What does the Filipino want?

filipino_prideThe Filipino desperately declares to the rest of the world that he is the best among the lot, yet the current political, economic, and social states of his country, the mannerisms of his people, and the quality of his thinking prove otherwise.

What does the Filipino want?

The Filipino claims that being a colony for more than 400 years has been like shackles which keep him tied down. Yet now that he is no longer a colony or protectorate, he runs back to his former masters to give his own life definition.

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What does the Filipino want?

The Filipino desperately wants the rest of the world to validate that his people and his country are respectable and important, yet when given a chance to step up, he squanders it.

What does the Filipino want?

The Filipino wants certain societal behaviors to be corrected, yet when rules and guidelines are set for him, he cries foul. He cries that his beloved “freedom” is being taken away.

What does the Filipino want?

The Filipino claims he is always a victim of circumstances, yet when he is given a chance to uplift himself to a better condition, he cries victim even harder and refuses to learn his lesson.

What does the Filipino want?

The Filipino wants others to understand him because he is “special”, he is “unique”, and he is Filipino. Yet when asked to understand others, he ignores it and resorts to being judgmental and holier-than-thou.

What does the Filipino want?

The Filipino cries out for change, yet when given suggestions on what needs to be changed, he cries persecution, racism, and lets his balat-sibuyas tendencies take over.

What does the Filipino want?

The Filipino does not like corruption displayed by his public officials, yet he will not hesitate to bend the rules for his own benefit and convenience.

What does the Filipino want?

The Filipino keeps hoping for a better future, yet when asked to plan for it, you will at best get a blank stare and head scratching.

What does the Filipino want?

Finally, the Filipino does not want a politician who has studied extensively; he is afraid that he/she would use his/her intellect to steal from the country’s coffers. Yet currently he is stuck with a whole bunch of mediocre politicians he himself voted into government, and now he finds himself complaining that they are all corrupt and/or incompetent just the same.

What does the Filipino want?

What the Filipino wants, quite simply, is this:

The Filipino wants to have his cake, and eat it too.

The Filipino wants all of the glory, none of the work.

The Filipino wants his life to get better without lifting a finger.

The Filipino wants to be spoon-fed and taken by the hand.

The Filipino wants to be babied and cajoled by the rest of the world.

The Filipino wants the fruit of hard work to fall from the tree into his gaping mouth.

The Filipino wants respect to be handed to him on a silver platter without the need to reciprocate it.

In short, the Filipino is lazy.

What does he plan to do about it, you might ask? That’s the problem; he has lived with his laziness so long that he has forgotten what it feels like to get up. He has lived in inhospitable conditions for so long that anything considered merely acceptable in other more developed places is a wonder to him. He has been told, more than once, that it takes discipline, hard work, and sustainable thinking to utilize his environment, his skills, and his resources properly.

The world is changing; Filipinos need to adapt to the ever-changing climate, environment, and times. The time has come for the three-headed dragon of pwede-na-yan, bahala-na, and impunity to lose its heads once and for all.

The Filipino needs to be deconstructed so he can be rebuilt anew, towards a more progressive path.

The Filipino needs to realize that once he changes his attitude, everything else becomes a lot easier.

The Filipino needs to get his act together.

The time to start is now.

126 Replies to “What does the Filipino want?”

  1. In the eyes of those westerners who know a bit more about the Philippines, the Philippines is the laughing stock of the class.

    The only time they are headlines on National TV news is when a typhon hits them (again).

    If the Philippines want to be taken seriously by the rest of the world then a lot needs to be changed and fast.

    1. Maybe you have some point with your opinion but you know, we gained more respect here in Middle East. In fact, in one of ARAMCO’s mega project 60% of Project Management Team or PMT are all Filipinos which is composed of secretaries, superintendent, project engineers in all disciples. Well I guess we cannot please every person/citizen after all. And FYI westerners population here are getting thinner as years goes by.

    2. Robert,

      Philippines is the laughing stock of the class?

      Jeez, you should know more.

      That is a ridiculous claim if you can’t back it with facts or some examples.

      You give your examples or facts and I can also give mine and let’s exchange notes.

      You Dutch are stupider than Filipinos on any counts!

      That is if I would like would like to recipcrocate your directness (without backing it with facts). That means a clueless emotionalism.

      “The Dutch are in fact proud of all this directness and their very unique tell-it-as-they-see-it mentality. They often consider the English or American forms of politeness a sign of weakness, and reeking of insincerity and hypocrisy (two traits Dutch people absolutely despise). It turns out for the Dutch, there isn’t much in between those two startling extremes (directness and insincerity) and when faced with such a choice, there is obviously only one answer. Not quite sure which side you choose?”


      1. Trosp,

        I read the link/article just now. Nothing new under the sun for me except the fact of the “proud” part.

        I know I cant tell the truth directly in Phils because it will lead to HIYA (shame and embarrasment). I want other to tell me the truth and nothing but the truth bec then I can learn from my mistakes (negative truth) or I can set the bar even higher (positive truth, compliment). And yes we want to know where you stand and why. Living means making choices, having a mind of your own. What are you doing while being at a birthday party? No serious conversations?

        If I dont know where you stand then having a conversation with you is futile and wasting time. How can I know one better if the other doesnt give me an inch? If you give half baked answers you wont be invited anymore at parties. How will you get respect if you keep on giving half baked answers? Because your are the oldest among the crowd? Please keep on dreaming. Age is no factor to get respect. An opinion and knowledge does.

        1. robert,

          So let’s get back to SPECIFICS and not generalizations –

          Give me an specific example, as to what you’re claiming, on why the Philippines is the laughing stock of the class?

          I gurantee you, we can have a good exchange of notes on that topic.

        2. “So let’s get back to SPECIFICS and not generalizations. Give me an specific example, as to what you’re claiming, on why the Philippines is the laughing stock of the class? I gurantee you, we can have a good exchange of notes on that topic.”

          a) the Mano Po
          b) Tampo http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tampo
          c) no seperation between church and state
          d) Delikadesa
          e) inefficient public transport (no fixed bus stops, no fixed time tables. At least not on Cebu island)
          f) safety: with more than 2 poeple riding on a motor cycle
          g) the way households keep their dogs. They are not kept as pets but the dogs are running outside all the time.
          h) walking funeral processions delaying and hindering my taxi ride
          i) seeing 8 young female employees standing at the cash register doing nothing.
          j) an educational system that is directed and controlled by the CBCP
          k) an outdated Constitution
          l) outdated laws
          m) outdated, old-fashioned, conservative culture
          n) many pinays I met are quite simple people in mind and behavior
          o) many pinays I met are still god-fearing. It beats me why?
          p) Respect is determined and based on age and not on personal achievement.
          q) people not addressing by their real first name but using words like “ate”, “dong”, “tita”, “kuya” instead. Whats the point in giving my kid a first name, knowing everybody will address her with “ate”?

