Megan Young won despite being, not because she was, Filipino


That title above is only one of my thoughts about Megan Young being crowned the first Filipina Miss World. Perhaps it’s an obvious idea based on common sense. Of course, when you say Miss India won because she was Indian, or Miss Japan won because she was Japanese, that would sound funny. But there are still some bigots whose minds run this way.

Megan Young being crowned locally before her shot at the Miss World title (photo courtesy of Inquirer)

Megan Young being crowned locally before her shot at the Miss World title (photo courtesy of Inquirer)

Breast-beating may certainly be happening wherever there are Filipinos, happy that another Filipina championed a beauty pageant. Problem is, some Filipinos will idiotically use it as a springboard for bigotry and claim that Filipinos are superior, or that Filipina beauties are superior to everyone else’s. They’ll call anyone who might like another nationality (like Miss France, I know someone bet on this one), or at least anyone with a critical opinion, like me, a traitor.

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Well, in fairness, it is a nice thing to see a Filipina win an international beauty contest. But the thing is, while it is a good thing, it’s still something that even we should not overrate. Gogs does right to question the value of it at all. We should put it in the right context.

There’s an infographic being passed around that says Filipinas finally won in all major international beauty pageants: Miss Universe, Miss Earth, Miss International, Miss Supranational (I didn’t know this existed) and now, Miss World.

But to repeat my colleague Paul Farol’s comment: so what?

Another thought that crossed my mind: so we make beautiful women who win pageants. Seems to make sense when one thinks of the other common impression of Filipinas… you guessed it… prostitutes.

Filipinas may have won beauty pageants… well and good… but that doesn’t bring people out of poverty. I argue that that it does not really uplift the country. It perhaps provides only a temporary respite and escape from our country’s problems. But it does not seem to have any lasting value for the country. It seemingly does little to inspire people to rise up from their own problems and do something about them. Let me repeat my comment on Gogs’ article to stress this point:

I think the significance of Megan Young’s win, as with any similar “Pinoy Pride” thing, is that it represents the Filipino desire to get something for nothing. That’s their impression of beauty queens – they’re just born that way, so they’re beautiful already without doing anything. And they get fame, glory and admiration because of it. Filipinos are like that, they believe they’re entitled to fame, glory and admiration without doing anything.

Also, when manifested with Pinoy Pride, some Filipinos seem to like to trample on other countries. They will immediately say, “Filipinos are superior beauties,” “we’re the best in the world” and all that arrogant baloney. These Filipinos may condemn the US and other countries for imperialism, but the attitude they show is itself imperialism. That is something I believe is called hypocrisy.

Many Filipinos want this section’s title: Glitz and Glamour. Worse, they believe they deserve it. It points to the notorious false sense of entitlement of Filipinos. No, I say Filipinos don’t deserve glitz and glamour. They deserve a verbal drubbing like this blog gives because they refuse to clean out their faults that cause to them to want glitz and glamour without doing anything.

For me, beauty pageants have lost their relevance as world-connecting bridges. They’ve become mainly commercial or celebrity activities, with sponsors, stars and all that. Yes, countries get together peacefully, but it’s all for a temporary show.

Also, I asked before, what’s so Filipino about a name like Megan Young? Isn’t she half-American? What happened to the “Brown Power” people who would complain about the Azkals being half-breeds? They seem all quiet now that Half-American, non-brown Megan Young has an international beauty title. What if someone said, she couldn’t have won if she were brown; would they get butthurt?

Oh yes, what was her answer to the Q&A portion that helped her bag the win?

“I treasure a core value of humanity and that guides people why they act the way they do. I will use this to show other people how they can understand each other… as one, we can help society.”

Oh. A motherhood statement. Kinda like, “Can’t we all get along and make love, not war.” Well, not really a bad answer, but it sounds…. cliched. Could have been better, but anyway, it bagged Megan the crown.

So Megan Young won an international beauty contest. Well and good. But for me, it’s her achievement and not the achievement of the country. It’s like Manny Pacquiao. Boxing Filipinos like him are usually in it for themselves or their group, not for the country. When he wins a fight, he – not the Filipinos – goes home with the winnings. And when he wins a fight, only he can do it. Put an ordinary Filipino in the ring, he’ll be out like a light in 1 second. But Filipinos can just look at it and pretend to be happy by free-riding on the victory. A Filipino won. Hooray (with a period, not an exclamation point).

Same with Megan Young. When she won for her beauty, it doesn’t mean all Filipinas are like her, look like her and act like her well enough to earn a crown. It means only she can do it. Congrats to her… not to the Philippines.

ADDENDUM: To put my message in plain words, a single summary, just because Megan Young is beautiful doesn’t mean all Filipinos are beautiful. This is the free rider problem: because one Filipino is a good achiever, others try to claim that they’re the same and boast their “goodness” to the world. Unfortunately, if their own example shows otherwise, they only help to bring the Filipino identity down, not up.

Megan Young is actually our latest candle in the dark. But as that idiom implies, there’s still a lot of dark to overcome. I just hope Megan’s fellow Filipinos get the right message: that they should light their own candles and not hang on to hers. Because if they do so, they won’t make it brighter, but they’ll snuff it out.

159 Replies to “Megan Young won despite being, not because she was, Filipino”

    1. It would be OK if people thought, “Megan Young did it through hard and smart work and perseverance, not just through her own natural talent, so I should do the same.” But no… Filipinos believe they are special in all the world, and deserve fame in all ways. Like being the champion if they actually didn’t do the best, or scored the highest.

      1. Have you ever listen to yourself or read what you’ve written about US Filipinos? Pause and see yourself in the Mirror how you badly hate Filipinos!!!! You talked like every Filipino has the same mind or thinking. Stop generalizing Filipino people!!!! Ano ba ang problema mo sa mga Filipino? You balance your opinion and read it before publishing anything about us filipinos!!!! This is not the first time i read your critic about us!!!

        1. !and also chinoF whoever you are,if you want to share or give a piece of your mind to others, make sure that it is healthy and Worth remembering!!!! di namin kailangan ang mga komentar mong ganito ChinoF!!! ano ka ba chinese/fiipino?

