Fan Reaction to Gilas Filipinas loss shows Utter Immaturity, ruins Filipino Image

Just after Iran’s team prevailed over Gilas, Filipinos started coming out with hate comments. They posted these hate comments even on Iranian players’ pages. Even during the game, some used the hashtags #Puso and #Putok to describe the Filipino and Iranian teams. It is very racist. There were even people who called Iranians “terrorists” and even said Iranians were cheating.


An example is below:

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And more:

Bad comment vs iran 1
Bad comment vs iran 3

There’s even a guy who claims to be American, but it’s likely a fake account for trolling:

Bad comment vs iran 2

I don’t know if this is just the result of allowing stupid kids to use a computer with Internet access, but they sure are making fools of themselves.

This is the main reason Gogs, FallenAngel and I came out with criticisms of the Gilas fandom. The way these fans behave is pulling down the country. Like with Manny Pacquiao, it’s not the sportsman himself who is the problem, the fans are. Until today, Filipinos cannot help but take snipes at people of other countries, try to bully them online and claim they are the best. But that only serves to create the impression that Filipinos are bad-habited, arrogant and pikon.

This might be why Filipinos may be “oppressed” in other countries. Could it be because Filipinos are the ones starting aggressive behavior? Then people in those other countries may be justified in censuring or criticizing Filipinos. Add the above example to this list of misbehavior of some Filipinos abroad from my earlier article:

Pinoys love to imagine that they are “oppressed” people in the world. But when they do things like post pictures of themselves wearing their employer’s clothes without permission (the maid in Singapore), slap a helpless Alzheimer’s patient (Jonathan Aquino case), steal from a US children’s cancer fund (Rene Ballenas pleaded guilty to larceny), make a loan in the U.S. then run home to avoid paying it, murder a famous fashion designer (Andrew Cunanan killing Gianni Versace), complain about someone else’s name (the Filipino complaining about someone being named Kiki in Australia) or be on the defensive after the botched Manila Hostage Crisis, you know they are far from “oppressed” or “deserving pride.”

If this is the way Filipinos manifest “Pinoy Pride,” then their Pinoy Pride is crap.

The way some Filipinos handle their sports fandom is full of immature behavior. Very unsportmanslike. This is why people from other countries criticize us. Perhaps, because of how Filipinos behave first, those critics deserve to take their snipes.

I was however glad to see some Filipinos with the right idea:

good comment for iran

There were many of these on the Iranian player’s page. Thank you for doing this.

This why is GRP can only focus on the “negatives.” Because that is what the Filipinos themselves are showing. If we stop sniping at the negatives, there will be nothing positive to gain in the end.

Again, as Adam Carolla advised us, we should get our crap together.

93 Replies to “Fan Reaction to Gilas Filipinas loss shows Utter Immaturity, ruins Filipino Image”

  1. The philippines as a nation do not play sports and consequently do not understand sportsmanship, ( i now will no longer play golf with a filipino – the cheating is so incredibly widespread, and in the west you would immediately be barred from the club and decent society. Here noone cares about rules or standards. It is not so bad since they are so bloody awful at golf anyway) so sporting events represent something quite different and perverse within the country ,be it a social occasion, political opportunity, a reason to gamble, or just to feel part of the ‘in crowd’ and follow what they think they should follow.
    That in itself is not different to some people in other countries. The difference is magnitude. In the philippines it is not 5% but 95%.
    I guess cock fighting is as sophisticated as people here can get, but want to pretend to be interested in foreign sports for the vicarious kudos they think it brings.
    It just makes them look even bigger prats, and their comments/attitudes underline that.
    Winning anything, apart from pissing up against a wall, is eons away.

    1. A couple of people on that post were bashing a single person, and it may just be an outburst after we lost the game. You, on the other hand, are bashing a Nation and culture in general. Who are you to judge the Philippines and Filipinos in general. Take a closer look at yourself. What is your nationality BTW? I admit, what they did was wrong and i do not tolerate that, but your comments are far more racist and idiotic.

      1. My comments are not racist but based on observation and personal experience.
        And i take great exception with anyone cheating at sport, whether it is a kid in the playground, lance armstrong, or the goons at wack wack.
        As i said, you clearly do not understand sporting principles or practices.
        Thanks for proving my point.
        maybe i just see the bigger picture.

