Military Unrest Under The Shadow of DAP Bribery

military unrest over pork barrel scamThose two words and what they signify at this point is giving me the jitters.

Because, if you add those two words to these:

  • Thousands of people massing almost at EDSA and other public spaces condemning the corruption of the pork barrel system.
  • Law experts and two senators saying that the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) is illegal and unconstitutional.

What do you get?  I shudder at the thought of yet another uprising throwing everything awry.

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At the start of the week, Manila Standard Columnist Jojo Robles revealed that there was a military plot to remove President Benigno III from office:

The supposed plot involved two groups of soldiers belonging to a Zamboanga-bound military contingent that broke ranks with their main convoy, which was headed to Sangley Point in Cavite, the transshipment point of reinforcing troops bound for that troubled southern city. The two groups, both led by a Scorpion light tank backed up by several truckloads of soldiers each, missed going to Zamboanga, as a result, and startled civilians traversing main roads who saw them on that day.

A source in the military explained that the two tank-supported groups would later be investigated for failing to join the main contingent because of suspicions that they had been enlisted in a plot to bring down the Aquino government. In their defense, one group said it failed to join the Sangley Point deployment because it had gotten lost on the way to Cavite; the other group explained that it had encountered mechanical problems in their vehicles and decided not to join the main convoy headed for Zamboanga.

At the time, Aquino was still in the provincial city, supposedly monitoring the defense of Zamboanga after the bloody attack staged by the Moro National Liberation Front. As a result of the incident, the Presidential Security Group decided to keep Aquino in Zamboanga for a few days more, after ruling that the President would be much safer in Mindanao instead of Manila.

Naturally, both the military hierarchy and the PSG did not really buy the excuse of the leaders of the two tank-led groups of soldiers that they had merely gotten lost or had experienced a mechanical breakdown. For the moment, though, no sanctions were imposed on the officers and men who belonged to both Army groups.

However, at least one other source told me that it’s possible that the supposedly unplanned breakaway was indeed staged by members of the military who were trying to “test the waters” in the event of a full-scale uprising. “The PSG was correct in not believing the reasons they gave for not proceeding to Sangley,” this source said. “The two tank groups could have been staging a dry run, to see if they could gather support from other sectors of the military.”

Meanwhile, as a result of the incident, top officials of the military are closely monitoring their men, to ensure that no similar events happen in the future. Just to be on the safe side, of course.

We can look at it as a simple military misadventure, but something tells me that there is something deeper and something hidden happening.

In a Facebook Page called Philippine Defense Forces Forum, a statement from “Concerned Junior Officers” was posted.


WARNING – To the destabilizers outside the AFP who are trying to cause unrest within the AFP especially among the junior officers with the objective of a rebellion against our duly elected President and Commander in Chief – YOU WILL NEVER SUCCEED in your nefarious and malicious campaign to divert the public away from the grievous misdeeds of your political sponsors.

The AFP junior officer cadre’s support for the Commander in Chief is at its highest and will never falter because for the last three years, we have seen how the Commander in Chief made true of his promise to improve the welfare of the common soldier and policeman. Because of his close attention to the DND, AFP, PNP – corrupt practices among the senior officials and officers have been drastically reduced while equipment, weaponry, training & other support have dramatically increased from previous Administrations.

The Commander in Chief’s unfaltering support and keen military decisions during the Zamboanga City operations further cemented the officers’ and enlisted personnel’s trust and confidence in our Commander in Chief.

We will not be divided and WE WILL BE AMONG THE FIRST TO BE THERE to defend the President and Commander in Chief from all of you who wish to return this country to the dark and dirty past.


If there is no serious threat of  military unrest, why is there a need for such a statement?

48 Replies to “Military Unrest Under The Shadow of DAP Bribery”

  1. Isn’t it the military for the people and that they have sworn to protect and not one person or the Commander in chief, so called the President? The people’s taxes are paying for their salaries and of course, the equipment, weaponry, training and other support from their so called “Commander in Chief?” The officers and men in the military and police should be reminded that if the President doesn’t represent the voice of the people anymore, it is time that the President be replaced!

    1. Protect the people? Not since the Angelo Reyes, Trillanes, Honasan and others. This persons did not act true to being an officer and a gentleman. They are only in it for themselves. Whoever wrote that one, surely is not an officer.

  2. Mr Aquino thinks that he is safe from impeachment but he shouldn’t become too confident since if he continues to ignore the cries of his bosses, he can defintitely be ousted.
    The question is that, who should replace him after he gets ousted.

    1. There many Filipinos, more capable and intellectually ready for the job of Presidency. We don’t need the Aquino Oligarchy. It is worse than Marcos.