        2. @ Marjo

          You are absolutely missing the point of the article or this site as a whole. Most of the people here believe that highlighting the wrong things with the Filipino culture is one of the ways in which we can progress as a nation. In doing this, many people are just simply butthurt instead of taking that fact in a whole new perspective and improving oneself.

        3. I write as I please. And your reaction… is just too emotional without thinking. My opinion in this article, I thought through well, thank you.

        4. Philippines is a third world county and these kinds of achievements (such as beauty pageants) are something within our reach, and that’s why we focus on this in order to be recognized. We are not the US which is the first county to send humans to the moon.(And that doesn’t mean that all Americans have been to the moon). We are not Japan which is known for being technologically-advanced. We are not Germany where the best cars were made etc. etc. Thus, we might not be able to take pride of the situation of our economy, but at least,we have other things we can be proud of. Megan Young’s victory is the victory of the whole Philippines. Otherwise, she should have just worn “Megan Young” on her sash instead “Philippines”, right?

        5. Venus, the Philippines is not third world, it is developing. Do you know why it is so far behind?

          At the end of the War, the Philippines was staged to become the economic powerhouse of Asia. Most of the infrastructure was intact, a good percent of people spoke English, they had plenty of US companies from before the war eager to invest. The country was in the best place to economically dominate Asia.

          Instead, they decided to go the route of corruption. They closed the doors to most foreign investment, even though they had the best access to US markets. They turned the country over to a handful of tycoons, avoiding foreign competition and foreign investment jobs. They became billionaires, the people stayed poor. Your leaders never represented the people, they represented their own personal financial interests.

          When Singapore became a country, they abolished corruption and opened their country to free trade and investment. They eclipsed the Philippines in 10 years.

          Keep in mind that Miss Young was born in the USA and is a US citizen. The only reason she was representing the Philippines is because her parents divorced (can’t do that in the Philippines, right?) and her mom moved back to Olongapo with the kids.

          I will also point out that Pia Wurtzbach is GERMAN. She was born in Stuttgart.

          Pride is a sin. Pride in having foreigners beat your locals is irrational.

          If you want the Philippines to advance faster economically, then end corruption and have fewer babies.

    1. (You are indeed the reicarnation of Vincenzo B. Arellano. Do you want to get being humiliated, deleting your posts since many are laughing at your stupidity?)

      (Well, your inability to reply says that your answer is YES.)

  1. Well said! all these beauty queens, singers, athletes, or world famous Filipinos work their a** off to get to where they are. It’s ok to use them as an inspiration, but that should end there, no more being proud of being a filipino, the only country with 5 or 6 whatever title, work hard, get your goals, then that maybe the right time to be proud.

  2. Why so serious? Can’t we just be happy for Megan and for all those people who took pride in her triumph? she is our own ,our kababayan, our family 🙂 Amidst depressing stories of tragedies and corruptions we have to dealt with everyday, her winning is a breath of fresh air. Yes, beauty contest won’t change our status in the world but at least for that certain moment of triumph we smile. Kababayans stay positive and happy. Let”s continue living megan young, wild and free. Lol!

    1. (TROLL. :D)

      (Megan Young just won because of her hard work, not because of being Filipino.)

      (That’s a fact. Enjoy your delusions.)

    2. Well, I am happy for Megan, but remember, only she benefits from winning the pageant. It doesn’t trickle down to the rest of the people. We can smile, but only for a while. Let us instead search for ways by which we can smile for the long term.

    3. “Can’t we just be happy for Megan and for all those people who took pride in her triumph?”
      What’s the matter coward? Escapist much?

  3. Somehow I am not a big fan of this since Megan Young is not a pure Filipino, but it is still something to consider and to be proud of, right?

    Anyway this country should less prioritize on those, pageants, boxing, basketball etc. How about more on the intelligent sides? We need scientists, inventors etc who can bring glory to this country. Now that is something to be more proud of.

    But really Pacquiao needs to win this upcoming fight LOL

    1. “We need scientists, inventors etc who can bring glory to this country. Now that is something to be more proud of.”

      I very much agree. Like Dado Banatao and this scientist working on an AIDS cure.

  4. i totally disagree…megan young chose to be called a filipino..its here wish, not being told to do so ..she may had an american blood and name but her heart is Filipino..consider some other beauty contestant they are half breeds too..dont ever forget that’s why we are called Global Filipinos

    1. “Global Filipino” sounds relatively senseless; ALL people, Filipinos or not, are global. Don’t we live on the same globe, after all?

  5. Here’s my humble two cents’ worth on this matter:
    Could it be that many Filipinos chest-beat every time there’s a Filipino who wins or achieves something internationally because they’re so insecure about themselves, knowing that the world does not have a high opinion of us Filipinos? I believe that the only time we Filipinos can finally walk everywhere with our heads held high is when we’ve finally made our democracy work for our good. That’s something that anyone can definitely be proud of.

    1. Insecure? You call us insecure? think for a single minute how hard working filipinos are and resourceful!!!! being proud, doesn’t mean insecure!!! we are proud simply because we could excel in something and that made us proud but not arrogant or insecure!!!!

      1. Take it easy, marjo. We’re trying to have a decent exchange of opinions here, no need to get mad. If you’ll read my comment again, you’ll find that I said “most Filipinos.” I don’t want to generalize that all Filipinos are like that, but I notice that so many are; hence, the word “many.” So if you’re not an insecure Filipino, chill. Notice how Americans don’t make a big fuss when an American wins in some international competition? Couldn’t it be because they’re used to that and they’re secure about their prowess so a win is really no big deal and just routine? Of course, I could be wrong. As I said, just my two cents’ worth, not gospel truth, so no need to get mad.

        1. Kung filipina ka Chrissie, mauunawaan mo kung bakit marami sa amin ay natutuwa at naipagmamalaki ang bayang Pilipinas. Lukso ng dugo!!!! Madalang man o madalas pareho lang sa mga filipino na may tunay na pagmamahal sa Inang Bayan!!!! Iba ang pinoy sa mga dayuhan!!!