        1. There you go again, Generalizing that all Filipinos cheat when they play golf. Maybe you are the problem. Obviously, you are playing with the cheaters. Is it because you are trying to win a deal with these people, or maybe you are a crook playing with other crooks. I’m sorry, i don’t intend to be mean, but you are driving me to be one.

          I beg your pardon, my comments do not prove your point at all.

          The number of people who might have cheated you in your games do not make up an entire Nation.

          For you information, i play Golf, soccer, basketball, pool, badminton, tennis and a lot of other sports and never in all of the games i have played have i cheated nor the other players i have played with. This is because we are bound by rules and a regulations. And simply because we have umpires, referees, judges, etc who makes sure that they are implemented.

          I do not intend to convince you to change your impression with my comments ‘coz i am dead sure that will not happen.

          I just want to voice out what i feel.

          You have a nice day!

        2. You ARE racist! You judge an entire nation and that everyone is bad and all are the same!

          You are a patronizing ASSHOLE! And if I see you walking down the street, I won’t hesitate mauling you!

        3. @Jaybee: Judging from your post, it seems that you are also RACIST since you’re totally missing the point.

          And it proves that you’re an uncivilized human being. Of course you won’t reply because it’s 100% TRUE. 😀

          Internet tough guys are the bane of society. Enjoy your blunder, barbarian. 😛

      2. Ps
        I would report anyone cheating at golf in any country. It is part of club rules in civilisation.
        The difference in the philippines is 3rd world rules – cheating is the norm.
        Obviously you are not a sportsman or golfer.

        1. Please as Pinoy what have said dont bash a Nation its unfair. The way you reacted on your replies shows the intelligence you have and may have not. Differentiating between the Philippines as a country, Filipinos as it nationals and individuals. We are not talking about your personal understanding about honesty when your playing golf, sportsmanship and cheating. We are talking about accepting criticism my friend as an individual not as a country.

    2. Wow, Its amazing how you judge a Nations Character based on your personal experience. Any person would know that the action of a few does not translate to the populations norm… every country has their own sports cheat, so i can say that they do not understand sportsmanship??? your logic is not sound… Sounds like a racist to me

    3. ive seen other nations call our modern heroes names… its all in the net… When our bet for the miss world won the miss earth pageant… Instantly there were comments like the pageant is no longer credible because how can a country of maids win this pageant… or calling Arnel Pineda of Journey Mongoloid… I mean comeon, every country has their percentage of bad egg… We are not playing the victim because most of the time we are… Why? we were never in a position of power. However, it does not make us sore losers, or that we don’t understand sportsmanship

    1. They did intentionally leave their comments on an open page on Facebook to outrightly berate people without basis. I think it’s barely uncalled-for to have their names repeated elsewhere beside the statements that they willingly gave to represent themselves. On an international level too.

    2. The player’s Facebook page is public, for everyone to see. You post there, you mean for everyone to see what you post, and who you are.

      1. Mr. Sagigilid, just because we have “freedom” doesn’t mean that we have the rights to bash other people. Don’t say “we are what we are and we are proud of that”. Are you proud that our countrymen are behaving that way? is that what you want for out country???? then shame on you.

      2. Oh so you are proud of being an utak squatter? You are also proud that the world are laughing at your mediocrity? You and they have done nothing but abuse their freedom. You don’t deserve to be free!

  2. Though the thing is though every Nation has it’s populations of idiots … the internet unfortunatley the internet magnifies these people exponentially.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if Iranians take create an internet counter-attack against every single pinoy pridist like that.

  4. Those comments are just normal, as well as post on these blog sites. Some post here are negative but you want to respect your opinion right?

    You cannot control everyone’s mind. Just tell yours opinion, some will hate you some will praise you.

    In other country there are riots but here its just comments and post.

    You see stupid things if you want. You see good things if you want. Its up to you.

    1. You can’t control everyone’s mind, but you have to tell them to control their actions. Because with what they’re doing, they’re dragging down their fellow countrymen with them. What Dirch said below.

