The #MillionPeopleMarch Is Nothing But An Epic Brainfart

With all due respect and I apologize for saying this with an offensive tone, but I think it’s just stupid to keep on gathering in different parts of the country demanding the abolition of the pork barrel system and coming away with zip.

noemi dado million peso march

The Million People March is kind of like a joke that I had become fascinated with over the weekend and it goes, “What I really want to know is, do penguins have knees?”

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Friends thought it was funny the first time I posted it on Facebook and Twitter.  But after telling it a number of times again on an hour long ride to a weekend Christian retreat, it was probably my friends’ forgiving and tolerant nature that kept them from throwing me off the car while it was speeding through SLEX.

million people march crowdsWhich makes me think that perhaps the idea behind having multiple Scrap Pork rallies is just a way of making people so bored with the whole thing that they’ll just stop protesting all together.

If at all the lower head count that gathered on Ayala last Friday is any indication, then perhaps the strategy is working.  The crowd estimates for the last scrap pork rally are anywhere from 2,500 to 10,000, which is about 75 percent lower than the first rally in Luneta.

"...Yung composition kanina, nakita natin yung pagdagsa ng mga tae... sorry po... ng mga tao" -- Jiggy Manicad, GMA7

“…Yung composition kanina, nakita natin yung pagdagsa ng mga tae… sorry po… ng mga tao”
— Jiggy Manicad, GMA7

A clip of GMA7’s Jiggy Manicad viral TV anchor fail probably summarizes an estimation of the impact of the gathering. (Watch the video here.)

One  issue so far that has become mildly interesting are various groups accusing each other of hijacking the rally.

The organizers of the #MillionPeopleMarch have gone at length to emphasize that it was not calling to oust or remove President Benigno S. Aquino from office.

To which, some people on Facebook responded by saying:

“Why do you guys not ask for impeachment or resignation?! And why are you so scared about whether people will think that you’re asking for it? C’mon guys, don’t waste your time and clog Ayala Avenue! “

Other reactions to the “hijacking” issues are worth noting here:

From Tonyo Cruz:

Who then could really be trying to “hijack” the protests? Who are undermining our fighting will and sabotaging our actions every step of the way?

We should not look any further than the bloggers and netizens who are either extremely loyal to President Aquino or have this belief that the pork barrel system is not intrinsically evil. This is the same group that tried to tie Makabayan to the PDAF scams of Napoles, in a transparent and opportunist effort to split the broad anti-pork alliances and coalitions. This is the same group that doing the heavy lifting for their friends and idols in Malacanang.

Through seemingly well-meaning but overtly malicious tweets and posts in social media, these characters were able to insinuate themselves into the internal and public discussions of the anti-pork alliances. While they are pro-pork, they meddle in the anti-pork alliances even to the extent of themselves arrogantly laying down the law, so to speak, on who should and should not be included or welcomed. Di sila kakampi, di sila kasali, pero nakikiaalam. Ang kapal, di ba?

Since the Napoles scam erupted, these same cast of characters have written furiously about the need for the pork barrel and valiantly shielding the President from any and all accountability or liability. During their free time, they go around town with their anti-Left, Red scare tactics . They know fully well the anti-Left biases of people and they hit on this to the hilt. For their efforts, they received encouragement, congratulations, link love and endorsement from Manolo Quezon, Abie Valte, Edwin Lacierda, Jim Paredes and other diehard supporters of President Aquino.

We could only guess the motivations of this group of netizens and bloggers, but they should not act as if they are above us or better than us or, worse, one with us. They are solidly, militantly, shamelessly in favor of the pork barrel system. They defend the President. They cannot be part of the anti-pork movement.

From Musician Bayang Barrios:

Personally, sasama ako para ipakita pa rin ang aking pagtotol sa pork barrel, na nais kong iparating sa Pangulong Aquino na di pa ako sumusuporta sa pagtawag na pababain siya sa pwesto, pero nais kong iparating sa kanya, na dapat wag na pagtakpan kung may nagkasala rin na kasamahan niya sa Liberal party na mga senador, congressmen, sana makulong ang mga nagkasala at maging transparent ang kanyang pamamalakad, at maging totoo siya sa sinabing ang taongbayan ang kanyang pagsisilbihan hindi mga kaibigan, kaanak o mga negosyante. Na sana ay makaharap din si Napoles sa Senado upang malaman ng taongbayan kung sino sino pa ang kasali dito sa scam na ito…Maraming tanong na kailangan sagutin… Sino sino pa nga ba ang mga nagkasala sa bayan? Bakit sa dinami daming nakakasuhan, si Erap lang yong nabilanggo? Sino ang may pakana ng giyera sa Zamboanga? Sa totoong yaman ng bansa natin, bakit ang dami daming naghihirap? Hay…Kung saan saan na naman napunta ang isip ko…. Basta sasama ako sa rally bukas…..

