows how to treat her Man.
      Your despisement of the American male, libby, has most likely got a lot to do with your own inadequacies and the fact that your government bows down and licks the balls of the American gov’t. every time master says ‘LICK’. Sure,Its emasculating, but really, WTF is w/the insults of people you know nothing of? OOOH, Jealousy.HHMMM….OR….
      When was the last time you even attempted to rip-off an American? Yeah, in your dreams?
      You are the truest definition of a FLIP I have ever had the displeasure of coming across. You know not in the least of what you speak about, talk shit as if you do and then have the tiniest of tits and sit behind your PC and flip the script as if it is not yourself that you describe.
      A mediocre education will do that to the lower classes in the 3rd world, Libertas,and yer just another embarrassing example of what I just described. Adding to that, your an ego on steroids! and it makes you uglier than most.Arrogance and idiocy always make for an intolerable sack of shit.You speak of people from the states in your first paragraph above being ‘uncouth’ and then ,The very next words out of you are ‘uncouth’,and it just proves you to be the arrogant and ignorant flip you are, without a doubt!

    2. @Libertas….OOOH!!!! SSSSHHHHHHHH!!!!!

      CRICKETS, CRICKETS, CRICKETS…it figures, at least you know when you’ve been SCHOOLED old-boy.

  12. They are now Researching on ROBOT PROSTITUTES. A robot prostitute has been developed by a team of Scientists. The Robot Prostitute can do the same, as a Human Prostitute. After the sex ; they can remove some features of the Humanoid. Ready for the next customer. It is for prevention of HIV, venerial diseases, STDs, etc…the Humanoid can also talk, moan, laugh,kiss, smile, gyrate, etc…

    This will give the Human Prostitute, a good competition. Police cannot jail this Humaoid; because it is not a person. It is a machine. Aquino would be passing laws again; banning the ownership of this Robot Prostitute…

    1. If that “Robo-Prosti” ever becomes a reality, I’m afraid Noynoy may want to own one—and a maie “Robo-Prosti”. He can also share it with his baby sis who seems to never get enough.

  13. @ Felipe:

    We can ask from the Team of Researcher. To make a Prototype of Robo-Prosti; that looks like Pnoy Aquino, Boy Abundia and Mar Roxas.
    It will be wonderful to watch the threesome perform.

    We will ask also another Prototype, that look like Kris Aquino. Same mannerism. Same characteristics, and the same manner of talking. Same voice also…same dresses, that she wears from day to day…

    I bet, they will have many Filipino Volunteers, to test/try this Kris Aquino Prosti Humanoid…they will CHARGE anyone, who will try/test this Prosti-Humanoid…Payment accepted will be in U.S. dollars or Euros, only. They will not accept Philippine pesos. Reservations are not accepted. First come, first serve. Payment is required , before any testing/trying…Walang Utang!!!

  14. Prostitution has been and will always be a part of our society and as such, will always be patronized by locals and foreigners alike. The presence of Americans (or any other foreigners for that matter) will not increase the flesh-trade… it will only make it more visible because the hypocrites in our society will have an excuse to make it an issue. Americans/foreigners do not create prostitutes, the ultra-conservative hypocrites simply blame them.

  15. Glad that there are.people here who really knows the stinking things that’s happening there in pinas, try to comment like these on Facebook and u will b bashed bullied by everyone, all we have to do is be a good example n lng

  16. we filipinos live in a hypocritical society… although prostitution is illegal…we license beer houses near the military port in subic which is frequented by our guests and which prostitutes use as a rendezvous point…we condemn murderers and rapists and yet when tried and convicted…we punish them by providing a lifetime of free board and lodging at a state penitentiary with minimal security…a resort considering the backgrounds of these criminals…we hate flooding during the rainy season and yet government budgets to fix our drainage, sewer system and canals go to the politicians’ pockets and we do nothing about it…we hate traffics and even established the mmda to oversee the congestion and they fail to implement the simple traffic rules…we condemn smuggling, drug trafficking and hoarding of basic needs…and find out that the government officials themselves run the syndicates…we hate corrupt government officials and yet we elect the most unreliable, inept and corrupt candidates of them all…so we as a people embody our own miseries and do nothing…we truly deserve our fate…all over again….

  17. Here’s the reason why our country got really screwed in the 1st place with or without the existence of the US Bases in our country… and serving the Filipina prostitutes to the American G.I.’s:


    p.s. speaking of morality, that link on above works very well to our corrupt politicians (read #1 spot), and thank God they’re NOT Islamic terrorists but they’re dumber and more irritating than those terrorists.

    2. Our country is full of BULL SH…. already if Duterte did not become our next president: link

    1. “I wanted to end prostitution but I had no jobs to give them.” – The Punisher Duterte


      “countries where people believe morality is dependent on a belief in god tend to be poorer”

      Pinoys believe more in their church and proclaim their faith by their religious practices and not by following what God or Jesus is telling them to do (for example, it is written in Isaiah 1:16-17 “Cease to do evil, Learn to do good; Seek justice, Rebuke the oppressor; Defend the fatherless, Plead for the widow” and take the numerous cases of injustices and corruption in our country – the massacred PNP-SAF equals widows, fatherless street children everywhere, injustices via corruption and criminals not getting punished etc – that people can live with). Their belief in God is mostly misguided.

      As for these activists, if they are really fighting for the cause of these Pinay prostitutes, then they should focus on what will benefit these sweet ladies. See there are two types of prostitutes in the country: those who take prostitution as means of living or profession and those who got victimized by prostitution syndicate. So the best they can do for them is push for prostitution to be legal for them to have security, push for prostitution syndicate to stop or push the government to come up with a plan to produce a more decent job for them.

  18. The Americans SHOULD hand the marine over to Philippine Authorities. That way his testimony will be heard all over the Philippines. The US Hubris is sickening. They may win the battle, but end up losing the war. Let him stand trial. My bet is that the manlolokos parents will do exactly what NICOLE did. Remember HER?
    She accepted money, and then, ASKED for US CITIZENSHIP!! and got it. She said the Philippine government was XXX and she wanted out! What a slap in the face for the Philippine Government officials!
    SO, lets concentrate on the more important issue of how the Filipinos are being fooled again.
    The Chinese have ordered the US out of the entire China sea, now claiming it as their own, and they have a Navy that is more powerful than US authorities would like to admit. Some Filipinos, including government officials, seem to think the Philippine Navy (non existent in practical terms) can stand up to China. Are they REALLY that stupid? Or maybe they have cut a deal for themselves with the Chinese? Wake up Philippines.http://thediplomat.com/2014/10/chinas-navy-is-already-challenging-the-us-in-asia/

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