Filipinos stink


Something has been bothering me these past few days. Something smelled quite fishy, but I couldn’t quite put a bead on it. The words to describe it had been escaping me.

Then it just hit me: Filipinos stink. In more ways than one.

They showed this more than ever just recently, if you saw how the Filipino fans reacted when the Gilas Pilipinas team lost to the Iranian national team in the FIBA Asia championships last Sunday. That #Puso vs #Putok thing trend that spread like wildfire? Well, Filipinos used it to describe the Gilas team and the Iranians, respectively.

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Let’s explain the terms a little bit. Puso means heart, and it was the tag the fans used for the “heart of a champion” and “fighting spirit” terms to cheer for the Gilas team. Putok, on the other hand, is a slang term for body odor here in the Philippines. I’ll give you one good guess as to whom they were referring to. I don’t even know where Filipinos came up with that connection; perhaps they used the stereotype (that Filipinos have) of Indian and Middle Eastern people having offensive odors (according to the “well-refined” Filipino nose, at least). And how convenient is it that there is a slang term for body odor that starts with the letter P.

You’ve got to admit, Filipinos can be witty, if they want to be.

That’s not the worst of it though. Put things together, and you come up with the underlying snide remark that Filipinos ultimately wanted to make, and did: that ultimately no matter how much “heart” the Gilas team had, they were no match for the “body odor” of their opponent. Their opponent was too overpowering.

Underneath all that “heart” of the fans is an utter lack of brains and good manners.

Congratulations, Gilas fans: you just set a new low with that #Puso versus #Putok statement, which combined arrogant, dramatic, flippant, moronic, pikon, racist, whiny, and vulgar all in one.

Akala ng mga Pinoy kung sino sila. Ambaho na nga ng bansa nila, ambabaho pa ng ugali nila.

Loose translation: Who do the Filipinos think they are; not only does their country stink, but their manners, too.

Yup, a group of people that stink goes hand in hand with a country that stinks. People like Claire Danes, Adam Carolla, Nicole Lynn, and Jimmy Sieczka have learned only too well the truth about Filipinos. Especially when you call out to them just how offensive they and their odors get and insult their precious, but utterly fragile, Pinoy pride.

Filipinos play up the ethnic stereotype that Indians and Middle Easterners physically stink. As I mentioned above, this is the most likely basis for labeling the Iranian basketball players as #Putok.

Let us ask a few questions, however:

Between the Filipino fans and the Iranians, whose stink was more readily evident?, and;

Between physical stink and stinky manners, which one is more easily remedied?

You can take the Filipino out of the barok, but can you take the barok out of the Filipino? If that recent show of Filipino pride was any indication, it will be a cold day in hell before that happens.

Simply put, until they learn to control themselves, Filipinos are doomed to suffer the stink of being Filipino as a result of their actions.

266 Replies to “Filipinos stink”

  1. Agree. Filipinos-too sensitive kapag nalalait, too aggressive pagmanlait. Akala ko kapag may access ka sa internet, at least edukado ka, at siguro naman kaya magisip, even if you checked it sa yahoo comments, ang mga comments mga asal hindi nagiisip.

  2. Asaran tawag dito. Normal na ugali ng pinoy. Malamang nung bata ka, may tawag den sayo pag naglalaro kayo ng patintero . Ung ‘asaran’ na un just went global. Pero it doesn’t mean that we have “stinky manners”. Mababait mga Pinoy, mapang-asar lang.

    1. Mababait pag tulog. You honestly believe anyone who reads those posts who have no experience with Filipino culture will see it the same way? It’s just a joke? Really? You think that justifies casting personal aspersions at any one person, much less an entire race? But Filipinos are justified in starting a riot if the same needling and harmless “jokes” are pulled on them.

      So — hindi lang pangit ang ugali mo pikon ka pa! Mas masama — sa pananaw mo ang pagiging isip-bata ay tama lang para sa Pilipino. Nakakahiya ka!

        1. Whether the Iranians reacted or not is beside the point.

          I guess Filipinos like you will never understand that there is no acceptable excuse for vulgar behavior. Ever.

        2. As I expected. Exactly the kind of reaction I was waiting for. Basically “J” is saying it is okay to post derogatory, even racist statements, against others and inflammatory remarks if there doesn’t seem to be a response from the target of the remark. What “J” is looking for is a license to bully and offend other people online. The reasoning being — Hey, it’s alright, wala naman nag-react; so, okay lang na babuyin ko ibang tao; siguro okay lang sa taong binabastos ko. It doesn’t seem to occur to “J” that the behaviour itself is inherently WRONG! It doesn’t require being an Iranian to recognise a racist comment or any language intended to be harmful and offensive.

        3. Ah so, galit kayo na nasabihan ang mga Iranians ng “putok” but it is okay for you to say to the Gilas fans na wala silang utak at walang modo. (“Underneath all that “heart” … is an utter lack of brains and good manners.” sinabi mo to sa article mo)

          You have valid points. True there is no acceptable excuse for vulgar behavior. Pero sa pagtama mo ng mali ng isang nasyon, wag mo din silang urakan.

          And then this conversation:
          “I wonder how many personal attacks this article will generate.” – John Saint

          “I can only dream of matching the ones generated on Gogs’ article. Hahaha” – Fallen Angel, the writer

          It makes me think, what is your real objective in writing this?

        4. Obviously the Gilas fans didn’t think things through when they started that “putok” thing, right?

          We’re only telling it like it is.

          As such, you merely add to the many people who can only cringe at The Truth about Filipinos.

          Perhaps if you stop speculating on motives, intent, or objectives (whatever you like to call them), or even the personal circumstances of the author, and take the article for what it is at face value, then you can save yourself a lot of time and actually focus on the main point.

        5. And still he doesn’t get it. Even the two-year olds in the playground understand that offensive behaviour should not be tolerated. And still you are trying to make this about “Pinoy-bashing.” Still trying to jusfify vulgar and racist comments by equating them with nationalism. And trying to deny the small-mindedness, and ignorant, offensive nature of those Gilas fans’ Facebook posts.

          Now you are even suggesting that the ulterior motive for this article is to grab attention!? Is that the reason you would write down your opinion in a blog? Because you are starving for attention? This is exactly the type of person that needs to insult others in order to make themselves feel like their lives aren’t worthless.

    2. Ganito na lang, I bet kung may mga Iranians na gumawa sa atin nito sa Facebook, tiyak na kinabukasan nasa headlines na to ng news at dyaryo kahit ‘asaran’ lang nga yun. At tiyak na baka hindi natin yun tanggapin bilang ‘asar’ lang.