  3. The said tank group were photographed by the mainstream media as having “engine” trouble. what made me do a double-take on the news brief was the reporter said the group was transporting ammo from tarlac to cavite for transport to zambo. e tanong dun, bakit galling pa ng tarlac ang bala?

    plus, honasan, danilo lim, trillanes are all hmm, sons of the revolution. look at them now. mga senador at customs deputy. nasan ang mga general ngayon? nasa politika na rin tulad ni biazon at yung sa olongapo, forgot his name.

    anyway, kung may military take over, make sure na parang yung sa Thailand. inalis yung dapat alisin at namuno ulit ang civil govt, like in Egypt then, taking out Mubarak, and now taking mursi out.

    1. Who do you think ousted Morsi? Hint: Morsi’s ouster conincided with Mubarek’s release from prison.
      Mr. Jose, take a step back and look at what is really going on, yes? Mubarek was a stooge of the Western gov’t.’s. The people had their little day, and got him out of there. BUT BUT BUT, now the people who really run the show are fed up with the nonsense of the ‘people’ and are making their un-happiness felt, make no mistake. The people who run Egypt, really run the country, are bidding their time and slowly but surely the peasants will be crushed.

  4. Under the 1987 Constitution the military is the protector of the people. The dictator (he now controls the senate and the lower house) BS Aquino is only part of the people. If memory serves me right, BS released the Morong 43 NPA despite the fact that the AFP had a strong case against them. Is this not treason and/or rebellion? Correct me If I am wrong.

    1. Wrong again. IF IF IF they had been convicted and then released, MAYBE its treason. Trillanes was convicted and released, and the pardoner was not prosecuted! Its called executive clemency, and it is binding and it is legal. So, as usual…you wrong again. How’s the nephew? Oh wait, I forgot, You don’t have one! BWAHAHAHAH!

  5. Rallies can’t change our system. REMOVE the executive and abolish congress. Military and Police brothers must join the people to realize everything

  6. There is now a “virtual dictatorship” of Aquino.
    He controls the three branches of the government:Executive, Legislative and Judicial. Aquino is allied to the Lopez Media and some scum journalists, who are his propagandists. We don’t need such kind of President:Power Hungry. His government, full of corruption. It is patriotic to any Filipino to drag him out of Malacanang, kicking and screaming. then, burn him on a stake. He is a disease, like the bubonic plague…

    1. you are only 1. pnoy is supported by 75 percent of the population. if you do that “patriotic” thing of yours, you will face them peacefully.

      1. (You and your fellow Yellow Zombies and trolls who get paid by the Malacanang Communications group. Fact is that 75 percent of the population are against Abnoy.)

        (Fact: You’re really very DESPERATE. Enjoy your blunder. :D)

      2. One (1) voice crying in the wilderness, maybe. Prof. Albert Einstein had stated that : “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again”. Expecting different results. We have a President who is somewhat insane. He’s taking medication. So that, he does not become insane.
        I think he’s dragging all of us, along the way.

  7. Senators steal 50 million pesos (tip of the iceberg)
    Workers get a 10 peso pay rise.
    Soldiers get a 5 peso Cloud 9 bar
    One in 3 of your population earn less than a dollar a day.
    When will you lot ever do anything about this? talking will not solve anything.

    1. @ YAWN, correct again, Sir! Doing nothing is exactly what the people running the country want. As each day goes by, they get richer and the divide widens exponentially from there. They are not dumb, they know what they are doing and will not stop doing as they are doing unless they are forcibly stopped. and the countries people haven’t got the balls for that sort of thing so they should settle in for a long hard life.

      1. well, i admit that some people running this country are exactly doing nothing, especially the opposition. but there is hope with the president because he is changing it.

        1. Let’s see. There are more LPs in the Senate and Congress, the President is also LP. His cabinet members are also LPs. So if the opposition isn’t doing jack shit, the effect would be minimal. It’s the LP mafia’s actions and inactions that have a bigger impact to the country.

      2. HI Bjorn
        You have to admire the Arabs at least they have balls. They came out fighting and said enough is enough, if we are going down the hole you are coming with us.

        1. Hey Yawn, what up! the Arabs could no longer tolerate the conditions in which they were subjected to, and finally got rid of Mubarek. Everyone knows who propped him up and who supported every move he made (The USA and AIPAC along with the other NATO powers of the last 30 yrs., for those who do not know!) and choreographed each move Mubarek made. After the ‘people’ got pissed off(and pissed on!) and rallied to remove him, what has happened? The Muslim Brotherhood has been forcibly removed by the Military, arrested and thrown in jail. Meanwhile, Mubarek has been freed from hospital arrest(never went to a real jail, sound familiar Filipino’s?) and will probably not do any more time in jail nor will he surrender any of the wealth he amassed in the 33+ yrs. since Sadat’s assassination.
          Net result, the people had their little day, call it a victory even. BUT NOW? The WAR has shifted and they will be pushed down again, and again and again.
          BUT YES, at least they tried which is more than can be said of many nations of people around the globe today. AND AND AND, Tiny little Iceland did what no other country could do and that was to tell the politicians that they were going to be hung outside the Palace if they did not ‘do the right thing’ for the people. Faced with certain death, the politicians declared bankruptcy, screwed the stock-holders of the banks and the nations bond-holders and are now rebuilding their economy…FOR THE PEOPLE’S BENEFIT. It was only under threat of certain death that the pols did as they did, not patriotism!
          A blueprint has been made, will OR can it be followed elsewhere? LOL!

