Sotto’s plagiarism begets a blogging bill

Picture yourself as an average kid catching your younger sibling being a douche. You see him doing the typical mischief kids do in their worse days; throwing massive tantrums, stealing toys from other children, hitting people for no apparent reason, stuff like that. Being the good kid that you are, you beckon to your brother and give him a brief lecture on how wrong he was and why he should apologize for his mess-ups. But your brother happened to be spoiled.

He wails and cries and bawls, saying that it’s not his fault and you’re the one who’s being the douche instead. Your argument with your sibling reaches the ears of your dad. He rushes towards the scene and hushes your bratty brother.

“What happened?” your father asks, clearly alarmed.

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“I saw him being rude to other people, so I scolded him,” you say, somewhat feeling proud of what you’ve done, but annoyed at your brother at the same time.

“Okay, I understand,” your father replies affectionately while caressing your brother’s head. “Now, to avoid fights like this in the future, let me enumerate the things you’re allowed to do so you won’t hurt your little brother again.”

“I—what!?” you blurt out in utter disbelief.

“Yeah, you’re right, dad,” your brother says, while giving you a mocking grin. “Tell him what he should do so he won’t hurt me again.”

Unless you’ve been indoctrinated with a radically different moral code, you’ll agree with me in saying that this just screams injustice all over. Your brother was being a prick, you stop him from being a prick, and then your dad imposes rules on you instead? It just doesn’t sit well with even our simplest perceptions of justice.

Unfortunately for our collective sense of justice, our own Senate President doesn’t seem to agree with it. In response to the tirade against Senator Vicente “Tito” Sotto III regarding his plagiarized speech against the Reproductive Health bill, Juan Ponce Enrile suggested that they enforce a law that will define what the Internet bloggers, who comprise the majority of Sotto’s critics, get to say.

According to Rappler:

From the RH bill to a blogging bill?

There was no apology from Senate Majority Floor Leader Vicente “Tito” Sotto III for plagiarizing the works of a blogger.

Instead, Sotto and Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile proposed crafting a bill that will define and regulate blogging in the Philippines.

(Source: Link)

Yes, straight from the short story above. Like your ridiculously unjust dad and bratty brother, Enrile and Sotto attempt to craft a bill that basically puts the blame on you instead for what Sotto had done. While Sotto shoots back at critics with a vast array of red herrings…

In his privilege speech, Sotto came out swinging against those who criticized him on Twitter, Facebook and newspapers. The comedian-turned-senator said his defense is the public’s knowledge of his life.

“Ang buhay ko open book …. Ang tanong, alam ba natin sino [ang mga kritiko ko]? Matino ba sila? Mabait ba sila? Lasenggo ba sila? Nananakit ba sila ng asawa? ‘Di natin alam sino sila pero ang gagaling manira,” Sotto said. (My life is an open book. The question is: do we know who my critics are? Are they proper? Are they good people? Are they drunkards? Do they hurt their spouses? We don’t know them but they are so good in criticizing.)

Sotto also bristled at critics’ jab at his involvement as a host of the noontime show Eat Bulaga.

“Ang Eat Bulaga, daan-daan ang tinutulungan noon araw-araw. Libu-libo ang tumatangkilik. Itong mga tumutuligsa at namimintas sa atin, ilan na kaya ang natulungan na nila, kung meron man?” (Eat Bulaga helps hundreds of people everyday. Thousands watch it. Those criticizing me, how many have they helped, if any?)

Enrile stepped into the fray, inquired on what a blog is in the first place, came up with a brilliant idea and suggested to have blogs regulated.

The Senate President said, “Magpanukala tayo ng batas at ilagay natin doon kung ano ang mga karapatan ng mga may blogs para sa ganoon ay maliwanag.” (Let us make a law and let us put there the rights of those with blogs so it’s clear.)

In the midst of these amusingly irritating events, I must express my confusion; why do things have to turn out this way? Why is there a need for Sotto to put up a flimsy defense against his mishap, dragging Enrile into the mess in the process, endangering both of their reputations in the eyes of the public, when he could’ve just solved all of this in one simple action: saying sorry?