(Translation: Personally, I am still joining the rally to show my opposition to the pork barrel.  I also want to say that I am not supporting the call for President Aquino to step down, but I also want to say that they shouldn’t cover up for those in the Liberal Party.  I hope all those who are guilty are put in jail.  I hope that Janet Napoles is brought before the senate so that the people will find out who else is part of the scam.  There are many questions that need to be answered, like who else broke the law? Why is it that with the large number of people charged, only Erap was put in jail? Who instigated the war in Zamboangga?)

From Renato Reyes:

The attacks on the Left in relation to anti-pork protests are clearly and primarily orchestrated by pro-Aquino diehards who would rather see the people DIVIDED rather than united in a common cause. These diehards and intrigeros only want to insulate Aquino from any liability in the whole pork scandal. We appreciate the efforts of our friends in the anti-pork movement who continue to strive for greater clarity and unity despite the desperate divisive acts of Malacanang psywar operators. We thank those who spoke out in defense of Bayan, not because they’re leftists, but because they had the good sense to know that a broad unity is necessary to win this fight.

Then again, what basis has Mr. Reyes’ or Mr. Cruz’ for saying that last Friday’s anti-pork rally was being hijacked by yellow propagandists?

 Check out Jim Paredes:

jim paredes

And the thing is, in the face of controversy over the illegal and unconstitutional Disbursement Acceleration Program or DAP which was released as an incentive or bribe for senator judges who voted to convict former Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona, we have the likes of Paredes telling people NOT TO OUST AQUINO… Or worse…

Million People March Rochelle Sy ChuaFrom Rochelle Sy Chua:

Honestly, I never thought that I could be emotional on stage.  Initially, I thought I would be boring and would be sweet while talking.  Apparently, my anger and my frustration with what’s happening came out.

That said, I still believe that we are going to the right direction.  Our president, Benigno Aquino III, definitely is keeping his promise to fight corruption and to lead the way for “matuwid na daan.”

26 Replies to “The #MillionPeopleMarch Is Nothing But An Epic Brainfart”

  1. I’m so glad I didn’t join the rallies in Luneta and Ayala. I had a sense that there was no common stand on the matter, and that it would all just be a farce. I was part of the first and second EDSA revolutions, but the next revolution I’m joining is one that would call for the resignation of Aquino. No sense in just calling for the abolition of pork because while the existence of pork barrel in any form is a big problem, the bigger problem is really that we can no longer trust the Aquino government.

    1. oust pnoy? then what? have binay take his place? no thanks. remember ousting estrada? only to have him replaced by GMA?

  2. By the way, I used to like Jim Paredes, both because I liked his music and his principles. Now, I must say I’m very disappointed with him (and that’s definitely an understatement), and I’m also bewildered by how he can deceive himself with regard to Aquino. Is it because they’re both Ateneans (the lesser Ateneans I know have tremendous loyalty for their fellow Ateneans, for good or for bad) or because he’s too proud to admit that he was wrong in believing in and supporting Aquino?

  3. I’m maybe out of topic but what does being a “Christian” have to do with you on writing your opinions? Christian retreat, I’m a christian writer, it doesn’t make sense that we’re talking about politics & keep inserting religion.

    I agree that it is stupid to always go on the streets without imposing formal complaints (aka Sue those bastards). But please try to be neutral on religious aspects. Romancaholics & Protestants are not the only people reading your opinion.

    1. Easy dude, focus on the content. I don’t see any blasphemy written by the author. It was meant as an anecdote to tell the story.

  4. I’m not really after Pnoy’s resignation or impeachment. I just want him to be more transparent and act fairly in dealing with PDAF and DAP scam. What happened to his promises 3yrs ago that he’ll pass the FOI bill? Hmmm, was he forgetful or what??

