Is PNoy a real ‘chicks boy’ or is it all just an overcompensation?

So it comes down yet again to that age-old question: Does being a “chicks boy” validate a guy’s sexual orientation? In one wedding I’ve been to, the underlying theme of the toast speech of the best man was about how the groom’s “chick-boy” ways were supposedly “tamed” after meeting his future wife. Way before that, I also remember looking through the yearbook of a friend of mine who studied in an all-boys school and reading some of the write-ups for the photos of the graduating batch. I reckon I spotted the term “chicks-boy” in four out of five write-ups I read.

Taking care of business: PNoy and Grace Lee in 2012

Taking care of business: PNoy and Grace Lee in 2012

Apparently being a “chicks boy” in the Philippines is a big deal. Seems to come all the way from the top. Like, it’s no coincidence that chicks are a common denominator among politicians who make the news today — Erap, the Revilla boys, Enrile and his Chief-of-Staff-with-Benefits, etc. Most recently it is President Noynoy Aquino and the idle talk about his women making the news yet again

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Aquino has dated several women since being elected President in 2010 including Valenzuela City councilor Shalani Soledad, stylist Liz Uy, stockbroker Len Lopez, TV host Grace Lee and beauty queen Bianca Manalo.

Last August, the President’s sister, Ballsy Aquino-Cruz, hinted that a 29-year-old lawyer might be Aquino’s new inspiration.

That same report quoted a certain Perfecto Uysingco, executive director of Training Research Information Development Specialist (TRI-DEV) Foundation, Inc. who theorized that maybe PNoy is always being linked to many women to quell speculation about his sexual orientation. Kinda hard though considering that a 50-year-old bachelor will always attract that kind of speculation. I don’t mean to judge but, hey, what’s up with 50-year-old bachelors nga ba? Is it just commitment issues? Or is there something more to it?

Quite revealing, in fact that PNoy’s sister Ballsy would engage in the same silly adolescent talk. And I recall that other sister, Kris, also made a tasteless play at matchmaker when Thai babe-turned-politician Yingluck Shinawatra visited Manila and met with her brother. So sisters being sisters, Ballsy and Kris making speculative public statements about the President’s love life comes across as a bit suspect.

At least legendary chicks-boy politicians like Erap Estrada and the elder Ramon Revilla (Senior) actually went the whole nine yards with their girls and fathered lots of kids. Erap had enough sons to fill three Senate seats… talo si Mang Ramon!

In PNoy’s case, on the other hand, it’s more like a failure to launch. Starlet Grace Lee, the last high-profile Presidential flame, when asked about why she and the president stopped dating could only say that she and him “never got there” (referring to a “next level” in their ill-fated relationship) — whatever that means. With PNoy you can only guess.

Knowing the way Pinoys think, seeing their president as a “chicks-boy” makes everything alright and is enough to assure them that their president is not gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with being gay, of course.

43 Replies to “Is PNoy a real ‘chicks boy’ or is it all just an overcompensation?”

  1. Let us examine the subtext of the term: “chicks boy.” A chick is a baby chicken ( a cute mindless thing that eventually will become a breeder or else will be eaten.) A boy is an immature man whose behavior is usually aggressive, thoughtless, and self-centered. Enough said…..

  2. I think “chick-boy” is a more acceptable term. But using the term on PNoy, “chicken” would be a more preferable term for him.

    How can someone like PNoy manage to handle a relationship when he can’t even manage a disaster like Yolanda in the first place?

    What can the paid trolls of Malacanang say about this? I bet they’re so proud of PNoy’s “womanizing ways.”

  3. I thought referring to BSNoy as a “chick-boy” meant he’s a chick trapped in a boy’s body. But seeing he looks way past his 50s, he’ll be more likely to be a “chicks-killer”. All the chicks will have been all dead by the time he can muster a fragment of commitment.

  4. P-noy aquino is as gay as a vestry full of catholic priests dancing to ABBA whilst dressed only in pink feather boas and crotchless leather speedos, with the youth choir… get the message, but don’t dwell on the image. Gaydar overload.

    And all the ‘beards’ ( name for females who gays ‘date’ as public cover) only really cropped up once he was in the public eye and needed to create a ‘macho’ image as playboy of the eastern world!!!

    Never any reference to any girlfriends in his 20’s, 30’s or even old photos of him ever with a girl, just mummy. Mmmm. The lack of evidence is evidence itself.