“I apologize for my failure to give credit where credit is due. I shall see to it that this will not happen again, and that I shall be more vigilant with the words I impart to the Filipino people.”

It gives you an air of humility, it gives you grace, and it solves pretty much everything in one fell swoop. I mean, after all, what the critics basically want is for Sotto to acknowledge that he plagiarized someone else’s work. Being a plagiarizer is a professional disgrace, which is utterly unbecoming of a public official like Sotto. The least he could do was to simply bow his head down and admit his mistakes. All will be eventually forgotten, and he can go back to being a bona fide champion of the so-called pro-life advocates.

But Sotto just had to attract more negative attention to himself by not admitting his wrongs in broad daylight. But the worst joke of all was for Enrile to side with Sotto while opening the threat to freedom of speech to bloggers everywhere. Agents of justice being unjust… how ironic.

Perhaps it could be machismo. Seriously, how could a man like Sotto yield to an unknown, not to mention female blogger? How could a senator bow down to a mere private citizen fighting for what is right in the face of professional and intellectual aggravation? Where’s the pride in that?

Or Sotto might be thinking that in being hard-headed, he might get the people’s favor for his unswerving principles. Although, observing the things that have happened, I’ve yet to see where the principles are hiding.

Or Sotto just doesn’t know how to act smart in public.

Well? What’s the next attraction in our political circus, Senator Sotto?

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75 Replies to “Sotto’s plagiarism begets a blogging bill”

  1. He is playing to his constituents who have no use for blogs since they don’t read. See earlier GRP blog on who Senator Sotto represents .

        1. @fishball: So what? It’s better because…

          I hope in the near future we SCRAP the stupidity that is the 1987 constitution and favor a form of governance that ACTUALLY favors efficient leaders. Besides Noynoy and former president Estrada, there was Gordon and Gibo who actually had something Pinoys could wish they can buy; a concrete vision. Nothing is going to change if we still run a system where familial last names matter and celebrities/athletes who get popular and pitch money to the poor to make things better.

          At least Gloria is a better stateswoman compared to Noynoy, if we compare the two. There is no room for INCOMPETENCE on being Prime Minister since the purpose of a parliamentary system is to select the BEST and to avoid incompetent politicians in office. And BS Aquino III is not one of the best since the fact is he’s an INCOMPETENT NUTJOB.

          Hope you have your fun, Fishball. 😛 I’m sure you’ll get paid by Malacanang. Of course you won’t admit since you’re a real-life… FRAUD. 😀

      1. @fishball

        You drag gloria here again into the discussion when she isn’t even mentioned. You clearly aren’t using your brain. Why do you drag someone who isn’t even part of this problem? Why do you continue to blame gloria? Did she do anything wrong to you or are you justa stupid yellow zombie who continues to be tricked by this wannabe dictator? You are really getting desperate and PATHETIC.

        1. How is this blog so easy to troll?

          >pretend to be a yellow zombie
          >say something retarded

        2. Blight, I like how you use the word “pretend” . Maybe some . I would like to think this website has earned the scorn of the yellow.

        3. @Blight
          an alternate method would be:
          >spout shitty yellow propaganda and in the process blame GMA and Corona even if they have nothing to do with the blog post.
          >continue to be persistent with pathetic propaganda
          >have your posts shot down repeatedly
          >vanish after being humiliated

  2. Don’t try to rationalize and analyze and understand what might be going through their minds! I know that you want to be able to come up with a rational explanation for their thought patterns, but honestly, just give up. No matter how low you try to reach, no matter how far you try to bend down low– you will not be able to reach that low low low level of human thought pattern! It will never be explained!

        1. @fishball: Squatter mentality and dysfunctional thinking are not real methods of reeducation. It’s more like the dumbing of one’s self.

          You’re living in a fantasy world, man. You just love being MEDIOCRE. 😛

  3. About the blogging bill – I don’t know what kind of smoke the senators are smoking. If the US cannot control the Internet with the SOPA bill, how does the Philippines can? ( in serious LOL). Bloggers (I assume) only know one right – that’s freedom of expression which is exercised every day. These two old-timers need to catch up fast or they will be really so outdated!