      1. Tapos magkakaroon nanaman ng hashtag na #RespectthePhilippines, parang ginawa ng mga Pinoy nang natalo si Pacquiao kay Marquez.

    3. In that case, ‘asaran’ is also a Filipino bad habit. It is not something we should let go of completely. It has to be regulated.

      1. True. It is a flaw in character just like all human races have flaws. It should be brought out there and be paid attention. But having this flaw doesn’t give this writer the right to say that the Filipinos have ‘stinky manners’ or that ung mga Gilas fans eh walang utak at walang modo. He is doing exactly what he is criticizing the Filipinos for.

        1. On the contrary, the Filipinos who made hate comments will be understood by some Iranians are representing the whole Philippines. They will ask, “is this how Filipinos are?” Same as what we do when we observe someone from another country doing something we are aghast at.

        2. So, now you think that “asaran” isn’t appropriate behaviour after all? But you are offended that FallenAngel wrote about the it because it reflects on your small-mindedness and being “walang modo” as shown by the fact that you initially stated that “asaran” is acceptable behaviour.

        3. May sinabi ba kong tamang ugali ung ‘asaran’? What I said was, it was normal here. Did I say that it should be acceptable because some Filipinos find it the normal thing to do, especially when it comes to Sports? I did not. Don’t put words into my mouth.

        4. We have the right to call a spade a spade.

          And we will continue to do so until the Filipinos find it in themselves to correct this flaw.

          You can’t accept that what they did is an indication of lack of thinking and manners? That’s your problem, not ours. Besides, “walang utak at walang modo” are your words, not mine. I said, “utter lack of brains and manners.” If I were to translate this to Tagalog, I would use “kakulangan sa pag-iisip at ugali.” There’s a subtle difference, which so far has flown above your head.

          Magsasalin na nga lang, mali pa. Says a lot about you and whatever personal attacks you perceive there to be. Balat-sibuyas pa.

        5. Wow. What a nice play of words you have there. So you meant to say that “utter lack of brains and manners” does not in any way equate to “walang utak at walang modo”. Ah so, mali pala pag kaintindi ko and pagtranslate ko. Oh, sorry. My bad.

          Too bad, unlike you, I don’t have the luxury to edit my comments.

        6. What makes you think I said in the article anything about “utter lack of brains and manners” equating/not equating to “walang utak at walang modo”? What makes you think I did a “nice play with words”?

          Too bad you’re reduced to stomping your feet and throwing a tantrum about blaming us for your missing the point that I made so explicitly clear in this article. Tsk tsk.

        7. j,

          Now you’re just being deceitful. Remember this?

          “Asaran tawag dito. Normal na ugali ng pinoy. Malamang nung bata ka, may tawag den sayo pag naglalaro kayo ng patintero . Ung ‘asaran’ na un just went global. Pero it doesn’t mean that we have ‘stinky manners’. Mababait mga Pinoy, mapang-asar lang.”

          How do you want readers to interpret this? “Asaran” is just something that something Filipinos have been doing since they were kids. Filipinos are really “mabait” so the offensive needling and racist comments should be overlooked.

          So — you’re not saying “asaran” is appropriate behaviour. Didn’t condemn it as inappropriate either. You’re just explaining it away. Which ultimately has the same effect as condoning it. Worse, you are blind as to why this type of behaviour is unacceptable.

  3. Filipinos are the definitely racists! The way they comment on non white races such as blacks, chinese, arabians, indians etc is downright appalling. yet they get so butthurt when they hear racist comments from white people. What hypocrisy!Oh and before they comment on how other races smell, maybe they should smell themselves first. FYI Filipinos a lot of visitors in your country think you guys smell like fish.

  4. Ironic to call a land of spices and perfumes stinking, and, unsurprisingly, also ignorant.

    “Iranians are regarded as the first manufacturers of perfume,
    and discoverers of decorative and cosmetic powders and
    sweet smelling oils or beauty creams.”
    The History of Perfume

    Especially coming from a country which hardly uses deodorant or aftershave, is not known for personal hygiene, and has 26 million people pissing and shitting outdoors/in public everyday. The stink in the philippines physically permeates everywhere, and it sure ain’t Chanel.

    Cleanliness is next to godliness so they say, but in the absence of either in the philippines, then it desperately needs to clean up its act, its manners, its streets, and its politics, otherwise it will be relegated to 4th world status.

  5. Well, for that matter, Pinoys are also renowned for making fun of dark-skinned people, the disabled, regional accents, natural body functions, and body types. It seems to be a national condition. To be fair, making fun of physical misfortunes used to be something shared across societies all over the world up to the mid-20th Century. But as a MODERN nation, such practices/topics should no longer have a place in public discussion — specially coming from people who make it a point to be seen going to church and being prayerful and all…

  6. If you can’t laugh at yourself make fun of other people and never hit someone unless you are absolutely sure you can get away with it.

    1. And that when you hit them from behind make sure your mug doesn’t end up getting posted on Facebook and YouTube where the media can ask you about it later. As Sen. Jinggoy Estrada knows so well. 😉

  7. Those unsavory remarks are the exception rather than the rule. By and large, we Filipinos are generally mild-mannered and friendly…yes there are some who are ill-mannered but they are far and between— let us give that to them to out their frustration. In the meantime, for those who believe in fair and just sporting competition, let us congratulate the Iranians for being the bigger team, though not necessarily the better one for winning and the GILAS for giving a spirited fight despite their natural lack in height. We were given the chance to win and we did our best. We could have won….and actually we won the praise of the Iranis.

    1. Mika Immonen would beg to differ. Whenever he plays pool here in Manila, he says the crowd is very hostile when he plays local favourites. And when he doesn’t make a shot, the Filipino crowd is overwhelmingly elated. Some even cheer loudly, going so far as to jeer and taunt him. Mika on the other hand has nothing but praise for Filipino billiards players.

      If this were an isolated incident, then your characterisation would be fair. But this behaviour is evident with every billiards competition hosted here and even in venues abroad. The bottom line is — Filipinos tend to be sore losers and even worse winners.

  8. i see discrimination as part of human nature,i am not a filipino i know alot about my filipino brothers and sisters,there are deeper discrimination among the citizens,people from visayas hates people from laguna,so it applies to other parts,i guess we have to live with it till the end of the world,Iranians are lucky the Filipinos close to them during the matches didn’t cover their noses in a deliberate attempt to show the Iranians how stinky they are.
    Thats my piece though.

    1. This is just plain wrong. You are part of the problem of the Philippines by going along with the racism against Iranians.

