Taiwan and Philippine strained relationship is partly the result of electing incompetent public servants

The race for the highest position in the land just got tougher with popular surnames Poe, Binay and Aquino all winning Senate seats and all said to be vying for a push to the Presidency in 2016.

taiwan_burning_philippine_flagYes, the election is just a popularity contest particularly in the Philippines where most voters don’t even ask their candidates for a platform; it’ll be interesting to see which brand name is more popular with the masses in three years time. Mind you, their performance in the Senate won’t even matter to those who voted for them. Of course it doesn’t hurt when one’s family is well-connected with the media just like how the Aquinos are said to be too chummy with media giants ABS-CBN and the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Elections in the Philippines promote that fiesta atmosphere most Filipinos enjoy and it should now be obvious to those who prefer to be serious about tackling the issues plaguing the country that progress will not be seen as long as Filipino voters keep electing the same people or those coming from the same bloodline. No amount of “prayers” can help Filipinos in this situation, indeed.

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While it’s more fun and easy for majority of the voters to simply choose from a line up of candidates with familiar names, it’s not fun when Filipinos have to deal with the fall-out from the incompetence of the candidates once they are in office. This is especially true when the international community is involved.

Take the case of Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino. Almost everyone acknowledges the fact that before he was pushed into the Presidency, he was an underachieving and lackluster senator. However, because of his popular name, he was installed in the highest office in the land in the hope that he could learn the ropes as an on-the-job trainee (OJT). Some of the candidates for the senatorial post who won like Nancy Binay are hoping to learn as they go as well.

Binay intends to enroll in a crash course for new legislators at the University of the Philippines before starting her post. It goes to show that some people in the Philippines are lucky enough to get a lawyer’s job even if they didn’t go to law school. Some might consider her move in enrolling now as commendable, but the truth is there are grave consequences for being in a position you are not qualified to hold. Our country is bound to have issues that would involve high-level talks with foreign dignitaries in which only an experienced public servant with excellent diplomatic skills can handle.

Just recently, the Philippines has found itself between a rock and a hard place once again with our neighbor, Taiwan. The death of a Taiwanese fisherman in the hands of Philippine Coast Guards is turning the lukewarm relations between the Philippines and Taiwanese government into an icy one. In fact, if the Philippine government doesn’t succeed in appeasing an angry Taiwanese government, the situation can escalate into something worse for Filipinos. Taipei has already mobilized sanctions against the Philippines by suspending the processing of work visas for Filipinos.

Just when Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino thought he could sit back and relax after his grueling schedule campaigning for Team PNoy for months leading to the recently-concluded mid-term elections, in comes another problem he doesn’t seem confident enough to resolve. The Philippine President needs this problem like a hole in the head. Most people would rather he didn’t have this kind of problem at all because he doesn’t really come across as a natural diplomat. Even his late mother former President Cory Aquino admitted this to former United States ambassador according to leaked information from Wikileaks.

I had second thoughts about criticizing BS Aquino’s lack of urgency in addressing this dilemma with Taiwan. Of course I want to be behind the Philippine President when our national security and thousands of Filipino people’s livelihood is involved. Unfortunately, he makes it hard for his critics to support him. I decided that if what Taiwan wants is genuine apology for the death of one of their citizens, maybe we have to accept that to some degree, the death of the Taiwanese fisherman could have been avoided had the Philippine Coast Guards practiced some restraint.

It goes without saying that it wasn’t the Philippine President’s fault why the Taiwanese fisherman was gunned down. BS Aquino wasn’t even there. I believe an investigation is underway to find out how it actually happened. Unfortunately, his position requires him to have command responsibility and this includes giving a satisfactory response to the questions of foreign governments. The Taiwanese government wants actions and they wanted it last week. They claim that the Philippine government’s apology was insincere and demands more answers from the Philippines or else they will continue to issue more sanctions, which could even include deportation of Filipino workers from Taiwan. Where will they find work then?

For those who are not aware, there are two issues BS Aquino needed to resolve before even approaching Taiwanese government. First, since the Philippines adhere to a one-China policy meaning, in theory, the Philippines does not recognize Taiwan as a sovereign state; BS Aquino has to find a way to appease Taiwan without angering China. The President needs to consider things very carefully like he’s walking on eggshells lest he offends China. Second, he needs to find someone competent enough to talk to the Taiwanese officials, one who will not come across as insincere. Sadly, he already failed in the last one, which is why Taiwan issued their sanctions.