    Or Sotto just doesn’t know how to act smart in public. You hit the nail in the head.

    Hey Arche, you just gave my first real serious laugh of the day.

      1. My part is to help reveal the errors of this administration, so other people may know of it.

        How’s THAT for countering your trollisms?

        1. Many visit Rappler, fishball you birdbrain, because they like to say what people like to hear. What people like to hear isn’t always true, or are you one of those morons who think that just because something is popular, it is correct, hmm?

        2. Fishball , let me get this straight. Audience= truthful? This country is full of trashy tabloids that sell in cheap new stands . The Pravda in 1970s Russia was well read . Many watch crappy noon time Pinoy shows. Doesn’t make them more legit . There is a difference between information and affirmation, please inform the minister of truth that. Be a good girl and run to Ricky. Tell him Gogs will never believe you,

        3. Rappler is owned by some guy from ABS-CBN.

          Fact is you’re MANIPULATED. 😛 Jokes on you then. HAHA.

    1. And yet as of this point in time she’s STILL free.

      As free as the Marcoses during the first Aquino administration, and as free as they are in the current Aquino administration

      So much for your street mentality.

    2. That’s more like a SMALL DEAL.

      No wonder why most Filipinos are intellectually BANKRUPT. Including the likes of you. 🙂

  4. Kasalanan ni Gloria to kaya nagkakagulo ang lipunan natin eh. Mantakin mo, naging presidente ka na nga bumalik ka pa sa kongreso? At kontra pa sa RH bill, hindi na lang sumunod sa tuwid na daan. Dapat ikulong na yan sa regular na selda.

    1. Still clinging on to that pathetic propaganda eh fishball?
      You are methods are beginning to make you pathetic. Your propaganda is not working and will never be effective. You are only making a fool of yourself.

    2. Matagal nang magulo ang lipunan natin before Gloria came. The trouble have started after Marcos left.

      Nothing would change if there is INCOMPETENCE. Fact is that you love to cling on the dysfunctional society instigated by the oligarchy and many rich families (Aquino-Cojuangco included).

      Sorry, but you’re not educated into politics. Just a thought: if Gloria is in approval of the RH Bill, I’m sure you will oppose her since you’re like mindless sheep, believing in what the media tells you.

      At least I know what the TRUTH is. Not from some guy whose ‘truth’ is based on a lie or something that makes him/her feel better.

  5. fishball is just validating the the tyrant mindset of the current dictatorship. Black propaganda continues to spout against GMA. The lady congressman is therefore Guilty and should be placed in a regular jail before trial.

    The clincher is apparent when the little tyrant apprentice stated that we all need to be isolated in a reeducation camp. Makes me wonder if the Baron Butchokoy video showing the yellow rehas and the commie guards scenario will really happen. fishball you are really asking for it.

    1. He is not validating anything.If you break the law you go to jail,if it is a bailable offense….and you have money…you get out until trial,sentencing…if non-bailable offense…you sit in jail till trial.THAT is the law and no one is above it.OR at least that is the way it is supposed to be.

  6. Sotto wants to muzzle his critics. He wants people not to criticize him, for being a plagiarist. Hyperspace cannot be regulated. Same way, you cannot stop YellowTard Hackers, from Hacking PCOS, or peoples’ computers…

  7. The only way this could work is by registering your Blog to the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines. if you’re not registered, your blog can be used by anyone without citing their source. That’s the only way that this can be done in bounds to democracy. Sotto can slip this one cause the hounds at the Senate backs him up. Why don’t people focus on his fake Diane production year claim instead?

    1. How can you stop a Filipino blogger, blogging in the North Pole? Can you regulate foreign internet providers? Sotto and the Senators are old people . They are not familiar with the internet…

      1. It’s auto freeware if the source blog is outside the country, just like what Sotto did, since currently he isn’t also bound to the jurisdiction from which that blog came from.

        1. For me, the issue is not the legality but the morality of the Senator himself.

          Sure, it’s not illegal to copy from an international source based on written laws but is it ethical?

          Telling otherwise on national TV and even insulting the source, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that he didn’t know at this time what his staff did.