      1. WE Filipinos are like that very expressive and most of the times emotional. We vent it out so that the whole world will know. Even it was been a good or bad we let others to see. And we accept what will be the circumstances at the end. Because that is the principle of freedom… of democracy of being true that we long hold as a people, as a nation. Which i do believed others dont have.

        1. Can you not generalize all filipinos? maybe you are like that. but not all. YOU SIR DON’T KNOW THE MEANING OF FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY SO I HIGHLY SUGGEST THAT YOU SEARCH THOSE 2 ON THE INTERNET. you got it all wrong

        2. Freedom. Ah yes freedom. You morons think it is a right to do anything you please yet you do not recognize the responsibilities that come along with it.

          And yes, you Filipinos are emotional. Emotional wrecks. Which is why you vent, and do other stupid things, like, elect incompetent and unqualified people to your government.

        3. You have a misconception of ‘freedom’ BTW. Are you trying to say that it’s ok to be an ASS to everyone?

          True freedom comes when we know its LIMITS. Freedom is all about opportunity, not doing anything you want.

          Lastly, this form of government we have certainly isn’t our current democracy. The people make a spectator sport of it, turn into a mob when it goes haywire and lay reason to do such an act as ‘people power’. I guess not following the process and being orderly and upstanding citizens is not ‘people power’ as well eh?

  5. No matter what we do, there will always be people of that sort – ANYWHERE in the world. The only thing we need to do is find a way to make sure this behavior reminds confined to a tiny, tiny minority.

  6. I like how you when you criticize us Filipinos you use ‘they’ and ‘their’ and when you mention other countries criticizing Filipinos you shift to ‘us’. Nonetheless, I agree the posts are uncalled for and are embarrassing. We have a lot of growing up to do as a nation and hopefully we’ll be in a more enlightened state where we can criticize and talk trash during the game but also be able to say good game at the end of it all. P.S. lol at the guy challenging Haddadi to a one on one.


    1. So feeling mo cool kana nyan?? feeling mo matapang ka? magaling? nakakaangat? nakakatawa?? you should be ashamed of yourself. parang wala kang pinagaralan, so squatter. i bet you are. lol

  8. The hate comments against the iran team, or the rest of the world for that matter, by butthurt thicko filipinos, who should be used to losing by now, generates 10x more indignant comments than against filipino politicians stealing their money!
    An IQ of 86! More like an IQ the size of their penis!
    A guinness world record in mass stupidity, or shitting yourself in public beckons.

  9. Mahirap talaga pag ang mga squatter at out of school youth at mga nakapag aral pero ugaling squatter ang nakahawak ng keyboard..puro ganyan comments

    1. You may be right. Aside from providing more and better education, we need to make sure the kids stay away from the keyboard… unless it’s for schoolwork and other important stuff.

  10. Yeah those guys are idiots but no different from all the other “sports trolls” around the world. Have you been to the comments section of an ESPN site? It’s equally as racist and rude. Point being, no matter what country you’re from, there will always be people who don’t know any better. You can call them out, but don’t expect them to listen.

  11. How vulgar Filipinos get.

    It seems that despite all that #Puso those Gilas fans claim Filipinos have, it apparently wasn’t a big enough substitute for a brain. Or good manners.

    Mga Pilipino, akala nila kung sino sila. Ambaho na nga ng bansa nila, ambaho pa ng ugali.

    1. Some what its true right Amir… oh well tsk tsk.. reality and more so facts hurt. Well that a normal reaction man. I agree… just to appease you… huh… I agree. lol!

  12. from what i read and hear the national sport in the philippines is wife-beating.
    no wonder real sport is beyond people.
    losers, and cowards

    1. why’d you have to say things like that. issues like that happens to many countries not only in the Philippines. you are so racist and full of crap.

      1. TROLL. 😛

        You keep on saying that in order to delude yourself and refuse to see REALITY.

        Fact is that you’re so full of crap because you are close-minded and gullible. Oh yes, Filipinos are racist. And the worst part is that we don’t even know that we are now being one!

        Playing the victim card is totally pathetic. And that is crap.

        Deal with it.

        Deal with it.

    1. Look this is a website about the dysfunctional culture of the failipinos like you so don’t you ever play the victim card here about them.

  13. i would like to say sorry for what happened, but please don’t think that all filipinos are like that. Yes, some of my fellowmen did something wrong but not all filipinos are like that. please don’t hate the whole filipino nation for a fault of some of my countrymen. we apologize and hope that you may forgive us.

