President Noynoy Aquino’s 2012 SONA still blames GMA and takes credit for her work

A news report said that President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino got a total of 120 claps while delivering his third State of the Nation Address (SONA) before Congress. In Philippine society, such trivial detail seems important enough to be highlighted. It is crucial to let the public know that the President is still popular particularly since he was only voted because he had a popular name. One can’t help but think that the clapping audiences, which is composed mostly of members of Congress, are just perpetuating President BS Aquino’s delusions of adequacy.

There was nothing in the President’s one-and-a-half-hour speech that could have merited such thunderous applause. His speechwriters for the last two years have never been known to use the sorts of words that might send the audience leafing through a dictionary in the first place. The premise of the speech is not even original. The English translation of his SONA revealed that they used the famous quotes “If not us, then who?” and “If not now, then when?” Those were the same quotes US President Barack Obama used when he was still campaigning for his health care reform. BS Aquino’s speechwriters seem to be in the habit of looking to President Obama’s speeches and slogans for inspiration. We recall that the words “hope” and “change” were very much part of Noynoy’s campaign slogan prior to the 2010 election.

President BS Aquino’s SONA and the reaction in the gallery confirms what some have been thinking all along, that BS Aquino is not only dull himself; he is the cause of dullness in others. It was said to have been the longest by a Philippine president since the overthrow of Ferdinand Marcos in 1986. But the length of his SONA did not make up for its lack of substance. The men and women in Congress probably thought that at least the length of his speech made spending a fortune on dressing up a little bit worth it. They got more airtime parading in their Maria Clara gowns and expensive Barong Tagalogs that don’t even look special on TV. One wonders why they even bother with the pomp and pageantry every year. It’s probably their way of keeping the masses in their place.

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The public’s interest in what BS Aquino had to say seems to have waned or lessened this year. The GRP blogsite statistics indicate that there were less people who searched for his SONA compared to previous years when search engines sent site stats through the roof. It seems like most Filipinos did not want to waste their time reading his SONA anymore. Well, his first and second SONA pretty much contained the same theme of blaming the previous administration to make himself look good anyway. The lack of interest in what the President has to say indicates that Filipinos have once again become apathetic about how the country is being run.

The last three SONA’s have muddled everything Filipinos know about the blame game in the Philippines. Now that there is supposedly no corrupt President to blame, BS Aquino still manages to get away with blaming previous President Gloria Arroyo (GMA) and every other GMA-appointed public servant for his administration’s own shortcomings. Yes, P-Noy still manages to blame everybody else but himself regardless of the fact that he is still using GMA’s policies until now and has not introduced any radical measures that can actually distinguish his stint in Malacanang from the rest of the previous Presidents before him.

BS Aquino does not fail to mention how GMA’s nine years were “wasted years”, never mind that as previously mentioned, leaked reports courtesy of Wikileaks confirmed that world leaders in China and the U.S. say GMA was perceived to be a good leader because she was someone who was in control of the situation in the country. To wit:

Online whistle-blower WikiLeaks leaked the diplomatic cable “Progress in the Philippines, but More Needed” detailing discussions on Southeast Asia between Eric John, then US deputy assistant secretary for East Asian and Pacific Affairs (EAP), and two senior Chinese diplomats. The leaked cable was dated March 5, 2007.

Hu Zhengyue, then China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs director general for Asian Affairs, discussed with John his country’s efforts in dealing with the Philippines and other Southeast Asian nations.

“Beijing sees President Gloria Arroyo as a good leader because she has shown that she is in control.”

DAS John agreed President Arroyo has stabilized Philippine leadership and enacted strong fiscal and economic policy, but stressed that Beijing and Washington must encourage Manila to continue working hard to promote transparency and good governance, according to the leaked diplomatic cable.

President BS Aquino cited the excellent performance of the Philippines’ stock market as proof of the effectiveness of his economic and investment policies. However, stock markets are all about perception. The Philippine media that is very biased for the incumbent President created all this positive perception surrounding him. This positive image reverberated across the globe. The positive image gives investors more confidence to invest in the country.