    Auntie pnoy is a limp wristed backdoor bandit.

    1. Who gives a damn about his personal life? He should be judged based upon track record based on his policy decisions. Calling him a “fairy” is about as bigoted as accusing Binay os being” a dirty, little brown monkey” Sop the gay bashing.

  5. If you are going out with a hot korean chick with an impressive balcony then you are letting the side down if you don’t take her puppies out for a spin, and take photos for posterity, and you certainly can’t claim to drive on the straight and narrow if you just stay in the garage or have a flat tyre.

    Grace lee could have provided a good opening – for international relations – and would have bent over backwards to accomodate the president – koreans are kinky like that. Woof woof.

    Just check out what the top 10 pornhub searches for south korea are!!

      1. Yes.
        The top 10 by countries list is interesting.
        In korea clearly the ideal girl is – just like your mummy, who likes to spend time in the toilet sh!tt!ng on you.
        Eating dogs sounds civilsed in comparison

        1. Well..this is the part where I can say that yeah..people all over the world have their…’preferences’. Sometimes it is just out of the so-called norm.

      2. Whatever floats your boat. Variety is the spice of life.

        Just think of the popularity of bestiality in the US (horses) where it is legal in many states, or the sheep shaggers in australia, and the animal brothels in germany.

        Makes you look at john wayne in a new light – ‘ i am going to saddle up a horse and then shoot up the sherriff’

        And richard king of england must have also been an animal lover.
        “A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse”

        I would have thought you could just put a collar and leash on the wife, drape her in a fur coat, and play a cd of ‘animal mating calls’ .

  6. its pnoy bashing.
    my best friend is a handicapped black gay dwarf so am very tolerant.

    actually my PA is gay and one of my real best friends heads up the diversity programme for a major multinational so get your head out of your arse – no gay reference intended

    and personal life of public figures are important, but not interested about you being gay as a nobody

  7. In one post, you attack Catholics, priests, females, as well as Koreans. Anyone who disagrees with you is branded as gay or a nobody. You are a total bigot. Wouldn’t you be more comfortable living in an enlightened country like Nigeria?

    1. Damn – i forgot dirty old men who like to look at porn/pictures of naked young boys in the privacy of their lair, which i know you think is ok – and of course anyone with ginger hair.

      P.s in a personality driven culture regrettably politicians have greater influence and exposure than they merit, consequently their true character and actions are important.
      If they are deceitful, hypocritical, a bigot, a child molester, or a wife-beater etc, you may not care, as long as it is done in private, but i do.
      The point about pnoy – gay or not – is about honesty which he likes to portray as his primary characteristic – so if he has had his hand in the cookie jar, or dipping his wick in curry sauce then it would have a bearing on matters.

      Sounds like your moral compass is haywire.

      1. I do not think that is ok and never said so. Why do you have to smear anyone who disagrees with you. You are just dripping with self righteousness, condescension, and xenophobic hatred.

        The only point I was trying to make is that EVERYONE deserves a private life. I just don’t get celebrity voyeurism.

        1. n itself i do not care if pnoy aquino is gay but you miss the point as usual.

          King gustav of sweden is visiting the philippines today. The swedish people are not happy that their married 70 year old ruler visits strip clubs and orgies. These sorts of things do matter to normal people.

          And president francoise hollande may plead about privacy in his private life but the current fiasco in france is embarrasing to the french, and maybe to the obama’s next month

          And if pnoy is gay then it does matter as president, beyond just normal gossio, compared to average juan because it would mean he has been dishonest, it could affect his views on certain policy issues, it makes him open to blackmail ( maybe why he has no friends, is a loner ( not a good thing for a leader who should network and learn from a wide range of friends) and even why he backs his kkk when in the wrong so no-one will spill the beans).
          It would also go some way to explain his attitudes and character.

          You like to liberally use the term bigot and xenophobe in place of logical thought. That smacks of narrow mindedness – now that is a thought crime.

          guess our standards are different

  8. President noynoy a chicks boy? What the hell is a chicks boy…Does he like chicks? Does he like boys? lol..just kidding~

    This is one of those dumb double standards that the world has…if the guy is a “chickboy” he’s glorified and idolized as if he’s a deity..but if the gal is a “playgirl” she’s demonized and called a slut. F*ck that~ ;))

    Anyway, I don’t see anything wrong with people still being a bachelor in their 50’s I mean come on now, who gives a damn..people keep bitching about the damn population getting bloated and yet they want people who don’t wish to procreate to actually what ever happened with choices..