          Your country is standing still. There is no progress at all, no evolvement. Standing still while the rest of the world is moving on and moving forward makes the gap only wider. Pupils that are standing still that can not catch up with the rest of the class are normally called “the laughing stock of the class”. I dont want to be that boy that is regarded as a retard by the rest of the class. I wonder what the boy’s teacher will say to the boy’s parents at the PTA. Will she be direct or beat around the bush?

        3. Robert,

          So here we are

          Philippines is the laughing stock of the class because of:

          a) the Mano Po


          Then we go to tampo etc.


          e) inefficient public transport (no fixed bus stops, no fixed time tables. At least not on Cebu island)

          I can agree with you on that. In your opinion, is it a culture thing like your incest thing?

          I can even say that you’re correct with the timetable thing. But how about your incest thing? All you can tell me is you’re against it. Both of us are against on different approaches.

          f) safety: with more than 2 poeple riding on a motor cycle

          Are you singling out Philippines? It’s worst in Thailand or Indonesia.

          g) the way households keep their dogs. They are not kept as pets but the dogs are running outside all the time.

          Filipinos treat pets as humans. They’re allowed to go out of the house.

          h) walking funeral processions delaying and hindering my taxi ride

          I, myself, don’t like it. But there are traditions. This has to go eventually.

          i) seeing 8 young female employees standing at the cash register doing nothing.

          I’ve seen the worst in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Korea. Have you been there?

          j) an educational system that is directed and controlled by the CBCP

          I know you can name them. But then how much are their percentages? 10%? Or you might as well name there here.

          Otherwise, your just lying again.

          k) an outdated Constitution
          l) outdated laws
          m) outdated, old-fashioned, conservative culture

          Specify them. Have you comprehended our constitution. There’s no “LEGALIZATION OF INCEST THERE JUST LIKE IN YOUR LAW”.

          And maybe you can claim your law is modern…

          n) many pinays I met are quite simple people in mind and behavior
          o) many pinays I met are still god-fearing. It beats me why?

          Is that a problem with you? My problem with you, the way I see it, is that I can’t leave my very young daughter or son with you even with just a minute without anybody around.

          p) Respect is determined and based on age and not on personal achievement.

          So that means if a person is an honor student in elementary and I’m a graduate in college, the honor student counts more?

          Personal achievement, isn’t it.

          I won’t ask anymore to where is the bizarre place you’re living.

          It’s in Netherland.

          And you want to live in Philippines the you don’t like.

          What a laugh.

        4. Trosp,

          When you allow your daughter to be with me, its no more incest. She has no blood line with me. If she is younger than 18 you can label me being a pedofile. There are pedophile here in my country but its not my task to go and hunt for them. I have better things to do. Basically, I donmt care what other people do as long as they leave me alone.

          You wanna talk about Mano Po? Its insane that people demand to be respected bec of OLD age. And if I dont do the Mano Po they feel insulted. Wow. Just because they are older. Please give me a break. They achieved nothing then being senile. What do you do that grants me to do the Mano Po to you?

          I will show my respect to you if you earn and deserve it.

          Tampo? If a mature adult shows any form of Tampo then he/she is a childish human being. Solve the problem first and after that I will pamper your emotions. Not first the emotions. Solve the problem first!!!!!

          I did see a lot of dog owners. But in all cases the dogs were not allowed inside the house. We treat our dogs differently. We wil keep themn inside and take them for a walk. If we are working in the garden then the dog is also in the garden. If we are inside then mostly the dog is inside. When we sleep in our bedrooms, the dog(s) are also inside the house sleeping.

          As far as those 8 young girls. I’ve learned they are all standing there at the cash register to check on each other that no money is stolen from the cash register by one of those 8. Fire 6 of them and raise the salary of the remaining 2. For sure then no money will be stolen.

        5. Let me add to my earlier list:
          r) the frowning by others when they see any form of PDA
          s) why it is not accepted that girls/women wear 2 piece bikinis but instead go in the sea wearing a bra, T-shirt, underwear & shorts, while boys/men wear swimming trunks.
          (this reminds me of the very famous incident regarding the St. Theresa’s College, Cebu City)
          t) and maybe the most insane story I ever read happened in Argao, Cebu:



  2. In the Anthony Robbins book Awaken The Giant Within, he gave an example of a company whose factory was bombed twice yet they refuse to give up. Refused to convince themselves that they were the victim therefore there was no permission to throw a pity party. That company was rewarded by eventually being a giant. That company was Honda. To answer your question FallenAngel , the Pinoy wants world class pansin without world class preparation or world class patience , world class discipline or world class focus. You see it in their choice of entertainment, their choice of politicians, their lack of day to day to discipline. They do not care about quality. Yet want to be world class. More on my thoughts on this in blog I posted here in Get Real on how the pinoys epic fail in the Olympics explains a lot.

    1. The only thing they may be good at and may excell in is multiplying/procreating. I wonder if that is a quality or ….

      1. It’s a symptom. 🙂

        Our educational system needs work, and when it comes to the multiplying/procreating factor of our country’s culture it goes even beyond reproductive health. The vast majority of Pinoys have been led to believe that having a lot of children is good, even if the parents don’t have the carrying capacity to maintain large families.

        The Philippine Catholic Church has such a strong grip on the Pinoy psyche that even the mere suggestion of family planning outside the Church’s sanction would send them into a massive fear/guilt trip.

        And let’s not forget the media, which glorifies sex yet ironically condemns it at the same time.

        1. The church needs more kids and marriages because this means money for all the ceremonies and new parishioners.

        2. MidwayHeaven,

          Every time I am so surprised to read that so many people cling and stick to what 3rd parties wnat them to be. Does nobody have a mind of their own? How many brain cells does a person need to have a mind of their own?

          The Philipines society is totally based on a fear culture.

        3. @Robert:

          Sad to say that independent minds that choose to stay in the Philippines (or have no choice but to stay here) could not find a real foothold, because of an overwhelming hivemind mentality.

          Also, people who speak out differently from the norm face really inane consequences for their words, like being banned from bookshops and restaurants.

        4. “Sad to say that independent minds that choose to stay in the Philippines (or have no choice but to stay here) could not find a real foothold, because of an overwhelming hivemind mentality. Also, people who speak out differently from the norm face really inane consequences for their words, like being banned from bookshops and restaurants.”