    2. Worse — you simply shrug off the racism among the various Filipino ethnic groups. Since when is a self-loathing nation appropriate? Or even healthy?

  9. Praise should be due to those win and respect for those earned and deserve it.

    Neither of this ability is endowed to majority of Filipinos.

    They scramble out of the concert hall even before the last singer finishes his song or the last speaker delivers his closing speech in a program. This is the most distinctive behavior among most Filipinos.

    They are quick to judge others but explosive to criticism even though how prudently it is being said to them.

    These are real Pinoy pride. It will only get worse but never better.

    1. It’s called squatters area for a reason. If that place smells good then nothing else will smell bad! Duh.

      Also, enough with the stinking and the arguing about stinky manners, or putok, or others forms of stinks.

      Firstly, those netizens that began all that are to blame but it isn’t fair to generalize the entire race because of those people’s insensitivity and unfair judgement of the Iranians.

      Not ALL Filipinos are like that. There are actually many more that are truly hospitable, those that actually appreciate the fact that these foreigners come to the Philippines.

      Secondly, those SPECIFIC group of people who began the racist jokes and even those who continued to pursue them and go as far as post about it on the internet extensively are definitely in the wrong. I’m a Filipino and I’m not making any excuse for their behavior. It’s people like them that sadden me and worsen the situation and image of the Philippines to other nations.

      Thirdly, we can’t reduce the mistake to simply “asaran lang” because going as far as to generalize an entire race is nothing but insensitive and quite idiotic.
      We Filipinos claim that we should not be generalized, then by God we SHOULD also stop our generalizations of Iranians–or any other race for that matter! Nothing will be solved by subjecting anyone to hurtful words that won’t do them any good!

      Remember: If you have nothing good to say, DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL.

      I hope everyone, and I mean not only the Filipinos but EVERYONE who read this will not only see this as the Filipinos’ mistake but also as a reminder to E-VE-RY-ONE that no good will come out of bashing each other and saying hurtful words.
      In fact, no satisfaction will even come after because only argument and fights will follow that.

      With that said, I do hope everyone is now reminded to THINK before you ACT. THINK LONG AND HARD before you type something and send it for the world to see. Because you cannot take back your words once you’ve sent them. Even if you delete a post on Facebook, people have already seen it for sure and they will not so easily forget that especially if it’s something so controversial.

      Let’s all be careful with our words.
      Don’t generalize.
      Don’t discriminate.
      And stop insulting each other when trying to make a point.

      In the long run, we all want peace and understanding regarding any argument. Yes nationalism exists, but it MUST exist without the need to put down another nationality for one’s own glory.

  10. …Sus, kapwa pinoy lang naman natin ang pumupuna sa sarili nating ugali… Other nationalities doesnot care at all… Been to a lot of places all over the world… And most of the people I met has nothing to say but good things on Filipinos…. Marami lang kasi sa atin na mga feeling self-righteous, but in reality they are equally guilty of what they are ranting about……

  11. I think it’s more of a way for the Filipinos to lighten the mood up… Sure lose na eh, let’s just make fun of the opponent cause they’re really really good! Parang ganun. Parang, fine, given na you’re too good for us, at least we have the heart and we smell good :)) hahaha no big deal :>

    1. JM,

      Are you completely self-centered that you cannot understand why OTHERS, especially NON-FILIPINOS might not appreciate the intent behind those kinds of comments? Can you not comprehend why the target of that kind of intentionally hurtful speech might see it as racist? Do you not understand WHY it can be dangerous?

  12. Hey,

    Don’t let this matter so much… everyone can stink. But I just want to point out how fallacious the article is, the truth of a singular is not the truth of the universal. Some likes filipinos, some not so much. Some filipinos stink and some are wonderful.

    But if you try to highlight the good, then you are propagating the good because if you emphasize on the bad more, it is not really helping…

    So we are pikon, rude, balat sibuyas, balimbing, crab mentality and the lot. But we are also hard workers, we smile in midst of hardships, we know how to appreciate small things in life. In every race, there is always two sides of the coin.

    Being real is not about saying you are weak and bad. Being real is accepting something as a whole, bad or good and chose to love it anyways.

    I love Filipinos not because I am or because we are good people. I love Filipinos because I choose to, because I rather advocate the good in us than the bad.

    I always wish the best of all Filipinos.

    God bless

    1. Does one need to cite volumes of documented studies to prove an OPINION? Or conduct a study by a reputable pollster to ensure that the collected sample is credible? How do we empirically quantify the conclusions that FallenAngel came to in his OPINION piece?

      Does any of this take away from the fact that FallenAngel pointed out an incident where Filipinos acted in a less than genteel manner? Does any of this take away from the fact that rude behaviour seems to be the norm in other sporting events where the Philippines competes with other countries?

      Isn’t pointing out a flaw the first step to correcting it? Or should it be overlooked because we are all essentially “good” people?

  13. Why are people surprised that a beauty queen or an athlete says something shallow and simple minded? This type of person has spent their self centered lives focusing on their physical prowess; not on developing their rational faculties. As far as the truth goes…there is no “truth;” only different perspectives.

  14. What’s wrong with you people? Why does everybody seems to be self-righteous here? Yes, I admit I was one of those who posted that Gilas were not able to play well because of the opponent’s smell and I meant that as a JOKE, something to boost my morale just because our team was losing. But dont you think its too much to say Im bobo and dont have the manners? Para kaung mga hindi Pinoy, we always find our ways to lighten up the mood even in the gloomiest situation, right? But that doesn’t mean we are rude, racist, dont have the brains and manners. Get real people.

    1. How come the author generalizes every single Filipino point misser? Please be specific. And we are Filipinos not pinoys which is the ghetto version of Filipinos.

      1. it’s disgraceful how racist pinoys went about reacting to iran’s win versus gilas. even more so when the iranian team was such a class act to actually PRAISE gilas for giving them a hard time to earn the win. sobrang nakakahiya mga pinoy. tsk tsk tsk.

    2. There is a difference between a good and a sick joke. We seem to have ignored the fact that it was indeed a bad joke. And let’s hope that as Filipinos, we learn when to be more humane and politically correct if only to be respected back.

      1. Lets NOT be “politically correct.” That just introduces more silliness that we can do without.

        Lets just agree to use words, including politically correct terminology, in accordance with their proper meaning and common sense. Also, let us agree that the humane and civilised thing to do is to eliminate from our current usage all those words and phrases that can cause harm and suffering in our fellow human beings.