    Anyway..whatever the latest scoop about the president’s personal life isn’t really something relevant that people should be caring to talk about..because it is obviously turning away from the OBVIOUS issues this country is plagued with that needs attention more than his alleged ‘lovelife’. Just my two-cents~

  9. What’s the big deal if he is ladies man? JFK and FDR were both womanizers. I think Noynoy is just being JFK-esque here so its cool.

      1. Sorry I’m not part of the tinfoil hat crowd (Shadow Gov’t, HAARP, Skull and Bones, Illuminati, Hacienda L., etc).

        Conspiracies make great movies but I prefer to deal with facts.

        1. Okay so when the SP500 hit 666 during the market meltdown years ago, the tinfoil hat crowd said this was proof of the Illuminati. People are so easily fooled by conspiracy theories.

          So if the dollar bill has the Masonic All Seeing Eye (a.k.a. Eye of Lucifer) and the words “NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM” (translated, New Order of the Ages) mean that there is a global conspiracy for a New World Order Global Government?

          Don’t be fooled by the tinfoil hat crowd.

        2. “Just like the Hacienda L. Youtube conspiracy video. Yes, I agree… pointless and irrelevant.”

          Nah, that video has been proven to be true since until now, your president is still protecting it for his corrupt and greedy clan.
          That’s also the reason why the hacienda luisita massacre happened FYI.

    1. An uneducated troll trying to be funny.
      Now that’s the height of stupidity combined with the depths of desperation.
      Are these people really such ignorant peasants, or do they work at it. Incredibly pathetic, and not even the ability to string together a few coherent sentences. Pathetic.

    1. Noynoy’s womanizing concerns me because he falling into the macho alpha male archetype that Filpino males secretly aspire to.

      Sometimes I do wish that he settles down and have a regular traditional family. But I realized that Noynoy is not your average male to be tied down by single woman. It would take perhaps a Grace Kelly or an Audrey Hepburn to satisfy his tremendous male libido.

        1. Yes, sadly, I have to admit that Noynoy is an Alpha Male with a macho man complex. Hey nobody is perfect. But I would rather have a “Real Man” as a president than “Crying Boy” like Romualdez running the country.

        2. Just to be clear — your definition of a “real” Filipino male is one who has a compulsive sexual disorder (more than likely other impulse control disorders), and has multiple female sexual partners out of a misogynistic need to dominate women, specifically a domineering mother figure, and/or to compensate for the lack of achievement compared to an intimidating, notorious younger sister.

        3. Bill Clinton had his interns give him a blowjob while at work. Sexually dysfunctional? Definitely. But who cares.

          Like YOU SAID, pointless and irrelevant.

        4. Conspiracy theories and Bill Clinton are irrelevant. And for some reason you brought them up.

          Your characterisation of the president on the other hand is relevant. As well as your suggestion that your ideal Filipino male is misogynistic and driven by a desire to dominate women.

      1. Pnoy is NOT alpha male, despite of what the press tells you. Unable to dominate and lead anything, he is just there because pinoy idiots put him there.

        Evidence of that? This country has not progressed but regressed during his tenure.

    1. Dang, Amir, and it’s because many Pinoys love gossip even if their churches tell them it’s bad. And gossip gives someone the feeling of power over someone else.

  10. Pnoy aquino would make an accountant seem interesting.
    Characterless, humourless, and bug eyed, even ‘Tommy’s’ deaf, dumb, and blind sister would turn her nose up at the thought, so pnoy is left to play with himself, or bff josh.
    The only woman who pnoy oedipus aquino could ‘love’ is his mother.

    Apart from stage managed ‘dates’ for media exposure/diversionary tactics, pnoy spends his time singing karaoke with his ‘male’ friends. Not only gay but lowbrow.

    The silver lining is that there is no chance pnoy aquino will produce another waste of space

  11. His sexual orientation is an open secret among his peers, but it’s none of anyone’s business. critic his performance in government since as Filipinos we have a right to critic our leaders, but his sexual preference? my gosh. why even post an article about it? the number one chismosa in GRP and the sole disgrace among its writers strikes again.

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