  5. Our president, Benigno Aquino III, definitely is keeping his promise to fight corruption and to lead the way for “matuwid na daan.” slow clap. With patronage politics of Liberal Party? hahahaha! the writer of the article should go back to his HEKASI class

    1. You do know he is part of the corruption. Not known for anything in his time as a trapo but a pork recipient nevertheless. Anybody who idolizes Noynoy will deserve his faith. And his lack of brains.

    2. (And TROLLS like you should go TROLL somewhere else. Hey, your paycheck from Ricky Carandang is waiting.)


  6. If PNoy won’t be impeached during his term, fine. I just want good progress as soon as possible and currently I am not happy with the way things are unfolding under PNoy’s administration :\

    But wouldn’t it be ironic if he was impeached, or at least blamed by the future suceeding President, for any anomaly found in his administration?

    I’m not accusing the President of any wrongdoing, but something is telling when one blatantly and aggresively dared one’s own critics. Guess all of us, critics and loyalists alike of PNoy, have to wait until 2016, when the new President takes the seat.

  7. I went to the Luneta one because I didn’t have anything better to do with my time.
    I wanted to go to the Ayala one just to have my picture taken there, irregardless of my belief that the Pork Barrel should not be abolished entirely and that the system by which it is delivered or used should be changed.

  8. What would you do; if someone pick your pocket. Then, use the money to legitimize:Pickpocketing? You woulld shout to high heavens. Aquino is a pickpocket. He wants to legitimize the easy pickpocketing of peoples’ money…

  9. The organizers of the so called “Thousand” oops sorry, “Million People March” should take some hard lessons from the Brazilians and Turkish protesters.

  10. if you are not for million people march, then you are for pork barrel. therefore you support senators like enrile, jinggoy and bong.

    1. Well, if you supported the impeachment of renato corona then you are also supporting pork barrel since it is already clear that pork barrel was used to impeach corona.

      Those three senators arent the only ones guilty of misusing pork barrel you know. The president himself is also guilty of misusing it.

    2. Oh jeez. You need some “medication” because you’re suffering from “you’re with us or against us” mentality. Oh and congratulations for missing this article’s point you idiot.

    3. (And so does Abnoy)

      (You’re very, VERY DESPERATE.)


      (mfw when you will not reply back because you’re truly a paid hack waiting for your paycheck from Ricky Carandang and it’s all 100& TRUE.) 😀

  11. The way I see it… The dictator BS Aquino has only two ways to go. One is criminal conviction and the other is resignation. Oust the political monster from Malacanang!!! Resign BS Aquino!!!

    1. OK TJ, Get out of the clouds and see the reality(“The way I see it”, sounds a bit delusional coming from a guy who insists he is the guys ‘UNCLE’)! He is laughing all the way to the bank, and everywhere else he goes as President of the country!
      Smart money says: bet on the fact that he is staying right where he is until he is forced to go somewhere else.

  12. suppose the yellow loyalists are joining the anti-pork bandwagon (yet insulating pork barrel king pnoy) in an attempt to tire people of protesting time and time again without seeing any changes. it’s not impossible, but then, i agree with ilda’s take on the matter, that people should keep joining these protests if only for their personal malasakit sa bayan. granted that people may tire kung walang nangyayari, but perhaps this is ultimately a test of character – do you give up when your patience is tested, or do you find ways to get more people to stay united with you in the long drawn out fight against the yellow lies? take your pick, filipinos.

  13. Luneta accomplished nothing, an assault in Zambang took away some steam(but not much). the people in power are afraid of one thing, and respect only one thing, a Military take-over. They are not scared of the people, have no respect or regard for them, and are laughing in the people’s faces, as if to say: “Bad boys, Bad boys, whatchew gonna do?” just to see what the people are going to do. and that is NOT MUCH!

    The irony is that the 90Million people that are neither in the top 1% or the Military hold the power to get rid of the people who are having the heartiest of laughs at their expense. BUT the people lack the initiative to dictate the future to those who laugh at them. Look ,it is not rocket science and it doesn’t necessarily even have to be ugly. BUT if this is all ya got, more of the same is what the fail-ippines is gonna get, if it is lucky. Manila and a lot of other parts of the ‘FAILS”‘ are resembling, even surpassing, Bangla-desh…and Filipino’s are not sick of this enough to do something?

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