    3. The really sad thing about your “Not guilty” post is that you apparently have NO IDEA that what you did was wrong. The REALITY is that far from being “Not guilty,” your so-called humor was offensive and, as it was intended to inflict a humiliating put-down on group of people for your enjoyment and to uplift your morale, may be characterised as RACIST.

    4. If you still fail to comprehend the essential aspects of the discussion and proclaim yourself “Not guilty,” that only serves to validate the criticism that your rude, racist remarks are borne out or ignorance and stupidity.

  15. There’s some truth to the vulgare innuendo I don’t blame the team that much, when in close quarters and a very physical game it rubs off on your body, gross… It’s something that should be addressed, I worked in a Supplement factory with Bosnian and Somalian refugee’s, pheeew is all I can say, after some looks and complaints they put on the deodorant, what’s right is right if you stink you stink.

  16. Anong pinaglalaban natin?
    If thats what you think so be it. Its a free country say what you want. But you used term filipinos meaning you are reffering to all of the filipinos in the Philippines. Even the others who are not involve in this particular event. -_-
    Nah, do what you want -_-

    1. Still don’t get it? Try reading the article again. It’s about the poor behaviour exhibited by those supposed Gilas “fans” who posted derogatory, even racist, comments on Facebook. And that type of behaviour reflects badly on ALL Filipinos. You don’t think that should be a matter of concern? That is very small-minded.

  17. So, why don’t we just admit that we are all “pikon’s” when our underdogs are falling behind? Come on guys, we all swear and throw out racially degrading words towards the winning party when one of “ours” is in the loosing end. Just be civilized enough to admit that “we” sometimes have to swallow the biter pill. It’s a freaking game, it’s not the end of the world.

  18. To the author/owner of this blog….thank you…the nation needed that…to all Filipinos like I am….Nyahnyahnyahaaaaa!! False pride is why Fools fall. An outside fix for an inside job, hardly ever works…deal with the man on the mirror first then perhaps we will have more of that shimmering light that we have…or so we think. Cheers!!

  19. Masyado kang nagmamagaling brad. That action by many I can equate to just being a fan. After that day, perhaps few days, everyone will forget what they said. The word indeed can be received not equal to the word by the ones who uttered it. Lol. I am sure after they said that word it is followed by haha. Lol.

    1. Siguro ang mas-maganda dun e hindi nagalit o napikon yung mga Iranians sa gitna ng mga pusoputok comments ng mga Pinoy. Kahit na maniwala kang merong mapipikon, eh wala namang kumibo sa FB.

      Pero pag Pinoy naman ang binalingan ng galit at pangungutya sa sports (hindi naman sa nilalahat), parang aping-api ang mga Pinoy at pinaglalandakan pa na may karapatan sila na gumanti, lumaban at humingi ng respeto. Parang hindi nila nakikita sa sarili nila na ginagawa rin nila yun sa ibang bansa, pero walang kibo yung mga dayuhan, diba? So ano ang reflection nung sitwasyong yon sa mga Pilipino?

  20. From the number of comments of the most recent posts alone, people have clearly chosen to discuss the more sensitive topic of the Gilas loss and the facebook backlash instead of more pressing topics, like the pork barrel scandal or the bombings in Mindanao. What about the corruption? Or the aquino administration? the neverending story of informal settlers? Goes to show what a number of us choose to ignore, like the real problems this country is faced with every fucking day.

    1. Ever occur to you that every fucking day is a problem because too many Filipinos have the attitude that leads them to post derogatory comments on Facebook to demean others because the team they were rooting for lost a basketball game?

  21. I agree that the author have valid reasons why he has made that remark but at some point, looking at my facebook friends from abroad whining about Obama and how Muslim people and immigrants should be treated in their country? I don’t see any difference with us Filipinos? It’s called emotion and sometimes emotions are careless and just run wild free. It just shows we are human but this does not free us (Filipinos) to behave better. 🙂

    To highlight author’s great work, I admire how you craft you’re Title, it has caught everyone’s attention, that’s great work, it’s very effective, but then again it’s not very relative to what you want to write about, which is the misbehavior of Gilas fans but with your headline you are generalizing us all. If not for the headline I doubt if this will hit on first page and gain more traffic and comments just like this, surely gilas and “filipinos stink” keyword are the hottest trend ;P)? Cheers to your writing skills and your imba ways of attaching the word Filipino to every negative word you can imagine but for me I don’t see how we are different from other people around the world.

    This is a blog and I’m entitled to say what I think on the comment box. 🙂 Just saying 😀

    1. True. Emotions do run free, but we could at least try to control them. 🙂 If we let emotions run our lives, we’ll be in a lot more mess. 😛

      About the title, I think it does relate to the topic at hand, in a way. I feel like it’s more of a “play on words” where the “Filipinos” comment trash on the Iranian team with the “#Putok” crap. 🙂

  22. When ‘putok’ is uttered there is emotion of a fan which will not last and is an emotion of an upset fan. That is just really it. You uttered much in this blog. Nagpapakabibo ka masyado! Pwe!

    1. Will not last? As in they will stop being asshurts about criticisms and satire from foreigners? I don’t think so indio. The failipinos already done a lot of countless immaturity ever since that Claire Danes brouhaha.
      And does being an abusive emo for not accepting a defeat of a clean match is still understandable for you? Stop playing the victim card. You’re letting them behave like spoiled kids.
      Lee Kuan Yew was right. failipinos like you lack discipline.

        1. You’re a bigger TROLL because you use EMOTIONAL OUTBURSTS while I use LOGICAL THINKING.

          You mad? 😛

        1. Ang hirap kasi sa mga indio de trapo na katulad mo ay hindi mo alam ang pinagkaiba ng biro at ng seryoso. Aminin nyo na lang kasi na ang “biro” nyong iyan ay dahil mga dakilang bobo kayo na ayaw tumanggap ng pagkatalo.

        2. Don’t you know what the term ‘ad hominem’ means? Just like what you are doing right now.

          Don’t be a hypocritical douche. -_-

        1. Haay isa na namang inutil na isang dakilang tamad sa pag-aaral ng Ingles dahil nakababad lang ang mga mata nya palagi sa DOTA.

        2. mahina lang kasi siya sa totoong buhay kaya panay ang ingles niya dito para mag-pasikat. utak isda kasi.

        3. Jolog:

          Your stupidity amuses me.

          Stop being an internet tough guy, get off the netshop and pay for your own internet and PC for once, einstoned.

