Antonio Trillanes outclassed as Enrile retains Senate Presidency

For me, the only person who is coming out the usual chump (that he really is) in the on-going circus in the Senate is none other than “senator” Antonio Trillanes. He is, after all, the guy who led a failed military rebellion in the early- to mid-2000s, got convicted and imprisoned, then was pardoned by President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III. His pardoning and eventual instatement as “senator” in the Philippine Senate was facilitated by Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile.

antonio_trillanesIt is a testament to the continued consistency of Trillanes’s utak-tilapia faculties, that he’d go on to clash with Enrile in two high-profile incidents. The first was his getting called out by the Senate for acting as a backdoor negotiator with China then engaging in a verbal duel with Enrile the results of which further highlighted how outclassed he is in this chamber of statesmen. Needless to say, Trillanes’s China Connection adventure embarrassed his former benefactor BS Aquino and, as usual, made him look like the fool that he is.

The second Trillanes bozo show is transpiring today as the embattled Enrile shores up and regroups after the public relations fallout following the budget dole-out imbroglio he found himself in when disgruntled Senators whining over not getting the Christmas bonuses they expected from their boss blew the whistle on the way Senate money was appropriated. Trillanes, being the biggest chump among the crybabies had the most to say as usual. Unfortunately for him, he also had the most to say about. And for Enrile, Trillanes was easy pickin’ in a privilege speech he delivered announcing his “resignation” from the Senate presidency…

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Referring again to Trillanes, Enrile said one senator “is so desperate that he has repeatedly and shamelessly invoked and sought Malacañang’s involvement and intervention just to get enough support to oust me.”

Enrile said he has had enough of coup rumors in the Senate.

“I am way too old to be threatened by anyone, least of all by cowards and hypocrites,” he huffed.

“Replacing me does not have to take so much effort, planning or plotting. I am tired of plots. And I don’t advertise plots… That’s only the work of braggarts,” Enrile added.

Trillanes, after all, chose a luxury hotel as his hole-up in his 2007 act of rebellion. He also used a crowd of over-eager “journalists” as his shield, and endangered civilians’ lives while he commanded armed renegade troop movements at the heart of Manila’s business centre. He’d then go on and successfully mount an appeal to compassion that got him out of prison thanks to a Philippine idiocracy that rewards that sort of “heroism”.

The administration of President BS Aquino, itself an embodiment of the Philippines’ renowned idiocracy, demonstrated the sort of idiotic thinking that underlies such things in the wording it used in the order it issued to pardon Trillanes in 2010

Malacanang recognises that Trillanes and his mob have violated the law; and as such have given the following reasons for this amnesty to be granted these bozos:

(1) Because there is a “clamor” for “amnesty”; and that,

(2) Because the President can; and,

(3) Said “amnesty” is “needed” to foster “a just, comprehensive and enduring peace”;

The rationale of this “amnesty” boils down to (a) a motivation stemming from popular pressure, (b) availability of the power to do it, and (c) some vacuous nebulous goal.

One thing I can say about Noynoy’s administration is that it is consistent — consistent in its ability to insult the already meager intelligence of the Filipino.

Enrile may be an old fogey who despite delivering a speech described as “a brilliant stroke by a wily politician to redeem himself” still fails to convince people why he is justified in using personal feelings as bases for determining how he allocates public funds amongst his colleagues in the Senate. But Trillanes is, quite simply, outclassed and he is too dumb to even realise it. The tenacious Senate President, despite his direct association to what many perceived were the dark days of tyranny, applies shrewd political savvy to remain in power. As he is demonstrating now, he seems about ready to survive this crisis as well. Trillanes, always the bumbling chump in contrast, muddles along squandering political equity gained from that singular act of Pinoy-style “heroism” mounted in the ocho-ocho decade.

63 Replies to “Antonio Trillanes outclassed as Enrile retains Senate Presidency”

  1. The combination of a big ego and a big mouth, aided and abetted by a complete lack of any sense of strategic understanding goes some way to explain trillanes constant failure in any undertaking. It is a good job the armed forces only have to dress up and never fight anyone, if trillanes is an example of an officer!

