PNoy: coup to oust him could be something from his wish list

Some people can’t tell whether President Noynoy Aquino lacks imagination or is kicking his imagination into overdrive. Recently it seems that his imagination had actually been working doubly hard. From out of the blue he made a new claim that there is a plot in the works to oust him. As usual, however, PNoy was short on details. He was not specific about the nature of the threat against him and did not even identify who were behind the alleged plot.

He actually said the above during a speech at the 26th anniversary of the Presidential Security Group, a group whose primary job is to guard his safety. This prompted PSG commander Colonel Ramon Mateo Dizon to say that they have not monitored any planned coup or other threats to the life of Aquino. I can just imagine how surprised the PSG commander must have been upon hearing PNoy’s claims.

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One can’t help but wonder why PNoy loves injecting innuendos in his speeches. If the PSG commander didn’t know about the information to oust him but PNoy himself was privy to it, it could mean that either the PSG staff is incompetent or PNoy is making things up. Since none of the intelligence agencies know about this alleged plot to oust him, one could say that the President is just fond of giving subtle warnings to his perceived enemies that he is on to them. In the Filipino vernacular, “mahilig syang magparinig”.

Unfortunately for PNoy, his habit of playing the victim in order to alarm people might just alienate him from the very people who are supposed to be protecting him. This alleged plot to oust him by people only he alone could know might not have even entered their minds, but then those who are growing discontented with the way he is handling things might just act on the idea and do it. Indeed, PNoy’s alleged donation of funds to the Moro Islamic Libaration Front (MILF) and his alliance with former communist leader Joma Sison has not pleased some members of the military.

This begs the questions: Is PNoy simply bored with his job? When PNoy bared the plot to oust him without going into specifics, was it a cry out to someone to rescue him from a job he didn’t really want to begin with? He just might be secretly wishing for a coup d’état. Think about it. A successful coup would actually make PNoy’s presidential misery go away and get him his old cushy life back — an easy life spent hanging out with his drinking and shooting buddies. A failed coup attempt, on the other hand, can plunge the country into further disarray and give everyone — especially political pundits — more stuff to write about. In his mind, PNoy probably imagined that a country in chaos would give him ample excuse for failing to deliver any real results to an ailing economy — because forces that want him out will have kept him too “distracted”. You could also say that PNoy might even be nostalgic of the numerous coup d’etats during his late mother’s time. It did give his mother enough reason to play the victim card.

Some people wouldn’t put it past PNoy to have concocted on his own this alleged plot to oust him, considering his taste for emo drama and his love of guns. A real gunfight between rebel forces and his security group could be quite entertaining for him. Ironically, a member of the Catholic Church is not buying his allegations. Archbishop Emeritus Oscar Cruz just laughed off PNoy’s claims:

“Why would anyone want to kill him, he is incompetent… Ang pinapatay ay ‘yong talagang magagaling, matitindi at talagang mahuhusay. ‘Yon, talagang pinapatay ang mga ‘yon (The ones killed are those who are really good at what they do, who are excellent. Those are the people who need to be killed by some people),” said Cruz.

Archbishop Cruz may have a point. But though PNoy himself may be incompetent, the archbishop may be underestimating the people around PNoy — those who direct his moves. Since most of his speeches are crafted in a way that aims to manipulate the public’s minds as best as it can, their “brilliance”, for lack of a better term to describe their ploy, is in the way they predict how the gullible will accept what the popular leader says as the “truth”. Indeed, PNoy’s public relations machine has so far gotten away with distracting the public by deflecting the blame for his incompetence towards other people.

Speaking of blaming other people, PNoy lambasted Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona again during an interview. Switching to his most typical of unimaginative states, PNoy said that he couldn’t imagine Corona getting acquitted. To quote:

“I find it hard to imagine not to get the result, that as you said, I would want.”

It seems that what PNoy wants is something that the Senator Judges will have to give him. Otherwise, all hell might break lose because, as he said, PNoy cannot imagine what else he would do if he doesn’t get it. It would, as such, be interesting to see what will happen once the impeachment trial is over. PNoy doesn’t seem to realize that whether Chief Justice Corona gets convicted or not, either way, he will still suffer the consequences of his vindictiveness. If Chief Justice Corona gets acquitted, PNoy might just lose his motivation to work after having devoted his entire term thus far to a campaign against Corona. His speeches and his policies were all devoted to vilifying his opponents. When it is all over, he will have become what they call a lame duck having so far laid no solid foundation to move forward. And in the event that Corona does get convicted, PNoy will have only three years to work on in any further effort at turning the country around in order to leave a truly positive legacy as a head of state.

In his own media blitz, Chief Justice Corona for his part has insinuated in an interview that PNoy and some of his allies did try to work on lobbying him to assure them that former President Gloria Arroyo gets convicted for her alleged crimes. According to Corona, a justice of the high tribunal “brokered” a dialogue between him and the PNoy. This was said to have taken place “sometime in June or July 2010”, the purpose of which was to help mend the relationship between the two. During the said meeting, PNoy pitched the proposed memorandum circular creating the Truth Commission to investigate the alleged crimes of GMA. However, to the Chief Justice, the way the provision was written, “constituted a violation of the equal protection clause of the Constitution” because it focused attention solely on the Arroyo administration and its allies. So Corona suggested that they amend a provision that “order should mention wrongdoers in general, not one particular set of people”.