It is unfortunate as well that the promise of a “thorough” investigation of the incident already rings hollow to the Taiwanese government due to our tattered reputation as a result of the Mendoza hostage crisis which resulted in the deaths of eight Hong Kong tourists in 2010. If only those who were found inept in their duties then were fired from their posts or at least suspended, we would not have come across as lacking in sympathy to the international community. Since some of those accountable for the incident are “buddies” of BS Aquino, they didn’t even get a slap on the wrist.

I would like to appeal to the Taiwanese people and their government to practice restraint as well. Our trainee government may not have meant to offend you. It could just be a result of learning as they go. The Filipino people certainly do not want any quarrel with you. I hope that the 80,000 Filipino workers in Taiwan will note get the brunt of your anger towards our government. A news item already reported “an overseas Filipino worker in Taiwan has been physically attacked amid rising tension over the fatal shooting of a Taiwanese fisherman in disputed waters last week”. Harming an innocent civilian is unacceptable and unjustifiable. It doesn’t make your society any better.

A lot of Filipinos sympathize with the death of the Taiwanese citizen. A lot of competent Filipinos with more sincerity could have handled our diplomatic relationship better than our OJT President. The same Filipinos wish that a more competent head of state will be voted in to the Presidency one day to avoid jeopardizing our relationship with the international community especially our Southeast Asian neighbors who share our borders and who were kind enough to provide jobs for our compatriots. Some of us are hoping that the Filipino voters can learn from the mistake of voting in incompetent public servants in office one day soon because there are grave consequences in doing so.

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66 Replies to “Taiwan and Philippine strained relationship is partly the result of electing incompetent public servants”

  1. Pnoy and his amateurs have no experience of life outside a privileged cocoon and consequently are capable of upsetting any country without even trying, or obviously without any thinking.
    It is a recurring theme of the past 3 years, almost from day 1 , and explains why the philippines is seen by asean and the wider world as the cockroaches on the political map.
    The disgust at the philippines should not be underestimated.
    They are considered 3rd class within the 3rd world with little ability, aptitude or the right attitude to improve their status.
    The lack of competence of the givernment also has direct impact on ofw’s in those countries, and are treated as sh!t because thats how the philippines are perceived. I am in singapore now and the perception of and respect for filipinos is almost unprintable

    1. The international community could teach PNoy a lesson in humility. His arrogance is the result of getting too much praise from the people who want to please him all the time even when he has done mediocre performance.

  2. I’m expecting our “favorite” punching bag a.k.a eduardo to make another appearance in this post.

    Anyway, great article as usual Ilda. It’s really jarring that we’ve elected someone that is clearly not fit to lead our country and yet a lot of people are still stuck in yellow la-la land insisting that Mr. “blameeverythingon gloriaarroyowheneverythingisgoingtoshit” is the right one to lead us.

    Although, it wlll be relatively impossible for aquino to pin the blame on the previous admin for this mess-up with the taiwanese.

      1. Hahaha! I’m curious how oil’ bs would put this on the gma bogey.

        As usual, this Taiwan mess has been mishandled from the get go. To say that bs and his mom aren’t natural diplomats is an understatement but I will agree with you that it is in part bec they are surrounded by sycophants who has made them unable to distinguish between reality and the dream world they prefer to dwell in where they think they can do no wrong bec they are who they are.

      2. Speak of the devil, here he is again albeit with a different name but *sighs* still the same style of posting pro-aquino propaganda.
        When will he ever learn that his propaganda can’t win against the reality of his president’s incompetence?

        1. Are the Malacañang trolls that desperate that they have to use the name of a respectable personality to drive home their propaganda?

        2. It seems that they are too desperate now that their boss is once again in very hot water.
          They don’t even realize that the real T. Locsin would never act like a retard.

  3. “…Some might consider her move in enrolling now as commendable, but the truth is there are grave consequences for being in a position you are not qualified to hold.”

    Geez, it’s like important positions are just being given like candy nowadays. Enough proof that we never learn from our mistakes.

    As always, another great article, Ilda.

  4. All one needs to do is look at Tarlac to see one perfect example that even if two presidents have hailed on that province, the province still looks like sh*t up until now. And yet, their kin are still getting elected. At least Pampamnga looks more industrialised with more economic/investing opportunities in the area.

  5. It looks like any diplomatic relations with our neighbor countries are failing.

    Sabah fail.
    now in taiwan fail.