    Enrile on the other hand is well past his embalming date, thanks most probably to his stem cell treatment. And whilst he can readily outclass trillanes, he does constantly show his lack of breeding and martial law doctrine.
    He represents the past, not the future.

    This pissing contest only serves to expose the high cost ( 1.5 billion a year) of the senate and question it’s relevance and value, particularly when the likes of lapid, revilla, sotto, who couldn’t come up with an original thought between them, are elected as ‘the great and the good’! – what irony.

    As the senators debase themselves and the institution with their greed, self-interest, and stupidity there should not only be an audit of funds/spending which would bring home to the populace just what a ‘country club’ the senate really is, but a move towards a unicameral system so that the country saves not only on money but also on international embarrassment.

  2. as usual, the Palace and the liberal party senators?????? COWARD. palibhasa daming tinatagong mga stinky stuffs. kumusta naman di ba? mga walang paninindigan.

  3. what do you expect? they received huge sums of money last December so why turn their back against the one who’s giving them much funds? ang issue naman po dito eh yung leadership ni JPE na kitang kita naman kung pano di ba? mabuti nga at matapang si Trillanes, eh pano nalang kung wala sya? eh di mas malala pa ang gagawin ni JPE.

  4. Sabi ng mga SENADOR na kakampi ni JPE, matagal na daw ang ganyang gawi sa SENADO. Bakit ngayon lang daw may pumalag. Ganito kasi talag yun, kung wlang magsasabi sa u na kasalanan ang ginagawa mo, minsan, hindi mo talaga naiisip na mali ka na pla. di ba lahat nman sila pare-pareho lang. Nagyon lang naman may malakas ang loob na magsiwalat sa mga baho nila. Dahil wla talaga syang kinatatakutan.

    Wla syang AMO na dapat sundin kundi ang sambayanang Pilipino at ang konsensya nya. MABUHAY KA TRILLANES…KELANGAN KA TALAGA SA SENADO. PRA TULUYANG MAKAMIT ANG HINAHANGAD NATING PAGBABAGO!

    1. While I do not really support any of them all of the time, I think raising the issue is a point for Trillanes.

      IMO, the more crap they point out, the better.
      It’s easier to clean things up if you know where it is.

      1. exactly! This senator has been pointing out problems with the current system in government yet a lot of people still cant get a hint on who is truly their senator and who is only their to make the big bucks

  5. YMMV on what one might think on Enrile, but for an old man he is no pushover. The same cannot be Trillianes though…..

  6. kindly check ur facts first. if u think u are better than trillanes, then why not run for a seat in the senate? ang problema sa iba jan, ang bilis nila mag-judge, wala namang basis ung mga conclusions. tsk tsk tsk.

    1. Um, if you want to let him check the “facts,” I think it’s important that you present counterpoints of your own, instead of using the tired and flimsy “why-don’t-you-be-in-his-shoes-instead” defense.

    2. @lala, you make it sound like running for a seat in the senate is the only worthwhile pursuit. Perhaps it is, for people who don’t have qualifications for any other profession… 😀

  7. Please, what will it take to start realizing that what is happening here, in this story, is not REAL! It is all staged, to mount support in the form of SYMPATHY for the biggest thief amongst the other thieves.(Think about it, the biggest thief has been caught RED-HANDED with his hand in the public’s money, WTF? and what happens next? The paid-for-play media creates, yes creates, a fantasy scenario where the biggest CROOK, amongst the other crooks, is made the recipient of mis-placed SYMPATHY from the population in an effort to “Forgive us our sins, as we forgive others”, OH PLEASE!). All of this, as if the guy deserves anything of the sort, #%!#@% old $@#&%@&, and not PRISON!! Try stealing P10,000 from a bank and see how long you ROT in a PRISON CELL! But the guy in question? Ha, laughin his ass off.
    To not realize what is happening here, in this very story, is to miss the EXACT reason that what is happening is not REAL, and has to be STAMPED OUT. and at this point, by any and all means necessary.