    2. problems left by the previous administration cannot be reversed within 3 years. if i were you, i will support the president so that the time needed to reverse it will be reduced.

      1. (And if I were you, then you should shut up because the citing the previous administration is nothing but cowardice and it shows you can’t even think of solutions… until now. BTW, at least the previous administration did better as opposed to your sugarcoating nonsense.)

        (You can’t reply back because what I’ve said is 100% TRUE. TROLL. :P)

      2. The president’s days are already numbered.
        Your malacanang miscommunications group is nearing its doom.
        The people are not going to listen anymore to your president’s lies.
        Of course, you won’t reply because 100% of what I said is TRUE.


      3. Then he should have made that clear right from the beginning and not claim the impossible feat of cleaning the government as if he was chlorox on a kitchen sink. But he managed to sell is “Daang Matuwid” fantasy that dumb voters bought it and now drones like you have to justify by saying 3 years ain’t enough. It looks like he didn’t put into account how short his time is as President. Maybe he thought 6 years is a long time, it’s more than half a decade. But hey you gotta admit, his stupidity got you a job with the Admin’s miscommunication group. So kudos to you, I guess.

        As far supporting him goes, it is he who should show support to his bosses by coming out clean. Scrap DAP, PDAF or whatever similar mechanisms there are out there and dispense the cash to LGUs instead. They need it badly. He shouldn’t wait for the people to come and literally drag his ass out of the palace.

    3. I don’t think Cloud 9 even costs 5 bucks I think it costs more. Now if you look at that soldier receiving the box, he kinda looks pissed. That’s one useless President, he could have at least brought those guys some body armor and more food.

      1. maybe the chocolates pnoy gave symbolizes that the soldiers are special for our nation. he is a good commander in chief. let us refrain from criticizing his ways as he knows what he is doing. maybe he wants to uplift the hearts of the soldiers

        1. Vibeit, that Adam has that same rhetorical praise for the president as the other mainstay trolls before her. The beauty of Malacanang trolls is many of them are no smarter than Noynoy. They are harder working and more effective though. Which doesn’t say much about their boss.

        2. The specific chocolate bar Pnot gives them is symbolic of your state of mind and state of arousal every time you think of an Aquino family member. No need of Viagra.

        3. The mere fact that they keep showng their retarded faces here certainly says a lot for their boss in malacanang.

          Like you said before Gogs, Aquino doesnt need trolls to spread his propaganda if he is doing his job properly.

        4. (Here’s a deal: In order to stop criticizing Noynoy’s ways, how about you sent us your e-mail (every member here at GRP) and request you to give us chocolates? That way we it will show that Noynoy wants to uplift the hearts of Filipinos.)

          (Failure to comply within 1 hour shows that we should never believe in everything you said, branding you as a real-life liar and a fraud.)

        5. What does the President think this is a date? Those soldiers are out there facing bullets from enemy fire. Since he has discretionary funds, as illegal as they are, didn’t even think to take advantage in a good way and buy them some body armor and helmets. I’ve seen some soldiers without helmets. I’ve seen our riot cops have better protective gear with their tower shields than our soldiers. He wasted his long stay with the soldiers in Zamboanga.

          Your symbolism crap is stupid. Maybe if the President thought to buy them protective gear instead of boxes of chocolates there would be lesser casualties.

  8. Pnoy and his thieves stole the 2013 vote, the peoples money, and their hope, by making a mockery of democracy and riding roughshod over the rule of law.
    These are criminal scum of the lowest order.

  9. Actually, the letter of the “Delta 7”; the ass kissers of Aquino dictatorships, in the AFP, are work of Ricky Carandang’s misinformation brigade. Ricky Carandang worked at ABS-CBN, before he joined the Aquino dictatorial government…

  10. Gossip, tsismis…means walang basehan.

    The author stated facts which should be scrutinized and questioned, supposedly by the people through mass media. (E nabili na nga niya yung mass media e, so ano pa).

    Mayle, the more i read your comments, it is becoming clearer you are not here to discuss but to justify/muddle every flaw that your pwesident has. Makes me wonder if you are a real person.

  11. (Well, just accept the fact that you’re also a liar because you always do gossip comments. You’re a total hypocrite if you say ‘no’.)

    (Deal with it.)


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