    1. Unfortunately, most Filipinos are like that, particularly the masa people and most with squatter mentality.

      We’re not hating the whole Filipino nation, trollfag. We’re just hating people (maybe including you) who glorify are dysfunctional culture and society. Gets?

      1. I think the guy means well. But what he says points out the problem: even if a few did it, some people will assume that every Filipino is like this, given the frequency of insults.

      2. Uhm, woah man. Chill.

        The internet sure is an amazing place wherein if you try to be nice to people, and they puff their chests up like aggressive gorillas and call you “trollfag”.

    2. Sorry to second WinterSoldier’s comment. Filipinos, the “uneducated” ones are like that, most if not all (except me, of course, because I use most of my brain, and i read a lot and have been to many places around z world). That is why the Philippines will forever be a fruitcake of a country, until….until…we really, really educate ourselves.

      1. Your comment made me laugh. We both know you’ve never been anywhere & if you had half a brain, you wouldn’t ‘speak’ like you just did. This country does have a lot of idiots but it also has a lot of pretenders. True, the Filipino fans acted like a bunch of cowards by voicing whatever passes for frustration in their immature noggins online but I have yet to see them riot like World Cup fans.

        1. Tama ka dyan they speak as if we were the worse kind. Come to think of it… all their post is to hate Filipinos. Yes we are not perfect but so is the whole world. U guys can even see it clearly in this post. The pic is not even filipinos. Just those screen captured text. Where it is common to trash talk win or loose iin a world of sports. Those GRP know whats happening to the world? Where all they see is bad Filipinos.

          made me think…. these people here are not Filipinos. They are those pro Filipino haters. U people spread news that we are disgusting yet what u do is also disgusting.

        2. “Yes we are not perfect but so is the whole world.”
          Playing the victim card much indiot? Iyan naman ang hirap sa mga bobong pinoy na katulad mo e: you always point other country’s faults as a mask of da pinoy’s dysfunctional mindset.

          “made me think…. these people here are not Filipinos. They are those pro Filipino haters. U people spread news that we are disgusting yet what u do is also disgusting.”
          Bagay nga talaga sa iyo ang pangalan mo utak squatter because obviously you use your heart not your brain. grp is NOT a Filipino hate page. It’s all about discussing dysfunctional flips like you who are smothering this country. You dumb flips call us bitter? grp is like a malungay in which it may taste bitter but it will make you live for more years while your embrace of mediocrity is like a food with high cholesterol like red meat in which they may taste very delicious but it will give you diabetes from eating it too much.

  14. with our current social media, even the ‘masa’ people are allowed to speak up now. im not saying all of them are that way, because pretty sure some of those are properly educated people.

  15. One word: Jologs. You can take them out of the slums but you cant take the slums out of them. Its during instances like this when we see ang true colors ng mga pinoy na walang pinagaralan, mga walang modo.

  16. Making racist comments on the Iranian players’ pages is totally uncalled for and beyond the line. I have nothing against the Iranian team because a loss is a loss. Period. In every sport, a win can boost up confidence but remember, being obsessed with winning is dangerous too and can be a factor in losing. A loss can be heart-breaking but at least, it makes you go back to the strategy board and work out what went wrong and address the kinks.

    Nonetheless, I have seen the fighting spirit of Gilas Pilipinas and I applaud for it but I admonish those who made those comments to be aware of the impact of their words they have said. I’m somehow disappointed with the way they have treated the visiting Iranian team especially with the fact we hosted this recent tournament.

  17. Ang mga Pilipino kasi merong “Parating-Api” mentality. So ang defense mechanism nila is unahan na baka malamangan pa sila.

    Ayung walang nararating.

  18. Iran is NOT a terrorist country.
    Iranians are NOT terrorists.
    Iranians are NOT Arabs.
    Iran is a Shia Muslim (not Sunni) country that respects the Christian (excluding Evangelical/Born-again) and the Zoroastrian communities.
    Iranians are better educated than the Filipinos because they excel in the field of science and technology, mathematics, and social sciences.
    Iranian economy is better than ours because they don’t hire foreign workers; they manufacture cars and tanks; they produce nanotechnology and petroleum products; and they have nuclear and petrochemical plants.
    For those who hate Iran and Iranians, here’s my middle finger.