  23. Okay lets look at the facts

    1. Iran has consistently called for the destruction of America and Israel.

    2. Newly elected Iranian President Hassan Rohani, in his victory speech, “Anticipates coming prophet to conquer for Islam, kill all infidels”

    3. Iran is a theocracy whose religious “Supreme Leader” is more powerful than “elected” president. The “Supreme Leader” is appointed for life by an Islamic religious advisory board (the Assembly of Experts)


    A war with Syria and Iran is inevitable and will probably happen sooner that you think. The Philippines will side with the USA. Which side will you take?

    Iran may have won a basketball game. But they will lose the war and they can take their stupid religion with them to hell 🙂

    1. This is a different topic. A simple basketball match for a global tournament. As in all sports, what is required is sportsmanship. Remarks like that are highly unwelcome in the modern world of sports. The facebook comments and potshots were completely uncalled for – but considering that, as someone named the existence of the “Greater Internet F!@#wad Theory,” the internet’s capacity for anonymity allows such behavior to persist. But this is Facebook, where all comments can be identified and traced back, and the fact that most comments are from Philippine users are simply appalling. It is that which the recent articles criticize, and says something about the users behind the profile names.

      1. So what? Let me tell what what…

        The Get Real crowd here is saying that Pinoys make vulgar and uncultured comments.

        We I just presented you with the fact that the President of Iran calling to “conquer to Islam” and to “kill the infidel”

        Kill the infidel? If you are not muslim, that includes you buddy. Who is vulgar and uncultured now? Pinoys commenting about body odor or a head of state calling for the death of non-believers of their religion.

        The idea of “killing the infidel” is actually quite common in Iran.

        You Get Realists are so full of it. You scrutinize Pinoys for childish behavior when you have, here, a country full of zealots were “death to the infidel” is accepted language.

        1. And you call yourself “patriotic”? You’re more like a blood thirsty maniac. Blood is thicker than water for you eh racistfag? What’s your purpose then ultranationalist? Kill all the other nationals only because they’re spreading terrorism in any country? You’re batshit insane indio.

        2. Nakatira ka ba sa Iran? Naka-meet ka na ba ng mga Iranian? Saan mo nasinghot yang “kill the infidel” phrase na yan?

      1. Besides the point. “Killing the infidel” is a common belief in Iran.

        Who is vulgar now? Pinoys talking about body odor or Iranians calling to “kill the infidel”???

        So Get Realists are so full of crap that you even give Iran a “pass” for “killing the infidel” (if you are not muslim, that’s you, the infidel).

        1. Just admit the fact that you want more bloodshed to be spilled even on innocent women and children you warfreak.

      2. This is relevant. Iran is a country full of zealots that want to “kill the infidel”.

        Pinoys just make fun of body odor.

        Who is worse?

        Simple question.

        If you don’t think Iranians are worse that Pinoys, then you need to GET REAL.

        Call me a troll if you want.

        But you are willing to go on record saying that Pinoys making fun of body odor is worse than a country calling to “kill the infidel”???

        1. Don’t agree. Iran is not “full of zealots” anymore than PH is full of bigots. That aside, did fans of the Iranian team reciprocate. Your position pits a political/religious position of a country against what happens between sporting teams. All this shit should be kept out of sport. It is one area where there is still a little hope for better international relations.

        2. Go back to the middle ages you katoliban. You’re just like those crusades mercilessly killing any anti-Christian people.

        3. Ikaw! ANG LAYO! Ang layo ng pinagkukunan mo ng mga ideya mo.

          So may karapatan ang mga Pilipino na kutyain ang mga banyaga sa sports kasi sa ibang larangan (pulitika) mga sira ulo sila. Ganun? Ano ba ang hindi mo naiintindihan sa larangan ng sports? ANO SA SPORTSMANSHIP ANG HINDI MO MAINTINDIHAN?

          And the Iranian basketball team members are not all muslims. Ano ba talaga ang gusto mong palabasin sa pagkakaroon ng karapatang bansagan silang may putok?

        4. What you are doing is utter stupidity. That’ s what we call RED HERRING.

          Yeah, you’re a TROLL. And a very proud one.

          Enjoy your blunder. : D

        5. Hindi ko maintindihan iyang sinasabi mo inutil. Ay tama! Nanggagaya ka lang pala. Na-kickout ka ng principal mo ano? Magpakatino ka kasi squatter boy.

    2. Oh yes, Filipinos like Makabayan here mix sports and politics and have decided to become part of the “moral crusaders” who impose judgment on those they deem as “evil”.

      Holy self-righteous shit, man. Remember what I said about “ambabaho ng mga ugali ninyo” though.

    1. Never equate what a President/Prime Minister says as being representative of what the majority of the population of that country think or believe. History is full of the contrary.

      1. Presidents and Prime Ministers have gone to war even when a majority of their population is against or indifferent. Mine have.

        1. @Jolog:

          Red herring comment you got there.

          I get it: only a MORON thinks that you’re allowed to be STUPID on the internet.

          Internet tough guys are losers. -_____-

    2. Imagine out there in the great big world. Somebody is quoting Noynoy as speaking for us. 1) traffic indicator of robust economy. 2) never saying sorry 3) tummy troubles during state visits 4) keynote speaker without an audience. Then again we voted him in. Proud to be pinoy!!!

        1. ang hihilig nyong mag-ingles eh lahat naman tayo dito marunong mag-tagalog. kanino ba kayo nagpapasikat?

          nakakawa kayo. galit sa sariling bansa. galit ka siguro na hindi ka puti? haha. pasensiya ka na lang tol na maitim ka.

        2. Aminin mo na lang kasi na tamad kang mag-aral ng Ingles dahil palagi ka na lang sumisinghot ng rugby. Magpa-rehab ka nga utak squatter.

        3. @Jolog:

          That is an example of AD HOMINEM: attacking the PERSON instead of the message.

          Time to delete your spam trolling comments.

  24. Not trying to be self righteous or anything but if i pulled that stunt in the states, i would totally be reprimanded by peers and strangers. Just imagine if people used other races like black vs. white, or asians vs. mexicans, it’s just wrong. Boost moral? they won, get over it.

    1. I agree that Filipinos stink.

      But the author fails to point out that Iranians arguably worse.

      Pinoys: Make fun of body odor

      Iranians: “Death to infidels” is accepted mainstream ideology (as yelled by their different presidents and people during rallies).

      Who is worse then?

      The answer is quite simple.

      1. Wala akong narinig sa mga Iranians na “death to infidels” nung natalo sila sa Asian Cup at sa FIFA World Cup!

        Ba’t ba ang layo ng pinagkukunan nyo ng mga argumento? HA?