But if you think about it, if the mainstream Philippine media was responsible for giving BS Aquino or the Philippines a positive image, they were also responsible for giving GMA or the Philippines a negative image and driving away potential investors as a result. Headlines like, “Failure of elections will benefit GMA” or “Another Arroyo dinner to cost $15,000.00″ also reverberated around the globe. Such articles were not even worthy of front-page news and were also written in styles befitting tabloids and not the broadsheets they appeared on. In short, the uncertainties induced by the media during GMA’s term made foreign investors jittery or gave them unfounded anxieties. The “business confidence” we see now is all thanks to media’s reduction in much of the ado they made about nothing and have very little to do with BS Aquino.

Before he even stepped into office, the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) registered a growth of 7.3% for the first quarter following frontloaded tax payments and an average inflation rate of 4.3%. Let us give credit where credit is due — to the whole lot of factors including president Arroyos policies, global economic recovery, increased remittances and increased consumer spending.

The President promised to create more schools but these will not be enough to train people to help them become more entrepreneurial. Our manufacturing sector seems to be irreversibly descending a slippery slope and can no longer compete with those in China, Vietnam, India and Bangladesh. Besides, the President also needs to address the reality that it is in our cultural DNA to be less competitive than other ethnic groups.

BS Aquino’s lack of enthusiasm in addressing calls for economic reforms can be construed as wanting to ensure that protectionism remain entrenched in the country. After all, he is the son of the former President who was instrumental in forging the protectionist clause in the Philippine constitution in 1987, which guaranteed the ruling elite’s domination of the Philippine market with their low quality products and services.

As Jesse Ang, country representative of the World Bank’s private sector arm International Finance Corp, said in a previous article, “Philippine gov’t asked to end protectionism”:

“The country should “open up” more, as many of its neighbors were doing that and in an aggressive manner.”

“We really need to open up. If the gates are open, then we should take advantage of it,” he said in a recent forum. “We as a country have used protectionist policies for far too long. That’s why our industries are not competitive. We should join the bigger market. This is the way the world’s going. We really need to learn to compete.”

From the same article it was mentioned;

Asian Institute of Management Policy Center associate director Lai-Lynn Barcenas added that the country also needed a “cohesive industrial development, trade and competition policy.”

To boost the country’s competitiveness, she said concrete steps would have to be taken to improve the country’s energy infrastructure, road networks, and other infrastructure needed to do business.

President BS Aquino might have scored brownie points with some of his detractors for his support of the RH Bill when he mentioned the words “responsible parenthood” but that will only translate into something if he sticks to his guns even in the face of Catholic Church pressure bearing down on him.

BS Aquino’s handlers are not helping him to stay grounded on reality when they highlight the success of his SONA. By praising him for having done nothing significant as the leader of 100 million Filipinos, it is as if they act to cushion his every fall. How will PNoy learn to deal with reality then when they keep doing this?

Likewise his talk of leveling the playing field only applies to his own cronies if you look at the number of friends who are now members of his cabinet. And his devotion to reprisals against people even without solid bases for doing so is turning his term into one showdown after another. I wonder how much real work will get done apart from his futile attempts at getting rid of all those associated with the previous administration?

It is not a good sign when the electorate has complete trust in their government. When the electorate does not even question things or use their critical analysis faculties when listening (or not listening) to their public officials, it only means that they are not in a “what can I do to help?” mode. They are more in the mode of “we can trust him to take care of everything for us.”

The Filipino electorate is indeed dreaming again. They are back in their comfy stupor. They keep going back to being less vigilant every time there is a newly elected head of state.

Indeed, a President that does not plan to exceed people’s expectations coupled with an electorate that does not expect much is, shall we say, a match made in heaven.

80 Replies to “President Noynoy Aquino’s 2012 SONA still blames GMA and takes credit for her work”

  1. Ilda, as always… thank you. although i did not watch the whole SONA thing, i think i already had the idea that PNoy will be blaming the previous President and people will keep on clapping their hands. i have not heard any solid plans that he has for this country. so i am thinking of a plan for my own family. leaving this country will be hard, but i don’t want my family to suffer anymore.