        2. Pilipinang Pilipina ako, marjo, at mahal na mahal ko ang Pilipinas. Nakikiisa ako sa saya ng kapwa ko Pilipino sa pagkapanalo ni Megan Young bilang Miss World, pero nangangarap ako na maipakita ng mga kapwa ko Pilipino na mas mahalaga sa kanila ang maging mabuting mamamayan para sumulong ang bansa natin at tunay na maipagmalaki ang ating pagiging Pilipino. Ang tunay na pagmamahal sa Inang Bayan ay ang pagiging mabuting mamamayan di lang para sa sarili nating kabutihan kundi para sa kabutihan ng lahat ng kapwa natin Pilipino. Iba talaga ang Pinoy sa mga dayuhan dahil maraming dayuhan ang tunay na nagmamahal sa bansa nila dahil nagsasakripisyo para sa ikabubuti ng lahat.

      2. “we are proud simply because we could excel in something and that made us proud but not arrogant or insecure!!!!” Were you referring to the contest or individual hard work? Because it sounded like Megan’s achievement extends to all of us when it does not.

    2. Yup. Insecurity is a mark of someone with a huge, uncontrolled ego. It’s a mark of our culture too. GRP has been observing this even before I came along.

  6. Mabuti naman kung ganun, kaya naiintindihan mo na rin siguro ang mga kakabayan natin at pati na rin ako kung paano namin ipinagmamalaki ang bawat mapanalunan ng ating kababayan. Hindi dahil nagmamayabang o nagiging insecure. Di lang naman filipino ang may ganitong reaksyon. I travelled with my husband and been expat for many years na, ang dami kong kaibigan na mga dayuhan nagmula sa ibat-ibang bansa at kapag may nananalo or tagumpay ang kanilang kababayan, tulad ng taga Brazil atEspanya,kung makita mo silang magsaya, walang sinabi ang pagdiriwang ng mga filipino!!!Kaya di natin masabing insecure dahil nagpipista kunid dahil ang tagumpay ng kapwa natin ay malaking karakangalan para sa bansa natin!!!!

    1. Magkaiba lang siguro ang pananaw natin, marjo, at para sa akin kasi, walang masama sa pagsasaya sa pagkapanalo ng kababayan natin kung ginagawa rin naman natin ang lahat ng tungkulin natin bilang Pilipino para sa ikabubuti ng bansa natin. Napansin ko lang kasi na maraming Pilipino ang nagsasaya lang pag may nananalong Pilipino sa international contest pero wala namang pakialam sa bansa nila pagdating sa mga tungkulin nila. Kung may pakialam ang karamihan ng Pilipino sa bansa nila, at kung tutoong mahal nila ang bansa nila, hindi sana tayo ganitong kagulo.

  7. Here’s another thing para kay ChinoF,bilang filipina, eto ang aking personal na opinyon at reaksyon! huwag-na huwag mo kaming sisimulan at tatapusin ka namin!!!! Ang mga filipinong kakilala ko sa abroad ay marunong gumalang at hindi mga probakator!!!!

  8. Idon’t have opinion nor judge them in terms of their concern to our country. i based my conversation to you regarding our reaction towards winning or achieving something internationally. Salamat anyway and nice having interacted with you!!!! have a nice day wherever you are!!!!

    1. You’re just pikon…

      you want authentic Filipino pride?

      watch the movies of Lino Brocka and Ishmael Bernal, read the novels of Nick Joaquin and admire the paintings of Fernando Amorsolo

  9. she won, everyone’s happy and proud, then what?… aw yeah, we’re still here, same old situation, Philippines, grow up…

    1. That’s what Benign0 addressed in his article on the topic. I have no problem with Megan keeping the crown. The problem, as with Manny Pacquiao, is not the person, but the fans.

  10. Well another idiot talking as if he knows everything. This Chinof should get a banger in the head. Show-up and lets do a mano-a-mano.

      1. Wow! talk about intellect. You question a beauty pageant and you deserve an a$$ whooping. Somebody has their panties in a knot over a beauty pageant being disrespected.

      2. Are the trolls that keep showing up here keep getting dumber and dumber?
        They don’t even bother to read the entire article and they just keep commenting without even THINKING.
        Sucks to be them

        1. (Very well, then. As the king of Attilan, I am always your ally, now and in the future.)

  11. Hi Chinof, I respect your opinion, but when i read your article it made me really sad. It’s like you’re putting down our kababayans, you remind me of my old teacher who never seem to know how to smile. Yes I was happy when Megan won. I was ecstatic, thrilled etc. all the high emotions experienced by many kababayans. Surely that doesn’t make me lazy or “nakikiride” to Meagan’s glory. That doesn’t make me stupid either. There is a time to excercise critical thinking, i don’t think this is one of them. Just because filipinos are happy or proud for Meagan’s win doesn’t mean they are trying to get a free ride. Come on, you have to give your kababayans a little more credit than that. Filipinos are not stupid. Of course a beauty contest will not solve our problems. Filipinos are not lazy, they thrive overseas because the conditions are right for growth. Do not be too hard on our kababayans, because a lot of them struggle against a system that doesn’t work. And maybe someday it will be all fixed but it will take so much time, years and years of honest work from the government. I never really appreciated Philippines until I left it, and when I did i understood better why things are the way they are. I would still choose to be filipino because other nationalities can’t understand why we have so little and yet be so happy. It’s good to use your head but it’s better to use your heart.

    1. I disagree that this is not a time for critical thinking. Every time is a time for critical thinking. Also, it’s still better to use your head than your heart. But I agree not all Filipinos are that lazy or glory-hoggers. The thing is, the Filipinos who are lazy or glory-hoggers tend to take the attention of most people. Megan Young may help take attention away from them for a while. But after that, people will turn their attention back to the lazy or glory-hoggers. Thus, those who are the “good guys” have to work double-time to prove they are good. Read Paul Farol’s article on Pinoy Pride: A Candle in the Dark, linked in my article, to see what this means.

  12. Oh…. a cry baby…you poor little thing…
    I suggest you invite a Filipino on boxing ring
    a prove what you have said..” knock out a Filipino in a second’ go…I dare you !