        Palibhasa mga deluded Mullahs ang nagsabi, lahat na ng Iranians ang iniisip ng mga Pinoy na katulad mo.

      2. You indios are being waaay off-topic for posting the Iranian’s bad side excuses. Just admit the fact that you are defending da pinoy’s mediocrity and are always very proud of it like eating pagpag even if it kills you.

        1. And you’re nothing but an utak squatter troll na mahilig lang sumali sa seryosong usapan. Bumalik ka na nga lang sa kaka-DOTA mo indio de trapo.

        2. Oh what’s the matter squatter boy? Tamad kang mag-aral ng Ingles noong elementary at high school mo ano? Ano lang pala ang ginagawa mo araw-araw? Imbes na didiretso sa skwela mo’t maglalaro ka lang ng DOTA? E utak DOTA ka pala e inutil.

        3. Ano kamo utak squatter? Ang labo ng tira mo. Nagsasayang ka lang ng pera ng nanay mo sa kaka-internet mo. Mag-aral ka na lang juan tamad.

      3. The answer is quite simple: you’re a TROLL trying to make RED HERRINGS as vaild argument.

        Enjoy your stupidity. 😀

        1. No, the answer simpler-er

          YOUR are the TROLL making Yellow Herrings!

          Enjoy your Pinoy hate.

          Manny will win again!

        2. What kind of argument is that indio de trapo? Halatang wala kang pinag-aralan at palagi ka na lang sumisinghot ng rugby.

        3. @Wala lang:

          You’re one of the people who are condemned by this blog post. You’re a bigger TROLL because you are spamming more ad hominems here.

          And please, there is no room for flame bait here. Red herring actually, is an English language idiom that refers to a logical fallacy that misleads or detracts from the actual issue. And that is what you are doing.

          Enjoy your blunder. 😛

      4. and you probably believe that all Egyptians support Morsi. Again…what you say is irrelevant even if it was true. A sports team does not take the field carrying the political position of it’s country’s leader or even all it’s people. This is bullshit. What this is about is bad sportsmanship and should not only be not tolerated but condemned!

        1. @Jolog:

          Very laughable.

          Do you know what ‘ad hominem’ means? Or what you are doing is flame bait?

          Very immature, son. -_-

  25. Some Filipinos can say almost anything about other nationalities, but if it’s the other way round… They should remember that respect is a 2-way street.

  26. This would have been a good article if you took out all the generalizations and baitish title. Now it just reads like just any other self-righteous blog.

        1. Lol kopya ka nang kopya ng sinasabi ko. Wala ka nang ibang matitira sa amin ano? Mahilig kang mangopya kada quiz at test ano juan tamad? Mas-lalo mo lang pinatunayan na isa kang dakilang talunan.

        2. nag-mamataas ka kasi eh pareho din naman tayong jolog. panay ang ingles mo pero mag-tatagalog ka rin pala!

        3. Natatawa na lang din ako dito sa mga comments tulad nina Jolog at Gah Goh (ay gago).

          Off topic na off topic at wala sa lugar at di mabigyan ng counter reply na may saysay mga sinasabi ng mga GetReal peeps dito. Hahaha.

          Entertainment ito, hahaha. Sige pa at tuloy niyo lang ang pagsabi ng walang saysay.

          Good job with this article GetReal Peeps!

        4. @Jolog:

          You know, you’re the bigger TROLL because you can’t have a very good argument and now you’re resorting to personal attacks a.k.a. ad hominem.

          Thanks for proving yourself, hypocrite. -_-

  27. This is one reason why the Philippines is what it is right now. Filipinos against Filipinos. I’m not saying you should tolerate the bad attitude of some of your countrymen but bashing each others head in front of everyone makes you the laughing stock of netizens worldwide. Even the title of this article alone should be enough to stick to the minds of those who read it for eternity like crap to a wet tissue.

    1. Non sequitur alert! Those lousy Facebook posts , except for a small minority, are an embarrassment to the country. Filipinos against Filipinos? Really? How about stop tolerating unpleasant, pikon attitudes? Let’s stop tolerating it regardless if they are fellow ‘kapwa Pinoy’. Many Filipinos have too much “Pinoy Pride” up their ass and can’t see things as they are. Too much shit in their eyes.

    2. Actually as a non Filipino I feel there is hope for PH when I see debate. Some of the arguments might be puerile, some misguided, but debate is essential for any country to progress. The best place to have your head bashed is by your own….before the rest of the world just sits back and laughs at all of you.

    3. But if we don’t “bash each other’s heads,” or criticize the faults of fellow Filipinos, then it will look like we’re tolerating those bad attitudes.

  28. I think Gilas should learn from this defeat. In the future they should incorporate “putok” training by practicing against smelly people who did not bathe for 3 days.

    Next time, we will be ready. Putok or no putok.

    Gilas pa rin! #1 Sa walang putok league.

        1. Said the fanboy who misses the point. Alam mo bang pati ang Gilas mismo’y nabwisit na sa mga kabobohan mo utak squatter?

        2. @Jolog:

          “sige pa. troll ka pa. troll harder baby. give it to me baby!”

          I faceplamed at your stupidity.

          Requesting foe deletion of spamming comments.

          HYPOCRITE. <_<

  29. tatagalugin ko na lang, tutal nakakaintindi ka naman ng tagalog.

    Etong tao na to eh santo malamang. sino ka para humusga ng ganun? Yun ay biro lamang, katuwaan lamang para sa amin un. TAgalog na nga ang mga salita dahil iyon ay pang amin laman. bakit ka pa nakikialam? Kung hindi ka marunong tumangap ng biro eh napakalungkot naman ng buhay mo. Nakakaawa ka naman pero sa isang banda eh ayos lang kasi malamang napaka bait mo nga dahil nasabi mong lahat iyon ng hindi ng iisip. dahit pakiramdam mo eh tama ka sa mga sinasabi mo. kung nasabi mo yun, eto lang ang masasabi ko sayo: “your the one who stink, maybe not from your body odor, but from inside.”

      1. Aminin nyo na lang kasi mga istupido na hindi kayo mga sibilisado na nilalang dahil nakalubog pa rin sa ebak ang mga utak nyo sa kabobohan. Ano ngayon kung nagsasalita kami ng Ingles? Baka nakakalimutan nyo na primary language din ang Ingles kabilang sa Tagalog. Kung hindi nyo naiintindihan ang mga sinasabi namin sa Ingles, bumalik kayo sa elementary mga juan tamad.