      1. If you are seriously asking me to explain what I actually mean in the above few paragraphs, I will have to be DELICATE. The story about the ‘chump’ and the ‘old dude’ is made up, u kno?, staged. You can deduce what is meant from there, yes?
        It is a simple premise and can be applied to the entire political landscape in the country, each and every story/event is well calculated, planned and carried out according to the script. Quite funny OR sad, depending on which side of the show you happen to be sitting in, cast of characters or audience.
        If you are not serious, well….

      2. @midway

        That dude has a poor reading comprehension and it’s no wonder the same can be said with the way he articulate his opinion.

        According to this dude, after his incoherent verbose, he’s telling the comment readers –

        “If you are seriously asking me to explain what I actually mean in the above few paragraphs, I will have to be DELICATE. The story about the ‘chump’ and the ‘old dude’ is made up, u kno?, staged. You can deduce what is meant from there, yes?”

        Made up? u kno? Duh, this dude is also a fabulist.

        Facts man!

        Last time he was answering all the questions he put up. Now he is asking the comment readers to deduce what he meant.

        He he he, his ridiculous counter-comment to my appointing committee comment is still fresh in my mind that I can have an unavoidable smirk of amusement.

        Not of course if this dude is a different Joe.


        1. Trosp, you make me laugh. You still persist w/your not-so-intelligent comments (masquerading as if you have a clue!) about what I say. I do not have to even read what you say to know that your smirk is just your defensive reaction, showing off your dullard ineptitude and deluded self-importance.
          I would say get a clue (but will not waste my time on you), but will save you the time of going to Wikipedia and look it up.
          Back-off, dip-stick…the grown-ups are having a conversation.

        2. Joe,

          Am I addressing my comment to you?

          Heh, your poor reading comprehension again.

          The appointment thing that I was telling the comment readers-

          “Me: ““The attorney general is nominated by the President of the United States and TAKES OFFICE AFTER CONFIRMATION BY THE UNITED STATES SENATE. He or she serves at the pleasure of the president and can be removed by the president at any time; the attorney general is also subject to impeachment by the House of Representatives and trial in the Senate for “treason, bribery, and other high crimes and misdemeanors.”

          “George W. Bush’s first Attorney General was a guy who lost a Senate election to a dead guy.”

          As if there is no appointing committee. And as if the FA (should read AG) is a bad choice for Dubya.

          Joe: WHAT APPOINTING COMMITTEE? The AG may have to be confirmed for the post by the U.S. Senate after being appointed by his boss, the President, but he is appointed to the office by the President, and no one else.

          Me: Am I wrong in saying that an AG is NOMINATED by the president and there’s a committee on appointment (is it wrong to call them appointing committee?) in the senate to confirm the nomination?

          My bad if I didn’t call them the confirmation committee.”

          BTW, your claim that I’m a nobody here is not an issue for me.

          I write to express. Not to impress.

          And you’re somebody here?


          Your reading comprehension sucks.

          Get a refund of your matriculation from where you’ve been educated.

          On the other hand, it’ll be the other way around.

        3. And Joe,

          How about giving the comment readers here examples of my not-so intelligent comments?

          I’ve given them your frothing-in the mouth comments.

          Baka maawa naman sila sa iyo. Bugbog-sarado ka na, hirit ka pa ng hirit.

          Better luck next time. You might get lucky.

        4. Correction –

          I’ve given them your frothing-in the mouth comments.

          Is to be read as

          I’ve given them your frothing-in-the -mouth comments.

          (Grammar is not my strong point.)

  8. what can you expect from a [senate] body composed of weirdos and [always] hunger for fame/publicity? nothing! same old rotten and stinky bagoong isda, which is one of pinoy’s favorite sawsawan. Nowadays government in our country are the extension of showbiz world.