    1. Hope you don’t think I am making light of your situation but that’s why I hate this more fun in the Philippines baloney. More fun cause of less work.

    2. @nitesoul

      You are welcome. I’m sure that as a rational thinking person, you have read both sides before you arrived at your decision. At the end of the day, we have to look out for number one, which is ourselves. After all, we can’t rely on BS Aquino to lift our status in life.

    3. Leaving this accursed land will be the best investment for anyone’s future. Make no mistake we are now in a fascist regime which will never relinquish power for as long as there are Aquinos and Cojuangcos to continue the family tradition of lies and deceit.

        1. Weh di nga?! Eh kung harap-harapan bakit di mapatunayan sa hukuman na nagnakaw siya? Asan ang kaso na isasampa daw ng hari niyong dilaw?

          Utak bola ka nanaman eh.

        2. Pure contradiction. You keep on claiming that Gloria stole YOUR money in front of your face (while it was the goverment’s money to begin with) while it is ok for you that PNot has the biggest pork barrel ever. Hypocrisy much? YES. That’s because the latter represents the term more than the former.

          EPIC FAIL. 😛

          Requesting the deletion of Fishball’s comments, please.

        3. @fishball

          you still don’t have any proof of GMA’s wrongdoing dipshit. Your brain must really be the size of a fishball if you still believe on pure hearsay amd improven allegations.

          The fact that GMA has been given liberty further weakens your pathetic argument.

          You better start crying because your stupid president’s time in malacanang is nearing it’s end.

        4. Fishball is not kris as some believe. He works at the communications group of carandang, uses MacBook bought with tax money, receiving salary from tax money. He doesn’t have an opinion himself and only does cut and paste from scripts prepared by the comm group. Its a full time job for him. He has other aliases and is regular poster in other feedback sections of other online sites/blogs.

          The first thing the next admin of binay should do is to investigate this group whose only purpose is to serve bs Aquino and not the country. Somebody has to check the address of his machine an you’ll know what I’m saying.

        5. @tongits- I am not surprised. This administration is intellectually bankrupt . Their leader has never an original thought in his life yet they resent those that do. I am guilty of calling Fishball “Kris” because : 1) extremely KSP like Kris 2) extremely protective of Kris’ kuya . Never once did Fishball/ Kris ever call me out on that. Which backs up your claim of spewing out copypaste propoganda. I doubt Binay would do anything about Noynoy’s carpet bombing / spam/ bot / smear tactics since I don’t how many times I get texts announcing how great Binay is on my phone. That is tax payer money too.

          As for Ricky ” Joseph Goebbels” Carnadang, I just can’t believe the so called journalists that have won Noynoy’s favor in the campaign and were rewarded with posts. Anyone who has an idea about the ethics of the profession should be puking based on how incestious the likes of Carandang, MLQ III etc do not cover the story but are the story. Thank you very much ABS CBN and the Lopez family for further distorting the country’s brains.

  2. I think we should stop expecting anything, anything at all, from our President whose campaign platform was “I ran for the Presidency because my mother died”.

    The applause can easily be explained by mob/herd mentality. Just have a good number of congressmen, which PNoy definitely has, clap and the rest of the audience will clap along. The congressmen might even be clapping on cue, sheep that they are.

  3. A very nice read Ilda, seems there really is no hope for our beloved country. BS Aquino’s SONA is all B***S***…..I’ve been struggling between jobs for years now and have no choice but to accept a job offer abroad. Here in PI, either they’ll offer you a job that pays slightly higher than the minimum wage or you will be better compensated in a call center job (no offense to call center agents)…I am a licensed architect and I could not even find a decent job here….

    1. @ungas

      The reality for many Filipinos who can’t find decent work is so far from the picture BS Aquino tried to project in his SONA. He is not in touch with the common folks at all.

    2. @ ungas…been there and done that…to think i have 12 years worth of experience in my chosen field. Sad to say that professionals like us are more appreciated in other countries. The government has ignored or chose to ignore the plight of the likes of us.