          I know, there is always objection. But who told you that life is easy? With every uproar there is always a counter party that feels threatened. This is exactly what happened with the feminist movement back in the 1960s. “Change” doesnt come easy.

        5. It also appears to my jaded western eyes that asian cultures and western cultures see children differently. Most westerners see themselves as responsible for their children even after those children are grown adults and independent. Raising those children to be adult and responsible for themselves being the main task of the parent. It would appear that in Asian cultures it more common that children are seen as being responsible for the parents, sometimes well before children or young adults should have that responsibility.

    2. Ed,
      You know, I just realized something.

      “Eh ano nga ba talaga gusto ng Pilipino?” is just more emphatic. In What does the Filipino want? something is lost in translation hehehe.

    3. True that. They like to boast and brag oh-so-incessantly that they’re “world-class”, yet they don’t live up to it. They take English for granted (sure, the Japanese aren’t really that of an English-speaking nation, for one, but they way Filipinos treat the language reeks more of yokel provincialism – Ryzza Dizon’s a prime example of this), slum-dwellers and street vendors are stubborn as limescale, and basically a whole lot of things.

      And so what if the MMFF racked up a billion bucks in the box office? What’s the use of it when it’s just the same old, mediocre slapstick tale that mires people in the same old black hole which keeps them from advancing, and as a matter of fact they’re begging for people to give the films a thumbs-up by relying on shills and zombies?

      Heh, with those qualities the Filipino mainstream possess, it would be a perfect candidate for the Houser brothers to satirise in their next Grand Theft Auto game. 😛

      1. “And so what if the MMFF racked up a billion bucks in the box office? What’s the use of it when it’s just the same old, mediocre slapstick tale that mires people in the same old black hole which keeps them from advancing, and as a matter of fact they’re begging for people to give the films a thumbs-up by relying on shills and zombies?” – The current MMFF is a big joke. We used to have local films that are imported to other countries but now, most of the films that they promote are just unnecessary sequels and plots that can be written by a 10-year old student.

        And there are those people who would defend those films because it is their form of escapism from the harsh reality of their lives. I think those people are still living in their comfort-zones/fantasies for far too long.

  3. Take a Filipino or a Filipina out of the Philippines, put her or him (from here on in, the masculine implies the feminine unless otherwise stated) in an alien culture, make them learn a foreign language and you will, in general, have a hard working, well disciplined, individual who can accept responsibility and who may be promoted and given charge of others.

    This is the common experience of foreign employers – in my case in merchant shipping, but I am told that it applies in other fields as well. Certainly, I have found it easy to make friends amongst Filipino expatriate middle managers in various places where I have been an expatriate middle manager myself.

    However, once back in the Philippines, the overwhelming nature of the problems and the general air of helplessness often seems to overwhelm people. In particular, I have noticed that people who would not dream of telling a lie at work outside the Philippines or in their private lives, are quite happy to do so, in Governmental and administrative contexts, once back in the Philippines. They fall back into “the system”.

    Having said that, I am very hopeful that the OCWs, who have seen how the rest of the world does things, will eventually impose change, by virtue of their numbers – hope for the future lies with them, not with the elite,who have no interest in change, not with the Old Left, who enjoy their posturing, who like to imagine that they are still fighting the United States and who are guilty of colluding in the”nationalist” agenda, including the 60:40 restrictions which keep the Philippines out of the globalised economy, and most emphatically not with the Roman Church. These three groups have every interest in keeping things as they are.

    But in the end, the sheer numbers of Blas Ople’s children, who have seen nations run better, will overwhelm these bastions of corruption and backwardness.

    1. But sadly though, me, being a former local worker and now OFW, and then trying to get employed locally again, find it very hard to swallow that they would rather a hire a newly grad engineer or at least 5 yrs experience, than me who have worked locally and overseas, for the mere fact that I was overaged. What the…?

      I could have shared bits of info of my experiences and knowledge, etc, no matter how minute to the younger generations, but hell no.

      So Im back to being an OFW, and good riddance to the ever deteriorating engineering discipline workforce of the Pilipinas kong mahal. Come to think of it, I never really needed the PRC license they issued me long time ago, I never renewed it.

      Seems like the Philippines never really needed us in the first place.

      1. Alas, that is true. I think that it is because of the low level of investment in business and industry in the Philippines.

        The Philippines is not a business friendly environment; it combines too many regulations, some of which are contrdictory, with erratic enforcement of them, and there are far too many Government and NGO bodies doing the enforcing, very few of which are adequately funded to do a good job.

        The Constitutional restrictions on foreign investment are partly to blame, both because they encourage foreign corporations to locate in other countries, where they are welcomed, and also because expensive and inefficient Filipino producers are sheltered from real competition.

        So, not enough jobs for Filipinos. Add together unemployment and underemployment and the real figure is terrifying.

    2. @Andrew,

      In an another Blog, I also mentioned this that the OFW could be the frontrunners, the pioneers of change in the Philippines. But then either Kate or Ilda stepped forward and responded that OFWs cluster together and that that will enforce their domestic cultural behavior. So I concluded by what Ilda or Kate stated that we dont need to expect the first change to come from OFWs.

      1. @ Robert – I think it is natural for expatriates to gather together in national groups and reassert their cultural norms – the citizens of almost all nations will do this, I think – but I find that Filipinos are much more willing to adapt to local ways than are most other expatriates.

        By way of example, a Chinese shipping company decided that a good way to improve the standard of English in its Chinese ships’ crews was to hire some Filipinos – the Filipinos were popular, did an excellent job on board – and in no time at all they were speaking fluent Putonghwa, so the experiment was a complete failure!

        I do notice a difference between those who have worked overseas and those who have not done so – I take Ilda’s point, but I don’t want to give up hope yet…

        1. @Andrew, I know what you mean. A friend of mine who works at the Dutch embassy in Ankara, Turkye, lives in a compound surrounded by multiple nationalities. He mingles with a lot of domestic turkish people. So it can be done in a different way. At the end of the day, it is what an ex-patriate wants to achieve in his spare time. To mingle with his own kind or mingle with all walks of life? The latter for sure will make him richer (not financially of course but mentally). Hence his way of living.

  4. An average Filipino wants to go to America, make dollars and go back to RP and live a happy life. This is what I think most of them want.

    He wants dollars from the USA.

      1. A lot of American minority groups (African Americans in particular) also fall under that same creed. Gotta exploit that ‘white man’s guilt’ for all its worth.