    1. Not to mention that there are a number of Iranians who reside in the Philippines. Many Iranians fled Iran when the Ayatollah Khomeini took power in 1979. Filipinos should also remember Filipino-Iranian actor Kian Kazemi.

      1. Maraming FIlipino-Iranian din dito sa atin, dapat kasi iapsok rin natin sila sa mga national teams like basketball, soccer, at other sports!

  19. You already hit the nail on the head:
    “I don’t know if this is just the result of allowing stupid kids to use a computer with Internet access, but they sure are making fools of themselves.”

    Ya know, one way to CHANGE our ways, is to STOP GENERALIZING (as this article has done) and maybe, ya know, ignore the idiots?
    Another thing why are we so concerned of our ‘image’ to the world? Guess what? Nobody Cares!

  20. The F naman oh. La talagang magawang tama and mga taong iyon. I have watched the game with some friends of mine and la slang ganyan kababaw na comment o reaksyon.

    Hay, mga gago at walang magawang tama na mga filnetizen’s. tsk tsk tsk

  21. i really hate this people called “filipino”!!!! I want them head hanged on my house as a troupe… serves them right!!! i notice that they are all Thoughtless bas tards!!! Inconsiderate jerks and bit ch!! Racist fu cks!! Too self-conscious prince and princesses!!! Religious fanaticism monsters!!! worst than a soul in hell!!!! Onion skinned piece of s hit!!! Short-sighted ********!!! Laziness monkeys!!!! Gossipmonger ******** mouths!!!! Undisciplined DOGS!!!! and PIGS!!!! Crab Mentality FREAKS!!!! Nepotism DAMN BU LL SHI T!!!! Freebie hunters WARLOCKS AND WITCHES!!!! Allegiance by convenience I dont want to approach this BEWARE!!!! Rarely punctual RETARDS!!!! Properity for ‘good time’ WHAT THE HELL!!! they only know prosperity when comes to calamity!! what the heck!!! Treat OFWs as ATMs THE WORST OF ALL!!! dam n of a people!!! they treat use like nothings!!!!!! thats why they deserve to die!!!! shimae!!!!

    1. Hey, hey…calm down. No need to be so rough.

      Criticizing is a good thing, but don’t make it look like you’re spewing so much hatred while doing so. It’s only natural to hate, yes, but you mustn’t let your anger get the best of you. We must criticize out love, no matter what(Cheesy I know, but it’s true).

  22. Iranians who live in the Visayans and Mindanao report that kids run after them and shout something.

    They don’t shout “terrorist”; they shout ” Hi, Joe” and “Americano! Americano!”

    At Iranians? The arch enemy of the US? Hmmm…

  23. I’m experiencing an issue with your rss feed . Don’t know why I am not able to subscribe to it. Is there anybody getting equivalent rss problem? Anyone who is aware of kindly respond. Thanks

  24. Just once I’d like to participate in a conversation without anyone mouthing off like someone who just reached puberty. Guess there is no hope.

  25. For the sports fanatic, it is just typical to bash the opponents, most particularly when on the losing end. People need to really understand there is a limit to ones bashing. Soccer or football to most is another venue were you will see fans go to the extreme in defending their own, winning or losing. There are also the HOOLIGANS much like malcontent Pinoy’s who would just find every expletive in the book to even find fault on the winning team. Balat sibuyas talaga but of an extreme level. Social decorum was never a knowledgeable attitude for sports fanatic, most often is where they can vent their angers from another episode in their day. Pinoy’s in general are decent, friendly, accommodating and gullible. Someone in the past finally figured out we get cheated, abused, lookdown at and disrespected even with our welcoming attitude and hospitality. Can’t blame our forefather’s for learning to fight back with extreme prejudice at anybody that’s “Not Pinoy”. Any normal individual or group can and will get PISSED for being maltreated by everyone trying to steal your own country and pawning it to whomever. Now we now how the world see’s us, can we change this ? Do we have the intellect and discipline to change the way the world view’s us ? Can we as an individual actually have the “balls” to change to that what is decent and optimistic and positive ?

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