  9. Trillanes, you have a long way to go to beat sen Enrile’s gut, intelligence and experience. you never succeeded in your Coup but instead destroyed business establishments. Shame on you!

      1. sus. Angelo Reyes was a criminal and a fanatic. Ang dali talaga linlangin ng filipino. nagpakamatay lang ngaing bayani na.

        1. @Comics

          Then share us the facts about A. Reyes.

          He’s a criminal and fanatic.

          Otherwise, you’re an embarrassment to assholes!

          Criminal and fanatics heh…

          Asshole! Ang tigas ng mukha mo!

        2. You’re very fanatical just like Antonio TROLLanes. So you’re also a TROLL. XD

          Don’t ever hide it. Because you have an angry mob mindset. A mindset that the lunatic Trillanes wants.

  10. I too am bemused and well entertained by this bungling bozo but I think we are missing an opportunity to catch these senator crooks with their pants down, most especially the father of them all – Enrile. Trillanes is a minor annoyance. Audit their asses. Of course, mr daang matuwid is conspicuously without a peep about the plunder going on in the senate.

  11. I’m no longer amused.

    It sickens me that the Filipino people reward these poltroons with leadership positions whereas in a civilized society, they would be executed for treason.

    And that includes Enrile.

    1. Well, at least you have the balls to say it! Ms. Cory thought ‘the people’ were basically ‘cowards’ and would not do what needs to be done.

  12. Enrile, whatever his selfish political agendas may be, is a master of realpolitik.

    Trillanes, on the other hand, is the unarmed prophet described by Machiavelli. And we all know what happens to unarmed prophets: they get burnt at the stake.

  13. buti nalang may isang Senador na matapang na magtatanggol sa bayan laban sa mga tiwaling kawani ng gobyerno! mabuhay ka mahal naming Senador Trillanes!

    1. Yet another stupid yellowtard that is blind to mr.”failed coups”. Carandung must be paying you overtime to troll here but your trolling is not very effective.

  14. i think we should never forget how enrile make millions of filipinos lives miserable. trillanes on the other hand tells us that this man a senate president who holds millions of funds arbitrarily distributed it to his pet and merely little amount to his critic. this style of leadership is tyrant in its nature.

      1. By what FACT or PROOF are you basing your comment on his exploits in China? Enrile’s word? The Brady Notes? What Brady Notes? Other than what Enrile said, do you even know what they contain? Sonia Brady herself confessed to being present at a single meeting, with the minutes stopping less than halfway.

        This rumor mongering has really poisoned the Filipino people. When Trillanes declares something, you can be sure there is almost always evidence to support it. On the other hand, everything iv’e heard against the man does not carry a single shred of evidence.

      2. @Comics

        Show us that this is just a pigment of imagination from an aged man –

        And for the Brady’s note –

        ”Brady’s notes’

        Below are the notes of Brady in full, as read by Enrile verbatim into the Senate record. Enrile said he got an official copy of Brady’s notes. The entries in italics are Enrile’s comments on the notes:

        1) “Senator Trillanes requested that no notes be taken.”

        2) “What the Chinese want is to tone down the rhetoric. He met the night before with senior Chinese MFA officials, Ministry of Foreign Affairs”

        3) “Senator was initially approached by Executive Secretary”

        4) “When he got involved, it was in the height of the problem. He had to find out what was happening so he tried to see whether this was a move of the Americans. He was suspecting the Americans were involved in the conflict. He ascertained that they do not want any conflict especially in an election year.”

        “I think the word ‘they’ there refers to the Chinese.”

        5) “On Secretary del Rosario, US has already let him go, binitiwan na siya, this is the note of Brady. In the July meeting, Hillary Clinton did not speak up for us. Secretary Del Rosario is committing treason.”

        “This is a senator of the Republic calling our Secretary a treasonous person in a foreign land. He does not even know when treason arises.”

        6) “We are internationalizing the issue because of Secretary del Rosario. This is his move.”