        1. I have a crazy theory about the roots of our stubbornness. We have a very ancient past… A past of greatness! lol what am I doing here?

  5. so where to start “change”? easy. start with our children. let’s raise them well so we can raise new generation of filipinos… minus the dysfunction. now for all of you out there, how are you raising your kids?

    1. Easy for you to say if you have one or even if you have your own children, molding them will take time, its not as easy as counting 1-3 😀

      Filipino liberation just started half a century ago compare to western civilization. We’re still young and still have a room for improvement 😀

    2. You cant start with your children if you as dad are still part of the old clan. So change starts with you (as dad) and then you can pass it on to your kids.

      How can you teach your kids that homosexuality is okay while you are against? Kids will feel that and then it wont feel right for them. They get confused.

      1. Robert,

        You may also include the marijuana smoking (SNOOP Dogg has said that he “would love” to share his marijuana expertise with his three children), incest (legal in your country), sodomy and fellatio (same-sex non-penile/vaginal copulation-like act).

        Paraphrasing you, how can you teach that they are ok if you’re against them?

        Things that are supposed to be every person’s right in pursuing life and happiness is what I can interpret from your take.

        Do away with traditional values. They’re from religion’s primitive teachings. They’re not keeping up with times. Political correctness…


        Can you keep the children away from those things in the meantime and wait for them to be in the correct maturity stage to realize what they are?

        Seems you were brought up that way and you’re parents are very proud of you.


        1. TRosp,

          you may bash me personally with how the Dutch people live, behave, think and do.

          But we are no poor 3rd world country. So eat that first.

          Secondly, when I say I am against incest, it only means I will never engage in such acts myself. What others do, is their business and only the government (police, juridicial system) can try to do something against it if there is a law against it.

          All I can say is with the way I think I am happy to be born in my country where a government gives me choices to choose from: same-sex marriages, divorce, euthanasia, abortion.

          I am glad I wasnt born in Phili La La land where there are still laws we abolished 50-60-70 years ago.

          Because we have the right to have an abortion, it doesnt mean that your wife/partner/girlfriend/misstress has to use it. That is a personal individual freedom we have. Its a choice you have. Use it or dont. People in Phili land dont have a choice. Is that total freedom? Sounds more like a dictatorship where the governemnt (and or church) decides for you what is good for you. So how can you claim that there is a strict seperation between church and state in Phili land? There is no such seperation in Phili land.

          The funny thing is : everytime I walk in Ayala Mall/SM Mall/Gaisano/Robinson I have an abundance of choices to choose from.

        2. Robert,

          Don’t change the topic.

          “But we are no poor 3rd world country. So eat that first.”

          We are talking about your previous claim –

          “Philippines is the laughing stock of the class.”

          Is it because your country is a not a 3rd word country?

          Laughing stock what?

          Incest, heh…Eat that one, too.

        3. A 13-year-old Dutch girl wrote to the advice column of a
          teenager”s magazine: “I am 13 years old and I”m the only virgin in the class. Is my Dad gay ?”

        4. Libertas,

          Reading newspapers report, I get the notion that each new generation hse sex at a younger age. I consider 13 to be much too young.

          I am sure the last part was translated correctly. And I can only imagine what that meant. On the other hand, its very easy to post such a remark (… I am 13 etc) but actually written by a much older guy or older girl. I am not gonna defend the author. It is what it is or what it looks like. And please dont forget the enormous, immense peer-influence there is, especially at that age: “She has new Nike’s, so I want new Nike’s”. Because we live in an individualized, open society there is hardly any room for monitoring, social control. And its even more exciting to do things secretly that are forbidden explicitly by the parents. Especially in those families where sex (and talking openly and freely about sex) is still a taboo.

        5. A dutch girl was in the shower with her father.
          Pointing at his penis she asked ” when will i get one of those?”
          Her father replied ” as soon as your mother leaves for work”

    3. I don’t have children, but I think I know how to raise them better than most parents and babysitters.

      For one, I wouldn’t let them dance like Jan-Jan in front of our relatives. They’re not sources of exploitation, for Christ’s sake. Also I wouldn’t take their Christmas cash presents. It is theirs to save for the rainy day.

      Second, when I want them to have a religion, I’d back it up with historical facts and not just scripture rip-offs that most Pastor Ernies do. If they want to be an atheist, that’s fine, as long as they emulate Bill Gates’ good works. (Catholics believe that good atheists go to heaven anyway) And yes, I’ll keep tell them that Islam is not a good religion, because http://www.siotw.org

      Third, I’m giving them as many resources for political correctness as I can find, while helping them see who is wrong and who is right. I’d make them read GRP in an early age to counter the lies that a typical schoolteacher would teach them.

      And fourth, I’d teach them the fact that everyday is always a good day to learn something great and enjoy/earn/benefit from it.

      Thanks for asking, Ron.

  6. This article assumes an awful lot about the Filipino. However, I have never, not once, seen anyone Filipino/a state that they are the top notch of the human species as stated in the first paragraph. As a matter of fact I have witnessed the opposite, way too many Low Self-Esteem cases in the Filippines.
    BUT NOT TO ARGUE HERE, what is happening is more like WHAT THE FILIPINO SHOULD BE DEMANDING, WITH-IN HIS/HER OWN COUNTRY, would be a more fitting title to focus on.
    On that score I would suggest that the Filipino/a should demand: A real wage for their labor, no more BS on-the-job- training crap.The complete stoppage of all corruption in the government. A way to stop it would be to actually prosecute a whole bunch of them (by demanding the FOI bill being passed, the end to bank secrecy laws) and actually throw a few into PRISON and CONFISCATE the wealth pilfered from the people. Start demanding better schools, better infrastructure, better medical care, a livable wage and stop advertising and being proud of the fact that the Philippines is a good place to out-source jobs to as they work for very little pay, it is BS and exploitation of the poor by doing so.
    It would be no surprise to anyone I know that if the gov’t. were toppled by an angry as shit people who are determined to put an end to the total degradation that the people of the country endure for no good reason. The Filippines should have taken a better route after WW2, but due to selfish self-interest practiced at the highest and lowest positions in gov’t., it did nit happen. Times a wastin, yes!

    1. The problem is the Philippines already demanded that twice, in 1986 and in 2000.

      Guess where those two demands went.

    2. Think of the “Pinoy Pride” and the “Basta Pinoy da best!” movements, and you will be able to deduce where I got the first paragraph. But you’re right; Filipinos do lack self-esteem. Underneath all that braggadocio is a low sense of self-worth.