    Pres Pnoy is such an excellent and competent Leader

  6. Taiwan has a good Air Force. China mainland tried to invade the Island, many times. But, Mainland China failed. Taiwan has also an experienced Navy. A good fighting Army. Not Coup d’ etat plotters Army. It is a small nation, but it is strong in its fighting ability.
    Aquino should take this matter seriously. Or Aquino will end up like Argentina, losing the Falkland War to Britain…

    1. what?so do you mean that the batanes group of island is really in the disputed waters?sir there are site that shows the signed EEZ by the two countries.

  7. Regardless of the diplomatic ineptitude, more attention needs to be brought to the reaction of the Tiawanese people who want to harm innocent Filipinos that were not even involved.

    Critics often bring up the character flaws of Filipinos. Thankfully, lynchmob mentality is not one of them. Filipinos may protest, but they are not hunting down innocents. The barbaric behaviour of the Tiawanese is reprehensable.

    As far as deporting existing OFWs, that is just a bluff. The Tiawanese enjoy having Filipinos to kick around as much as the Hong Kongers do. They certainly will not do the jobs themseves.

    1. I totally disagree that the Filipino is not capable of lynchmob mentality…in fact I have witnessed it. I would also question whether there has been “barbaric behaviour”.

      1. I did not say that Filipinos are not capable of a lynchmob mentality, I said that it is not one of their flaws. When something happens to a Filipino abroad, the populace does not seek out citizens of that country in The Philippines to do them harm.

        The Chinese (including Taiwanese and Hong Kongers)do seek out innocents to harm when they are offended. They have done it many times. Here is just the latest incident – Yesterday:


        1. agree to Chris. in addition, i think its just that those particular countries don’t have considerations to small underdeveloped nations. powerful pride they have

  8. Umm. I have a relative, an engineer, working in Taiwan and he is not happy at all at the moment.

    Let’s take a quick look at the Taiwanese side of the picture. Ma Jing-Yeou is a political chancer, always has been. He is a risk taker and that makes him unlike most other Taiwanese politicians. He has been strongly supported by the PRC who see him as a good bet to further reunification.

    And that is what this is really all about – reunification. It suits the KMT and the CCP to play up the outrage on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. Keep in mind that the original Chinese claim to the South China Sea was put forward by the KMT government in Chongqing, and later adopted by the CCP after their victory in the Chinese Civil War.

    Since this is primarily an issue of Chinese domestic politics (and that can be said of any Chinese foreign relations issue!) it is very difficult to see what the Philippines can do.

    The PRC won’t be bought off by expressions of belief in “One China”, because they can see that outrage in Taiwan plays into their hand. And attempts to sweet talk the KMT will outrage the PRC who will respond by alleging “splittism”.

    If I were advising President Aquino, I would start by very publicly organising repatriation flights from Taipei for Filipinos working on Taiwan who want to go home.

    In other words, call Ma’s bluff.

    80,000 Filipinos, many of them skilled, cannot be replaced easily except by Mainlanders – and he dare not try tha,t because the Taiwanese will turn on him as a traitor if he does. Hit Taiwan in the wallet.

    1. If this succeed I might just find Aquino in a new light. There more debilitating ways to inflict pain on a country other than military prowess.

    2. agreed…..with the current treatment of the filipinos in taiwan, PNoy should have a contingency plan to repatriate the filipinos in case things get out of hand. It will hurt the economy having an 88000 unemployed, but for sure there will be a way to transfer them. of all the sanction by taiwans government let it be….give it to them…well lets see


      trade relation between countries…taiwan seems will be a hard….If PNoy attacked by his tantrums he can declare ban on all flight going to/out of taiwan passing in our airspace…..hehehe

      and regarding the incident…if it is true, the attempt of ramming our boat is an act of war especially on our terittory…

      philippines singed EEZ territoty


      taiwans signed EEZ territory


      So overall we must wait for the result of investigation so that can finally see the full view of the incident.

    3. I think you should call Ma’s “bluff”.LOL There are plenty of Taiwanese capable of taking their place. The reason they let in foreign workers is of the cheap cost. Don’t flatter yourself, most of the osf workers are maids or servants, as in HK. Those are being replaced by other S.E. Asian countries. As for skilled workers, because of this row, Taiwanese companies are beginning to absorb the cost and hire local workers. So go ahead, send back your workers.(as if they want to go back) LOL Last I heard, the overseas filipinos are pretty mad at your govt. btw, most filipinos in Taiwan are decent bunch, and most are on the side of Taiwan.