        7) “There was never any negotiation between the Chinese and the Americans, just a meeting with Kurt Campbell. Mr Campbell was not a negotiator. Besides, Secretary del Rosario was not there.”

        [Editor’s note: Campbell is the US Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs.]

        8) “The arrangement being looked at by the senator, meaning Senator Trillanes, was one side would leave first then the other side then the next, etc. They were talking about the manner of evacuating the Scarborough. He then received a call from PNoy [Philippine President Benigno Aquino III], saying why are the Chinese still there when there was an agreement for simultaneous withdrawal. He thought to himself, ‘This is not the arrangement.’ He was protecting the Chinese.”

        “He asked Manny V Pangilinan to ask Secretary Del Rosario to keep quiet, to quiet down. This has now happened. The two go a long way back because it was also Secretary del Rosario who introduced Mr Pangilinan to the Indonesian businessman. During the days of the PLDT, Secretary Del Rosario confronted the Yuchengco group/shareholders and threatened them.”

        “This is a senator talking aback against a Cabinet member.”

        9) “The 2+2 meeting in the US, Mr Pangilinan was paying a lobby group to get that meeting.”

        10) “The 2+2 meeting, Mr Pangilinan was paying a lobby group to get that meeting.”

        “I don’t know what that 2+2 meeting was all about. We thought all along it was the accord of the US.”

        [Editor’s note: The 2+2 meeting was a meeting between del Rosario, Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin and their US counterparts, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta in Washington DC last April 30, 2012.]

        11) “DFA was the one who kept releasing press articles. Now the press is turning their back on Secretary Del Rosario. In this way, he is being marginalized. The release of the picture of a man planting flag on Panatag is from the 1980s so this was rehashed. The Hasa-Hasa grounding of the Chinese frigate, there was supposed to be no press release but when the DFA got hold of it, it released it to the media. The ramming was also an incident that was released to the press.”

        “Trillanes wanted everything that was happening in Scarborough to be made secret so it will protect the interest of the Chinese.“

        12) “Mr Pangilinan and Secretary Del Rosario wanted to create an event.”

        “He was accusing these two of manipulating a war condition to divert attention from the Reed Bank.”

        “The findings there were not substantial so Mr Pangilinan asked the Chinese group not to release the findings. They needed time to ensure they can recover their investment, first sell off to another buyer.”

        “Imagine what a senator [said], nakakahiya.”

        13) “[They] were alarmist in the Palace meeting, when Sec Del Rosario presented the invasion of Luzon.”

        “I was there. This is a total falsehood.”

        “So nabilog ang ulo ng lahat. You saw this in the meeting, even Senate President Enrile wanted to cut relations.”

        “This is very alarmist. This gentleman is foisting falsehood. I was there. President Aquino was in front of me and the secretary of foreign affairs, poor secretary of foreign affairs who was being pilloried by this novato in foreign relations, accusing him of not knowing his job. And I said I support the position of the Department of Foreign Affairs. We should involve our allies and friends in this discussion because we cannot handle the Chinese on a bilateral basis but he was insisting on a one-on-one dealings with China. What bargaining position do we have? He is supposed to be a trained military mind but he does not know anything about military strategy.”

        14) “The senator was inquiring, this is Brady talking, on which official could visit China because the Chinese side were angry with PNoy, they suggested his kalaban, the Vice President.”

        “Imagine intriguing between the President and the Vice President?”

        “Senator thought perhaps Mar Roxas na lang, the Chinese side said an official could meet Chinese Vice President.”

        15) “In Panatag Shoal, there was never a problem in their presence, from 66 boats, this was reduced to 3. The Chinese side said they will eventually take out the rope. They may eventually have given time.”

        16) “This is his 12th, according to Mrs Brady, that was his 12th meeting with the Chinese. Sen Trillanes has been quietly, secretly, clandestinely meeting with the Chinese about the Scarborough and the West Philippine Sea. PNoy called the senator when he saw the Chinese did not keep their word to withdraw. PNoy did not know of the arrangements being made by the senator.”