      @ ilda,..good read as always…also feel good to be able to comment again here in GRP after a few months…I was intellectually mugged commenting in yahoo news philippines (it was the only site i can post comments in for the past few months, must be problem with our office internet) and i’m still recovering from the trauma.

  4. “Kung masama ang loob ninyo na ang 5.2 million na pinakamahihirap na kabahayang Pilipino ay maaari nang pumasok sa ospital nang hindi iniintindi ang gastos sa pagpapagamot,..” Seriously, you dare say that? Take me for example I have a stable job, I have Intellicare, which is a far more expensive health insurance than PhilHealth, I even worry about other hospital fees which may not be covered. How much more for the ordinary Juan. Ni ang mga kababayan nating OFW na malaki ang binabayad sa PhilHeath hindi nga natutuwa. How far can PhilHealth really cover for you? Tell me this guy’s not lying. Eh kung ako nga na kayang bumili ng 2pc. chickenjoy araw2x at may mamahaling insurance ay nag-aalala pa rin dahil hindi lahat ay covered eh ang 5.2 million pa kaya na PINAKAMAHIHIRAP? That’s not the state of the nation, that’s the president’s imagination.

    1. not to mention that 10B debt Phil Health has from private hospitals! So where is he going to get the money he needs to expand the Phil Health coverage? Paying for other people’s health coverage with my money does not really sit well with me!

      1. the speech of our president doesnt seem interesting…he keeps on badgering the past while he have to concentrate in the future…past is past just forget about that and just focus on some thing more important

    1. @Matthew

      I don’t live in the US and I am not even an Obama fan but I distinctly remember seeing a news clip of him saying that exact line when he was still campaigning for his Obamacare. When I read the English version of PNoy’s SONA, I just knew I’ve heard it before so I Googled it. It’s a famous quote.

      1. It’s because de Quiros and the other elitists of the yellow brigade fancy Noynoy to be the Philippine version of Obama. Noynoy’s speechwriters don’t care that some of us can spot a fraud, they just care about “masa” mileage.

        1. But Obama and Pnoy is a good comparison – they are both trapo.

          Obama’s promises never came into fruition. One good example is that he wants to bring home the troops once elected. Obama was never firm on what he stands for. As a senator, he opposed debt extension limit but as the president, he calls for it. They put projects not knowing where to source the funding. Apparently, they both want the working people to work harder so their government can give more – Obamacare and Philhealth expansion.

          So given the choice between Obama and Pnoy, Ill choose no one. Thay are both trapo.

        2. @oliver mia

          Both may have made promises they didn’t intend to keep as politicians do but BS Aquino is miles behind Obama’s intellectual abilities. He won using his own charm and without the help of popular parents while Noynoy can’t write his own speech even if his life depended on it.

        3. @Ilda

          Yes, on that aspect Obama will trash Aquino. But then again, charms and intellect will get U.S. nowhere if used for the wrong principles. So for me, I put Obama, Aquino and all the other leaders, who fell short of doing what is necessary, at the same level.

        4. You are absolutely right. He is the exact replica of Obama who pretend to be working for the middle class but in reality he is working for the union boses.

  5. All we have is the here and now. Forget GMA ever existed. Do you find the current president a moron , a genius or somewhere in between? Please support your answer with actual things you can point a finger in various times in his life. My opinion is the guy is 1st degree slacker, spoiled brat and living off his name. He can’t relate to ordinary people , like Marie Antoinette with a gun hobby. But that’s just me. If GMA loyalist is the best you can come up with then you seem not to be able to argue the dummy who addressed the nation on Monday afternoon.

  6. Yes I obviously believe that. But to see them actually give voice to an opposing view was disorienting to me. I wrote about in my piece here in GRP called “When Pigs Fly”

  7. President Aquino’s SONA can be summarized into one simple phrase:

    Natutulog nanaman sa pansitan si Noynoy

    He prefers to stay in Noynoyland, where his critics don’t exist, or are languishing in some sort of prison. This is also a dream place where everyday the people sing nothing but praise towards him. Unfortunately, when he wakes up to reality, he will find that his real title is King Nothing.