    1. Ah yes, a compilation of Pinoy loser retorts:
      “Bakit ka pa nakikialam?”
      “Sino ka para humusga ng ganun?”
      “Yun ay biro lamang…”

      Ironic that Pinoys complain about their affairs being meddled in, yet they meddle in and gossip about everyone else’s.
      Ironic that Pinoys whine about being “judged” while they don’t hesitate to judge others as having putok.
      Ironic that Pinoys justify their vulgarity by saying “it’s just a joke”, but when the joke’s on them, they cry foul.

      Attitudes like that only reinforce the loser Pinoy stereotype.

      Tsk tsk. Speculating on the author’s personal circumstances instead of focusing on the main points of the article – the ultimate mark of a whiner who can’t put up proper “arguments”…

      The only ones who “stink from inside” are people like you. And it was on display for the world to see.

      1. Looks like there’s a lot of butthurt fags that think that their attempts to troll here is working but the truth is that it is only making them look dumb.
        Seriously, their stupidity is on par with bida kapamilya and sendongslut.

        They obviously don’t know the meaning of TROLL HARDER yet they keep using it.

    2. And when someone makes fun of Filipinos, you and your fellow ilk makes fun of Filipinos then you get rage mode and play the victim card? Kung katuwaan para sa inyo iyon, then I’m surrounded by idiots. Yun lang. And your last quotes fits for you and your fellow Pinoys who jumped on the Haddadi racist bandwagon.

      Get a load of there, fella. Nice logic you have there. Hypocritical douche. -_-

    3. Ang hindi marunong tumanggap ng biro at hindi marunong umintindi ay yung mga Pinoy na isip nila inaapi sila pag SILA ang ginagawang paksa sa mga katatawanan. Kung hindi ka kasama dun, edi wala kang problema.

  30. When visiting the Middle East or India your constantly reminded of the local culture sensitivities and you need to follow customs but that don’t apply to Muslims does it? It’s only applies to Christians and foreigners so in an International event the non-wearing of deodorant is a double standard, why can’t Muslim’s adjust to the customs of other nations? Just curious, I get tired of being told what to do in other countries.

    1. Their rules also apply to the natives. We do have to be sensitive to the rules and regulations of other countries like foreigners need to be sensitive to our rules as well.

    1. You speak in English because you’re educated? Then why can’t you write your sentence right? Then you have the guts to call somebody a fool just because he chooses to speak his own language? Kilabutan ka nga.

      1. J,

        That’s why my son is disappointed. Don’t be herring colored red because this a blunder that you will enjoy.

      2. Okay you seem sound familiar with that hostility of yours and also from that “j” name of yours. jon-asshole is that you?

  31. Well, INTERNATIONALLY speaking the Filipino is regarding as a thieving scumbag con-artist. That said, Indians and Middle-Easterners are INTERNATIONALLY know as by physically smelly people, in a word they: STINK. its true, I can personally tell you that INDIANS live in a country where people actually live in houses made from< what else? Bricks of SHIT! they have toothpaste made from SHIT. I mean they do not waste any of the SHIT their sacred animal, the COW, emits…its true….and they really do fuckin STINK. Middle-easterners on the other hand live in the desert and so access to bathing water can be difficult and soooo, they fuckin STINK too, its true!!! as for the Filipino, the statement above is unfortunately TRUE as far as manners go? well, class-less is as class-less does.

      1. R U Talking to e ,Sonny? Have you ever been to India? in the country-side they live in brick shit-houses and use toothpaste whose base ingredient is cow-shit. among other things made from cow-shit. in the middle-east, water is scarce…so do the math, sonny!
        Oh wait, if you do math as well as you wrote the second sentence of the above insult….YOU probably CAN’T.
        while I am at it, stick your insults up your ass,Sonny. they will surely fit, as you are KNOWN to be 1 gigantic A-HOLE.

      1. YES, that is EXACTLY what I said….and it is CERTAINLY TRUE! so is the part about toothpaste. AND a lot of other things too!

        1. @DOMO,NO, NO, NO. no such thing. I am just stating FACTS. all of what I stated about INDIA is true. the Middle-east as well.R U just another overly sensitive li’l girl?
          Just because you don’t like what I said does not mean it is not true.
          I bath daily and have no offensive ordors coming from my body, no matter what, or anyone else says.

        2. And so are us for stating FACTs about you and other moronic pinoys’ dysfunctional culture especially doing the bahala na/pwede na iyan mentality and victim mentality too much.
          Yes you are clean everyday but your dysfunctional mindset is not

        3. moronic ‘PINOY’, HUH?
          THAT shows how ignorant you are, YOU think you know something, BUT you are really clue-less about it(PINOY? REALLY?), and then in typically ignorant self-righteous idiocy make statements based on the false beliefs you think you ‘know’ to be true BUT in reality are not true (Clue:PINOY,huh?). you are merely…TYPICAL.

    1. Well Benjo, I guess there’s a reason why the stereotype of Middle-Easterners and Indians as unpleasant smelling exists and persists – because there may have been instances wherein it was true.

      As to how that affects the main point I expressed here, it hardly does. Fact is, a population of the Gilas Fans let out some unpleasant words towards certain members of the Iranian basketball team, just because they beat the Philippine national team. So the stinky behavior and manners were bared for a lot of people, not just Filipinos, to see.

      1. Oh yes, the fans were none too nice to the victors.
        Butt-hurtin sore losers is what they are, and the worst part is: they weren’t even in the game. Considering the Filippine team is undersized vertically they are a talented bunch that were good enough to get to the finals. I am sure the players were gracious in defeat and will be back again next year.

  32. Dear Fallen Angel, please find a better job other than this pathetic one where you find satisfaction in denigrating the Filipino race. There are better things to do like fall in love, find another job or better yet, pack your bags and go somewhere else. By doing such, it might take off the stink inside your head!

    1. “Better things to do” is a subjective term. So one person’s idea of a thing that is “better” to do may be different from another person’s idea of what constitutes a thing that is “better” to do. Hirap sa Pinoy masyadong self-absorbed. They think their idea of what is right is necessarily what EVERYONE else “should” believe to be right.

      Pinoy nga naman talaga
      Parang Aso
      Matangkad lang kapag naka-upo

    2. What makes you think FallenAngel doesn’t have a high paying day job that is actually better than what you think is “better”? Aren’t you being a bit too presumptious?

      One doesn’t have to be a genius to write about Filipino dysfunctional behavior, ya know. One just needs common sense, which is something a lot of Filipinos don’t have.