    1. Are you one of those online video game players who eats the mic and flames the professional ones because you’re losing on them? Keep crying emofag your tears are very tasty.

  13. You are a STUPID writer, BITCH! Stop being a racist, the worse thing might be, you too are a Filipino, and if it’s yes, don’t you ever dare to step on our country, you stinking fag pig!

    1. (Your stupidity amuses me.)

      (Fact is that you’re the real BITCH based on your comments. Whining, bitching and moaning.)

      (Also, there is no such thing as race. There is only ONE human race. Unless if you’re ‘Inhuman’ then I will banish you to my kingdom. And BTW, don’t you know that Filipinos are the worst racists ever? That’s right, onion-skinned people are soooooooooo annoying.)

      (Yes, the author is a Filipino but he’s a critical thinker unlike dumb sheeple like you who cling on false pride. Fact is you focus yourself on superficial issues like this instead of important ones like the pork barrel scam. Isn’t critical thinking is a step forward?)

      (Fact: you’re the REAL stinking fag pig due to your comments: full of emotional outbursts rather than logical thinking. Such a shame. I’m sure you won’t reply back because 100% I’ve said is totally TRUE.)


      1. That’s why saying the heart is better is wrong. Note that older people say the head is always higher than the heart or hand. The brain is always more important than the heart or hand. Think before you say or do anything.

  14. First of all,who are you to question whether or not winning Miss World is helpful or not in terms of uplifting poverty in the Philippines? Who are you to question the core values and charity works of Miss World? The mere title alone should clue you in. The organization helps out poor and underprivilaged people especially kids in different countries. That’s their main focus. Just because The Philippines won the title does not denote that their charity works will just evolve nor center in or around the Philippines! The current poverty state and level of the Philippines is of a much greate scale, is mostly an aftermath of corrupt goverment officials. Which will probably take decades to get fixed and straighten out. Also, as Miss World, MW Org is donating $10k to a charity that Megan Young elects to give. Is that enough? Certainly not. But it’s better than nothing, right? How about you? Have you done anything lately to help out your poor kababayans instead of trying to dissect and judge them for being elated by Miss Young’s historic triumph at the recently concluded pageant? Sure it might be shallow, but then again what’s wrong with being ecstatic and proud of a fellow kababayan’s achievements? And lastly, how is this idiotic article going to help our poor countrymen rise above poverty? You know, instead of writing what displeases you about Filipinos, why not write something that could be of USE to your kababayan?

    1. (I wanna ask, mister peon. Does superficial and other types of entertainment like beauty pageants can uplift poor people’s lives, improving the economy, and even improving the nation as a whole?)

      (You can never be proud of what you can’t ACHIEVE, idiot. You were born a Filipino, much like I was. Hence we both cannot take ‘pride’ in something we were put into. I’ll give you 2/10 for ‘proud’ trolling.)


    2. I have a question for you jeunfag: ikaw ba ang nagbigay ng talento sa kanya? If not then the epic fail is on you. You just do da pinoy prayd and cling on someone’s success that you don’t own to make yourself feel better you escapist.

    3. Just focus on the message of my article: if being proud of Megan puts air in the head instead of kicks us into improving ourselves, then it would not help our kababayans either, it will just pull us down as well.


    1. (Did you really read the article or not. Fact is you’re a total joke because you’re EMOTIONAL.)

      (In other words, a TROLL.)


    2. Isn’t is obvious already how to solve our pork barrel issue? Which is, oppose the current admin at every wrong turn? They’re full of these wrong turns.

    3. Although that is right… we shouldn’t let this small victory distract us from a bigger, one which may even suffer a possibly bigger defeat… that of pork barrel continuing no matter what we do.

  16. nice to read an article on Megan Young’s win from another perspective. it accentuates the world’s celebration of diversity.

    however, as it may be true that one’s win is the singular triumph of that individual, in competitions where that winner represented a group, the victory becomes a cause of celebration for all. it is the same when schools send representatives to the math olympiad, or political parties fielding in candidates during elections.

    megan represented the Philippines, thus, she both won for herself and the country.

    it is a cause for jubilation because it is good news. anything good is something to rejoice.

    people will always have varying perspectives on pageants. some may find it irrelevant and debate why it is so. however, we can never discount the arguments for it. what is important is that we respect the diversity of opinions.

    what is not right to write, perhaps, is when we over-analyze matters and oversimplify others.

    it is problematic when we say that beauty queens are born beautiful and did not have to do anything at all. if this was the case, there should not have been any beauty pageant, a competition where beauties have to battle it out through each criterion, and no beauty queens installed.

    trouble is, the majority of filipinos will not agree to what you wrote that with megan’s win, they will become boastful and arrogant and think of our nation as THE country of the most beautiful. unless if your claim is backed by a scientific survey, what you wrote remains mere speculation.

    it is always refreshing to read new insights. however, writers have the responsibility to be accurate and fair with good basis. all the time.

    the title of your article sums up the tragedy of the entire piece by showing much the obvious discrimination of the writer and the twisted assumptions it took.

    for as long as the writer is not the head of the judging panel where megan competed for and won the crown, who, in his/her right mind, can claim that the girl won either despite being a filipino or because she was filipino.

    if only the title says: Megan Young won for the Philippines, then, it would have been accurate, fair and has responsible basis.

    1. Why do people always look for a scientific survey? You don’t always need that to see when arrogance is displayed. For example, you don’t need a survey to confirm that a lot of Filipinos (maybe half-Filipinos) did stupid things on an Iranian basketball player’s page.

  17. while the online medium has discovered so many celebrated writers, it also spawned a million irresponsible ones. writing, as a profession or hobby, is not just about being able to construct syntactically-correct sentences. it does not stop at sharing ideas and opinions. it has to have that sense of responsibility to disseminate correct, valid, fair and accurate arguments with basis. opinions cannot be baseless. there is, indeed, truth to the pinoy adage: pinabili lang ng suka, naging writer na. such a poor thing.

      1. JC, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. One should not get ‘wound up’ or feel personally offended just because one does not agree with another person’s views or opinions.