      Bottom line is, the Filipino needs to know what he wants before he goes on demanding it. He already knows what he does not want, but planning out what they want to happen on a systemic scale is still something that eludes the Filipinos.

      Like MidwayHaven said, the people already toppled two governments, but they didn’t know what they wanted to do afterwards. Bahala-na thinking is, has been, and will be a surefire way to court disaster. Always.

      1. “Bottom line is, the Filipino needs to know what he wants before he goes on demanding it. He already knows what he does not want, but planning out what they want to happen on a systemic scale is still something that eludes the Filipinos.”

        I am really shocked to read this paragraph. Is there really no one that has a clue what he/she wants and how he/she wants to reach that goal/objective? Then how can one tell him/herself what he/she wants to become in later life? When does somebody say: “I want to become an engineer, an accountant, a high ranked military officer, a civil servant? And now I am just talking about employment. There is also something like environment, government, polution, corruption etc. Are there that few people that are politically committed?

        1. Robert, most Filipinos would say that they’d want to be nurses, engineers, accountants, whatever is when they are still young. In college, most of them will choose what their families want for them anyway.

          But I don’t think your Filipina partner is as weak-willed as most of da Pinoys anyway. You’re a lucky man.

        2. “But I don’t think your Filipina partner is as weak-willed as most of da Pinoys anyway. You’re a lucky man.”

          I dont know. You tell me. Her mom is a retired (state) teacher and my partner is also a teacher. Like mom, like daughter?

        3. That is another point. She doesnt tell much, I really have to pump her for information. Like pumping water from a water pit. The water doesnt flow naturally in her. If you get my methaforical drift.

          She once worked for AsiaShipping but that was long time ago. For as long as I know she is a SPED teacher. Not very rewarding. Looking for a job to work for DepEd. Because that gives stability, a job for live. Instead it would be better to find a job, where one is good at and what she likes doing (the rest of her life)

        4. Oh, very well then, good luck with asking her. Sorry if you got the notion that I’m asking personal questions. No offense intended. 🙂

          Really, it’s a typical thing that Filipino youths would choose the major of their parents’ choice, and for most reasons selfish. Pinoy parents have vested interests on their children as sources of income; hence seeking to maintain a monopoly on their kids’ mindsets, pleasures, careers, ideologies, even love lives. In the
          Philippines, it is considered virtuous to make your parents dependent on you instead of your spouse and your children. Isn’t that selfish?

          I thought I had the misfortune of having such parents, until they explained to me that if I get this major they want me to get (information technology), I’d have a good career path and for that I can have the money to soon pursue the career path of my choice (medicine). My parents have vested interests, of course, but they’d better give me good reason to keep in touch with them.

        5. “Oh, very well then, good luck with asking her. Sorry if you got the notion that I’m asking personal questions. No offense intended.”

          No offense taken. Whoever you are, you may ask me anything and everything. And in most cases I will answer your question(s).

          No matter what someone’s religion is, the first act of selfishness is putting a new life on this planet. Have you ever been asked you wanted to be here? Only after you are here on this planet you can form your own opinion, you can set your personal limits and borders. But even before that has developed in yo,u yet another strange thing has happened. You have been baptised (without your consent). That is 2 strikes.

          Then if you are unlucky, you have been circumsized without your consent. That is 3 strikes.

          So before you can walk and talk already 3 things have happenend without your consent. And nobody is giving this enough thought, because every next generation will do it the same way.

          Then you are ordered/demanded to call/address other people not by their first name but by using words like “ate”, “dong”, “kuya”, “tita”, “ninay”, “lolo” just because they are older. And I keep wondering what that respect is based on.

          Being a kid in the Philippines is not easy. They have to do and undergo a lot without consent.

        6. “Being a kid in the Philippines is not easy. They have to do and undergo a lot without consent.”

          MR. Robert kids are illiterate, naive, immature, elder knows what’s better for them ^_^

    3. Joe, no! A right to privacy is every person’s right, and that includes bank secrecy. Am I detecting something fishy about the Pinoy psyche: the desire to know too much.

      1. If u want to criticize other nations then u must also be able to laugh at your own national idiocyncracies/shortcomings.

        I know holland – wooden shoes, wooden heads, wouldn’t go there again. And as tight as a gnats arse when it comes to money.

        1. I am sure you are familair with the expression “going Dutch”. It means each and everybody pays for his/her own dish/menu/snack/drink/food, whatever.

        2. ‘going dutch’
          exactly – dont pay for some-one else.
          thats why the dutch are used in the expression!

        3. “‘going dutch’ exactly – dont pay for someone else. Thats why the dutch are used in the expression!”


          Like in the Philippines not everybody is eating rice three times a day. So not every dutch is using the expression “going Dutch”.

  7. One ex US congressman said recently.

    Strategically the US runs the philippines. they need us far more than we need them. the US takes the big decisions, it massages politicians egos with trips to the US, panders to their greed through aid/ngo’s, exploits their lack of principles and intellect, and lets them busy themselves with the inconsequential, the irrelevant, and their tacky social lives. They are not people you would ever want to live near you, or be a member of your country club. they lack integrity, class, and earn little respect in international circles.
    They serve a purpose and know their place. Simple as that.

    1. @ Libertas

      I would not take the words of a former member of the US House of Representatives that talks nonsense. He can not be trusted as consultant or lobbyist. He should have been a car salesman.

  8. All Filipinos personally know a corrupt councilman, a corrupt vice mayor, a corrupt mayor, a corrupt congressman, a corrupt senator, a corrupt government official’s alalay, a corrupt policemen, a corrupt BIR official, a corrupt Customs official….. and we pretend they don’t exist kasi kapitbahay natin sila, kaklase sa eskwela, kumpare, kumare, kabarkada, kainuman, o kakilala.

    Tayo tayo na lang nag-uutuan pa. Inu-una natin ang hiya at takot kesa sa katotohanan. Mga Filipino parang cell phone….. puro denial.

    1. Kaya nga. Alam mo na ba bilang Pilipino kung ano ang gusto mo?

      Wag ka nang gumaya kay Trospe na hangang ngayun hinde kayang tangapin ang katotohanan sa ugali ng Pinoy.

      Mahirap tangapin ang katotohanan, lalo’t Pilipinoka, masakit sa tenga at lalo na sa damdamin.

      Isa lang naman ang tanong e, alam mo na ba ang gusto mo PILIPINO?