  9. …in short, most filipinos are bunch of idiots for electing incompetent officials just because they are actors and actresses for easy name recall..let the filipinos suffer their kabobohan,

  10. We need to wait for the investigation to finish. Let us do our part not to add more problems about the issue. If PNoy have solved previous crisis like Manila hostage and Sabah standoff, then why cannot get through this?

    1. Pnoy solved something…..that is something new. Three years into his term, all he did was to blame other people for the situation he is in. The Makati hostage crisis and the Sabah standoff were utter failures.

      1. If it was successful it should have been with minimum of damages done. Now go check it again, how many lost their lives on those events you mentioned? And BTW those events are hardly not a gauge of how good a leader your Pwesident is.

        And now this, he fails to address this Taiwan issue as a true statesman and head of state. His apologies are deemed as lacking in sincerity because of his previous mishandlings. Hordes of OFWs who are supposed to keep this country afloat are in a high risk of losing their jobs, and would further add to the ever sising unemployment rate. Unemployment problem which your Aquino 1.0 failed to address (she contributed to that one too) and now Aquino 2.0 is doing nothing about but press releases and false surveys and ratings.

    2. He didn’t even solve the Manila Bus Hostage Crisis (which 8 tourists were killed and will just resort to blame games and scapegoating) and the Sabah standoff (which his stupid speech piss off Kiram). So your point?

      TROLL. 😀

    3. “If PNoy have solved previous crisis like Manila hostage and Sabah standoff, then why cannot get through this?”

      What a utter load of bullcrap you’ve said. Where does it say that the Manila hostage crisis was “solved?” The police responsible were incompetent from the start, all they know is to assault the aggressive party like animals without considering the fact that there’s going to be collateral damage.

    4. You call sleeping on the job while those crisis happened as solving them?
      What a delusional troll you are.
      Troll harder, eduardo

        1. He is both out of touch of reality and trolling.
          That’s what I call being

  11. We should wipe the face of the Philippines by purging the oligarchs and their associates, teach the people to assess politicians and discourage showbiz personalities & potential political dynasties to enter the government office by any means necessary. I cannot see the future myself but If we can do all of it, we might see a better future for the next generation.

  12. If the previous administration could have strengthen the military and not just bribe it’s generals, the Philippines could have shown it’s force and not to be intimidated by Taiwan. This hole was seen by the president, now he puts more budget in national defense.

    1. You are referring to Aquino 1.0, kicked the US bases out of the Philippines. We wouldn’t be in this shit if it weren’t for her. And now we have Aquino 2.0, worse than ever. Its people like you who keep the Philippines from becoming a great nation.

    2. LOL, trying to pin the blame again on gloria?
      That is so predictable of a member of the malacanang miscommunications group.
      Is that all you guys can do everytime your boss in malacanang fucks up?
      What a joke
      Troll harder, eduardo

    3. Even the REAL Teddy Locsin would never say that?

      BTW, who told you that? ABS-CBN? LAWL you dumbass! XD

    4. “…(T)he Philippines could have shown it’s force and not to be intimidated by Taiwan.”

      With what military force? The Armed Forces of the Philippines has been considered one of the weakest in Southeast Asia for years. The AFP admits that the military cannot fully defend the country from external threats due to a lack of weapons and a preoccupation with the long-running land-based insurgencies and security threats. We have a virtually non-existent deterrent capability that attempts at “modernization” going back over three decades have not solved. And the purchase of a couple of 40-50 year old, worn out, decommissioned frigates will hardly make a difference other than to assuage BS Aquino’s need to play at being commander in chief.

    5. “the Philippines could have shown it’s force and not to be intimidated by Taiwan.”

      Yeah right like them and what army? Our air force that has nothing but turboprop fighters? Our navy that has nothing but fossil ships? Taiwan will gonna enjoy blasting them easily like target practice. And no da pinoy prayd will obviously not gonna save you sorry ass as well.

    1. The current president is not the worst, but most of the presidents we’ve had range from mediocre to incompetent. Noynoy is no different.

      Credit rating? Makakain mo ba iyan? Where is the ever elusive ‘inclusive growth’?

    2. OK, T. Locsin, you site here why he is not the worst and I will shoot it down one by one. Mind you, don’t quote any propaganda, as I am sure that is what you are having for lunch, breakfast and dinner, every day.

    3. Credit ratings meant nothing after all. Or maybe they just paid it in order to make things better, which isn’t.

    4. “Last time I heard our credit ratings rose up because of him.”