    3. Haha, sounds like someone is reduced to stomping his/her feet in indignation about being confronted with the stink of being Pinoys. Too bad you see nothing but “denigration”, but then again, it only serves to show how much what I said of Pinoys stinking (in more than one sense) is absolutely spot on.

      Perhaps you’d like to try again, but this time stay on topic, instead of speculating on my personal circumstances, ha?

    4. Buddha,

      Walang amoy si Fallen Angel dahil gumagamit siya ng deodorant. Red herring yan at ito ay isang ad homimen. Troll harder fool!

      1. Buddha,

        Hindi gumagamit ng deodorant si Buddha. Pero si Fallen Angel gumagamit ng deodorant.

        Sino ang mabaho ngayon?

        Enjoy your blunder.

    5. “Dear Fallen Angel, please find a better job other than this pathetic one where you find satisfaction in denigrating the Filipino race”

      Naku,lumabas ka nga at amuyin mo nga ang bantot ng mga pikon.

      Fact is, Filipinos denigrate themselves with their own immature actions.

  33. An intellectual discussion is supposed to be ideas versus ideas. I believe that name-calling and attacking another person’s qualities or person (instead of his/her ideas) aren’t part of an intellectual (or even civilized) discussion of a topic.

    If you don’t agree with the author’s idea then state your point/s, that also goes for the site’s admin when they disagree with some comments. We should do away with name-calling. If we can’t agree with what the other has to say, then let’s just agree to disagree.

    Just saying. 🙂

    1. Ay sorry. Friendly fire.

      Hindi ikaw troll. Yung mga gamol lang ang troll.

      Pero tama ka. Walang adhominen dahil ito as isang blunder. At marami diyan ay nag-enjoy sa kanilang blunder.

      1. At ikaw ay mali because what you are spouting are personal attacks and nonsensical comments.

        That is the perfect example of BLUNDER. And you’re enjoying it.

      2. Mohamad,

        Disappointed is my son. Don’t be red herring because education people do not do blunders. Troll 🙂

        1. Sorry, but time and time again that you’re proving to everyone that you’re actually stupid.

          Your efforts in flamebaiting are futile.

    2. stick around and you will see the same people doing EXACTLY what you just mentioned, all the time! Ha. Funny part is they think they are good at it, but are really just amatuers.

  34. I wasn’t aware of the P-t-k tag. If the topic was really burning, I can only say, they were disgusting as much as how they describe Putok.

    1. I’m not sure how to respond to your point because I don’t understand where you stand.

      Let me just write a short program

      for i = 1 to 2;

      if i = 1 then print “You agree Filipinos stink — ok kool ka!”;

      if i = 2 then print “You are defending the classless putok mongers. TROLL HARDER FOOL! ENJOY YOUR BLUNDER”;


      1. We have education so we do not do red herrings because it is blunders. Let them Troll because they live in small boxes next to train rails. 🙂

        1. Sorry, but THAT is what you are doing right now. Do you think this is a game to you?

          Be honest. Proud being a douche, right?

      2. Proud? Are you insulting me?

        What pride? The Filipino has nothing to be be proud about!

        You can call me an idiot, a douche, a hyporcite, an idiot but NEVER EVERY CALL ME PROUD!

        Pride is for losers.

        Enjoy your blunder.

        1. @Putok ng Arabo:

          How can I troll a troll like you if I’m just making intelligent comments?

      3. Haha. I was surprised at how long the discussion was under my post.

        Let me tell you, if you can’t understand a simple point. There’s no use creating a program.

  35. Dimasalang,

    You are speak wrong english TROLL. It shows you have not education.

    “That is the perfect example of BLUNDER. And you’re enjoying it.”


        1. We are not fearing personal attacks by people who live in small boxes next to train tacks because we have education.

  36. @FallenAngel
    Generalizing much? Chillax and smell the roses once in a while. Umaapaw ung bitterness and hate mo.

    1. What part did the author hatefully generalizes every single Filipinos you generalizer neutralizer asshurt? Cite specifics plez point misser.

    2. What makes you think “umaapaw ang bitterness and hate ko”, based on the article? Please be specific.

      Count yourself as another one of those who can’t focus on the article and resorts to speculating on the author’s personal circumstances instead, for lack of any substantial counter-assertion.

      Ok lang sana to smell the roses, kaso nasasapawan ng baho ng Pinoy eh. Hahaha!

  37. … anyone is using advanced high-technologies to fake other countries’ IP addresses?

    … anyone is passing for other ethnicities [from wherever] online?

  38. Racism is prevalent in sports. It’s not exactly ideal, it’s highly abusive, and it can hurt the player’s morale (which, contextually speaking, is the point, isn’t it?). (Check this link out for racist taunts directed towards Mario Balotelli, who is in fact an Italian citizen and was key to winning the Italy vs. Germany match in 2012).
    While I’m not exactly supportive of name-calling for childish reasons, the only thing that this article does is give attention to those who clearly don’t deserve it (just like nuisance candidates in elections don’t deserve any attention) and to those whose statements appear to be contextual — while I hardly believe that someone seated 200m away from the Iranian team could ‘smell’ any particular player, I also don’t think that these insults are of any political or social value. I haven’t heard insults leveled against Filipino-Iranian football player Misagh Bahadoran yet, and the reason is clear: because he plays on ‘our’ team. The time these mannerisms start affecting our national policy or inspire violent social unrest (like what happens in Eastern Europe with fascist groups or the still-existent KKK), THAT’S when it’s time to start questioning the motives behind these insults. So far, Filipinos tend to bow down to and cower in the presence other other countries, not the other way around. Not so for Iran.

  39. When you look in the dictionary for the word “rude” there is a picture of a Filipino. This country has the rudest people I have ever encountered in my 64 years and about 20 countries. People never get in line or give way to elderly or disabled people and the problem is acerbated when Filipinos get behind the wheel of a car. Nobody here knows the rules of driving or the rules of etiquette behind the wheel. Every day I see some dipshit pull into an empty parking lot where he could do a simple U-turn yet he will BACK OUT into traffic rather than simply turning around so he can pull out like normal people do.

    It is also rude as hell to park your car IN THE ROADWAY when there is plenty of room to get off the road entirely. All that does is make the road 1 less lane than intended. If that isn’t smelly rude behavior I don’t know what is. What kind of retarded behavior is it to put red lights on the FRONT of your car so oncoming cars think they are approaching the rear of a car? More smelly, rude behavior!

  40. Filipinos like to praised themselves for being nice and freindly. Unfortunately, they are not (even if they are rare exceptions). They are rude, onion skinned and they bully everyone’s who don’t praise them. It is sad to say, but yes, they stink.

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