  18. ChinoF has a point. Now there is nothing wrong about celebrating and being proud that a fellow Filipino won a contest somewhere. That’s normal. We don’t want to be killjoys here. The problem starts with fans who have this belief that the achievement of one Filipino is the achievement of all Filipinos or what I’d like to call a False Sense of Achievement which then results to a false sense of superiority and then finally Pinoy Pride in the negative sense.

    Then if someone criticizes the Filipino contestant (even if the opinion has ground), here comes this particular crowd of misguided fans on the defense to trash talk the critique. This is why we still have trashy programs on television because it’s either critics have given up or they are afraid to be sued for slander or libel because of some butt hurt fans.

    Some fans even challenge the critics to do a better job. The job of a critic is to review or critique for the improvement of whatever they are reviewing, not to do the job itself to prove he can do better. Some fans need to learn to stop associating themselves with another person’s achievement.

    1. That’s what Gogs was writing about in his article. Some people will use Megan’s win to become “killjoys”, or KSP. We at GRP warn against that.

    2. I just don’t really get it why other people couldn’t comprehend a simple statement as what ChinoF said:

      “Well, in fairness, it is a nice thing to see a Filipina win an international beauty contest. But the thing is, while it is a good thing, it’s still something that even we should not overrate.”

      Nothing wrong to celebrate, true, but just don’t make it into something so overrated to the point of arrogance. ‘Nuff said, right?

  19. Critiquing – as opposed to criticizing – is fine for as long as the arguments have basis, are valid, accurate and correct.

    When we critique, let us always remember to be responsible. Hasty generalizations with assumptions falling below homo sapien sapien levels expose the kind of writers that we are.

    for instance – how so that Pinoy Pride now takes on a negative connotation by being a desire of Filipinos to achieve something without doing anything? where did this come from? if this has no scientific basis, then it is a misguided opinion.

    just when did beauty pageants gain a Messianic objective of bringing the greater mass of poor people worldwide out of poverty? however, it cannot be discounted that pageants had changed the lives of so many young women after they won in pageants.

    while we wish and beg to differ, it is always imperative to write with dignity and honor, and to churn out responsible pieces that have accurate basis and valid points.

    my point here is for wannabe writers to be always responsible, whether writing a straight news article, a press release or a critique.

    where i am coming from is not about the issue itself, but how tragic it is to find people masquerading as critics without the proper tools in writing.

    learn how to tighten arguments with the use of valid and intelligent basis. otherwise, if you only wish to spew lava, and write about your own opinion from experiences culled from a select number of people, then make sure that your story revolves around that group of people and not make sweeping generalizations of the entire country and the majority of Filipinos.

    if you had argued that young’s win is hers alone, and should not be taken by the Filipinos as theirs to celebrate (which, of course, is problematic to assert as young represented the Phils and, therefore, her win was the country’s as well), then there should be no problem in saying that there is a sector of Philippine society that has become boastful after young’s win, and describe when and where you had found this to be so. otherwise, associating a small group’s behavior to the entire Filipino nation is misguided – whether you argue mathematically or philosophically – that remains fallacious.

    there is nothing wrong in offering a new perspective of things for as long as it is a new way of looking at things. there is nothing wrong writing a critique of an issue or human behavior, for as long as it has valid and accurate basis.

    there is nothing wrong in begging to differ for as long as it is smart, written responsibly and well thought-out and is not an insult to humanity’s intelligence.

      1. (He doesn’t have great points after all. It’s all EMO. And that is an insult to humanity’s intelligence.)

        (I’m waiting…)

    1. Critiquing – as opposed to criticizing – is fine for as long as the arguments have basis, are valid, accurate and correct.

      In other words you rant like an emo about two things while trying to sound “dignified”:

      “Who is the writer to judge Filipinos if he has no credentials?” – that is the problem with you Filipinos, you evaluate content based on the credentials of the messenger, not the message; and

      The writer’s tone should be more respectful, the writer should not generalize Filipinos, blah blah blah – You Filipinos are so used to sugarcoating, when somebody comes out and exposes the ugly reality that you people live in, you people cry foul because you don’t know how to deal with it. You Filipinos are so obsessed with your pakikisama and forced consensus, that when someone comes out and gives a different opinion, you ostracize instead of listen.

      When will you people ever learn that generalizations apply to a collective but does not necessarily mean that ALL elements of that set exhibit that same property? We can say the same thing about the Japanese, for example; while the Japanese are generalized as a disciplined people, it isn’t necessarily true that ALL Japanese are disciplined.

      Man, you Filipinos absolutely suck when it comes to taking points of view that differ from yours.

      And that DeDiva person who said something about Pinays being maids? Filipinas made that reputation for themselves. That’s not exactly her fault now, is it?

  20. If this ChinoF guy is a Filipino, well I guess, He is writing for himself. Megan’s victory is a good thing for a free ride… Right?

    If he is not a Filipino, then, it would have been better if he specifically singled out those Filipinos who are lazy and glory-hoggers.. not that he made generalization of it all.

    Other Filipinos victory were our reason for joy, not because of what you have said about us but because we are like them, Filipinos. We celebrated their success as something that we can say, “Yes, We are Filipinos, and they have proved to us that we still got hope to achieve something better”. Being negative always is a sickness. But we can’t do anything it that is your temperament.

    I hope to see more of your heartaches with the my fellow Filipinos, at least there are people around here that are born to see the negatives of us, at least we can be aware and be reminded that we are still human beings, as well, born to not perfect in all ways. And at least we can know that negatives of us and correct them.

    It just that, it was written in a negative way, that is why it reached to us negatively. If the writer should have written using brains accompanied with his heart, it would have ended differently.

    I know the writer’s better than me. He has a very good article. It just that he does not have a better heart. Well, that reality,, people are born this way.. different in all things..

    This is why, we are called FILIPINOS, because we are who we are.


    1. Implying that you and the other pinoys are proud to be a dysfunctional maggot. We’re just criticizing what is so wrong about this country and its people and you call us un-Filipino you positive pushing escapist? What kind of logic is that? Oh I know. It’s dummkopf’s logic! pinoy nga naman oo masyadong mayabang at makasarili dahil tingin palagi sa sarili nila’y parang hindi sila kilala kaya eto nagmamayabang na sila ang pinakamagaling kaysa sa ibang lahi pero ang totoo’y puro salita lang at walang gawa kaya nakikisama palagi sa isang Pilipino na may pinaghirapang galing.