  9. Our Hero, Jose Rizal, wrote an essay of our defense called: ” The Indolence of the Filipinos”. Filipinos want the “get rich quick idea”. So, most flock to Political offices; because: it is where the money is: in the form of “Pork Barrel”. Scammers like the Aquinos and the Cojuangcos are placed on pedestals; and are elected Presidents. Inspite of their greediness.
    The largest Senator Swine like; Enrile, are envied and “respected”. Inspite of being the most corrupt politician, who have the most bank foreign accounts abroad. People, like Honasan,; just be photographed, with an M16 rifle; and are voted Senator. Honasan had not fought any real battles. Except desk job in the Department of Defense. Enrile is his father in law. The Filipino is confused…and dumb and most are stupid…

  10. I guess Rizal’s mission to change the Filipino culture wasnt successful at all and his actions were interpreted as rebolusyonaryo and not as a reformer. Our social disease hundreds of years ago are still plaguing us today.

    As an American living in America and married to a Pinay Nurse for many years I do not concur with your article. I am also an RN having worked in New York as well as Cali. I have worked with countless numbers of Philippino Nurses. In comparison to Kano I find the Philippino Nurses to have more pride in their work, and to have a stronger work ethic then my fellow lazy ass Americans.

    The Filipina work their asses off to send money home to PI, to buy a house and to purchase anything with a brand name like Gucci bag (or even a knockoff) plus they get nice cars like Lexus or Benz, own Nursing homes. Philippinos have assimilated into American culture very easily and are not a problematic Race.

    Even if while in Philippines the person was a Doctor or Engineer and after coming to USA were unable to pas licensing exam in their field then they will do other work-any work to generate cash flow They are not picky about that.

    I believe that in the present Political system it is difficult almost impossible to thrive in PI. Between the Catholic Church and its bans on Birth Control and Abortion you have a population explosion! With the governments curtailing Nurses from leaving PI to America you have a Surplus of Nurses because they are afraid they will not return to PI because they make so much more money in US-New nurse salary comparison annual salary PI starting salary for RN with 4year degree=97,560 PHP compared to USA with 2 year degree 2,113,800 PHP. A salary in US of 21 x higher for a Nurse then in PI. But PI government has no problem allowing OFW’s to risk their lives working in KSA because they know they will eventually return and because they are sending plenty of money back home.

  12. spot on! but my theory is about the climate and abundance of natural resources…we have no winter season to prepare for..our ancestors can survive wearing only g-strings all year round..we have no deserts theres plenty of water everywhere…you can plant virtually anything here..this place is short of a paradise.

    1. Excuse #16 as well.

      “16. We are poor because we are rich in natural-resources. Look at successful countries like Japan or Singapore, they work hard because they don’t have natural resources.

      17. We are poor because we are a tropical country”

      1. nice! but they should not be used as excuses..i believe that they are facts that we must overcome in this modern time.

        1. I think you didn’t understand. They are not facts. They’re excuses because there are countries that are rich in natural resources that are performing well economically. Saudi Arabia, Brunei, as stated in the article. Same goes for tropical countries. Malaysia, Vietnam, Panama, and Costa Rica.

        2. you quoted me remember?…i stated my theory and what you gave me a link saying the same thing other other than saying that those are excuses..i’m talaking about my theory.

          now, do i need to tell the story of brunei why it’s so rich? may kasipagan ba duon? saudi? panama? do you what the story behind panama? all the rest of the countries you mentioned, they’re not too far ahead..how about mentioning cambodia, myanmar etc?

        3. That’s the thing you don’t understand. I didn’t quote you. I quoted the link. The link I provided is not the same with your theory. In fact, it refutes your theory.

          Let me simplify it for you.

          Saying we are poor because we have natural resources is an excuse because there are countries with natural resources that aren’t poor.

          Saying we are poor because we are a tropical country is an excuse because there are tropical countries that are not poor.

  13. I would’t readily agree with this article without giving it a good thought. This article is loaded with assumptions yet it does not present compelling evidence to back up a simplistic conclusion that the filipino is lazy. The host of other claims do not even gel up with it. It’s bad enough that the author blames Filipinos from the ground up without really giving a good analysis of the political system or external state and non-state actors who wield power over political decisions that can negatively affect the entire nation. Yes, on many levels, the Philippines need a good political, social and and to some extent, cultural overhaul. Identifying the problem is a no-brainer. It’s pretty obvious – corruption and poverty which grow a new host of problems. Strategy? That’s a good word. Until the Filipinos come up with these strategies for change, I guess we all have to endure some criticisms. However, these criticsms should be reserved for those who hold power because they too are the movers and shakers of society. It is just wrong, so wrong to say that filipinos haven’t reached the economic level of Singapore or South Korea or some other rich country just because we are plain lazy. This article is a complete insult to the millions of Pinoys abroad who slave it out just to give their families in the Phils. a better life. It’s also an insult to those honest and decent citizens in the Philippines. Also, the writer failed to mention that Pinoys do not live on welfare and have to live by their own means without government handouts. I’ll tell you what’s lazy. There are thousands upon thousands of families and individuals here in Oz who live on welfare for years and some, for 2 or 3 generations. No offense to those who genuinely need assistance. On the other hand, there are around 5 million child laborers in the Philippines who work hard each and everyday barely making ends meet. There’s not an ounce of laziness there. There’s nothing to celebrate about it of course but despite the poverty, their hard work speak of their will to live and survive. Where is the cajoling and the spoon feeding that the writer speak of? Who is seeking for glory? Maybe the EPAL politicians, but I wouldn’t dare say that it’s the ordinary Filipino battler. In my opinion, the only Pinoys who have gaping mouths are those corrupt politicians and their pawns who have misused the wealth and resources of the country. Reciprocate respect on a silver platter? The Philippines do not reciprocate respect on silver platters, Filipinos hand out respect for other nations on a golden plate more readily than we should. We have bowed down to every colonist, watched every hollywood film and got caught by the hallyu wave. What unr

  14. Continued…
    What unreciprocated respect is the writer going on about? We kiss every foreign ass that comes ashore. Should we kiss more foreign ass who wish to exploit the Philippines or Filipinos? If there is anything we lack, we probably lack respect for our own motherland. And that is another topic worth pursuing. For now, I find that the tragedy of this article is not because it is true but because it is unbalanced in its judgement, it is categorically dismissive and is pregnant with untruths and hasty generalizations.

    1. @Joey,

      To share you what I have observed in Filipino lives –

      When we were kissing American’s ass, we don’t have any problem.

      When we have been independent, then, there are the problems. (Sovereignty, economics, etc.)

      As for your –

      “This article is loaded with assumptions yet it does not present compelling evidence to back up a simplistic conclusion that the filipino is lazy.”