      That’s just dishonest. BS Aquino likes to bask in the glow of your delusion that the Fitch credit ratings upgrade was caused by his election as president. The reality is his performance in office has been abysmal. In three years, BS Aquino was never able to produce a strategy for economic development. Any goodwill we may have generated in the international business community is an affirmation of the resilience of the local economy in that it HAS managed to progress DESPITE the policies of the Aquino administration.

  13. Nice article! The mishandling of this incident is yet another in a series which is so common to the Student Government. My only surprise is that Pnoy did not send Roxas to Taiwan (again). What does not surprise me is the Media and public reactions to Taiwan’s demands and subsequent sanctions. It amazes how people here (in the Philippines) can raise holy hell each and every time a foreigner and/or foreign entity so much as farts in the wrong direction. US Navy Target Drone is found floating off the northern shore and the Philippines cries “FOUL”! US Navy Vessel run aground on a reef and folks are ready to terminate the VFA! Jessica Sanchez doesn’t make the cut on American Idol! Yet, a Taiwanese fisherman was killed and Filipinos get angry at Taiwan for getting angry at the killing and the Philippine Governments failure to properly address the issue! Now, I don’t condone the reported violent acts taken against Filipinos in Taiwan but I also do NOT excuse Pnoy and his merry band of idiots for, yet again, showing the world that “stupid is as stupid does.”

    1. “…I don’t condone the reported violent acts taken against Filipinos in Taiwan…”

      Regardless of the status of any relationship we have with Taiwan, the issue at hand is that a Taiwanese fisherman was killed by high caliber rounds fired FROM BEHIND. “Stupid?” It’s cowardly.

      1. It was not my intention to side-step the issue. No matter how we look at it, the Philippine Government, starting with the two idiots on the (Philippine) boat who opened fire and ending with DeLima deciding NOT to participate in a Joint Investigation, has completely screwed themselves. In a way, its not much different from the aftermath of the Luneta Bus Hostage Fiasco. At this point, considering the decision of the DOJ to snub the Taiwanese investigators, President Aquino is now directly at fault for this flying out of control…

        Cowardly is the perfect term for the shooting. I was just explaining to my daughter the difference between an ACCIDENTAL Discharge and a NEGLIGENT use of deadly force. ACCIDENTAL is firing a shot or two, stopping and hoping the guy is not fatally wounded. NEGLIGENT is like the Sam-pan Boat scene in Apocalypse Now. But, much like the Luneta Fiasco, the Cowards will be forgiven by the Student Government and Filipinos will burry their heads in the sand hoping the crisis just goes away.

  14. T.Locsin is another fraud account made by the fraud named eduardo. So I request for the deletion of his comments.

    It’s better that the admins would delete or block propaganda-spouting commenters and their IPs.

    1. T. Locsin/eduardo or whatever alternick he wants to use…

      I am appalled by his overwhelming ignorance.

  15. The Military and police really use drastic measures in a country with no death penalty right? Criminals shot right in their cars all seats having an individual dead, come on that an execution the military real trigger happy on the high seas, possibly these were some bad guys but shouldnt’ they get their day in court, i’m sure the money from the trial alone would purge some of these wealthy criminals of there dirty money.

  16. US professor c wright mills wrote his classic book “the power elite” in 1956 about political developments within the US.
    He could have been describing the philippines today, and no surprise that the political culture here reflects the US model, especially with the number of US consultants from Mckinseys et al who stalk the corridors of power in manila, and the envy the elite ( oligarchs and political dynasties) here have for the US, whom they want to emulate at every opportunity even at the cost of their own identity, integrity, and independence.

    The Power elite – adapted extracts
    “The top of modern American society is increasingly unified
    and often seems wilfully co-ordinated: At the top there has
    emerged an elite of concentrated power.
    Major interests do not compete with each other, but instead co-operate to jointly promote personal interests when they coincide, even at the expense of national interests if necessary.
    Participants in the elite tend to read the same newspapers, join the same clubs, live in the same neighborhoods, send their children to the same schools (usually private and the ones they themselves attended), and belong to the same churches and charities. They work and play together, employ one another, and intermarry.
    They share, in a word, a life-style that brings them together in
    mutually reinforcing contact, which creates a singular view of the world, dominated by greed, self-interest and protection of the status quo.
    The power elite are not solitary rulers. A multitude of advisers and consultants, an army of lawyers, spokesmen and opinion-makers are often the captains of their higher thoughts and decisions.
    Immediately below the elite are the professional politicians of the middle levels of power, and Congress where substantive laws are often blocked or sidelined,with the majority of time being consciously spent on trivia and distracting inquiries thereby ensuring no fundamental shift in the balance of power through any unwelcome legislation.
    Mingling with them, in curious ways, are those professional celebrities who live by being continually displayed.
    If such celebrities are not at the head of any dominating hierarchy, they do often have the power to distract the attention of the public
    or afford sensations to the masses, or, more directly, to
    gain the ear of those who do occupy positions of direct
    Such celebrities are part of the immediate scene in which the drama of the elite is enacted.”