      1. Kung positibo kalang sana sa inyong buhay, iba sana ang pagkakaintindi mo sa nabasa mo.

        Mayabang nga talaga ang pinoy, tulad mo. Makasarili talaga sila, tulad mo. Nakikisawsaw sa tagumpay ng iba, tulad mo. Tingin sa sarili sya na ang magaling tulad mo. Pano kasi ang pinoy, kitid ang ulo,, tulad mo.

        1. What the hell am I reading? Look who’s talking now positive pushing escapist. And no indio I’m a Filipino not a pinoy. There is a big difference.

        2. (Sorry, trollfag. But all of the thing’s you’ve said fit more on you.)

          (Deal with it.)

    2. I’m Filipino, and the problem with many Filipinos I’ve seen commenting on this site is that they keep on demanding for “positive” articles as an excuse to not change their wrong ways. So if an article is negative, they refuse to listen. If an article is “positive,” they’ll consider it. But there’s no guarantee that they’ll heed it or follow its advice. Like I said before, demanding for “positive” is a sign of a closed mind.

      1. Filipinos cannot take criticism, Chino. It is one of their traits. They take things personally. They also do not know how to view things from another person’s perspective.

        1. (Because if someone criticizes Filipinos, they will just take it as an insult to their intelligence.)

          (Comments like ‘racist ka’, etc. and other kinds of nonsense will come out of their mouths.)

    3. “Other Filipinos victory were our reason for joy…”

      So just for `us` to be happy, we’ll just think that one Filipino’s achievement is also `our` achievement? Very DELUSIONAL, if you ask me.

  21. Hi ChinoF! I agree critical thinking is good but I also believe you need to pair it with compassion if your ultimate aim is for the good of the country. I read your article over and over and I could be wrong, but I could not detect any trace of compassion for our kababayans. Your strategy is “paluin para matuto”. If your article was written in a more positive light, then it would have better reception. If your aim was to motivate our kababayans to do better, I don’t think being so negative will achieve this. Try that on someone, just an experiment and you will see being positive will achieve more. Just saying. Good day!

    1. Read my blog post on “Cybernetics” in the Tech Talk section, then you will understand why I focus on taking the negative approach.

      And if you want to see a positive approach, look for my post about Yelle Castro.

    2. masaya rin ako kay Megan.. It is true that ang kanyang panalo ay Hindi makakalutas sa lahat ng mga problems sa bansa natin pero at least they make us smile even a single day……..And Megan can help in other ways through charities in our country…………

    1. You’ve hit the nail on the head with that concise statement, Steve. Truth really hurts when it’s spelled out in black and white.

  22. My reaction to all the whinefags and emofags who childishly used their heart not their brain for calling this article a disgrace to the country:

  23. I’m happy Megan Young won, and well I knew the moment she was crowned Miss World Philippines that she will actually win the title for us.

    I am so proud, so happy of course. But then at the end of the day, we have work to do, bills to pay, and mouths to feed.

    I think what Chino is saying is that let us be responsible in expressing our jubilation. Yes some might comment negatively but so what? Let us be happy, but not too happy that we become arrogant. In converse, let us well, be saddened for loss, but not too saddened that we slur racial insults towards the winner who worked hard for it.

    Well I believe Megan Young’s win is a triumph for our country. A big triumph. But it’s just one of a hundred minor triumphs that we can actually achieve. Our real triumph, as a nation, would probably to turn our misery around and make our country a great place for everyone.

    As I said, Megan Young has won. News has been broadcast. Now let us go back to reality and let’s not be distracted.

    1. Well said, Franz. At last, someone who can see things from another person’s perspective and not take criticisms personally.

    2. Tumpak, nakuha mo rin. I hope other Pinoy readers will be able the understand the article just like you Franz. Thumbs up!

      “Our real triumph, as a nation, would probably to turn our misery around and make our country a great place for everyone.”
      – very well said.

  24. No matter what is said on here. You cannot discount that fact that Miss Philippines won! And she won though hard work, discipline and much dedication. Her Filipino fans are rejoicing about it (so what do you intend to do about it?). It may not solve poverty in The Philippines but seriously, what President of The Philippines was even slightly successful at solving the the issue? None! Almost all of them were corrupt! And I highly doubt this moronic blogger (or his minions) has any brilliant suggestions either to make life better for the less privileged Filipinos! So do yourself (or yourselves) a favor by pull your tacky mouth/s over your head and swallow yourself/selves! The end.

    1. Basta masaya rin ako kay Megan. Ang sinasabi ko lang wag naman natin kalimutan ang mga talagang dapat nating abangan like yung kay Napoles. I’m scared lang kasi many times nangyari to dinistract tayo from what is needed to be done. Example yung kay Venus Raj at Quirino Grandstand incident. Masaya nmn tlga victory ni Venus pero nu un kalimutan na sa Quirino?

      Ika nga ng ibang Briton nung Olympics, oh siya magsaya tau pero walang angalan pag bayaran na! HAHAHAHAHA

      Chill lang girl. Masaya rin aq for Megan Young and for our nation pero yun lang may bills ako to pay at work to finish.

  25. Basta ako, masaya ako nanalo si Megan. may buhay din naman ako aside from that. it’s my choice to be happy for our winning candidates. kung yan ang tingin mo, well, wala akong magagawa. hindi mo naman kontrolado ang buhay ng mga tao. kanya kanyang trip. hindi ko binabasag ang trip mo. trip mo yan eh. wag mo rin basagin trip namin. yun lang!

    1. Wala ako sinabi na nagkakalimutan and all db? HAHAHAHA Okay lang maging masaya talaga may ibang fans naman kasi na parang timang mang-aaway ng mga taga ibang bansa kahit wala naman ginagawa. Let’s be happy, but not ARROGANT

  26. Megan Young won because she’s the hottest and charming girl in the contest, and hotness knows neither race nor creed. Just because you share some of those descriptors with her doesn’t make you as hot and charming as her.