        “Imagine talking to a potential enemy of this country 16 times. What did he discuss with these people? Who initiated the discussion? Did he or did they? Did they pay for his trip to Beijing? He should answer. That’s why he could not be here because I’m going to ask him. My god, this guy is a fraud.”

        17) “PNoy did not know that talks were suspended with the Chinese for 2 weeks.”

        18) “PNoy gave his clearance to pursue initiatives on back-channel talks.”

        “This is his representation to Mrs Brady.”

        19) “In the Philippines, no one cares about Panatag Shoal. He said to Mrs Brady, sa Pilipinas, walang may gusto na sa atin ang Panatag, ang Scarborough Shoal.”

        “Iyan ang sinasabi niya. Pilipino ba iyan? Makabayan ba iyan? My God, what kind of a senator is this? China was never going to put up a station there, ‘yun ang sinabi niya, sinabi ni Trillanes, he was speaking for China. If China wanted to, they would have done so already. That was his position. He did not realize that the whole China Sea is being claimed by China and yet he claims to be an expert in international law, expert in security, expert in geopolitical struggle, expert in foreign relations?”

        [Editor’s note: On September 25, Trillanes told Rappler that this paricular statement was taken out of context. He said what he told Brady was that at the height of tensions, the Chinese boycotted Philippine products and some Filipinos in China experienced poor treatment. Trillanes said that what he meant was in comparison, in the Philippines, Filipinos were acting “business as usual” and were not harassing Chrinese citizens.

        “The way it came out was we did not care about the issue. I said we were more positive than the Chinese public but it was in no way meant to diminish our claim to Panatag Shoal,” Trillanes said.]

        20) “About Sansha City and the garrison, senator meaning Trillanes said, we also have garrison in KIG.”

        “I think this is Kalayaan Island Group. Garrison ba iyon? Ako nagpalagay nung airstrip doon para mabigyan natin ng ayuda ang ating mga sundalo doon pero hindi garrison iyon. Hindi kagaya nu’ng sinusuportahan niya na bansa na merong mga fortification doon. Para sa kanya hindi fortification iyon, laruan lang iyon. Ewan ko sinong nagturo sa kanya sa Philippine Military Academy.”

        “Besides this is for their domestic audience.”

        “Domestic audience daw pero kinukuha nila ang lugar natin pero sa kanya, parte lang ng pulitika ng Tsina ito. The Chinese could have attacked our garrison if they wanted to. What in my military mind?

        “We also have a sunken ship in the area which we did on purpose.”

        “Itong pinagmamalaki niya. Siguro baka siya ang nagpalubog nito pero di ko narinig ito when I was in the Defense Department. Ngayon ko lang narinig ito.”

        21) “Trillanes told the Chinese that we cannot enforce our coastal protection.”

        “That is the kind of a Philippine senator you have here. He told the Chinese that we cannot enforce our coastal protection.”

        “Our fishermen are living on subsistence fishing. They cannot therefore fish too far.”

        “Ibig sabihin, ipamigay niyo na lang ang Scarborough Shoal. Tumakbo tayo sapagkat tayo ay mga duwag. Magkukunyari pupunta sa galeriya, magpapakita sa media para tumakbo lamang.”

        22) “The Philippine side did make gapang the ASEAN, which the Chinese did.”

        “Akalain mo sinasabi niya dapat gapangin natin ang mga ASEAN dahil gumagapang daw ang mga intsik sa boto, ito yung tungkol sa nangyari sa Cambodia.”

        “Anong pakialam ng senator na ito sa foreign relations? Nothing. This guy is involving us with a major problem.”

        “He asked Secretary del Rosario if we could give the space in the ASEAN meeting because we did not do this preparation.”

        “He wanted to become the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, to superimpose his mind to the judgment on the duly designated and appointed shaper of foreign policy for the country. So now we fought with everyone, sabi niya lumalaban na tayo. Ginapang ng Tsina pero hindi natin ginawa. Akala ko ba gusto niya peaceful pero gusto niya makipaggapangan?”