          Then the non-apology from his CoS and eventually crying foul from all the criticism, this part I cannot accept.

          Shrugging off responsibility, trying to escape blame (albeit due to ignorance) is an attitude I do not want in my Senators.

          “Oops, I didn’t know” is not something I’d like to hear from them when they mess up. The least they can give is an apology.

  8. I read somewhere, I think it was the website of ABS-CBN, that he is threatening his critics once the Cybercrime Bill has pass. Funny though, they have a different take with this bill than the Cybercrime Law in the US. According to Sen. Sotto, the bill will deal with critics who says bad things about the government..

    Wow! I think the Senator needs to check what does a critic.. tsk tsk.

  9. Interesting how politicians make us believe that democracy is being “restored” in our country, whilst political control over our basic rights or freedoms are starting to resemble countries we claim to dislike such as China—We are going towards the direction of N Korea or China, instead of that of “enlightened” societies. It’s bad enough that greed and the ambition of the few have dismantled and corrupted the true meaning of separation of powers. Now control over the various media are being extended to blogs which used to be havens of free thought and speech/writing.

    1. Yes Felipe, before the dam breaks there is a leak. That was my point in my post about Noynoy raining on the TV Patrol parade. The highest elected official telling private media what to do (why not be public controlled media) plus if one centavo of tax revenue goes towards the trolls you see here often in GRP , what does that say about the government who condones it?

        1. @A Bernardo, Me. Too.
          He has regressed from a good newsreader to an arrogant hanger-on to an angry inept mouth-agape brat.

  10. This proposed blogging bill has the smell of media control all over it and for what telling the truth about something? But then again no one enjoys being told that they are idiots especially idiots.

  11. And also may I ask, HOW IN THE NAME OF ALL THINGS SEEN AND UNSEEN IS GMA RELATED TO THIS!?…..or is fishball having a his period?

    1. Maybe that Fishball is a born idiot, suffered from autism, and loves being an immature brat. 😛

      At least I spoke the TRUTH. XD

  12. I hope in the near future we SCRAP the stupidity that is the 1987 constitution and favor a form of governance that ACTUALLY favors efficient leaders.

    At least Gloria is a better stateswoman… – Daido Katsumi

    If we can have a ‘better stateswoman’ like Gloria Arroyo to rule over us under our present constitution why do we have to scrap it?

    I don’t understand.

      1. Yes, I really love to learn but what is the relation of your post in Daido’s statement? Can you enlighten me on it? Thanks.

  13. Taken from today’s Manila Standard:

    “Ako yata ang kauna-unahang senador ng Pilipinas na naging biktima ng cyber-bullying. Mula sa blogs, Facebook, at Twitter, ginawa akong sentro ng mga mapanira at malisyosong atake ng iba’t ibang tao, lalo pa ng mga sumusuporta sa RH Bill (Maybe I am the first Philippine senator to become victim of cyberbullying. From blogs to Facebook to Twitter, I became the center of derision and malicious attacks especially from supporters of RH Bill).”

    Dear Senator if you just admitted to the fact or at least conceded that your speech was lifted from another person’s work without permission you could have avoided all of these, but no you just had entertain us with some black comedy instead.

    As for Sen. Enrile I’d be more careful of what words you spew out of your mouth, many people still remember you serve a dictator and there’s the fact that in spite of the half-truths, distortions and lies thrown against Corona you still say he’s guilty.

    More fun I the Philippines indeed…..

  14. Manong Johnny… Hindi na kami happy.

    Are all senators like Tito onion skinned? Is Tito above question and criticism in a free democracy?

    Please make us happy again. Do not use democracy against democracy by trying to muzzle legitimate dissent, press freedom and freedom to express opinions no matter how painful it may be.

    You have no right to regulate or suppress the internet blogs for the express purpose of controlling them.

    Happy kami sa kalayaan! Ayaw namin ng bulok na diktadura na gusto ng magaling na boss mo.

  15. i hope this blogging bill gets its airtime and the senate will invite bloggers during those “in aid of legislation” sessions. i would like to see if the tone and manner set here by these people criticizing the men of hour would be the same or hanggang keyboard lang.

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