The Chief Justice’s suggestion was not taken positively and obviously ignored. History will tell us that the Supreme Court has ruled the Truth Commission as unconstitutional and consequently rejected.

In another more pleasant setting and time, another meeting hosted by Senator Teofisto Guingona III, Chief Justice Corona’s former law student in the Ateneo, was held in 2011 in the Senator’s residence. Corona claims that in the meeting, Guingona broached the idea that the Chief Justice should just retire and let Justice Antonio Carpio take over as Chief Justice. Although Guingona has not denied that the lunch meeting took place, he is denying that he suggested Corona resign. It’s a real mystery what motivated Guingona to even suggest such a thing. I can imagine the food turning a sour taste after the exchange.

Considering that both PNoy and Guingona welcomed Corona into their respective homes as the Chief Justice and even consulted him for his opinion on various things, it is really pointless for both to keep misleading the public into thinking that Corona’s appointment was unconstitutional. The case of Corona being a midnight appointee should have been dropped from the time they consulted him and recognized his position.

It’s too bad that an acute lack of imagination made PNoy and his minions do things without thinking of the consequences of their actions. Their schemes seem to be leading them down a path that can only end at one thing: regret.

32 Replies to “PNoy: coup to oust him could be something from his wish list”

  1. Antonio “i-love-my-country-that- is-why-I-attempted-to-blow-up-a-hotel” Trillanes is blaming the allies of the former admin. As if all of them yellow army are clean. Haha.

    1. The Aquinos wanted GMA to replace Erap and led a revolt. Now PNoy is paranoid his enemies might do the same thing.

  2. Considering that both PNoy and Guingona welcomed Corona into their respective homes as the Chief Justice and even consulted him for his opinion on various things, it is really pointless for both to keep misleading the public into thinking that Corona’s appointment was unconstitutional. The case of Corona being a midnight appointee should have been dropped from the time they consulted him and recognized his position.

    Exactly! Aquino, Guingona, & buddies unwittingly reveal the kind of people they truly are by making a public official’s legitimacy hinge on whether this official agrees to their political machinations or not.

    1. Rev. Oscar Cruz is right. Certain peaple tend to kill the competent and very good. A fine example is president Kennedy. But look at Hitler. There were several attempts by his own soldiers to kill him and the reason is because the Germans saw Hitler has become incompetent because he has become deranged and no longer able to lead them effectively in their war.

    2. Unfortunately, not everyone can see the flaw in the thinking process of these two clowns. They’ve already recognised his authority as Chief Justice but when they couldn’t get him to agree with their views, they dropped all the pretense of being nice and attacked him in public. They are so disgraceful.

  3. I think the coup plot is simply PNOY’s way of giving rationale to his desire for a “new set of wheels”. And his announcement was actually I think around a day before congress was lobbying for this to happen.

    But that’s just me. =)

    1. You could be right. The timing is quite suspect. I just wonder about the effects of telling a lie just to justify buying something. His staff might be scratching their heads asking what the hell is their boss saying?

    2. His porsche is not enough eh? I really hope that AFP will make up from this yellow dream and push for the rebellion! Let Bong Bong Marcos lead the country…

  4. Wala na talagang pag asa ang bayan umangat. walang programa sa kahit na anong problema ng bansa. sabagay, ano ba pakialam mo kung lahat ng babae kahit ayaw sa yo e pwede mo ng makuha? ano nga ba kung maraming mamatay sa gutom e sya naman masarap ang kinakain? paki nya ba sa mataas na gasolina e libre naman sya lahat magkakaroon pa ng bagong kotse? haay, proud to be Pinoy. It’s more fun in the Philippines.

  5. Does Mr. BS Aquino really view the coup threat as real? His loyal friend Mr. Trillanes was granted amnesty for his coup misadventures. Many still remember the Magdalo Group alliance with the CPP-NPA. One captured Lt. San Juan revealed the evidence proving the alliance. The public was regaled by Mr. Trillanes of a “red scare” which he apparently used out of context as the same refers to a period in US history. The revelations of the acquisition of an armored, bomb proof vehicle might be a knee-jerk reaction or genuine great fear for his life. Not many know that there is a defense acquisition of at least 33 units of RPG-7 rocket launchers. This is supposed to be used against terror bomb vehicles, the usual suspects and other still unidentified elements. Why the choice was a Soviet designed RPG is beyond my knowledge. This weapon is also the choice of Islamic terrorists. I do recall that the Palace also has an Roland air defense SAM system. A violent coup may be out of the question. I remember the ERAP scenario when the AFP, PNP, Civil Service officials/employees and civil society turned its back on him. This Oplan Harap Patalikod could happen again. Another worst case scenario for Mr. Aquino would be assassination. This would produce no collateral damage with economy of force.