    1. I agree. And being hottest and the most charming doesn’t always come naturally. Megan had a trainer, which means she worked and practiced for it. It proves that beauty doesn’t really come “naturally.”

  27. I do think that the post aims to educate people on how to act properly to any success and triumphant happenings there may be. But, in the contrary, we should not neglect the fact that a country like ours is considered as Pageant Capital. I don’t see why this post is negatively done. Filipinos as you are inherits values that had been passed on by generations already (if you have gained any). We are noted to be happy people and celebrates as one, regardless if the achievement is done by one person or many.That is what we are, and we couldn’t change that cause we are noted by the world to be that way. I don’t see anything wrong about being happy for another person’s success, its freewill. If you aint happy for her, so its your choice and if we’re happy its ours. We live in a democratic country and we live by its laws and I never heard a law prohibiting us to be happy for a Filipino’s triumph. I get your point, but isn’t it too much to say??? We all know that it wouldn’t help each and every Filipino citizen financially, but at least her win, made each and every Filipino smile.

    Megan had said, she is competing not for herself, but for the Philippines and Filipinoes as a whole…

    1. Well, saying it may not really be the Philippines’ victory as a whole is my opinion after all, based on the observation that it may not trickle down to the lower echelons… except for that charity a commenter explained above. It is a good thing that Megan won anyway. But minimal in its impact. We cannot rest our laurels on this. And that’s what I’m pointing out… other Filipinos will. Nope. There’s more to be done. There’s always more to be done.

  28. Let me imagine a conjectural situation.

    You’re a Filipino doing your business in another country. A foreign colleague approaches and says, “hey, your Miss Philippine won Miss World. Congratulations.”


    “It must be nice to know your entry won a global contest.”

    “Yeah, it is nice.”

    And this is fine. Something of a humble disposition is better to show in these instances.

    Here’s another situation:
    Filipino bursts into a place where other foreign nationals gather, shouting: “Hey, my country’s Megan Young won! She’s Miss World! That makes us Filipinos great you hear! You should respect us!”

    Foreigner replies: “So Miss Philippines wins after so many years of losing? What’s that saying in your homeland… do you have to grasp the edge of the blade just to be happy?”

    The latter one shows how Filipinos should NOT do it.

    1. Lols, true true ChinoF. That’s how somewhat I would envision it, hehe.

      Though in one discussion here in SG with colleagues, one of my co-workers brought up this winning of Miss Philippines during our lunch out. I just acknowledge it, yes. But that’s it, nothing more. I did not go to great lengths to add more to it nor boast about it. 😉

    1. Good find! I think this article supports my point that beauty contests help sell products. I bet Miss World, Miss Universe and others, are owned by western shareholders. Thus, they have western sponsors who promote western standards of beauty… and to achieve these western standards of beauty, you have to buy their products… there you go.

      The sad part is consumers are undiscerning and just lap up the commercialism as if its normal. It’s partly the consumers’ fault too, for caving in to their own vanity.

  29. Sorry but can’t help to rotfl! :)) Sino namang walang utak na pinoy ang gagawa nyan, hahaha. Alam mong lungga ng mga dayuhan, doon mo pa balak magyabang,e di bugbog ang aabutin mo. Pinoys are smarter than that..madiskarte tau

    1. Onga, conjectural naman yung binigay kong situation sa itaas. Pero tingin ko may mga Filipinong ganun, yung biglang magyayabang. Buti nalang at konti sila, ayon sa sinabi mo.

  30. Never mind the negativity…Megan’s win provides a respite from all the brouhaha happening in the Philippines. Let’s enjoy the moment and be proud! Our kababayan, (even half-Fil, half-American) but she lives in the Philippines, was successful!! She did well in the contest, let’s be happy for her, it shows the world Filipinas are smart, honest and kind, not to mention beautiful!!!It shows the goodness of our heart, like Megan, beauty with a purpose!!!

  31. read your article. I’m a wide reader, and your way of writing is “bagsak” sa akin. Tama si JC…
    kung may like meron ding “dislike”

      1. Articles are “graded” or “disliked” because Pinoys are judgmentalism personified.

        For Pinoys there is no such thing as disagreeing civilly. Everything they do not agree with is a persnal attack. Moronic.

  32. Let’s give the Filipino people the chance to be proud of trivial feats. After all, what did the Filipino race contribute to the span of human existence? Renaissance? Science? Astronomy? Architecture? Engineering? Civilisation?

    Just by looking within South East Asia, centuries past they produced feats of engineering like the Angkor, Borobudur, Siam Temples, and so on, and all we’re proud of are terrace rice paddies that have similar ones in Vietnam and China? Old churches and Intramuros don’t count as they are designed by the Spanish. Moving forward to the present and the future, we have CERN, space exploration, technologies from Google, Apple, Samsung, Sony, where does the Philippines stand in the tech and space race? Oh, they’re busy with pageants, boxing trainings, and singing practices!

    1. We have some achievers like Dado Banatao and that scientist working on an AIDS cure. But indeed, these are passed over im favor of beauty queens, boxers and singers. I wonder if people asking for “positive” articles want us to praise beauty queens, boxers and singers and forget the scientists. Thus… “positive” can be relative.

    2. The day that the nation can be proud of honest, efficient publicly elected officials will be the day I won’t bristle at chest beating over the trivial. The there are zero terrorist acts on Filipinos by Filipinos on Filipino soil for about two to three years then we have the luxury of making a big deal of some body with 1/16th Filipino blood getting some pansin somewhere. But we all know that day ain’t comin anytime soon.

      1. Efficiency and Efficacy are foreign words for a Filipino and his government, no wonder it has no same connotations in Tagalog language..

  33. It is in our culture that we Filipinos is to celebrate either a simple or a big achievements, we have of course to support as well and fight back if someone is fighting us. Another thing, if you have a Filipino blood,no matter who or where you are or where you born or even you have 1/4, 1/2 or 3/4, we always proud to say “that person is a Filipino” and Megan young is a half blood (Philam). Filipinos are educated and mostly professionals. Even the poorest people here are educated. Compared to other country.