        [Editor’s note: The topic is the 45th Association of Southeast Asian Nations Foreign Ministers’ Meeting held in Cambodia in July. In the meeting, the regional bloc failed to agree on a joint communiqué reportedly because of the Scarborough Shoal. Cambodia, a Chinese ally, was accused of yielding to pressure from Beijing.]

        23) “On the issue of bananas and tourists, they can be fixed quickly if the Chinese leadership wanted.”

        “Ayos na ang bananas, inayos daw niya, pinagmamalaki niya siya daw ang nagpaalis ng 40 bapor ng Tsina sa Scarborough Shoal eh. ‘Yun lang ang pinalalabas niya eh, pinagtatawanan lang siya. Maski sa Malacañang maraming nabubwisit sa kanya nu’ng nandun kami kaya lang hindi ko na sinabi sa kanya.

        [Editor’s note: Philippine banana exports to China and Chinese tourist arrivals to the Philippines were affected by the territorial row.]

        24) “The Chinese side suggested a visit of the DOTC secretary to China, sinabi niya. On the Chinese ships that did maneuvers towards Philippine ships, he said.”

        “Meaning Trillanes said that these are ordinary moves that ships would do. Aba napakagaling naman ng admiral na ito.”

        “Senator was saying, meaning Senator Trillanes was saying Del Rosario should be replaced by Mar Roxas knowing that reports are coursed through DFA, senator said he would give an alternate channel so that communications will go directly to the Palace.”

        “He arrogated unto himself to become the channel of foreign policy from him to Malacañang. I do not know whether the President knows about this.”

        “He was suggesting and working for a bilateral negotiation with China and in that meeting in the Cabinet, it was agreed that we should not do that. I do not want to discuss anymore the sordid matter. It’s enough that I read these notes of Ambassador Brady to unmask this phantom of the opera in the Philippine politics.”

        1. Impressive show of facts Trosp. The trolls here don’t give that kind of detail it’s all one-liners or vagueness for them…..

  15. that’s how our politicians go round, they have their own self interest.. let’s think twice for this coming election who is the best Senator to votes, let’s all keep open minded.

  16. Politics is the breeding ground for crime, with the senate representing the criminals holy grail, where breeding and integrity is replaced with greed and self-interest.

    “I don’t want to talk to you no more, you empty headed animal
    food trough wiper. I fart in your general direction. Your
    mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries.”
    ― Graham Chapman , Monty Python and the Holy Grail

  17. Funny. If Enrile truly wanted to resign, he just put forth his resignation to the floor and that’s that. The next order of business would have been to have an election for the next SP. But no, he put in a motion that the seat be declared empty, bringing the matter to a vote. Which he knew he would win since it was obviously planned. Sotto didn’t even wait for the chair to ask for a vote, he was already at the stand declaring his vote. Enrile is playing with the Filipino people by making them think he wanted to resign but it is truly the furthest from the Truth.

        1. What rebuttal can he give? As a propagandist he fails big time. Only idiots would buy that kind of trash from him.

        2. He can give a stupid “rebuttal”/red herring(as expected from a troll) or resort to ad hominem attacks(as usual). The troll is screwed either way.

  18. lala and her likes seem to be dreaming ang making excuses for his senator coup disgraced, he souhgt for amnesty right?, run like trillanes? bozo! okay, let us make the water clear. for those who says trillanes is clean, raise your eyebrow.

    trouble is, trillanes et all have the gall to pinpoint and accuse their leader using the rotten words – makabayan, makatotohanan, malinis na liderato and all” they are right but first, they have to present themselves where all their money in banks, in their homes , in their business shares, etc and their mansions as well. if presented legibly, then we sit down altogether to praise these 4 senator crying like wolves!

  19. It’s political zarzuela as usual. Now, they are quarreling about how they had divided their loot (Pork Barrel). It’s your money, Dudes, they are quarreling about. Your hard earned tax money…They are worse than the Pirates of the Carribean. These Swines…

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