Social media celeb John Ortiz Teope gets on the #GilasPilipinas racist bandwagon!

john_ortiz_teopeTsk tsk. We continue wonder whether Pinoy-style basketball really brings out best the best in Filipinos if even “respected” social media personalities engage in low-brow racist sports fan rhetoric.

Dr. Rodolfo “John” Ortiz Teope, PhD, EdD, DSD, DES is National President of the First Philippine Pro-Democracy Foundation, Inc and is host of the online video series Ang Laging Daan ni Doc John which seeks to “challenge the intellectual mind of the viewers to be critical in thinking, and be open-minded on the realities of the society.” His Facebook profile lists his credentials “TV Host, Ang Laging Daan ni Doc John at Maharlika TV, Owner/Managing Director at Beneficial Earnings And Unlimited Treats for You, Inc. and Consultant at Asia Pacific Anti-Terrorism Council” and maintains the “community” Facebook page Ang Laging Daan ni Doc John that boasts more than 6,000 subscribers.

Dr Teope was also awarded a “Most Outstanding Social Media Personality” in 2012 by a certain, some sort of environmental advocacy that relies on the Internet to further its objectives.

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Amazingly, despite these “credentials” Dr Teope is not above jumping onto the crass bandwagon of basketball globo-politics as evident in the following memes posted on his Facebook page following the loss 85-71 of the Philippines’ Gilas to the Iranians (led by NBA centre Hamed Haddadi) in the recently-concluded 27th FIBA Asia Championship…

[Photo courtesy Ang Laging Daan ni Doc John.]

[Photo courtesy Ang Laging Daan ni Doc John.]

Particularly disturbing is the latter (second) meme above. Was this meme created from a photo of soldiers inspecting the scene of a war atrocity or — God forbid — the site of the Maguindanao massacre?

Bad taste seems to rule in a society of the ill-mannered and ill-bred. If our most influential “social media activists” cannot even exhibit the most basic of good manners, what hope is there of building a just and modern society fit to take its place amongst its 21st Century former peers in the region?

[With thanks to the subscribers of the Facebook Page for bringing this to our attention.]

12 Replies to “Social media celeb John Ortiz Teope gets on the #GilasPilipinas racist bandwagon!”

  1. Doesn’t surprise. Another flip with supposed credentials,intellect and education. Like feeding caviar to pigs! It’s all swill when the onion skin jingoism kicks in.

  2. I think Gilas should learn from this defeat. In the future they should incorporate “putok” training by practicing against smelly people who did not bathe for 3 days.

    Next time, we will be ready. Putok or no putok.

    Gilas pa rin! #1 Sa walang putok league.

    1. Why do you continue to use “putok” as a derogatory remark against Iranians? What happened has happened – Gilas lost fair and square, but not without giving it their all. The good news is that they are part of FIBA teams participating now, but the loss is no reason to begin such irresponsible, unwarranted and VERY intolerable namecalling.

      You should know better how to act, especially on the internet, kung saan mas malaki ang mga implikasyon ng iyong mga sinasabi at ginagawa sa mata ng ibang manggagamit.

  3. “Ethics are the rules that help us tell the difference between right and wrong and encourage us to do the right thing. They can help people decide on the best course of action in situations where they aren’t sure what to do.” – Doc John Ortiz Teope

    Practice what you preach.

  4. What a shame those photos. Though I never heard of this “expert” (now I have!) Filipinos can’t swallow their stupid misplaced pinoy pride as always! Making immature statements and excuses… there is no excuse in professional sports. People should appreciate the fact that the Gilas team did their best but still there is no second best. Be happy pinoys that they made it to qualify for the FIBA World Cup in Spain. Until next time SORE LOSERS!

  5. Long time reader of GRP, since the original GRP site. I just was prompted to react to this post.

    Looked at the links associated with “Dr” Teope. Seriously, how can one take this dude seriously? His webcasts have uses naked women as screenshots in a very sleazy fashion:

    A click at Better Globe website shows that its “Managing Director” is no less than Mystica!


    I sh*t you not! For those who do not know her, Google the name and be prepared to be scarred!

    Full disclosure, this is the first time I heard of this Teope fellow. I just could not stomach his idiocy. Gives a bad name to individuals working hard for legitimate and reputable graduate degrees.

    And for some reason I remembered the “revolutionary teacher” that is Jose Mario Vega when I read this article. They ought to swap notes.

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