    Noynoy has made the centerpiece of his administration to tear down everything associated with the Arroyos, good or bad. From the start his critics have known that the most probable reason he was made President was because he was an assurance that the status quo would remain in place.

    I wondered if it was just a typographical error on the part of the newspapers. I thought “120 claps” was actually “120 craps”. Hehehe

    1. @FA

      Our public servants are good at congratulating themselves even without seeing the actual results of their work. They see the potential and say “Nothing is impossible” but don’t do the actual hard work of achieving what they first set out to do. Unfortunately, ningas kugon tend to happen eventually.

    2. Since politics is the second oldest profession and, according to Ronald Reagan, “bears a striking resemblance to the first,” it would be quite plausible that the trapos in Congress did indeed give BS “120 claps,” if you know what I mean, Fallen Angel.>:)

      Ilda, was it a play on words?O:-)

      As always, a great read! Thanks, Ilda!

  8. There is no such thing as neutrality in journalism, only balance. And I think this blog supports it much. The negative side of the SONA is more often tackled than the good side. Just as what Aristotle would always say, “You can not impress all of the people”. To tell you this, I am not a supporter of P-Noy, but by far he is doing well as a President. I know I will receive a lot of criticisms because this site is PURELY against him, all of the bloggers and readers as well. But come battle me in a debate on why P-Noy is our righteous leader, I will definitely win. Because I can rebut a thousand reasons why he is, by far, doing great as a President. Hands down to Mr. President.

    “Kung bobo ang GOBYERNO, mas bobo ang BUMOTO”.

    1. Interesting. So why don’t you start with a few basics; like citing three specific areas where BS Aquino is “doing well as a President” to get the ball rolling.

    2. “Kung bobo ang GOBYERNO, mas bobo ang BUMOTO”.

      I suppose then that you are not one of them voters? And you seem to support him now? Something is not right….. or is just me?

        1. Hey benigns, I know what will be the outcome. If someone had a counter-argument, then he’ll go for personal attacks and play victim and such.


        2. Its good you guys give him a chance to voice out his side. I tried to oppose somebody in yahoo news ph and all i got were character assassinations and some foul language that my mother wouldn’t want to hear (or read).

    3. Oh, and I almost forgot: I’ve voted for Gibo and I have no regrets and yet GRP have favored guys like Gibo and Gordon. These people are what the country needs: a CONCRETE VISION.

      Nothing is going to change if we still run a system where familial last names matter and celebrities/athletes who get popular and pitch money to the poor to make things better.

      Yeah. I definitely win. 😛

    4. @HibangNaFilipino

      Why don’t you start by explaining to us the logic behind using old crime data in his SONA? Isn’t that misleading the public into believing the crime rate is down?

      What makes you think “this site is purely against” BS Aquino? Obviously you haven’t read the articles yet. We’re actually trying to help him. Once he stops blaming other people for his shortfalls, his critics might just cut him some slack. 😉

    5. The problem with bs is that he sincerely believed that all the “good” things he said we are “Basking in” now started only when he took office. Gloria was very popular when she started but lost all her political capital when she made many unpopular decisions to strengthen the economy, such as the vat and evat.

      BS has not done any thing yet, all the things happening now are medium to long term effects of past decisions made by his economy professor. He should be humble enough to acknowledge it. But again, it is asking for too much of the psychologically impaired.

  9. Nang maupo tayo, at masimulan ang makabuluhang
    reporma, minaliit ng ilan ang pagpapakitang-gilas ng pamahalaan. Kundi raw buwenas, ningas-kugon lang itong mauupos rin paglaon. May ilan pa rin pong ayaw magretiro sa paghahasik ng negatibismo; silang mga tikom ang bibig sa good news, at ginawang industriya na ang kritisismo. Kung may problema kayo na bago matapos ang taon, bawat bata ay may sarili nang upuan at aklat, tingnan ninyo sila, mata sa mata, at sabihin ninyong, “Ayaw kong makapag-aral ka.” Kung masama ang loob ninyo na ang 5.2 million na pinakamahihirap na kabahayang Pilipino ay maaari
    nang pumasok sa ospital nang hindi iniintindi ang gastos sa pagpapagamot, tingnan ninyo sila ulit, mata sa mata, at sabihin ninyong, “Ayaw kong
    gumaling ka.” Kung nagagalit kayo na may tatlong milyong pamilyang Pilipino nang tumutungo sa katuparan ng kanilang mga pangarap dahil sa Pantawid Pamilya, tingnan ninyo sila, mata sa mata, at sabihin ninyong, “Ibabalik ko kayo sa
    kawalan ng pag- asa.”