      And most of the time, they don’t even mention anything how to overcome the problem.

      All lip service.

  15. This post makes Filipinos (the majority of them anyways) look like freakin’ teenagers who wants to be treated like an adult. It’s like they want to change and yet they can’t handle it.

  16. This article is baseless and demeaning. It doesn’t even give account to what is truly going on in the Filipino society. There are so may factors as to why there are “lazy” Filipinos. Firstly, there are two classes of Filipinos: the ones who are educated and the ones who are predisposed to marginalization. Those who are in poverty have every right to be lazy for it is they who are the most hardworking and STILL underpaid and overworked. They want to have a better life yet there is no help for them. How can they come out of poverty if they are not entitled to free education? They can’t even afford uniforms and school shoes. They know no better. They are also ran by the Catholic Church.

    The educated Filipinos on the other hand are divided into 3 sub-groups. The elite, the I-don’t-give-a-damn class, and the martyr volunteers/helpers. Obviously, politicians are elite and have power over the pork barrels. The I-don’t-give-a-damn class work and go abroad for their families. I don’t blame them because life is hard. And the martyrs stay here until they die and their causes are carried on by new generations. It’s a never ending cycle of poverty for us because the system is flawed. The elite keep stealing, the professionals keep leaving, the martyrs are outnumbered and the poor masses are growing.

    To conclude, Filipinos are not lazy. It’s a matter of looking closer and deeper into the systemic plague that has engulfed us. To generalize a nation is detrimental. We need to analyze our issues instead.

    1. “To generalize a nation is detrimental. We need to analyze our issues instead.”

      Analyze our issues? Like how to solve our problems like… getting rid of our dysfunctional culture? Yes, Filipinos are not lazy, but they are DYSFUNCTIONAL people.

      Fact: Filipinos are not lazy. They hate critically SMART people.

      1. Facts and opinions are different. To say that a nation hates critically smart people makes it an opinion- not a fact at all. I’m a Filipino and I find it rather engaging to talk with critically smart people.

        Anyhow, perhaps I should rephrase my sentence and say that we should analyze our issues BEFORE we “attack” our nation. Making generalized statements and demeaning posts regarding our already-fallen self-worth creates even more of a confusion for those who happen to read this.

        We need more critical minds here and not judgemental people. And I beg to disagree with you that Filipinos are dysfunctional people. The system here is the one that is dysfunctional. Thus, displacing Filipinos all over the country and everywhere else in the world.

        Having discussions on the internet regarding our national problems are healthy but it should not be confused as being “the change” we want to see– for change is not just a mere mental exercise but a way of living. It is more than just debating with anonymous people. It’s not just being critical. Change is something we should all strive for, giving respect to all opinions and beliefs while keeping an open mind.

        1. “We need more critical minds here and not judgemental people. And I beg to disagree with you that Filipinos are dysfunctional people. The system here is the one that is dysfunctional. Thus, displacing Filipinos all over the country and everywhere else in the world.”

          Not just dysfunctional system, but also people and culture. Voting for inept, incompetent people, individuals who are nothing but last names, showbiz people, and celebrities, is also a source of dysfunction.

          I repeat: the Philippines hate critical smart people. Which means that They HATE efficiency. They HATE order and organization. They HATE the concept of strength and unity in diversity. All the smart people are gone since you can’t do anything with the archaic economical system established by the constitution. There is never any unity in the government unless it concerns pork barrel which is an all time high in this admin. Some of you spout about Philippine unity when most of them express disdain to foreigners who have contributed to the modernization of the country and the knowledge they have shared. Let alone the jobs they offer as the Philippines enter in a globalized economy. But that is nice as you want to see many dumb kababayans starve BACK HOME than because there aren’t any jobs the elites can offer than the foreigners who actually HAVE opportunities for them and in some specialized cases, to GROW into their career. And let alone trying to get a nation in solidarity of different mixed ethnicities without making backhanded slurs about their culture. And so Phlippines LOVES idiots who can be easily manipulated to tell whom to hate and whom to love by a simple whim.

          Honestly, you have good points but all of them are based on EMOTIONS. Not to mention the false pride, which is also a dysfunction.

    2. If one can generalise an entire people as being “industrious” such as the way we do the Japanese and Koreans, then certainly we can generalise an entire people as being “lazy”. We want to be known as a “united” people yet shrink away from any characterisation of ourselves at a collective level. Tsk tsk…

      1. Yes, you are right. My points are emotionally charged because this article is emotionally charged– as well as highly opinionated. And there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, that is a good starting point because emotions are what make us human. Our emotions are what usually drive us to take action. (Though I believe that the best actions are the ones well-thought of and tactfully planned.)

        Personally, I believe in collective pursuits yet I cannot, nor will I ever, agree to being collectively called something that I know I am not. Recognizing faults in a nation is a starting point to change. But agreeing to flaunt the negativity like it is an ornament worth bragging about, that throws me of in all levels. It’s as good as saying, “If we rise, we rise collectively and if we fall, we need to all fall collectively,” like no one is spared from being damned. And just because a portion is confused doesn’t mean ALL are confused too. That’s not fair to those who have worked hard to build a good reputation in their careers and causes. Flaunting our weaknesses will just create havoc within us.

        I mean, why not just recognize it, do something about it and avoid rubbing salt into deep wounds. Filipinos like other nationalities can work and change without negative reinforcement. At least for me, I take it (being called lazy) negative reinforcement.

        Think and rethink. Learn and unlearn. Build and rebuild. Padayon!

      2. Perhaps one can generalize an entire people as “industrious”. A one-size-fits-all word IMO.

        When an entire people is generalized as industrious, it’s context is that generally all of them are industrious in any other way one can think of.

        I can say nobody would ask anymore in how they’re industrious.

        They’re industrious in any other way one can think of.

        Can that be said equally to the word “lazy”?

        Can one generalize an entire people as lazy?

        I can’t say nobody would ask anymore in how they’re lazy.

        If it’s in the context of high unemployment, is it because they’re lazy?

        Or the word “lazy” is too general to characterize an entire people.

  17. i agree to all of you.. that means you too, dutch guy… if we take all your opinions and put it all together to make one citizen (the filipino) then we will come up with a perfect citizen… but let’s face it, we can’t. but we filipinos can change and be better. of course minus the enjoyment of incest, minus the laziness.

  18. A great article. I have observed all these characteristics in many filipino….but don’t say too much. Experience has taught me that as a foreigner saying anything like this has invited verbal abuse, more excuses, accusations of racism and threats of physical violence. Sort of reminds me of the futility and risk in criticizing a narcissist.