    1. That’s a lot of toys for the big boys. Maybe someone is itching to use them.

      I remember the ERAP scenario when the AFP, PNP, Civil Service officials/employees and civil society turned its back on him. This Oplan Harap Patalikod could happen again.

      I think PNoy is keeping them happy. And it would be hard to mount a mutiny against a popular leader who is always playing the victim card.

      Another worst case scenario for Mr. Aquino would be assassination.

      God forbid this happens. The last thing we need is another “martyr” or “hero”. We don’t have enough airports to name after the rest of the Aquinos.

  6. just wondering, ilda…
    since the people power, what are the various coup attempts made in this country and who are the leaders/alleged leaders/masterminds of these coups? do you think we can create some sort of pattern from the info…and perhaps analyze if this president is telling the truth or just having one of his soliloquy?

    – from someone having a gut feeling all coups are masterminded by one entity ONLY

    1. @palebrowndot

      Off the top of my head, I cannot list all the various coup attempts but we all know that the most number of coups was during Cory’s time. The rebels then were the same ones who instigated EDSA I. I think Cory wasn’t part of their plan when they ousted Marcos.

      I read somewhere that the reason why Trillanes got a pardon from PNoy was because Trillanes had the blessing of the Aquinos to try and oust GMA then. They might have promised to take care of him if he ever gets caught.

      Now that the military adventurists are part of the system, it would be hard to guess who would have the guts to mount a mutiny against a popular but ineffective leader.

      It seems that mutineers get backing from a politician before mounting a coup.

  7. With your article, I’m starting to doubt his mental health. I mean, seriously? I can’t believe a leader could pull out a ‘creative attention’. Is it possible that someone’s just pulling a prank out of him? He he.

    1. @Current trends

      With your article, I’m starting to doubt his mental health

      They try hard to hide it but the real state of his mental health is starting to show the longer he stays in office.

      1. corona keeps raising the mental health issue, and i am sure he does so because he knows something. i suspect he knows of many skeletons in peoples closets. the cry to resign still persists.
        i hope he opens pandoras box, and sc take a final decision on hacienda luisita. then even if found guilty it will be a pyrrhic victory for p-noy.
        current betting is that he will be acquitted – just.
        2 things with p-noys condition
        it gets worse with age
        it gets worse under pressure
        the obsessive vindictiveness is his pent up anger finding an outlet and wanting to destroy something/somebody.
        it can last for months/years and suddenly dissipate particularly if a new target or diversion comes into sight.

        1. Judging from the way some of the Senators behave, I don’t think Corona will be given a chance. INC might be able to help him though.

  8. Noynoy Aquino is suffering from Depression. His Mental Illness may have deteriorated to Schizophrenia…People with this kind of Mental Illness has their imaginations on the OVERDRIVE. They cannot perceive Reality as Reality. They think the World is against them. All are suspects to them, including their household members.
    The stress of the Presidency has already taken a toll on Noynoy Aquino’s sanity.
    We have to kick this Bastard out. Before, we all become insane like him…


    Your father is not a hero; he was trapo numero uno.

    Your mother is not a santa, she was a doble-cara maldita.

    And so, stop thinking and behaving like you’re royalty with a birthright to Congress, Executive, and the Judiciary.

    You don’t have a birthright to Integrity, but to Hypocrisy.

    Your narrow vision sees only the following priorities:
    1) Mob rule through leftists and KKK;
    2) Jail GMA;
    3) Impeach CJ Corona; and
    4) Save Hacienda Luisita.

    Unemployment rate is now 24%. Inflation goes unabated. Crimes go unchecked, and in all these, you have zero response – even when our soldiers are massacred.


    1. NSO/NEDA just recently pegged the February inflation rate at 2.7% which they trumpeted as a 29 month record low. How they came up with the figure is beyond me, but it seems like delusional disorder is fast becoming the norm in this sorry administration.

  10. The coup plot must have been hatched in Abnoy’s (bone) head.

    So there you have it, even his own imagination is sick of him and wants him out of the office!

  11. Ilda,

    In your last sentence, doesn’t mayhem? seem more fitting than regret? I don’t think Aquino, or anyone supports him for that matter, knows the meaning of regret. All they can see is the i’m-right-you’re-wrong false dichotomy.

    That being said, it looks like Aquino somewhat learned from his mother’s mistakes by giving a semblance of anticipating his enemies. However, to people like us, who refuse to swallow his words hook, line, and sinker, he comes out as paranoid, unimaginative, and downright childish.

    1. They do want mayhem. They thrive in it. They do not even reflect on the consequences of causing mayhem. And I don’t think they are capable of regret. If they were, we would have seen a bit of progress in our society by now.

      In baring the alleged plot to oust him without giving the details, he just comes across as a whiner. There will always be a threat to every head of state. One just needs to put all the security measures in place and get on with the job. There is no need to tell everyone that your job puts your safety at risk. If his job is making him feel jittery, he needs to quit.

  12. no need for coup. pressure CJ Corona to release the decision on the null and void case. pls watch and pass on this link:

  13. Good imfo , he should be out from malacanang b4 worse thing will happen against the country and the people
    He loves to rock,give a rocking chair

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