    1. I don’t think that is right. Even the poorest people are educated compared to other country? Be proud no matter 1/4, 3/4 or whatever blood? Yan ang kayabangan na hindi tama.

    2. its really a funny comment for me! .exerting so much effort just to pull d0wn ones achievement! Normally !normal mind will just apreciate it! But because that ENVIOUS “THING” IS ABNORMAL. .dont doubt the act. .people who claims to be all knowing but Reveals an arrogance! But I Thank you ! Because you ACTUALLY MADE HER M0RE THAN 10,000 more POPULAR! So what with her beauty! Hahaha! She got it all !more emphasized! when she ign0res you as a real Educated Filipina..”karma”Always do! Say! Think Good things that will come back to you.your long estatement was helpfull! To us! Lol

      1. I agree to that loveukobambi it does not matter to empahasis on overly reactions of Filipinos, we as Filipinos appreciate even smallest things, this only happy once in a lifetime theres nothing wrong for it,of all the crises weve been always facing as a country just simple common sense, be happy for who u are that’s the golden ruleeeeeeee and life will rewards, youre insights reflects on how your upbringing that you cannot be happy for some only even just simple achievement in life, Filipino value know how to appreciate small thing that’s what distinguish us from the other people in the world remember that!

    3. “Filipinos are educated and mostly professionals. Even the poorest people here are educated. Compared to other country.” Check the internet, I don’t know where you found your information but I find it to be incorrect.

      Pride is not considered a positive quality & is even considered a sin by some.

  34. lol. living here in Cali, i am so not surprised at the Pinoy Praydists butthurt reaction by such simple lines on US news websites, as “US born Megan Young…”, “hails from Virginia” etceter. They are all defensive and butthurt as if US trying to claim Megan Young daw, that she’s technically American.
    And I can only lmao because it’s the DAMN TRUTH. SHE’S AMERICAN OR DUAL CITIZEN IF YOU LIKE (unless she gave up her US citizenship already) and what diffrence does that make anyway? Pinoys are always claiming someone even with 1% Pinoy blood. Once again that also harkens to the point of this article, Pinoys are shallow-minded, glamour-obsessed idiots.

    1. Hmm they simply could not get rid of a certain itch when it comes to that. Sad to say that those butthurt people may have a lot of hemorrhoids now lol.

      I can congratulate her for the win in that case but I don’t really need to put that as the center of my life as if my Pinoyness is not complete if I don’t shout to the world with regards to that “pride”. And here I thought that Pride is a deadly sin…oh no..:D

  35. People have to accept that there are certain people who act like this and that, but don’t generalise, don’t u guys think Americans do this self glorifying by the achievements they see on telly, an American girl shouts “there u go, and US is king of the world again!’. U know what I did? I just looked at her, flat-faced platonic as if nothing’s a big deal has happened, she kept quiet, and it doesn’t end there, but u know what this article is also true but nevertheless, ignore what others reactions of jubiliation, etc unless its repeatedly annoyed you. People share a little bit of merriment, don’t we all? If a country is represented somewhere, they’re rooting for that person to do good or win, however there are losers too but happy to be represented, so enough patronising and generalizing “Filipinos are like this, Filipinos like to think this and that..” try the word SOME ie. some Filipinos …..and it will really change the difference of the way SOME of us Filipinos who don’t think this way. Peace.

  36. Hey CHinoF. There are prostitutes everywhere. You know what? The chinese people kidnaps women and sex traffics them. There are not enough women in China because you killed them early.

    So now here you, such an unhappy bag of noodles na walang asawa. And you blame your sadness and anger on beauty contestants and filipinos.

    INSTIk SALOT talaga kayo.

  37. CHinese women are wh.ores…. They are sexually active outside marriage, at an early age, because they have low esteem.

    They were raised to be second class citizens, and give in to what boys want.

    You dont have to pay for Chinese women, just shout and denigrate them, they will give it to you.

  38. Pasultiha ko sa ako gihunahuna Chinof. Dili ka kaingon nga ang tanang Pilipino in-anag kinaiya. Naa ra gayud na sa usa ka indibiduwal. Parehas gud anang atong mga kamot. Tan-awa, di ba lahi ang gidak-on ug gitas-an. Mao sad ta. Ikaw. Tuod prangka ka, ayaw palabig pahiktin sa imong hunahuna. Mura kag baki nga nagpondo ra sa usa ka sapa. Naa ra gayud na sa tawo ang iyahang kinaiya. Dili kay tungod sa ingon kay Pilipino, ana na gayud tanan. Usa ana, kung buot nimo palamboon ang Pilipinas, maayo pag molihok ka, kaysa magsuwat kag mga opinyon nga walay lami. Sigeg putak ang baba pero walay lihok.

  39. I love this article. This is like a wake up call for us Filipinos. Learn to prioritize and keep our feet on the ground.

  40. Umm, hate to break it to the author, but Megan Young is an American. I have personally talked with her a few times, maybe eight or ten hours worth all together, I even used to have her cell phone number. I asked her that very question. Things can change, but at the time she told me she only had a US passport, and was a permanent resident of the Philippines.

    And for those who wish to bully, she really is one of the genuinely sweetest people you could meet. She doesn’t deserve the negative comments people have made of her. They would be ashamed if they really knew her.

  41. More often than not, beauty pageants have their questions and answers and winners pre-arranged. This is to make sure the presentation on international television is virtually smooth and seamless. It’s basically a win-win. At least all the candidates don’t look stupid on set, which can and WILL happen if it isn’t scripted.

    1. No it is not. The contestants do not know what the questions will be. They definitely practice and they have people guessing what the topics might be about based on current events and who the judges are.

      I knew Megan before she went into the pageants, but one of my high school friends (we lived on the same street, she was a close friend of my sister, and we still keep in touch) was Miss Teen of our state, I knew a now famous actress, who won the state title and competed in Miss America, and I dated a finalist of Bb Pilipinas.

      There is nothing pre-arranged about it, but there is a strategy to which competitions to enter. Plenty of candidates do end up looking stupid.

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