    ayan na lang ba ang alam nyo na manira? Parang tinaboy nyo na rin ang pagkakataon na umunlad ang Pilipino!

    1. @Fishball

      You’re already praising him for his “targets”. Do it when he achieves them. Even the CCT program, which is funded by taxpayer’s money is mired with “allegations of widespread embezzlement by DSWD personnel and a scathing report by the Commission on Audit that revealed, among other things, several billion pesos’ worth of misallocated funds and potentially thousands of ineligible recipients”.

      Why did BS Aquino use old crime data in his SONA? He wanted to mislead the public.

    2. “Kung masama ang loob ninyo na ang 5.2 million na pinakamahihirap na kabahayang Pilipino ay maaari nang pumasok sa ospital nang hindi iniintindi ang gastos sa pagpapagamot, tingnan ninyo sila ulit, mata sa mata, at sabihin ninyong,

      “Ayaw kong gumaling ka.””

      Pag ayaw sa CCT / PPP, ayaw na agad pag aralin yung mahihirap? Ayaw na agad pagalingin yung may sakit na mahihirap? Hindi ba pedeng ayaw muna sa dole outs?

      Saka bakit laging mahihirap na lang? Paano kaming middle class? Immune ba kami sa pag aalala? Eh kung maayos lahat ng public school, state university at public hospital eh ‘di sana hindi mo na kailangan limusan yung mahihirap? Ngayon, itanong mo yan kay Noy, tingnan mo sa mata ah.

      1. @oliver

        I completely agree with you. All policies are concerned about the poor and the down trodden of this society when in fact many of them would rather rely on dole outs instead of getting their behinds up and running. And when dole outs come, it’s kingdom come for many of them, spending it on vices.
        The middle class continue to suffer from this mismanagement of resources and continue to be excluded from these so-called government interventions to alleviate poverty. We continue to drown in debts no matter how frugal we try to be with the continued increases in prices and lowering of quality.
        Sometimes I think it’s better to just build my own shanty then wait for the area to be demolished so I get to have easy-money.

  10. @fishball

    “give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. teach him to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.” sana naisip mo eto bago mo pinuri ang PPP. ang limos kahit na sa anong anyo ay hindi sagot sa kawalan ng mga kababayan natin. bigyan mo ako ng numbers na nagpapatunay na ang mga nakatanggap ng PPP ay umunlad na ang buhay, baka maniwala pa ako sa iyo. the way i look at it, the PPP is turning us into a welfare state. why bother to work. the state will take care of me. kung mata sa mata lang, kaya ko silang harapin at sabihin “galing sa dugo at pawis ko ang kinakain ninyo”.

    1. remember that the presidents term is not yet over so dont say things like that to him. Tandaan mong mabigat ang mga pasakit na minana natin kay Gloria.

      1. Herp Derp! All gossips and blunders, Fishball. Just accept the fact that you’re too delusional.

        I don’t want to listen to PNoy’s SONA because he’s blaming the past administration all over again. It’s stupid and then you call it leadership? That’s cowardice! And only sycophants like you will treat it as such.

        Oh I get it. You just want to make fun! 😛 Yellow Zombies like yourself are best in hit-and-run tactics. Only anti-intellectual idiots would treat these kinds of articles as ‘paninira’ because of a stupid excuse called “pwede na iyan”. Kayong mga BOBO ang sumisira sa bansang ito! Ang tunay na pag-unlad ay darating kapag wala nang taong PALPAK!

        And I’m talking to PNoy and the rest of the morons who admired him. Ugh.