    C wright mills – the power elite 1956


  17. Philippines election 2013

    “Voting is the most precious right of every citizen, and we have a moral obligation to ensure the integrity of our voting process.”
    Hillary Clinton

    Sad that in brillantes we have someone without a shred of integrity or competence, and an outright liar. There were no problems with network signal strength which he stated was the reason for transmission delays. Network diagnostics showed there were no such issues. Stop lying brillantes and start explaining.

    The twin evils of comelec and smartmatic have shown that the philippines is incapable of running clean, open, and fair elections, with international observers and watchdogs identifying a long list of significant irregularities including:

    – Vote buying rampant
    – Free give-aways
    – Use of children – sample ballots
    – Intimidation/violence/deaths
    – Bad management, poor planning, and a lack of transparency by central agencies
    – Personality based politics
    – Little debate/discussion on issues
    – No clear audit/control on expenses
    – use of govt. resources
    – Not a level playing field for candidates
    – Comelec lack clarity and openness
    – Over-dependent on one supplier ( smartmatic)
    – Too many PCOS machines faulty
    – voter registration lists inaccurate/incomplete
    – No source code review
    – recommendations from 2010 election review not implemented
    – citizens watchdogs/industry experts not involved in process

    – Overall, the process constrained rather than promoted democracy, and did not create trust in the electorate.
    – Recommendations
    – anti-dynasty law
    – Freedom of Information law

    In any other country brillantes would have been sacked a long time ago, here he will be rewarded for his duplicity with an ambassadorial post – another nail in the coffin for international relations. Try taiwan, and lets have a war.

  18. It seems that this latest f*ck-up of aquino has irreversably lead to the continued progress of his downfall.
    The malacanang trolls are in trouble now since they can’t pin anything on the previous administration since clearly it is Aquino’s fault in the first place.

    The clock is ticking…
    Aquino’s fall is imminent
    and no amount of yellow propaganda can hide that fact.

  19. DoJ saying it was unintentional shooting – right!
    Just like the atimonan massacre which has also been swept under the rug.
    No principles simply a dis-honor code

    1. BS Aquino’s lackeys seem to think their arrogance will be enough to bully Taiwan into accepting their version of the events.

  20. The country needs less intimidation and propaganda, better information and performance, more inspiration and perspiration, and a move from political persecution to equitable prosecution.

  21. Grp should try an exercise in what i call crowdstorming ( brainstorming via technology/social media) – as opposed to crowdsourcing -, to elicit ideas and practical solutions about positive change under predesignated headings and synthesise the input into a condensed listing/ranking/mindmap.

    Technology in the philippines can be more than just trolling and instagramming food!

  22. Think global
    Act national
    Invest local


    Social transformation
    Political reformation
    Economic prosperity
    Cultural diversity
    Technological development
    Religious tolerance
    Educational opportunity

    1. S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M

      Social transformation
      Political reformation
      Entrepreneurial development
      Cultural diversity
      Technological innovation
      Religious tolerance
      Universal education
      Manufacturing investment

  23. Finally that there is some Philippinos who agree with my view. Noynoy Aquino made me a self-hating Philippine native. He is the reason why he is as bad as Baraka Obama Jr. and Shinzo Abe combined.

    A failed commander-in-chief who cannot protect the citizens’ at all times. Seriously, the one-China policy is a complete total crap. Both the president and the vice president are chickens to go to the Republic of China for a formal apology. Therefore, they are chickens with sides of being pussies.

    One day, they will start listening to me because I am the maternal grandson of Bienvenido Galang, the late vice-mayor of Paranaque. I’m sure you’ll remember him with Florencio Bernabe Sr., the father of the former mayor Florencio Bernabe Jr.

    I cannot allow B.S. Aquino to be some 53 year old virgin who is afraid of a foreign nationalist country. I fear no man, my brothers and sisters. I keep an eye on Benigno the Turd if I were you.

    Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

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