    1. I’m a filipino, yet i totally agree with everything written above. Filipinos are so infernally convinced that they are special, so proud of being one. They think Pacman should have won the match. They saw the fight, yes. But they didnt observed. It was clear to my eyes that mayweather won the match. Though they cant accept it.why? Because they are filipinos, the ‘know-it-all’ people. But there are good ones.good filipinos,not racists, with good manner and straight reasoning; but very few. Very very few.

  19. All so true…
    So sad to say, but all this written article are true and we should admit defeat. We are not the single country who aim for a better and good future.
    I felt so ashamed sometime especially when I am talking with the other nationalities that we Filipinos are TOO BAD in their eyes. They judged us according to what they experienced from few individual and so by generalizing us as a BAD Citizens.
    How can I help it?? I just listen coz I knew they have reasons WHY they said it.

  20. yes we filipino are like that but dont you want that too. To be rich but not doing something yes filipino are like that but it doesnt mean we are lazy many countries want filipino workers because of their hard working attitude and they dont always complain just like you are just been humiliated in many people by one person and its your workmate and its your time to work and you will say to your boss that she said in front many people and like this and like that. filipinos are not like that maybe you. filipino dont always say bad words not like americans. why dont you go to philippines first and observe all the filipinos traits. to the people who posted this your so disappionting

    1. Not lazy? Tell that to those “tambays” who just feed off of their OFW relatives. Mag-aanak ng mag-aanak, tapos hihingi ng tulong sa kamag-anak na OFW or sa medyo nakakaalwan.

      Filipinos don’t say bad words? Tell that to the commenters here who are butt hurt. Tell that to those filipinos who, after having work related altercations would take it personally (nagtatanim ng sama ng loob… may bunga pa) as compared to other cultures where work is just work, they can say all the bad words and profanities at each other work related but after work, they are still friends and workmates.

      It is good if this article does not apply to you as a filipino, but if it does….take it with a grain of salt. It is the truth.

  21. As a Filipino, in defense of my country, those are just the characteristics of ours and every nationality in the world.
    Do not insult the Philippine race, neither underestimate nor overestimate us, and if you do not hesitate non-compliance we will be also racist against you.
    We may be reactive, yes. We may be misunderstanding. We may be judgemental.
    But have you asked yourselves that you have also done the same consistent thing?
    It is not just the Filipinos who possess all these characteristics. You also do. And yet, like the Filipinos, you never realize it.
    We can’t be perfect. You also can’t.
    But we can respect and love each other, and not attempting to arise a verbal abuse that will issue the racism in you.
    Jose P. Rizal, you know him? He was one of the greatest Filipinos I have ever known in my life, and also for the entire world.
    So… do not think of yourselves as superior to us, for God has created us all equal in His image and likeness, even though we are different, and that makes us strong, as John Carter says it. If you will, you will make us realize our faults and mistakes.
    Respect, hope, trust, and love the Filipino race… and we will do the same to you.
    That is for certain, I am certain.

    1. “Do not insult the Philippine race, neither underestimate nor overestimate us, and if you do not hesitate non-compliance we will be also racist against you.” – News flash: Filipinos are not a race. They are a nation.

      “We may be reactive, yes. We may be misunderstanding. We may be judgemental[sic].” – You just admitted the fact that you yourself is judgmental.

      “But we can respect and love each other, and not attempting to arise a verbal abuse that will issue the racism in you.” – Man, stop being hypocritical. It only adds to your ignorant, idiotic and fragile ego.

    2. You want respect, hope, trust and love? Change your way of thinking first. It reeks of ignorance. And don’t even try bringing up Rizal. “Do you know him?”, man that’s a stupid thing to ask. Everyone in this site knows who he is, so thinking that there are people here who don’t just shows how much of an ignorant person you are.

      If Rizal himself saw your comment, I guarantee you he will be shaking his head in disappointment. Tell me, have you finished any of his books? Probably not.

    1. Look , Filipinos voted in Erap and Noynoy. They lost all benefit of the doubt for LIFE after doing those two things. So don’t be so onion skin since pinoys revel in ignorance. Love Willie R, Love Kris Aquino, Love her older dumber brother and Love Erap. So stop defending a culture that wallows in ignorance.

  22. Your points are all valid and it’s really very sad. But root of all this problem is basically all our AMPAW Leaders always Export our Best People (OFW w/c are hard-working, productive, high skilled & intellectual) and forever relied on their dollar remittances to fuel our economy. Those left behind (lazy & AMPAW) who are task/voted to lead our nation and others are appointed to vital positions in the government.

    Also, ruling profession in the Philippines are lawyers which meanMajority of our President/Leaders (in Government or Congress) are Lawyers whose nature of work are disputes of legal matters (which is so negative – they simply talk/disagree/fight with each other. This is why political system in Philippines is divided.

    We need Leaders from other professions like the ff.:
    a. Architects/Engineers – whose nature of is to Create/Build (positive)
    b. Doctors – (Dr. Mahathir) who cured & made Malaysia a very healthy (wealthy) nation.

  23. Are you a filipino? Is that the way you see yourself? Then change! I am a filipino, and thats not the way I see myself, neither not doing any of your racist words! Make something that will make we filipino be proud of you.F*ck off!

  24. This article nailed it.

    For those who got hurt that just proves the characteristics of some Filipinos.

    Blaming everybody else and not himself.

  25. I agree with most of what is written but I hope people won’t generalize that all Filipinos are lazy. Most of us do our best to work for our food, shelter, etc without relying from our government or from other people.

  26. what is it in the Filipino psyche that blinds us to the TRUTH…it’s right there in front of you and yet you do not or refuse to see…you are Filipino but you are not like anyone of those listed above..GOOD for you..now spread yourself around…damn hypocrites all..we should get out of denial mode and move on to acceptance mode so we can do what needs to be done to change ourselves..accept the fact that majority of us are like the ones described above and then CHANGE yourself and then after that go out and convince the others to change themselves too..kahit sabihan ka “sino ka ba para pakialaman ang buhay ko”..persevere one person at a time..open their eyes to the truth para baguhin ang sarili nila..if they don’t listen then wipe the dust off your sandals and leave them to their self-destruction

      1. They import beauties that don’t look like a Filipino …
      2. They launched satellite that they did not …
      3. They have Time Persons of the Year that should not have been …
      4. They wanted to look like whites they are not …
      5. They wanted to be called Asians when their brains are not …
      6. They claimed to be intelligent which they are not …
      7. They claimed to be industrious which they are not …


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