      2. So they let the birdbrains fly out of the cage again?

        Your master has thrown bullsh*t at us three (3) times already what makes you think he won’t hesitate to keep throwing this bullsh*t for the remaining three?

      3. You are forgetting one thing fishball…

        Your president’s time at malacanang is coming to an end very soon.

        Again, you blame GMA yet you don’t have any evidence against her.

        Grow a brain you stupid sack of shit

      4. @fishball He asked for it. Dapat nung tumatakbo pa lang sya, tinanong mo na..

        “Noy, kaya mo ba?”

        I’m not asking for an overnight solution. May plataporma sya kung paano mararating yung vision nya. Yung sa bawat isyu, alam mo ang stand at kung ano eksakto gusto nya mangyari. Tingnan mo yung EO ng mining, ilang buwan nyang pinag isipan yun tapos ganun lang? Napaka non-sense. Ang glaring lang dun sa new mining EO ay dapat mas mataas share ng national government.

        Yung PPP, ano na? After 2 years ng pag iintay, after ng 2 years na walang development, ayaw na nya ituloy? Biglang ganun na lang?

      5. I was earning half my salary in PGMA’s time and I get to SAVE MORE than half of what I am able to save now.
        Not a PGMA fan. I am simply citing my own experience.
        So the pasakit thing you are talking about, as a class B middle class, did not feel it until last year. Oh and BTW, we have your bossing as our president when my savings have gone, I dunno where…
        And I have a second job.

  11. Again, typical of his kind to blame GMA for his shortcomings. Nothing new, good thing we have exams at that SONA day, I’m really be better off reviewing my notes back then rather than listen to his speech. Will only makes me drowsy and eventually flunk my exams back then

    Then again, Ms. Ilda, Mr. Benign0 and others who posted in GRP, all of your articles are really GREAT! Let me make this message as my form of appreciation, I’m your number one stalker/lurker/ of your entries here. Thumbs up! 🙂

    1. @tigailog

      As someone said, PNoy’s SONA proves that he is capable of deceiving the public using inaccurate data and glossing over how he is supposed to achieve his target. He did not even elaborate on what he meant by “responsible parenthood”. That’s a cheap trick if you ask me.

      Thanks for reading GRP!

  12. You are right Ilda, BS Aquino is miles behind Obama’s intellectual capacity. You might add that if compared to Abe Lincoln, BS Aquino is light years behind. Compare BS Aquino’s SONA and Lincoln’s Gettysburg address. The SONA was prepared the entire week and delivered for 1 1/2 hours and yet as you said, all length but lacks substance. The Gettysburg speech jotted by Lincoln overnight in a train was spoken in ten minutes and its impact on the hearts and minds of his people still reverberates after nearly 150 years.

    1. Thanks for the trivia, RF Garcia.

      PNoy’s SONA reportedly had more than 5 drafts and he had to practice delivering it for a week! Gees!

  13. You are obviously pro GMA. I am not pro or against any particular policitian. Iam pro right anti wrong. I know for a fact that GMA was a brilliant person. It was just a sad fact that she and her family were “caught” doing dirty politicing and they definitely are used to getting all the side kicks of being a politician.

    1. TROLL. The author is not actually pro-GMA. She’s anti-stupidity and anti-mediocrity. You are just the opposite. 😛

      And don’t tell me people like you go EMO over PGMA, claiming she stole millions of YOUR money (when its the governments money to begin with. Taxation money ain’t yours son! You aren’t down with that? Complain about taxation without representation!) when she also was an efficient leader that kept the Philippines economy afloat, invested on its economic side and did what she could to keep the government from going astray as she wasn’t going to get any legitimacy as the transitional leader after Estrada. So in this system, she had to what she can to gain allies, even if it meant throwing money at them.

      Sorry to disappoint you, but all of them, not just GMA, are doing politics. All of the controversies that happened during her term are just politics in addition from the manipulation from the biased media. People blame the former president because the media highlighted her faults and made her supposedly anti-masa. While the media who are allies with the Aquinos won’t look critically on their mistakes, including the current President’s ineptitude. See the bias?

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